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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Trey Wingo marvels at the marketing power of the NFL.

Trey Wingo marvels at the marketing power of the NFL.

Apr 24, 2014|

Host of NFL Live on ESPN, Trey Wingo, delves into the magic of the NFL's marketing department based on how much of an event the 2014 schedule release has been.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No well IC on NFL live -- window kind enough to take the time and -- here on 957 the game in and -- we appreciate it word is. Yesterday you know birthday New Year's Super Bowl Sunday and schedule released day if you could rank those for. Welcome to -- one because that means no lie. There that's always a bonus. But the Super Bowl is the culmination of really starts with the release of the schedule so for us it was like a little reminder that we have this can be taken -- again pretty soon it's always fun and and you know. People who don't. I have a passion for it and don't understand it. And of all why are you doing this just doesn't matter it's last year we get all that it just it's it's a launching point to have a discussion about the thing that we really like which is football. Draft and hard to keep up with a obviously a CBS has these Thursday night games. You guys are gonna have a playoff game have you been able to keep up that. Yes look it's just you know it all along those lines it's all part of this grand plan. That the -- was marketing to perfection to dominate the sporting landscape. 24/7. Twelve months out of the year I mean today is April 24 we are still weeks away from the start of the draft. Point -- years go to Detroit was taken number one actually yesterday for the first held on to the draft is now inmate. You -- step. The packages split up between at a moment -- concede yes. Those eighteen total all need to be on the L network simulcast you know it's just it's an amazing. Display of marketing and more importantly listening. To what the people want the NFL whatever you wanna say about and they do -- good job. It is what they want this sort of regulatory. -- intro into joining us or 95 semi what's going on you you got a production meeting for NFL I've gone on you've done. We're we're in the news -- right now we're at right point descriptions of all kinds of stuff so it's just a just a regular old day the meeting was much earlier. -- stake if he's there we we say hello. Absolute looked actually put -- -- don't -- it point by beautiful today stake was taken an attempt grounds. It would attend a rather hesitant. Consistent war. Unit that held an undrafted free agency as a fourteen not not. What did you think of just when you look at everything you know one of the things certainly jumped out to us from the niners perspective with the that they play the Seahawks. Two times over the course of three weeks including that Thursday night. Thanksgiving game what was your reaction to to to some of the things you saw with their schedule. Well is -- that we had a horrible on our show last night mass and that question answered what's the first thing you look at that one templates via. That's all we want him. And it is an interesting situation I think it's similar to last you know last year was different there was distinct in the -- media and the Panthers went to rupture which. But the idea that the fact that they're two out of three weeks and one being area the nightcap on Thanksgiving which is also winners because if you look at Thanksgiving Day games this this year. They're all division rivalry games it's the bears an alliance the cowboys and Eagles and the niners in the -- the NFL but three years ago four years ago made a conscious effort. Put more division games on the back into the schedule I think it's really paying off. And I think that's where you get so much interest these late season games 'cause. Suddenly all matters that -- still playing people had been cyclical dictate who's gonna get the wildcard who's gonna get in the buoyancy is gonna win the division. Promote from also from the foreigners perspective looking at the division. Obviously Seattle's defensible champions one of the best teams only the best team in the league. But then obviously Arizona's -- ten win team and then Saint Louis. I mean is it is price is competitive -- seven and seven and nineteen as we've ever seen a thing at the quarterback position figured out. You think they're gonna you know there's been some buzz Jeff Fisher likes Johnny football. Is Sam Bradford their guy what were you here trade. Well I think that they would do a huge disservice to not only Bradford but also -- organization if they did go Johnny football early because you have the you have the pieces in place in and you have to. Believe that Bradford is there with the people around would you take it. Sammy Watkins a wide receiver punch -- -- number two more Greg Robinson and somber somber are using the -- Larry Allen when talking about comparisons were -- able. To meet at about Islam and -- supply. And he was fantastic but they're using those kinds of races. Around him. I think there it if you wanna win there better ways this year to win and it may be in the next couple of years they're taking god knows that perhaps some issues at the next level judgment so. Trailing a host of NFL live -- remember a country and -- five point seven game. Now yesterday what was interesting was I remember a few years ago one draft -- started leaking before the draft yesterday schedules during the coming out. Before the schedule came out when did you start hearing things did you have everything buttoned down by like get a new yesterday. I'll know we have week we get the unity of the beauty of our -- the way that we think we got. Almost all of it at 8 o'clock that we had we had obviously via the NFL Monday -- scheduled for us I think -- much before that. But it was a it was a really a great job as a team members of the people behind the scenes to get special on the year term information. Very very quickly. Obviously the -- you're right around the corner you'll be at Radio City Music Hall I mean we're just chomping at the bit here waiting the first round usually would be today. It is it weird for you having to wait -- extra couple weeks. You know it's adjusting. It's certainly the -- like -- at all. Original premise behind this was that previously -- -- so they couldn't do the draft when they wanted to do draft so that was sort of I want to be excused but I'd be out at the end of so used to move a couple of layers of people talk about the longer. And the funny thing about that is this show that was at radio city got canceled. So they finally got back in Ireland did it. But -- it is it is going. On a little longer but it also gives local time -- talked more these players and get a little more insight I mean you attempt. Because the practice or perfect I mean let's be honest every year 50% of the first -- -- not a monopoly want to. I think it's even more in -- to doom as much research in as much. Discussion and talk -- these guys as you possibly can and in sports not only just the teams across country have multiple visits was some of these players tried forgiving god don't talk to a 345 times deceit just to make sure that. They really know what they think you know because the last thing you want to do is get some sort of surprised when -- -- shows Oprah rookie minicamp. What -- you -- are you guys about about the raiders at five -- what's news. Was the is there a consensus around the NFL I've sent. Now that that's the beauty of this entire process there's no consensus usually you can say this -- the number one quarter we can't even come to that conclusion this year. The consensus you get from everybody around the NFL right now is that this is a very deep draft with a lot of talented players. But it's very hard for anybody to this guy's going to be a breakout player. That guy's going to be a breakout player I mean there are many people who believe that total match is gonna be a better -- -- skating -- it it's just a matter of getting these guys out of their comfort zone. Putting that into your system. And making sure they fit with what. The coaches want to run and then the coach being Smart to make sure. This -- does something better we need to change to Mitchell maximizes potential. So the raiders you know -- time that missile that might be a quarterback and number five but I think match jobless solidified that hasn't. They have a little bit of poetry at this point to go wherever they think they need is greatest. It's your betting man right now has clowning on number one. You know I've probably gonna say yes. But I'm not gonna put a mortgage payment on a pay that much you know the other thing is remember Houston. Want to -- want to run a situation where they would put -- probably had an outside linebacker. And that's why they use so Romeo Crennel as -- in vocal on it's the deed have deployment of the Texans. Gold -- drop back skills which was great that he never really done before. Petroleum matches mean there's one thing to have athletic ability and it's not going to have football skills. And to date and party may one of these days Apple's coupled to -- colonial Mac right now as a more polished. Football player not an upside and use a milk diapers and the feeling is very high. And today the planning but -- that comes at a more ready made product. By the way that followed you to -- -- -- -- That's not from the draft what does that problem. That was from he was on Conan O'Brien. After they won a Super Bowl 33. Deadbeat deadbeat that's packers' 31 point four Conan was not the start that he has today and yet stake David. David Diaz Infante and Tony Turkey Jones has just received support yesterday and so blogs. How much green -- around the SPN offices right now. Well not as much as it was probably instinct and that. Picture -- -- yeah. I was stinking attitude right there immediately it would literally want. Half that size now. Oh my gosh a trailer you're -- really appreciate your time they said. It John thank you -- guys on Twitter by the -- victory as the ups Lara. I think is though we have a general idea of Idaho yes sir to.

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