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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 4/24/14 HOUR 2

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Your radio has never been easy here. 57. Welcome back to the will house Greg copilot joining myself Henry -- here today and tomorrow and then next week. John Lund will be back tag team will be back again and I'm sure they will. Start things off on a high note is always bring in a professional show. -- the airwaves. What I believe Bob and I'm not just -- of them sitting in today I think you on line. Have the best. Sports Radio talk show in the Bay Area hands down. I'd say its second best. I say I say -- and Walter. You you are grieving I'm a dragon tattoo on your acknowledges that anything is honestly I'm sure he will you keep sales the -- -- -- -- -- get an index -- -- out of it. Their problem a serious note. Very good job with the interview it takes a true professional journalists. To knock it out of the park the way you did I mean that was a long extensive interview and that was just the first two parts of a three part interview. Comcast force -- -- area were lucky to have you ma'am because you can bring it any topic. Any sport -- are true professional I really look up to you for great work like you just did there. I did take some notes and I had some questions for you wanna open -- the door and invite in callers as well if you have questions for -- but 888957. 9570. There were three things that I thought were very huge. During this interview number one he said it's not a matter of if it's a matter of win that they signed Klay Thompson he said we are not. Going to let him get away we are definitely signing Klay Thompson that's always a good move don't wanna mess up the backcourt which I think is the best backcourt. In the NBA. And I -- we -- I talked about this on the show much who actually I think they're gonna have to give him a Max deal that's not the veteran Max. But you'll get like Jay DeMarcus Cousins Macs which will be watched for years 5256. Or forget the exact figure that. Where staff they got him a little. Undervalued because of the ankle injuries. And there will be a point about two years were played Thompson will make more money that's after. Well I I think so that's going to be the case the bottom line is he has healthier than -- who you know is probably gonna get a better contract. He can play on both ends of the court he's not a better shooter than the warriors don't get it over and see what he will get a -- if somebody audience he's gonna kill -- -- you -- actually -- that's that's pretty much a -- they're gonna take care of him that's for sure so that's wrapped up. The other two things. You asked the question of when ownership purchase the warriors. Did they intend to move to San Francisco. And lake upset no. Initially as I had mentioned earlier. And the week they told everyone that their plan was to stay in Oakland however he said after evaluating the situation. They noticed that all three teams and Oakland we're not gonna get new venues and that. Encourage them to go out and research some other potential areas to move to. They did not rule out moving or keeping the team in Oakland but it's just really. I don't know interest in how -- first planned for pierce thirty and thirty to fill the -- they already have another backup plan in San Francisco but what did you take away from that we set all three. Big news. You know they wanted to get three new teams. My venues I'm all three teams out there. Well this thing I -- bothers you when I'm sure bothers a lot of people I think that's why he was booed as closely as he was -- I asked him that question has brought the most interest and aspect of the interview during presaged Jersey retirement night. They are blowing -- partly for months say a lot of people were blowing them because the desire to go to San Francisco that -- the warriors are just going over the bridge. It's not like they're they're moving away like to go -- to LA or something. And for me. Because I'm old enough to remember the San Francisco warriors and Rick fairy that's where the change started when Franklin first new moved in here. That's where they went so I'm not all of an arms I think. They loved it's an open to some degree of but I think they realize the value. Of being in San Francisco. It's not so much of -- and sell out every game and luxury suite it's not so much that. It's what they can build around the arena and they have a twelve acre parcel. Their mission bay and they don't know exactly what the plan is but the other plan. Involve some other things. Is in addition to the arena so I think that's what they're going to deal a lot like. Blue wolf and John Fisher are hoping to do in the south today so I I can't begrudge them yes they love sports but they're businessman. -- -- is gonna privately financed this I'd like to see if it's completely privately financed as he has posted -- finish on the thing that won't. Quite be the case but that's what their plan is -- he's gonna lay all his money out to build this arena for us to go our story is playing -- state of the art arena. I think it's -- that their rights to make as much money they could make around the arena and there's no question you can make more money like that in San Francisco and general and it's just a fact. The one thing that did bother me -- just being honest with you and as far as -- the warriors because I'm sure -- listening. I was bothered by the fact when you ask will you change the name and he didn't give -- -- clear cut answer on that there's and my opinion this is my take on this. If you're the various team. And even though your -- and into San Francisco. And if you don't know you're gonna keep the name is Golden State Warriors obviously you're considering change and I. I want this ambulances I don't page. I hate Golden State Warriors it's not just San Francisco's team is the barrier busting bush make -- Bay Area or yours is well they're playing the LA clippers tonight aren't they in the Golden State. The only reason if you know David Genesis of the Golden State. When they when Franklin Moe that team into the Oakland Alameda County -- they have a 7172. They've played it. Eight to ten games that I have to look -- -- and they did say that maybe as many as ten insanity they go. Think -- if that side and that's why he wanted to be the Golden State to go at the lakers. Now there have been complaints San Diego anymore they've played them all the Bay Area I I never call the Golden State ever. When I was doing their games they were the warriors I don't call on the dobbs I don't like that either. And I don't like Golden State. What we'll just go on the Bay Area -- what I call I don't know I mean let's go warriors I don't I don't know had to rebuild what is Golden State made it means just the team that's been around here -- -- the cardinals great. Now with the gold status to stay in California well we have four teams in the state of California realized I just think it's bad enough that -- change locations it's at least keep the name the same. I just I mean if you are gonna call them Golden State then that's your preference. And and I don't refer to him as Goldenson. Hey welcome back everyone to the will house Henry -- and Greg Papa. We are hanging out. Shortly we will be joined by former team's manager Tony La Russa but as we wait for him. -- go ahead and give -- your your take on the warriors again just to sit down with -- -- that -- -- but he did a wonderful job go one on one with the warriors go home. And I you know you evolved into the issue here has done TV or radio or heavily edited because we we sat and talked for about thirty minutes and we just rolled tape and -- office. So you know what you're hearing is that exactly the flow of the conversation we had I just. I I'd like to show an injured Tony the -- is gonna join us in a moment he would like a lot of Latinos some. And the reason being. He wants to win he makes the point that in a week he and I spoke for maybe 2030 minutes after the interview -- shortest about the team and just talk basketball and a lot of owners get into sports Henry because they wanna make money -- like being around it for whatever reason. Some on the don't know exactly why they're both units to be honest -- -- about what this guy. He puts himself out there and -- he makes no bones about the fact. He's not content winning 5147. New division title he wants the NBA. Championship. And if he has to make an unpopular move of with a coach to do that he will make that move so he. It's clear what he wants and I admire that he reminds me of Al Davis is sales goal every year. Was to win the Super Bowl not to get to the Super Bowl not to win the AFC west not to win twelve games he -- win the Super -- And -- Tony had the same drive and a lot of owners don't feel that way that it Joseph lake of wants to win the whole thing and I love that I love it. Let's get to some -- feedback from the text line pop regard in the name issue because I know we were debate in that. I senate you know I'd definitely want them to stick with the Golden State Warriors and I don't -- I don't refer to him as -- I totally get it. But I just think the name change would mean what you're not gonna change it from Golden State to. The bay warriors you're gonna obviously it takes two bombers. They just keep an -- goldmans if that was good for Sony or Disney minute later in front -- Jones that's good enough for the basic bombers -- and play bombing threes yeah they'd be on the chance. You know the bay bombers used to be a roller derby team -- -- talked about it stats are talking yeah Joni Weston Ron Ron Jones absolutely. And ice box who works for the warriors right now is on the team you know they ranked. They got to admire you right it was and it's been absolutely there was the fridge and football there was ice box and rule there was ice box today he's a big do real nice guy tank no more tough guy though. Well how do you still using I used to the YMCA. They answered yeah. -- they weren't Tony was there were starting they're not found they were construct in the stadium actually ace the raiders to come back. I -- the they're doing right spots via their vacuum icebox of the other -- on the YMCA -- Speaking of ice -- man. You know -- -- allies Cuba a couple of weeks -- us and I thought that raiders -- was one of the worst -- have ever heard more or. I mean I really did like the ice cube was weak put that rap man I love the part where he had your name in and I get a third time. He had meet Terry I know coach with the priorities you know hauled out you know you called IQ that. Potentially life wedding -- I just thought it was awkward -- it didn't flow well in my opinion there was boards do you know can you told them that. -- know. I just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- called -- not a judgment refusal to know just on there how I wanted to say thank you is never got around for the you can text of if that's that's just coming in the arena that that is. Whose miss hit -- bad home -- -- one at home you're probably not gonna like this with them that's the raiders anthem was a common get it. Yes misting fan has a warrior anthem for tonight really and it's going to be called loud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. fab is one heck of a performer man but a good guy great guy you can -- -- basketball he loves his roots he'll tell you. Where he's been where he was raised all the adversity he's faced. And who he is today I mean he sits down and he's a true real guy gotta love that. But let me out region a couple of things. -- from the sex line. Instead. One person says I agree with Greg. It is stupid to say we're going to Golden State but at this point I don't really wanna change the name that's why Mike in Oakland. But so -- that you're so I've had reacted just telling your tone your miffed if this if face changes from Golden State. They're gonna alienate Oakland but they're not the Oakland warriors they never mad and went went went Franklin -- frank and move the team. Why did they call on the open orders. I told you partly because it plays -- Saturday April 8 to ten ranked but that was one year. They played it at the Oakland coliseum the quarter 66 the mega -- since 1971. But we talk of 43 years 43 seasons they've never been the Oakland warriors. So and I think. It may may not be Smart to call -- the San Francisco warriors either. Because the one thing and -- and and when you Fitz Gerald the judge of mr. Obama team. They did comprehensive study I'm sure that -- owners -- as well. That the warriors draw equally. From each of the Bay Area counties. They get as many from arraignment as they do for Santa Clara County. And Alameda counties they do for San Francisco so once you put a name to -- you don't want to alienate. Any side of the bay because there's there's two football teams here this to baseball teams here. So they share but the warriors. They are the bay -- darling that's what finance maturities say about a and it's true so maybe it's not the San Francisco warrior name you want. That is don't like Golden State Warriors inches. We were here in the same state as the Los Angeles Lakers for comedy get you ever come and get the leopard on how we could she have veto late at night. Over the Golden State Warriors. We've got to be -- there were which is about all of California should start seeing here. And we had that's true. I. The guy who just doesn't like change our faces. All of I don't like change now I know opposite I like you're Angel an awful -- chicken with them the fans that's been. Stick to what this team through thick and then. Deserves a new arena and I'm not gonna put that only on Lincoln all right you gotta put that on the city of oh you are you are mayor Lauren. How you are getting an orient. Yeah but it's not an Oakland and it's clear upset of the yeah well that's so changing the name is gonna matter to you you know one of the worst days as a sports man. It was when the raiders picked up and moved. Sounds to L life you know I mean I felt something in my stomach that entire. At that time the warriors are moving to LA. Right kind of disregard -- best I don't like change that's like distilled. Guys you are the more we talk that we can I completely opposite we are the same thing I -- forward with the I want changed constantly I've thrived on change. -- -- the team every season. But if the no don't don't I told him I'd go there every year and now I'm Mercedes Cruz drove it down their their beautiful arena. Would allow me to read this I don't mess up therefore you won't say hey Einstein Mets -- read that better than you I mean I did I interrupt your reading readiness. Earlier -- the other day I was trying to her assignment. You noticed any of -- oil and ago. That every time lunch screws -- effort to slam this time and man it's a slam whose ratings. We realize diamonds was in a great reader OK so that hurts. By the way Laguna -- up online contests start your engines the continental tire Monterrey Grand Prix. Isn't making a pit stop at Mazda raceway Laguna Sega. May second through the fourth tickets are on sale now and Mazda raceway dot com. For a chance to win tickets and qualified to be an honorary pit crew -- -- that after races. Visit our contest page at 957. The game. Dot com nailed it. It's home. I'd like to hang on a pit crew that in mind. Now is not the pit that you're talking about now I mean right -- Chaney all right or change the tires. A couple of them. But nobody thought would. They're coming up next to your questions for pop up on the lake of interview and impressions. Of the NFL schedule stop being silly and -- the digits baby. 888957957. He will give you on. 957. Hey welcome back everyone. It will house Greg Papa is here working hard is always -- -- -- join him for today and tomorrow. Hey Bob. The schedules out -- people wanna switch gears and talk some football maybe. Raiders' schedule -- scheduled -- released yesterday officially. At 5 o'clock. There were some guys up their -- in the information. For -- wanna go over the schedule and have you break down. What's gonna happen next season your thoughts on the schedule. Especially early on. Well I I I think forestry and you know I heard. Media people make -- fun of the release of the NFL schedule it is is it critically important. We know they we've known -- the league has it all set up by division rotation for years. The only thing you're really look at that issue what place you finish in your division. For a couple of -- -- same conference games but it is critically important. When you played a member of one year only time in history NFL in the league was clearly trying to stick it down. The raiders play their first two games on the road and their last two games. Has never done before. In history of the NFL so it is very very important. The niners schedule I think has very advantageous to them and this is something John and I were talking about we thought. That first game of Levis in the regular season on the fourteenth of September it would be against Seattle. But the niners get a tremendous break because of our moment with this torn ACL in the MCL. You have to think is gonna miss at least the first couple of months of the year if not more. Should not place Seattle until November the 27. Which is Thanksgiving night for the first time there's a huge break. Plus. A few anticipate Eldon Smith getting suspended as I do I think most people do. I don't think he's gonna get the whole year. He may get for. Even if he gets eight which is a lot. That they still get him back for the Seattle games so that to me is a huge break for that I have. But that's just Smart planning to -- I mean if you look -- the -- yes it's Smart planning because of this. Who's the best team in football right now. Are you think this Seattle Seahawks are happy when they look to the -- schedule and see that there there there are gonna play them until. Played a year when they get their two best offensive players back from injury and suspension. They're the best team in football. And -- Francisco or learn -- your opinion well if they were last year how to they start the next season they'll be in the center -- everybody's -- and then there's a whole new year your attitude and your husband and it's all -- Norway which reported they're the champions let me put it that way the other night they -- the champions let's all semantics where you are so what we're -- -- -- Team and football. CNC let's respect that okay if the raiders won I don't know I'd make Iran has won the Super Bowl last year and I wouldn't be on here right now saying are all well that's last year they're not the best -- brook farm -- the worst -- -- football and really meant for twelve years what's your point about the schedule -- point is this these are the two best teams in football why do you wanna see them play in week two. Don't you want both of these guys to play when they're peaking. As a team playing in week one against a bad team that bad of an idea I wanna see teams play when they're both. Sitting on I don't know the top of their divisions are near the top or would very good records -- like a nine no team going up against an eight and one team I don't wanna see them play in week one. You know that it almost doesn't mean most. Why did you play your division games early and you play them late and they put that in purposely during the lockout year. Data and they all all of the change the schedule because they're worried about a lockout costing you know he may be half the games in any event this is a bit of a departure from what the league has done. As far as putting it to -- division games later and I understand why you why they're doing it. But the teams evolve and change so. Like last year they played in week two -- they didn't play until later -- but the bottom line is it's very good news for the 49ers. That they don't have to place Seattle until. They're too defensive players possibly come back I think that's a huge break for them as far as the raiders. Having to go to New York. I'm the first week of the season is the league stick and -- storm again there's no other way around this you knew we had to go to -- New York or New England. On September the 21. That's a given because you're gonna have to go to London right after and that's the way they do -- West Coast teams you go play in East Coast team. You -- then to fly right after the game to London to shorten the trip so you have to go all the way from the West Coast through to -- Europe. So we knew that two compounded. The excessive travel early. And make this team opened this season in New York explain that to me. Why would they have the raiders go to New York in November December is just beyond me so open a year. Count the miles here -- look we gotta go to Minnesota. In play outdoors. At the university of Minnesota stadium -- they blew up the metrodome. We have to go to Green Bay to play pre season games we're not even go on -- 49ers. New stadium. Drive and just across the bay. Sort of Minnesota and back west that 4000 miles to Lambeau and back that's 4000 miles Demi go to New York opening here. To New York it back is 6000. Canoeing -- -- back is 6000. Plus you have to go to Heathrow after you leave no wing Glen and that's equivalent to going to from West Coast to East Coast attack and a 6000 I can add all the sub. But how many miles are there are haters gonna have to travel. Before September is up. It -- up for me it's ridiculous and if they don't get off to a good start. It's gonna put tremendous pressure on this coaching staff and players start to not believe so I like the niners schedule that it's terrific for them for the reasons I stated. For the league to make the raiders opened this season in New York. I'm back on top of having to go to New England or new York and we three. And then the London England in week four it's just BI can't imagine why they did that. Blatantly unfair now look I can't figure it out either. Can you know I don't I don't I don't think they know oil passed away and they're still trying to stick it to him three years after a long Zelman gone. -- -- to have did a play that game in New York on September the seventh that should have been December the seventh. Rejects -- the data -- 49ers. Is typical for -- team when there's the GM owner. Where someone higher up. To reach back out to the NFL and says look acting nice and hose state dinners and whatever response all the leg I usually did who dare complain. They do it all Bruce Allen used to do it all the time and they they've been there before they've mount this schedule and put it on the air. They take it every generators are probably had his schedule for a week or two and they can complain and say we don't want to do that and maybe you know some of them they change. Yes of course they do -- once it's already released as long ball actually got to play it but. That matches so again it's. If I -- Minnesota. Green Bay in a pre season. New York Foxboro. London England those -- your first four regular season game and your home game. Is Houston. School couple years ago before last year I thought was the best team in the AFC they have a number one pick overall also. It's going to be tough to get off to a good start -- the get beat the jets on the road jets are a great save over lost film last year interest of the point of the matter. They have to go on the road for this -- how many miles we talking here 2030000. -- -- just to. Play the first month of this season unbelievable how does this job take on a former team. There are I wanna see that weakness to make sure they block JJ -- And if the official we try to get in the world -- game is an open by the way. Since then that's that wasn't. Handled well in September 4 played in every year -- like in the AFC west. -- me here we don't play the Houston Texans. Hope they can take your business man. We'll be right back when we come back the daily dilemma how big are these next two games for the Golden State Warriors franchise. As the whole. We'll discuss it on the bay -- -- Sampras sports 957. Again.

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