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Bomani Jones on fire with #Haberkauff.

Apr 24, 2014|

Bomani Jones, co-host of 'Highly Questionable', joins Guy and John to discuss NBA playoffs, NFL schedules, and the art of being fired.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Because the highly questionable with a -- lemon -- Kind enough to join us once again on the Schobel money -- reassert. We're doing great. Why is -- quarterbacks divorce news. Because of -- being released this statement. And I've never seen anything like this before so as much as we would like to -- -- the idea that it was Newt clearly somebody involved what is Ottawa's -- that I am curious as to why they took that approach. I'm in a money she was a year away from him sign that big counteract. Ain't got got so bad about that part of the diplomatic tight school like you know he -- to restore recruit. Coming out of high school. Zell immediately that it -- receipt and she doubted it would really going to pitch out it would it -- I don't think if people expected sport two and now all of a sudden -- good. He's like eight that. And I don't think it's kind of weird to just as we look at Russell. Kind of like a cooler Tim Tebow dad it would never the gap would never get divorced I had to me that's the most alarming part again getting divorced. Anybody at the important idea. But it default stupid stuff like that like -- to -- every doubt them had to deal with that we got to remember we don't know these people that out so we don't act like we know these people look out Agilent and put -- order provides -- I don't know what happened. I can't imagine how annoyed Russell look we need to be Mary do I can imagine. I had no idea. I do know it's so -- big element out hit the market. Oh yeah. Sumo ring contract talent they -- to OTA subdued when their time off. -- -- -- -- To be throughout the world and in our right now. But you're talking about this earlier you know this is when the draft usually starts today it's back two weeks. And I actually really like it because I don't wanna get I love the -- -- -- I don't want to draft get in the way of the night like tonight. When -- you got a bunch of games lined up so I don't mind at all when you look at the NBA playoffs to this point what what what what has what what has gotten your attention the most. Well. Don't think it would just accusing it isn't the only team that being in a surprising global trouble I think everybody problems -- any trouble making Antonio in trouble for right now. I think that all these either almost seems as troubled I've got to -- out a lot we've seen two weaknesses exposed. And in a way that makes you realize it would open crapshoot expected -- copper -- So it's important apple it appeared at that will be argued eaten them a lot would go to eat -- do little what do they do it let's rookie event. -- happened to shake out what Oklahoma State ticket to be a couple would play at public beat out Brooks. -- -- I mean at that thing that they were saying it out and -- you know what it in -- disputed the most wide open term that I can think of immediately. Are you get a step tonight and watch our little itty bitty dark stuff -- hopefully get dealt with this. Absolutely. Dismayed at being. Out there and explicit and actually -- -- -- though particular June 18 he would. I'm fully expect it and did you try to beat a lot of Blake Griffin. Hug it out into the -- -- on the back. You know without you to not eating -- go to other part evacuate you know at about eight. Let's go come back. Well I think -- someone who had been fired quite often. Normally when you get fired and let you about your performance and more to do about it how the people you worked for you about -- And it seems to be -- between ownership group. And it goes back to. Add a little bit of trouble maintain and stay. Like you know -- probable W wrong about. Bullies you start with you you like if you guys around you has got like less than a few guys around so yes you're correct it's weird. Well but but it begs the question but money always your most contentious firing. Lou I think the worst firing -- the time that -- repressed really. And found out that much time slot at being given away. And and I called the Boston city either confirmed that. Other moment made five at a conference call and -- my immediate supervisor where in the -- doing the talking it would it all and public thing to get off that like okay cool and human needs -- about it that -- -- and you tell -- out -- I mean it beat you want to get involved in the conversation with the -- and -- Lu -- never come to a -- recommendation and -- -- When he said I can neither confirm nor deny what was your response to that. You can do -- to air like. Oh OK I never dawned on you want then the world that he could say what you want about me -- if you think you can do grunt and -- all I think we were telling -- it turned out -- at nobody I. -- that one of those -- were later you think about what you wish Hewitt said or done. And I are really because normal TV now you got banks when you quit your intermediate people's party over nonsense in and you wind up on TV a lot you really have to purely -- to do the right like -- -- every day but it worked out for me know who worked out for -- -- there. I wonder what I see you at you and -- -- -- Thursday about the next the guy in between. And highly questionable and you went to suit you always look good and it tied. And poppy is there are in a Tommy bahama do you ever think just once and maybe I'm not gonna put a suit on today can you do that do you get away with our. Electric -- that would be on TV look like home. On the while while while at the -- -- a lot of money and he closed because nick worked so. Put -- all read eight IG eight minute to put on the ship in any minutes and worse. Yet everyday everyday on that didn't mean -- well there. Right now I'm -- the studio a lot of go to keep the glow there I got swept all that goes on ejected out -- not magic I'll adopt you but to put -- -- polo. They're expensive -- I'm not prepared to manageable -- that -- If you brought the effort. The James Harden brings -- -- mysterious the end would you still have a job. Oh boy. And a catcher I mean. -- -- I'd never made -- we take him on the bet that they are at around eleven -- due to being matchup on him absolutely outplayed -- had been the most part and it became active. The Biden in the I'm right there and play at the end game you'd rent a candidate ever bothered by -- and -- understand. How Abby asking people be any eat that I've never seen anyone try let and I think at the important. And his effort level has to be an all time low. They ended up about that got this theory. And it you know we elected him in the good that the player and in the -- and that he would he came around he didn't play well at the lead but now did you need the -- in defense and Robin that's true. Because the council that prompt -- When he twelfth series to get the -- it to be adding a from the idea that play beat maybe not it needs to -- 1445. In this series. On the one thing that I think he's got a -- about it game in general. -- predicate so much of your scoring. On tricking work for -- You know I didn't -- Eagles called in the playoffs now and they lost game one in large part BC at the ball in the gay and yet it can't get pitched -- -- play and try to make the bat he tried to read a lot. One more quick thing how how about Shaquille O'Neal and his height references and see what I thought I would defend check on this. Go ahead -- Well look all right so the issue is both you guys Shaq says that delighted 71 he's about six cities in the right. But -- has played when you play against the guy what does he say he said. -- told that he say who's the other guy he he was off by like 34 inches on. Always on Dwyane Wade right who calls and he calls all these guys -- aren't they all right but here's the thing how many guys you think that played against. Charles Barkley would correctly identified Charles is -- I've. Those guys every single one -- and god almighty with the Charles was taller than he was because he played everybody he played -- Barkley everybody note. That before. We are all. One. I think these guys I think Dwight plays -- than six -- of people think he's bigger than six night and isn't that effectively more important what's on a piece of paper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd heartsick without limitation to the game a lot it's it's it's all because you're going to be -- -- you gotta have more bad it eighteen game we put out there at cattle like if you don't get. The center of the trademarks that are. At W he'd much more on the along the lodge one -- lodge one jab by its that are all quickness to white strategy that is -- speedy check quick -- he'd go with bill -- quickly go to power but the white China go to the power. And that port deal with a gag order. What are what he's not played 71 it's not because he can't does he won't. Adult. I don't know. I think one -- I think we all horrible at doing that negatives and about a guy early on how good we think he can beat. And we are reaching epic that we walked -- So what -- Dwight -- -- out good like it is quite good we decided we played at Egypt at the -- go to the like the old sport that you can be very recourse you're pretty sure he walks to. Everybody's got to turn it to 80% -- -- so I would. And what the ceiling is all like to ski in it buried at -- around that deeply hurt the person epic -- ever seen him in junior he's been in the league. He looks phenomenal wise men live towards the monolith soft man makes my time touch soon. Money Johnson among now highly questionable ESP into a panel of a dark when --

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