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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/24/2014 Hour 2

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bay -- new sound first. That's right welcoming your morning Peter Downey and top fifty years miss did it's bad stacks of cash. -- and the code word was made you. You have until ten past the hour to tax is 72881. They can't message and data rates apply. You can also inner at inner calm. Contest dot com to win a grand. A very -- had just how another warm Miller -- Who don't. Yeah AM here yeah I mean give -- I did kind of trillion to the bathroom and address. Proof you've known for right now I guess are very much for -- if you are doing this guy that's. Good night I was at the coliseum on yesterday I think that's the tolerate that -- didn't serve you well at all. Are you kidding me Italian sausage now at the coliseum it's fabulous if you're one of those because then I guess -- -- of the coliseum. -- I'm trying to think where I just had -- surprise -- the Staples Center. Which usually they dial it up pretty well and they just one day they just had like. Sausages and hot dogs are like -- this is this is old Miami the Miami when -- in the Miami arena office. The that was the worst. Pastor I can -- is stable Sydor have been like sushi and all that really organic they might understand I'm never watch the game there as a fan now but. The press that of the big things that have the soft a soft serve ice cream in impression that's pretty nice and now now. With the clippers. Donald Sterling the owner and is it just lakers used to do this -- sterling is really taking a page from from the late doctor boss -- it used to be. All of the in the old forum. First time I ever covered -- great western forum great western form actually it was the fabulous form before that before they started selling naming rights. And you be in the press room and like -- Dean Stanton and and Dustin Hoffman and all these. All these actors would sneak into the press room to grab like a soda or cup of coffee and -- -- and a brand new beat -- have these. Giants from the -- stream like stealing your coffee like. -- Now I can now about death buster only from ESPN. Is gonna join us coming up here at 715 always one of my favorite guests of the week I mean he's so good when you can get a guy on your show that it's actually in the dugout during games. He he's closing action any -- going to be cures is serious to say about this whole lot -- Newton before we do that though yesterday. You if you weren't here. As you overslept and showed up that an hour and a half -- that's right that's low that's -- kind of the way that. Everything that you do is public now tests just to remind you yesterday Merrill -- for me as the end. Your former colleague absolutely crushed Aubrey Huff. If you really want to turn the program around you better president take themselves because -- exciting that's -- -- that. But those transition to the National Football League you look at the football skill set it's not a very good skill set that transitions effect it's a very scary wanted to dangerous wanna pick up bust written all over. Exciting is a -- are actually heard that on the way up can we get -- we get him -- talking about how. Giant Intel is not a Smart football player he's a dumb football player. As he did -- that the hottest thing which is what he does. Yeah he's just not Smart football player when I mean what I mean by saying he's not a Smart football player. -- you just use the word. Smart not a difficult word to understand I want I got I wasn't a Smart baseball player and all I had it stinks. I think -- these translate. You know let's be Smart it it went with all due respect to your career. There would be. If you were the catcher and you said it was all -- stinks to me it's different to me being the quarterback it's different when -- when you when -- the field general yes exactly exactly first days are to be the big dummy if -- Exactly exactly if you're if you're the one who's running the show. It can't be all instincts because. Everybody has everybody else has to play off the view I stole your improvising all the time. You're leaving everybody out to dry I think the raiders then you need you need somebody is gonna come in and change the entire complexity of disorders and oh boy oh boy. Although it. Reports are out. Where you're from robbery Arthur Texas what part of Texas Dallas it was a fair football -- cowboys. Reports are out there with the sixteenth pick -- possibly trading up. The Dallas Cowboys. Could be interest and then Johnny. Football. Well imagine your way tiger -- yeah it is -- Johnny football backing up Tony Romo. How priceless and that is as much as I love Tony Romo looked Tony Romo. I I think romo's so I mean he's underrated as a quarterback he's no leader in every statistical category as a quarterback in cowboys history -- -- fact all the quarterbacks have Landis. I don't care. Look look look at all also it's a well -- offensive line Troy Aikman had back in his day you know look at all the weapons he had Tony Romo doesn't have all that. So. For me I I love Tony but if you do get a -- -- -- coming in there. I don't know man at my -- between us. A perfect place that's the perfect place the Dallas Cowboys with Tony Romo there. Men -- and -- here it's just it's too personal it's the perfect place 'cause it's not a team that I care helps us. Let that experiment -- half then went dead trainer David -- yes I'm Wayne I'd like to say the marketing or be genius but they are -- sell out as it is let's. The raiders Terry John has -- Santana let's just gets -- -- let's get that means sailed jerseys here in Oakland. The raider nation Judy. It would bring so much excitement electricity and this would make this radio station you imagine all my you know what for all his -- ovaries of the game this weekend. What tram. You know what you think you have come over to the dark side in such a big way now you're just look all. If you are still playing you would be to writing the fact that. Somebody would wanna talk about. Who's bringing food to the game -- and now -- all and you can't -- the -- you get a ticket giving the Orleans last year I wanna sideshow. I wanna assert I was actually like them to be good I feel -- this this chance he can't be a sideshow with a lot of action and go out there really action and play well. I mean. I firming I want my guy out there of cocky arrogant and go out there and and and just owning it but that's not. All I I want a little bit more than that I would yes I want that I want a guy who believes that he owns the field that this is his place of war that he's gonna dominate. But. When you talk about translating now from college to pro level and they're saying here are the -- -- of what a quality pro quarterback does. And man's cell does none of these things and it yes it would be exciting it would be exciting for a hot minute and then you be looking JaMarcus Russell two and going. I'll know the raiders have done and again they've wasted -- a top pick what are we gonna do -- -- what if he -- what if he is what what Jerry Rice and I was gonna that's gonna happen it's possible. What what everything is posse exactly. A draft everything's gambled Johnny football. It is he is going to be what some people think he can be. I don't know raider nation can take that it would be so explosive Johnny football win football games. Would just be incredible huh what -- a -- and Terrelle Terrelle Pryor can Dejuan what and he went. It was exciting news explosive he had great instead. Johnny throws the football far better than Johnny Apple had the best Prodi accuracy wise. Diamonds also left foot she's also throwing footballs on a jet skis -- fifty yards or no he's. I think he's passing thought -- he's fact. He's touching them. Already I had that -- is a bloated speaker -- and have 95 point seven a game join us coming up here in five minutes -- happen next if Liam yeah what do -- -- -- only he actually threw the ball and taught at the same time stifled him. Not only. Did you win two World Series with the giants. The lead attorney knew we're turning you into an -- span -- question. And look at a morning Johnny football for the raiders. Hey look it's it's been a month the we'd like change you completely. I don't know I think he was always in there and we just let it out and only we changed him. They're just -- the whole situation there is movement in the east may have hit it and he's -- -- like yeah I mean let's. You Alameda point already guys bring me an a's had at. I hit you one. I I'm I'm sorry though guys I gotta tell my heart's always going to be with the giants aren't bad but it's not to say. I can't be officially appreciate the I appreciate DA's but I will always have my heartfelt. Sincerity my loyalties always with the giants you bleed I believe what does that color. Black and -- him like an orange there you have it you crush Miller -- that the coliseum. Battle still it doesn't matter the same effect. We just seriously though we've got to get your friend cooler that's ridiculous. It's a little cooler. I was a little Prius with a new baby car -- back and a witness box is of no I -- -- -- just rocketed what is going off on what happened. Associate these media celebrities you're a former player you're a millionaire or drink -- warm Miller and sort of leave the parking lot lighter clothes rack just out there -- sold -- game and -- unit where -- our preferred parking but I -- with Hugo. Those are like that the a's fans it's like you're just our kind of people. And it's the people there hardy group party group that's what I need to know where were grill and analyze how volatile the football the parking lot you don't get that at AT&T -- -- And that's what we do we talked about how what do what do bonus and -- and with C you know this could be cautionary tale the warriors. Moving and because. Big games he gets the tailgating with the warriors to you there's. There is a scruffy element that makes teams and makes fans. Pledged their loyalty on a deeper level in situations -- always believe that's why you know in Detroit their turn over cars and they went in. There's so fierce it's because it's really here escape from the harshness of the rest your life when you live in a Condo in San Francisco. And it's. And your -- and you -- you working and -- -- a satellite office from Silicon Valley and -- rake in it and your role in incidents. Think AT&T park after eating and drinking and Momo is. Just how fired up are you to go crazy about your team you're covering in a box Hewitt yeah yeah maybe maybe not quite as much as the guys drink it warm -- isn't looking for an escape. Analysts say a half the fans go to games just a tailgate. -- especially now Phil I know I love a good miss some you don't have a ticket and I and I just I I -- and authorities just you know further for the tailgating I'll tell you what it looks though the raiders tailgating. It looks like the apocalypse we're talking about that yesterday -- this silver black and their smoke rising and -- everywhere the food is -- I'm gonna take you this year robbery should be scared I'm no lol yes you should just now. Oh yes and you call -- -- yes he's scared myself my son walk through the parking lot -- his eyes were so big come on and why is that man kicking that man and head and it's not happy you know what I'm going to be wearing this shirt he's wearing my Brian you -- and they'll Jersey. Pass on the wire and ball like they did Johnny football world hit number two -- imagine how many millions soldiers will be there -- always trying to be everybody's stopped going down this road you know actually let's do it because. It's this is the only place they were actually not entertain this fantasy the raiders there's nobody hires are likely to dismiss this so much and this is why is this such a fancy this guy is a maker. So the winner is don't winners -- and islander collier -- you guys at. Let me go to big. Go to -- Tony Ramos 34 can't play forever I can't wait to wherever he may ago he may go to Cleveland I hope and before you know aren't the Super Bowl you know -- Denzel -- it is I will be reform. I'll be heartbroken to see him do -- both Cleveland. We -- you and Bill Romanowski together and see who who can say the crazier thing he gets -- prior leading the raiders. And Super Bowl last year. You're just step away my friend. Nutrition 53 my man bill rom announced he weaker radio row ball. Nutrition 53 is what is that that's is that companies are Christians fabulous. I worked at worst -- is if you try to be trying to tell us -- looks great and John -- downloadable -- -- a -- on it. He using -- going to be a surprise is -- about six minutes since you attempt to products yeah. I haven't withdrawals. I I I wonder S busters going to be shocked about Michael -- had -- last night I mean I I can't believe they can't him. I smells like Gaylord Perry ask I -- and he didn't see yet Michael opinion of the former mariner now. New York Yankee. -- like the biggest the watch of pine tar on his neck. It was ridiculous seriously the size of the software is seen nice and striped it I mean I don't even know like if you're hitter. And you see that shiny black substance I mean I'm I'm surprised he lasted that long to me to be quite honest with you I mean I -- I can't see that -- At least have some respect for the game to me he's just funny the way the umpire came up and yes let's -- like you're touching wet paint like you're checking wet paint -- -- -- dry yet. -- is it because. Idea. You're out here with a big signal and everybody -- Everybody came to the mound was looking at it like that I can't believe he did that that was the thought bubble above everything -- hey they certainly didn't look surprise only in -- for the Yankees I mean. And -- is a stared at the sky like he knew he got cut and all the infielders like -- The letter and what he that you could tell they were -- -- and this is twice in like a matter too easy it's the same team. I mean. -- how how did you see did you see where -- where was on his hand. It was just has that it was blocked all over the heel of his hands but at least you can kind of hide that day -- day went down by your side your neck. You're not wearing a turtleneck a man well now joining us. And here is that he was it -- her nephew is that they gave us. Eddie George's every single Thursday right here puke or -- -- have 95 point seven again those -- only buster. I'm shocked how did they see the pirates are on to Nader is back last night. Anyway it was amazing. Given what happened the last time and and that we actually we're coming -- commercial. And Aaron -- immediately. It said. I -- told our guys. -- -- got something on the -- of his neck and it looked like it either edit it era art market between getting it wrong that night it was so prominent. And you know me you know all night they're yet to -- her reaction to one. You can't believe that he did that so blatantly after he had been brought tears of you know the Major League Baseball be or where the MLB basically albeit eat good luck to don't be so blatant about it. The second thing was the post every action are aware our Internet reporters in -- Joseph Girardi Brian Cashman made about the bank. And it reminded me that he didn't not to block we're shocked shocked that we have gambling going on and it's just out. Who -- Who what what what what action should MLB take it to this issue I mean this is twice a month for this guy. Well he's got to get suspended and Brian Cashman -- out that is much -- game. Are and what he I asked in the question about that you see you guys retaliating in the Red Sox because we know that a couple their pitchers did. And have been indications that they may need the same thing and -- -- -- you know what I want my managers would actually what John -- bit given the circuit yet another word. She was so blatant. That -- they understood the Red Sox perspective on it. So you know I think that's what would happen big picture and I know that not gonna give it -- you wouldn't replay. Are they're dealing with -- double -- collisions stop they got a lot of other stuff and what it. Why not come up with a substance that everyone's okay away because like after the game last night and all react. I don't know a -- exactly certain guys achieve that I was kind of lapping it that would watching pitchers. It after debated rejected the doctor to treat pitchers you don't get a throwback from -- after -- spelled out -- Probe actually umpire and they pick up their glove and eroding their. -- on their -- and which is really shiny. Government and then a private security. Everyone doing the same thing everybody knows it. It was really cold they're trying to get a grip on the ball there have to be some better solution than everyone. Sort of ignoring this rule that's obviously perpich -- in its employees. I think I I I wonder about buster and at. The Yankees I know they've been on somewhat hard times of late but there was always an aura about them and whether it's the whole A-Rod saga or now it's just something is idiotic is -- as this. I feel exists as if there is that that hole -- -- maybe it was a facade but the whole image of the Yankees is if it is crumbling. You know -- I would agree -- I mean I think -- -- gates is a you know out pitcher to the company really dumb. And they're all right there we -- shaking their heads so it wasn't like they were throwing their bodies in front of him trying to. -- Cashman told the story after the game and how he's sitting in the second inning and after -- at least. Is all lights up from people they don't like they should get jumping out at neck in Bryant like going -- about trying to yet. It's someone to tell but it had to watch opposite which it presumed that what happened a lap and -- start against the Red Sox. And he -- by the time he got the -- -- John Farrell -- out on the field so no one was saying anything other then you know what it would be huge mistake. No one angry at the reds I -- I was angered -- John -- they're basically only after the games shake your head wondering how they could be in this position to fight. I wouldn't go big picture on this one. -- another giant set went on yesterday had a big game offensively -- priest and that they've been struggling -- really really bad. What what do you what do you see as the biggest problems so far this -- with the giants. -- And you know. I don't -- any question that way and they come into this he's been in there are looking. Our you know for work at a line at its going to be -- strategy huge part of that. And it seems like they've been waiting and waiting and waiting for -- get going. Arm and begin to feel like he's the first domino. And a lot of EG they happened and maybe he's putting a lot of pressure on stock of the contract situation. I bet he -- players who say that a privately that tell you it does kind of learn them they got to say now it's not a factor at all. But I I kind of wonder that it's gone on here because it's clear problem basically being very open about his desire to work edit view of the giants. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most are only from ESPN George is here -- -- half 95 point seven a game he joins us every single Thursday. If he continues to struggle. And we take this -- closer and ended July we start looking at the trade deadline. What kind of value would he have out there for contenders. Not much at all on the last few years is that salaries had gone up those guys in their last year before freeagent he had had. -- very little trade value except for some pitchers like the -- a good return last year Matt -- generally speaking that's not the case. The other thing until it is that he struggled during the year and talk a little bit about -- a few weeks ago armed let's say that he -- -- at 250. Eighteen home run it's not a great year. Doesn't separate himself. The perfect candidate for the Yankees there could be a giant it aptly slap -- the qualifying offers not because it's coming off a forty year question about the conditioning. Really be in shape. No one would touch and and give them the draft pick coming off that's up -- season. Suddenly that three years forty million is looking a lot more attractive and then his agent thought at the time teams. I was surprised. That they weren't handled by the middle ground because I know that that. You know I have to talk to the giant people they were very open they are very open to working something out and they're just not gonna go. In that -- numbers that he's agent was talking about. It did area I think there would have been people with a Eden started something in that. You know -- sixty range out there. They were so far apart at any and you part of frustration. From Brian -- about the way to negotiation going on and you wonder it was squandered opportunity for problem because now. I'm sure the giants pitchers and well what -- see exactly. There with the a's bullpen Boston that was supposed to want their biggest strengths is your coming in the season what are you seeing and what you think the problem is an a's bullpen. Hey it's it's jock and you know I go back to the beginning of last year. The Kansas City Royals. You know they wouldn't even thought to have one of the -- open in all of baseball. And they got off to a bad start and I'm -- kid who's sitting there like. Ready to two in her jump operate because the bullpen struggle and then it got and you lock down mode the lots are much. I don't want to get more I'm in Oakland bullpen. And it is to say whether or not they actually get permission I still think it's really great -- It's a conversation we have almost every day. With Daric Barton and his role in the fact that that moss is not the regular first baseman. You talked to Billy you talked to a lot of people have you ever forget forget the why is I don't know that we can explain why have you ever seen a fascination. With a particular player. That is is baffling as this one. And I -- I'll I'll play this story. But I don't like really don't mean to demean the player but I I -- I found a teacher's bank. When I was covered the Yankees quite Ballinger was a guy who they put on eighteen and 99. Odd Don Zimmer had taken over manager Joseph Torre and in her she should because the had without had been diagnosed can't jerk. And quite Ballinger was put on the scene -- -- and -- so happened that don's son was the -- drafted it. And all that year clay we used in into defensive outfielders the pinch runner you know obviously get a good job it to won -- World Series within. But Joseph Torre and Don Zimmer would always tell us -- -- excellent defensive outfielder Willie you're great outfielder with this and you -- any bill. Really. And then one day they called that young populated -- Darnell McDonald from -- And they put him at center field and it would -- only gap and you watched him run after you're like. Okay quite elegy is not a good outfielder. Tony we just didn't like the Blair. This is an. Is that shocking news that he's still in the big leagues they're part. Well I know I and I talked to Billy got this many times about Derrick or that you had given the metrics that they rely on. They -- -- defense and they love the fact that he gets on base and they always look for those guys with a cute skills. And they'll they'll overlook things like you know not hitting home runs. Or not hitting it all love the way pretty -- Doug does America will not do and Actuate. Those -- only right here got easy don't migrate every week getting on base went after the culpability. Not out of Seattle -- that's -- the on -- percent of the hears -- -- anyway. One of them we won 39 -- -- gave his opinion. By simply throwing it all -- what Billy says it is. What Billy licenses. Calories I don't wanna. You know the -- where's the -- bit. -- -- -- Coming up next he said something that. You you agree a list. But when you think you're ready gone now guys got -- more valuable than that we'll discuss -- next a bears this out for sports aside five point seven gang. He's five point seven. Coming up here it's -- up at 745 old olds taking it or leave it and also. We have a new generation of drug dealers. Very sad very sad. And maybe have kids. And school this is going to scare you I'm I'm scared I'm terrified of kind of world my kids and girls. Sound like some old man in Texas yeah yeah. -- up. Well. -- where you grew up viewer Mary Poppins and everybody around it was a Mary Poppins either. I haven't been married father is a long long time out now I'd like recent marriage conference them back in the -- Movements is disturbing Methodist. Buster. Got to tell you is gonna slam Barton he would do it well. I think you -- and it did again it is nice when the Pablo deal though. This is start to -- and I knew where who first month of the season he struggled. Aubrey you asked Muster only. About the biggest problem with the giants and he said. At all I don't use any question that when they come into the season and they're they're looking. You know for. A line at its going to be -- he's got to be huge part of that. And it seems like they've been waiting and waiting and waiting -- -- get going. Column Andy did it feel like he's the first domino. And a lot of these -- they happen. When you hear that at triple -- 9579570. That's triple 89579571. Of the top insiders in baseball. When he says the biggest problem is -- animal how do you react to that and triple 89579570. I went on to ask him. That if he continues to struggle what kind of trade value -- have. Not much at all time the last few years is that salaries could go on up those guys in their last year before free -- he had had. Very little trade value. Armed let's say -- have a year where he -- just fifty. Eighteen home run it's not a great year. Doesn't separate himself. He's the perfect candidate for the -- to the edge science to aptly slap on the qualifying offers on. I mean you have. You look at the giants office I agree with -- the biggest problem this problem. When you got a guy coming into the season. Expecting him to hit third. To me that's what that is the most important spot in the line conservatives everything revolves around you. You're you know and you -- not your scene a Hunter Pence hit a second you're not -- Michael -- and fourth fifth if Pablo is doing is supposed to be doing is. But she's trying he's having to manipulate his lineup in such a way that it's not everybody said the -- I mean. -- of guys like pictures -- they like rolls they like to know when they're coming into the field everyday MI going to be a 30 there are going to be a sexual Saturday or McBee at two hole hitter. And for guys like Hunter Pence hitting two Paul. I'm pretty sure that he's not comfortable with that and a lot has been revolved around the struggles Apollo and you got it -- sad because I've seen him have a gore you know he's had a great years first rookie year. And if you go back -- guarantee that all the pitchers didn't know him there around the zones. The last. 56 years -- expand -- zone and he is yet to make adjustments to those pictures still continuously swinging out the zone. Not making adjustments and the pitchers are supporting that's a such a way that he's not even a factor anymore the lineup. I don't want to pile on Pablo but how much can we attribute busters issues. Absolutely duet with having a problem. You're not gonna U -- MVP in your lineup in offense is struggling nobody protecting you hadn't. You know I guarantee of -- feel the heat because he's not getting the pitches he usually gets to hit it. And I think he's probably going outside the zone more often he would like to just end -- and it's taken more walks and you know it affects a lot about the now when your -- order isn't hitting and you have to. A three spot your lineup shouldn't be something you ever have to mess -- The three -- line should be an every day rock solid guy -- have been there every single a 34 guys every should be the same self. You can you can go around and even your lead off guy for me a lead -- guy 34 those the guys you don't ever mess around everywhere else you can interchange a little bit but. It all revolves around that middle of the lineup the right now he's just not get announce to you guys are seen the movie mr. baseball Tom Selleck -- -- underrated agreement okay. Remember that the U movies -- the Yankees right and he struggle and and he goes into the manager's office and he has -- World Series MVP they go yeah I was like four years ago yeah. That's that's what you know you're gonna -- he was a World Series MVP. Can you say. Year old teammate guy you've been around you know real well I know you care form as a person. Can you just flat out say he's overrated. I asked. I love the guy -- -- -- about jeopardized as a backhand has last month we were out at the giants game they're generally it's signaling there. There's an Arizona game. Yeah they're taking on Arizona we're out there. And we walked around the entire ballpark is you never done that before so were walk around the concourse in EC panda hats you see -- shirts. And this is something when you answer this it's you know for giants fans it's tough to swallow he was a World Series a BB but is he overrated I'm not early on. Comfortable saying he is and if you just look at the numbers the first series the first season he had that's not a underage that's a great seasons 330. Twenty cluster bombs hidden -- close to hunter army guys in his first year this guy's the real deal. And pitchers adjust to on the last five years he hasn't adjusted back it's been. Five years of no adjustments. -- continuously we have this great marketing scheme with a panda hats in the stands everybody loves them and he's just not. He hasn't made adjustments can he be great absolutely. But do you give a guy in ninety million dollars -- because. He could be great. Well aside from aside from the the contract at what point do you move him down. And you re really. Put buster in the three hole and and it's just accept. Then he has to he has I mean I I'm I'm a little curious as to why they stayed with that as long as they hat. At this point. Because he's a switch hitter with pop I guess I I I look at him and I say you know what -- Pablo Sandoval is he worth fighters not absolutely not. But is he worth three years forty hidden in the 67 hole for a of course. He's a guy they can -- he moves good for a big guy. And I think if you put it down a 67 hole where there's no pressure on him he can relax and just keep him down there. And he is a dangerous dangerous hitter in that position if you ask because you'll have all that the pressure to take pitches up enough movie selective up there in the 30. And a three hole for all you wanna be your guide it's looking for your pitch to drive. And make pitchers work he doesn't make pitchers work and that's one of the biggest knocks I've had ounces of play -- he'll go up there like I I don't know what the stats are. But I can guarantee you he swings the first pitch is more policy or a bus was -- when he when he hit into the double play. Williams for you to -- -- you can sense his frustration with -- Colorado excellent first as well you -- wanna hit it harder now Grossman first day itself. It's it's definitely a problem with a 30 and and and I'll say this just again if you move him -- or he's a great guy to have down the bottom of the or just not. A five years ninety million guy hitting three -- Korea. That's and to me that's the biggest problem in the giants' offense and and buster nailed it -- what I -- him to he'd say it to be quite honest with you because it is a problem. You know -- accurately to watch this I'm sorry about check here they get David -- on ESPN and they got afraid Kelly -- doing gruden. Andruw Jones watching it in gruden is absolutely cracking up a Cali and -- got the groove -- he's -- car and on his finger. Our understanding is that like the biggest. It's like a Super Bowl. Springtime flower but yeah. I'm doing is just good -- to do -- -- good car and cars that are barely able to keep it together -- like the Tito Francona. -- if -- -- -- JDR and CBS does the greatest Tim -- in -- and Tito two years ago we're lives in earlier known -- phenomenon would bees do it. -- -- -- -- -- by the way this is Brandon Moss until. -- -- -- -- say Barton hits lefties pretty well on a consistent base period as whereas sometimes I can be hitter mess against them. -- a match up over three or four at bats probably better for him then myself I. He's obviously he's better team. We're totally different hitters that I heard both good options against lefties. You can't go wrong either way I don't think either one of -- looks that it wouldn't -- playing any others not as I should be in there and he shouldn't. And here is now. I'm coming around the idea that the -- tuning is making this team's soft. You are Brandon Moss. How can you possibly say all that with a straight face pages created team and I understand that but at some point I'm looking. You can be a good teammate and not go this far. Yeah he was pretty that's pretty ladies -- pretty. Pat and it's off to. Coming up next. Take or leave it and a and new drug dealers very very young drug dealers next on the players whose efforts towards 99 point seven game. -- James not doing so hot. In the NBA playoffs. Does that scare. Great commuter tonight for the warriors in the clippers'. They're not doing so hot they're tied 11 they've got the home court advantage Arizona home team's overall. In the wrong. CD arrival and we will get to that title or -- -- don't go -- playoff game and I don't appear at the top of the hour. We all have kids. Even Anna George is you have a sixteen month told them. School officials in northern Colorado are asking parents to take care. Of their kids and watch out for recreational marijuana why. Because in Greeley Colorado. Fourth graders were caught dealing marijuana on an elementary school campus. We expect. It's legal in Colorado we. You make it legal. Things like this are gonna have a now. Affirming. I I think it should be legal it's it's deathly savor it and make an alcohol legal and -- my driver on also for me it's not that big a deal that. Can we be totally surprised that this is happening. I -- me tell you this like a drug cartel 310 year old boys and a ten year old girl at Greeley es mom front elementary school taste. I have to discipline. But not suspension or expulsion. It is rather than -- video commercials and stuff you -- me go the the flavor -- you scored in the water. My son and and his guys I was like last year. They had a media stand a -- gang it was the same thing there -- like the suppliers at the school there might bring in a drug problem. I'll tell half Monday yes they finally had abandoned me notes that the mean this is just. It's an extension mean look you always did there was always there was always the hot thing that you had as a kid and everybody want to be on a baseball cards -- meal where Helen was. A wrist bands there's always something on the rainbow looms. My kids have anywhere and unfortunately. Mean it's an extension -- he's it's a dangerous extension but it's an extension. Maybe if your parent your -- you say they're -- -- nor. I don't know was gonna take it early and took office. I think you continue to do. 85 point seven. Less -- shaken. I want a really good kid an elementary -- some -- smoke leaders so we -- not an honor not in North Korea I waited to evaluate a high school for Dallas. -- -- -- I got -- -- -- -- Michael thing it would be injected grabbing pine tar on his neck last night against the Red Sox ivory. Major League Baseball should make illegal substance for pictures. Since it's accepted throughout the league take it or leave it. I'll leave that I'm an acceptable substance just keep it the way it always has been keep it concealed. Keep it old school just don't make it a public. I mean just don't put on your neck aren't what's next you put on your nose to -- IDC I mean it's. It's ridiculous or just keep it concealing keep it. We respect the game. He ran into the pine tar -- you know the guy tripped and fell out of the car back. The I'm with -- you know -- It's the game inside the game play saying all right everybody -- you can use. This substance I'm not down besides if you if you created that substance than everybody would be finding it different substance that worked a little bit better than that substance and that would be the new sneaky move so. I will I I will leave it here actually it's okay. You have. Stupid guys doing stuff like this gives us some minutes talking about and it makes you feel a little bit better feel sad part is you look at all like all the money he's making -- -- -- at the acute. That there is that dumb and he's making that something is wrong with the -- -- ever claim must be Smart baseball. That's. -- -- -- Smart and now. -- -- -- living -- thought -- your living. Come on we love you guys. I regular trade at -- made the sugar and skeeter is roster as a pitcher GMAC. Would strike every putt all three pitches AC tethered to take -- of these this now. Now in Neiman now I'm thinking that we could probably noted oh wait I take that back your -- jacked up -- -- Men -- yeah I could see him Fallon off to an -- sneak in one volume OK I'm gonna take it out. I don't believe me just say miles let this happen fast you know there. He's pumping maybe eighty miles an hour come on its -- gore by BP after this is the publicist -- get him on the Syrian skeeter you. Even with your -- -- the -- wanna get it out. -- I mean I could withstand a paper. Couple swings element that Al Ali bizarre board hurled no I don't think you catch up with one yeah I would have to eventually I don't know watching you. Smoke down but lights and I mean Miller -- and had trouble getting up the hill yesterday I don't know if I put my money on them. I don't I'm looking like view of water around help you guys got to hit a minute you're getting yen akin. -- sharks' big game tonight they will -- it's cleaner it's like kings tonight I know you -- -- -- it's just sweets is always going to be a seven game wore my -- it's older tonight I sent it you'll always done I sent it soon I'm taking all the way. You're gonna sweep with these guys are down the keys are mentally fried there's nothing they needed to get back in this -- and you're gonna get back into the series. And it's hard for me say. Then -- it's not going to be -- sweep the one advantage that they do have is they are planned home. So you do have a little bit of pride and I've seen it happen with teens are you know that they've lost the series. And they go you know what let's just not let them have -- look let's not have them celebrate on our home ice lets them have them do it. There let's have a little bit of -- so I'll leave at that. Quickly you got yogurt shop and we just found out some. She has her own business what where -- it its atom Blackhawk over and that analyst who work there will there will did billions. What's it called it's called yogurt -- You were told court sentenced it is parent I think. As as that don't just get paid again yeah I don't get paid -- -- My last free Marietta slipped -- hundred across the board a Condo. In Denver -- visible I've gone and ala Billy -- really be lives not actually a desert island country club golfer is the one who keeps doing the Thurston hollowed -- right there's -- towel and Colin everybody out for being. Gentler time by the way who -- that these kids the 310 year old boys and -- -- girl. That they were -- we did in fourth grade the marijuana was legally purchased by adults who are adults. Grandparents and both of these families further and cataracts okay it's a family business now. For the Golf Channel act I can I don't have time he had do you Cadillac I will give to you later though. -- -- if it's legal I can't think itself. I mean that's my point your roommate you're gonna make illegal. I mean what's to stop kids from getting their hands on it. Fourth currently expect just like -- and for me it's it's legal to. -- Don't know that it's legal. -- it's a much more available I mean you know it's now hey I I was I was there Lester they're in the playoffs is when it was first passed. I mean walking the streets of Denver -- like -- -- -- -- most -- played on the field -- commercial there were literally I've never seen it in the newspaper. There were cats about where you can five week it was this to a certain age limit on on I'm sure there -- being able to buy souvenirs. Fascinating stuff. CNN and it's not ten. And I think that's that's not -- time AT&T park in right field go right through those little. Get a great deal of the offense all my goodness I was getting second -- and highs that was always struggle -- libel. Yeah I'll move it too much. Bad routes control Oregon somehow boxed in where the bathrooms there. Yeah they walked down this clown followed them -- tell it up next the dogs need a W and I will talk about actually bears this out for sports -- if my voice of the game.

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