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Israel Gutierrez says Steph and Klay will have better performances than they did in game 2

Apr 24, 2014|

The NBA Writer previews game 3 between the Clippers and Warriors. He also talks about the chances the Heat win their 3rd straight title

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate) Stopping by beat Yates talk a little -- right office Warren. Or or or federal work well we're trying to figure out we're asking people when you look at go warriors and you look at the clippers. Is this series do you look at game one Ari do you look at game two and say that's how the rest of the series is gonna go. Oh yeah and the -- and -- right so problem. I would day that the -- that sort of linger on game -- in my opinion and in the black Christian way. So like he's got to have really package right now looking at Notre Dame on green and that he -- -- -- -- with them or it was. We can't not be equal to that weight problem and that -- Lady. -- Anglican right now and that ordered the rim protector or educator. 100 public because he's obviously -- a lot. Or it could definitely this game and so. I think -- and -- the lake and play well I don't know if those are all answering going to be sort of lingers in the shoot. Doubt that the that proponents and curry and and -- in game -- not a -- like a game. The arithmetic and I know you know escort. When he in the third quarter economy -- put. -- player people up or shut up so. Being a part in the chain that they don't strategically probably expect -- the ball more -- that he doesn't get -- bullet and that. -- -- pick and roll and find ways for him to contribute because. That it didn't seem like -- you to be more practical. On the topic and in we'll put -- somewhere you know it's going to be different not going to be like to not have -- -- like -- -- -- customer -- out -- I do think that the replica of the game of the currently and I think you might have. A little bit more those -- -- -- -- in some trouble just probably appear as like what you want. Do you have the clippers as a contender or pretender when you're talking about the the top teams in the league. You know I went -- -- play out saying contender. Bob and you know how -- can warriors are difficult first -- -- -- Western Conference playoffs and it's ridiculous like that it. The fact that Oklahoma he had meant it to play it's kind of mind boggling -- arms -- -- be going to be easier I sort victory. The clippers can come out there and win in seven and make it very typical. And still very well these look like or eventually the championship contenders because they just beat a very good tee so. I'm not judging them based on topic of one of the first round -- the it's not the normal first round black. I do you think they have the balance you know at what used to doesn't have which is good balance between your perimeter stars in years and years interiors -- And perspective I think they can't play pretty well dot org to protect and they have all the elements. I just don't know what they've done enough together they're going to be able to survive but it sort of -- adverse situations and you know the second or third round. I think they have it billionaire Allen and at -- -- so he can't. 90 you've been around the Miami Heat covered him they're down in South Florida and we've been talking about it's got to be the pacers it's gonna be the heat. Any. Eastern Conference finals what. Hell happened to the pacers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what exactly happened and and offensively. -- You know they've always had issued -- bit -- -- an option -- just not and then I'll certainly got a way of moving the ball well. And you know that -- and a war. And you know. Defensively. I don't actually know the numbers show that they've been you know horrible I'm so. I think that the recovery that aren't their identity let. I think it perfectly confident that blanket and a -- and -- -- so much he bit and being largely responsible you know reports have something -- for a job land. I mean this is the first. Can hurt you that 800 -- nothing but pointing upward since he got there. And other -- that means there's so many adequate to look into it coach in Roy -- News you know -- invisible most action. If you didn't go at all argue he's worse than the way that quake had a month or so so. Obviously we'd like outlook however I do -- think that not just that one game get back into it but the way they played all the way to move law. And at the numbers and the -- the commitment of twenty is so. There their alternate back and wanted to get at the Atlanta pot which is different but it ought to get at the Atlanta the -- and sort of rediscover who they are. -- Eastern Conference final I don't think it would it would be. The warriors are thirteen one fall a loss obviously losing last game to go with the crowd noise they're gonna having game three. They seem to play better with their backs against the wall when you great. Yeah I would just hope that you know he showed up and not that keen bet. You know take a big lead and eventually lose or you can boot Cleveland the knicks and Denver at home so. -- I heard talk before I got on that you know warriors and you know -- was in -- in the league. I would be a blatant -- fair and they're they're frustrating at home. And I mean you don't know that abundantly particular frustrating at -- it all and start to wonder why up. I'll bring a different element -- -- I think -- that the value -- and valued possessions more especially knowing how well the clippers can play. I think you're gonna get a team that. You know -- played well -- it is accused -- playing and. Our background you know as much as we've seen in the regular even you know got -- -- -- -- like -- absolutely and then. If any if nothing else can get them. A little bit of a boost emotionally -- they're they're active to rest a little bit of you know reads -- to look -- favorable state and you know more importantly usual players play better off not sitting. But it -- open up close. Our perspective to kind of carry the load so I think you're gonna yet that you you can't expect -- that does that they're in the corporate apple that pressure. What has to happen for the heat to win a third consecutive title. The got a direct matchup I don't think they're gonna happen in an issue in the in their conference let me pick up -- -- Belichick picnic at Brooklyn's engine you can talk. Sort of record to. Miami -- -- one point -- -- double overtime and and -- they just want land a couple of game came out language but basically went at it LP you have it well and you know they acted defensively. Play. With the energy that actually left that there you know that normally -- not old but. Outlet built right at the finals. If they get there because I think they'd be better -- in the big city team and and Antonia and isn't it going to be at worst nightmare it's despite attempts and it looked like the first to -- an exit so. -- it didn't not a whole lot of -- kept happening Ray Allen Shane Battier -- whoever blatantly spot at each that pretty important. You know -- and energy on defense. That kind of the formula pretty much for the last 23 years. Is your good years from ESPN that Tommy also host NBA lockdown podcast was bruised bone joins us here bugler tanning and half if they do win. What's that forestry. Appearances in the finals -- -- three straight finals wins how will we be looking at LeBron James is career if he's able to bring this one home. Still the work in part because LeBron has not been shy about it he says. I want to be known -- the greatest ever won all -- done about it and unique -- but -- that now. 1000 done he's gonna wanna be called the best ever and I mean we kind of know what standard that is meant that starts probably sit -- So it would only Libya where there would be looking at a guy who's -- sort of transition. In terms of how we can get it done because. You know yet Wayne Taylor and -- -- -- get here but you know -- -- and government contracts and they're put. You have you know -- -- -- manipulate thing because you won't have. -- -- -- -- war and you probably won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Miami would keep the line at the property. But I think it would just be another not about the -- -- that you know only go. Good seven Israel appreciates is double by enjoy the rest of the playoffs. Thanks Ismet. From Miami for a long time.

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