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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/24/2014 Hour 3

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll scream Kelly. That's right good morning you're not in the up on 95 point seven a game coming up this hour Chris -- from Sports Illustrated. There can't possibly RV party be problems with Phil Jackson and dole in the -- Really. Not a surprise in fact it's voted to sort of dovetails in southern we've been talking about with things going on within organize nations. -- organized -- you know your your hockey -- -- haven't spies. And then the greatest game in radio history make. The call -- today. So you wanna get in triple -- 9579570. There is a bad trend in the NBA going on right now on the post season does anybody know what it is. -- So well can you please break down the Memphis Grizzlies for me I'm there. You're asking a lot yeah. Home teams are -- so hot. Home teams right now in the post season why bring that up this does the warriors are coming back home. And we talk about -- oracle the home for home court advantage home field home ice whatever. But basketball. Home teams are just seven and nine that's under 500 puke. What's up. That's the first round if you look at the you look at the Western Conference I mean you have teams like Dallas and Memphis they're not typical seventh and eighth -- those are teams that have a lot of playoff experience. They have the ability to slow the pace down which is always advantageous. It in the post season so. That's. What those are that those are two of the teams that have split the difference on the road and are now going home. And it it's interesting to me because I look at teams like Chicago -- San Antonio. And what the coaches have done there and how much we think of Tom. Thibodeau with the with Chicago bulls and Gregg Popovich -- San Antonio registered. The minister Kevin L now it's it's kids Ted sign his name is actually no name is vivid but a call in tips. So. You look at those guys and where and we think the world of them because they always get their teams over cheat you look at the rosters and go how can they have one of the best records how to Chicago bull team. Be a top seed in in the Eastern Conference when they. They don't have any scoring when it's DJ Augustine coming off being taken them off the scrap -- and a big part of it is because. Those guys maximize what their teams are able to do during the regular season because they execute so well. I think -- home field advantage in and pretty much any sport can be overrated it's except for football. To me when you look at you when you look at football it's more a sport where you have to communicate. You have to you have to be able to hear your quarterback and in baseball you don't necessarily have to hear a whole lot. You'll have to really here for say it's too much in basketball you play can be called with a hand signal. And hockey obviously you're just it's you're just going -- -- indicated I think the noise. For -- the home field advantage is articulate. The fans in the stands and you look at Seattle. That's yeah and no doubt you can't it's what can imagine how hard that must be as a visiting player come into a situation like that. Triple -- 95795. Said he do you still feel like the warriors have a home court advantage. Triple -- 95795. Said he Seattle's a great example. But how many places. Are they're really in the NFL. Where guys are going to end there -- gone oh boy right now we're in trouble today we have played I don't know how much. That really -- Seattle is because of the noise no doubt about it -- surprise it's Texas say that the canoe cowboys. Facilities and live deep -- you have -- -- -- -- say it was not allow law because it's so big. It's huge in fact you also you don't watch the game on the field because this -- The the screen three overhead is so huge I mean literally I was there for the all star game and a veteran Texas beer. Yeah I know well who who could we have on -- and remind dishonest article about -- I'm standing next to the court. And think there warming up and I'm looking up. To watch it on the screen because it was just it was so huge. The one and you feel like it be him when you when you see some of the scifi movies. And the ship comes in to the mother ship. And it comes in and you just. It's so vast. To see. People look at this people. It's like you're looking up at a map look these people up there and their. Can't see that that's what you have discreet as big as you do particular sit -- guess how there can't possibly watched the -- -- the so you gotta ask yourself why are you that dummy that's buying yourself a ticket to for that's when you decision to call -- save yourself probably. Or it's not a box -- Dallas got its a good question and it's prop as I mean it's one of the issues. That that teams are facing -- why I was really it's who had Rick Welts from the warriors on yesterday. And he mentioned that there are going to. We were asked him about maintaining that home court advantage in that they were gonna make it smaller and they're squeezing down the seats from 195 to 181000. That's really that that is the new trend -- ballparks. They. There. It raises the price is obviously of the tickets but the idea is let's have a smaller venue but let's fill every seat. Because it creates. A better atmosphere. And a greater home field advantage but if you have these. -- -- I guess some cold weather can give me some home advantage espionage dome Seattle Odyssey but for the most part in all sports home field advantage. Used debate the part that can that is. Baffling to me is I would think if there's any sport that home field advantage would be march would be in baseball because. You can build unique ballparks the measurements of the field itself. Are not uniform so you with a pound in the bases are well understood but but. But the dimensions and how you build your team. Could be tailor made to. To the kind of ballpark that you have and it doesn't the numbers don't bear out but I. I would think if you're gonna have a home home field advantage it would be and. -- small and everything else you looked over the stats here today with jobs ratify and again it was like in -- in Major League Baseball it's like the worse -- -- for -- to a managerial 53%. The home team had the advantage which is history it's kind of surprises me that way because you when your home you hit the last. So to me. To be able to hit last should be a huge advantage of it. The only numbers don't suggest that I if you go back to elected turf days where you could have like the St. Louis Cardinals have a budget Jack rabbits he can see building your team for her. But now I mean I'm mark Mark Jackson after game two said the lawyers and this is a no brainer right they can't play like Dan -- I don't care who you play especially good teams when you're on the road and you turn it over twenty times -- a win ball games especially against a team that strive off turnovers. Don't beat my forty the hell you say David Lee I would Damon Bruce still optimistic. About. Taken on Los Angeles. There was -- game that they need to respond and they did that today and we didn't play our best game at all but overall mission accomplished taken back home court and these two games. Just not the kind of performance reports that. Absolutely there's not with fame member is but he does joined Damon Bruce every -- great mission accomplished I agree you go no place like that and when you go into a series and you wanna go into their place you say you know what. Let's just take one. And they did that and I don't care how bad they got beat and why I've said it wants a say again if Arian beat. I get beat my way and so again be by heartbreaking last second shot. Talk into the coaching staff after that it it was in. This was just a reflection of how this team is operated all year long and you take the good or the bad out of it but the fact the matter is. They have done the hard work. And then they relaxed. And they paid the price for way too many times to look at that and say. You know what they still haven't learned their lesson and they put himself in difficult position once again you say you know what they've done this before. And they've lived. To move on their thirteen and one after a loss. Among -- -- -- yes dot com I'm doing my homework on there that by the way let me -- just basketball insider you it's I still don't know the Memphis Grizzlies -- major -- the rockets. Can you break down the wizards forming no thanks I know Michael Jordan used to play for and that's it that's very good knowledge major US professional sports. And in the advantages in the NBA they win sixty point 5% of the time that's a big number the NBA's 656060. Point five. Senate now seems 57 point three. NHL teams 55 point seven. And Major League Baseball. 53 point nine bringing up they're all pretty even now. I would expect NFL to be way higher than that just because like I said that the noise and a communications 750 sevens for T -- Is that -- it's pretty -- It sure bet on some home team tonight but. Right now in the NBA home team just seven and I -- house you know again it's look it's the first round had a lot of teams. That a lot of this comes down the matchups and quite honestly it's also and we've seen this in baseball we talked about it in baseball. We see the same thing in. Most hopeful balls all a little more static that we see it in terms of bringing quarterbacks in retirement Johnny -- they'll come and -- can start right away all these quarterbacks can start right with that never happened before didn't matter where you were taken. You didn't start right well -- same thing in basketball. Guys come into the we gain. And the teams are younger than they've ever been before no absolutely and as a result. They're more erratic and as a result when you play under pressure in the post season. You there are more unlikely things. To happen and so guys can't protect their home court the winning nine of the four. I'm amazed at the amount of guys they're coming into the -- not only baseball but everywhere you saw -- Your twenty year olds nineteen year olds committing nearly everywhere there that used to be unheard up and now. It's it's everywhere I mean you look at the parity in baseball now now. And I think that contributes to why every team has a chance every season coming in place he used to be just the Yankees. Red Sox because it everybody is sold veteran oriented and everybody -- so many veterans on their team. And now you get all these guys are veterans are getting pushed out because they're given these young guys more opportunity come up early so they don't have to tail he's older guys. Solitary exactly right it's all about it's all about the money and but baseball's more -- I think to see is some of these younger players I. I wonder like when I came -- 44. What -- our came -- a 21 who knows I might not have been ready. I would love to see if I could but I do believe that that's why you have a lot of guys that it's it's sink or swim. Because they come off and there's the pressure on them right away to perform. And I would think that that bracket potentially crushing player to come off and you can't you're trying to sorted out and you don't get it done. And now you have to go back down especially that age it's a very dangerous game to play when you have a 1920 year old like semi truck comes up in 1920 whatever he came up bright and he struggles instantly right. Now he comes and goes down connected if you don't if you don't strong really make you cry you as a player. But as we know he's the best player baseball now but. You have to wonder how many guys then mr. opportunity along time ago because they're younger aged and never got that shot to come up as a young player Brandon belt. Well he he was an older player coming up. He had no idea what he's a college guy kind of guy he did have a lot of bad bats before -- all now know he -- he went through the Marlys pretty quickly look at a guy like Bryce Harper the you look at the natural talent and there's a question of what he's you know -- into. Here's what you get. What you get to this level it's not a matter of you're gonna have time to develop -- nobody's. Looking at your box score on a on a regular basis and now it's you need to produce right I mean Bryce Harper you know a lot of people like to. They like to -- -- Bryce Harper and and my Trout when he first came out there was a great argument and how. I hate -- when even try to make that -- compares and more a lot of ally harper but he's not sniff and Trout bite but Trout -- since he's afraid he's he should be. Playing the game the way harper is and to be able to come up and do what he's done. As a young player not only be good. But become the face of baseball I see when Derek Jeter leaves the game this year my -- is going to be the face of baseball and it's -- -- crazy so at that age at that and he's going to be the face of basic astounds me and elect any will be the face of baseball for his entire career. He will get to a point where the next might -- Mike Trout will come in at an earlier age. And will be turning the page title I don't know that -- gonna have -- I'm not sure about that. Well why not. -- IE the same guy who's telling me it could happen and you know you're selling telling me I mean that's the trying to win tonight. Diamonds are becoming really the raiders to winning record I mean why are you saying why is it my -- Mike Trout did things his first year no one in the history of the game has ever -- get over a hundred billion point raised over a hundred years. And no one's ever done it I get that there's no comparisons you can look online for for -- -- players and you go cross and you try to compare his -- first first three years. Nobody. In baseball Willie -- nobody Ernie Banks none of these guys -- humanity name nobody none of these I -- try to get all of that and you can say you make the same comparisons with LeBron James LeBron James has evolved into a champion but the fact of the matter is Kevin Durant is going to be the MVP this year and and hit and has more endorsements. Than LeBron James to mean. There is there's just the fatigue factor that comes along -- especially now more than anything because of all the exposure. Guys just don't have. The lasting power we'll OK I've seen Trout yet he's good what's next. Is it funny though he is the best player in baseball and he hasn't won MVP in the last two years now you know now Miguel Cabrera be amount and it's this to me. When you when you look at the seasons and Miguel Cabrera says yes they're phenomenal as they may be but he's one dimensional. Yeah this guy changed the game and so many ways speed defense. Offensively. And for him not to win the war I mean I understand the year of the may he had the Triple Crown. Downey has pretty much a shoo in for NB pavement. It's the watchers see him when one day. Is strange time to be covering sports and to be talking about sports because all those things that she usually used to rely on and some of it's good like the analytics. And upgraded things we look at the game and we look at games in a different way but it's also. So much of it has changed the pressure on guys the guys coming up early the money that's involved the decisions that are made. It's. -- it's like the things that the tried and true things that you could count on. Don't necessarily apply anymore so anticipating who is going to wind and what it takes to win if you guys are part of the equation. Supposed to win the way you guys one World Series that's not supposed to happen. We you know and it's just a lot a lot of luck in being hot at the right time as the -- just watching the San Jose Sharks right now to needles yeah. They are hot I mean. I haven't. Haven't taken in a whole lot of hockey but just seeing with these guys are doing rounds of the seven goals in the playoffs against a guy choice that. -- -- quite obvious choice and you have no choice yesterday choice so there Alison you're you're killing me how are -- generally you're hammering me with choice there's. All the cable news there weren't collect a bunch over it. But not out -- you big eighties guy. But so wait a minute so we cannot see you throw me under the bus like that because I messed up yeah you see ya can't really I know how to the flag -- The bag -- you are being hard Downey and have 95 point seven game we're gonna be joined soon by. Chris -- Sports Illustrated as we're getting ready for the playoff game tonight. As the warriors will be hosting the clippers game three you'll be able to CBO -- Comcast sports net Bay Area do in these -- so do you think you'll be more like game one. Not like game two I would be shot yeah I can't I can't see the clippers coming with the same sense of urgency or getting quite. The same -- now -- now it's in it'll flip the other way where the warriors are the desperate team where the warriors are going to be the team that has. The most the more emotional put a team -- -- -- in this series each game is unity team it's more guest I'm telling you I wouldn't I wouldn't. I would not be surprised that happens because. These two teams are eerily similar. You know we think about Blake Griffin as being a fly over right and and it and it. And it dramatist. With David Lee isn't a flop birth to that level. But he's certainly complains an awful lot about every time that he doesn't make a shot. He was found out there's similar thing and you saw staff curry. When I talked to Channing Frye with the suns earlier in the year about the the guys who flopped. James Harden was there Chris Paul was there any mention stuff curry is well. Guys that. Our driving and and getting whistles and so I look at staff and Chris Paul and I -- the way these teams operating Doc Rivers and and Mark Jackson similar. As head coaches -- guys who are able to appeal to the emotion of their teams. And so yeah I I I could see this bouncing back and forth because they're so similar. You speaker staff curry and -- you said that you never see him so upset on the plane and as of says he was on the court never seemed that -- -- upset. This game I see him going out there and taken charge I want I see him -- -- upset. Gonna take over the game and I expect a big big game -- is now one of the -- -- your theory. The desperate team wins every game -- So the warriors would be game one they -- yeah. Game two clipper -- So if the clippers so that means the warriors now game three win and then the clips like oh my god we got to get it done in game four right so than the warriors. We'll then have to get it done in game five right. We had backed ally right clippers desperate Brad -- game -- right. And then it'd be the last desperate team stand in the warriors in game seven that's right he let's the majority here and there -- The warriors -- in game seven at that point we'll have all the stories -- they don't get out of the first round mark Jackson's going to be gone. And the warriors will blow up and say you know what we need to save our coach's job what needs to happen tonight. Something physical something because of the way it went down. August makes -- return and stuff I'm telling ya it's a career threatening rib injury -- I don't know if he'll ever be back. Now I mean I'm caller right now that it's -- there would take the floor. The sound and delights are down mr. cruise boat that is my horizon I guess she. Doesn't go oh I can see any double ending on what have. Things in game if they win. If they win game three now you're playing with house money again right but if they lose game three and then you bring out Bogut for game four. Then he makes the cameo then you have the emotional lift that you got from David -- Like you did last year when he came back -- Your -- play again. It is a cracked drab and it's been weeks you know it is -- fits in my -- a very very severe cracked rib. Torre did crash the -- -- there's blood. Your boy Tony Romo played to the collapsed lung and people call him soft now now deal. Who needs to step up kind of like the enforcer role. Tonight for the warriors he's you can't get pushed Randy kid he can't be let another team beat up on your superstar but the way to games called it. Mean what are you asking foursome -- -- go on punk somebody and Matt Stone and he's dialing and where's my -- who can be the June and you're not gonna find one in today's NBA image Damon green. It has a little bit that I'd like to see Jermaine you need to know get something done not with the referees. But you look at there but ultimately you know the guy who has to do it it. It's Jeff curry and stuff curry doing what he -- in the third quarter where. There are playing pick and roll that gave the clippers the opportunities trap them and to force him away. Third quarter they just open the floor up and said go ahead take Chris Paul take Darren Collison take whoever they're putting on new. And go to the cup now he does the same thing he did get the whistle down there that's why -- that's why he threw his mouth car. I can see early on. And doing the same thing can you imagine. The oracle crowd is he has Chris Paul isolated at the top. And dance is on him and shakes him and leaves -- and goes in scores place will go. Knots. And then FDI Andre Jordan comes over tries the block and not step sideways you'll think you're gonna get a whistle. Three point play that's the kind of thing that I think can turn it form. Coming up next. We're getting cheated. But charitably we talk about the NFL we're getting cheated. Oh yeah -- -- Chris manic slashing join us next from Sports Illustrated will give back to the NFL and if you wanna play until last month in the post as -- now. Why all the niners play in the sea dogs to actually since I haven't answered you have an answer yes. The newest research. -- -- have to get to that at the top of the hour if you wanna play make the call. I start line and it now triple A 9579570. We've trying get everybody but the phones light up and people like I can't get in well. Now's the chance to reserve a spot for the greatest game in radio extra point 95795. -- coming up next from Sports Illustrated Chris managed. Is there is the honeymoon already over in New York. We'll ask him next -- the bears this out for sports that's 95 point seven a game. Five point seven the. 957 big game. The greatest game on radio fifteen minutes away and make the call. Triple -- 95795. Said they are you ready -- I am you got your category I do. I love watching him it's underlined that SE just I guess scientist with this right he loves that this is baby. Now joining us from sports. Illustrating Chris man -- Chris good morning. Our -- how we're living the dream but before we talk about the warriors and the clippers. Is -- a honeymoon already over between Phil and Dolan in New York. Yeah I don't know if at this point I doubt it you know a lot of this business model around it is based on that New York Post report that. Oh -- and you know within minutes after being dismissed might be encouraged what the organization might encourage whoever the next head coaches. Hiram in some capacity and a lot of people picked it up around looked at saint. That Dolan is shoving his nose. -- -- business again already you know within a week of hiring. -- Jackson you know village pretty strong -- It denial that publicly yesterday and up from what I hear about that that the stuff about maybe are coming back. Didn't count many want associated with dole and it could just come from someone. Up close to herb Williams try to get his job back with the team soccer right now I think it's okay. But look I mean what about that -- happened guys. I sat there and I said this is what James Dolan said five years ago when Donnie Walsh first job is actually no guarantee. That at some point in the first year -- Jackson's tenure. That Dolan -- inject himself back in the situation. Why do you think herb Williams has survived as long as he has. I don't know I mean he's obviously got a great relationship. With ownership in a -- almost -- kind of bad this ambassador. For the team. I mean he played note that a long time at the end of his career he was in and day out you know a guy that was close to Patrick Ewing. -- at the back end of his career. I did they pick -- team abused him. As a kind of a picture there now if you want to be a picture of permanent position that John Stockton and right now John like the -- relations director. Could mean a role but I I don't but I never ticket beat John Stockton but they'll give Bob Williams that type of job. -- with your organization you can't Q ornament on to a coaching staff. That may not want him there just because you want to be affiliated with the team. Chris are a lot of people here call from mark Jackson's job are there and is is New York a place that he might be able to end up -- the into the season. I don't see it because I can't see mark wanting to run until Jackson's offense now so I think come out instead. That the next head coach have to run the triangle but he's implied it in -- -- Jack Indian ways. That he doesn't want the triangle to be a part. Whatever coach you know however system is run by the next head coach that's not Mark Jackson back in -- -- commanded. And he's got a great job of -- David the weight coax them but he got to commit to run his team. His way and elect mark won't take out a take on. The entire life that the coaching staff that bill -- it it did with the lakers I just don't he'd be -- -- being great that there's not. Any real connection that I can -- -- discern between market. And Phil Jackson after the way where their paths crossed. Previously I think Bill -- I strongly that the current and I do think that if for some reason. The cut thing doesn't work out and I guess they think it happened but I think that's not likely possibility that doesn't work out. I -- think that you know someone in the knicks' organization the couple called the Denver but if they can -- Bryant shot -- back contracts. What's extraordinary is how Steve Kerr has played this he is I don't know on the coaching candidate who's gonna come out and said. Yeah I'd be NC student yes I expect to get an opportunity I mean it's just he's been so forward with -- -- it feels as if it's a fait accompli. Yeah it -- to meet directly I mean all along the work out until Jack decide what that Steve -- what his top overall choice I'd honestly. I'm hitting your second choice what I was you know pocket of people you know web during that press event and in the aftermath -- he'll formally getting introduced. It was always about speed car they just believe that beat the association there with with Phil and -- woods was strong enough that that they get along at the coached. And general manager that you know that in the field -- in coaching tree does not have a lot of branches and he's not higher Kurt Rambis. -- -- -- -- Bryant shot right now already have a job with Denver Steve curry is it is the most logical choice that rank up there I think the interest to do with that. I do think it's the deal that if he takes the next job. He would have not personal control obviously it's still had that -- if they're not gonna hire another strong general -- there to replace Steve Mills. He's -- speed car would be the second strongest voice within that organization and so there's a lot that appealed that job for both sides of the equation. You're vile most files for for guys are terrible year -- Chris mentioned Sports Illustrated he's box with a one Manuel Marquez. He's played in the NB AD league. And even did. All writing at this saying Keith re a rodeo school. I guess the rodeo -- more -- real. Well the rodeo didn't work out for me to that that's tortured into it a tragic one because I got -- stop the bowl. I snapped my caller builds on actually brought -- by a lot. In the wreckage tragic what's worse. Is that the guy that went after me and -- -- to contact the kind of like a bull riding fantasy camp which is Lotus seed meet a real ID shortly after I got down there but. The guy that went right after -- he's -- -- -- tossed off the bull keyboard underneath the bull got kicked in the -- he was killed. And it's the guy that was the former military man he was the father and and Rick generate reports stories -- we had to make tough phone calls before. But having to call back I heavily. To talk about you know what happened there and how they're feeling about it was maybe the worst phone call I've ever had to make you know they lose while those stories that seem like could be quirky. It would break my column when I can make fun of myself. And obviously the moment like that just did nothing can composite become product. Loyal warriors back get a tonight against the clippers we've been talking about home court advantage home teams. Are just seven and nine in the post season what do you make of that. I picked the dark and I think a lot of it has to do though I would match -- mean what do broken want to admit it or not they pact to get down there to get that exceed. They could play Toronto the first round and Miami. In that second round now there was some rescue and obviously because the end of the season. Their worst scenarios where Chicago could get the third seed overall they be stopped which got the anyway but I firmly believe. That their strategy was to get Toronto -- that first round so they got the matchup they wanted and they won that match -- -- nearly put that first two games. Washington I was in Boston last Wednesday and I saw the wizards beat the finale against the Celtics. After that game with a match -- are pretty much that. There were ear to -- -- in that Washington locker room they -- Chicago. In the first round they were -- and wanna get the ball during the regular season and -- only -- -- -- with a -- Canadian plane toward the end of it. With that knee injury they thought they were an excellent matchup of the -- I -- Chicago. You look at the boogie man of Eastern Conference nobody bought washed to want to play them but the wind it's really really want to play them because in the name match up. And because wall and deal but just speed advantage already won the Chicago could put out there. I defensively so they got what they want it and you saw those first two games with a weighed -- they have played that front court and obviously game two -- -- deal. I'd -- it worked out publicly docket when it wanted to. Who's in more trouble San Antonio. He Dominique de. Oklahoma City at this point because I remember a -- strike brought the window because of what sports injury but three years ago. When they played the second round it would they knock down drag out -- soccer I mean this series. Had that same type of familiarity to it where it's gonna try to beat the crap out even the paint. If they win that battle like they did the other night with 56 points in the paint. And they keep getting back -- the defensive effort from Tony Allen and page on threatening but Kevin Durant. Yeah what 36 point we shot the ticket to get the -- shot. To get that 36 point I think Oklahoma City are being met that would live with that every single day means. Met at their home court advantage during the regular -- integrate -- -- -- -- -- commitment to the postseason -- that popped -- plate the plate but the product and the fans got to show up to them. In the playoffs I think that if it. If they can bet to win that game three and play the same way they played in game two they could put Oklahoma City a lot of trouble. Looking at the warriors who -- how much stock do you put in the game to compare game -- game two what do you think is the more realistic can. A version of this series is stance. I think game two is more realistic just because I I just double bogeyed injury and had to stop now be crippling. Offer up for the warriors chipped in defensively. In trying to defend the front court now -- it would -- there'll be matched up with Blake Griffin. Every single time but he would be that back line of defense. Can provide help would Griffin gets by David Lee moratorium on green on that into the floor and Griffin and even in the game and didn't want. It would permit it -- the charts and he was scoring. Almost at will when he got there on the floor I don't necessarily see that changing. Over the course of the next couple of games you know he could get the foul trouble again he -- kind of whirling dervish out there. Like -- -- alluded to last week but I just think he's got a huge advantage. In that regard him without him the worst margin for are just so small I mean injury Jermaine O'Neal had a good game one I don't seem -- To contribute that by the way -- direct the series and their bench that's been a big week it's for them. After losing Landry jacket in the last dot he's not I think the word got that home crowd because step -- -- content. Are -- ability to take you with every single game. -- they've got now that possibility but didn't due to meet it seemed more like it out series which shake out. Good stuff crystal catcher would be a later in the playoffs. Thanks for Chris managed from Sports Illustrated -- -- -- game 20 yeah now. What happening game so slow -- roll. I agree. -- -- I'll I'll like mr. Hogan worrying I love Seth Curry tonight I don't say yeah I do isn't a game do -- goes off. He's mad. He upset little Fella. If he's not neighbor and and basketball's terms he has. Listen and I five point seven game anytime anywhere after a visit WW divvied up nine fives in the game dot com download our free iPhone and android mobile apps. In the App Store now you can finest and tune in dot com -- rewarding come in studio to mourn his face off. Yeah I think refers to an all you heard as I said -- -- his -- -- -- -- -- as you -- what that's my friend you're as tall as he is he's like well you're all alone or talking about a zillion -- and he's the only reason -- not gone after coming up next it's the greatest game and radio are you ready -- here. Make the call -- on the mayor's yourself for sports a -- five point seven the game. We have figured out here give your town in half by guests. Why the niners are gonna play the Seahawks two out of three weeks towards the end of the season one being on Thanksgiving night. Plus figured out why they're playing on Thanksgiving night and why -- it's because Winona. On this -- saving it save it on this entities scarlet G. Seen what they're just wants to jump on top and just get up. I thought we were I. I got -- trouble you get a warm the other Lagos. -- -- -- stuff. Boston at least you yeah okay to have a little romance you hear your own swami is there yeah I hear -- romance for me a little bit distilled. You'll be back with paper here. OK -- knows he yeah. -- is to make the call. The early election prizes are. 95 point seven big game. Was taken back to my childhood so this is a game where we have two categories in you have to guess which category this whoever gets the most. Right wolf -- -- prize. Let's start on the lady's line Ashlee Hewitt -- Petaluma hello -- if you wanna give India. The categories. Well what does -- want to welcome her and her actually there for the hello -- rules -- -- let our categories for actually. Categories are in honor of being turn your radio down the sharks and the warriors playing teams from LA. Is this an LA restaurants. Or is it in LA tattoo parlor. We got to turn your yet turn your radio down. I'm -- yeah that's better I may. Yes why is this or LA restaurant or is it a tattoo parlor shoe box. After. This play -- She always viewed -- shoe box. Why do get a tattoo and shoe box point let's go to Enrique in Hollister welcome an injury again -- yeah. How are you. Paul Manuel let you know you can't really -- what everybody else popular way to make good round. Awakened baker okay we're not -- coffee and -- today so let's see how you do tattoo parlor or restaurants. Planned this sign rabbit that to tell a tattoo parlor restaurant. Question. Go back to wake and they can. Long reporting good dog on the 101 year and a five set in the game. Doug is this saying tattoo parlor or restaurants in LA. Son of a gun. -- that is correct. Is this a restaurant. Or a tattoo parlor. You Sheen. -- -- Struck. Year you got one -- that's going to be a -- stay on hold you are the leader in the clubhouse who somebody's got to be one let's get a -- and Oakland. Yeah no earth. No pride glad to have you is this a tattoo parlor or restaurant and LA vine street. Before that is correct -- -- -- Tattoo -- or restaurants. Crips and unicorn. No we get a all scenario again. Come -- Diego and San Jose stepped up Diego. They did go is a tattoo parlor or -- restaurant. Pink taco. We're just got to -- no. Everybody likes the -- taco. -- in San Jose here on 95 cent in the hot. Chris and now our anybody. Is this an LA tech to your partner. Or restaurant. -- -- -- period. I know you was that. And not just from so bang. The restaurant that's correct I. Chris one more. Tattoo parlor restaurant the back house. But the retro. That's correct. What do you do to the -- -- a house. Is not tattoo parlor or restaurant is being. Particularly know why. -- -- Are we really don't until later they came at Oakland here -- 9570 game. It is this this LA tattoo parlor or restaurant Bob Roberts spotlight. -- don't -- -- restaurant and you're gonna go home plant clippings that. -- Robert red inside million need to get to. Read. -- let's do this is this an a restaurant or a tattoo parlor in LA. Eagle rock green dragon. Did he does but it's not thanks to a complete your own. Jesse and for not come on down. There Jesse is a restaurant -- tattoo parlor and LA cowboys and turbans. You know. Cowboys and turbines is a restaurant -- Ruth cook for assistance -- man does not only there let's go to the curry Leo -- break. We're dead LA tattoo parlor or restaurant. Food dog. Thank you -- -- -- Restaurant -- tattoo parlor shamrock social club. No. Zulu is holding on strong I can't believe it Jim and oak Glen canyon match to. Is this an LA restaurant -- a tattoo parlor -- The gore balls. That is correct. Tony cool. I don't. Tattoo parlor or restaurants. Under the gun. That is correct. This for the win -- -- -- -- apply now. Tattoo parlor or restaurant. -- It is Red -- Oh yeah I'll congratulate what did you win. What is your -- -- -- nearly as you know. UN's got to the gym I figured -- the -- I'll sign an -- baseball thanks Lou Vega who knows where and -- -- jamming outlets and I thought 2010 signatures and ask -- that there's energy that's twelve signature tattooed out lamented -- -- really special 2010. Gradual loss and actually -- if I was to get one I want 2011 does that it was a banner here to banks. All kinds of sarcasm right there no not at all coming up next. Why the niners are playing on Thanksgiving. It's -- it -- Thanksgiving really give finex a -- is out for spores under five point seven -- game.

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