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Mark Jackson says he did everything he was asked to do as the Warriors Head Coach

May 7, 2014|

The former Warriors Head Coach talks about his time with the team and rumors about his relationships with the front office. He also dispels the rumors about his living situation and faith being issues

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's. Just from what we've gathered from all the different calls from all the text. On face click on Twitter. A guy that the fan base absolutely loved and are sad that he is no longer the head coach of the Golden State Warriors and he joins us now. Mark Jackson market morning thank you for coming on the program. Welcome on things -- -- appreciated. Oh. I think I still call you coach coach -- 'cause you re going. Oh you're going great and where everything Eagles -- a wake up. Thankful grateful for the opportunity to. Live another day in fulfilling dreams so they either going very obviously yes it was a home. Of paper reader. -- saying goodbye to. Some incredible -- -- some some relationships. That you you're used to on an everyday basis now. It's as long distance and I'm extremely grateful and fortunate to have and does -- As you look look. Look forward and you take a look. In the into the past. Why you why do you think you're not the warriors head coach today. Column. Has a great question. It is not because we remembered that change. Is not because we've been accomplished. Oracle laundry here. Now. -- the -- they decided to go to different direction and be quite arms. It is as such there's pretty much. Well oh treatment. When you think about celebrating in in traction in this -- laws. Approachable. And unfortunate. And I'm grateful. To this well. This organization. This ownership group that took a chance elementary and middle without enemy. Coaching experience. -- global players every single last world from -- one true. The last -- Or now investment or cause to believe in. Division. On this incredible. They're great. That has been up. Well as as aggregates and and sports. Have been loyal supporter of in management. Across Kabul I'm grateful. Thankfully opportunity and we want it okay. At least from my side to not -- what what didn't happen obviously does things that I was him I would do better. -- And I appreciated it the same respect is given. Especially ones when it's not true at the end of the day. I'm grateful for the opportunity and removal. March -- 4735. Last year one in the first round over Denver got to 51 wins this year. You didn't have your senator you've got to game seven against the clippers people are scratching their head why this happened was. Was this more about your coaching on the court or was this more about your relationship with the front office and the owner. Well alternatives. The results on the court slow what shall. Through my course of the dynamic. Savvy media folks independent. Identify who did not have a good relations that's well because -- got 11. I'd like him who looked straight -- had a problem -- are treated them all and there was any friction or problems. Couple. Have you considered as true in -- them. -- -- -- We go mobile but it's -- -- -- -- Demonstrated that true but at the end of the day we have a mantra that. That piece. With what what has taken place in three years. And I'm extremely fortunate and blessed to have an opportunity and we wanted it it's far on a -- potential great things start and there's been turned around and now. And when the championship of the talent obvious you have your curriculum the middle of political structure during -- And -- great things grow -- -- little widget out election well. We last to do it this year would not. Vote unfortunately. And one and game seven on the road against a number to -- with. Two of the top ten player in the world. Six the year award. And of future hall of fame coach. I trigger. -- -- -- What what have you said or will you say to staff -- Well but not for my first call was shift toward him. Well. He's an incredible -- well incredible man. Incredible basketball players. Did everything in the right way and then again also reports that. Somebody's in the public favors. Opening -- please but it got beat because that's not true. A locker room. Well full of guys that will passionate committed and dedicated in Tom -- -- to the that card users should be treated special because -- special place best player and that's how it works in this in this league and in the world. At the end of the day you know I'm grateful to each and everyone. And we'll have a relation those guys -- -- under coach and well and and an improvement on the did. Former warriors head coach Mark Jackson joins us here -- her town in half 95 point seven a game and knowing just how stressful. The last part of the season with your coaching staff committee the issues. With the front office or the owner do you wake up today as you're leaving the Golden State Warriors -- do you wake up relieved that you don't have to deal with this anymore. Vital piece every day even yesterday and -- -- on the allow. Issues or anything to disrupt. My peace module so can be clinically at home wake up. Absolutely because. There's no and no more now unnamed sources that can can affect me I don't have to answer the questions. Of this morning. Can I can speak clearly about -- and how conduct -- column it's unfortunate because. Everything that the unnamed sources say it. Well I was burned -- -- did not -- the first round. That there was friction and that there was this and that there was that. It was claimed to be -- -- so it's come out true. If -- and things are going off as an owner and general manager -- blustery. While in office -- it's treated outcome in the meeting and and I'm about to be fine. That's you conduct business and that's help in this election gospels beat -- More than their odd percent right I did not conduct business right Weydedat. -- -- With that in mind what what's the what's your greatest disappointment as you walk away from us. Google got told them. Went through pregnancy period and then. We had. Now our motion -- in the labor and the unfortunate thing is apple. Opinion majority vote in the kisses to vote in the traction. Hurt itself or somebody else will be expanded there. Grabbing the head of you know my -- We've come this fall and that's a disappointing -- -- a candidate. I'm probable it would cut to accomplish. And I am honored and thrilled to have had a platform I'm grateful to his ownership group management group. It's fan base and these plays. And the old memories will not -- -- It was it was a particular jobs and we move on my uncle. Your relationship with the players -- special so much even your former players came back during the play asked me look at Jack Landry -- more. You touched these guys and they fought for you they did not want to see you go. As the leader of these men how tough is it going to be letting go being the head coach the warriors and still leading these guys. Are truly believe there at the end of the day. My -- instruction and group mental embargo. -- it was completed. And it would gospels do. Are we one ballgame more importantly -- -- -- from -- one. Lives would change -- became better husbands fathers teenage -- in science professionals. And it did not go unnoticed as yes they're going through now. Thousand text messages. Isn't there's not powerful players on my part is I'm getting messages from. Star a superstar probably. Telling me. Congratulations and and given me props and and and acknowledge in the job it was on Google on notes and like a fair number four platforms. Told relation actual laps where and that's what got cutbacks. Because the bigger than basketball -- -- monitor drove to Atlanta. Players small pot and lots. You mentioned your faith and there's been it's been floated out there. That your faith may have been an issue may have been part of the problem in the relationships. With. How do you feel about that. -- -- unfortunate because it's true I was tired of the constant. Bigger unfortunate because -- whose true well. You don't encourage. Mediacom and to a peaceful -- church among ministry. All the work almost. So not don't know when it's convenient and your church some. Well I know -- around beating people and it would Bobble. Well old processor when necessary use words what you lead by example. But I used -- lead -- fifteen players watching new York daily -- and -- unnamed sources -- stuff and you don't react you don't respond and you continue to do that job. -- thought that the disappointing part about it. But it candidate. Now I have nothing but love and appreciation. And in and I'm I'm grateful for it. David evidence so I'm grateful for the opportunity and removal. Are willing and about -- we will present itself does not totally at peace in a husband followed a past and and well. Not living here full time how big of an issue was that with the owner in the front office. Well I will say that -- When they hired me in I was in the wasn't -- job description to what the demand and Julie groups or even actually had to go back. He probably would say that great debt which in Qatar we can't go back years ago in May -- -- job of that on the description. But Doc Rivers coached and bolt from the remote Randall. Well the coaches that I plate full of local computer. Now from home on the first one the first -- and you know it's gonna mourn the last -- -- -- not be like. Let's say 8 o'clock in the morning. A bit tender at 11 o'clock at night. Our goal Balkans and 11 o'clock at night just cleaning people in -- and -- must. It must and that was it is nowhere in the world. I'd still be a deal is definitely. So don't look for excuses just read -- report. To say it didn't work in the Islamic -- -- -- there's nothing that you sent to do from day one. I did not do. And if you want me to -- Obama ultimately. In in in -- Altria. -- -- -- A clay Klay Thompson became. One of the best if not to in and knowing in your estimation the best. Wing players in the league is Seth Curry becomes an all star. David Lee became an all star the -- had a lot of accomplishments that they hadn't had. In decades when you look at all of the things that that transpired over the last three years. What are you proud of stuff. On proud of the -- of these guns and -- I'm I'm I'm probably technically Thompson went from Newton and number eleven. Who arguably and in my opinion the best shooting in the world or -- soccer and basketball. And the future is incredibly bright and it is a -- bull low amount of money. I'm proud of the fact that -- -- green. Instructed construct ground and had also it's a question marks had an impact Connecticut on the content players in the world com. In in seven games series. And and making a statement I'll probably look at. You know Paris and bonds in the -- he conducted himself. In spite of not starting coming off of last year. -- from the fact that when you look at God's warriors Jersey. You don't look at the same way that you did three years and years ago how they conducted themselves and then as examples as winners. Our home page statement. Made a statement about. Each and every one I think it in the debate that's what. That's winning and an aunt and uncle are exemplary. Small. Obviously -- -- is management it's it's it's it's it's just to play it. And it's it's it's some would be problem. Cilic of said -- he feels as everybody could have learned or should have learned something from this experience that they can do better. What do you walk away having learned from this experience. Well and he. Obviously. You continue to learn as a coach. Thank -- to get better. As important. That you select the right people wanting that are talked about making mistakes. In my sister -- situation are probably it would address definite -- well. Six weeks are much early. In the -- what was becoming an issue. Permanently there. Even know would handle it could have been checked a little bit -- That that that's not -- warmup. -- -- unfortunately the second issue well documented now. Disappointing. But when you. Create an environment that. You know. Seeks something like Iraq creates something like that unfortunate but it and doable again. I would continue to get better coach continue to get better coach and I can't. As far what has been document. Relations original because like -- can't figure out. You change your own. I have no problem and I'd like -- to identify. Who it is I have a problem. In friction. Kamal sound well more policy actually regional countries Japan and again -- -- and my whole mind. And I believe -- -- probable to speak to end my -- bought -- and anybody else could talk. Go to my ball and ultimately go dancing around. Attempting on the market have relationships. It wouldn't be traffic that's where it was great and unfortunately you do that create an environment where -- assistant coach and one in. -- Mark Jackson former head coach of the bill say orders this year B TH on 9570 game if you look it's a lot these different stories out there today marks -- dealers say he's not an x.s and o.s guy. When you -- that how do you respond to that when they question your axes and those on the floor with a game. You respond about 23 games and national struggle for change. An analyst and went to Q1. You respond to it by taking the number three -- would have contemplated in the world. Sixth man of the year award nominated senator kind of future hall of fame coach. To the point games seven one with two minutes changed global. Consumption. And then do and I tried as best case. Everyone an old guy should be -- If that's the case. Some moving forward I look at the options that you have ESPN for all I know they've already contacted you and you're gonna be working. And working the playoffs. In the used analysts did well what you could do as a head coach. The the options seem to be. Many for you moving forward. What it what's the next step for for Mark Jackson. I'm most current problem firmly and this thing will play itself so the good news is that unfortunately that's not to have options. And and we'll see what the next move is now certainly. Enjoyed coaching. And look for opportunities. What I'm finding that piece. It was -- years ago that never happens again. It -- gradual book. But again I'm grateful forest. Opportunity. And I truly do not. Take a -- shall I say thank you to the incredible fans. Organizations these players as management group. What we've done well yeah and I wish him nothing but the best. When you look at the situation you're talking about unnamed sources I and I totally agree with you and there's a lot of question about your relationship would Jolie -- currently -- what was your relationship like with -- the sun. So are no problem current you know current government. Lauren. -- He's -- says it will assistant GM. And I had no problem occurred so. But here's my question if that's true. In nature available on the current talk about it because as far -- -- There was no issues that -- -- called awful last night. In the midst of enabled phone calls like couldn't get back but in the -- message. And win against. What has been has been reported talk about the -- has not been true. So commuted it's it's made of stop and I'm not sure there. Continue to chop down one by one you pretty much all of it has been not -- pretty much at all. Well mark I don't know who I'm speaking for others and myself but. As the sideline reporter for the for the team for the last two years. You and I have a -- knew each other previously worked and it at ESPN -- and Mike covering the league but. It was it was a joy to to be around and watch you change the culture this team. And I appreciate all the opportunity gave you gave me just to. To watch this team develop and grow. And the insight provided is so as you went went went about coaching Newton and developing these guys and I thought I'd sure I speak for for everybody here at 95 point seven in that we wish the best they're going forward and we know that you have continued success. -- say thank you very much. Obviously talked about -- we are in another month level of appreciation and respect for the job you do. And I appreciate you tracking it. In a way which would make old school reporters. And the great ones propped on the bottom and is is on couples sometimes on the true. And you attempted to do that whether it was. Against uniformly. And that's to be commended -- -- to the fantastic thank you so much it's been a great great rock and nothing but the best award is an organization. Well mark we will love hopefully we'll see you soon somewhere. From what you -- thanks coach.

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