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Jeff Quinn, Khalil Mack's college football coach

May 9, 2014|

The head football coach at University of Buffalo joined The Wheelhouse to discuss the linebacker going from Buffalo to the Raiders in the draft!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- as a head coach jealously Leo Mecca Jeff Quinn head football coach at Buffalo's good at Jonas. I also hear he coached our friend Joseph Staley the central Michigan -- coach. -- -- -- -- government to go well coached that your time. But I appreciate that like for me. Chair what was your reaction yeah I know that you knew that -- gonna go pretty high that when it happens to have. What are your own ego top five minutes a draft what is alike. -- special moment -- automated high mr. epic -- and our program. You know to be selective -- by action by the Oakland Raiders in the you know certainly an opportunity where young men are deserving. -- areas say that you were accelerating. Rate derby in his program. You know it's just a spot shall program building moment you know last week we had. Are subject this week we're close to a billion -- are social media. To the week just bleed out to the announcement last -- it there. Radio city music law it there are cameras there at all dollars and you deal so a lot of support. As I -- it was there it was just an improbable moment a year you know his name. Yeah and your urge acerbic you Leo well yeah beat Georgia for four years. Our audio man -- high energy guy you know he played decent just what you like -- guys play defense double. Well let's let's talk about how you got of he did not have a lot of scholarship offers to be kind coming out of Fort Pierce high school down in Westwood Westwood high school in Fort Pierce Florida. Liberty and your -- so what was he like in high school hot did you get him to leave Florida come all the way to Western New York. Which you know I was I was hired in January garbage crew this year as a true freshman was registered obstructing. -- they issued a -- what sport mart sport -- most part I didn't. -- go over. At that point so in a -- every year government when you're with. Colonel which going to be more good players out there at school that are starship division -- opportunities. And fortunately. That bill was you know. Was looked at his shot but he had a lot potentially edit a good trading -- of the build. That most mass I didn't athletic play a lot faster on his earlier days of action that -- well they got that. But he comes MacBreak Chamblee -- know why did not. Junior to laugh at what age school what was your upper and -- -- you're still out there and -- proved that he can. -- let guys slow. And and each and every single year since -- for years and had losses at the bell are just seen just incredible goal. And there is -- band great leader. There's our best players report to our doors and it but each screen in war dead bird you know now we do to get to this war so you know he understands what it shared that now we -- But the bad in go there and agility he belongs to prove people right. Jeff Quinn is gonna to Jenna sees the head coach at -- buffalo he coached -- -- -- who's the fifth overall pick yesterday by the raiders John -- and Greg probably hear the wheel house -- 957 game. Can still bit just on the type Acadia is I was -- in Greg was donor -- show last night and talked to -- he just seems like a kid that this moments not going to be too big formally set all the right things and everything but. It in terms of the kid himself how much she loves football which you can never measure you conceal these things but just. The kinda tedious -- just expand an element -- what he's like in terms of off the field those kind of things. Now would you loved it and he lives and it lives at the right like -- million. Dollars and parents. At least you know. The right -- huge. They still ball's going to you know they'd expected him to live. You know the right way to make the right choices treat people the right way you know -- -- leader. It'll be follower -- -- broad. You know a proper amount of time energy and -- -- not only be your great. You know actually -- great student and a great person and he does that checkered very mobile. -- -- -- -- for more class -- station. But you're low middle or -- home. You know -- -- -- -- times and break times you know he's a hero so actually he's got a lead the bill being. In your actor -- problems look just it'll make poor decisions. Or anger or high -- people. On the bureau are great sense of humor and get on this now Jeremy deacons saying -- need to play EGR. Yeah they do that. Boy a bunch tapered basically lied to so space. Two and a but. You know the players -- yeah -- always just been -- that all our our -- program all the players is due may dull look up tool so. There to guide it'll do all right way you do everything catch in the league deal. You know already won't talk she'll do Napoli at the man of action. Too bad the rookie hazing days in the NFL -- motor coach of -- he makes selecting get image training camp journalists and getting gets airplane that. Arianna let me ask you about him as a football player -- you ran -- 34. And he's an outside linebacker which is a glorified defensive than Europe on the lines coming downhill. That is 75 stuff she had just amazing. Now with the raiders they run a 43 that a product play -- Sam. Linebacker spot what what what is the best way to utilize to Leo in the NFL coach. There's just -- what -- you talking you know he -- these same Parker out barker -- somebody that you can do things he's probably. In my opinion was one of the most complete players. Eric your -- to NCAA record semi -- -- how many. Thousands of football players guard troops late NCAA football. But are slow -- you hold it all to -- sports are we don't think ball way. Eagles' attack -- mr. reach the record he tied a record or tackle for a loss. I just pursue his energy you know he brought -- it and that athletic big physical. You'd be at the point of attack. -- could take double scenes you know they're actually chip and double -- leaving no -- themselves. In a more advantageous position. That's where he ball which you can move around with their property. And inside. To the weak side we go -- out on you know what are divided and children had about corder bad. You know just -- dated award result of the big share -- is a great position for. Even though our league employee might well. You are Smart football player. About our mile and and be -- so. And I just could only imagine what years training staff. They're gonna do it just he's improved from two -- -- need -- to to order a in four years and they are and what that officers or port that what are now what you guys gonna be able to do this -- Or stroke or four years and here spread the next you know. Four years. The actual and it will be excited to -- but I think that's the best position in -- -- These you're expecting you distrust and he can go out there some thing about electric. You know Palmer are now big returns and and today nature that you need. You know I did I used to and Adobe bought it he didn't wait for us to. Great stuff coach she got us fired up on clone -- thanks to the time to really appreciate it congratulations on this subject for your program and don't talk too soon thanks. I appreciated -- a great debt you thank you cards.

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