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David Lee

Apr 24, 2014|

The Warriors Forward joined Damon just hours before tip-off of game 3 between the Dubs and Clippers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the Damon Bruce show and obviously as we get closer and closer to tip off. Everyone wants to know about what David Lee thinks of tonight's match up a huge game three against the Los Angeles Clippers oracle will be absolutely. Rocking tonight I can't wait to get over there David how you doing man. -- great. It's good to have Leon you know you get closer and closer. To step in and front of that home crowd in the playoffs I don't think there's an atmosphere in the NBA that rivals. Definitely god I had is it strange way. First first swept in last -- home was. Well that is the -- out certain came about I was able credible political rhetoric about that. It's anyway even art artsy she was overwhelmed -- incumbent out which is good noise and we have pitchers -- afford to against. Well you know you come back after mission accomplished in LA but a weird way permission to be accomplished. What a contrast in basketball games game one the thriller that you guys win. Gained 20. I can't remember who won that game would seem to be lopsided a -- Absolutely have. Forestry referred to. There could receive as. Mission accomplished in game one that I would vote at its own coming out. I had a very good team victory and into just -- and it's going in and you're not aware of that and and you know the responsibility mind that it all of -- but -- jokes. And -- got to be a lot better. Like that mission accomplished -- -- there and I got home on advanced technology. -- power forward David Lee here on the Damon Bruce show. Again when you lose. That handedly it there's no one guy to point that and say well is his fault that is. That's team wide breakdown. It was also a team wide foul trouble which I thought had an awful lot to do with how the second half actually played out. Have you ever seen at a team just get. Buried by. Not bottoming out on -- gets in trouble with the league here David but I thought there were a lot of well for example. Blake Griffin fouls out of game one. Is not called for a foul playing twice as physically in game two. -- though you -- about -- probably user. But you know what I. There's places. It's referees -- Done things differently we won that game this is not one of those cases we've got outplayed. You know was it was a archery is that was. But we were outplayed. Early it was. You know if I don't think it was -- it was a referees. Should be an excuse that. Move you know there are games this year where we've been pressure directory group frustrating game to despite a series that. You can't point to them why do. Was there a certain point in time where EU just you knew it was gonna get away you could feel it 'cause it it just seemed to go sour quickly which was. Which was uninteresting because I thought game one was even a worse start of India to give a straight shots it was eleven nothing. And that was able to be battled back from game two again just it just. It happened the whole game was operating in some weird area I mean -- -- second. And we've -- game. You know down the stretch. We've gotten down 1520 point comeback and won yet and so I articulate what this league it's never out of it. Well once once again once twenties and -- It's it's seem less and less likely that. There was a positive result gain. You know -- movements move forward we. That it's so early like you said two games in a row. We've gotten down start to. And and you don't know -- our bench put them -- -- party down to port spectrum -- from the gate starters got to do better job. I got to do better job in the first quarter -- you know. That's what it's all very important especially especially all you know -- our strategy could. First David as familiar as you are with the clippers. Do you and Mark Jackson did does the team even go over. Either game one or game two tape or are you done watching tape at this point I mean you have to be incredible familiar with the state. It was great because you know part of the you know they were adequate technical slightly different it wandered into. We were successful -- during the game one that we -- -- got a game to operate it because -- so. Definitely Watson's a and not like to maybe what -- equipped for what we need to do but it said. Pick it up on scene saying okay we want. We we made some turnovers a lot of it was because of our basic news report examples that. You know -- set better screens. -- -- -- examples about just to get the points across. Of the major things that we need to accomplish a movie or. Tonight in game three it's safe to say you guys are a lot more prepared to see the half court trap on curry. Absolutely we know that that. That the clippers are trying to accomplish and that's consulates they. And you know I think he's gained a lot of confidence from the fact that that third quarter. In LA in game two he he stepped up to -- in Stefan was able to get some breathing grew up applicable. And we're -- you know we. -- You know it's important series a particular certain things we need to take advantage of that like we did in game one and however a lot of effort here passing and you know. Good finishes rather by other guys which was two months ethnic or. We've had a conceded that we are spacing was not as good in in choose who are people takes. There's good of an advantage to that should have so that's part of make adjustments. And it's something that we needed permits that are just a note in the game to try to -- -- chancellor. Warrior fans and I David wanna know if you guys we're talking about the how the hard fouls. The Currie was being dealt especially in game two. And if you don't plan on a different physical response to those hard fouls tonight. Well -- A word. Or third quarter. Would step down a couple times there was no -- called. What media about the -- is getting to the rim and and then their starters went out directly after that so there was no way. Sure retaliation or -- but there was there was no real way to counteract that. As it's time that happened. There and their bench guys in 35 games so. You know I don't think physical way we're saying is this you know more or less physical what you thought it would be about. You know throughout the series it is going -- ministers are the united -- -- said that really we wait for -- -- Regular street elect. So a bit about what I expected. I think it. You know it's going to be a physical series throughout the same time you know all teams there are. How to react how the -- -- quote game one it was called very very close and I've got foul trouble. Let's go. So does this thing we have to do with players from all sides we got to react to. Because if you -- out -- try adequate physical. And the game's being called quote failure to put yourself ultra. Can you give us a little hint of how you're gonna go about. Defending Blake Griffin tonight he obviously had a monster game to. What he'll look -- accomplish against him tonight will be seeing more double teams on him more weak side help coming triple teams even. What about just invoking the Blake Griffin rules and put him on his ass every time he touches the ball. Or you're not what. Series is where he -- is in transition. On the upper -- and impeccable and popular packets it's a game to. He didn't necessarily kill the host of situations. He -- -- of these buckets in transition running order Geddes is a good old siding. And he got easy buckets -- on the offensive glass what he does that it makes it easier for him to post up and makes it makes is -- shots. Usually -- got 34 or in the field that I've got to try to it is difficult issues. But we need to keep him from -- easy buckets and embodied start the game. Do it a much better job. To do that and I think it's. Got a pretty good job off all of because we've taken away the highlight ways that the pilot and or. Think being game easier for him but also get its entirety and go and a few hundred votes and need to book. Any word on Andrew Bogut maybe make -- cameo appearance at any point in time in this series going forward to resist the secret weapon you've been told specifically not to talk about a. I've been told that the and still a lot of pain right now. I don't see that happening that's about. I don't see in my problems you have is this for. Well hey what we do see is an unbelievable atmosphere waiting for assault of ORACLE Arena tonight. Just once in my life. I'd love to run out of the tunnel like you're gonna do tonight be greeted like that. Enjoy it tonight good luck to you when your teammates tonight David thank you so much for joining me on game day. Really appreciate it and hopefully we talked to you ahead of your next opponent by the time we talk next week. Well maybe over -- different do we make side thank you so much. If we don't take it progressed this crowd were very very excited about right of the great crowd quiet. And and get it done. Thank you very much David Lee here on the day membership.

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