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Rich Aurilia on The Coors Effect

Apr 24, 2014|

(No, not the beer.) Our 95.7 SF Giants analyst talks about the Giants Home Run binge in the early going and the struggles of Matt Cain

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Still believe the orange and black Rich Aurilia who does a wonderful job breaking down the giants games. As an analyst on Comcast sports net Bay Area how you doing -- I'm great catch -- and doing a great man you know pop existence in the -- Karen what you run. I -- this comes in and Estes is good for giving up home runs or she's over to a profit out of our. -- how do you display that's why we love baseball lately had a seven game stretch the previous seven games they scored twelve games twelve runs combined. Kitty -- did they scored twelve in a single game and that's why we love this game. I mean I IPO crew who can explain I mean they hit more homers and scored runs like in their previous government games. In order. The team is capable of doing and of course it was probably you know -- a little I beat Colorado. But. You know he also they have to their guy is pretty much on the line stay -- -- And cable. In taking out. -- you -- -- explain. That's the beauty of the game of baseball -- -- come out one day can't do much and and and actually transcripts over and so. You know at least issue -- confidence booster for. You know. They're they're they're coming home and opened up arms. And I have a little concerned about this figure out injured and if you -- -- the game before and he's not moving well at all 10 for five with three strikeouts a couple of shallow fly balls you just let. Dropping apparently -- it was and we were at the yard. Against the Dodgers that he he went back on -- -- on our -- play wearing thing that neighbors and that's been bothered him for about a week yourself. Yeah you know I don't remember either but you know we've been here about it bothered him and you know listen we've all seen. What he needs to this offense -- -- -- he came back last year gave them a boost and stretching and you know I think open -- flies -- to what you really ancient arts -- extra. Com. And you know what when when you're at speed -- popular -- actually feel certain. Seeing knees and back panel that they NG don't want. Bugging you and you know this system is neat thing lingers meaning over in the community there are just trying to. Knock it out only candidates they can figure out what is. Then -- what it wonder you know play a couple days until they maybe just in the days. And you know move on from there but it is definitely. Has been their most consistent player up to this point offensively and they'd be really really take a book laughter. Race probably just just on the numbers a 107 home runs for the giants last year was second worst and the National League. Now they have 27 home runs third best in the National League. Is this a true power hitting team. Or is it just the team has been a fit in because they're -- Colorado right now so their numbers as far as home runs are somewhat inflated. Well I mean I don't know ordered specific numbers swear sports program -- my guess would be is. You know a decent amount home runs in Arizona and have a huge amount Colorado. Eagle and you put your home. Home games -- -- it's it's it's gonna hurt your your talent no matter no matter who we are com. You know I mean you look at a guy like Mike Morse in the Yankees he's got the most ardently and it can probably the history in all of the other way. And Martin -- You take you know some -- it on the road. -- -- -- turn -- at home our own. You know I don't think this team is capable. Of hitting the long ball but they also have a streaky hitters too so you know it's -- it's so weird mixed our own. You know I would like to keep them -- -- score more conventionally. You know getting guys over -- answer their questions two out but. You know right now what the -- got to take that again I mean they have been eager for a few weeks yesterday Brooke apple. But you know. To -- this team in the long run. -- and actually we -- all wrong team. Probably not just based on where they play their -- just. Yesterday. Poached put belt and number three hole rich and he's been talking about it for a good day and they actually did it. I'm not sure how I feel about that he is swinging the bat well and -- he's -- -- and a problem not swing and it. And the problem I have if you put belted a three hole. Who it's number two. And then the most important spot to me is that guy of -- behind busters so he's protected so I assume. If -- three busters for so who it's five and Hoosier to later hoosiers five hitter India like belted entry. I don't I I guess like now in third because you know who really -- which are struggling what your options so I mean you know she. You know if you bought surrogate colon problem it's don't you know -- that goes -- for. I personally I'd I'd like bill. In the two hole. Or down six hole and he heard such -- me personally but out of necessity sometimes you know but -- -- -- has done a few more -- form. I mean it's rare you comparable market finishing line you know should -- and grow. He dislikes -- in the lineup -- and you go with the hot hand com. So for now I think you know it could spell -- guys that didn't you know we've moved him toppled over in order -- lecture at that game possibly. You know that's -- you know in the long run. Toward easier or Pablo are going to be you know -- one knows these street. -- -- your take on Matt Cain because so many people said last year was a fluke is gonna bounce back is going to be all right don't worry about any thing. But to take a look at his first five starts this season. It's been up and down he's got a three good games and then he's got a game against the LA Dodgers where he allowed five earned runs over six innings. And then on the 23 yesterday's seven earned runs over six innings what should we expect. You know. More inconsistency and and what's been his biggest issue so far this season. You know I. It's hard to say what to expect I think for for number years I think you know. The giants fans. Were shall -- what they -- -- matching to be honest with few. -- you know last year the other -- on all eager for him and the -- got kind of an up and down. I think right now it would hurt him -- long bombs you know he's given up some home runs. Bond money necessary to which he has tree unions and the -- Keep all play video it's cracking on duty guys its you know covered in picture to. -- -- against them. So. I think yesterday's game it is currently you know. I was more worried the first couple -- in the island actually need it when your plane apart like. I mean both teams scored double -- is -- -- electronic and you know put that -- overlooked -- and you know aren't listening for from backing for the giants this you know. Egypt -- level of of consistency in my where. You know just go out and could not one that -- you can -- Richard you there. Six -- seven solid and -- in the ball. And you know tactic every start so four years the site cuts in -- had an issue where. You -- deep into the game that you don't quite know they're gonna into 67 match and you know -- issue on the pitching side all the -- Matt -- again been around for a long time we'll see if he can get back on track of 13 this season one a four point. 35 earned run average -- -- -- really on dual wonderful job all the time when you're on Comcast sports net Bay Area keep up the great work man. They don't want what for yeah -- you guys -- -- how how well okay Howard put this right. What could you be thinking. Like putting -- are your. -- and world so you have it on your hand mister swift's Mars where a. -- there there are many places to hide it mathematician fight your deck it'll assuring me -- turtleneck -- In my -- but China around here decade check me out upon armament that was just that there was that I just thought there was yeah I agree. We'll see on Monday -- Monday. -- back in on Monday so blown -- -- and could have been good Tamils in London are right tactic here expects to sit here it's.

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