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Vernon Davis live in studio!

Jun 12, 2014|

The 49ers star TE joined The Wheelhouse in studio to discuss National Jerky Day & Krave Jerky, his contract status with the Niners, and he told us if he thinks his team can win the Super Bowl this year

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is my weakness. And so are women by the way. And three women came in here along with the -- and Davis. They're known as the -- girls Jennifer and Chelsea and rusty. Vernon Davis is known as the stuff. How in the world did you and dealt with three beautiful women handing out beef -- they're not mind that might have a lot of great. Not my. Seriously you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- got a little bit of knowledge. The celebration. Is this week for national jerky day. All natural and gourmet jerky company crave is given one lucky fan a -- gift box filled with their slavery. And sweet pork Turkey and beef jerky flavors as well as the signed poster from Vernon Davis the flavors are beef chili -- Garlic chili pepper suite so Poulter pineapple all warrants. Ask for Turkey basal citrus. Lemon garlic -- for pork. Black cherry barbecue and -- Grilled secretary -- to me. But a way to low calorie high protein and don't nitrates. And benefits not given up just the taste Jennifer won the jerky girl's sheep goats and Turkey out of the bag -- Seattle and Phoenix and. Man I mean are spoiled and just to not be allowed -- this lecturing. Did with this man come on a year to promote Craig Jarrett day. Our. Kids now -- this -- does your favorite. Don't let all of them all -- I don't have a frame every flavor that they had is my favorite OK it's all good it's all good it's all good. Have you tasted any bad -- Turkey. Never never never in the history of national Turkey day never. Argue comfortable in this Turkey before you step football fields are you know what I -- to Turkey before and after. I hate it when I'm swimming I -- when I'm practicing. Eating when I'm eating the dirt there are lots breakfast. Breakfast lunch dinner. Turkey girl Jennifer could you tell us of Vernon -- don't the -- or not is he exaggerating and he definitely not exaggerating. He eats it all the time. Burden to have also heard that is tied into your foundation will only give us some information you know. It's tied into the Vernon Davis foundation for the arts and we're actually -- a bit and Sonoma. We -- the unexpected. It's a fund -- for America's foundation of the -- I mean look it's gonna be amazing games. -- -- And it's just gonna be a blast so he's come out -- support the Vernon Davis foundation for the -- -- just gives you a little bit information about. The very and his foundation of the us is all about empowering the youth movement and let them know that they can do whatever they wanna do simply put. Arrived to brilliant and yes absolutely CIA had something they're just crossed my mind I would get some jerky like this. And I Spain some T shirts and that -- my art song combined in the crave jerky which you're art. Is that enough to get a sponsorship or scholarship for somewhere to show my artwork you know I got. Talent and why. And while that was a maze like the way you -- say that you know. -- -- -- really loved Art Bell on a serious note you'll love it to a point that I forgot what was the contest at think it was Mindy. I went to your house. She shot some rooms and unlike. And he must be an artist's. Mod looks ugly Israel to me you know but -- -- -- and it's all this up and I think every tournament at this and turned it side with them like. Pretty nice to get into art now. You know it's in -- -- the -- let my teammates right now. -- I could pick it up I don't know -- what the dark purple haired. Kid our little. I'll let let let let let art is all about it. Pressing yourself right he read about expressing yourself when I'm. In front of a campus that's my medium critical Candace is an immediate so when on the front of -- campus unable to express myself in. In so many different way the reason I mean my mind this is going on thank announced that the box. I'm just pretty much you pay any anything this -- comes from a market. You know in -- in an -- in in his stance from heart you know saw that in AG it it would have room filling that day. -- best piece of artwork my best BC -- -- sure you know Daschle national every every piece that I put out. It all comes from within my soul really comes from inside most deep down side. Beat down assess it in the so the capacity to feel they tunes and desire S eight ride as deep now the. And that man they Humana has nonstop and Burke jerky in my match up and build on -- on that dejected Craig -- How bad cop or. Has -- been on the football field. Thinking about your next art piece. You know it's it's hard because. Is -- when I'm on the football field I keep. A bag to create your acumen back parking you do yeah and I just can't really thanks in times and so it. -- -- -- That toothpaste. Of good food you know who it is distracts you from thinking about. The thing is if you really wanna think about -- it is traded its. I gotta get on a serious snow even though Ryan answers about the -- to -- -- producers and producers. Mandatory cap man June 17 the ninety -- or not. Yeah you know I plan on being there I plan on being there will win -- you get noticed I'm just CNET. I'm reading all these stories announce that you're not a 100% happy. With your contract situation or maybe there's something else that's ruffled your feathers a little bit around the words in your Malkin are sitting right here so explain to me. Is everything cool between you and the niners everything gets. All who between me in the ninth you know what it's not really about my contract what is it about it's just about a life. In life you have to make business decision right right before you as always making his decision and I'm a businessman -- to -- so that they I wanna do is. Our big guys to 222 start making business decisions when it comes to a yourself. You're your own entity so. One -- hearts. In it and do that you know I love the fans is all about the fans -- keep it 100% about the -- And my teammates and -- teammates everyone that knows me knows that as selfish person. You know I love. Each in everybody. You know output of this before I put myself so this is not really about meat. He understands say you're really about me is not really about what I want it is all about making their business decision and being that CEO. That I need myself to be well myself and with that they say it. I wanna get everybody in the NFL to start thinking like that an ambient like that so I'm not trying to hurt anybody and them that. Try and you know do things so -- because I want them is this is all predicated on just taking control. Of myself why do you think people say hey this -- selfishness really all about him. And I'm not seeing everyone says that but you know there are reports out their way to me he's not putting the team first you away. As -- say this the goes like this actions speak -- Wheeler. So everyone who files you know it's Greta one files and put -- and one that knows me. When they see me. Complete opposite. So. I can't live my life worried about what other people. Think about me because when they seen is gonna be different than -- think differently about that so. All that doesn't really matter as long as I'm continuing to be the good person and I see myself if and show all the love. And respect the way I supposed to show. Nothing. Can deter me from doing what I wanted to do and continuing to live life. The failure on that -- -- let me tell you this because you said. -- businessman and -- or you're an entrepreneur or new war. You're great football player as well and you know the game when you've heard so many people criticize -- cap for next contract as they may and he got host. The niners got over on this guy -- not really guarantee you a lot of money. The businessman side of -- Do you agree with that do you say wait a minute if I had a contract I would definitely structured a different way or do you think this is a good contract for both Colin. And the team. When negotiating. You you wanna do you wanna try to. To win the negotiation or you come to it a new troop agreement. And if it was up to me I try to win a -- car company tried to win. But sometimes. The it it it doesn't it doesn't really go your way you have to come to a new agreement so. I think he may be -- he even he may became too and a new true agree I mean who knows I don't know the extent of the contract though it's not and that's that's out of my room. You know is not up to me to decide what happened yesterday continental -- that's not my decision does that mean to really elaborate. But. You know he's he's a good man he's good man and whatever decision he made is for him to -- 49ers Super Bowl team this year. -- I strongly believe that really passionately what makes you believe that you better than the Seahawks this time around. Never see his say that what -- I'm gonna say is that. We have all the talent. We all the talent was surrounded with talent. They brought guys -- last year they brought guys in this year to really hopeless I get that next level so -- with that. You know I'm able to. Sit here and in and say that we are. Definitely unit in a good place in this situation to move forward and and win games. When you score your first touchdown of the season is there a chance you bull whip out some crave jerky and eat it in the end zone you know what -- might not you have to -- -- -- to see the print in my back pocket. -- Davis there it's all good anything else you wanna get up before you get out of her mouth brave is all good my brother and I keep this. Well. I wanna keep Jennifer who fed me the dirt and and a couple of pack 00 I don't know I don't know. You can MacKey Jennifer no way. Why not because he just -- -- he's a good hour she's really good how are these gallery -- women every one and get a shout out to the fans before you get out here now you know I just wanna say that I love the fans and a lot of my team. And I love football. They keep gas man meal on the air and I wanna say. Go grave took. Question for you do you love more. Football. Fans. Were creeped her. Love them all. To get around of course of don't you know what that's what else bill for baby brother made for the tough questions just keep going and we've received up about the best buy you so much for coming over here everything you do for the art. Community and everything man. Crave -- football niners who represented big time wish you nothing but the best thank you -- and I love football thanks man all right brother Basil he's setting going to the super -- I have a villain he might be right.

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