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Haberman and Middlekauff 4/24/2014 Hour 2

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are a little bit iPods and get like the man said. Few things feel -- thing about this because we are now. Two weeks away from the NFL draft -- to Thursday's away. Nice going mr. you're number -- show on the barrier for beautiful dress. And their middle right her. But they moved back that I have a show that night yet UW your address show right yet in Oakland. I can't wait for -- and a colleague you guys do show London I'll be in -- quarter do and who knows what fireball Busch shop will be there ready case fireballs to show up and talk to him. That's one thing on -- always fast like vice president what do -- and the fire battalion -- shot grenade at what they draft quarterback at five. Investment. If they drafted quarterback it's five do we just go ahead and shut the whole thing down and nothing shocks me nothing job. They like morals immoral maybe there big pit stop. -- I'd rather have John Kerry for business -- -- for personal selfish reasons. For which are the only reason we really. The more wants joining -- big -- complaint -- I won't have that to someone else really like Johnny reportedly. But I'm happy the draft is two excellent man you're gonna be mentioned the draft tonight oracle and I don't want I don't want I love the NBA playoffs. Reach especially right now in the first round where there's a bunch of games every night -- still yet I don't. Why don't want the -- and I love the NFL draft outline what I wanna -- -- enjoy the class a little bit. And then work -- drafted later when there's not you know three game tonight in the NBA. So I'm I'm good chance to -- your arm plane anymore and two weeks from draft that there is a chance if there's -- So and so I'm going to get bumped back no problem no problem here with that plus they're able to bridge the gap with the big schedule released yesterday. -- -- wouldn't want to -- Roger Roger Goodell said they will. -- at the owners' meetings in May may twentieth about expanding the NFL playoffs. You know -- -- down on the Dallas left expansion as a general rule. Just because you know you look at the NBA not -- may play -- but. C'mon -- league doesn't belong in the playoffs now -- more than half right that's why I love all of baseball. Pat back to catch code word is retire. Yet until ten past the hour detect the code words seven retire you have that that's the code word. Can't read today to 72881. Message and data rates apply -- can enter the code word at Entercom contest. Dot com at the national. Cache content you're -- to a thousand dollars four times today beef fat stacks of cash code or retire. You have until ten past the art and that that code word. The attacks that 72881. Or online at Entercom contest. Dot com. Anyway schedules out and everybody says John you can't make any definitive statements. About the schedule. I disagree. Here's a few things. I think it dated 895795. Semi where the U raiders fan what are your niners fan when you're looking at it from a perspective of another NFL team. Wanna hear from you on this and what -- your team is how you react what do you think you like you do not like it what don't you like. But a few things I really like for the niners. Is much I don't love the sea hawks games being two and three weeks with the raiders game in the middle by the way it's going to be awesome. The good thing for them is Bowman Navarro Bowman says he's coming back mid year -- midyear is you know we can not a -- ten for the niners coming off -- -- So coming off a -- that would be. That would be the rams game week nine. And don't value varies that four of the -- six divisional games come after the season's midway point. So if indeed bald and comes back then. Then they get a little break there the other thing. The Seahawks by his week before. The niners bye is week eight which means the niners will have played only four games coming into that. Seahawks game on Thanksgiving in a row shocked wolf played eight games straight without a break coming to Thanksgiving. So if there's any value there I think there is a little value there and then and -- for the red and it -- sort of the -- -- -- Seattle have before the Thanksgiving game. You know Seattle before the Thanksgiving game I don't know. A look. We'll get we'll get an intern on that sister Duncan you coffee. So what do you what we won't lower a look at how bad up. We look at the niners schedule I think you -- and I love the bears game to openly -- stadium. Was first two games I love the bears game at Dallas now. -- it's always plays better. Earlier in the year that that's kind of a scary game the barest. Are you talking on Yahoo! Sports talk live less -- and how they need to take corners. You look at those first couple weeks guy Dez Bryant. Who when he -- and is arguably the second best wide receiver in league behind Calvin Johnson. And then the bears have two guys sitting no slouch -- Brandon Marshall. And -- on -- so you better have your quarter situation. You know kind of ironed out. Before those first couple weeks is your plan many got Larry FitzGerald -- Philly cumin and I think shale plays -- time by the way I'm looking here I think -- players on before the Thursday night that's what it is and they edit the one team that beat male -- -- -- and Arizona come up Seattle the one team that beat dent in Seattle last year. 49ers early schedule for me is really organic. Mean to have Phil back to back home games when it's Philly Kansas City two playoff teams who knows who chip Kelly's got up the sleeve. I mean if it is Andy Reid can find a way to beat Denver I mean -- you could be looking at the AFC west champions Kansas City. In the rams then you got to go to the rams and at Denver before the -- Now we know the rams I still have my question marks while the roster spot it looks great on paper some is a little off until they get their quarterback situation but they always play. The 49ers well at the money and a football game. And then -- Denver. And Ford as a for prime time games back to back a month and a football game and innocent and I game that's kind of nice you you know why have a short week with a Monday night game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- they're just going -- you've got to Sunday's game. With the defending -- AFC champions Denver Broncos. That's the key got to look at the travel and there's also another little stretch here. Where they go to the saints and then to New York. We know how Harbaugh likes to stay on the East Coast they've got a before maybe go to Youngstown from New Orleans right to stay in Youngstown they go to New York. -- -- thinking to me about that trip for the niners when they go play the giants. The giants November. Is Indianapolis at home. Then they go all the way to Seattle then they come back from the minors for the lives are gonna get the giants offered a cross country trip to Seattle. I like that came to -- two of them. Given the fact that they're having to travel also -- like New York is home that we -- designers on the row I can't see the giants being as bad as they were last year to meet her just get a there -- type team. If they're nine and 710 and six compete for the two and they have that feel to meet Tom -- two bit of a coach US too good of a player. This thing -- remember. It's hard for me to circle games I mean besides like Seattle San Cisco. Both the team like the same answer the question we -- Houston the Houston Sunday night games ever Cisco. That was one of beside the Sierra games was a game that's going to be big time and have to be a super -- matchup. And then it's obviously used to went to a fourteenth in the other picking number one. So -- It's just -- I mean Philly. They were grass. You know could the what Redskins worry you see with RG for I don't know. The only teams the teams I feel very confident they're gonna be hard gains for assurances of Cisco are all they NFC west teams and -- good other roster stacked. Saint Louis will be no one question mark because their quarterback an -- those will be better. -- easy -- rappers and I got to be ideal. And then with the raiders. I have them right now just in general for -- on the schedule in the five to seven win range. Now that I see their the schedule I probably like him around five to six wins depending on what they do in the draft -- some. Extraordinary. Like gets new marketing clowning and maybe all you know redo my think my thought process but those first four weeks -- a bye week five. They get the jets Houston and Miami of three then the pacers were encountering a man doing the loss. Three of those teams the jets don't they're quarterback's going to be they had -- Mike Vick. I mean your -- Mike Vick trust me I mean that's a winnable game when he got Houston that doesn't really have a starting quarterback right now that they can definitively say any of Miami which. Who knows held Miami to London by the way in London so it's a court amid the longer travel for the raiders but pop who'll keep focused they'll be fine. If they want any chance of winning like 78 games in the season which is pretty crazy just because I'm good the division is. But I mean to be a competitive team and how they. Respectable record. They half. To go to into at minimum in the first reply actually look I look at the first eight weeks eight games nine weeks for the raiders back to tell you why. The back into the schedule could be dramatically affected. By who they drafted number five I've got to get to that John we'll do that next in -- wanna hear from you from the raiders perspective or from the buyer's perspective. Good this thing tougher or easier than what you thought it would be what you like what do you hate it for the niners. Deal like get in Seattle twice in three weeks if the tradeoff is you might have Navarro back and who -- all the situation is. 889579578. Text line 95795. They were a little golf on the very -- sports night about seven again. The bay area's new sound first. I got up fifteen minutes we'll money Johnson -- also John and we've got to like giveaway. Remember yesterday. On the show. We gave away a two -- down. Or pay per -- party. Four. They had you -- the best worst song basically it was a story about a kid in Atlanta. Ten year old boy was kidnapped. To kidnap or let him go. Because the kid would not stop singing the same song all over all over again -- the guys so much the guys into just get -- -- don't tell anybody. So that was the premise for what -- essentially turn in the paper -- and off yesterday which was like you guys were awesome and called. Why has Rossum and called -- to get in and so -- wish you -- got everybody and we -- -- singing a lot of terrible singing some legendary calls -- elect definitely aren't enough called in Aubrey -- called in the -- he -- a butter cup whatever. So we gave way to to a dollar pay per view party -- 200 bucks for the paper view for the Mayweather. Might not a fight on Saturday may third live on showtime pay per view beginning at 6 PMC get them. The -- patron viewing and the money left over you you spent on the party for drinks food whatever you want. We had a -- another one of those today may will do it. We'll do it after -- -- for the best call here an 89579570. Text line 95795. When you look at a few things these. You know I'm looking at the raiders' schedule so and so -- so how can you look at this thing before the draft well like you still a lot of it is travel. And for -- look at the raiders some of it is his draft in this sense when I look at what the raiders have after week eight now. At Seattle Denver at San Diego Kansas City at Saint Louis San Francisco at Kansas City. What are all those teams have. Quarterbacks QBs they all have quarterbacks and what happened last year the raiders in the second half of the season. Injuries. Hook that team all part. They talked about taking it down to this does well they built it up a little and -- injuries took it back to the studs. By the -- by the time the stretch run rolled around last year so when I look at what they built so far what we know this team and all we can know this team pre draft is the guys they've signed. And it's certainly an older group. I think they will benefit hugely. From getting a defensive end a pass rusher more than any other position. When I look at the back end of the schedule and the quarterbacks they're going to play on the back into the schedule John. If they don't have a guy who's young and healthy and Dominique coming off the edge whether that's Toledo Mac whether that's today being clowning. I think it's going to be it's got to be difficult as it is but I think we talk about the draft at five. That guy can change a little bit the way I look at the back into the schedule would be coming to make an impact because they're gonna need. Pass rushers in the second half of the season. Now that more than Marty thought they would now -- look at the order of these games. It's one guy just flip the script I mean to start the Seattle game all those teams on top of having quarterbacks. They have pass rushers I mean Seattle obviously to rush the passer Denver has that guy Von Miller. Dwight Freeney would back off injury and Ingram the -- aren't Von Miller doing Von Miller things will be there else is assuming he's there. You have Casey twice they have a guy out Tom ball Lee and Justin Houston they're pretty good. St. Louis Rams might have the most underrated to discuss the not a big national brand. And they might have that guy Judy young clowning they may have the opportunity to draft him. The -- errors even the Buffalo Bills guy. Mario Williams they signed him to an enormous steel. All of these teams can really get after your quarterback. So not only are you playing top quarterbacks all in and I think that's what it obvious to correlate the all these teams are good as they have quarterbacks and they can rush the passer. So. I know but LaMarr Woodley was on your couple days ago thinks he can get back he was awesome he was grade just -- -- it'll be itching to see what you -- -- him. The raiders I mean there's no. It's no secret they desperately need a young. Stud edge rusher. Somehow. Now clowning and Mac may be gone. They they got to find a way to get a pass for. Yeah it's an order and that and that is there's no question don't understand when you look early and like you say you look at the jets you don't know you can Houston you don't know quarterback. Yet Cleveland week eight you don't know there are some game I think they can win early in the schedule even if they don't have that guy. But at the schedule goes on. I don't think there's games I think this big -- look a lot like last year when you in some games early and -- don't have that pass rusher or shop isn't. Eric your team and healthier -- not panning out or whatever but I need to look a lot like Lester we feel -- -- some momentum in the second half of the season hits and you can't get after the quarterback he can't protect jurors it could get -- and for his winnable -- -- game looks on paper that New York Jets game. Let's face it the raiders I forget the staff Tom I have M 1 game in the eastern time zone and like -- -- tries. Last year they went back to the -- when the jets may -- at camp and -- camp on the East Coast just defense would you last week one. I mean first winnable is it looks just sitting there -- paper. And I wouldn't bet against Rex and his defensive line and had defense line he has as -- it's not a soul back that's a tough game in. Why is writing from this to change the way you look at anything with your team raiders niners or otherwise what you like we don't July. What started off with a gym in Santa Cruz to local take the best call these 200 dollar pay per view party for the Mayweather might not a fight. Gym in Santa Cruz up first hey Jim welcome to the show. -- -- -- -- -- And I understand and I like seeing all the basics seats are really in order to -- -- about the -- got going -- it's -- think they got a good start to -- and -- -- -- me. If they want them. How 88 C dinner and uncertainties and didn't keep the continuity with their head coach and GM around. I think they got out. With younger guys on defense you can learn throughout the year and help the older guys out -- ranking legal limit. Especially Justin talks now so he be most effective on the down that you're going to be. And then also. All that limiting the turnovers -- to regain. And you're going to be future Iraq that they can actually do with a better here that they picked up acting genes are important awesome pick up I wish niners were. Maybe when you know an outlook for him by -- not really that got that the niners need right now. Insecure that the -- shops so the proof that here after its. You know sort of you know they had last year particularly the turnover. They're going to be able to score some points I think on offense at some gaps in the draft and he can't not go for the creepy -- Look for Johnny football or something and number five and ask somebody who's been making impacts maybe in my cabin or somebody like. I think picking the only name is not -- certain that certain could be due to routine I think the city Oakland into an -- of -- key. A great raiders niners game there into the season not just to blow up. I agree if the raiders were competitive that game would be if they were just a 500 team. In -- doing what we expect him to that and be -- evil right that's agenda like Jim said we talk about veterans if it is they wasted year. If those guys like those guys and I'm maximized if imparting some wisdom or something on younger players and be part of this franchise for a long time as well as draft some -- act. Onto GM's future. The sorrow. I I think Jim going to college if it thinks the call Jim. I gyms in the running certainly and and -- -- -- in here in the segment in the running for the get to a dollar pay per -- party. Odd to think it has gym in the club the lead in the cluster meet John he's a niner fan who wants to see the raiders do well I mean this guy -- a unicorn. Don't exist. I don't understand why there's no more guys like that. The better everyone does the more fun it is not like the angry people greater -- San Jose what's up man. To a big bear. Got I just got a couple points first I hate out of that it is I mean. They just don't like it because they think but. You know look like who became the first two weeks. It -- winnable game skid upon a row that you know get momentum go in and. Are my top priority in the drafted because like that and the satellites are our crowd -- as much because I feel like. You know either either freak athlete but you know it's fundamentals are there you know he's really hiding out all members and -- -- -- -- take pride Bergen he get there. You'll have that are you know as a legal trap and -- it doesn't do good are we got a quarterback you know Reggie Bannister -- Can we got a -- second the real deal you know he's gonna beat our Willard in all. For Oakland we need to get him in that we needed -- Manning on the reality gets real progress on the ground -- -- -- -- Maybe not out technical need to get all the Jamaal Charles you know I would bet that. That deal Machida to Alter and now that you don't get them -- and people awfully broke my heart not once but because football coach Eric. And only -- by template doesn't match. But we need to do expect eat at Columbia got older guys and they're you know I don't gonna be good to beat China. -- these younger guys and get this talent and and get -- -- train together it'll work together EP cornerback on the ballot could dole was going to be the. The article it seemed that all gonna be. So so greater enemy he'd rather have a kid from buffalo that we all like this day transcendent again at six foot six. It's been starting in the SEC since he was eighteen -- one of the best top ten programs in the country. In Geneva young -- don't forget all about that -- won the films say middle complex and well they played a high. Have you guys watched film aunt -- yet how I used it leverages its luck they work. I don't like little arch but he beat it could clear and I I want you to and I look. And you know eat eat eat the computer that currency Billy -- and NP. -- -- the only game we're down fourteen year old not gonna happen a lot we don't need for a bit and give up like that would trouble its gonna be in there. -- wouldn't beat somebody that you know that cannot compete in the work and you know the whole taken a year rock the end of the year although I just. You know -- really -- -- -- reluctant -- -- you you know like Mario Williams he was number one at all that you know he should look a look. You know we don't need that accompanied it in -- either that's gonna show what. And I'd really rather have -- I think it would. You know I think he would be if people are lucky that I think that Justin Tuck and Lamar -- going to be defense and and you know that's what he played in college and I think that's what -- is the should be dropped back a. Drugstore and -- -- Arab and your breakout film we appreciate it thank you for the call. You're in -- strong let me get too glitzy -- -- Josh in Oakland hey Josh we -- I don't. You know I think honest. We lagged it up throughout the whole team I mean we've picked up and treaty which we -- our travel a bit like -- -- injury. I think if it's Walken isn't there are would you trade back and try to get more because it's. -- -- a -- -- local news is really an issue especially in the later part of it and let you talk about back to back. -- -- I I think early as when the bill bill bill to get some Clinton. -- yeah and the knock other group the last caller about walking out of the doubt packages potential is there. I think he's better off getting picked up my team like Houston to have a JJ -- child accountable to. That high motor type and the guy you know -- can be happy impacted everybody and he yeah yeah. I think if you really didn't like greater legal -- we have yet you got good problem to have going to be around the capitol -- Now I understand that that and that's fairly idea that a guy is better off somewhere else but at some point you gotta be able to make him good yourself. Just thanks for the call. It quick quick fix the -- -- after the money and then make a decision on a few more of these callers and before giveaway that 200 dollar VI. Paper the -- -- dribble cure Reggie McKenzie your rear -- -- and film room the target leverage its patch level is -- his explosiveness. I talked to three or four executives. Asked them -- clowning they're all save your hide if you take mental. All right it's just it's a no brainer and that's a really good player the clown he's a transcendent talent he you can't teach. Size power speed athletic he's got qualities he's prayer. Hash tag Rios only a few more of these calls and we're talk more money Jones and a few more of these that after a mine they'll give away the somewhat whatever he's got today. We'll give away the paper view. Prized -- money Jones the giants next -- and be with him to remember a couple of 957 again. Your calls on the raiders and the niners also. There are actually. Week one NFL lines out. And to get even more degenerate there's again I actually really life. And there's actually they do now on the market. Today have become a wing man what. He's recently divorced for file -- divorce papers. Single man we've talked all famous quarterback Russell Wilson. No longer married why the hell is that's why is that a store like why is passing yards -- the release yet but why why. Why they send it out wise on the front page of he just didn't -- way to 30 Rock shows why Hoffman for nine years now now your Biden. -- money no let's normalize material is that. No Mo money city if he was Russell he go out hard -- -- Jones cars you see a mine Maggie is due to go to highly questionable with a -- -- -- Kind enough to join us once again on the -- Beaumont areas are. We're doing great. Why is -- quarterbacks divorce news. -- -- the -- released this statement. And I've never seen anything like this before so as much as we would like to laugh off the idea that it would -- clearly somebody involved on renewed that I am curious as to why they do a better approach. -- mean the money she was a year away from him sign that big contract. -- knock out a bad about that part of could go back tight school leg in annuity to star recruit. Coming out of high school. Oh yeah that is no -- she signed up. She doubted it was really going to kick out there Dwyane Wade I don't think that people expected sport two and now all of a sudden -- -- good to see light peak that. They don't -- I think it's kind of weird to just as we look at Russell. Kind of like a cooler Tim Tebow guy that would never the gap would never get divorced I had to -- -- the most alarming part again getting divorced. Anybody who did the boy's idea. But it all stupid stuff like that like five to bear without them haven't been able to say we gotta remember we don't know -- people that job so we don't act like we -- people look I'm a villain that got to put -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what happened I can't imagine how annoyed -- -- -- need to be -- -- duke. I can't imagine that I had no idea I do know this so he picked up without a hit the market. Oh yeah. Sumo ring contract Allen made way -- OTA's subdued when there some time off what. Is it. There are. But we're talking about this earlier you know this is when the draft usually starts today it's back two weeks. And I actually really like it because I don't wanna do I love the MB plus the money -- -- -- drafted in the way of the night like tonight. When -- you got a bunch of games lined up. So I don't mind at all when you look at the NBA playoffs to this point what what what what has what what has got your tents in the months. Well. Don't think I think it should they just to -- the isn't the only game that being in a surprising level of trouble I think everybody problems eaten any trouble. They can't tell you in trouble right now. I think that all these either almost seems as -- I've got to go down a lot we've seen the weaknesses explode. In a way that makes you realize it would open crapshoot especially the western copper bit. Look at Goteborg apple it appeared a little bit guardedly -- them a lot attack would go to because we're gonna do -- little what do they do it let's Brooke event. It happened to shake out at Oklahoma State they get to be somebody's got to come out would play -- public and got beat Scott Brooks. So -- and I mean at the order that they that they were negative outlook and I know what -- in fallible disputed the most wide open hermit I can think of immediately. Are are you gonna stay up tonight and watch our little itty -- dark stuff -- hopefully get go -- things. Absolutely. Dismayed at being. Out that light but didn't actually have a love it though particular -- eighteen years. I'm fully expecting them to just try to beat a lot of -- -- -- analog and out of it did in the -- come back. You know what god is to not eating all go to the mark evacuate you know -- about to -- Well the -- -- coming back. Well I think it's someone who had been fired quite often normally when you get fired and -- Dubai triple all meant more to do. About it how the people who you work for you about you and it seems to be a bad -- between their ownership group. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like you seem to be the -- an apology to me wrong about the. -- you start with fusion like few guys around you has got like less than a few guys around and so yes you are correct it's weird. Well but but it begs the question but money always your most contentious firing. Think the worst hiring and at the time that I -- a press release and found out that -- time slot at being given away and I called the Boston city -- neither confirmed nor did not. Otherwise I would hate that -- -- a conference call element media to provide that well in the -- doing the talking it would hit ball. And I'm looking to -- bought them like okay cool and in my -- -- -- that it -- Italy -- -- and you tell me doubtfire I mean I really think you wanna get involved in a conversation with somebody adding an up and -- they'll never come at all well illiterate in the basement are like. When he -- I can neither confirm nor deny what was your response to that. You can do would you -- -- Our whole OK I never dawned on me once in the world -- -- you say what you want about me Akamai and if you think you can do grunt and gain mall. Why do you think you were telling you get it turned out enough I don't know that you guys. -- That one of those -- were later you think about what you wished you had said or done. Not and are really become -- TV now you got. Thank you when you when you're in media people fight over nonsense in and you wind up on feel like you really have to you really have to do. Right like bearded everyday -- it worked out for me to go to work out for unit there. With bush well wonder what IC UH UM Levitt tart and -- Thursday about the next Steve got in between. And highly questionable and you're wired to -- you always look good and it tie. And poppy is there are in a Tommy bahama the everything just once and maybe I'm not gonna put a suit on today can you do that do you get away with I. I think it would be on TV look like -- On the body -- -- -- while while while while -- and that -- -- that a lot of money only close because nick worked -- Put this all -- -- it got an idea -- to put on the ship it ain't even assume we're so. Everyday yes everyday every -- around that event and I mean keep a close there. Right now I mean all of the studio a lot of -- -- the glow there I got swept all that took on rejected -- -- not magic but the top two buttons to put it all Apolo. There -- expensive sweat pants right. I'm not at the manageable separate -- If you brought DF for. The James Harden brings us to defend -- ESPN would you still have a job. -- boy that dynamic I'd drag that CNET. Thought I'd never really paid close attention to him on -- -- -- took that are in and around at eleven minute YouTube being matchup. Of him at. Absolutely not played each had been it was start and it came back to bite him in the hot and right there when that play at the end of the game with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- never bothered -- -- -- -- understated. How I mean and nasty people be any defense I've never seen anyone try less then I think that the game's art. And his effort level has to be an all time low. They ended up making that banana boat that got its -- Let you know we legitimately good that the player in the and that and that he would -- he came around and he didn't play well offensively but now -- -- -- -- mailed in defense -- I don't think that's true. Because he also that same problem he had that when he twelfth series against the heat -- be adding. Aside from the fact did not play -- beaten I didn't shot to report people 45. In this series. Alma one thing that I think he's gonna have to figure out about his game in general if you -- predicate so much of your scoring. All tricking refereed. I didn't Eagles called in the playoffs now they lost game one in large part if he had the ball the end of the day yet it can't get a good shot at that play and try to make the -- beauty tried to get to read a lot. One more quick thing how much you keel O'Neil and his height references is the C well I thought I would defend check on this. Go ahead well. -- Well look all right so the issue is both you guys Shaq says that Dwight is 71 he's about six days and right. But -- played when you play against the guy what does he say he said. Told police say he who's the other guy he he was off by like 34 inches on. Always among Dwyane Wade right calls and he calls all these guys -- -- and they are right but here's the thing how many guys you think that played against. Charles Barkley would correctly identified Charles as -- -- Those guys everything -- -- and all high and almighty would be Charles was taller than he was because he played everybody you play -- tomorrow Barkley out everybody knows -- A little while before did it. Without a short article on this. I think these guys I think Dwight plays beer than 69 some people think he's bigger than 69 isn't that effectively more important what's on piece of paper. Nobody is that he got -- dignity not a net or why you're seeing each year the way to -- the -- waited day and probably game over for Lopez did puberty shorter -- -- register -- but he couldn't create enough space to get Oprah could Brook Lopez have -- that -- several white by the -- with that limitation to -- a lot of -- -- -- all. Because if you're going to be -- not you've got to have more back to eighteen game we put him out there at cattle like if you don't get. The center of the trademarks that are. That's WG much more on the log a lot you want -- a lot to wind up by its center. All quickness to white trying to do this don't speedy -- -- -- -- -- -- real -- go the -- but the white China go to the power and that port deal with a -- garden greens. Well I would if he's not played 71 it's not -- he can't does he won't. -- I don't know. I think one thing I think we -- horrible habit doing the negatives is an about a guy early on how good we think he can beat. And we never really change that as we don't want to be wrong about that ought. So look like the white weed that out good to like in Indian it. At the white not a good we decided we say that each had a goal to beat a good many -- like pre built for example he's never going to be a very good street course you're pretty sure he wants to break. Everybody -- to target to 80% resort shooters so I don't know exactly what the ceiling -- all of Dwight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- five point seven. You're the -- why don't you -- isn't playing. Good listener you the listener on attacks like 95795. At any point. And as a prop -- for the night so my guess my feeling for the dungy are good. A few on the text on I mention weak one NFL lines around and I got a few texts that are pretty breathless. Like who who what where are they out we're gonna find them what our day but what hotel. Via Las Vegas hotel casino actually -- -- that the second I wanna get to this real quick this text came in. -- member are our buddies the them the paramedics. Matt and brass yeah. Who called in yesterday today. We had a little bad singing competition EST on the show. And they date they texted this morning. They said were officially throwing out the challenge flag to the one of the contest yesterday ruling on the field both for the car fast cars for kids guy. A using a sponsor song is equivalent to using pine tar on the neck should have been thrown out. Secondly. My girl says my voice was the most annoying thing she ever hurt. Send this to New York for a ruling thank you for your time medic Matt and and medic -- we just decided that the cars -- is just too perfect. But I productivity execution. They are good though the paramedics are also well at least. If we could just revisit quickly their performance yesterday like you have. -- -- -- and I don't -- statute holes. To go do. Something pop and rock. -- it was so they have been very their parents should do their lives EU grew. And without error. Show. And me are you want you being yeah. Yeah. I need to -- Don't we. All know. And you know. I'm not in the US. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think it does give -- after the show yesterday. It's the most fun I've ever given to anything we've done on the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I think the RR paramedics. Will was it will yet will Hussein share. Put together saying beaver. Although Bakken references name and got one when you think bearer for the final four so I mean it's yet. -- I'm concerned they never call hall of fame gets established today and all five of those guys go and it without question -- first induction ceremony involves all five of them. The paramedics. Going in as a team. They're going as a team like Simon and Garth are on the job at any moment they can get the phone -- all this 95 year old. You know mr. Johnson went down the heart attack right save lives right there may be Katie in the trees citing Gertrude and BS -- did their versatility. It might be unmasked them all the collars because of their. Determination. To help. Society in save lives on a daily basis now they may not always get to called the there always ready there. You know I would say they're always ready well amid some thought I really happening online and paper view because there's -- save the subpoena -- well -- -- the -- -- on the volume on the on the walkie talkie or something. Our little -- -- -- before giveaway the the idea Mike -- Mayweather paper view party to a dollar gift card giveaway. For you we should we give away the best call I I think right now. The leader might be that first public get one more. Ollie to Jeff in plain hard who's been hanging in and Jeff you get the final word on now -- -- schedules at least for the day we got man. Later here and I wanna talk about. The scandal and what struck out to me is split in league play obviously Denver twice and -- Seattle community that was in the big game. And a nice looking that was one play obviously Richard Sherman with a great play -- what one player a -- And we have a sixteen games before that or -- up a quarter of -- crude and that. Arguably the cup retained on paper let there and coming into this year. And I just feel like an -- still looked at the raiders. And the guys below the greater good Billy and I mean of course upcoming from a bit -- and it was all these long years. But I mean that accountability I think. Well I read if you're Peter -- thing today was unreal about. It's what they have over 500000 combinations. Forty computers for guys locked in a room over three months. And accommodations they go through a pretty remarkable but no I I don't think that I was getting screwed no and here's -- thing is the schedules already said in terms of they're playing AFC west they had three playoff teams that has arguably they have the best team the AFC in Denver. They're also very they're also playing NFC west so you got to play Seattle you have plays every Cisco. I mean obviously Arizona's ten win team. That's great but there is and that's that's predetermined. I mean that's set that's the rotation does nothing to hear you also get the jets on their. You get Houston that won two games you get oriental. I mean you get Cleveland and buffalo there are some winnable games if somehow they can beat these got to find a way to beat you'll good team like beating Kansas City. He'll be in Arizona as they can do that I think they can have a respectable record. You're right here I am -- looks from my next point hook in August were up significantly if you litany come out of you -- who we cannot. And -- -- Crowley on -- -- we need to ask and to be honestly I don't listen and earlier we ya that's what are we can't get those guys. I'd say we trade good -- not being. And Beilein at the end may be get a lot of beavers came up with -- go get him a beer week and around. We'll probably never should pick reorient them cook when you could go -- we got the look on her and bring the young guys gonna look at the -- Draft two weeks away Jeff and we have played them talk about that. I disagree or have time to talk about why I disagree with that -- I I think Christine desperately need the best player available final I would not trade back but will flush that out next two weeks. Our error error we appreciate the call thank you. Well thank you how strong I want you don't just gives -- can be selling he's been we've worked up a little bit. -- any give the schedule set for May yet he's Germany has no no let's get screwed there's a rotation. -- -- Can't get screwed it's not possible Jim the first call on this will get the that the grand prize for today we're gonna be given away for few more days though. Don't mess Marco still -- on my Donna take on Floyd money Mayweather Saturday may third live on showtime pay per view beginning at 6 PM. And Jim wins the pay per view party of the year 200 bucks the gift card covers the cost the paper view plus food and drink for him to throw a party will be given away. -- only GM and another one tomorrow. My number one tomorrow okay because we love doing the sort of thing the other show. Why is Al Las Vegas hotel and casino. Already has its week one NFL lines out niners minus three and a half a Dallas. Raiders. Whether your honor. -- -- from plus four and a half at the jets -- jumps out to me though. Jacksonville plus. Eleven at Philadelphia. Jacksonville I like Jacksonville. Plus eleven in Philadelphia we want. -- tonight you like the -- plus two and a half. I actually. Plus two and a half spirit. Like about plus six. -- again here's a game guy went all in early this morning yeah. Was the Indiana Pacers at minus two and a half on the road. I think they've kind of turn the -- they should kick Atlanta's bats this is up from Willie in Clovis Jesus over under two and a half -- tonight in the warriors clippers game. Two -- technical felt although over on two and a half. It's over them some of the game's gotten out of control on the go under. What's on the line I love Jack plus whether you like they got to play defense. Got more so than anything I mean we talk about Samsung's -- defense you know the opposite James our defense Rich Aurilia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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