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Haberman and Middlekauff 4/24/2014 Hour 1

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You any new friend you're maxed out iMac. His whole life right. This is still just -- That's scary matchup. Seriously name is serious -- Women find out. Studios -- downtown. Out of San Francisco. And Sean and. Boy big report here -- Mayo -- Houston area. Paul McCartney will play the closing show at Candlestick Park. I -- audio fourteenth I think you -- fifth year option. Exercised. On all the Smith now now it's via the final -- John Paul McCartney exercise. At the Candlestick Park. Say you know play there one more time Montana's play in Marino and flexible that the play football game but Chapman. Who wants it that closely but likable -- and yeah. Various other bad boy out the -- -- Helen hunt's. His Montana the number one thing is you hope that nobody blows an Achilles in that -- that is the number one priority in that game where no one thinks I was in paid through some of you know hurt us right now elegant pay somebody turning an ankle. Somebody is going to be just veteran for two weeks that's a guarantee. And -- and number that applies I think maybe the McCartney concert to. It's somebody's get paid on the McCartney concert now just today with a flag football is today's Thursday -- yeah. I didn't do my Iowa and there are about iPods and again yeah -- out yeah all right much going on today I try doing goes gonna John is coming up at the 1030. Almighty -- until just 1130 a lot to get to. With him we got to get to the wars in game three of course tonight I am. -- -- -- excited to get to a game as I've been in a long time in a long time maybe since I don't know since one but I'm excited tonight man. Give -- good most excited I've been going to a game. Every -- Seahawks with a stick I get to go to Allen now. We're trying to think in -- -- Plano now there are on the road. Yeah this is this up there I was excited. The last raider games he paid man -- -- pretty cool. This is up -- I mean there's no like Jamie basketball game and oracle I'd like this one might deliver a little more telling me you're gonna go like 3 o'clock yeah I go like three well. The -- B 334. You don't like to get there early and Fiorina their rough for four or five loss to get there in time to see guys warm up you know until 730 example some clogging of the build time and a in there -- all the playoffs governments trying to get through until 745 bright depending on the games before you know it could be -- night I took I -- guys to be drinking in forgive him. I've taken and maybe Seoul mayor who you know. I've only 33 time for the media mail and I can do that beaches there. But -- -- we gotta get this an 809579570. In in ten minutes because the idea that tonight's a must win if you wanna win this series what -- Korea to do tonight. As well yesterday. This is so classic soul everyone spends a day yesterday. Just opining about the fact that the NFL schedule release date has now become a thing right it's a big Big Apple now -- the three hours windows all over the place. And I don't you know we on the show we'll have no problem with that as you well know people who show at all no issue with NFL schedule released day. Being a thing. What was funny -- -- yesterday was now what's the thing you say don't care in the -- watchful ratings show you do and be the third when the draft became bigger and bigger and bigger and then. What started happening was -- started getting leaked before they were actually made on TV and that became a thing. So yesterday. In the NFL has put the school box on that yes -- no monster as chapter and Ian -- -- stop tweeting school bosh being a combination of kibosh in squashing it right yes yeah. I can remain so I went to school -- -- so yeah you got schedule the schedule parts league game. During. Before supposed to come out -- -- Francisco leaked the entire New York Giants schedule and like 3 o'clock high -- forty -- and greater schedule. Book LX 430 or went to the gym I was kind of waiting and I'm like I have their schedules a -- Victim did or did they have like a proud of it. And you read this Peter King article house like locked. Like locked up in some private room -- what they are she's certain you know be you know the right people what the league teams did it. So manager of the team employer likes -- -- I think the league I I watch it all unfold yesterday. Legally was happy to let that thing leak out because that what's happening at the same time what's happening at 5 o'clock yesterday. NBA games have already started. So what does the league accomplish by allowing some parts of the scheduled to leak out the bad angle schedule came out with the New York Giants schedule the -- It immediately Danny heavily to Mike Francesca and the trio showed America so. What they do is they set -- to 5 o'clock to do thing and then they start take it away from the NBA -- enlighten -- and and grand LeBron play the bobcats. -- sneaky good. Stop I didn't watch one minute okay inappropriate to each other -- and watch one minute of the previous show you. I just what this guy I just was on Twitter yeah I mean whenever. Kind of irrelevant but -- -- a few things that I can of people watched him through the ratings will show they pride in it play out NBA playoff number what I look you know the -- always tell us this because they see the ratings and they see you want Wendy's what are telling us what you know like what why is senate bill three our previous social stupid. -- we got hockey playoffs while their ratings quadruple it that's why they do it. You know it's not the executives making multi millions of dollars in accidentally put that stolen right. They make it three hours because that doesn't work because people change the channel to that channel and watch. I didn't but people -- -- tiger what you can hurt my care cardiac -- a different -- As it gets what's crazy is they've gotten mending to do something which we don't do which is planned things like four months in advance occur about dates for months in advance so a few things. Because there's one thing we know definitively. It's really -- the only thing we know definitively when -- scheduled come out and that's. The one the bye week is right we make of these -- we make these statements based off the bye week. And then things happen where you never know may be -- five for the raiders will turn out to be great bye week maybe Matt -- twisted ankle before he needs the extra week we thought just you don't know. But I'll say this I think there looking at the raiders of the niners are few things one I think the raiders' season. Could play out a lot like last year's when you look at the order of these games in and I think they'll love the chance the play a lot of closer games early. And then you'll all that if you win those you can pile up some wins because the way it's gonna get really tough which is cal last year played out. That was my biggest thought on that. On the niners John. The Seahawks the Seattle game back to back on two out of three weeks I don't want that just from my build up standpoint. But that said they've got four -- their six divisional games after the midpoint of the season via and that's when Navarro Bowman supposed to come back. So I think that helped the -- my biggest take away on the raiders have to be in those first four game for the by. If they want any chance of just being competitive. For the season having -- record of you don't do much better obviously before and twelve. Something like seven and nine may have to go to -- two and they have the jets they have Houston and they have Miami they got to win two out of three of those. In the for the 49ers man. Weeks three through seven -- Arizona Philly Casey at home after rams at Denver yeah to me that's a huge stretch for the 49ers. If they can somehow in those first. I going into the by -- in week gate B five in two. That that were that five game stretch though I mean three road games to Arizona is a player I mean they went ten to six last year in the Broncos are -- Super Bowl. The rams playing tough -- Casey at home and myths that's no joke. Well I got great news trio of -- one NFL lines are out what do you apple bought we had to wait we simply and a show that's really door -- but. I -- I got a great value click here for you John a -- oversee you saw college football lines -- -- -- -- for Iraq -- for the first week. Where they plan West Virginia. West Virginia what state am actually a finalist for -- West Virginia they are works in western didn't -- my Twitter and has Bernard fantastic. Phenomenal presented -- -- UN like Louisville gave up three at Miami. So called giving three in Miami -- my -- was talking college football until car phenomenal. Who's their quarterback acuity -- worried about neutrinos back off the -- These -- coach now the the good I feel very rumor true by the way a little note I think it's good if we can work in EST we have a singing contest the guy that won. Who has sing a song that represented good cause so if we get a little PSA and here in the first twelve minutes we might do if at any point today you're planning on stealing. Hiding. What ever. I would say the last place like let's say Eagles steal a necklace don't Wear it. For that day last -- on -- anything probably on your exposed neck Michael Pineda of the New York Yankees who. Like the final -- -- in -- -- -- good putt on his hand yes they -- with it on his neck. Building up pine -- Hickey. I'd I didn't see it last night and then I wake up this morning. You know people obviously. Radio shows talking about out. Then I go to the videotape taken you know if he can't these crazies are making out to be guy he had a blob of pine tar on his -- The -- the top deck of the Yankee Stadium the could see it or that what they know they have lost you know -- -- -- on HDTVs. And like you said he would just -- last week but what is he doing. And the last -- -- and well. He's obviously you know not American -- right -- he's been a nice -- -- -- it was you know like language certainly but he spoke he talked about the kind -- hand last week of the Yankees GM said we are there some innocence about this pitching coach -- got to keep an eye on that I agree I know what I say anything the only sort of reflection shaving cream on -- on their -- -- yellow. Shaving cream on your right there. Bad -- man that is terrible. They're very baseball fan body by said the game -- you cover this season. Brazen giants tickets to and every Wednesday. At the AM hour and in the 5 PM hour for our box office blitz giving you shot at winning tickets to see these swing aid or they did or the giants. The box office blitz presented by DG DG dot com fourteen -- thirteen dealerships be happy car buyer at DG DG dot com is tonight must win the for the warriors game three against the clips that's next neighborhood and took off and on about seven again. 85 points. 9570. Texas a 95795. I would just hope that he -- up and not the team bad food Cleveland for the next to Denver at home so I think you're gonna get the team that played more like it used to playing and back out you know as much as we've seen in the regular season you know we know about it like that yeah absolutely. And Jose Israel Gutierrez of espn.com -- US began on with you Keith Downey huffy earlier today -- We like better view key Tony and healthier coffin eco tougher golf. Beauty Karina did -- Good baseball field to a you know. So does the -- you beauty -- company. Thrown together quick hook last Monday when you want enough viewers he was tired man it's getaway day what do you don't play an extra inning high scoring games. He had -- it. By the way if it's -- might tend to speak of hiding things on your neck like Michael Pineda. Tried to do. If -- could afford -- the warriors. Great then detect AA in great then the Kansas but look off a Kansas man jury to miss a Kansas man charged with. First degree murder. Is afraid. That the tattoo would mirror image of the letters spelling out the word murder. Across his neck. Might prejudice the jury. So he's asking for professional tattoo artist to remove or cover it up just reset here. What I said there won't try to put things on your neck like pine tar. A Kansas man. Charged with first degree murder. Is afraid. -- tech tune of mirror image of the letters spelling out the word murder. Across the front of his Mac might prejudice a jury. So he's requesting a delay a trial she can have a professional artist removed or covered up. National words of wisdom -- I don't have any tattoos but they don't they don't bother me when people have them in fact. But I. Tattoo on on your neck. I would highly highly recommend ever getting attached to a new and where you recommend it or you would highly courage and against a -- If you want to be taken seriously. In America that tattoo on the neck is probably not a good move. And if you're on trial for murder -- murder tattooed across your neck. I -- will destroy you in the pokey immediately clear why yeah sort of -- sorry what an -- Affluent more other man's attorney says an emotion that the tattoo would be extremely prejudicial if he did Jerry. My question is -- people -- don't wanna be judged you know I don't judge well everyone judges everything so if you're gonna have a tattoo on her neck let alone it says murderer and to be clear it's not like a little. It's it is from basically the base of his neck to his jaw line that's how long the letters are. And expands from basically under one year to under the every other year so it's -- -- letters could possibly be. -- why don't need to be a mirror image. Like only he can read it in the Mir. Says murder. To really cut it says red Rahm it's moronic mean an end. We think about it just read remember if you don't know it was not rotated. So they go keep things off your neck. Whether it's pine tar or tattoos that say murder. You just never know that murder tattoos and come back the bunch of exactly just you never know when you have when you have things Internet whether it's stickier tattoo you get judged. You -- dark. Life for pine -- More pine tar by not a good move -- try again we're delighted you out and you just did it now Pena is about 98% to blame but his teammates being paid -- Pick -- your neck. Like put on your Jersey. Pitching coach some its natural here's the -- and I can't. It's got a bit holier Nelson stuff -- to visit this isn't this one of those things and everybody everybody uses pine -- I know but I'm Dana -- I have no problem put under glove you said some guys put on the catch is put on their. You know on the -- RL -- that brought back to the pitcher on her -- got in the way he had general in his neck. And he's a darker guy and it's still stood out I mean it was it was blatant. And -- -- -- movement of the packaged goods would just about the grip I don't know if his fast ball -- running much yesterday you. I don't know I don't know all right warriors tonight. Game three and we talk about this a little bit the other day just to -- it has to happen Oracle's going to be awesome night this much we now and this is one of those -- -- make an exception. To the rule which is if the players job to get the crowd going out the other way around tonight tonight where look. Slow start game one they overcame because Blake I think a large Perkins Blake was out -- trouble slow starting game two they didn't really overcome -- -- you can't do that again tonight have the slow start they had won in two and there's no excuse for it tonight. But if they want to win the series which of course they do. I think John they have to win tonight. They have to wonder -- I again to -- I think the clippers and six but. I think the -- wanna win this series and they've got to win tonight's game it's a must win for me from from that perspective and and you could win as well either a 957957. I didn't know questioned if they lose tonight they can you've been saying it the whole time -- get a 06 they can lose tonight and make this a competitive series but winning goes out the door. And what really. Watching the trailblazers last night the effort that they've got out of their big two and especially their star LaMarcus Aldridge he's taken over. And really for the -- has been the same. Your big players have to step up in the biggest moments especially in the playoffs NBA history that's when the best player -- -- you warriors are gonna need. I know different people in the Bay Area media say he can't go hero ball clinical staff against the world. The guy. To me he's got to get thirty plus points tonight Seth Curry that is -- what fourteen game one and they won yet and they're doing a phenomenal job off you know defensively on doubling him Nike. Other guys have to step up to free him up whether it's pulling him off the ball whenever they have to do the only chance on God's green earth for the worst win this series. It is for staff to be. You know one of the 45 best players in the NBA if he doesn't play like that or he doesn't get the opportunity to play and act as other guys are health Paramount us team. There have chancellor last year it was I thought -- during the playoffs stuff and make deals thirteen this year -- just based on what he did if nothing else. Nationally everyone recognize what he was like she's seen it all those expecting Muslims in the post seasons when he yet and then this year I think he he actually lived up -- -- exceeded those. But to me staff -- like when you talk about that is -- a phrase like on the show that's the price of admission for them. Just to be in -- I mean they lost by. That's the price of admission for them to just be in the game that doesn't guarantee like Seth scored thirty. 35 even doesn't guarantee him anything that I. That's -- that to me is them being. What they really need which is what happens some in game one which is other guys hitting shots namely clay can be -- felt double -- got to score. I can meet them to win the series it's about clay about that second scoring option and Dave Ridley. Being able to get there could be you know he's watched he's gains even the first game with LeBron playing a bobcats a reason the bobcats are in that game to the end. As the bobcats to their best players Kemba Walker. And big Al Jefferson they can't be door it. LaMarcus Aldridge and they're playing great defense he's been shocked over now if CB threes mugging and he still got -- shots over room that's the way the NBA it's. -- their garden Blakey just coordinator James Harden. He was off last night in the -- and have a chance with him beyond. Did your defense on the other hand what what would you rate from one to ten games on his defense and effort. Like it -- -- not a one like not just his defense put the pepper yes he gives on the defense and then the court is just moral line nonexistent I mean it's. It's borderline embarrassing. And in the jets that fly off. Of him like hustling you -- any news or hustle more like a slow back pedal. Of a guy in transition easy lay -- that's what Dwight supposed to be back there to protect the rim isn't that -- -- it -- not. They are expected to why I do you play you just funneling guys to -- why that's why it. James Harden is doing he's funneling you have to trailblazers don't they're not going to be easy out for anyone now. Does rich city when they go to Portland it's kind of like oracle. That's that's why it's so big like they're gonna go up to Portland up too -- that place is gonna be. It's going to be -- Ana Oakland level -- now luckily. Having it be 11 coming back to Oakland to me if this down too low it's not the same when you're 11. Even get blown out you still like we're in this that you talk to people they think we can still win. That's a little strong for me all the better fuel off tomorrow obviously but aren't going to be hard and I. Staff got a few steps got to be borderline not human. He can do that now he can't but they're they're defense against them and yeah I now that that's what it means got to start with somebody else it's got to start with clay. -- -- or another shooter almost to some just some level and I love to see them so I'd love to see what happens and IV if they zone for a little bit and then just. Almost treat CP three the way the the clippers are treated stuff. -- go hard Adam -- CP three even last game when they're blowing amount. Was hitting shots and got smiled yet wolf he's gonna hit those shots then you're you can't win the series and spend your toss yup and if he scored 25 plus. With peace and and Blake's going off. You have no chance because when you have one star Ike's death like you -- can't necessarily. He Claes got to help him out. When they get CP three gambling going the -- -- essentially OC this is introduced just from Diego in -- South San Francisco attacks license keys. Game number one. Play a lot of zone number two curry -- combined for 53. Role players rough clubs CP three and Blake in four. Crowd needs needs to blow the tops off oracle. Couple things one. I'm with -- wants -- -- -- somebody did somebody early I'll talk about a punch but physically. -- the warriors waited too long to respond physically in game two. Com and as for curry -- combined for fifty they've got a combined for closer to seventy and then don't we -- that. They've got a combined for closer to seventy and 5050s. Not -- -- done. I don't think now I mean -- to me. 79 MB -- I know you're on my 175 to one guy goes they both got the idea he would also bring much offensively right now. David lead like to get fifteen at ten out of him. Problem is their death inside it's David Lee here Jermaine if these guys get foul trouble their margin for error spin and -- without. Your boy Andrew Bogut -- try guessing what's up tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll be there LL be sitting right there courtside waiting for you mentality courtside for the game -- you know before security shows a patrolman. He assumed people let it. So please sit high five and forty wearing. And Chris -- Jersey podium sweats and the thing about going Jersey. Trailing gulf will join us next from ESP NA takeaways for him. For the NFL schedule -- the draft just two weeks away as well we'll get that. With trade -- minimum -- a -- 57 again. 1115 minutes. What you say about moving Michael -- in the order yesterday. I think you said presently before -- -- -- hit home runs he said he idea for a home run guy with someone who has said he was signed hit seventh and deciding seventh and it's kind of -- less -- -- and you. His opposite field home run last night was which one. It was a bomb went off the wall behind the bullpen. -- 455 feet and we'll get to that coming up in fifteen minutes. -- joining us now you know why you see of one NFL live straight window kind enough to take the time and John is here on 957 the game in -- -- we appreciate it word is. Yesterday you know birthday New Year's Super Bowl Sunday and schedule released day if you could rank those for. Welcome Brad -- one because that -- don't lie. -- that's always a bonus. Look the Super Bowl as the culmination of work really starts with -- with the release of the schedule so for us it was like a little reminder that no yet this could be taken him again pretty soon it's always fun and and you know. People who don't. I have the passion -- and don't understand it. And that -- why are you doing this just doesn't matter its last -- we get all that it just it's it's a launching point to have a discussion about the thing that we really like which is football. Draft and hard to keep up with a obviously a CBS has these Thursday night games. You guys are gonna have a playoff game have you been able to keep up with -- everything. Yes look it's just you don't hit it all along those lines it's all part of this grand plan. You know those marketing to perfection to dominate the sporting landscape only forced 712 months out of the year I mean. Date is April 24 we are still weeks away from the start of the draft. 2.5 years go to Detroit who was taken number one actually yesterday in the first round was gone. But the draft is now in May yielded up the package is split up between NFL network and CBS. Those eighteen total all games will be on NFL network's final test it's just it's an amazing. Display of marketing and maybe more importantly listening. To what that people want the NFL whatever you wanna say about -- they do a good job of it is what they want -- what we're gonna give -- -- -- intro into joining us are nice I semi what's going on you you got a production meeting for NFL I've gone on you isn't done. We're we're in the news pot right now we're at right point Scripps and doing all kinds of stuff so -- just -- just a regular old day the meeting was much earlier than. Tell stink if he's there we we said hello. Absolutely actually put that helped put it at that point but -- good today stake was taken in the tent grounds. It would attend a rabbit doesn't exist anymore and. Unit that held an undrafted free agency as a fourteen not not. What did you think of just when you look at everything you know one of the things certainly jumped out to us from the niners perspective with the that they play the Seahawks. Two times over the course of three weeks including that Thursday night. Thanksgiving game what was your reaction to to to some of the things you saw with their schedule. Well it's there's that we had Navarro Bowman on our show last -- mass and that question of what's the first thing you look at these wonderful place -- That's all we want to know and it is an interesting situation I. I think it's similar to what you know last year was different there was distinct in -- the media and the doctors don't want to rupture which it. But -- -- the fact that they're two out of three weeks and wanted to being area at the nightcap on Thanksgiving. Which is also interesting because if you look at Thanksgiving Day games this this year they're all division rivalry games it's the bears and -- the cowboys -- Eagles and the niners and the Seahawks the NFL. But three years ago four years ago made a conscious effort. To put more division games on the back into the schedule I think is really paying off. And I think that's where you get so much interest of these late season games 'cause. Suddenly all matters that she's still playing people head to head which will dictate who's gonna get the wildcard who's gonna get a number one seed and is gonna win the division. Promote from also from the foreigners perspective looking at the division. Obviously Seattle's defensible champions -- the best team easily the best team in the league. But then obviously Arizona's a ten win team and then Saint Louis. I mean is it is price is competitive -- seven and seven and nineteen as we've ever seen a thing at the quarterback position figured out. You think they're gonna you know there's been some buzz Jeff Fisher likes Johnny football. Is Sam Bradford their guy what what are you here for -- Well I think that they would do a huge disservice to not only Bradford but also the organization if they did go Johnny football early because you have -- you have the pieces in place and and you have to. Believe. Bradford is -- with the people around would you take eight. A Sammy Watkins a wide receiver out of Clemson and number two or Greg Robertson who stumbled some -- using the worst Larry Allen when talking about comparisons were -- -- globe. Just to meet at about one and I result life. I mean he was fantastic but they're using those kind of races. Around him. I think -- it if you wanna win there are better ways this year to win and maybe in the next couple of years that picky guy who's gonna have some issues at the next level John imminent though. Trailing a host -- NFL I don't you say remember a country and -- five point seven game. Now yesterday what was interesting was I remember a few years ago -- draft picks started leaking before the draft yesterday's schedule started coming out. Before the schedule came out when did you start hearing things did you have everything buttoned down by like get a -- yesterday. Well we have we we get them really don't know the beauty the other beauty of our. But the way that we were able to think we got almost all of it at 8 o'clock but we had we had obviously via the NFL Monday night's scheduled for us. I think not much before that. But it was it was to really a great job and a team members of the people behind the scenes to get special on the year turnaround information very very quickly. Obviously -- you're right around the corner you'll be at Radio City Music Hall I mean we're just -- at the -- here waiting the first round usually would be today. It is it weird for you having to wait these extra couple weeks. You know it's educating. It's certainly good -- -- by little hole. Original premise behind this was at radio city musical book so they couldn't do the draft when they wanted to do the draft so that was sort of I want to be excused but the -- that the NFL used to move a couple of layers of people talk about -- longer. And the funny thing about that is the show that was at radio city got -- subject -- easily gone back to Ireland to get it. But it is it is going. On a little longer but it also gives a little more time to talk to more of these players and get a little more insight I mean you can attempt. Because the draft is so imperfect I mean let's be honest every year. 50% of the first rounder or not and cannot do what you want to. I think it's even more incumbent to -- as much research and as much. Discussion and talk these guys as you possibly can and it -- not only just the -- Across the country have multiple visits was some of these players trying to figure things out don't talk to three or 45 times deceit just to make sure that. They really know what they think pitino because the last thing you wanna do is get some sort of surprised when this guy shows up for rookie minicamp. What do you think we talked to guys about about the raiders at five with what's news. Was the -- consensus around the NFL I've set. That that's the beauty of this entire process there's no consensus usually you can -- discuss the number one quarter we can't even come to that conclusion this year. The consensus you get from everybody around -- NFL right now is that this is a very deep draft. With a lot of talented players but it's very hard for anybody to say this guy's going to be a breakout player. That guy's going to be a breakout player mean there are many people who believe that -- match is going to be about a -- as David -- it it's just a matter of getting these guys out of their comfort zone. Putting them into your system and making sure they fit with what. The coaches wanna run and then the coach being Smart enough to make sure. This guy does something better we need to change it to make -- maximizes potential. So the raiders helped -- time that was what got might -- -- quarterback and number five but I think match -- solidified Datsyuk. They have a little bit of a luxury at this point to go with wherever they think they need is greatest. It's your betting man right now does -- go number one. You know I've I'm gonna say yes. But I'm not gonna put a mortgage payment on a play that much you -- the other thing is remember Houston. -- you want to run a situation where they -- put clown he probably had an outside linebacker. And that's why they use so Romeo Crennel as Prodi and don't cause it to the defense deployment of the Texans. Go to -- drop back skills which was great that he never really done before. But -- matches -- mean just wanting to have athletic ability it's not going to have football skills. And to date and party may one of these days Apple's couples typically a Mac right now as a more polished football player not an upside and but he's a -- I -- the feeling is very high. Until -- -- but -- Mac comes at a more ready made product. The book by the way this photo you -- that I -- -- They don't. Represent that there's not from the draft what does that from. That was from he was on Conan O'Brien. After they won a Super Bowl 33. I'd be dead beat the Packers 31 point four Conan was not the start that he is today to reject stink David. David Diaz Infante and Tony Turkey Jones has just received support just thought that sublime. How much green -- around the spin -- is right now. Or not as much as it was probably instinct and a picture yeah. As they get a statute right there are many illegal it will only one half that size now. Oh my gosh -- trailer you're -- really appreciate your time -- -- -- got -- John thank you wing guys on Twitter by the Ortega victory as a spokes Lara. I'd -- is though we do a better idea of Idaho yes sir ten -- fighting vandals tried demand we have a friend as coach of the squad that's right. They get neutrinos Brothers -- head coach yeah. -- betrayal now so dearly for it now. Bobby is the Louisville guy. -- -- Katrina was dad coached a guy that I worked for the Philadelphia Eagles was a legendary. Old school coach. You talk -- mechanical school football family. -- me still the Petrino falling off the motorcycle with his mistress call back and all Katrina is one of the great all time. Story again. The -- involved denied that and embrace the face the -- defend or just the red face I was gonna miss practice. The story they came out after -- -- -- prison. Start your engines the continental tire Monterrey Grand -- making a pit stop with the Mazda raceway Laguna second may second through the fourth. Think it's until now Mazda raceway dot com for a chance to -- to get to qualify. To be an honorary pit crew assistant at the races is our contest page 957 games dot com. Coming up next they went off yeah. Yet a -- worry. For the giants Zimmerman moved off and I'm 57 again. -- This stuff yeah. Been there right now. -- It was awarded. Today yup it's woke up. Intelligent kind of remorse the first father -- -- Trying to tell you all week man leave -- there -- Malone -- have for home -- between Morse and Sanchez. Bombs I mean they were Morse is seconds homer on the backdrop was incredible. Sanchez's -- drop on the Grand Slam could swing what what we have done a -- that that Grand Slam. Might not even when LA -- the value rises in a row I just -- put the bat down one thing in the diarrhea well we did -- week. You don't walk in a don't walk off Tripoli while literally walk he treated it. I get it out here an awful yesterday in the bottom of the ninth in turn not only be with the bottom line side walk off has no place in conversation. But he hit a as anyone and triple morning doubles and triples and outs. In the history of Major League Baseball -- point -- guess he'll quit now now but I enjoy the pin but don't let me go to outs and here's the thing he gets he gets -- out of -- fast he was moving you know. In this -- got a craze -- Canada tumble. He was excited I love to Adelaide I think double the other huge fist pump at the end if you don't think yes -- weeks -- for baseball. Each it was you who is here with a ball cigarette producer tell us about -- simply to mr. Graham. Yes he does 300 photos well and when we had been known to Iran on him -- being -- if you was really scared this cartel. He would not. I G slash in -- every one thing he does. Everywhere he -- -- hello -- colleagues he you know exactly where you have nothing about the -- says -- law can you blame them I mean the guy took a cigarette vote. Across the ocean of shark infested waters. Yeah I feel confident myself to -- gone through he's gone girl who questioned sifted through alligator and snake infested waters just to survive. In other cartel wants torn since then allegedly allegedly. Allegedly but to get beat me. You know you have an offensive display like that yesterday twelve runs and that was one of those games I I didn't think repeatedly the giants were going to lose that game. It is early they score some runs in the cholera comes back -- are able that they were you blown out why you gonna get five OK but you -- You can't they just you're not equipped to do to punch for 1211. -- eleven rounds. And they were obviously. By -- debate really thing for me John is is that they have an off day today. And the Pentagon has got a sore knee. And I know Schulman wrote that I think of a couple has been given Henry Schulman wrote that he's gonna come in today -- gone well. And he's gonna get treatment any might get some dime not your diagnostic testing he's got a sore -- that hurt him when he bats right handed. And more importantly I am not more importantly -- as importantly for this team when he's run around the outfield. You know when he hurt his -- has been a progressive think. I mean he's been battling some knee stiffness and tightness. When you watched him take that AB was it wasn't yesterday it was two days -- ago -- when they pinch hit him in the in the bottom of the ninth. You could see him laboring. Crossed the plate I'm telling you guy if he's out for an extended period of time. Or if worst case scenario he would need to clean up surgery or something on this -- the giants -- in major trouble. Because that those first couple weeks of the season he was arguably the best hitter in the major to me if -- if you're just not getting a 100%. Right he's just playing with a knee soreness that limits him from one side of the plate and limits him in the outfield. That's a problem that's what he brings a table that's a problem with the speed guys as you know baseball. Their best attribute is his Atlantis is because -- -- heavily these guys that can steal bags. I mean his -- out there. And our guy Michael Morse isn't exactly Willie -- but in the outfield right it helps apple gone Roman are very very craft fully and peacefully said by the way -- -- -- -- the only extra playback you'll keep everything in front of -- I know promised a -- got to know your limitations. -- -- really guess I mean put gun. Healthy it'll look like if he. Could have maintained not at the level he was -- he wasn't about 400 but I mean it was like an all star leadoff guy for the first. Almost month of the year he goes out. South at first they restart sputtering since he's had this knee issue losses Brady got something to Syria but but when you've got he's an older guy yet when you get him and it will exactly you don't wanna turn into. And -- I want you to want walking ahead of ourselves but you're already dealing with scooter remember the day he showed up had a back -- the day he arrived in spring training. Again remember backs not there yet. So during considers all Wikipedia I'm at the point where if someone FBS day and and I think the days are in this boat as well with AJ Griffin. Unfortunately -- someone on post game based on just a civil once you come back to a one he's back I was and by the way. 01 long day before yesterday it was all right who's gonna be on giant. Like in case. You like a shut down the kinda game that. And on the calling Marcin -- Justin Verlander but the -- game you got to pitch in game one of the hailed the asked where you gotta match zeros and hope your team can scratch out one. Yesterday was the first game really where you kind of had to pitch like that. What are the difference to what I wants the gays in the giants. To a BA's best I mean -- two best hitters are two of the best Donaldson says the list when they just hit a single when they get on base. Maybe they're not gonna steal that many bases now says this can. There ability to go first to third their ability to run where Posey and more arrests and even Pablo. They're not really fly so they can handle it if Coco is now really set the table 121000 gets on he can move. Where -- is really slow. Michael Morse is is not blaze and in the forty he's not he. That really makes him well. So there is limited athletically yeah where that's were gone just being able to move over bases in just create some. Some offense that even when nothing is going well and I mean it's hard to double -- Donaldson -- this. If they get a little bit of a leader they take off they can run where Posey. Every time when he's on first base. Even if it's a slow chopper they are able to turn to -- that ran the other thing you see if there's a domino effect right if the guy's not there. Now belong goes playing in in it now one of the leading on -- at -- was my points and -- more -- to come out of the game in the seventh inning to play left field. Now it's one thread is getting an impact is that McGregor blog. Getting -- at bat late in the game don't you guys notice that again last night. -- win these games get tied late and he's up. When there in the lead and in the end of the team comes back that's a problem deploying more side of the game they could use his ABs late in the game. They ended -- winning last night but when you don't have him. In the game and a tight spot in your taken him operable or go to try to it will went home run wins a gamer doubles get a guy on base. -- new Shire how you balance that because he is very limited defensively but I mean the easy or quick hook -- come out like seventh you know he doesn't like after his AB times and output. They can use a minute extra inning game his extra couple of especially as hot as he's -- and as you've told them the guy owns coarse field I did -- now. -- 500 coming into the weekend becoming a week of course we think Hunter Pence you look at him go all right maybe getting something going a little bit. I'm I'm I'm I'm usually slow on that -- looks young guy as two or three or four good days the only gimmick on. Just because. Again it's -- it's not a forty's is in the swamp. And forties is getting hot but if he sees him digging out of that for extended time that's going to be a major health and view I know you are seriously taking aspirin can. Out of baseball -- people one of course field that you guys can heat up they're immediately double off the wall on the senate albums they're just going to win. -- -- will -- lives and maybe a little bit continues against Cleveland and they deserve it at home yes look a lot better if they get him -- At least he can run a little bit I'm telling us that's one thing he knows -- -- the giants their best players in the middle of their work in the wrong. So even a cold goals not doing much you can have an open floor game we could still score runs -- -- hit the ball out of the ballpark is dollars in assistance to move over. Look at the schedules people say you can't take much -- -- well played as I can see how the later part of the season could be effective for the raiders by who they get a number five. Tell you how next table in the middle of the night 57 again.

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