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Billy Beane

Apr 24, 2014|

The A's GM joined Damon to discuss Daric Barton, pine tar in baseball, and Scott Kazmir's hot start to the season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now we're very happy to welcome in the general manager of the Oakland days brought to you by the California grand casino. It's Billy being here on the Damon Bruce show Billy I don't. On very well thanks lot for joining me always good to talk to you going a little earlier today thanks to. Well here's the thing -- -- the start time some of these games are cutting off the running time of my show as general managers or anything you can do about that form. Yeah well bill you know. What a great thing about being on the west -- I don't it would be achieved these great about the other. We're on the right action what you gave -- a regular 30 o'clock -- update via update you start immediately. It's funny that you brought up Brian Cashman because my first question for you today and I got a lot of questions about your team. But I have to start with yankees pitcher Michael Pineda who certainly. Entered himself into an interesting story twice this year. And the story is basically how much cheating. Is enough to actually make another manager -- so there's a certain level of cheating that I guess is always being. Excepted in terms of doctoring the baseball for those who don't know the Yankee pitcher was. -- projected from yesterday's game and is serving a ten game suspension because he had pine tar on his neck which was the sides. Of of a Hickey from a very big girl -- a. Yet I was surprised like I. You know I you can use it. -- don't know always solar or guides or I didn't you know and I think at most eight constituencies that. Where are you used it to police you get a better grip on the ball and that they can. We -- dry conditions sometime -- you're pretty slick I beat that was so. -- it is such -- partnership. On the back like that so a lot of personal virtue that. It really was just it was there was zero. Gamesmanship. Of it in terms up. -- masking what he was doing it was so present it was so obvious. And the fact that he moved it from his wrist -- it was identified. Earlier this season to an even easier to see spot on his neck. You know I know baseball players don't take the NFL version of the wonder -- but I doubt he would score very high. You know maybe anticipates that. They committed such an obvious point that go to beat that that accurate do. It exactly. But yeah ideally on the topic of the unit he's employed is that. You know I used it would be starting -- -- speculative which if you got to mean that the case that the public the that suspension that that. It really hear it really about to upgrade our team sir Richard suddenly. And have the -- -- Portugal that apply to its market. Petrosource you know brought up is that the two bigger. You arrangement we don't want you are ultimately cheaper it the public definitely at least start that make up whatever that. It's funny that way you think about it as a GM I think most fans look at and say well how good the Yankees are used to dealing with suspended players -- Not go below it yeah but it it. If they noting how well and you guys we use it is -- -- that it that you guys had yeah you know pretty recruit great people dispute Israel attacked them. -- the optional. You know -- not surprised that you know -- and. Well I tell yet let's talk about the pitching matchup tonight Billy you got Scott Kazmir who has just been phenomenal for you so far. Yeah our guys carried a 165 ERA. This many starts and looks into the season you got to assume he settled in. Really really nice he takes on -- Oberholser tonight we'll get -- him in a little bit but how happier you with the addition to Kazmir. Here in the early returns. You know you up from his first outing -- string training area in did outstanding yeah the one game in. QL word -- a little tightness should have acted. And came out -- still -- great. That it nine strikeouts no walks that they agree. You really -- stories picked up. Hillary to your route what went after art that's where was that in September last year articulate 48 -- or -- -- -- strikeout or walks. And that he's -- -- a big issue Regis. Pounding the strike -- he's. Really developed that changeup. Very very well at these sort strikes in the you know short answers could be happier he's you know he's. If he's really he actually just got to isolate Iraq these really you know got a lot of these lectures to. Really good team -- A bit of a team leader -- he goes about it it's. Yeah big shoes to -- that in terms we will oracle. Last year that unity that will repeat this to beat -- great. Gays and Astros tonight here on 957 the game at 505. We're talking with the a's GM Billy -- Here on the Damon Bruce show again swept yesterday. By the the Texas Rangers who came in here and I think 13 games of what was it a well -- series. Up from both dug outs Billy it was I know didn't break the way you wanted it to. One question and I know that a lot of days fans were talking about this is that wondered your your your leading RBI guy. And one of the RBIs leaders in the American League Brandon Moss was sat yesterday for Barton. We've talked about it here early in our conversations. And you said the Bob Melvin wants to keep everyone involved early so no one gets. -- left on the pine early in the season and falls out of this spring training tuneup will. But sitting a big bad is something fans always second guess especially during a shot out especially during a game where you might be swept can you comment on that. You know personal credit in the night -- left and I and I regret the last week having scenarios. You know with the and it now whether it's going to be a -- -- are being there at some point -- showed a slightly unbalanced. With -- you know we -- you know placing -- with every guy that struggled the intent that it very much. You know based on -- -- Butler right -- Shortly. It boosted by a whopping Brandon does provider occasionally cited its power but. -- ordered -- You know career. Expert history that in most cases and that's really what got here let you know that every -- or your heart out -- Situation. Brandenburg but that that you like we have the they all -- -- but you know by our -- -- -- to me it's it's not that -- The reason we players are available -- -- -- career. Is. You know it's sort of short span redeemable maybe there are certain. Like you. A role whether the strategy utilized you -- out. Billy DEC. Bob Melvin in yourself electing to go by closer. By committee instead of turning back to Johnson's reputation trumping closer by committee. Well you know it is cute you know it's strange possible and collectively they pitched well anecdotally. Of you know. Critically. Although Richard Butler equal. We overall look you know the fact that matters. Or has the critical that we haven't. Quote I think they'll play itself. A general ability. Actually. You have a project again I'd do little you know going to be somebody there's going to be some night -- As we sit right now you really want do little delicate state. We're reluctant night I think you know he uses such a -- And he carried it he couldn. Having one guy there -- other options you know maybe. Better use all the guys that aren't messing about previous Hillary was the original new player so. You know else ago Larry cover on the court -- you're going to be joining the -- -- -- They're -- it in any case and that it UniCredit beat these guys sharp on the water. You -- and keep the -- but also the door shut down. Imagine watching this might happen within your group we could be having a different concert -- week. You know but but right now I think the -- -- -- -- that's not here. Billy according to Susan slot served that appears AJ Griffin started throwing in the past day or two -- He may be going for another opinion on his elbow. Can you tell us anything about his housekeeping. Or you know a real soldier brought you into Beijing -- via the injury -- spring -- -- you know there -- -- that -- The year lot of guys who would lock or lost so close -- you articulate. They -- conservative approach. First. And the hope that the works -- you know we'll give him that you might be that you what we don't know Odeo they reject. But that you're gonna get a second opinion. It's not. You're completely right good point we'll make sure that. You know we've agreed to push back -- you'd -- -- back. Appointed to partly due to come back quicker it will all that so -- -- -- Appreciate the up there that update there and you know -- our focus and and I really wanna commit to this every single time we talked used to stay on the field I know you prefer not to talk about any stadium issues however. The team did reject the lease agreement by the city of Oakland. To extend your residency at the coliseum how should -- stands interpret that. Oh man like you know a good thing that in my area department and so. I could could be elected. That our missions like the -- The problem but you know I think our position -- -- -- in my old equipment -- that the general manager. We will try to -- our. Clear that you -- contract and well. And not the typical situation and I I think that that -- we're gonna continue to. That you'd -- about. That's the approach in Oakland what will. Create a little less do. You're going to be remembered that some air put the -- never Mercer. The low negotiated all the. My appreciate that Billy thank you nice nice -- Always very good very -- that are in the dodge in the area. -- effort forward through you know. I don't know I don't. You know I don't. I would -- futile negotiations hobeika -- there's a -- the Lou and it though love it that this might pretty understated guy very bright guy at a -- -- -- -- the -- to put you in the background. You -- Billy hey thank you very much always appreciate your time good luck to you and boys downing Houston. You do play well on match up well against the Astros hopefully the the sweet scene continues but this time in the right direction. These not sound good game will partner -- under better circumstances the better record. Thank you very much Billy being here on the day members show.

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