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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 4/24/14 HOUR 1

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She's been no voice NBA he's gonna -- against the war years and the raiders. -- -- -- All of so that's how it got to start things off Greg god -- -- is how. -- may be used on a mile drag. Henrietta I got a new one just for tonight you didn't and I a lot -- over 191500. Are doing me. Yeah. -- Do we do it every time he touches the ball. -- the free throw line I want called her a bad. All of her. But every time he touches it when they go doubled him we want. The plan. -- I'm glad hey did. Hand me. Either. I don't know story here. I just want someone yell and won every time he's guarding someone I wanna see -- call fouls on him left and right pop. Are you under file I do well you know lot of guys at Raymond -- some of the officials -- to -- there is important as the starting lineups in the playoff series OK I feel good denied came hours one of the best officials in the NBA all right so clearly official at that Malloy. And the young Eric Lewis. And they are playing at oracle so it should all be different in the first two at staples. So when it's all said and done there will be no complaining from Greg -- regarding in this officiating crew -- I'm not complaining about the officiating help you in game one. Big time Blake I don't know if you noticed he played only nineteen minutes tickets are sixteen points -- I'm not that they'd just over officiated game one game two had nothing to do what the outcome of the game I actually watched. Game to back this morning and Harrington and you just get angry. Really angry and I was critical the coaching staff. For their part -- it. But David Lee was just miserable to start that game here at an air ball. And open jumper to start. Denny had his shot blocked. By the Andre Jordan. And he let Blake just blow by him he is not getting off to a good start so we can have 121 of her fifteen to afford -- night we get a jump them. Twelve to one and never let up so he's got to play better. And staff. That he missed some open shots when he had open shots he missed him. He's got to play better so. I hope I hate when they say we're not gonna watch that favorite gonna burn it in the Italian don't -- to -- to learn from it I watched it twice. And you learn something different every time you course you're watching it and I think when the players watched it the first time they had to be seething. And burning inside that we play bad terrible late. In a playoff game and make your stomach turn so. I think the energy David clippers were the more desperate team on Monday night entering the warriors of god I've made a more desperate team and I. Gotta love socked in playoffs and brings us to -- Afternoon -- And by way. Whom do I. You know mental approach me. Forty point win and pot -- to carry over to game three my attitude is this tape the lawyers. Knew. They got something accomplished when they won game one coming chances are you're not gonna go to LA and win both games but they want one they have home court advantage. The hell with -- you're already in a very good position not to say it's time to relax not to say to throw away game three because this -- they very important game. But who gives a damn about a forty point loss in game two is my and it's. That's over with forget this 11 and a wet when I look at it if you would flip the games. If you had lost game one by forty. And won game two by four how would you feel going into game three you'd be all excited so forget about who cares game -- over you learn from it. He got to change some things tactically which we'll get -- later. But the key thing now entering three of the next four. Games are over we're expecting it to go sex. So three of the next four. Will be an oracle. He had tonight he had Sunday yet -- go to LA for game five to come back and May Day. For game 603. Of the next four -- oracle if you do in this series what she did against Denver. It's over you're winning in six there will not be a game seven so wind at three home games and you're good but you gotta play better. In the post season than you did in the regular season home and that's why. It's up to the fans and I know Jermaine O'Neal. Party called them out which remains -- here and -- the building was never empty before I don't know what warrior team you're talking about. They always sold -- you know -- call hand on them and they were hideous disease people love us. Basketball but -- gotta become the sixth man the seventh man I want you to get on Blake Griffin do you hear that Chris -- hurt. In the Internet definitely does pick up the LA times and -- is just blab being. And and I don't know if you know Henry he's not actually a medical doctor. It's just his nickname. But he's going on and on about about Chris Paul and -- hamstring injury in game -- trying to chase stepped down. In the second quarter of game one he had it and you watch him back in game two. And he was not explosive he was very good he made a lot of jumpers but he was not as usual. Explosives LP is very strong he's still got bad side that's gonna impact I would change the game plan is to watch amendment and put curry. On him a little bit always so physically strong but that the guy you've got to go ahead. Is is Blake Griffin and I want the warriors crowded night to intimidate. Him. Because I think he would shake a bull I think you can get him rattled and he got to get to him early and you get a make it really uncomfortable for this game and it's gotta start the opening tip off. Well if he is injured I would put clay Thompson on them. I would want more pressure on them I would force him to dribble and dribble heart I mean he's probably gonna try to go as easy as possible passes quickly. But if you force him work hard that's gonna put more stress on the and hamstring meant. Now I I I I actually looking at a more higher I really want it Iguodala. To cover him. And again you go back and forth and they were whenever we talk in this stuff it's just generalities they switch a lot ranked Curry's covered him a lot in this series. I've seen -- -- That they can create switches hey you know he has run a little pick and roll one -- when you wind up switching it. They can do that but I I really like and the reason being if -- dollars just not good. And I saw this last year against Denver and I asked George Carolina Georgia and early in the year before the warriors have played a game as not using -- Dallack. Defensively in the meat and George concurred. He's better on the point -- -- your offense and you point your defense he's better on the point guard because he's like Scottie Pippen he saw law. But when US -- run through those ticket estranged. To chase JJ Redick he's just not is good I think clay is better at that added that place pretty good fight over screens get back on the shooter. So I and I would put -- I'm JJ a little bit and I want it get down to a much bigger dollar really get into the game -- -- gonna get the defensive assignment you've got Paul tonight. You gotta get out again extend on him you gotta get up on him usual length you're all NBA defender dolby wonders why we traded for you gave -- 48 male. Go get him in a nominee is play Redick and we'll switch it back and forth but I do wanna see. If if this stock could be playing it out and Paul could be fine for the game we saw that with Tony Parker last year in the semis and Parker was fine. But I just wanna see if he has the explosiveness detected -- -- factor which -- -- -- reason. You gotta go get Blake Griffin but I am afraid about doubling him I don't think I would double him. If pop I just got off the phone what coach Gary saint Jean is going to be joining us at 215 cent hindering. -- make sure you tell pop how big of a game this as I said use your one on those guys that say this is a huge game. He says absolutely. He said that and a seven game series or five game series. History shows that when the teams split the first two games of the series. The team that wins game three. Goes on to win the series 77%. Of the time. Same at least bring it out stats saintly to -- Morales said he's ever provided so I know he's into it. -- -- that guy huge he changed you don't watch the game in his guys guys -- so this may have popped up regularly on the women's side tonight said man. It's they've got to win and -- OpenId is no reason -- overall though I know absolutely it's not over. But give everyone a chase -- what else you got coming -- you're talking to the man later fairly natural lake up by did. You and sit down interview about thirty minutes. That -- was that Henry Tuesday it was the doubters they Tuesday and there was I posted Yahoo!. -- cozy with Cisco's he was doing sharks so I get along with thirty minute interview you've been seeing a lot of it. And Yahoo! Sports talk live in sports that -- I'm just fortunate they are you'll see more of it tonight on Yahoo! or five you'll see some of our pregame show. It's 630. Here we're gonna take the interview almost all of it and replay it for you because there was fascinate -- and we have a lot of fights for Joseph thirty minutes on camera probably another forty. Off camera learned a lot about what he thinks his basketball teams are we gonna play that. And what 1245. Part water Henry than -- 1 -- 1 o'clock virtue. Bob we got sued techsters from the 415 they said that they don't want the crowd shouting Blake when he steps of the free throw line. They suggest everyone should shall. Salon murder every. Where. -- -- -- Parents could -- like that -- I could go for that I just wanted to all do it together and I every time he touches the ball I want you to get -- I do like the overrated at the free throw line. I love assumed that would be -- just get out of hand whatever whatever you wanna do I want you to Janet altogether. And -- you rattle him and take him out of again. Just work doesn't seem I seek the techsters got the word across go flop ever get a get to a parent by the way -- Mercedes -- the San Francisco and Oakland brought to this after. Afternoon delight sports updates gives me. And brought to you by Mercedes brand of San Francisco Mercedes-Benz of Oakland your Mercedes. Is waiting on your laptop or your mobile device that 1800 new bands dot com what we come back Bob let's get for Roland. With bad. Small low our nerves. Here. Yeah. Are you sir stretch this borderline raiders. She Hillary haters. -- basically what I want is the black hole to take over Oracle's. Take on -- I don't want you to be friendly to the warriors I want you to be nasty. I wanted to be a nasty warrior crowd this windy and nasty and number 32 and ready -- intimidate. -- -- -- -- -- -- now we want next it's up well I don't care ambulance there on what's so it's nice 77%. Bigger than outdoors than Iowa nasty. And I don't want him up. If he dunks the ball one time denied. I'm gonna lose respect for all the bigs who might not only no layoff I want no jobs you've got to put him on the ground. Do not allow Blake to do it chin up on Oracle's rims our driver when undercut him elbow -- Maurice Bates but look at that left him -- had a beauty of the night let's not turn and Alton Lister against Shawn Camp all over again. Do not let him dunk the ball. When we come back we'll discuss who's most likely the man up and undercut him if he tries to dunk the ball is there anyone on this -- team. Tough enough to deliver. Give us -- call you know the number will be right back on the various news now for sports 957. The game. All scream toll free. Hey welcome back to every one -- the music doesn't get to pumped up maybe. Then nothing else will. The bottom. One but two Bay Area teams are in action tonight in the playoffs. Warriors taking on the clippers that series is tied at one they're gonna rock -- -- tonight. And then you have. The red hot. San Jose Sharks. They're looking to sweep. The LA kings tonight on the road. Don't worry sharks fans were gonna get deep deep very deep into some ice hockey talk. Today in fact we've got a tax pump up from the nine to five said Wofford and pops -- hockey. You're the only -- can do on 957 without making an ass of themselves game four tonight -- -- LA. And I -- -- myself every day but he -- Never do that you know what I a I really hope the sharks. Close it out tonight because I think it is important if you look at the history of the NHL playoffs. If you -- when you'd have to expend extra energy early in rounds it's not good. To getting all the way to the finals the hardest thing to do in sports is doing those sixteen playoff games. To win the cup because every series is so different -- in the hot goalie it's really a challenge. But part of me interviewed a booming for this okay wouldn't mind if we had a game five on Saturday night -- -- why. I wanna go to okay and you're so selfish man it's all about me that. I I I I hope they sweep. But if they don't I'm to be there on Saturday night is we got a giants' day game. And only real time to get down there for for and they think they did announce it would be at 7 o'clock came on Saturday so we would enjoy that. You know -- -- wanna give props to pop drew tremendous because he pointed something now. After game two and it made so much sense when he said he said you know what this series. Is not over it's not even close to be -- over but I saw something that is very very concerning. He said that when Dustin Brown was challenged to fight by a couple of sharks he backed down -- captain bag down but wasn't. Even weirder about this whole thing is that Dustin Brown went out of his way to say something to one of the officials just so he can get kicked out of the games. Just we can get kicked out and the sharks went on I have seven unanswered goals -- then after that. He knew that the kings could be in major trouble when he was absolutely right. Drew is just stupendous not only does he know the game. But he really he knows the texture -- not not just a breakdown of the game they know some players think and he he just. He captures the soul of the game he's kind of like Tim Flannery. He's got a -- go -- -- very much at least she's brilliant Jamie baker made the same point -- -- day with us. The dead brown turned him down I almost back to his hit on Tomas hurdle. But at the bottom line here is the sharks -- -- faster. Their way deeper. Getting where I'm not a fan Iraqi Taurus and there will be even though is a charity is runs and everybody reminds me Dave tiger Williams. And I don't like their style of play but he is extremely fast and he does create Havoc and create scoring chances such as big hits but he so he's so fast and he can shoot the puck. And so can brown on that line as well and a Desjardins a good. Add to it obviously to center but they're they're just there is faster when you're -- kept all my circle and roughly Torres. Well Joba Belsky scored 41 goals this year if he's on their third live the if it has to be a record and history of the NHL a third line center with forty plus goals. That's our deep they are in the draft caddie and coach or go to may argue layer to the most skilled players are on the second -- so. They got skill on skill biggest problem I got tonight and -- only have. I do have two eyes but I need to put them both on the basketball games -- saloon and an effigy of the -- you're -- here are the sharks who watch it later that. They're both going off simultaneously. That wild. If anyone to want to both games of the same time and still -- and pregame show for the warriors that's going on and on great compliment and an -- -- football games simultaneously. That's why you're the legend grand cyclops to our need to kisser but anymore won't disappoint your area and aren't are getting tired of this you know it is Thursday man. How often do you wanna -- your -- is Mike Dunston. Not at all I want has stopped as there aren't my apologies. Only this lately when we did it sounded good coach -- you you -- as they -- Irish. -- by the way -- will be joining us at 230 he's in LA for the possible sweet game tonight will break at all down the pop let's get back to the lawyers because you brought something up and wanna see Blake Griffin dunk at all tonight you said if you -- -- that around somebody -- better make sure he doesn't throw it down Hart who's going to be the man ever likely to stop -- I was leery still just don't let him -- who would that but a lot to watch the play every place different sometimes you're sometimes it could be -- it's a scramble situation Lotta times he gets dunks off. Early offense -- -- -- not always gonna be perfect or get a big item I do not want him dunking the ball. Ever doc clearly Doc Rivers who I work with particular two years in San Antonio already have tremendous respect for -- he is a he worked hard to prepare to be a coach I think he's I just love the way snarls on the sideline the way he won at Jermaine O'Neal. And allies to back again I -- exactly tell what he was saying he was saying to him we know you are. We know you are he coached Jermaine -- and for hitting two or three years so he knows somebody Hussein. You hear hatchet man and you're gonna -- Sometimes you go into a game in Nellie. We're just yet ballistic heat. He never a lot of the and it seemed to score lay up. He wanted you to wrap up and put -- not let him -- have a -- it was called a no layup law just could not have it. So I you don't want them laying it up and worse I don't want him dunking period. That would be the rule. Just know do not let him dump it you have to hammer -- and take a flagrant I don't care. Hammer him you do you have to set the tone or is not coming and our GM and he's jumping all over our -- all night that is not to be allowed so he. NEC's improve the free throw line. But he still assembly want to 1% free throw shooter. And I know -- Andre and -- Blake went crazy at the line on Monday but it would -- you -- on our -- lets you make a free throw well our whole crowd. -- at issue overrated or what are they gonna do and he Andre goes to the line air ball it's question an air ball. Where egos of the blind as you probably will shoot one so now Henry they say they cannot dunk or lay the ball in a and all tonight they're gonna get hammered if they do that. But here's the problem they've been and found trouble in game one they've been in foul trouble and don't bring somebody else and I don't care and help Hilton Armstrong to -- Ever notice how much he looks like rod Brooks. From the these sports follower I actually. All. Of -- -- -- -- -- -- skating but in any event I just I don't care Bob. Follows no one's Don -- do we stand that I do not onboard that I am I doing now. Well -- brought to the donkey I don't know about the -- I am worried about doubling him. I don't think that's a good idea. He's a very good passer so he's he's a good pastor to make this get passed I'm not gonna leave their three point shooters. To go double and I I I think that plays that he's trying to bait double teams from I've seen. So I I I would doubled -- sometimes that I double I'm surprised Seau talked to a there's a million ways to do order a hundred ways to do it but I I'm leery. Doubling him I really -- I. He has got to play a tougher to get a play a more physically this is where a good restart them before the injury. This is why I wanted to play the rockets ABC what they're doing and their series yet Marcus Aldridge right now is on this shuffled. Unstoppable. Really wanted to rockets memory loss Bogut but it is what it is you got to deal them. She voted would be able to cover Blake single because you don't need a double team is focused there -- -- -- hammer him. God I wish we had that snarling nasty growth it would be differ I think that when the series of book that was a big impact on the back. But so but I I do not want we don't know. Then they'll pop. We don't know I I heard the other day that he still a lot of things when he reads hello David Lee was and a lot of came last night last year as well I think he came back in the second round. And recommend he did he did. I didn't advance San Antonio will -- -- if he wasn't coming back they would disclose it right or does that just held an activity opponents -- market sell them anything. He made his rather solid -- we'll history and tell them don't count alpha -- bogey town. I can't can't count on it so if you watched her on out there and hammer Blake I'm all forward but I don't think that's just not gonna happen and I. -- -- he had a deal that without him. We'll be discussing and throughout the show today. And I'm ready for some -- I am ready for some basketball or you deny you in the studio or -- regular -- -- I got the day off man wherever you are that are recusing watchable. -- my use my presidential and just give him free at the game into new games are. Either that -- you know. Dual Monica Lewinsky type of deal -- junior kneecap when you can't host tonight then I take a pretty yeah I think maybe Nancy Kerrigan and Monica Lewinsky. Well sorry that I -- muggers and -- and another no no no I'm sorry hey. Hey that's the garden but it maybe your part today if I got to know they -- that I don't know Monica Lewinsky yeah period -- -- -- and I. Every parent in my bed but I always wanted -- -- thought they got -- about it I was Tonya Harding who was the guy the Little -- was a guy did right Jeff Gillooly. Why are we wasting time talking about I don't know become less than Monica Lewinsky and dust ups I have actually you know what I'm talking -- you are the general vicinity of -- body. -- definitely your knees. It's a little different because you put that cigar back in your -- please I will not do any Monica Lewinsky and I'll be right back -- rather let's talk about baseball when we come back. Rich Aurilia and 957. And CS then. Bay Area giants analysts are the worries about the pitching -- worse. We'll talk about with the orange and black analysts when we return. -- you know. Wanna play long ball the San Francisco Giants. Are willing to do that. Are you shocked. Some people are welcome back to the well -- Henry -- -- and hampered John line he will be back next week Greg -- he's here is always -- do you believe these giants they're hidden homer. They have six yesterday -- for the eleventh time in San Francisco Giants history and they had two guys hit two of Michael Morse had a couple of my hunch there's a they've but close to a thousand feet. And Hector Sanchez was right there including these huge grand slams so. Now I'm not surprised I think they have some home run hitters and marketing and daughter in seven home runs this year. There already got 27 on the year among the leaders in the National League so let me ask -- lottery Clinton's -- They can hit home runs. Let's bring in a got a break down the giants' former giant. Still bleed orange and black Rich Aurilia who does a wonderful job breaking down the giants games. As an analyst on Comcast sports net Bay Area how you doing rich. I'm great can I carry today doing a great man you know -- existence and -- Karen part of -- -- run. As this comes in and Estes is good for giving up home runs or she's so we're -- for. I'm back at. How do you splash we love baseball lately had a seven game stretch the previous seven games they scored twelve games -- twelve runs combined. If you -- extra -- they scored twelve in a single game and that's why we love this game and a. I mean I IPO crew who can explain I mean they hit more homers and scored runs like in their previous -- or any games -- He noted. That team is capable of doing that of course it was probably you know helped a little beat Colorado. But you know he also they have to their guy is pretty much on the line if you stay kodi -- and say at all in taking out. But you each get explains that's the beauty of the game of baseball means to see come out one day you can't do much in and and actually try outscored smoker and -- luck. You know at least -- -- confidence booster for. You know. They're they're they're coming home and open arms. Yeah I am a little concerned about this figure -- injured and if you saw on the game before he's not moving well at all 10 for five with three strikeouts a couple of shallow fly balls she just left. Dropping apparently -- it was when we were at the yard. Against the Dodgers that he he went back -- and I don't I don't recall only play where you -- that neighbors. That's been bothered him for about a week yourself. Yes you know I don't remember either but you know we've been here about it bothered him in and you know listen we've all seen. What he means to this offense when he told the and he came back last year gave them a boost down extraction and you know I think opened a lot of people -- up to what he really means shell out extra. On. And you normally when you're at speed guys popular -- center fielder mean. Cheney's knees -- back memos that they NG don't want. Bugging you and you know this -- neat thing lingers in the near our dignity that are just trying to. Knock it out only candidate that can figure out what it is. Then then let it -- you know play a couple days and take payoff may be used to negotiate a certain. And you know move on from there but it is definitely. Has been her most consistent player up to this -- offensively and they do really really take a while they laughter. Race probably just just on the numbers a 107 home runs for the giants last year was second worst in the National League. Now they have 27 home runs third best in the National League. Is this a true power hitting team. Or is it just the team has -- -- fit in because they're -- Colorado right now so their numbers as far as home runs are somewhat inflated. -- I mean I don't know -- specific numbers are split over my my guess would be as they have. You know what decent amount home runs in Arizona and they have additional Colorado. You when you play your home. Home games -- the HT TE it's it's it's gonna hurt your your power numbers no matter no matter who we are. You know I mean you look at a guy like Mike Morse in the Yankees he's got the most guard anybody and she improperly but history to hit the ball the other way. And -- and -- then you take you know somebody get on the road that are out -- gap and it turned out at home. Our own you know I I think this team is capable. But hitting the long ball but they also have a budget streaky hitters troops so you know it's gonna -- it's a weird mixed. You know I would like to see them you can't score more conventionally. You know getting guys over again goes -- for dereliction chill out but. You know right now what the -- they got to take -- they -- I mean they they haven't figured for a few week's show yesterday and it broke out a little bit. But on you don't do -- -- just -- in the long run. Being in a mixture like we normally at home on the team. Probably not just based on where they play their own ball just. Yesterday. Poached put belt and number three hole rich and he's been talking about it for a good day and they actually did it. I'm not sure how I feel about various -- that well -- -- -- -- and -- problem is not swing and it. And the problem I have if you put belted a three hole. Who it's number two. And in the most important spot to me is the guy that's behind busters so he's protected so I assume. If -- three busters for so who which five and Hoosier to later -- five hitter India like -- entry. Home I guess I like him now in third because you don't need to really -- with everybody struggling what are your options and eat out she. You know pubic buster gets Cohen Pablo gets going you know they're good -- retreat -- I mean I personally I I like bill. In the two hole. Or down in like six -- and he had such as me personally but out of necessity sometimes that you know bode well which always. Has done a few more -- form. I mean it's rare you comparable market to the same lineup you know two days and -- He dislikes -- lineup surrounding. And you know go with the hot hand on. So for now I think you know hatred so you guys that that didn't you know he moved him up a little bit and -- get an extract that game possibly. You know -- aren't good you know -- in the long run. Policy here or Pablo are going to be you know they're either one -- -- going to be street -- ballclub. They -- your take on Matt Cain because so many people some last year was a fluke he's gonna bounce back is going to be all right don't worry about anything. But you take a look at his first five starts this season it's been up and down he's got a three good games and then he's got a game against the LA Dodgers where he allowed five earned runs over six innings. And then on the 23 yesterday's seven earned runs over six innings what should we expect. You know. More inconsistency and and what's been his biggest issue so far this season. You know I. It's hard to say you know what to extract I think for. For number years I think you know the giants -- -- -- with what they haven't actually to be honest with duke. Com you know last year the other pattern on all eager for him and this year it's gonna kind of an up and down. I think right now that would turn him -- -- column you know he's given up some home runs. Let me necessary to which he had -- unions and the key. -- always play -- -- it's lurking on you know they're heavier guys it will -- you know covenant and -- in -- that. You do well against them. So I think -- street game because Connolly you know. I was more worried at first couple games this year and -- and actually he and when your plane apart like that he. I mean both -- just one double digit longer are electronic and you know pushed -- the side and overlooking it and you know I just think for for -- -- -- for the giants to just you know. Easier access to their level of of consistency in -- where Venus. You know just go out and he could not one that you're you can know injured and give them. Six or seven solid innings and keep them in a ball game and and you know I think every starter so far this year is the site content and you had that issue where he you. You may get deep into the game that you don't quite know they're gonna get into the 67 the match then you know they're issue on the pitching side all future. Matt James again been around for a long time we'll see if he did get back on track of 13 this season -- -- four point. 35 earned run average trip to really on dual wonderful job all the time when you're on Comcast sports net Bay Area keep up the great work man and -- so yeah. No one more thing -- yeah you guys would actually that's in power at all well okay there Howard put this right. What could you be thinking. By putting pine tar on -- -- the athletes and the whole world -- you have it on your hand and you sinister. -- -- We talk about Smart they're there are many places a high that -- -- -- major debt in -- sure angry at turtleneck -- -- go to but it China around your decade check reality of our tournament. There's just don't know that I'd have thought there was -- I agree that. But we'll see on Monday back and Monday. I'm back in on Monday so alone won't bet dinner and then picked him have a good channels in London are right guys figured that. They take care and it's always knew my -- and -- the really young man doesn't think of their -- and keep the pine tar off your -- buffalo will be right back -- Pop but got a big interview that is done earlier in the week he'll break it all down with you right after the break. On 957. League game the -- is -- now the sports.

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