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Bob Melvin says something has to change with Derek Norris

Jun 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Of the Oakland Athletics Bob Melvin joins -- they -- on this morning Bob. God doing great and we know when your catchers. Are doing well you gotta be all fired up I mean that ninth inning Bob you've you've got a guy who his been a closer for -- that just won the World Series. And it hit two home runs to tie it up before we talk about losing the game -- like tie it up there in the ninth inning. Thought it was -- I mean you know it did seem like one of those games that we haven't had teaming this year. Which were down and and maybe not be able to come back but since records started scored a couple of runs. Everybody felt like we had an opportunity yen in the -- we still good when -- up their pensions. And you know aggressively goes after first pitch fast on it and out at that point -- and think there was any chance we'd lose the game. Speak -- lose and somebody Derek Derek Norris leaving the game getting hit by a backswing. Is is there something that he can do to change what's happening and he's been hit quite a bit on -- this season. Well I think a lot of -- -- getting hit by backswing and I think there will be probably have to do something about looking at a he media as a bit close. And -- you know I think he's talking about maybe scoot back a little bit. The one that he got -- -- I don't care worry was that he was gonna get it would -- so. It is like it is more and more prevalent these days in and then probably the point we need to look into doing something about it. You knew but what I got a big -- here's my important question for you. I -- you get fired up the other day. And I was wondering and Bo -- never got fired up for me that way when I had designated for assignment with the Mariners man where it was that. -- These guys said you know at the end it is going to be a message audience is gonna probably be that I saw. That -- You -- That are but yeah me fired up you know added to certain time. Man that was pretty significantly game we felt like we had. You know it did locked up of one another and we do come and then you know all the sudden it's 11 games so sometimes you get a little bit a little bit Florida. It not say get abouts are you tired about expanding the replay and remember talking do you before the season. And now here we -- -- would you -- -- you does not have mainly -- more reply. Well you know MLB all along and said did you know there's going to be some trial and error this and and you look at the catch and carry rule. You know they they did something about that one and you know one that I have particular issue and I think a lot of lot of managers may be used. You know as the one in front of the umpire in front of the fielder. You know whether to catcher -- and you know that comes into play on the foul tips -- so. You know anytime I think they look at what significance gets played out certain games. You know maybe they do something about it I don't know it's during the season but I'm sure it'll probably take a look at them. Bob -- Sean Doolittle and with the strike strikeout to walk ratio he's had it's just unbelievable what he's been able to do solidified that closes -- for you. And really gave some definite rolls the ball and how much easier is it now -- you have a definite closer to -- to -- have roles for the bullpen. Yet way easier you know it's something that we've done here for a few years and you know it started out doing this year we added to mix and match at a little bit early on to figure out where we're going with that it. You know it would do little and you always start with the closures but work back in you know that one's been ironed out and Greg person's been terrific since he's been just put in the eight. And you know divide no -- are doing their thing a little bit earlier Brian Cook pitched a lot better. They certainly have an awareness when the phone rings when they're coming in the game and that's what you want the bullpen. About what can you tell us about push and Sonny gray back in starring Scott Kazmir tomorrow. You know what we we've done a couple times to do with Parker won that thing we did it was Malone once. You know with our young pitchers he seems like he's got their seminary innings every time he's already at a hundred innings and get 99 right now. With a few -- -- we just felt like giving them a little bit of an extended break would be the right thing to do. You know it's tough not to start him every time is is number comes up to the is so good the world also aware that. You know it's a long season and he's never pitched this many innings before. He's off court to he feels good physically but we want them to continue to feel physically and is one day we onetime. That we feel like doing the threat. The skipper of the Oakland Athletics joins us every single Monday right here on view her tanning and have. 95 point seven gamer to really end today for Rick puke here. When you look at your depth one through 25 can you explain to us the advantage you have with great depth. Vs the depth of of other teams especially the advantage you can take advantage of that late in ball games. Yeah I mean me you know what you see what's gotten with a three catchers -- -- girl you know he's having significant roles in. You know in yesterday's game you know votes right its first and kittens right you catch and I mean. You know it is allowed to do some things creatively and maybe pinch hit for a player. With it was a different position player like John -- so I have a third catcher and not you are we want to get in a left handed out power about it and there are. And in able to do that because of the fact that we we have so many options on the bench in and so many versatile players. Bob -- vote you know offensively he's been a terrific job for you obviously. But how surprised are you how how serviceable he's been. Not only as a catcher but also more portly right fielder. Yeah I really really surprise them -- not really you know him he's a grinder and can you tell them. There's a particular role here look at that form he can be out there working as hard -- candidates feel comfortable with that. It played mostly left wings play the outfield we needed human rights and you know he just works so hard become you know that guy that looks like right fielder. Put him at first base burning in and looked like he knew he was doing over there to he had played some first base in the past but not recently. Just hard work he's a grinder you want to get in they're playing contribute. And -- when Josh -- ready it's ready to come back off the DL. You know what what -- situation and look like in the in the outfield and you know who possibly maybe it's I'm back now. Well it is we're Gannett announced today. Kyle Blanks going on the DL. -- had a calf strain that he was -- it and then. Then kind of re injured going from second and third guessing and trying to score on -- ground ball had come out of the game so he's an eagle on the disabled list. And Josh critical take that spot so. -- an easy one to -- become back in would have been a lot -- -- like not been her. You know look at your situation yesterday where Sean Doolittle got his first career AB. I thought it was genius because you're losing your DH with the injury. Donaldson had to now play third. I look at that situation. And how lucky where you even though it didn't work out how lucky -- that the guy you actually ever closer at one point was one of the top prospects for the days at first base. Right in and you know it -- I would venues -- and he would get a pitch yesterday. And you know it's it's difficult to bring a guy and like who means so much your team you're certainly worried about potential injury. But when -- teams fought that hard to come back to you just have to give it. Give it the best shot you possibly can he was off forty was in the cage taken to swings Ford came out there. You know it's you know didn't didn't swinging real nasty split with two strikes the swing you know couples when he took were really good swings. And it gives you wanna be as competitive you can -- that this certainly there's some trepidation with things like him out there but boy you wanna give your team your best chance -- fight back so hard. And you're gonna start game road trip a three city road trip with. The Mets be in the first team now you're gonna play tomorrow what do you think it's gonna be like facing year old right hander Bartolo Cologne. Yet to reveal a different he was he had such an impact here with so many of our guys and at such a great personality I'm sure. You know first time out for the first inning guys are gonna have to stuff from smiling when they when they -- go home plate but. You know once you get into the flow of the game you're just plain but it will be a little bit different because this -- the -- that you don't really had an impact -- is really good pitchers so. -- -- our work cut out with them I was joking yesterday about. Walking him intentionally a couple of times to get him on base and we want to run the base -- little bit that. Or we'll have a lot of fund raising them. You know Bob Hurley is sure talk a little about the biggest clutch hitters of an all time Andrew who's the best in the -- David Ortiz steps and yesterday its -- opposite feel I'll -- and it's. For a home run. Is who -- your opinion is the greatest clutch hitter right now you've seen. Boy I don't you don't have to go too much farther I mean that -- -- that unbelievable at bat especially the way we come back all the momentum on our side. You hit a breaking ball the other way ballpark you know the big part of the ballpark though that when he's kind of have to get to have a little bit you have been a little more frustrated I think gives. If you get the fastball to hit hit it out but. You know gets hit the break involved. Just left center in our ballparks have to do so. Real credit to him and I think you probably he's one of the top two or three in the league park clutch hitters. Seven and three homestand the best record in baseball now on the road he'll head to New York. Miami and then Detroit have a great road trip -- to act in its wake.

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