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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buster Olney says the biggest problem with the Giants is Pablo Sandoval

Buster Olney says the biggest problem with the Giants is Pablo Sandoval

Apr 24, 2014|

The ESPN MLB Insider says that Sandoval has little trade value and that he is the key to the Giants offense

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That they gave last night and he joins us every single Thursday right here puke or tanning and have 95 point seven again Muster only buster. I'm shocked how did they see the pirates are on to donate his -- last night. Area it was amazing. Given what happened the last alignment and that we actually we're coming at a commercial. And hairdo and immediately. It said. -- told our guys. And -- got something on the side of the neck and it looked like it either edit it era art market between getting it -- that it was a prominent. And injury -- you know all night they're yet to -- reaction one. You can't believe that he'd -- -- that so blatantly app -- he had been and brought tears of you know the Major League Baseball beat or will be MLB take albeit eat good luck to don't be so blatant about it. The second thing was the post every action. Where he had reporters in pressing Joseph Girardi Brian Cashman made about the bank. And it reminded me that -- got the block where shocked shocked that we have gambling going on and it's just been out. Who knew what what what what action should MLB take it to this issue I mean this is twice a month for this guy. Well he's got to get suspended and Brian Cashman now that is much -- and are and what he I asked in the question about. Did you see you -- retaliating a Red Sox because we know that a couple their pitchers it. -- be an indication that they may need as Spain Spain he's been like you know what I want my managers would act he would Jon Karl had given the circuit yet in other -- The cheating was so blatant. That -- they understood the Red Sox perspective on it. So you know I think that's what would happen big picture and I know and -- -- -- you wouldn't -- way. Are they're dealing with it you know home plate -- stuff they got a lot of other stuff and -- Why not come up with a substance that everyone's okay away because like after the game last night and all react. I don't know -- exactly certain guys achieve that kind of lap in that would watching pitchers adapter and -- -- It's such -- retreat pitchers you know get a throwback from after both spelled out yet that. Pro back from the umpire and they take up their glove -- -- -- their responding well and which is really shiny. Government and then it. To prohibit and -- like. Everyone doing same thing everybody knows it. It was really cold they're trying to get a grip on the ball there have to be some better solution and everyone. -- ignoring this rule that's obviously imperfect and end it in play. The fanatic I I wonder about buster and the Yankees I know they've been on somewhat hard times of late but there was always an aura about them and whether it's. The whole A-Rod saga or now it's just something is idiotic is it as this I feel exist as if there's. Let that hold this may -- was a facade but the whole image of the Yankees is it is crumbling. You know -- I would agree -- -- I mean I think in this case is a you know a pitcher doing something really down. And they're all the right there -- you shaking their heads so it wasn't like they were throwing their bodies in front of him trying to. You know Cashman told the story after the game how he. In the second inning and after her -- that would. -- all lights up from people saying like they should get jumping out at neck in Bryant like going off critical about trying to yet. Itself wanted to open it had to watch out it which it -- what happened the last and he started at the red rock. And he said by the time he got the club out John Ferrell Narnia automobile. So no one is saying anything other than you know what it would be huge mistake. No -- -- angry at the reds sect known to angered at John -- they're basically only an -- regained shake their heads wondering how they could be in this position to fight. I wouldn't go big picture on this war. Bus -- another giant set went on yesterday had a big game offensively but previous to that they've been struggling -- really really bad. What what do you what do you see as the biggest problems so far this thing with the giants. At all and you know I don't he's been questioned and win big come into the season and they're they're looking. Prague you know for. A line at its gonna be argued strategy huge part of that. And it seems like they've been waiting and waiting and waiting for -- get going. Are indicated feel like he's the first domino. And alloted each day it happened and eighties putting a lot of pressure on -- the contract situation. I bet you know covered players say that a privately that tell you that kind of aware of them. They got to say now it's not a factor at all but I. I kind of wonder that it's going on here because it's clear problem basically is being very open about his desire to work -- it was a giant. And the product -- bright and maybe he's wearing every at bat I think you keep that justify my presence here. Thus are only from ESPN George is here Duchardt town in half and I five point seven game he joins us every single Thursday. If he continues to struggle. And we take to sink closer and ended July we start looking at the trade deadline book value would he have out there for contenders. Not much at all on the last few years is that salaries had gone up those guys in their last year before free agent -- had. Very little -- out except percent pitchers like they cut a good return last year Matt Garza but generally speaking that's not the case. The other thing too is that he struggles during the year and talk a little bit about it's a few weeks ago. -- let's say -- February had to bet -- eighteen home run it's not a great year. Doesn't separate himself. He's the perfect candidate for the acre city at giants did aptly slap on the qualifying offers not because it's coming up 840 year question about the conditioning. Really be in shape. No one would touch him. And give up the draft pick coming offer itself foresees -- Suddenly that three years forty million is looking a lot more attractive than than his agent thought at the time it seems. I would surprised. That hey we're able to -- the middle ground because they know that. And I have to talk with giant people were very open they are very open to working something out and not gonna go. Irritated numbers that he's agent was talking about. It bury it I think it would indeed for the -- started something in that. You know four or sixty range out there. But they were so far apart at any and you sort of frustration. From Bryant Sapient about the way the negotiation going on and you wonder it was a squandered opportunities for problem because -- I'm sure the giants -- and well what did you see exactly. There with the a's bullpen Boston that was supposed to want their biggest strength sister -- and this season what are you seeing what you think the problem is an a's bullpen. Executed -- and you know I'd go back to it beginning last year. Aren't -- city royals. You know frequencies and thought to have one of the best opens in all of baseball. And they got off to a bad start. And I quote -- either like. -- two or jump operate because the ball and struggle and then it got into lockdown mode the lots on -- I don't want to get more I'm an Oakland bullpen. And did it say whether or not they actually that's an issue I still think it's a great courts. It's conversation we have almost every day. With Daric Barton and his role in the fact that that moss is not the regular first baseman. You talked to Billy you talked to a lot of people had you ever forget forget the why is I don't know that we can explain why have you ever seen a fascination. With a particular player. That is as baffling as this one. -- I'll play this story. But I don't like really don't mean to demean the player but I at least I found it -- staying. When I was covered the Yankees played Ballinger was the guy who they put on the scene in 99. I'd Don Zimmer had taken over manager Joseph Torre dinner should because the that was out had been diagnosed at dirt and clay Ballinger was put on the team that your and it so happened that -- on with the -- who drafted it. And all that your clay which used and it is defensive outfielders a pinch runner you know -- BC did a good job at one World Series within. But Joseph Torre and Don -- -- know -- it's like blatant excellent defensive outfielder points he would great outfielder. And you'd hear any bill. Really. And then one day they called young populated with Darnell McDonald from AAA. And they put him at center field and into the -- on the gap and he watched him run after you're like. OK likely balance is not a good outfielder hurt. And we just debate like the Blair. This is an. Is that shocking news that he's still in the big leagues to -- part. Well I know I and I talked to Billy about it's many times that -- are that you had given the metrics that they were lying on. Date -- defense and they love the fact that he gets on base and they always look for those guys with a cute skills. Are you -- bill overlook things like you know not hitting O'Brien's. Or not hitting it'll deadly -- it does does America will not do and Actuate. There are only right here -- don't -- it every week.

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