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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/24/2014 Hour 1

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stand up and say -- Good morning everybody. Feeling good this we'll all. You kidding me that getting batted in this makes two of us. -- some warm -- I -- from yesterday I feel great I imagine trying to adjust this new start time. Yeah we're welcome welcome on time minutes and him that's. I'm -- I'm used to it now I don't think that you've got a game I view. That's right at the -- I'll pick it up I'm I'm getting there I'm detonated if you we know. You do -- refreshed. From yesterday little sleeping pants. I felt really I got past the panic. I was in the -- Soledad and a health food. He stereo bed and you look at it real quick and you're like in my really going to work again. Yeah is that there's almost there's a look in the bed and I just wanted to go right back into -- -- -- -- here a couple god receive you guys smile on murder today I feel great. Let's do this let's do it. We got a good one -- Terry Francona the manager of the Indians get a stop by this morning feet at 645. As. That's some contact. Now this is a matchup I find interesting. Watching the San Francisco Giants. The Cleveland Indians even though they haven't had a whole lot of success there so long time franchise moved so the tribes in town for a little interleague play Chris man next. From Sports -- gonna join us at 815. And Israel Gutierrez from NBA get will be at 915. Of course MBA so big right now as the warriors. -- we've seen in ninety we see two warriors who. They look like -- -- matter that they don't have ball -- that no matter but the size difference down the clippers could be making a surprise appearance. You never know there are still people that are floating out there. There's there's the possibility that he can strap up some Kevlar and make it -- and make at least a cameo much like David -- did last year -- in the benefit of the doubt -- and he missed the two games up there in LA is that he was down here getting ready for the game that's right he was he was getting some Iron Man work done. He was in the lab they were fitting in with something that's the reason he and make the flight together -- -- -- stuff running his chest there for the ribs -- -- -- ago. I see that nobody even if he doesn't client can honestly I feel as if game one. Is more of a reflection of who the warriors are the in game two that's when I was get -- -- -- we start talking about and I thought so called senator for the warriors step it up and actually showed some sacked and playing in this series. A trip -- 957957. Against triple A 957. 95 said he -- your Italian house review Tucker Chris Townsend opry house 6 to 10 every morning here on 95 point seven of the game. Well for the San Francisco Giants. They got out of the funk yesterday Norman in a big way and needed equipment twelve spot that's the thing about Coors Field. Is that you get into game like this it's absolutely ms. Matt Matt Cain has to Wear it with the ERA stain and they're sucking up six innings. And given up seven earned runs but any and all the homers especially the Grand Slam in the end. Have to make you feel better about coming back to AT&T park after you put a post. A twelve spot while now that they needed that mess that's the game right there -- they had to have to get some pressure off the offense and and you know that it realistically six home runs. That's not gonna happen and it's funny how. They don't do nothing for a week. And then one day you had six home runs out of nowhere and that's what's funny about baseball is as you just can't call these things and it just might take a game like that to get people other -- I mean. Even Hunter Pence -- hitting a homer. But hunter got three hits yesterday he's looks like he's gonna start turnaround. You know you'll -- buster back in there and he didn't play yesterday but you know simulate game like that that can you guys -- delegates and give back here AT&T park. And as you know he you go to Colorado you'll hit some homers and you don't until the last game right. And I always thought that Colorado especially. For hitters and pitchers it's kind of skewed. And you you don't especially this -- starting pitcher side. You don't put too much emphasis on what they do in Colorado for me I don't I just throw those starts out -- a starting pitcher in just get back to AT&T get back to work. Evidence if you're at least they were -- and we -- dismissed the twelve runs but they are hitting an all in the first two and that was in Colorado I just wonder sometimes when you go no place like that. And you're expecting that it's going to be secure -- that you don't over swing that you don't like your trip a year you're thinking I'm supposed to be putting -- Out of the park comes boasted I'm supposed to hit well here and and you end up pressing and only compound the problem the problem as. Before they can car in San Diego there RD struggled bad and then I guarantee you every one of those guys get on the plane for San Diego ago. Follow her -- a Colorado this is clueless as Griffin -- they were gonna have some fall we're gonna hit some easy homers. And then of and you get up there -- -- -- so -- trying to do that you're not just taking your normal swing is all you really have to do is take your normal swing Colorado and it's gonna go then and you trying to do too much before you know what you're a worse situation you were before. And you know I think yesterday he just -- that piling on that -- Iran's. That's gonna help confidence wise because I mean you know the last thing you -- leave Colorado gets shot out sure all three games not shut up but. Not hit an all three games and come back to else. Difficult hitting baseball yards and I know yesterday is deathly good starts. Well you feel like you get shut out of fuel have one run absolutely if you don't if you don't usually if you don't score five runs in Colorado every game you feel like it's a disappointment. And yesterday everybody got into the act. -- -- -- -- And that's courtesy of Comcast sports at Bay Area enjoyed diaper I will give you this -- three. And I know you like to see year old school baseball's changing. Everybody seems to be tenth in home runs. When Hector Sanchez -- home runs it's your first and second home run of the year -- I -- blown out your road now. If -- if here Michael Morrissey you're doing it it's one thing it's one thing if your Brandon bell. Who did it off the lead in don't really doesn't do I'm just saying he's had a great start. But what are Hector Sanchez you shouldn't be Kemp -- moments I thought I mean I I'll I don't really well I'll give him the Grand Slam because that was it ninth inning. You know you -- it's it -- it's not walk off but it's a game winning grand slams he can't -- but the first half. Packed her you don't play enough and I'm a dirtier spike threw out on. What do you think is that is the biggest impact the air the fact that the pitchers have difficulty gripping the ball because. Of the lack of moisture. What what is if I mean that there's a number of factors that may coarse field with coarse field is. Well what's what's what do you think is the number one element. That makes it such a circus just the -- Air I don't -- I think for the pitchers in you and you watchdog you know -- the other day eating and you watch much of him. But you know you saw the first inning in everything that he threw off speed wise NEC this a lot of guys know it's I've seen it happen McCain and you have to stay as down as -- you can't even more so in Colorado but. What happens is you Lego ball that in when you get that grip that on a curve ball. And that air is so light it doesn't dive down you know within normal par so. A lot your off speed stuff is gonna hang on just like a leader off your bat it just it just stays jobs there is so light travels so well so. She -- with pitcher's mound I just throw every single outing you have a Colorado if you throw that out the door -- as I'm willing to -- Wipe the slate clean when you -- in Colorado. It's it's tough. Among with the ball to him talk about about gripping noses. I I've seen guys ask for change out the ball on number of times because they're looking for. A raise semen they're looking for. How. How much how lack. Cummins uniformity is there among the baseball's do you still see that where you get a different ball in your hand and you can tell it's different from the one you were playing with. The previous -- What they -- the gets balls that are scuffed let's just say you you know you throw a ball and -- guy hits the ball sometimes they'll hit it so. It was going to be such a weird him -- get off the pine tar so it's got some ball -- that. And which I don't it is back and today they love the snow falls the pictures now you get a Scott -- and -- a throwback here and I I don't understand that but. We -- I don't -- anyone in play I mean one like it's a fresh all -- and get a fresh ball and throw it back and say no let's try again before every game they have about. Five dozen balls that you see umpires -- or whoever -- kids robbing these balls down with mud on it it's held Mississippi -- -- -- sitting on the east Allen might sometimes you get these ball -- malls are not muddy enough for the pitchers on this group not good enough. Are you just put pine tar on your -- and George do her mind that we're still wanted to Joker Michael opinion analyst of the New York Yankees. I mean my god that's draw gets thrown out last night in Boston if you don't see it make sure when you get to a computer this morning you look it up. I mean it's so blatantly obvious the size of a softball -- -- hit that -- just like black mark. Odd is that -- at any umpire comes up and the umpire just barely puts his finger because obviously Boston goes a go look at that. Any barely puts his veto an -- let's enemy aliens you're out here. I did and no one no one. Nolan challenged it no -- let's say it is here -- every and all right yeah it's funny you saw the Yankees infield is that they're right they're just gonna look in starent and it's awesome and everybody discolored down aground like yep no doubting. It what you the same guy that he had trouble a couple weeks back for the just as well with the saints yet is -- Red Sox -- I mean OK so it doesn't happen -- him let's get dumb -- really don't put in my -- anyway with this book and I ran into the -- you're -- the funniest part is he looks like my son my son knows he's done something all of it is your dad bring any deal and as slow a little long player got -- It's easy umpire companies look at the sky like and now. How like how I deem myself about -- -- -- now we're Tyrod right now is there a hole I can dig myself and there at the amount anyway what goes to your mind when you view it what your teammates they -- like. When you're going to pay -- you got a little bay got a big smudge of under -- you might want to take care of that I mean. And that's so visible. I am all for pitchers doing it because they all deal. But and it didn't do it for years and years and years so whether you're gonna use the play started better that happens I mean I've seen everyone -- as -- play with code below those dug out there and that but the -- is a little pine tar rag that's -- part of game always has been. But respect the game you know keep it. Keep it hidden do with the right way -- -- believe me if you're not she -- not trying to believe that. But just do it the right way. I mean I said you guys -- just bring a pine -- it with you out to the man on the -- -- -- advertising it absolutely. Our minds -- at the -- I'll -- our gasoline that are right next -- the resin -- a candidacy here -- -- and -- 95 point seven -- game -- -- 95795. Saturday -- triple -- 957 -- five -- to take your phone calls. Somebody's got a big start tonight Houston. At a -- Scott Kazmir. Because. He's from Houston that was. I was a bad. -- series. There's a really and we were out there yesterday let up yesterday Christian Beers like Wade Boggs. Miller -- in the parking lot and I can't fight lightweight -- -- I don't -- you Wade Boggs is Beers I'm gonna promise you are a lot cooler than what we drink yesterday no holes. Who group brings Beers and just the boxes in with no cooler nights -- your your buddies my body netcast. About time we show up. You know the -- a couple hours all but you seem to be still drinking them. I haven you can argue the fact it works just the same how is your first trip now you've played at the coliseum on CW's point in the American League. And then of course tomorrow with the giants what was it like for you the first time tail -- Saturday's game. I loved it. I've always when I go to sporting events I love tailgating. That's my thing and as soon enough it at AT&T park you fire the girl there you're you're arrested you can't do that you it's so it seems to me like AT&T is a little more or stuffy as far as -- no wait wait don't that are around -- -- leading -- or -- I from Texas man well I like -- good barbecue and good tailgate. So we're out their drinking just warm Miller lives. And you walk around in you can see the passion these guys this everybody there has that for their team I mean it's it was a good scene I enjoyed everything was. It looked like a broken down stadium that I went to a grown up in Arlington. The old Arlington stadium and it just brought back so many memories it kind of got me back to when I was young. That feeling when your fan in your kid you don't care about the facilities. Europe they're watching good baseball team play and obviously they weren't that good this weekend it. But. -- this week but it was a fun time I enjoyed it appears to have been a lot caller that I got to get on tiger and I got to get on. The start yesterday by Sonny gray seven innings only gave up three runs three or learned. How to remind me of massive bomb garner the other night in Colorado where. You look at a -- start and he shouldn't get lost that's why we can't look at starting pitchers records. Sonny gray -- freed argued game here is Bo Mel after the game talked about as young righthander. We've seen a couple games like that -- he -- little bit early in the game with his command was just a little bit out of -- but -- always finds a way to come back can get through those tough periods with limited damage to let you know -- -- zero. Really didn't give them an opportunity. And Torres is now four and -- a complete game shutout so the days. You'll end up blues I mean this was a series yet the Rangers come to town you should've taken two out of three but your bullpen couldn't hold it for two nights then you get. Shut out on the last game and Tuesday night guys this is. -- age blew a save for the sixth time in eleven chances on Tuesday night so that's why -- and it was with a losing streak now for the DA's. That's why tonight chasm there. Against Houston not a very good team Houston just seven and fifty -- I get a victory tonight yeah I mean -- -- -- the county is talent you said that the last -- And four -- they're playing four days on Iraq correct. That is correct so I mean really start -- start you got four in Houston. Three in taxes and then three and then why -- you can realistically I don't care how bad team is for forty series. You wanna take three out of four you don't think sweep with forty so you wanna go on their take three out of four and you know. You -- -- you got yesterday credit Perasa -- an early gain as we have pretty good seats but the Obama. Up the loads the right to home plate in the back yeah -- -- like on the edge of the visitors dugout so all and I'm sitting there thinking this guys -- -- nick nick brings warm beer I had good seats good seats absolutely. How does that happen wow -- you have not fear our community and have the Italian sausage I love the Italians on life before I left I crush that down yesterday it looked both. And I'm smell of this morning mind can I get back here and sauces. Uncle. You yummy good wrestler and I smell like the coliseum this morning no god yeah. The presence belfry watching him I just had to sit there and look I was watching him warm up. And you know had a little heat on so they always seem too good but. You can see how his ball is really jumping on jumping into the catcher's Mitt and had that really good -- on them. Is see if he's the guy if you look at I would do they compare with Darvish all yearlong. Those two to -- sodomy -- a left handed pitcher and offensively there wasn't much they could do yesterday doesn't he was tough. Well this guy Jason Alameda I cannot disagree with you anymore go ahead Jason -- -- -- -- enough. Yeah just one of the one I'm just wondering how long we're gonna have to watch Derek -- -- -- at the plate. Every every night. How can you say that he's a rock -- do what he brings the stability to this team has a leader. Yeah look at what they need to do you make a push to go to the show they -- dump that guy. Sign -- can agree on -- it's gonna cut you a little bit of money you're willing to go to the show is right now. You can switch hitter power -- -- play. And you know we can play first base the page. I I I agree. Thank you thank you for the call Jason you're not gonna be good forever. And and you got to go out there and do what you can if I mean you when you have a situation where your first base and you don't know here playing every single day at first base. I mean that's a situation for a reason house it's moss. Firming up on him out there every single by you don't have to go out there and get get Morales who who hasn't played quite frankly almost a year now so. Those guys are always scared me you've been out been off that long and -- is he's a very good Paris show it's right you've got a guy hit nine. -- at 139. At first base killer problem -- I'll hit. His glove makes up for like four runs a game you so you tell me. You cannot tell me you can't go to your cable system double A system to try and find somebody else they can do the job he's dared. Aston -- Eyes is -- as you -- you earlier a mystery. If you may be really start to pay attention and use not and you know what you saw sit in the seats yesterday. Talking to people you understand how much you can hear the people as it. -- -- -- Everybody is so frustrating well what what particular -- took a fastball first pitch right down middle. And and so it's a curb and then took a fastball for strike three earmark you're swinging and any fastballs whatsoever the other scenario that we are kicking around yesterday in the stands. Stephen Drew is still out there to a onetime Oakland athletic in 2012. You bring him and deploy short and move Lowrie. Do you improve your defense. And you move Lowrie -- second base Kendry Morales and Stephen Drew both represented by Scott Boris and -- -- and that's why they don't have a job. I've always been on the fence with us and this is this the worst got Boris in my opinion kill as -- as a baseball player. Is if you're not a superstar player -- you know I hit -- 3040 homers a year hit 300. Then you're gonna be heard by Scott Morse because he you're hitting those kind of stats teams are gonna wanna come Matthew anyway. But -- fury if you're guidance you know mediocre player or less than mediocre Scott Boris. He's gonna make you wait and wait before you know your opportunities are sliding by throughout the offseason where you can sign somewhere. And now. He's essentially he's done for the season -- there's a pick him up. I mean -- or a month and a season Stephen Drew sadly enough has no job. It's it's me it's -- World Series lives -- absolutely a joke that I can't believe -- guys that are superstars have Scott bourses are they can see he kills the average player as an agent. -- awfully humbling for him not to come back to Oakland though he left here to go to greener pastures at the turn around and scuffle back here take a spot and I and I just. As much suing talked a lot about a moving Lowrie have shortstop I just -- doesn't doesn't want play second base and he wants to be the everyday shortstop so. As much as guys have been OK with for tuning in being bounced around. He's the one guy that when you talk to him he's he's. And he he would he would resist and I just wonder how that don't play. You know overall and in in keeping their clubhouse where is hey I just I think -- I think losing the series. The way they did you lose see you. -- -- loses I know he pitched well they sweep there injured no -- and Nobel Trent. In your park I think it adds a lot of emphasis to when you go to Texas now because you lost the motive you're in the rangers' -- They that they. Quietly the pays it every time there was a big series the a's would come through and get it done no matter who the Rangers had. You've lost all it's almost looked around now where the range is gone hey you know what might be get back time for us. And OPEC like don't look at that might be a little strong. I'll tell you what they'll. I look at I look at the a's offense and run up early this morning and for some reason I look up and down their lineup. They may be happening might be -- bit better than giant's office but they don't scare me. As much is a giant's office because. To me I look at the giants are you got yet tense belt Morse a cent of all Posey. Those are some guys they can hit you out at any time any time I mean he may be stronger right now but they scare you. And yet there's a track record there you know I mean. And it. In Oakland up and down the line -- Donald's incest with those guys and moss. They scare you but they don't have that. That track record you know and so to me. If if I was a look at officer and -- and I know the giants strung out his invited two days ago they only scored one run -- -- I don't know they scored twelve runs and he loved it out and looking down the road and I'm just I'm not just thinking in the first month of the season I'm looking down the road we have I I'm gonna look a -- now the office what scares me as a starting pitcher if I'm coming as a pitcher. I look at the giants office -- -- you know a better be careful as opposed the -- It kind of goes back to why Vegas had the giants as a better prospect of playing for World Series than the -- even though we look at the talent we look at the record of the last last year. Then you would think when the why well it's because. You know what the giants are capable of when they -- right you know that they have guys that have done it. And as good as at as a pleasant surprises Josh Donaldson was last year as pleasant surprises the a's have been. The last two years as much is. Anybody watches and closely knows how good they can be. They haven't done any thing where you can embrace it and say I know they can do this you're still. You still waiting for that lesson for me it's it's really. When you get it done in the post season you have distinguished yourself you now you now have demonstrated that you can do it. Under any circumstances we've been talking about the variables of the NFL schedule. And it's the same with Major League Baseball during the regular season you never know when when your -- -- another -- And and all the variables in the post season when you can prepare for the opposition. Now you're getting a real read. All what somebody's sealing it and we still don't know that -- the -- candor is around us last year hit 277. 23 Jack's eighty RBIs Scott Boras agent. Switch hitter miss that -- that would look good and that's at Safeco Field a tough place to hit replay majority are games you play -- 156 game how he has always -- -- -- how he has no job he did its mind going I don't sound video. Good news I got right now you are the -- with the connection to Billy V I admire you not getting as an answer on their part he's not as good a -- partners though. Barton saves you how many runs a game with -- I can't I've counted to a one game early in the season -- -- You lust and yesterday I mean my god he might be the best infielder I've ever said. He's like Ozzie Smith are still massively even to -- every time. Coming up next the NFL schedules have been released. And view her as a problem was something he's gonna explain it to -- next. On the -- yourself for sports that's on five point seven again. If he was Smart guy. You can tell you have your 95 point seven a game coming. I'm here it's 645 the manager. Of the Cleveland Indians. Terry Francona. Wanted to the World Series of the Boston Red Sox. Got the tribe into the playoffs. -- know. -- excellent TO wonder how -- I absolutely no idea. You know while I have known her latest for all the stores and Kevlar. Here's a -- do. Well in Boston they just loved him yeah how he got and he -- Gelder there was kind of nasty wasn't. It was the pitchers in the club house playing video games drinking Beers eating fried chicken. That's -- -- fans in the clubhouse that's fine and then kind of like what we saw in San Francisco here when Dusty Baker laughed. Like if I hate it when you got a guy who's been a great employee. And you want to part ways and then all of a sudden as your parting ways you -- leak out some dirt on him. I hate when organizations do that that's kind of what they did was Francona where I think they're talking about the pain pills and stuff that Indy Al. It's like c'mon man like it was a great. A great employee for you he led you to two World Series Johanna while 100 years yes I would Dusty Baker left there like all he had tax problem and I. Know for a fact that every single one of those guys have played under him were mad when that happened they loved him absolutely love the guy and you know for me -- when you have a guy who easier to World Series and everybody in your clubhouse respects the hell idea. To be eerily like going and kind of throwing dirt at him when he leaves yeah. Yeah that's leak that is weeks offset some weeks are -- week's us let's ray Downey about schedules -- okay. Niners as elevator to the bathroom on the back -- back. You know I look at these schedules -- -- to get the niners at fourteen and -- and I got the raiders -- twelve and four I think -- is going to be great year all around for Bay Area football poll what's the next subject actually -- to see what the pregame schedule are -- out. Whereas a -- -- the -- -- -- of the dogs yeah they don't you call it now they don't Colin exhibition season and exhibitions -- account I got its dream season brilliant until into the into the -- see which one raiders -- niners. All of them it was a snowball on everybody in the legal documents. I love how he makes such diagnosed portrayed really loved football and you utter breakdown all I gotta win in -- one I don't -- William -- weeks though. The only thing about. The schedule. That I think you look at as a niner fan and you know -- it just doesn't seem right. Is where you have the best rivalry in football right now no question -- is the niners and the Seahawks. And they're gonna play two out of three weeks including. Late Thanksgiving night. Yet -- the good part of that for the Bay Area is that the Oakland Raiders are squeezed in between so if you're going to get a chance that the -- nice looking past you that's. Probably. The time to get another of the big issue that I have and look like I get why it's a big deal because the NFL on football. Is a big deal period and this is our one big taste of something meaningful this point in the season everybody's. Salivating a little Britain and a little dry after the the long stretch and -- not here quite that the draft. But for me I just I I have a problem on the commerce a professional sports gets in the way. The competition. And as you said the Seahawks and 49ers as the best rival. Why do you have to put it. On. Thanksgiving night. When you have the 49ers coming off the Redskins. Game short week short week and this is a big -- we're anticipating. It's a big meaningful game. Ends. You're compromising what the 49ers then and at Seahawks what kind of condition they're going to be again. You're not gonna see the best out of him and why are you doing it. Because on Thanksgiving. On the late -- you know you're going to get huge ratings to mean. The importance of that game in the mean it is easy to get these are two teams that are we anticipate you're gonna be Super Bowl contenders. And that loss win or loss that game have a huge impact on the on the season. Should you really you wanna say hey you know what we can make a lot of money off of -- screwed competitive edge on this. Let's put it on Thanksgiving. I wonder how much it really plays an effect that for the players is on the short weeks I know NFL's brutal it's a grind. But. I think both he -- well documented now is that those lateral will be flowing like blind. So they'll know they'll be fine on a short week. -- yeah. I'm MI SC Richard Sherman and Erin Andrews after being NFC title game in Tellme Richard Germans out on any -- those tables are slow dial it. He shows Broncos humble you there they'll be ready to play I mean all. Hey I would love to be a fly on that NFL wall before game starts all my goodness the IVs. The pills -- did charged. Until you came in gave us your firsthand. Assessment of just what it can do for you and now I have a whole new appreciation. I mean it's never me when you take in the days never been brighter has never been greater undergo sweet my garage. And an answer that's the best they've ever has been singing not to buy out the entire time she -- yeah. All -- -- football fans AAA guy 5795 -- what do you see in the schedule what do you see for the raiders what do you see for the niners. For the raiders I know there's one game that I really am paying attention to do. And it's again that we have to go to. That's London against the Miami doll she she. You have that I'm I'm done within twelve our -- to come on me -- good that would be a free trip to London our show would be only at noon. -- it's really and we we get a free trip. Yeah I did it would DA's Japan station you can't really get a start -- -- -- now got to plant the seed. -- -- -- -- on the London. You go to London this football game -- could do -- -- Sunday after doing this was at October and September what does that. September 28 death by that time I'm gonna need a vacation from this job better now. Go to London and and I'm taking a vacation it's not going to freak in London with YouTube to smoke -- come -- you all leave you behind let's go to Danny gill right Dan you're on January canny enough. And I think at all. It all Allard Colorado and I -- -- I don't -- it pretty brutal. Bill Snyder -- play out like I'd be happy. Let my -- art or Ohio. It was the fans. Want the -- -- -- -- -- -- You know blondes are welcome economic and no ideal -- -- let's go to Anthony and San Jose end the year on a 95 point seven again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably the economic and it would go to -- about being taught me well and that they should be. A -- of the hot -- and opinion but I definitely don't count -- -- pocket well. And. Our nation talking big about playing the niners. While he's excited yeah I he was a little side the guy's point was that they put the niners and Seahawks late. So that all the injured and suspended niners could be backed -- Yeah. It is. I bet that's a great point hey. All literally that might have at least might have point I'm not -- will play in 2014. By the way before the collars you called as Jamal oaks -- what is that -- What you are I look -- -- every day with this guy so I'm here for the month your thesaurus. A. The other -- the other issue with the raiders just is a home game. In England. Really the raiders are challenged enough. You're gonna take away one of their home game or -- -- isn't anybody in London every every dressed up the London raider nation and they -- yeah. Back. It's up to the black hole in London. -- mine and thought I take it all back. I wanna go -- -- -- there to see that get your shoulder pads with the spikes. Or make up go unless brawl what's that going through the security -- the area or could imagine people London this is what our world is coming to over there mind -- -- I got -- more work and fantastic -- Thanks I don't know I don't know blood is gonna be ready for raider nation. Now that you have who -- who is coming out. Next the skipper of the Cleveland Indians Terry Francona will join us next right here on -- DH. On the various news now for sports aside five point seven a game. That's right Peter giant -- -- five point seven a game Terry Francona manager of the Cleveland Indians is going to joyous of moments as they're in town. They've got the day off. We'll start a three game set against the San Francisco Giants coming up here Friday at eighteen tee at the top of the hour. Our Rihanna first. That's right we talked to yesterday Bob Rihanna first we'll talk about at the top of the hour. And also I can't wait to get into. Yesterday you had your little heart broken yet but I'm going I have a story for you. That's going to make you feel and amend my -- yeah that's gonna make you feel a -- actually it's gonna bring a lot of joy to deal. Brees gets it now I hate your teases me and you got to deliver now now I get into that -- the -- is this guy we act coming on was with the athletics. Back in 2003. He's a two time World Series champion he is the reigning American League manager of the year. Terry Francona joins us here you -- Downey and a half and I got to think you don't you're gonna have a day off. You wanna have -- in San Francisco. We we we don't have a day off. What what what what I admit -- a -- I don't think we have a day off. All looking at the giant all the giants have a day -- you guys are you you guys are playing today. Warren Warren Cleveland got a Millwood gave -- -- typical. -- -- -- last night we got a noon game today that we hop on one of -- we come to your lovely city. Now that what do you think how do you feel about interleague play so early. Well I mean with the unbalanced schedule now the way it is and then you'll move in Houston they're both going to be -- -- series every day. You know what I'm okay. It meant I think. If if it's good for the fans and the fans like it regardless of how we feel about it you have to adjust and do the -- him. They did Auburn held here I don't know man I'll retarded man -- love in my I loved my time here as they are broadcaster. -- be no longer Batman wonder -- wondered. You've got it meant so how much how much you enjoy your time there in beautiful Cleveland -- rock and roll hall of fame is awesome. I you know what I have been I haven't been there about the line of bite that I didn't love it here idea. I think that was probably the perfect place for me to land it. It all and -- man and a pretty good years in Boston but it did demand exactly like -- -- script but it. And a couple we hear word -- but I -- the people what works for how long moment. Yeah we got challenges we kind of do it together man and a ruling in order. -- what we need to clear up I know that you got the nickname Tito from your father if that's correct. Did you get us the full story because we've raised the question earlier why -- called TO how did you inherit that. Well I mean when. When I was around the ball part of my deployed for fifteen years probably ballpark every day. Feel -- little veto bill possible -- about the problems smaller names sorted out who's behind the -- just kind of common stock and and you know I doubt -- come. -- -- I'm -- proud of my dad and I love my dad the only time it's ever uncomfortable is when he's around if you always look like -- -- political. Slot. May actually been proud of about like it because. How -- moment that. Terry Francona AL manager of the year last year -- two time World Series champion joins us here -- -- out. 95 point seven a game you know and LeBron James left Cleveland. It was like a dark cloud over the city the browns -- in any good the Indians weren't any good. And then last year he had such a great run begin in the post season. And baseball people are fired up about baseball once again and with the tribal what's that feeling like I know you guys haven't gotten off to the best start what's -- feeling like -- -- if he got the city happy and eleven baseball yen. You know I live right downtown I would like to -- -- ballparks all -- about -- -- to walk already a casino or gold producer -- what should. People or soul upbeat and friendly -- to -- deal would probably -- to submit what place they. They they want thirteen to con good old Mir what they do they work hard for what they get made you know they've been worked for everything and they beat up -- around a little bit but now there are reported by. And I think they feel the same way about their team. I don't last year and we put pamper him a playoff game meant this place was. Wasn't in and look really cool. And it and until we may never see the mid ninety's again just because of the still times have changed here. But I do think the people that come to the games they really want -- like Turkey and we wanna make a problem most of -- warmer goals. You know you guys are down 30 in 2004 won the greatest comebacks in sports history. And we got the San Jose Sharks here up 30 against the kings what is the mentality of a team down three on a series like that. Well it's not good it's. Good value of that -- The one thing we tried to do one does not change -- thing you know it'll of them -- -- war I think. You know you're darn good -- you know. I think you make the all wars if you start to panic you resort to make changes are -- the only way we had a chance was to just keep plugging away. In a moment you don't just don't try to think about four games we'll just went about one out of and our guys were also on the -- that we -- that group was incredible I don't know anybody could ever do it again. But that group did it wants and I was good enough. Terry took a year away and went to the dark side and did the media saying what what did you learn about the job that you have now. And about the other side in taking that year and seeing it from a different perspective. You know it's it's hard to kind of hold up to maybe the fact -- that you need to step away. You know cause you know you -- job. Literally takes a lot Nadia and then when you had Boston to do that. You know a little like -- should measure the years and in -- Gaudio got a three year. You know -- you watch a game and you don't have the emotional win or loss hanging over your head. And I'll probably good for me for a while and then I found that sort of -- that which I also think was good. Com I work with some amazing people there I mean -- forums there and I'll have for the rest of my life a lower actual launch about. You know what goes into -- -- when -- teamwork guys just don't open broadcast agreement. They were so good debate. And again on -- -- on a regular for full life. Who go maybe someday of Republican couple booed again I mean not not like now but -- only be -- wall. But it made me then missed. Billion in the clubhouse about good. Because then you know you come back and to do the job right you know you gotta be patient you got to some enthusiasm. And I I think maybe some -- -- came back former. Think I would think that you have to have that because of the way things happened in Boston that. That had to leave the way it ended had to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Yeah yeah it did in like -- I would have scripted it that way. And dumbing I don't wake up every morning you think the bottom for sure what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and your team plays like that it's September now you're wide open for criticism I get that now we we really. Roy dropped the ball -- there were some things that happened to warn of ball border America Dunkirk. Yes there before election go you've got a player Jason Giambi is 43 years old as you know he spent eight good years in Oakland won an MVP played in the playoffs. What do you think his future is in the game do you see him being a manager. Yes if you want the -- I mean his future is probably whatever he wants. He is looking a blessing to -- would be the remodeling our players -- -- -- to put the whole organization coming. She knows he had cart launch to talk to anybody anytime anywhere. And and were better off for -- a lean on him more. Of that is probably fair to him. But he's got broad shoulders and he's been through at all. And he's got a very unique. Really good way -- -- the players and I love a man he's been great for almost. -- great catching up with yet good luck today and we'll see over the weekend when you take on the San Francisco Giants he added a teensy -- To Syria and Francona. Like a celebrity manager I mean after winning the World Series in 2004. Breaking the curse a similar said he said they weren't baseball players anymore. There rock stars -- city. And I can only imagine the company they actually went to -- after they won in 2004 especially when across the street to the bars in spikes and you -- party with the fans. Celtics -- dozens of Celtics did something similar -- back in the day with -- somebody that bird and and a couple of guys were party and and they found themselves on the street somebody gave them -- they hitched a ride can you imagine. Can you match. Giving Larry Bird and we're didn't sign him -- -- -- give us around all over town we want. Coming up next your heart was broken yesterday but I'm gonna build you back out -- -- other -- in south resorts 95 point seven a game.

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