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Steve Spurrier joins the show to talk about South Carolina draftees

May 14, 2014|

The head football coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks joined the guys to give his take on his players that were taken in this year's draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gosh let's see out hours out there are -- to three years ago. Marlins got a opponent we play -- Cisco golf club and they went down the Pebble Beach so I think I was glad to have the roof right dependable cars and stay. Down near Fisherman's Wharf and so forth always loved doing network and San Francisco which you pebble. Gosh I don't remember at pebble but remember -- -- -- -- -- -- out of -- okay idiotic and shot 79 that day just forget Dennis -- may have never breaking eighty. That's fit fit test -- -- talked about -- your players to but I do wanna go back because of course you have such a great. College careers at Florida and 67 your first round pick the 49ers and in to come out here and you guys are planted. These keys are stadium at the time's right -- that like for you to come out due to the San Francisco after spending elect. -- Yeah that was different I played behind John Brody. Oh about six years they got hurt and certainly true so I got to play a bit there that you are now under ten games. And you know -- I -- in the adjusting little stadium there. -- one difference. What -- the of that population now compared to these dark there was sort of on going on in the city. In -- play in the air and it was sort of go to a little restaurant there and and try to get back home in addition our. But the other 49ers now and years there up to us more volatile in the course we've got to -- after now Marcus -- Bruce Ellington. Really have a chance to pull a heart problem now. Well let's start with those -- -- start with Marcus who obviously had the devastating injury I think it was against Tennessee. And I know I've heard you talking like he's -- your favorite players. Just from an off the field standpoint you've ever been around this tells a little bit about Marcus. Yet people all the planned it would was and Marcus Lattimore. OK got better because your system are premiere that's running back in the states that you want the best in this release date. Any sort of works harder than any other player. You do the first one in the weight room last one believe the same in practice field. In all of that disrupt all the wrong always teammate. And even though we got hurt. Actually go both need. And our team was able to continue don't because that they just influence he had on. Our entire team but yet we alternative markets these -- not in -- players involved and I think he's -- go to well he tells me that he is a 100% now so hopefully he's ready go. Well not now Bruce Ellington because this together a lot of people of the niners getting in the fourth round what started the beginning with him because of course he came on campus. As a college basketball player and I read that he just came to a football game. And that study wanna get back in the football so how did you go about. Connecting with him and get them on the team and and obviously things seem like they were smooth smooth -- from there. Yeah we recruited -- asked who were told me to play football and basketball but coming -- I actually thought he won't play basketball. India actually came. I think Marcus Lattimore actually recruited. Eight -- class one day than a minute you come -- -- -- the ball with this YouTube didn't sort of boulder to not be playing at. So we got him not to air. And obviously he had an outstanding career here cult so many big Pakistan tested in close games. That the the last couple years that he would you really sensational. And he's he's also all work out Jack. I mean now nobody would be in better condition and Bruce Marcus. I was GAAP and are working now in that they'll be ready to go he can run all day Bruce Ellington. You know you know coach when you look at the four and -- so obviously it wobbled in the guy unit to private or from Florida State days. They got Michael Crabtree I've seen Bruce lineup inside and out that way because ideal position is. Which in Jim Harbaugh is off today. Well pressing since that's -- pan out that it would move around a little bit. And he can go bleep speaking a short and he can't get to it he gets it every word he says he's atop. About -- -- -- and -- But did he he can make tickets. Excellent hands and and very very tough competitor. So -- he play anywhere. What's better his jump shot or our. Well -- played -- running -- toward the -- -- lucky to like about them anymore got a pinnacle of the -- animal go play basketball. So they went back to his basketball teammates and they look at the menu crazy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was told they have -- basketball. And which detailing that he's he's got a future pro football. Pro basketball. You know pat DeLeon are so many guys out there but -- there's no place in the NFL forgot you can play you don't have to be six or six days. The Steve Spurrier guest here neighborhood in the -- 957 the game and I don't know if I'm I'm curious what your senses on him lasting until the fourth round I imagine height of big part of that. But both from a physical standpoint watching him that it never looked like. Particular team is talented issuers and the conference's poppy viewers that it ever created much of an issue for him. No I don't. We already go second or third so forth but. Some sense. I don't know stuff happens I guess there was a whole lot of receivers in the draft this year. But draft. And -- we're really thrilled that he went to San Francisco and we're sort of Marcus is out out there because that's one of the really strong hold my chances in the NFL. Excellent ownership Jim Harbaugh I think he won best coaches in the league and out there there are solid organization. So we're we're. Through -- really happy that there. You know coach on a bigger picture obviously I think there was 98 juniors declared for the draft in only. Not even seventy ended up getting picked and there's been some talk about. You know what keep you candidate dude you know eliminate all these mock drafts that are gonna come out right now guys that are on your team that only. You right now they're sophomores they will be juniors this fall. It is there any way that they -- Change this process to help these years out any better idea where they stand and felt people's eyes. I don't know what they can do much differently. The NFL does is get a job as a key and then charter write to them at the end of the they're -- But like you so much in life a lot happens. Our last game was. What gender diversity as Wisconsin. And then the draft -- maybe. -- seven or eight can -- yet so a lot can happen in knows I'm not support for -- -- much alike can happen. Some gas. Get better their stock against -- better some get -- I was really proud of what today Leon County did and I hit four months I think he did everything -- he worked out that all rights. In go to nightclubs. It encountered trouble so he could do it and we're now all very thrilled that he was number one pick in he he is the answer rushing. That's specialist and 82 of the best and he probably ethnic in the NFL also. With the expert guess coach I wanna ask you one more thing about uniter days because this we can't get the final season for for Candlestick Park in of course who's built in 1960. What is US players think about it when you walked into an in 1971 because everyone talks about it now is it being old and worn down but what you think about it when you walked in 271. Well obviously it was a huge upgrade from keys -- and then of course we had to -- it -- -- and it would put it over Astroturf use in the way we go. But we have a lot of -- success we won the division in Sydney said he wants 723 years zero. Got to -- that the cowboys a couple of years not just now the play almost. But. We had pretty good success -- candlestick so there was Blogspot. Coach I'm I'm looking at your schedule here Thursday August 28 yet Texas and am you at home. They obviously gonna look a little differently without Johnny football how do you prepare for a team like that when you really haven't seen their quarterback play. Well we'll see what they did I'm particularly defensively try to you know sort of see what their plan is. That they're glad they got good players they've recruited very well there Kevin Sutherland. He's coach in the mail and I get a lot of a lot -- -- A lot of people were hitting try to hire him away in the air. So they got a good team players we're -- here I don't know if you know or not -- we've won eight demonstrated homes. That'll that'll let the world know we got to get home field advantage here. We'll tell everyone in the Bay Area for a coach we can't wait to watch that game. Yeah I've been national TV game and Belmont now nobody got their big chance to watch it also. The will be tuned and we'll can afford to hope you know a few rounds of golf in the various sometime soon coach we really appreciate your time today yen document again.

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