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Bucher, Towny and Huff 4/24/2014 Hour 4

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm talking back to your radio has never do anything. 57. -- -- When you give a new job. Like when you go to a new team. You don't wanna make enemies and everybody but in my life. You're violating Goulet. He's -- but hurt now. Women don't go don't go violating -- hurt in the Simpson -- -- I'm going to be that bad impression here I'm behavior -- even come in anymore for the faceoff disease so scared -- -- I mean serious these are teammates. -- a big guy come on Haiti takes. Seriously. He can't be walking around. Slapped and everybody and shoot them down every single day got to build some people up there -- so you know my life has told news that I remember that I bring south. This is she's definitely my clubhouse. And every situation I'm sorry I I'm forgive me. Damn you look at your 35 for crown -- 27 now he looks like he's 42 I need to know that I mean you're 42 -- I would younger than him all and a question. Actually cult. We did. Dumbed down and said it was only 35 on air and then he took -- up the 42 so or you'll yesterday he's he's quite snake you know we're we're having those warm Beers -- Garcia. And all the sudden he disappears out of thin air and were out of hot beer so I had just I just pop when you just pop on you offer do they want. And you tell me that's very nice you and I gave her mind -- thinking he would shut it down like -- gallon now. He's he's my -- -- them both doing a matter of a minute how good was it yesterday. Drinking that. Mildly warm. -- in the coliseum part you like get ready for the game it brought me back to high school -- you have that warm keg beer went snow ice is kind of getting the it's not that cold anymore. You were just excited to have something to drink out of me you know after this job. Every day I thought haven't you would you miss out I was the Italian sausage inside the game and it is phenomenal I'm delighted at. They look all I agree well it's it's it's great -- fans know fans know exactly what I'm tired there's a little bit later based on the crop dusting you've been doing this morning I got beginning of the show I got old coliseum but don't right now yeah I'd take accident and out of -- us. Yeah I got some particles in my mouth I had a -- didn't do it earned from -- It's a big trip you know -- up a half -- but through. Wrote about love scorned woman wore out it's not about who the court done. -- we need to get the sell all there is according to -- -- -- This won't. -- relay was fine it's a committee when it is all about. Israel -- -- from ESPN doc I was gonna join assuming a -- At 915 and then also on and ask you because. I've never seen this before would you go to church if it was held inside a strip club -- Are you know the answer from you on how am I irony I really need -- need the answer for -- there's something very strange going on. I take salvation wherever I can find at a higher power is. Is hang -- I'll get into a little bit later. After that gives the fabulous forum. Is as. It was a church now they're taking it over and they're trying to just turn into a a theater of entertainment so -- has taken over the astrodome yeah really yeah holy -- -- -- huge same with the summit. The Houston summit which was the were the rockets old -- became a church but they love them and got down to sell more yes they do it. -- you go to church in the astrodome to people who worked. Out. Here's the south accents horrendous I I was gonna let you know I just it's an accent. Right and ask you are. All. Dropped its core. Would violate. I have something for you when you get back to your -- off tomorrow yes thank god and then Monday I have something for you -- and see that's the ultimate -- and I could have something for you that's ridiculous I would have three days appear relative I would put the pieces together today I have an idea and it's give -- -- is should I be worried yes. It'll involve your family and his can only you know that. You're a Smart move yeah pac twelve the -- in 191012. Game I can who's gonna die young award against Oregon against. Collar collar AM amenities knock some Colorado new loans started collecting your notes obviously well I'm doing tonight -- is one of those things you can. -- poignant so it's not have to tackle belly or something and organisms will elect and I'm -- Corvallis or -- Corvallis. There it is to us a game of why the niners playing on Thanksgiving. They did against Baltimore first horrible yeah but that's not one where the niners gave up nine sacks and it was a you know hey I -- -- -- a lot Turkey -- how many how many times that we now had. A late night Thanksgiving game. I don't know. Like four or five some like that. I have -- stay awake for one. -- -- Turkey -- after dinner you slow it down Turkey and Boozer had taken a nap and then coming back I woke up I swear blood yeah I mean. I'm not there on the couch I woke up and it was like the end of the game I'd go back and rewind it to watch it I can't stay -- And what Geoff Stanley everywhere even drinking all day this yeah you tell us not. Forget it. Be the reason if you look at the schedule they don't this is the only week eight game that they have at home. And it's because they're going in the new stadium and they don't know about are -- the parking in the traffic impact. Look it's you so they decided the only time we can do it is if we do it on a holiday where we don't have to worry about those issues so bats Y because they want obviously you wanna be able and put on prime time the new stadium in the 49ers playing in the new stadium now I get that. I get that playing a night game it still doesn't have to beat the Seahawks. You could play somebody else who thought we -- a less meaningful game or less meaningful opponent I get now why you have them playing. A night that makes I mean that's actually. That's conducive to everybody lives in the south -- And let's be honest for us it's good to have employed to see outs early and then we can talk about it always from week after week after week no matter what happened -- -- -- employ two or three weeks yeah. For tiger fans. Good thing for you though as a talk about the NFL schedules were released. The good things for you. Is everybody who's in trouble right now should be squared away we're talking about the game on they're gonna play on November 27. And then a comeback -- again on December 14. The good thing is everybody's legal troubles and suspensions and everything should be cleaned up by that point that's why they scout his -- late so we haven't even me. Always has to be on this yet on exactly. Now man that's to me that's -- so we're having your biggest rival. Way down a schedule like that you when you wanna helms' political a Mormon there is essentially back to back weeks. I I don't get this -- L scheduling how such a big -- people are flying in for it in baseball you just -- you wake up one day and -- -- the -- are great. Nobody really cares not my favorite saying is. Is when people wanna break it down you don't Wii three I got the niners is going to be a tough what you know. And teams that are good last year doesn't mean they're going to be you can look at this schedule and you'd say this is the hardest schedule we get to mid season -- wells -- -- -- we -- it was going to be and -- we're going to curators here and jet at jets' loss. Vaccines when. At New England loss Miami in London they went out with. Really you -- I got into its hero -- OK to go to keep going to is I'm fed and have a -- today when that happens they want be favored against them by saying you beat them. -- -- -- -- If man's -- on the team I might have to reshape the way on and -- nonsense it's it's this okay to shove a camera ago with loss of two and three. You know there is fascinating tale of this Arizona. -- At Cleveland they had -- else they lose us. As Seattle that's a loss for all they win that. Denver Broncos loss. At San Diego -- upset there are so they went -- -- one -- This give ridiculous that some -- me. Down SS of people there I can't Sanders and by the way if it's gone like that I don't think Dennis sounds around. Now as to whether these -- want to get into the box now known to want to know are real real -- he's sorry he's -- tune to these are you sorry he's started November 20 against Casey. He's got why he's he's well under 500 Corey not bring enough breaking down the raiders get well again it's as if we Amazon's a completely different animal I probably am just a week. Yeah curator guy now it. Especially in itself. I'll be the first and only holiday guys on the sideline with my press pass and giant is -- -- trying to get to -- can get back. As a look back to see if you brought a new girl to the state of things. And the things you learn about guys may start to work with them. They are everywhere ice generator games in my boy raider -- -- the wives and girlfriends are. If Johnny man's Els here you can come Sula Sonoma and I guarantee you it whoever he has -- she's not sitting with the rest them. That's not happening he's got to keep her nice now MacKenzie yeah. -- stick to the ER what's. -- -- the wives the wives I know this for a fact would kick her out before they left there you go. But I know a little bit about the -- and and in a family so yeah it's a little political and you know it's like you who's at the various rain yet in who's got one it's it's it's so my wife she gets the point where she didn't even. Go to games in more. Now my -- ago when she doesn't care Hollywood about she doesn't care fight and when I show voting right I'm there's that she was a life cycle highs again negotiating care and I like it that way. I don't wanna come home and -- break down your day that I had to do how's your stance. Gross. She just came home a lot lightly you both reported at -- there's so many wives out there that they think they're the celebrity. It's not seen in its athletic he is and -- McCarthy. NBA games yeah yeah net net -- stuff NBA games players trying to situation there's there's seats. Where they're gonna put the girlfriend where the gun but the wife could rather unhealthy. Like OK you know you can't sitting there sitting there -- usually out. No they usually know. And the wives are watching the players to see who they look at down the stance if there's any eye contact any place that's interesting some players are -- tea. It is visiting ballpark worst the fan recession and where the friend -- to tell us. Why do you ask I I just guess this. This series just curious are going to be able to hook up with people laughter thinking after the game and I got -- -- out from high school I'm serious along. So I got good news is the warriors won tonight. You can and this is off the tax line. -- DTH. The warriors won tonight I'm minus all of pink taco dinner down an -- that's what I'm sorry I. Maybe not it's not like that now with that I feel good I feel girls go to Blake in San Francisco Blake welcome to view your tanning and half. Thank you about our PGA should know yeah. Like the original Blake show wanted to talk about Andrew no guts vote. Aren't really that about a panic button broke the -- and green. Or five warriors fans who perhaps are going to put -- at multiple way you can get you out of town. Oh like that Augusto Pinochet. Joseph not to sell what do you say. Archie Archie Archie boy -- all right -- that ripped. While you're on the court -- orders that your game gone back and say I -- for that particular game. You -- out there up -- game you work -- about 345. Aren't as you said Lebanon out. I'd like. Good man -- sounds good. I go back to back tail gates shifts of course I still you for a month now ya. You got a cast iron whoever I'm not afraid you're fine and I'm afraid I there's very few people it. Throughout my career were they go beer beer and a -- he beats me is that right. I was on the my third numbers in their own cheesy just pop -- and I don't know. This. I mean I can't keep on and forget you you guys got to get a something's. Tony hey you got a bigger itself than -- -- -- look you know we don't own it right you know you you don't have a whole like going on now I don't. Minor injury can you -- -- -- -- use a partner that's about all I got that's about all pie guy. What time it is -- 730 tip tonight yeah it's an interesting and somehow this. Sport start at like six right. What do what do I never complain about the start time until we see last month because of the people who have real jobs out these guys rape I don't have a lot of people in the East Coast are warriors from 730 step -- over there -- dog will tell you insist entrap. Around there are more warriors. There's more warriors -- in opposing Arenas than I've ever seen clash Brothers have made an impact for sure. Via guards Downey and have a nice five point seven a game -- is -- good years from Stopping by BGH atop. A little -- right -- -- -- I'm. Or or or or don't -- well we're trying to figure out we're asking people when you look at go warriors and you look at the clippers. Is this series you look at game one -- do you looking game two and say that's how the -- series is gonna you know. -- get everything that simple right so come. I would say that that the data that sort of linger from game two in my opinion they're gonna beat Blake creek in clay. -- -- like you'd get to have really got back outage right now looking at you know Andre mongering and that he had a great time with them or it was Eleanor. -- -- or not because ultimately it and that David. Lady can't hang with them right now and that you ordered don't protect or educator. 100 other because he obviously that a lot of -- With a clean aren't in agreement definitely -- this game and so. I think that's an important lake and play well you don't know it's as clerk called -- -- gonna be some sort of lingering issue. Well the thing that proponents and curry and and -- -- in game -- you know or anything like that again. Directly -- and I know you don't -- Or what twenty in the third quarter meeting -- play. I play a pick it up or shut up so I'm I think that's not gonna change that they don't strategically probably -- step off the ball more so that he doesn't get -- -- -- On the pick and roll and find Kuwait for him to contribute because I'll bet you didn't seem like candy you to be more Barak it. On the -- and -- The -- -- -- somewhere you know it's going to be different not going to be like game two would not have a -- in one customer booklet about double what. I do think that the reps are gonna treat the game of the -- I think you might have a little bit more those helicopters big in some foul -- just probably at the -- I'd like what give one. Do you have the clippers as a contender or pretender when you're talking about the the top teams in the league. You know I would -- -- play out saying contenders. Bottom antibiotic and lawyers are difficult for current record when it. Western Conference playoffs and that's ridiculous like that it's the fact that Oklahoma he had. Meant it to play it's kind of mind boggling and problems so nothing going to be easier right -- make it. The clippers can come out that there -- in women stepped in and make it very typical. And still very well be look like or eventually -- championship contender because they just beat a very picky so. I'm not judging them based on article one of the first round that it's not the normal first round black. I do you think they have the balance you know it tablet due to doesn't have which is good balance between your perimeter stars here in your interior start. And perspective that think they can't play pretty well -- the underdog to protect -- and all the elements of I just don't know what they've done enough together that they're going to be able to sort of survived -- -- sort of an adverse situations and you know the second or third round. Com I think they have the ability and talent and at the code so I can't. Now I know you've been around the Miami Heat cover him -- down in South Florida and we've been talking about it's got to be the pacers it's going to be indeed. And need. Eastern Conference finals what the hell happened to the pacers. Actually there's an excitement around here because my -- I don't know what exactly happened to them and offensively. That it. You know they've always had issued -- -- whenever an -- -- to job or not and then all the suddenly got a religious weren't moving the ball well. And you know that bogged down even more. And and you know. Defensively. -- I don't actually know the numbers show that they've been you know horrible but comfortably so I'm. I think I can overcome that part of their identity but. I think it's partly unfair that they're trying to -- -- and again so much heat for this and being largely responsible and you know report and -- -- for a job land. I mean this is the first. -- hurt -- at eight under and I -- have been nothing but. Pointing upward and he got there and now they have bit and I mean there's so many of the critical look in just -- coached in right center. Is you know to invisible most of -- I -- If you didn't he know he and all are you would think he'd want the worst and certainly the way -- the -- for the past month or so so. On this politically quite the outlook however I do you think. Let not just that one game can get them back into it but the way they played the other way to move the ball and -- the numbers that really -- ultimately -- when you try to make it so. Bear they're closer to being back and as long as they get -- the Atlanta -- which didn't give in but it -- to get at the Atlanta hot but the -- sort of rediscover who they are. And -- reached the Eastern Conference final I don't think it would it would -- -- The warriors are thirteen waterfall a loss obviously losing last name to -- with the crowd noise they're gonna having -- three. They seem to play better with their backs against the wall when you very. Yeah I would just hope that you know back he showed up and not that -- bet. You know -- a big lead and eventually lose or you know boot Cleveland the next in Denver at home so. And I heard the thought before I got on about you know warriors and you know -- wasn't covering in the league. I would be a blatant -- and and they're they're frustrating at home. And and yet know that abundantly Victor David Zucker -- -- I'm at all. And start to wonder why good how are not a different element -- -- I think we that the value they're valued possessions more especially knowing how well. The clippers can play. I think you're gonna get. A team that. Let you know it played more like it used to playing and our background you know as much as we see them in the regular even you know got a note that it didn't like that -- -- and then. If any if nothing else it's gonna get them. A little bit of a boost emotionally it been like that earlier might give the rest a little bit of you know reconsider the blogger with favorable state and you know and more importantly you -- the role players played better at home not a static. -- -- -- -- -- Our perspective trying to carry the load so I think you're gonna yet that he knew you'd expect it but don't necessarily mean the clippers at apple and that pressure. What has to happen for the heat to win a third consecutive title. They got to the right match -- I don't think they're gonna have that big an issue oriented in their conference and he's incompetent dumped. Now let's just to have respect and at this Brooklyn under and you talk about -- record it. Miami -- or one point went -- with a double overtime and and you know they just want planned a couple of game came out language to basically going at it LP he has clay well. And you know -- have to defensively. Play. With the energy they don't have any left that there you know the -- public at local black belt that -- -- an active in the finals. -- they get there because I think they'd be better off -- that they don't own city team and and Antonio I think that they're going to be the worst nightmare it's the fight -- -- look like the first few domestic so. I'm yeah and didn't not a whole lot of mad at that happened I mean Ray Allen should have you ever played at least I'm happy it -- that's pretty important. Outside of you know -- and energy on defense. And -- formula pretty much for the last 23 years. Is -- good years from ESPN that Tommy also -- MBA lockdown podcast with Bruce Bowen joins us here bugler sounding and half if they do land. What's that four straight appearances in the finals got to be three straight finals wins. How will we be looking at LeBron James is career if he's able to bring this one home. That work in part because LeBron has not been shy about it he says. I want to be known at the greatest ever won a ball that and I don't think anybody panicking unique thing but it. You -- now. But it also doesn't he's gonna wanna be called the best ever and I mean we cannot know what what standard that is and that it starts probably should titles. So you would only be halfway there it would be looking at a guy who's been sort of a transition. In terms. We can get it done because. You know I can't blame at the tail end of -- time you first got here but you know going into any sort of a contract to meet -- court. You'll have you'll have you know -- network opting you have to manipulate -- because you won't have. I'm doing and has kind of war and you probably won't you won't mention Battier you'll probably be another year older Ray Allen he backed stick around. Eight to make some moves. My handy way to keep LeBron at the top of the -- But I think it would just be another not in the -- he's still you know late ago. Good seven Israel appreciate just album I enjoy the rest of the playoffs. Thanks Ismet. Over the Miami for a long time. Down South Florida. This fascinating being down from Miami. -- note I would cause down there and nobody in their right mind cares about basketball now and now all of a sudden now we're blood hit forever you know. In this area and it's still that way when they were when it when he first when LeBron first got down Manning started out nine and eight in even now you wouldn't be any gains. They have I think blew 42 is the club. Everybody's in the club I -- ready for no reason their seats are not the they are not there. To watch basketball there there. I CNBC -- -- on herself would take itself these cameras are so he's. That's a great -- especially sexy joy didn't play well. It's okay it's not even a song. Let's go to Miami and you can -- says Miami music your right hand that electro Bay's fans visit Bay Area T-Mobile stores to get the secret tax code for your chance to win a green and gold VIP experience. Which includes exclusive access to 95 point seven a game. Broadcast -- prior to and -- game autographed memorabilia. And T-Mobile slack plus stopped by T-Mobile today and check out the new Samsung GS five for more info visit 957. Game. Dot com they got new carpet the press box actually. Palin -- And actually doesn't look as bad as you still is the same elevator same elevators and silence. You wanna talk about lipstick on a very. Talking about Romo back -- plan on sports on both. Destination for man -- Johnny football coming up next why you shouldn't feel better. About the giants' offense even after that explosion yesterday we'll explain next. On the -- it's Amber's horse not a five point seven again. That's orgasm. That's download them oh. You don't talk about oh. If you can't step it up I agree -- -- on something about Sanchez. So it's two home runs yesterday once the Grand Slam. Then there his first two home runs deep -- of both of them went yeah. Now when is he gonna get the chance to I'm just -- I -- -- simple way out cool Palin filibusters -- hit around us but Sanchez in the lineup every day. Yes I'm going to do it another way either way your entire body spasms. When you do the you know face so. That's not really how I doing. I'm I'm I'm gritty. Right into the base it's -- sort of -- cleared that up. -- -- -- us mostly don't illegally as cereal. -- by the way. Memorably said how does Joseph Montana and -- -- last game -- -- -- gonna go to the last game at Candlestick Park and guess what we have. We have the answer of how do you get Joseph Montana so the last game and Candlestick Park is breaking news. Does it bring him is there's no I don't today this is -- don't do that and don't do. Do give me. Hall of fame quarterbacks Joseph Montana and Dan Marino will meet in what is being touted as the final football game at Candlestick Park. Flag football. July 12 really between Montana. And Marino. Tickets are available -- -- -- -- also makes as well thirty to fifty dollars go on sale may tenth through Ticketmaster -- -- much celebrities running routes no Roger Cragg Jerry Rice Dwight Clark Earl expected to participate and there will be a game between the San Francisco police and fire departments. At 430 so remember NFL game that's still going an NFL game the NFL game. Will begin at seven so Joseph Montana was on -- what show was Xeon Aaron -- show he was on but he said he he let you do believe. That there was going to be one more game he could show up for the final official home game for the niners at the stick. But it is OK Amazon was playing I'll stop but if you -- AM the sun was -- three days. -- up and yet another -- worth and I he's read it jerks you're the guy talk like getting paid. The do stuff after all of the endorsements you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's go to. Like the black Amex continue via beloved in billions but -- rarely and with the people -- -- -- really think delight from Beverly Hills it's pretty funny I mean Daniels really nicely on an island I would -- I wouldn't know town in a frequent Danville obviously remember Danville and really I mean I'm looking to live out there those are those people there. They're not opening here to life I'm not -- not my type of people I think I think you're too white trash for it and nobody honestly I'm just brutal and I was seeing this for multimillionaire you are little more white trash and I expect and know -- -- -- Because that's that's a true I -- of a trailer part -- another one stage. You are there's another Rollins and Aslan author and let me all I can tell at. And if you've never done -- there something comfortable very cozy about trailer park yes me and being able to touch ball walls of your domicile at -- on the air conditioner out the window from. It's amazing. And Gingrich get cooler yeah I'll be there will barbecue Miller lives more Miller -- you know all but -- it. All right buster Olney from ESP Ian joins us every single Thursday right here secret tanning. And we talked to about Pablo Sandoval we asked -- actually armor US what's the biggest problem with the giants offense right now. -- I don't he's been a question that when they come into the deep -- and there are looking. You know for. A line at its gonna be currency strategy huge part of that. And it seems like they've been waiting and waiting and waiting for -- get going. Are -- indicated feel like he's the first domino. And a lot of issues they happened. And then I asked him -- IB continues discuss holdings are great by the trading deadline. Is there somebody. Isn't there somebody out there. 49 other teams. Who would value Pablo Sandoval and trade for. Not much at all time the last few years is that salaries have gone up those guys in their last year before free agent you had. Very little trade value. Armed let's say pretty heavy here where he hit into -- -- he. Eighteen home run it's not a great year. Doesn't separate himself. He's the perfect candidate for the -- -- giant to aptly slap on the qualifying offers on. Yeah he's you look at the three hole a lineup that's the strong -- of any lineup. There should never be any any changing in a three on right now Burris -- she's having to manipulate his lineup in such a way because. Because Pablo in the -- struggling it's affecting buster it's affecting hundreds of -- it's affecting everybody so. Everybody's gonna these roles he slots -- for the not use tutor so much switching around. As a hitter you like to know when you come in everyday where you're gonna head and you know the thing Apollo as you see how he had a great year his first year. Pitchers did know him now they knowing he is yet in five years to make the adjustment back to what the pitchers have done. And -- no doubt about it he's a good player. In a six or seven hall. You put a guy in the 67 hold me he's not on 96 or Zahn and ninety million dollar type guy and what kills me is people out there always calling for a ban Mans head. It's not bam bam -- -- -- first guy there every single day working with everybody whoever wants us there. And you can only teach pit selection so much you can only grind in -- -- had so much bit. But -- he will not stop swinging at bad pitches and he would be an all star guy every single year. Without question if he took more pitches and swung at strikes. How much does he worked. Kind of workers and follow -- he works he works Graham he goes and he gets into the he has a system work. The trainers had to have him come in and do you know Carpio Carpio every single day. And then you go right into the cage and bam -- And you can do I don't -- you can do all the work you want off the -- soft toss. But when you're not swinging at good pitches you your. And he's kind of a victim of his own success and hitting those pitches outside zone because he -- him at times. And he's shown that but. What happens now the pitchers go beyond that farther and farther and it's just not a great guy to have in your three -- gadgets that. I mean I can only can tell you how many times he game he was -- the first pitch two or three times every game he's in the first pitch. A week we talked about this the beginning year where the the number of guys. There we thought were realistic to have bounce back years and obviously words were still early in the season so it's not as if the paint dry on this but. I'm just thinking the gone Posey Pablo Timmy folk song scooter row came in at seven guys there. I'm missing anybody that should be on that list of guys that were down last year plus scooter row B I -- in a -- on there via via. No we had an eight so I know I felt heading to that's OK what I am guessing moguls on. Yeah and we had offered other help buster buster I got buster on here. -- gone Posey and Pablo. Tammy Vogel song -- -- -- Michael Moore seemed to bounce back OK all right let's add -- so. What an end and our problem comes to you have -- hitting cleanup right. I mean we didn't get what does that say he wasn't really signed here and become a guy is he's essentially now forced to hit cleanup. And he's a -- you would typically want hidden. You know five through seven and district and he's second in an easy he's a lot like how where he swings a lot a lot of bad pitches but. He's got such long arms and he gets such extension he's having trouble right now loaded with fastballs inside that. No he's not think attitude when you wanna come here give you every day in a -- could -- if it's -- -- comes back and he fills that to the two hole. Could that change everything. We switch things around I mean we're as good as -- was going into hole and it and few -- do you talk to him he had did you want to give it. As bad as the office is now yeah I think he needs somebody to come back and Kennedy infuse some life in that -- and he's a great hitter he's a great presence in the lineup for the two hole. But the question is where is he going to be ready nobody knows at this point. We should look at at what we should go through this we'll go through we'll go for the aid and will and as of right now who's having a bounce back in his having not. And do the numbers haven't gone as at at this point no doubt. When I -- to McCain used to it up with a stuff. -- -- the Colorado starter which argue with every pitcher that would you. Go to churches strip club. I'm looking for salvation brother anywhere I can find it because I need it. We're gonna find out next today's get my -- still this fifteen dollars for a thirty dollar tab and Soviet. African Caribbean grill in Oakland enjoy a a fresh fusion of delicious African and Caribbean inspired dishes -- On an open flame right in front of you -- great up and including get half off. To dinner at Syria African Caribbean grill and get my -- dot com. Santa and Jesus. You need it canister performed so there is -- -- for sports I five point seven a game. -- five point seven again. -- job coming up here at 10 AM. Milk coffee milk Coughlin hung over today museum tells a bad look really bad. Knew if I get a rough one last night. Dell which one we we all -- across. No offer hey -- pyramids like acquire play. Amid some medical middle Coughlin like here he tied one on last night paid its -- there's a haven then they remind -- and sleep on accounts. Growth. So there's -- together I miss I miss I think is sad how much he's. On that I send them your violet color. A Allah as the big Fella here hey good you -- you keep -- okay yeah take care of big payday fell vote he's going to be bogey vote is going to be voted. By the way your partner looks like he's hung. Wonderful. Sorry I slow and low wow hard on her. -- Both ways -- you got a yet yet -- during the last time you guys on the same -- that yeah. -- -- together and give the baby Owen Nolan is like the giants and now. Was he drinking our last night. Is he did not do this morning. He's edgy and how we look at the mirror real look at it. No no don't shots fired the audience that you don't just a figure -- -- to -- it all I don't know exactly. If there is no sleight of -- I don't know what looks like it feels like. Sounds like I felt like I'd sniff that out. What do you guys don't -- we think here. Oh -- -- gonna join us today. -- Jones is gonna join us today oh. You know I think there's some conclusions we can -- about the but the raiders in the niners already. Yes what do you -- Loyola on highway -- here you break down every game yet we got some would you give me the record we're gonna audio like what we do we do accounting. That some baseline or some something yeah I love that stuff yeah breakdown every game I broke down I got halfway -- A stupid. Posted in the -- being too good this year you know like when the baseball schedule comes out in the winner of the -- -- -- -- Michael wants sixty dot net. That eroded the Toronto I can parkway and if I didn't. Ill in the giants in June or two games sending us the White Sox on the road healthy I think that's gonna work out going to be healthy generally healthy well that senator. They actually bring down the football schedule for two hours can't wait. I thought I said -- Whereas you don't -- min of I think -- -- the -- and trailing a love him now yeah -- literal screw around some Pineda. I'd say -- -- off. Today -- Fineman and the united front even if he was hung over hung knowing that as we know he's not hung he's had enough right. And -- that -- -- New Orleans I don't well you tell us the super -- -- super from what I hear. And have a good show. They talk yeah. The only other hit Lieberman speechless. While dozens harder -- you -- you know he's not I'm. Now they let the guy knows. Q quickly Kevin and Sam -- people are picking on Pablo. -- -- A quick point to hurt by the Oscars and -- Take on problems first of all we got 345 hitters not welcome. Well let's say Pablo ten. And voting for it due dirt road to blame -- got on -- -- -- weak ground ball to the left side and toll pop up a mentor position to me it's crazy -- they got better players and a complaint and that. Certainly. You got elected are looked at what public Dunn it other than his freshman year and also apparently a World Series. All star appearances are so flawed I don't dare -- -- fans can call and vote anybody end of that. OK okay we'll take it out but -- it. And an -- week. Crude agree that they actually go your -- that there's not many guys. And you know I think pop up above average act category so if he -- somewhat you know now we're in it but what our team. For sure. Why he's he's dead -- now -- he's definitely agree I Hong -- yeah he's definitely a guy that has the massive potential as a third baseman but is he gonna be a guy that. I know what he's wanting ninety million dollars. He's never been that type of player and the fact that everybody's buying into this. You know panda is he's a -- he's there Fisher franchise he's he's the greatest of all time I mean the numbers don't back that. This first -- yes but the last five years. It's not what you'd call ninety million dollar type stats so I don't know I'm I'm tired of hearing all this talk about the the -- and how you should pay him you meet you guys will be the same cause a -- next year after signs five years nine ago. -- third you're given a million dollars plus. Even 38 year well he never has except for the first year so I mean we're not I'm I'm not blame on Pablo percent of all the whole lineup right now is not hitting. But. Just the fact of the others just for him the pay that much money. You wonder how much money and not making any adjustments whatsoever in the last five years Astro. And well and the thing is is it -- all of that is happening under the current. His current contractual situation I imagine imagine. The pressure on him. Or the lack of desire to change whichever way you -- go. If he signs a big deal I can only see. -- getting worse not better once he signs of big deal because. And and and it's exactly as you say enemies see -- time and time again. Guys that you love when they're being paid a certain amount you go oh my god can you believe would just dollars and believe that you united Josh Donaldson he's only making 500 K. And then he becomes he gets. Any Waltz. But a guy get David Lee perfect example David -- great numbers people low -- when he was making under a mill. Then he signs a huge contract he's given you the same thing in fact he's improved. But it's now he's supposed to be a fifteen million dollar. A year player. Nobody can make that. Let's switch they are who they all your problem ranks among nationally third baseman. -- sale and what in hitting average banning marriage. Ride -- last twelfth. Well the problem -- he give you 1234. Or five. Guys who have more home runs. I can give you 12345678910. Other National League third baseman ten nationally third baseman -- more of. I you know are you where he -- were at his stats fool everybody it's not really a status that game against her planner. People so World Series MVP all think back to it that a great series he had he had three home runs on forgot about a given night you know if that's what you think I mean. And it's it's just not -- isn't it busy -- above or below the Parton line. I think he's I think -- -- he's he's he's below Barton. That's hard to do Barton purely after the ill for 30 no no no part when my sand spartans won 39 problems 165. The Barton has their chance that his late right now and how caught -- should. Go get a coming up next what's the record -- -- -- for the niners what's the record gonna be for the raiders' favor -- bring it down next we'll see you tomorrow right here. I'm not at five points and made no puppy tomorrow no. Big thank you well you know Colin we'll try to slug Julia I got a call and it's cool I'm calling it -- you don't wake me up too early. Okay enough. -- you got you got a flight to an organ. Yeah yeah where you all right we'll talk to them I know whoever drops next right here on out of five point seven again.

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