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Chris Mannix doesn't see Mark Jackson taking the Knicks job

Apr 24, 2014|

The Sports Illustrated Writer doesn't see Mark Jackson being a fit with Phil Jackson in New York but he does see the Clippers winning this series

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris good morning. I I how we're living the dream but before we talk about the warriors and the clippers. Is the honeymoon already over between Phil and Dolan in New York. Yeah I don't know if at this point I doubt it you know a lot of this business model around it is based on that New York Post report that. Oh boy and you know within. After being dismissed might be encouraged with the organization might encourage whoever the next head coaches. Hiram in some capacity and a lot to look pick that up -- with its banks that Dolan it's shoving his nose. -- -- business again already you know within a week of hiring. Bill Jackson you know -- was pretty strong in his denial that publicly yesterday in from what I year note that stuff that -- This stuff about maybe her coming back in government want associate it would dole and because it just come from someone. Up close -- herb Williams. Trying to do his job back with the team -- -- right now I think it's OK but look. Anyway without press conference happened guys I sat there and I said this is what James Dolan said five years ago when Donnie Walsh first got the job there's actually no guarantees. At some point in the first year Phil Jackson's tenure. That dole it will inject himself back in the situation. Why do you think herb Williams has survived as long as he has. I don't know I mean he's obviously got a great relationship. With ownership in a -- double you kind of bad this ambassador. For the team. I mean he played out a long time at the end of his career he was in and -- you know god it was close to Patrick Ewing. -- at the back end of his career. I just think -- -- -- -- him -- a kind of a fixture there now if you want to be next year. -- the position that top spot in right now John like the demeanor relations director. Could mean a role but I I don't but I never -- -- -- -- start in but it gives probably in that type -- job. He put your organization you can't Q ornament on to a coaching staff. That may not want him there just because you want to be affiliated with the team. Chris are a lot of people here call from mark Jackson's job are it and it is is New York a place that he might be able to end up at the end of the season. I don't see it because I can't beat mark wanted to run Phil Jackson stopped that now so I think about instead. That the next head coach have to run the triangle but he's. Implied in very -- Jack city in ways that he doesn't want the triangle to be a part of whatever coach. You know however system is run by. By the next -- coach that's not Mark Jackson back in mark's got a commitment. Andy's got a glitch topical baby weight coax them but he got to -- run his team. His way and let Marc -- take all take on. The entire that the coaching staff the bill that it is dated with the lakers -- just don't he'd be good at being great that there's not. Any real connection that I can see here discern between mark and Phil Jackson after the way where their apps Crosby. Previously I think they'll -- -- and I strongly that the current and I do think that if for some reason. The company doesn't work out and I guess they think it happened but I think that. A likely possibility that doesn't work out I do think that you know it's somewhat in the knicks' organization make of all called Denver to keep -- private pride shall -- -- that contract. What's extraordinary is how Steve Kerr has played this he is I don't know the coaching candidate who's kind of come out said. Yeah I DNC student yes I expect to get an opportunity I mean it's just he's been so forward with it it feels as if it's a fait accompli. Yeah and it got to meet -- I mean all along the work out -- -- Jack decide what that Steve Kerr what is Koppel moral choice I'd honestly. Your second choice when I was you know pocket of people -- -- web during that president and in the optimum capital formally getting introduced. It was always about speed car they just believe that -- the association with with Phillips Steve was was strong enough that that they get along at the coached. And general manager you know that the Phil Jackson coaching tree did not have a lot of branches and he's not higher Kurt Rambis he docket arch implements. Bryant shot right now -- have a job with Denver Steve -- is he is the most logical choice. That ranks up there -- the interest to do with that I do think it's the deal that he take the next job. He would have not personnel control obviously it's still -- that but if they're not gonna hire and other strong general management there to replace Steve Mills. Because it would be the second strongest -- within that organization and so did a lot that appealed that job. For both sides of the equation. Your vile most files for for guys -- terrible year pile Chris mentioned Sports Illustrated he's box with one Manuel Marquez. He's played in the NB AD league. Any even. -- bull riding at the -- key raise -- rodeo school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well the rodeo didn't work out for me that that's the return it to a tragic one because I got popped -- the bowl. And I snapped my tolerable. -- brought about by a lot. And the wreckage tragic what's worse is that the guy that went after an -- to contact the kind of like a bull erotic fantasy camp which is lunacy to meet. -- -- -- shortly after I got down there but the got a right after me he said getting tossed off the -- he put underneath the apple got kicked in the -- he was killed. And that's the guy that was the former military man he was a father and -- reckon they've reported shortly you know we had -- -- Apple cult or. But having to call back I definitely. Talk about you know what happened there and how they're feeling about it was maybe the worst call I've never got to make you know it was what -- story that seemed like could be quirky. It would -- my column to make fun of myself. Obviously the moment like that just did nothing in composite become product. -- warriors back get a tonight against the clippers we've been talking about home court advantage home teams are just seven and nine in the post season what do you make of that. I think it's bizarre and I think a lot but -- the -- though with matchups mean what do Brooke that want to admit it or not they pact to get down there to get that exceed. They can play to -- the first round in Miami Heat index background that there was some rescue and obviously because the end of this season. They're worse scenarios where Chicago could get the third seed overall. They be stopped which got anyway but I firmly believe that their strategy was to get Toronto and at first round that they got the matchup they want it. And they won that matchup in the it was put that first two games Washington I was in Boston last Wednesday and I saw the wizards beat the finale against the Celtics. And after that game -- match up to pretty much -- their work your your Koreans in that want to -- -- they wanted Chicago. In the first round they were -- and wanna get the ball during the regular season and the only definite -- with a gain Canadian plane toward the end of it. That would that knee injury they thought they were an excellent matchup of the bull I -- Chicago yet again at Eastern Conference nobody bought -- you want to play them. Really want to play them because in the name match up. And because well and deal at that speed advantage over -- -- got a could put out there. Thought defensively so they got what they want it and you saw those first two games with the weight in -- it played that front court -- in game two would -- deal. But it's worked out on the docket when it wanted to. -- in more trouble San Antonio. Economists -- Oklahoma City. At this point because -- remember a lot strike properly -- got -- Westbrook injury but three years ago. When they played the second round it would they knock down drag out Auburn soccer I mean this series. Has that same type of familiarity to -- Mets got to try to beat the crap but even the paint if they win that battle like they did. On the other night with 56 points in the paint and they keep getting back at the defensive effort from Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince and meat but Kevin Durant. -- what 36 point -- -- stop the ticket to get the shot. To get that 36 point I think Oklahoma City are being met that would live with that every single day. Met at their home court advantage or the right -- -- great political the Mets in the post season at the top outplayed the play. Get the -- that and the pants that show up -- them. In the playoffs I think that if if if they can bet to win this game three and play the same way they played in game two I think put Oklahoma City -- trouble. Looking at the warriors who adds how much stock do you put in the game to compare game one game to what do you think is the more realistic can. Version of this series is stance. I think game two is more realistic just because I just double bogeyed injury and I -- -- crippling. Not per for the warriors chipped in defensively. And try to defend the front court now boat it would net there'll be matched up with Blake Griffin. Every single time but he would be that pack line defense. Beckett provide help when Griffin gets fired David -- Or trademark green that into the war and Griffin and even the game and didn't want it point permanently off the charts and he was scoring. Almost at will when he got here before I don't necessarily see that changing. Over the course of the next couple of games. You know he could get the foul trouble again he -- kind of a whirling -- out there. Like like -- allude to last week but I just think he got a huge advantage. In that regard it without him. Now the worst mark temporary just so small I mean injury Jermaine O'Neal had a good game one I don't seem to -- that. To contribute that -- -- -- direct the series -- and their bench that's been a big week it's for them. After losing Landry jacket in the last stop these I think the word got that home crowd because step turning clay content art have. The ability take you with every single game. They've got that possibility but -- due to meet it seemed more like it partners which -- out. Good stuff crystal catch over the later in the playoffs. Thanks Chris Chris managed from Sports Illustrated.

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