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The Damon Bruce Show 4/24/14 HOUR 1

Apr 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome on into a extremely. Abbreviated program -- only got one hour to spend together this afternoon -- early central start time against the Houston Astros. Exactly what is ailing. The Oakland -- right now the Houston Astros always seems to be the cure to whatever is ailing this team. We're going to talk to GM Billy -- and a little bit later on in about a half an hour from now David Li joins me. And we're gonna talk about tonight's huge game three between the warriors and clippers ORACLE Arena. Is already decked out I've seen some shots from inside of oracle. There are yellow T shirts everywhere -- -- like Henry Wofford. Wolf forgot to. An early copy of tonight's loud proud warrior T shirt that every single fan is gonna get in. When that place is decked out in its playoff regalia it just it doesn't get any better tonight's atmosphere is. Quite frankly atmosphere I've been waiting new experience. Ever since and ended last year. Ever since it ended last year it's one of the I feel like it's almost Bay Area sports Christmas morning. Or -- decisions at Christmas Eve. We were always say -- open your presents on Christmas Eve family. And then whatever Santa brings you is what you open on Christmas morning type of family so Christmas -- man more than Christmas morning. And tonight. I can't think of the Bay Area sporting event I anticipate more than that first warrior play off game this one coming in against an opponent. That just spent its time in game -- doing its best to embarrass. The Golden State Warriors were gonna ask David Lee. How personal. This team took that loss in game two. As much is. The game two loss left us focus on that it was mission accomplished for the Golden State Warriors in LA. They come back tied it one a pivotal game three obviously takes place tonight. A would -- liked to ended with the kings game for LA -- takes place in LA tonight for the San Jose Sharks. What good is a sweep. Well what that does this week. Sweeping is good in sports when you can you do. I am not a big believer in the old what what happens if you're waiting around for your next opponent too long you get rusty and so on and so forth. If it were a team full young just got here players OK maybe I'm worried about that the sharks have way too much experience for that to come and play -- this team. And sweeping. Is a huge advantage in the NHL this year the sharks are the only team in the Stanley Cup opening round in position to do so they're the only one. You look at the balance around this league right now. Every single NHL series is 22 we're 21 just about everywhere. The sharks got a chance to move on and rest stop. And they wanna take it. Absolutely do. I don't believe there's this anything that is. They could be called pressure to sweep. I do -- Montreal did sweep Tampa excuse me thank you very much. When you got an opponent down you wanna step on their neck. Plain and simple you don't wanna give any hope you don't wanna give any reasonable -- And some people are mad at me for reacting to the raiders' schedule just like dad yesterday with very little hope and very little reason to believe. We got our schedules out yesterday again as soon as I saw the raiders' schedule. It just looked like a very difficult thing for the team to traverse to me. Greg Koppel was just talking about all the traveling that will be done before the bye week. You know when I was working. For some other radio station can't remember which one when I was working. -- FP Santangelo for a little while. Well actually I was doing niner. Post game from down in Half Moon Bay were FP lived when he lived out here. And he came to the location. Santa chatter that's good stuff one I can't locate lobster roll Johnny red lobster roll I'm not but it sounds intriguing get that -- They'll set you back like twenty to fifty but it's worth it I mean you get more lobster in the lobster roll and you lobster. And there's the there's chatter -- free commercial for the year you're welcome. But dot. FD came down and we just hung out had a few Beers. Talks sports. And he told me something that I took and in my heart that day. That would every thought about FP as a broadcaster whether you like -- or you didn't he was a professional athlete and professional athletes tell you about the life of professional athlete. When you not lived one yourself. I do think he should take some notes and here's one thing FP said to me that I did taken in my heart. Never ever ever never ever ever never ever ever ever. Ever feel bad about the travel the professional athlete or team has to take. It's a lap of luxury the whole way through. Four star hotels you know you don't -- pack your own bag. You don't even clean your own hotel room you don't touch your luggage you don't go through airport security. Nothing. Straight to the tarmac straight to the plane never touch your bag -- service. And other drinks are gonna put your tray table up for you would you like your address back. Everything like don't feel ever bad for professional team traveling you've never traveled as well when your whole life. So I said to myself I'm never gonna feel bad for teams traveling again but when you -- look at the raiders. There is an extreme amount of travel if you were just listening to the wheel house Greg went through it thoroughly and I even see a lot of people. People who love Greg. Are you saying quit crying a river for the team and blah blah blah. But it is a lot and he does have a good point. When he talks about how. The NFL did not have to send the raiders to the East Coast twice. In the first two weeks. It didn't. But it chose to. -- -- -- -- -- If Powell were here he'd be screaming conspiracy no doubt about it. I don't think I heard Greg screaming conspiracy. But he's not happy with it. And I don't blame them. If I were a raider a -- broadcaster or raider fan I wouldn't be happy -- that early season set up either. For those do you think I'm a forty niner fan you could not be more mistaken. As a matter fact the only moment of applause. Was seen for me when the -- schedule came out. -- when I saw. At the Chicago Bears were the very first regular season opponent. At Levi stadium the bears spoiled. The home opener for the colts and Peyton Manning. Got to unveil -- stadium for the very first time first regular season win in that building. Chicago Bears don't let it happen out here again. The bears of the team that I grew up rooting for who -- actively root for now the answer is no one. Their answer is no one I'm all grown up and I work in this industry. If you find the broadcaster. You listen to ever rooting for someone. Ask yourself why -- -- listen to him one and I just go to cheerleader practice. Watch him applaud and cheer for the team. So I'm not a niner fan I'm not a raider fan. I don't dislike either team I'm just going with a news is I see it and as I see this forty -- schedule. The Seahawks playing. The Seahawks twice in three weeks late in the schedule is another ridiculous wrinkle that the scheduling makers made that I couldn't. You couldn't explain to me. You can't explain that to me. The single marquee match up in the NFL this year not. Based on media hype not based on ESPN's desire and wishes to shut a team down your throat. Not based on any of that based on actual on field at each other's throats nasty hitting football game. In -- division rivals. Nothing comes close to Seattle 49ers right now in the entire NFL bears Packers historically significant most historically significant rivalry. In all the NFL sure. Pails in comparison to where the 49ers and Seahawks are right now. He did that rivalry. Away twice in the span of three weeks just seems foolish to me. Why wait so long to rule it out. And then why roll it out so much all at once. The team that the 49ers play in between meeting the Seahawks twice in three weeks. The Oakland Raiders in Oakland that's all of a sudden a trap game. I would've given the raiders almost no chance to beat the 49ers. Now. That might be. It's a -- when we do take out our -- And start going through these games in marking down l.s and w.s and w.s and l.s. I might look at that is a trap game for the 49ers and a win for the Oakland Raiders. Billy -- is going to be joining us in just a little bit you know whenever we talked to Billy we want the focus to be on the field that's where I want our conversations to be. But obviously. Yesterday. There was more news about the coliseum and what do you know it was news that I don't think any a's fan wanted to C. I don't think any Bay Area baseball stand wanted to see it even if you are. A giant fan through and Peru. And you don't consider DA's what would you ever want them to move. This truly if you're a baseball fan isn't the best of the baseball world that we live in. Having access to both leagues. On the daily. Maybe not as necessary now as it was before interleague became an unwelcome guest every single day on the schedule. I thought interleague play should be handled. A little bit more like the Olympics. It shouldn't be happening every day. It shouldn't happen twice a year interleague play should happen once every four years. I don't need it it doesn't. Doesn't tickle my imagination or fancy. It did when you're giving it away just a little at a time. But like anything the more you have access to it the less special it gets. What made interleague play special. Was the rarity of it. Now that it's an everyday thing. It's officially not special at all. Anyway. Whenever we talked to Billy we want our focus to be on the field. But I'm gonna have to ask him a little bit about the lease. The DA is just rejected from the city of Oakland. Saying that this is -- we want this is not all week asked for we don't agree to any of the provisions to make a long term commitment to anywhere and it's just more frustration. You hear about you know the song that never ends. If the -- stadium issue worst song it's the song that never began. Nobody can get any of the ball rolling in the right direction whenever you have somebody who you think holds a little Robert -- on this opinion. Come forward -- it like you know I don't know that the mayor of Oakland. You find out that everything she said was literally dismantled deep ball looked forward discredited. Within a week's time. The original prince of Dubai there is no ten year -- there is no harmony. And that is disappointing. NBA's they got the Rangers tonight Kazmir against Brett Oberholser. RC Brandon Moss back in the lineup. Moss started seventeen to 21 games so he has been and there are quite a bit. Nine at first base for a DH three in right field in one and laughed. -- doesn't mind where he's used he's incredibly unselfish. Incredibly unselfish. Barton has ten starts all at first base he started yesterday's the a's got shut out. And swept. You know it's hard to sit down at least it would be hard for me to sit down a guy who's right at the top of the leaderboard in the American League in terms of RBIs. And sit him down when you're about be swept. Not to mention when you got your ace on the hill I think your ace deserves the support your best lineup comes. Parts part of the benefit of having the burden of being the staff base. Or maybe the way to look at it is safe if you're the staff -- you don't need all the run support keep the runs off the board that's your job that's why you're racing it. Anyways we'll talk to Billy. In just a little bit. Got a little news on old and Smith not much news but I guess good news for all and Smith. Misdemeanor charges are all he may be facing stemming from his incident down in LAX. The Los Angeles county district attorney's office according to bill Williamson on Referred -- Smith. In his airport arrest earlier this month to the LA city attorney's office for misdemeanor consideration. This means he's going to avoid. Any felony. Punishment which for him is very good. Obviously. The NFL is going to say something about this Roger Goodell is gonna have some sort of suspension. I know that there have been several people several media members that you you you might think -- always have the the goods when it comes to. Correctly reporting what's about to happen about the NFL team that they cover well let me just tell you right now. I really think that there are two things in play at all times now Dalton Smith concerning the 49ers. And you should ignore any of the. Well there and they might not pick up his option they don't they -- an interest in they're gonna cuddled and Smith. They don't want -- Smith they'll be suspended for the entire year they're going to be drafting in his position -- I don't believe in a long term all the -- often that about to -- -- -- but a lot of them to. I think here's what's happening -- Smith two things publicly. This Evans is the 49ers will do everything they can't. To do everything they can to distance themselves. From him publicly. -- privately. Trying to use his off the field trouble to their advantage in a long term. How long term deal that they get a little bit of you were a bad boy discount on. You don't say goodbye to someone who's the best at what he does in exports. Anyways we'll get back to -- in just a little bit in coming up at the bottom of the hour ahead of tonight's big game three ORACLE Arena we've got. David -- coming up at 330. But -- right now we're very happy to welcome in the general manager of the Oakland days brought to you by the California grand casino. It's Billy being here on the Damon Bruce show Billy I don't. Are on very well thanks lot for joining me always good to talk TO going a little earlier today thanks to. -- -- -- Here's the thing -- you're due to start -- some of these games are cutting off the running time of my show as general managers or anything you can do about that form. -- has actually. Well I know you know I. One of the great things -- -- on the West Coast I don't it would be upbeat Jim of these Greg about the other. We're out of him rank action it you're watching game -- -- let the -- they're go to bed at 1:32 o'clock in the morning to all update via -- -- -- early start -- diligently. It's funny that you brought up Brian Cashman because my first question for you today and I got a lot of questions about your team. But I have to start with the Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda who certainly. Entered himself into uninteresting story twice this year. And the story is basically how much cheating. Is enough to actually make another manager mad so there's a certain level of cheating that I guess is always being. Excepted in terms of doctoring the baseball for those who don't know the Yankee pitcher was. -- -- from yesterday's game and is serving a ten game suspension because he had pine tar on his neck which was the size. Of of a Hickey from a very big girl -- Yet I was surprised -- I I actually -- You know I you know you are you even don't know always knoller or guards or I didn't you know and I think it most -- constituents is that. Clarified do you do it police you get a better grip on the ball and that they can. We've ruled dry conditions sometimes the ball you're pretty slick either a -- that was so. That was the assumption never a nursing -- On the back like that there are a lot of curse Summers ago. You really was just it was there was zero. Gamesmanship. Of it in terms up. -- masking what he was doing it was so present it was so obvious. And the fact that he moved it from his wrist or -- it was identified. Earlier this season to an even easier to see spot on his neck. You know I know baseball players don't take the NFL version of the wonder -- but I doubt he would score very high. Maybe it's just a case of makers such an obviously that bill to pick it up but you're doing. You'll my. Theory is exactly. But yeah arguing over something community -- pointed that. You know you lose it would be a starting pitcher -- suspension of that matchup if you got -- -- that the case that it felt like the Lou suspension and that. They're really here they're really not to keep up where you know fighting very rich and suddenly. And the couple Miley act -- little bit of buying the times I can petrosource you know proper substitute bigger partner. -- arrangement we don't want you are out well -- -- cheaper at. Probably -- -- who usually start them mixed up on -- that. It's funny that's what you think about it as a GM I think most fans look at and say well how good the Yankees are used to dealing with suspended players. It's not go -- it yeah what did it. Patriot Act noting I was on and you guys we use it to -- tidbit that you guys who had there you. Pretty good -- breaking ball dispute Israel attacked America. What degree have been up double you know the not a surprise that you know a guy and it has been -- Well I tell you let's talk about the pitching matchup tonight Billy got Scott Kazmir who has just been phenomenal for you so far. Yeah our guys carried a 165 ERA. This many starts and looks into the season you got to assume he settled in. Really really nice he takes on -- Oberholser tonight we'll get into him and a little bit but how happy are you with the addition to Kazmir. Here in the early returns. DO you implement first -- entry training having every he's it's been outstanding the other one game and now. -- no word yet a little tight that shouldn't back in. And came probably still pitched great. They -- nine strikeouts no -- that they -- You really what he's -- he's picked up that Hillary to rerouted. What went after -- that's what it was you that you got to September Lester I think you know -- 48 -- or shooting 48 strikeouts with all walks. And that he's doing anything that you are just pounding the strike zone he's really developed that changeup. Very very well these drone strikes in the you know short answers -- be after he you know he's. It is really -- -- seeing it just got duke does too I actually care about these really you know got a lot of literature to. Really good teammate. A bit of a team leader bill Leahy he goes about that that's. He's a big shoes to fill that in terms we will portola provided as last year and -- you don't look at -- -- to beat so he regrets. Is an Astros tonight your 957 the game at 505. We're talking with the a's GM Billy -- Here on the Damon Bruce show again swept yesterday. By the the Texas Rangers who came in here and I think 13 games of what was it a well pitched series. Up from both dug outs Billy it was I know didn't break the way you wanted to to. One question and I know that a lot of base fans were talking about this is that one of your your your leading RBI guy. And one of the RBIs leaders in the American League Brandon Moss was sat yesterday for Barton. We talked about it here early in our conversations. And you said the Bob Melvin wants to keep everyone involved early so no one gets. Left on the pine early in the season and falls out of this spring training tuneup will. But sitting a big bad is something fans always second guess especially during a shot out especially during a game where you might be swept can you comment on that. Yeah I know all personal -- -- they're tonight against left Canada and -- we draft a little bit this last week -- scenarios. You know if there with the lineup now whether it's going to be a left cute gonna be there at some point we showed a slightly unbalanced. -- we need -- we can't you know placing -- with every guy that's not struggle -- look -- and then let -- and you're seeing a very much. You know based on -- case and not let you right here and don't historically. If there's been -- what Brandon -- provider occasionally what cited its power but. You know we're gonna stick. You know career. The current history in most cases and that's really what got the -- let you know that there -- -- and while you're gonna have so. Situation you. It's gonna brands that are good but ended -- that you like we have the nine. If they know all by itself but let you know by and large grip -- -- stick -- plans. The big hit this -- I'm. The reason we players are available but the Serb -- career. There's. You know it's sort of course better than every day roll baby either you know better served to -- about. A roll -- the strategy utilizes a -- -- week. Billy DEC. Bob Melvin in yourself electing to go by closer. By committee instead of turning back to Johnson's reputation trumping closer by committee. Well you know it is true 200 stranger possible connect collectively they've pitched well anecdotally that the -- up. You know. The critical thing no doubt about it all the old pitcher but I think well. Lead overall but you know absolute fact that matters and there has the critical -- that we haven't. I closed down I think I'll play itself out. That you ultimately. -- -- You have a -- gotta do little you know there's going to be somebody there's going to be some night that he. -- as we -- right now you really want do little Oregon State. Mercury left you ninth -- you know he's he's just such a leopard. And he carried it. You -- Having one guy would -- other -- other option. You know maybe a better use -- does is that there aren't messing about but yet Hillary with the regional meet the players go out. You know else ago Larry current quarter due people in the joining the -- to let itself. There -- many important -- -- that -- -- UniCredit dispute that shark ever wanted them. You do execute them well but you also want and don't want shut down. Imagine watching that you might have -- want to get good we could be having a different cover Sergio weaker. You know but but right now I think the they're geared to -- to -- that -- -- -- Billy according to Susan slot served it appears AJ Griffin started throwing in the past day or two are. He may be going for another opinion on his elbow. Can you tell us anything about his housekeeping. But you know we always soldier brought you earlier when AJ yeah injury which -- you know there there there's some good. Here lot of guys who lot of players from ourselves on computer articulate. They too conservative approach. First. Then in the hope that the works by you know local -- with a -- like he knew that you love what we don't know beyond major. But I think you're gonna get a second opinion. The it's not. The only completely write a good point we'll make sure that. You know we don't agree to push back who do rehab -- in -- the appointed to partly he certainly didn't come back quicker but it'll all look so cool well hopefully soon. Appreciate the up there that update there and you know -- our focus did reject the lease agreement by the city of Oakland. To extend your residency at the coliseum how -- -- stands interpret that. -- -- like you ought to go figure that out in my department and and so I could. Could be elected and and I bit about our mission so I'd missed all the you know problem but you know I think our pollution -- we better than my -- -- my parents felt that the general manager. You know we've always tried -- are. Well here that you their contract can help them. And try not to -- into the public situation right I think that the -- how we're gonna continue to look at. That you do the best. And that's the good approach and Pluto or actual. -- -- a little less duke. You know what I mean remembered and -- -- -- air -- -- -- never ever serve a lull in Europe negotiated all the. Well I appreciate that Billy thank you nice nice Perry. Always very good very -- Yeah in the dodge in the parent. Well the first follow -- you know. I don't you know I don't. You know I don't. Under you don't negotiate should -- hobeika -- -- -- -- great job at the the blue and -- fill -- that position. Might pretty understated guy very bright guy and another. Well it is the -- keep -- -- in the background. You -- Billy hey thank you very much always appreciate your time good luck to you and boys down in Houston. But you do play well -- match up well against the Astros hopefully other the -- scene continues but this time in the right direction. These not sound good game will partner sweep under better circumstances the better record. Thank you very much Billy being here on the Damon Bruce show coming up next. Ahead of tonight's huge huge game three in oracle warrior power forward David Li joins me here on 957 again. Down captain. Welcome back to the Damon Bruce show and obviously as we get closer and closer to tip off. Everyone wants to know about what David Lee thinks of tonight's match up a huge game three against the Los Angeles Clippers oracle will be absolutely. Rocking tonight I can't wait to get over there David how you doing man. Great. It's good to have -- you know we get closer and closer. To step in and front of that home crowd in the playoffs I don't think there's an atmosphere in the NBA that rivals. Definitely god I had this strange way. First first playoff game last year home was. Well that is what I was hurt -- came out and I was able to relevant at all greater but. If they -- even art artsy she was overwhelmed is already coming out which is good noise and the atmosphere is -- -- arrogance and I. Well you know you come back after mission accomplished in LA but a weird way -- to be accomplished. What a contrast in basketball games game one the thriller that you guys win. Gained 20. I can't remember who won that game would seem to be lopsided -- hooked up. Absolutely -- -- forestry expert. Very good receivers. Mission accomplished in game one I've felt we release of its own coming out. I had a very good team victory and then seem to just before and Koreans and did not play our best. That responsibility mind of its all of everybody else. And though he's got to be a lot better. -- -- mission accomplished over a woman won there and got home on advanced technologies I'm secure business. -- power forward David Lee here on the Damon Bruce show. Again when you lose. That handedly if there's no one guy to point that and say well is his fault that is. That's team wide breakdown it was also team wide foul trouble which I thought I had an awful lot to do. With how the second half actually played out. Have you ever seen it a -- -- a team just get. Buried it. By. Not bottoming out wanna get in trouble with the league -- David but I thought there were a lot of well for example. Blake Griffin fouls out of game one. Is not called for a foul playing twice is physically in game two. -- -- you -- -- -- leader and but you know what. But there's places. He's. -- referees sort of done things differently we've won that game this is not one of those cases we got outplayed. Did you know what it was a I'm -- -- -- -- there was. But we were outplayed. Early and it was. You know if I don't think there was any -- the referees. Should be an excuse for that. Move you know there are games this year -- we've been Prussia directory group frustrating game to -- our series but you can't point to them why we love. Was there a certain point in time where EU just you knew what was gonna get away you could feel it now because it it just seemed to go sour quickly which was. Which was interesting because I thought game one was even a worse start I -- he had to give -- straight shots it was eleven nothing. And that was able to be battled back from game two again just that just. It happened the whole game was operating in some weird it area I mean I'm no -- We and we've had game. You know down the stretch. We've gotten down 1520 point can come back and wants yeah -- so I feel like one of those teams in the league it's never out of it. But once once again once when he was thirty. It -- seem less and less likely that. I don't -- a positive result gains but. You know you know movements move forward we got. That the -- that are like you said two games in a row. We've gotten down to start the game and and you know it's no -- our bench could put them and we'll party down -- spectrum to keep in the game starters got to do a better job. I gotta be better job in the first quarter and I think you know. Does that it's only very important especially especially at home you know -- -- stratosphere -- First David as familiar you are with the clippers. Dealer Mark Jackson does does the team even go over. Either game one or game two tape or are you done watching tape at this point I mean you have to be incredible familiar with the state. It was great because you know part of the playoffs. And you know they weren't equipped -- slightly different they wander the game to. You know we were successful to a bigger game one that -- -- -- -- got a game -- -- -- clear because -- so. Definitely Watson's a and not like you -- maybe like -- because what we need to do better in -- picking up on scene saying okay. We want you know we we made some turnovers a lot of it was because of -- -- -- -- poor examples of that. You know we need to set better screens here is -- -- example about just to get the points across. Of the major things that we need to accomplish a movie -- It tonight in game three it's safe to say you guys are a lot more prepared to -- the half court trap on curry. Absolutely we know that that for. That the clippers are trying to accomplish and that's not so let's have a big game and and you know I think he's gaining a lot of confidence from the fact that that third quarter. In LA in game two you know he he's got to be in stassen was able to get some breathing grew up to -- all. And we're gonna you know we. Oprah's old. You know it's important series of sort of sequence of things we need to take advantage of it and like we did in game one and we had a lot of -- -- passing and a lot of you know good finishes around -- by other guys which was two months after the -- or. We seem to continue to do that we are spacing was not as good in in choose who are people who takes. Or there's dividend advantage of that as we should have so that's part of making adjustments. Something that. We needed part of -- -- doesn't they go in the game to try to get with the chancellor. Warrior fans and I David wanna know if you guys we're talking about the how the hard fouls. -- curry was being dealt especially in game two and if you don't plan on a different physical response to those hard fouls tonight. Well you know. You know a word. For the third quarter. You know it's stepped out of -- -- there was no foul called -- what medium after revenues into the rim and and then other starter went out directly after that so there was no way. Serb retaliation or -- but there was there was no real way to counteract that. -- time that happened. It was fair and their bench guys and it was a 35 games so. You know I don't think physical play and the -- -- -- -- you know more or less physical than you thought it would be process. You know throughout this series that you're going administers Qatar the united and I said that really we wait for her in some regular seat that felt like it's. So it's been about what I expected and I think you're. You know it's going to be a physical series throughout the same time you know both teams are are. Not to react how the game's being called game one it was called very very close and all I've got foul trouble became too -- to let go. So does this thing we have to do with -- on both sides we got to react to pass. Because if if you go out there try to put physical and and the game's being called quote failure to -- put yourself. Out from what you did there. Can you give us a little hint of how you're gonna go about. Defending Blake Griffin tonight he obviously had a monster game to. What are you looking to accomplish against him tonight will be seeing more double teams on him more weak side help coming triple teams even. What about just invoking the Blake Griffin rules and put him on his ass every time he touches the ball. Or you -- what. Series is where he churches in transition. On the offensive glass and impeccable and if you look back at it's -- game to. He didn't necessarily kill the host of situation. He your he's got to get easy buckets in transition run in the Florida get easy -- -- the -- I think. And he got easy buckets in office on the offensive glass what he does that it makes it easier for him to post up and it makes it makes his jump shot. Usually darted out you know 34 for four from the field that -- jump shot isn't as difficult issue. But we need to keep him from it easy buckets and embodied the spirit of the game. Don't know how much better job. We can do that and I think is to keep them out of control got a pretty good job -- off all because we've taken away -- highlight plays and I think I was clear and -- Think being game easier for him but also get in its entirety and go and review -- -- -- and an easy buckets. Any word on Andrew Bogut maybe make -- a cameo appearance at any point in time in his series going forward to resist these secret weapon you've been told specifically not to talk about. I I've been told that the thought and I've thought about it and -- still a lot of pain right now. I don't see that happening you have debt to about that. I don't see him -- you have is this. Well hey what we do see is an unbelievable atmosphere waiting for -- of ORACLE Arena tonight. Just once in my life. I'd love to run out of the tunnel like you're gonna do tonight be greeted like that. Enjoy it tonight good luck to you when your teammates tonight David thank you so much for joining me on game day. Really appreciate it and hopefully we talked do you ahead of your next opponent by the time we talk next week. What made -- always different the week may -- thank you so much. We don't take it progressed this crowd were very very excited and I thought of the great crowd quiet. And get it done. Thank you very much David -- here on the day membership. Five point 78. Welcome back we've got the jays dugout showed -- clarity coming up in just old. Nine minutes from right now we are all done today. And it's gonna be the exact same thing pretty much tomorrow. When he is playing Houston. We don't get a lot of air time that's just kind of the way it seems to go. With a 510 pregame are -- 510 start time. 4 o'clock a's dugout show coming up by the way film my part time. Fifteen dollars for thirty dollar dinner tab and Sylvia African Caribbean grill in Oakland. You can enjoy fresh fusion of delicious African and Caribbean inspired dishes cooked in an open flame right in front of you -- great authentic food and get half off dinner. At -- African Caribbean grill at my Kirk's -- my perks dot com. Obviously tonight we are just sitting around running our hands can't wait counting down to talk to track the hours ORACLE Arena will. Come roaring to life tonight. I wish. That the sharks either played last night or play tomorrow night because it's going to be tough to keep an eye on the sharks given the differences in the playoff series tied at one up three nothing. -- I'd like I don't mean did do wrong by the sharks here but. I do believe that the Golden State Warriors. -- deserves the lion share of mind and your attention tonight I think there. They're going to get it again -- is an Astros tonight the giants they've got the Indians coming to town but not until tomorrow that'll be -- go against Tim Hudson. Who'll take the ball for San Francisco getting back to town -- Andrea. -- less than stellar road trip certainly would have that's at least. Through San Diego and Colorado did not go. Really according to plan but warriors and clippers tonight again things that I wanna see very early were just talking to David Lee. -- is gonna come and help staff. Who is going to deliver that first hard foul this afternoon. This evening I should say. And cool calm -- help staff -- not get up off the off the court. Who helps -- through the traps through the double teams who's presenting themselves is a viable option. Present yourself flash to the ball. Help your teammate. Because as good. As staff was in the third quarter. There was no doubt Cendant bodies at him and double teaming him got to hand. And you're gonna see that again I think early and often in game three I think you're gonna see a Golden State Warriors called free technical foul. In the first quarter tonight. If there's anything that happens left to center with courier early in this game. If the first foul on this game is a particularly hard foul on curry. You watch somebody is got to get dropped tonight I'm not saying knocked out dropped in a basketball sense of dropping. Are we have to drop it off right here will be back tomorrow exact same time. Same station. -- something going on I don't know about. Look afforded to argue again tomorrow Billy being David Lee our guest today wanna thank them very very much. For coming on -- think you -- more -- and Kyle thank you to John Dickinson. For his 20 hole updates that he did during our show I mean she's. He does have one more coming up to its cheese. Hard working man John hard working man I don't know how you keep your back from going out with all that heavy lifting the hopefully your head over to oracle tonight hopefully I'll get to see you there in if not. I'm sure I'll be able to hear you there and I think they'll be tweeting and all caps just to represent the up volume. From tonight's game three thanks so much for -- and then back tomorrow for much much more. In the meantime remember sports don't build character. Revealed. -- -- He's gone.

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