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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 4/24/14 HOUR 3

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the wheel wells everywhere on him it offered. Grant bobbled a legend. Wanna give everyone a heads up it's the fat stacks of cash contest on 957 game. You have until ten past the hour to text the code word of glass. EG LK asks asks. It's a 72881. Up for you can enter it via the website www. Intercom contest dot com. That's glass. Ask GL. A -- best. 272881. Or www. Intercom contest dot com make sure you say. Quote this part pandering that message and data rates apply every one. Don't blame it on me if your phone bill as time -- how are you fill one man. What's the -- again it's glad. Last July and hey go I asked the former voice of the San Francisco Giants look it's June and now he's a mayor somewhere in northern California Xena. Believe he's gone of the politics I'm not to sure about that remember David glance. I do remember -- glass again. You know -- you got a very very strong following you know that like every time I disagree with you there's like two people. They don't realize we actually work together and get along they just start crying and -- -- should it disagree with -- -- well let me tell us senator it's so sad I mean. Do what I do ignored all one guys like almost in tears like it's against the rules to disagree with -- -- if -- You don't know anything interesting if you win the championship Pletcher doesn't mean you're the best in next year's national -- Seattle they have none -- -- Go to Vegas and try to get some good odds in Seattle there's so here's last year all right our shot at a birthday you know. Where you left the party. Mr. fab was there don't Marchand and he didn't he invited me you don't really knows when I go to parties entering. Is that that action unless. He wanted no part of -- there. You. Our affiliate company and welcome -- to indicate your party is now. About action when you look cool no -- -- business. And I like Marchand. In getting me. -- You know what I love about -- on that dude is down to earth he gives back to his community. He has a football camp pop and I'm sure you're aware of this but the rule lives. Every one gets to participate. It's absolutely free he says there's so many people it can't -- and it doesn't charge not even a dime in fact. When I heard about and I took my boys. And I still want to go get my little cousin from a Stockton right. And he came up there are so he could -- it was the first camp he's been too. And the shoes that he had they weren't the best shoes let's put it that way in fact I was gonna surprise them when it was all said and done take amounting to give them. This first set of high school cleats. Well he comes back from the can companies like -- doesn't look what I got. And Marshawn Lynch had seen issues and what Marchand does he has like. I don't know a 150 to 200 pairs of shoes. And for anyone who's struggling did you get a lot of kids who are well -- that is camp just some other kids who aren't in the best economical situation. As long as your plan hard. Here's a pair of shoes for you and -- -- the world to my cousin now just a cooldown -- guy cooked. Barbecue food for all the kids in the family so bring your mom and pops here let's just sit back and relax I mean. Very very good guy who asked sometimes that they. He he's not a guy is gonna self promote what he does but those who know on realizes that he is absolutely wonderful. For the community now. My direction mostly you know I've come November the second he's sworn enemy. He's this raiders are playing this Seahawks this year sudden you know instant actions and act upon. It's time for the daily dilemma man. It was nice whoever. Yeah. -- -- That's been an update we could put them after losing Landry and Jack I think the word got back home crowd because Stefan curry Klay Thompson are happy ability take you would every single game -- they've got about possibility. That. It was an idea that was SI it's Chris Manning's. But NS yes. Everything old detective show the seventies my -- do you remember that he was cool very cool. Do you remember inspector gadget he was there actually remembers it. -- let this guy is trying to get a -- manic is actually inspector. Gadget I just think inspector dead it was a better and so there. Vote. Gorgeous secretary was Peggy never absolutely furious. Yes she was he was. Hey Bob they're gonna tell me if I don't do to get to work man I mean. These fans here. Don't wanna hear about semantics yes they didn't do -- don't want to hear about inspector gadget signal can get away with bad apple when I sit in this chair. And I turn -- you know probably still elderly alive all right -- just don't turn on them on just break that completely -- talk about warriors and I -- of course they want to know this your mom dad so I wish they always coming out what time to -- -- coming on at 215 I gotta I -- proposal offers nightly okay. I am where it's not about to -- I'm I'm afraid of doubling Blake because I think that plays into what doc wants you to do and I think. I would double him some. And sale talk about these tough guy to double -- fascia so much and he's a good passer he will skip and out of a double team. You know I just want them to hammer Blake tonight -- -- doubled on some. But not a steady diet as she would sage says but here's the other part that very. That thing it's given the warriors. Is them yes blades seeing staff on the -- -- right right and do whatever you're reading. I watched every game the last three years no one has done this to him like this no one that. The clippers throughout the regular season did not do it like this they do it's birds and no one day that George Karl didn't do it. -- didn't do it. No one's done -- the way Doc Rivers says in this series de LA clippers are number one in the NBA defending the three and he went into the series and he said it. I'm taken splash. -- -- away. The -- Brothers are not hurt me -- I'm gonna go at them and I'm taken mainly the main slasher which is curry. So they are blitzing that they can roll excessively right but the warriors have been running that pick and roll where David Lee. Little -- on green and we'll also they running away Jermaine O'Neal you know and those guys -- good I heard -- right. So why don't we run. The pick and roll. With staff and clay. Where they run it together it is not there were trying to create a switch. We're gonna pause play. In the post on Darren Collison her small JJ Redick or else we could pick -- Chris Paul. Though we're gonna run that high ball screen the same way David Lee runs at the same way Bogut who runs that when he -- And now what do they had to do Henry. And they get a good double Stefan curry and -- played. Open for three now because -- is gonna have the holster ready and cocked and loaded it. And -- staff rolls off that hard do is right and -- Drake comes. Along with Chris Paul these web but it back to playing plays nailed a three out of -- do that tonight. So you want to point guard engage in some serious contact tonight. Yes I wanna put on -- one -- chicken -- sort of 01415. Pick and roll and I want -- if they're gonna double off a YE. Now they got a call to make so maybe they'll back off and they won't double on clay. Because -- whose -- play is every bit the shooter some nights. That staff is I'm not worried about steps taken the contact is gonna have to get the hit him better ride him. It's playoff basketball he's gonna get knocked down he's a big load it up the road that Blake down and knock them down -- knock them down again. But I've got -- you do see some teams Ron one to pick and rolls yeah I've seen seems runs for five pick and rolls. We're joined -- always there which white last year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With clay setting the screen for staff. And then step comes off the action the same and if they blitz at the same -- Italy -- optional wide open for three. But -- you mentioned earlier. They're Doc Rivers said dad Chris Paul hasn't hamstring injury if that's the case. Why are you doing all that work to create an open shop for player staff. Where he wanted to Stewart just let him take them how -- dribble it lets kids take them off the dribble what do I have hamstring they're never gonna I have to tie among the -- All -- of good defender and he's bigger -- bomb fuel. That's not a part of it is yet let's not run the pick and rolls much visit -- where you run that when you're bringing the second defender over. -- bring in a book double seemed to step so part of me was thinking let's just play basketball and I bring that pick and roll but that's not who they are. But if they bring plays as the picks senator. Now you've got two shooters cocked and ready below. So how they get a play that -- just a wonderful essay about a sea of how much you can do that tonight yeah we're gonna and there's going to be some cost of that that'll bring up. But that's intriguing in the if they can run the one to pick and -- not to create a switch and it could play in the post against a smaller guards -- -- It's to play the same way any action that Italy played tops and open off then action. An -- -- and could just kill him from outside and you're gonna play a wide open look there. Oh boy you're talking x.s and knows you know the guy who Mans the scene a straighter is ready to break it all down after the break. Before we get the break I should -- -- mobile text. Contest. -- fans visit Bay Area T-Mobile stores. To get the secret tax code for your chance to win a green and gold VIP experience. Which includes exclusive access to the 95 point seven a game broadcast Booth prior to an eighty's game also autographed memorabilia. And T-Mobile slack plus stop by T-Mobile today and check out the new Samsung GS five. For more info visit 957. Big game. Dot com only one guy is allowed to use the same -- straighter. His name is Kerry saying Gina. And he's back right after the break. Breaking down x.s and o.s for game three of the warriors and clippers we'll be right back. On the bay area's new -- for sports 957. Again. If he was Smart guy. That will allow. Great pop but hear him want for fear once again don't worry lie and it is coming back next week. We've got to talk some basketball huge game tonight huge with a capital H. Warriors and clippers. This is gonna be a big game three. We're gonna bring in a man who coached. The warriors in Sacramento Kings as well as the general manager of the warriors the breakdown all the action tonight. The one and only and has looked great Koppel column does say you won joins us what's happening coach. Well ballot it's about quarter after -- you know all equipment double even curry. I wouldn't want to be double team might pop but what we're. -- Single a if you had to pick one. Maybe our hander now it's not it's not like it between your children Greg and -- that's a tough one. But he you're favored in but it turns out to other people the truth you love him more than me. Should you go back about. Twenty. Bucks years. You anymore number maybe your going to be. Out at. All. -- -- -- -- -- Why did you got a guy can't count cash giving hip hop has not been dormant Hendry yeah you're tired your heart good early you parliamentary I know the deal all right. -- -- -- But it should that in -- Yes it is Roger assured me given all the -- I know as we knew this man had its share I share my off drugs with you all the time though -- when you know video. You're here. The man has more holes and then and I need. I say let's let's talk law here. Let's start with Dublin Blake. I'm a little worried about it because I think it plays in order doc wants and I think he's really good on a double teams. Yeah -- probably got to do what's on the way score but we're sure thought just on how much to double team Blake Griffin the night. Well obviously you're not a double team lined up at break early op -- and he likes to operate on the left side of the floor. So eager -- elbow you might be it would be -- India -- -- you're free throw in the week or why. Art from the quote the sky we -- the area. You can -- you know from the closest guy and the -- this spot a -- from a select guy. He darker stuff so quick now -- or you can get here I don't think you can get a steady diet. Comparing him to do not bury it in LeBron. In terms. He inability to double these guys because they're so quick and athletic they mature I'm sure. Try to spend about -- -- further and then right back -- -- might -- your modus operandi. Hey coach I got an update on Chris Paul this is according to NBC sports. Says Chris Paul. Hamstring will play in game three on Thursday. He was a partial participant and Wednesday's practice. And seems to have avoided any serious damage. After tweaking his hamstring. In the clippers' game one defeat with that information given to you there. How would you try to capitalize. On that is there anything specifically you would do with your team offensively. To make sure you test whether that hamstring is a 100% are not one Chris ball. I'm going to be interest let's not put him on her and accurately -- that we talked about. This guy Ian -- but it eager half step slow. I'm a big advocate at night I'm not running your much pick and roll for curry but let him hate. Change side of the ball -- -- catch and go quick. And get by with the trick he dribble create a shot themselves against all I think that really can work there. Player at the port eighty. -- arms against them again -- get beat off the dribble it out at reports that camera they can run. Pop and I know this we used to -- bombs now they can run a lot yeah -- actually -- a point forward million dollars. They can wander flex which -- in who used in the sixty. Where you pick your patent from the elbow and an acre site split action. That adult women bit -- used they're working with therapy ether -- Very sad but yet all things with curry off the ball we give. And get it back and attacks early in the first period. -- suddenly I was and I mean saying I want Iguodala poured forward more than they actually did a lot of that in game two. And staff just couldn't shake the coverage and there's there's one thing the clippers. Do. Though I should explain the audience like you know if it's -- Chris Paul's trailing him. I'm some baseline screens and he's behind them that they will have one of their wing defenders actually jump out. And meet curry at the point where he's gonna take a pass off the girl. From mega dollar and just either get out and guard them or just by Paul time to get back out and had -- not seen a lot of teams do that. Well those are good basic principles with a great shooter you don't what -- the top of the screen you lock and trail. Are you tortured inside shoulder in between the shoulder lately curry make yourself what's applicable -- -- trail I'll -- -- health problems. -- Gonzales point forward you follow up after the parents to occur. So you're waiting to step up big -- help on her third L Burke is the man. Who -- are -- the screen. So if you put -- green at setting screens for the warriors. We'll let grip but Mike's stepped out and challenge -- dollar hit greens and again -- Paul more kind. To get out on -- -- -- they're they're they're they're consistently in the pick and roll off and just what you're there and pop. -- -- It's pretty evident here docket is the number one priority on their court -- and make somebody else beat them. And mania the quickness and guys try to carry out the game plan. Coach if there's one thing that drives me crazy and a seven game series as junior early in the series and they say this is a do or die situation this is a series tied at one. In your opinion is -- a do or die situation for either team if they lose tonight. Well I don't think -- what -- you and I thought early today. And -- a couple of the -- scribes learned. -- -- -- You know it's Largo that you win the next game at least a 100%. You win this series like a great group of warriors to win tonight. Sure. So you were saying earlier the biggest concern is what they're doing understaffed and and the warrior pick and roll they're just they're blitzing him -- -- no no no team has done it to this extent. Amber and they're doing every single time they blitz that pick and roll. And you obviously they're letting the depict senator. Be wide open saint so you know what I was talking Henry about the last segment. -- -- know if you think this'll fly. Instead of having you know David Lee -- Jermaine O'Neal. -- -- not come up to set the screen. What if you bring plate -- enough to set the screen. And then the goal is not to run you know the switch where you -- play in the post. But we're gonna run the same action we run. On the high ball screen would leave or grain. Or O'Neill and now are they really Italy Klay Thompson alone and go Blix steps when he stretches it out. -- the wing and Jordan and Paul follow I think Italy -- already cocked and loaded the fires three once he gets it back. I think you've got a great point. That's why would that generate a popular you ever wanted them to be ever -- -- -- -- -- being done on the bench without a long time ago. Think that I'm an alcoholic and an athlete Minnelli Dolly could hang around Gonzales. At a Katyusha definitely. What do you think about that concept. I don't like it a point guard -- to be yelled. A lot of PX by -- in our green. Com in early offered meaning your -- spring which are -- still trying to score early so what happened years. At the ball from car to beat the other side. Say they send a big -- pick and -- four. Probably get away from. So early opposite slaughter that look I'm looking for him to take more off the dribble. But your point there weren't involved I think you can run with -- true we -- three without a doubt. And you -- -- you know we're here the other night different factories where you got Pollack or not I'm. Then all the ball out there. You know what I don't like -- connect packed well that and I don't think -- got a guy you're gonna -- in doubt you'd need to understand how athletic. Griffin and Jordan are nobody else ever -- That are capable -- -- on a consistent -- -- now in getting -- back to the sideline. And jumping out to curry and creating a corral. And eat you out of your heart past that point guard. And that he doesn't get it out of here there and you have -- -- your church attack infrequent Berkshire but -- -- expected and -- like you're here. Coach second hearing your voice your ready to go you're ready for game three can't wait to see you and Greg Koppel on TV tonight. On warriors pre and post game live but I'm wondering. Are you ready to carry -- for the whole show. He beat you can't. Bet -- Our school Leo. -- Act yelled from Harry might these. Whatever. -- he went on. You know you. Great to hear or read it every night and shoot a bullet -- out. There. So -- we're we're doing better than a cold beer and you know or eminent. We're we're having a triple shot -- -- day. Boom Jarrett Jack is going to join us on the show and reality are part of the available to be done. Yeah. Now he backed up Chris Paul in New Orleans any back just after year so he knows these two partners. -- -- -- Your -- your point about the impact he's not -- buyout last year when they. The ball hit and yeah current operable. And -- out. I look at her at all right guys. He thought the step up upbeat -- way it each hit a six shot big game and -- -- big big factor for this demon at play out. Very good point -- be ready to go tonight Greg is going to be tired because he's been carrying me all week. On radio believe me the right out yeah nobody's tired and died in the playoff game to come into the room. -- We'll talk. Dexterity sadly 63630. Notice I have mop of hair going and missed -- to have the -- The fatty Davis junior yeah had Jerry West and he will join us and Jarrett Jack. But is that how you pull that off while. I'm and so it's all of brilliance of Michael sexton Reno and not its view man it's your name recognition. Now adding to check your period. I helped I was for everything that everybody wants to work with the left off when I'm Hossa who have show I can't get anyone but when -- hosting from -- -- -- logo comes out man I love you better my commitments -- unnamed man. You give her my fill one's man I need to retire this job isn't for me. Market to -- you can do this final segment by may soon your baby mama baby is still own OK you are. Still a lot better now the legend says -- a baby I will get better over time everyone used to colonialists. I -- there were offered -- -- and on the wheel house will be right back to the you have to. At ground for smaller it's the it is the. -- five point seven didn't get. That's good again they don't return it. This San Jose Sharks but made three games -- nothing really benefit the senate. Dander is announced -- with a call if you haven't heard sharks are dangerous baby. Especially the ones in the south today San Jose Sharks looking to not just beat LA but sweep LA tonight. All my goodness few people saw this coming. Greg properly Henry -- on the wheel house let's get right to some hockey dog because. This is a huge game tonight game four in LA let's bring him Brody Brazil -- -- the wonderful job with Comcast obviously. Our colleague into the wonderful job here on the game breaking down what's happening on the ice. Brody. Sweep LA not beat LA understand that. Wow I mean angry NEA it's like I could have decided I could have been the most. I want sighted person here I could have told you what the fans wanna be here I could -- -- -- sharks -- -- -- blocked -- -- I don't think anybody saw this coming I mean I was predicting -- -- -- lending period I was predicting a lot of low scoring games. And I guess this is why we love sports because these are given out basically the complete opposite of what everybody thought not not the fact that San Jose in the lead. But the senate they have the fact. Are the fact that they don't they have the chance to clinch the bank and sweep this thing and it's many goals is they've scored it really has monopoly. That's bad six evidence for in three games against some of the best defense is no way. But the goal here and and you and I spoke like a month ago before the playoffs even started you thought this could be the year. The goal here is to get to the Stanley Cup finals and win it. So in me a look at the other series they got -- to choose the avalanche in a while -- to one. How much would -- save the sharks could GE AG historically teams that do have early. Round breezes. 4 and five do better getting all the way to the finals how much would they'd have to go and finish them off tonight as far as trying to trying to play -- June. While and that's a great point up because you look at that a security team which could certainly use -- rest every -- could actually just finished off a condensed regular season. But what we're watching specifically Deanna I'm balusters because with the format actress Emma page complaint matched. Hypothetically considering -- -- I -- against the -- so it. That's serious bodily just went to two last night Anaheim won their first few games at home Dallas came back they were down 02 last night came back went on home ice. They just want to under -- so. The charts yeah definitely like where -- out of this series but they also like what's happening between Anaheim Dallas is that you can injure it hack out of each other. You're looking at the ducks right now who have their captain Ryan got lost. Looks like he's got some type of we -- it a facial injury but it looks like. He has some injuries for -- that may be a concussion. And what we know in the hockey world about huge huge deal that he could miss significant I'm not to mention one of their key defensemen that they traded or right or the deadline set on rove -- He's going to be out of looks like for the -- the playoffs still so. And I'm definitely going into that. You know that series matchup favors the stronger team. They now look like the weaker team in terms one applies to what they have you know able to put on the ice on any given night. Allison got all the momentum -- for the bottom line is that series is gonna go at least the teams which are so like endured for. To that they could have potentially. As much as a week off to rest and recuperate. -- we knew there was bad blood between these two teams a lot of it directly related to Dustin Brown the captain of the LA kings and -- -- sensational rookie who had a knee on knee collision earlier this year. It caused -- to miss almost four months of action. And a lot of people called it what they saw as which was a dirty play a blatant dirty play you knew the sharks have come into the series with an attitude. But you know Jamie baker and -- Amanda pointed something out after game two after the seven unanswered goals that hey this Dustin Brown. Realizes that there's a target on his back. Not only did he turned down a couple of fights but he found a way to get out of the game early by say insult until one of the dam officials. When that a turning point when a guy York captain. Howard I mean I'm just gonna call it what it is -- out. He's going out of his way to heard it a rookie but when other guys wants the fight on all of a sudden he doesn't wanna have nothing to do with them. Did that set the tone for where we are right now. It's a tricky scenario I'm glad you pointed out that you know that that -- small detail where -- Jarden if you like she challenged Dustin Brown. To fighting right Dustin Brown didn't wanna go I mean I think. You can artery into the turning point of the series that the kings have lost -- -- to that point that -- they had smoked on the scoreboard. I'm so it was look at the main turning point was at a huge arm pivotal moment in this series not really but I do think like you mentioned. It was want to take note you know what Dustin Brown is not. He's a captain by default you look at the LA team there's a couple other guys the controlled out all but they don't go out captain issue type player. You know a stereotypical captain who. Who is very vocal does and says all the right things is very media friendly. And you don't Dustin Brown says what do you say and we talked to him this morning about you know being down 30 this series. -- is that he does an okay job better but you know what arrogant political that he just doesn't seem like you prototypical. Well. Spoken captain an -- and get a hard time defending its actions certainly back in December when he -- -- -- need it it's a Marshal never really came out and. I've honestly never actually really apologized she was apologetic Mitterrand. When confronted about it but he didn't really go out of its way to make -- there are so. You don't think he's a guy that's just not not real good in the media game. Our budget you -- -- -- to wonder what he's doing entire address your mind now what this Kelly king scheme will. You know let's face it have been demoralized to -- into this series should think about. The game on the -- opened up hugely. Cadillac -- back into the game then slammed the -- on. Game two LA came out that you're not currently in the -- came back -- pumpkin seven unanswered so that was moralizing and you have to think two night ago here in game three. You know what type game three a piece of very prototypical game that we would expect in this series. McCain come out and over time you know like gangbusters and and I thought it was a matter of just time before. On the sharks or were done in that game because Celek had so many great chances. The first sharp shot on goal in overtime was the Patrick Marleau -- wanna actually talk about how demoralized inflated they must Greek. It's it's got to be to an extreme account. When I see is just the sharks have -- or skill and -- way more team speed. And you've got to make side of the month ago when he talked about the cup are sent a couple of years ago they went to the western finals where they didn't do so well. Well when you look at it now I mean for years it was Fannie and Joe's team right. But now I don't even know if they're the most skilled guys on the team when I when I see big GO and burns and Hamas hurdle. Is a monster he's gonna get so much better. Your second line as Logan in -- Tell your third line center scored 41 goals. And does that ever happen and history of the NHL. So did just that and it's amazing so if you're around this team more I like to pretty players if you would have his skills competition. Skating and passing and shooting. Who's the most skilled guy on the team because I could name six or seven or -- that I think are immensely skilled. Yet or if you wanna go skating and you're gonna hate me hate me giving you the answer because he Torres and found in an element. It's. It would be Patrick Marleau internal skating now I know but. But ultimately he's the best he's the fastest skater on the team room and he's still and I don't understood he's cast their athletes are as. He has I would Iraq he has more power in his stride a crappy if wrapping it if you guys are gonna come hit you on the ice. I'd rather be Patrick Marleau the -- Torres. I guess. I I think I'd be demolished by air but my point being that Compaq got more of of an acceleration aspect in his stride -- he's got more of a power. You described -- but the what you said there it really interest me and I think it's it's a good point to make. You know I look at this sharks' roster. You know you look at Gordon Moore are Marleau and boil -- -- of -- wave of player and you look at Logan could sure. I joked about the market award watch it as another wave of charged players you know the kind of came through with a certain group. Right now I look at Mac yet -- mosque herbal and immediately draw Alex stay locked back up goaltender about the relationship. But even at the -- layer of real young players. You know -- are 21 years old and too much trouble being cut twenty years old so. They held several different needs in groups of a aged players and I think it really bode well for the future obviously got veteran leadership that you got. Young up and comers and then you got you know the rookie phenom like the -- hurdle to look beyond it each had a goal last -- so. All layered and all which right now are contributing and I think you know certainly when you look at where these intricate want after usury. And it made in all honesty Brody is is what I'm saying about the veil ski is that effectiveness is of 41 goal scorer. Ever been on the third line than any line in the history of the NHL. An original. Back into it not have to go back into the gotta gotta look at that that's amazing that. Think it you're right it's a great point out now in all fairness to -- you know about you played adhesion amount that he did he got it right now your third line. Right right and don't and I you know like that -- that's a situation where -- -- could -- -- -- top line Winger or third one -- and its versatility been important because. On the road it allows -- column to have you know a lot beeper line got a lot B percent Herman. Where you're talking about -- change that Darryl Sutter can have yet to dictate the match up all the more -- feel like you to put duke you know joked about -- lineup hairdo that's scoring threat so. Only about versatility as a as a Winger or as the center of -- all about your light truck. I'm 41 -- score. To be your third line center I mean bad. You don't be ridiculous and -- out there right now under but like you know and they all averaged seven here. You know 38 home run guy and -- admitted it and pretty incredible. Brodeur is okay and there absolutely I remember that there's not set -- clubs and enacted -- thirty home runs. Our main ma'am -- too early Brody but you know they gonna kill me if I don't get to this brake in time and sweep LA those little ones saying. What can I got my. If you wanna continue the conversation yeah. Should we are Irish eyes on the radio I just don't know where you went last night he was talking about Dodgers or would you did you go to marina Delray last night after graduation I you'll not disclosed -- the content you heard it all back. It's everybody gonna get in trouble. I was there with my domain names as well where are you what part of the city you go to. While all players right now on the -- -- -- cross street stable and then you don't you you don't need to -- hour on downtown LA fitness clear that there aren't. -- -- -- -- -- What happens and LA stays and LA area right I wanted to plead the fifth man. Enjoyed the game -- will be looking forward to your reports obviously tonight on Comcast sports in California. And just have fun out there man I know you'd have a great time Richard Green it would to do. -- He hopes one. I don't know he said Sunday that it really only has 72 delay -- Brazil never -- did never. He's trying to wait and -- hopes happens to us that's what he did you were talking about the mileage. Traveling there I counted it up it was 30% of its 32000. Well the one and only minimum box sent me attacks. To tell you about the whole setup and why it occurred that way. After the break I'll read Jewish texts me okay -- number I know why the league's trying to screw us kind of exactly. I don't have to send this to New York the first game that you've got to wait you gotta wait until after the break I'm not gonna sign whatever it reserves. I could -- -- if they're in December but she's. The more you just wait and her eyes that -- like buying it another area of yourself restores some ID 570 million. Yes. This stuff you can have. Welcome back everyone may have a lot more -- Greg Papa. Cannot not just CNN because they pay me -- I would actually work with you. -- would work with you from three -- they'll know I don't know work with anybody referring. To help her opponent senator allowed them. You know -- it's maneuvers -- because they'll take it up absolutely it's a privilege Stewart here. So we're gonna get bigger boost pistol on 12 pop but Mindy -- the one and only Mandy block who sits right next to me. Enterprise passports -- news -- right across from you everyone loves an -- great woman great mother great journalist. She had an answer for the number of miles that you -- -- going to be traveling. On the raiders that is Tom to open season next year. Mindy says and jets. Giants. Days raiders four teams who stadium's. Hard to schedule. OK that's it. Go to that that's your explanation is true that next phase of pot -- Is she she's talking because it's a dual purpose so why. Why couldn't we have gone to New York on December the seventh. Rather than September this. Who did you understand shortly we have base to go to London for week four. Mean you have to go to either New York or New England for week three season so why would they say why would they stack up -- New York trip in week one. Pitch is beyond me there's got to be an easier way to do it based. So we have to go to Minnesota for the first pre season game was that for Kate to and from. Just guessing Green Bay likewise for K to and from. New York six K to and from. New England at six K to and from -- but we're not going right back we're gonna go to London after this attack yet another six. So I got three sixes into fours. And then up to point to what is that that's a lot man you're over 30000 by the time have been an extra you know what the raiders are over 30000 every year. And Scioscia at all and the niners probably will be just because of being on the West Coast. You mean Denver's in our division Kansas City -- our division. Those are close which is why. Did we have to played in New York Jets in week one. Knowing you had to go to those east in week three and then to all jolly old England in week four so I mean there's had to be an easier way they didn't care. -- care -- that's almost up. I'm relieved that at that sounds nice that it's not like traveling baseball or basketball all the guys will have time to replenish but. It is difficult in the New York -- kick off his early. The New England kickoff is early in London kickoff is really early so but that'll be a night game actually over there shall refuse to -- -- for a week but. I wanted to see where game was going to be -- weeks one and -- knowing we had to go to the East Coast in -- three and new England and we force so. I think get enough of an explanation -- says. I hear you. All right let's get to the cubs still still. Few stories that almost slipped. Probably got some very funny stuff we'll start off with some sound Frank Caliendo as Jon Gruden and -- again -- you -- Jon Gruden. Always like to see this guy and the quarterback -- us as it meant CU coach. Play you what. You looked pretty good over -- -- A little intimidating me in order does not about to get a little intimidating over there and what they want. When it cleanup on -- five after outlook but you what you might things might just started out a little rocky but I'll tell you what after a little well. We started seeing night -- -- thought about this guy out what he's seen from daddy -- water man. Bridgewater another junior he's out of Miami Florida and he really helped turn -- he built from a basketball team to a football. I think you're telling me he took a bunch of basketball players and make -- play book wild seed and yeah Mecca Louisville what -- they -- -- -- -- basketball I used to big batch involved now they get Teddy Bridgewater. Coaches -- man it's the use the one that says -- played. Like press play in it -- go backward -- press row why angry it actually goes back and god knows this guys bad. Big a look at what bill -- not -- will actually break in this based time -- anyone match. -- is I look forward backward mechanism that goes up when this -- yes show me. Green right slot. Album -- three why -- Padilla. That's unbelievable is. A federal judge said there -- those like to play exactly know what's amazing about that. Is watching it on TV it was good hearing it just the radio. I can't tell look at what's Caylee even -- which bodes well I refuted their man that's unbelievable he does a good -- His gruden is absolutely. Spot that. It was unreal he does every one well he does you know and really I mean yeah your joke in my -- that's pretty good and I got screwed. Absolutely -- Pop will you take me back for one more day please. Yeah I've I -- you better whole story is when that I. -- at the ballot via a little bit and of course thinks that about 77%. Forget that the team that wins game three after splitting the first two games. When I still haven't won the reality of the tie ourselves talk to -- what really LA when Blake touches the ball yell mobbed -- our. -- Where. I mean it's a free throw. All of her way. Eight dead there you go -- enjoying my day a man I know you don't wanna work on your credit for your dad because he Veba. I had to do in my town Damon Bruce at the top of the Al where everyone -- there is new -- with sports 957. The game.

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