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The Troy Clardy Show 6/23/14 Hour 4

Jun 24, 2014|

Join Troy Clardy for hour number four on Monday, June 23rd, 2014!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

PG CFM hasty one Sampras is still -- hasty Suzanne does anybody five point seven big game. -- five point seven they did. -- -- -- -- Well right now we're just once being on your mind -- one question in your mind. Tell -- 03 summer just behind yeah. My god they -- They're big big way. 95 point seven the game and toward -- thank you for joining us final hour of the program hope you enjoy that so far I certainly have. Got a text. Let's see where was I love this thing refreshes just as soon. As I wanna go to if there there's. But this text from Tyler he says don't worry about the haters Troy keep doing you now can we please get to warriors talk. Hash tag beloved -- don't worry Tyler coming up in a little less than fifteen minutes or so from this point. Regular chat with Jack harper from CBS sports dot com he writes for Ireland basketball for that website. And it's also a blogger for -- blogger for one of the -- Minnesota Timberwolves. Our site so you're you're certainly his thoughts on the reports that. A deal between Golden State and Minnesota is dead. For now we're Kevin Love -- -- your thoughts on that plus all other things NBA that's coming up in about fifteen minutes or so right now so fear not Tyler. We got you covered my man. Right now though the giants. -- The June swoon in full effect. And it continues today. Against one of the worst teams. In Major League Baseball. A team that can't score runs a team that is spiraling out of control. A team that is heading towards Arizona in Tampa Bay territory. Quick pass soon hurry. But Davis Jay Diego Padres go until 1998. Again. Good pitching from them. Reruns -- for three more NBA to break open a relatively close game. Chasing Matt Cain -- -- -- -- -- more on him and the second. But the Padres beat the giants. Six to nothing tonight. Giants fall to 45 and 31 on the year and her lead over the Dodgers and now -- four games. In the NL west. Dodgers had a day off they play tomorrow at Kansas City boy threw -- the record books what is the Dodgers royals. Meanwhile the giants who have won just three of their last ten games. And searching. Searching right now there's no question about it. Matt Cain who's not wanna start. Since may fifteenth -- over month for him since he is. One up in the win column. And that trend continues again today. As Cain continues to. Struggle. People seven earned runs in his last start previous to this one more previous to that one. And tonight. -- go seven in the third. -- chart with six earned runs. In this in this game stretch of seven walks one that's a good ratio. But six earned runs charged to Matt Cain in this one. Meanwhile some guy named forgery summer -- -- I trust me I just had the look up that pronunciation because I had no idea. How to pronounce that I saw my name -- like or what are you kidding me. Older summer despite -- Making his first start. For the Padres tonight. Pretty good. Seven innings shutout ball. Just four hits one strikeout. Padres get the show -- -- overall. Despite DA who by the way is a 27 year old Cuban. Who defected during -- -- Britain Europe last summer. Established residency in Spain in the begin working on in Mexico. Agreed to a minor league deal. In May. And made his debut in the big leagues tonight. Now. Who knows how this is gonna turn out for that kid you're still so long way to go for him. But the way he was able to keep the giants off balance it appeared. To bear. To a good start for him. As tough this season -- who's been for the San Diego Padres this year both on and off the field. Maybe your -- little spark. The Padres. At the giant experience. Meanwhile the giants. It's almost all darkness right now almost all darkness. As you do you think. And we talked about this last week I forget what had on the show on Wednesday. While talking -- giants. What they are Major League Baseball. Experts. And he was seeing what the giants are struggling right now we're kind of circling but hey no better way to get better. And by facing Arizona and San Diego. -- Tonight that didn't work. Giants have two more shots turn around against the Padres. Tomorrow evening and then Wednesday afternoon. But not the start that they were looking for in this series. -- How -- in the house. I'm sure clarity study five point seven game. -- to a couple of phone calls your guys who have been on the line for a bit by the way I might as an -- tickets to giveaway at some point this hour pair from so. Stay -- Trust. But the -- we go because I think a couple folks to have thoughts on the NB a he's. Also. The role with superstar that championship team because it seems based on. Based on the Coke conviction the teams who won championships. So far this year anyway. It seems like those -- gone not to the superstars not a team with the biggest superstar. But the teams have played more cohesive -- and played I don't know as a teen novel concept of teams in the standings. To Lafayette. They are purely by point seven -- game -- Am proud to be in his I mean if you wanna be part of a crowd that heavily marketed to its great to put a bunch of people on the -- synergy there to be seen. -- seem to be seeing crowd. That's fine people who even sixth inning because they got from -- -- student rather -- -- -- on and expand the minute you're not happy about you know -- in the west. And I don't think -- -- and say hey you know we cable in August gonna give up on the the only different routine and these are great guys it's it's great when you go out on the field and play at CNET has payroll a couple of years. And -- epic feel that I mean that's something that. Yeah that the team to spend all the money when they get beat by I mean come on. That's a great deal. So quickly and me when my win the World Series. I'm happy look what we have I'd love to ABM allowed to stand. That's what a real -- out. Eric thanks a bunch here for a phone call making those -- shall have that Joseph can Fremont Joey you're 95 point seven game. It went -- -- you don't have a small sample size of the Hewlett. The guys you mentioned a bit. You know the big game that -- all elephants you like that that you look at this roster. What would it be product well then you gonna let this credit off. Centigrade you know or right out there that bird enough of that that's probably. You know hundred billion dollar that you know right now pending. Just dolphins. You know that the water Billy dark. A lot so they've really got that car. No doubt that matches up well and let's fire able. I think. Yeah. I know I'm also sure I Kazmir just because he has so many years on him already so not quite sure. You don't if if Kazmir hit the free agency market right now people will be stumbling all over themselves to give him big time -- But I just kind of goes back to the whole concept of value. -- war -- is what you are what work is what people are willing to pay you on the open market while value is what you actually contribute DA's for years. Have stressed value. Over war we never teams have tried to buy championships and all the all sorts of things we're extremely mixed results. This year the guys prove their value now when it comes time to prove your worth. Who knows that BA will be able to compete but so far so good for those Oakland a's players were proving their value every single thing. Absolutely I think that a small and it got a ticket and the the last primary or the other never seem to get a really big move pretty great charity lately. They're Jermaine Dye it now back it he's pretty thick that was you know I kind. Think it they're gonna make a move that people are starting pitching that. That's gonna content up there and act in loose some -- voter. Jenna -- go out there for the that there is a suspect that'll work. I think that'll solve itself Joseph thanks a bunch for a phone call I think I think that'll solve itself unless Brad Mills pitches lights out his next couple of opportunities. And we'll see what happens with two Palmer its last I checked there was no real timetable. Well on his return after -- chair got in the way of his fist. -- well we'll see what happens I agree with you I think starting pitching might be top of mind for Billy -- when the trade deadline comes around that center. No then what president will take what is he going to be willing to room. Paid big time prize get really wanted to try key cogs. -- what could amount of your rental player for a severe. I don't think so we'll. I trust them no matter what yeah give me any reason not to trust them to this point. Do you trusts and 99 point seven game. Puts you in the house pay off a future -- contest. I'm sure you do yeah of course you do. So right now color number seven. Wins a pair of -- tickets to future contest. Call the number 78895795788957957. We'll tickets courtesy of total credit union as part of their painful back birthday commemorative button night. Sent to the NBA. But love -- for the warriors appear to be over. Or is it. That's coming up in just a moment I'm -- -- but once again. Five point seven the 957 big game. We'll get to that in the moment I'm sure clarity it's 95 point seven game. Well done nick well done appreciate it although. And I'll -- start a firestorm this. The Eagles are vastly overrated. Rolling Stones. Stones did rock and roll when it means music. Beatles did nursery rhymes we can discuss that in a later date and time but not right now. All David -- needs to San Ramon is a pair of tickets to a future he's contest. And -- want them to receive the total credit union as part of their eighty's throwback Thursday commemorative button at night so congratulations. To all of our winners. We've ever from the whale -- were Merrill from Hayward and David Keller from San Ramon congratulations enjoy today's game on costs. Meanwhile in the National Basketball Association the big headline around these parts. Apparently according to reports including from our very own rebuke her. A deal potentially on the table between the Golden State Warriors. And the Minnesota Timberwolves that would have sent Kevin Love here. Is dead. For more on that earlier in the program we talked to Zach harper from CBS sports dot com he writes for -- -- basketball. For that website is also blogger for -- wolf among holes dot com. Which is a timberwolves specific. Web site. So we -- the -- that the conversation by getting -- thoughts on what the latest is concerning this deal and and if this deal was dead. It. I don't buy effort that I do I do believe the group further order -- -- is that it that I know the war is saying that I'm sure the -- to stand up and similar. But I think it's just smoke and meters for bird just setting up the table to get negotiations going again. Do it means something where. The warriors believe there are aliens in Klay Thompson apparently the -- the same way. And you know the wars would love to get out of this trade without giving up clay but not gonna happen at least as far as the -- -- right now. And so it's going to be are you willing to give up quite confident in what are your QB he has. For a guy who's probably a top ten player in the league and immediately a no brainer but I get to -- of the negotiations. It in your mind is that the only way that this deal gets done or there may be similar pieces of the puzzle that might that I entered into the equation as well. You know -- they bring him up third team and and it allows for more app. -- services to get to the table labeled the walls are looking per wanna look at the remain competitive would let -- -- I think this should be trying to rebuild. What do better you know they're looking to acquire many after the possible and -- you know whether that Eric -- -- great company great company. I -- going to have to be involved. And look a little bit desperate and really you know the old -- out of it looks good on a lot of public squandered if they start -- suitors then the warriors regained. The upper hand and other right now there are now. Teen's friend trader Kevin Love well I think the big -- problem. Now other suitors for Kevin Love services if the deal does indeed go down in love I heads to the Bay Area. How good what you look in the Golden State Warriors uniform in your mind. Are you being credible I mean I don't know ordered Google algorithm -- you would be the best player on the -- not not a knock on curry. Have a lot that goes and you put those two together that would dynamite combination -- -- -- combination of the league that can export that and our our insurer look -- deficiency gone on people who -- not a good defender because he's better than he's been shown you know he's shown he's shown that he's getting it. Different times but I think it's a matter of he's not gonna kill ball on or bad English that not a great. You know personality treatment it is understandable that much yet to be on opera. When you look at them I mean -- looked and have to pass the ball in the full court in the half court is arguably the best rebounder in the league year in year out. And either -- -- point by the game and does a good point five you put that in the step curry I can imagine it would open up for courage in him what he can do. You know with that kind of attention -- look what. -- -- from CBS sports star -- is our guest here in 95 point seven game. As we talk right now on June 23 2014. In your mind what is the warriors most pressing need right now. I think they log in credentials really -- after the Internet when you have bench. Grabbing maybe they can grab a superstar like Kevin Love while getting rid of you know a huge obligation Klay Thompson and the contract -- David Lee. That the women released in this league you can be special that you don't have a bumps scars but it's easier to have a bond starts and distances -- -- a second star. To what the courage than you can -- people about a little bit either. Through the draft or through free agency and ultimately if you did know two guys like that who can spread the floor and and make it -- on the role players around. That either drawn cheaper region stood couple of the Dutch I think that that should -- to keep them. Let's talk about some bigger picture stuff as far as the NBA is concerned Carmelo Anthony is not as opted out of his contract. With the New York Knicks who was telling organization over the weekend. And if he stays with the New York Knicks. He wants personnel say. Is is this just him just driving up his price to stay there. This could. And articulate -- regular Red Sea area and I thought they already have personal and political deck -- Obama. Away when you leaderboard than it is nothing duper superstar like -- -- -- well let me let our -- a aren't out of Cleveland. This who do some homework I think Carmelo making the idea of the split a little easier -- look. He's demanding a lot. No -- we're -- look at eagle somewhere else because. Really mean about possibly going to Chicago or maybe you're going to use them because you know that will do a better team that. Have a future in the I don't think you can look at -- -- can be a big refund Carmelo what their future that's almost dead weight on their on the roster and salary and have no. Will accept for the future and don't have consistent draft -- through -- or five years. You know that they've got a lot of work to do and I and I don't McConnell either for the work. That said -- I think there's a big difference between value and worth worth being what people are willing to pay you on the free market. And value being what to actually bring to the table does Carmelo Anthony have the value right now. He had the value if you go somewhere else and he's out I don't know I don't know four year 75 million dollar contractors -- a couple of little lie about that value that. While that is expensive it is something -- He can justify it through his stardom in through what you bring on the court you know he's not a good defender either. But in terms of the east Beirut the next you know you gotta believe that five year 120 -- thirty million dollar contract -- play. This is a bad move but it's not -- to keep Carmelo but it. You know they've never been good at managing the cap and now they're the -- there. The kind of reset everything and that the economy back on a contract it's just it's kind of perpetuate the problem with -- -- Zach harper from CBS sportsline com our guest during 95 point seven big game. The -- earlier this afternoon. All of a sudden you know no surprise here this being the world that we live in with social media -- driving the conversation at every turn. Apparently a bronze wife stirred up some speculation. When she instead Graham the picture of Akron Ohio and says something to the effect of the countdown has begun. And now this is calls a lot of speculation and consternation of that baby want to come back to Cleveland all the all sorts of things -- -- campus severely denied any of this of course. His future -- a little bit in question right now as far as where he wants to corral the Miami Heat. Or not how do you see this whole thing shaking elephant LeBron James and his potential future or the next few weeks. I support no one source familiar turned ever -- -- drew where where in the world are offended or circuit precluding a grand photos and tweets and in locker room where what how. These guys the radical group that just got to weaker development in the print or try to figure out what they're hinting that. But what LeBron it's hard for me to see him leaving Miami even after the delayed it off the final. You know it's kind -- looked at our paper -- show them that you know they're feeling in there and there where air can only push them so far. Split decision leaving now I don't I mean you know that the point where you would go would be I -- Against the cavaliers then would you articulate why would you wanna go to catalyst now all this started. Still trying to sort out their roster. Or would you go maybe three years from now it is important to go back home when those players are starting at their car and that seems like the most ideal situation. For LeBron is being Miami for three or four years and then when he hit 3330 or. You know of them and you go back home for reunion and try to help them an idol I this is partly the picture and gone anywhere else political. The last question for a Zach harper from CBS sports stock comes back it's interesting because we spent the overwhelming bulk of this conversation. Talking about superstars Kevin Love Carmel where LeBron James step Currie. -- you've got a team that just finish within the NBA finals. Debt. Yeah they have super stars in the sense and don't -- and then and Ginobili and Parker but but they don't think that their stars don't shine quite as brightly. As the guy that we talked about previously. Get those guys are world champions are we can look at this all wrong with the try to chase the superstar the biggest guys who were out there are a -- should people me because. Focus more on just trying to you know build the best cohesive unit out there may be that's really truly the best way to go up during -- -- championship. Welcome I want several -- -- Carroll has set -- a culture that's the thing with the person they have a basketball culture that they never waver from it doesn't matter -- What year it is what their roster situation is based electrical plant and they've -- a -- -- -- seventeen years. And it and it's something that works for them because they believe and look at the -- earlier in the coached and they have guys combined have. And I think you can talk to another player -- -- -- an incredible -- patient and take a lack of panic when things don't go your way. And it's easier just to go out and try to. Find the next superstars to put to bring into your team and try to build our way because I don't think a lot of these little while -- owners have any kind of patient and that'd take like -- -- Cards act as we wrap this up here we got the NBA draft coming up later on this week on Thursday. Other subplots a lot of fashion a story -- sure they're gonna emanate from the NBA draft that they always do. On Thursday what are some of the things that you particular are gonna be watching this upcoming Thursday when the NBA draft -- around. I -- I'm into the -- just what I think we're gonna have a storm of of trade but it just blow through and and leave us really confused for at least an hour after. After the in the entire draft is over I -- I I didn't think that. We've we've got so much potential action to go pick teams moving down that people multiple picks trying to move -- -- For better and we -- -- -- flurry of moves throughout the night and I I think it's gonna be buried at. Hectic it's gonna make it very ought. Of course -- that makes your evening even better right. Yeah I'll be happy not sort of working harder than a local boards seller by the war. Ventura -- everywhere and they need to sign up to read -- -- stuff. On CBS sports dot com check him out on the iron on basketball portion. Of that website and also took him on Twitter as well. At talk groups Zack always appreciate your time thanks a bunch we'll talk again soon. So there you have it -- harper from CBS sports dot com who joined us earlier in the show he says there -- -- home and get a little of the well. Stage soon they're just doing more to come by the time it's all said and done our -- sacked harper for joining us earlier in the show. We -- to vote. Some -- fans -- Jim Johnson's wife and earlier in the program and I that the reason fire -- on the phones and but the read into this. The more of them glad there was an actual happy ending to all of this. I'll tell you about that moment. On tour -- -- -- point seven and. Still the person. People who -- telling tale of the tape taken stone. But that's not who were discussing your -- show. All your own life you're all done. Glimmers of brilliant song -- my favorites if if if if if they show a walk up music I would love for to -- midnight ram quite honestly. Missile and can get done later on. Thanks again -- -- harper from CBS sports dot com you heard his thoughts on. All things NBA just a few moments ago. Coming up about ten minutes of soul be your time to finish up strong on the phones we've certainly covered a lot of ground today as. Always do look in four hours. If we don't cover a lot of ground then either a one really big thing has happened. Or beat or are doing our jobs I think we do our jobs here tonight. Between DA's the giants who NBA discussion we'll legacy talked to general soccer as well we talk about a whole lot of things. Over the last three hours and 34 minutes of the show. Anything that we've talked about anything we haven't talked about you your chance of this storm was coming up at about ten minutes herself on the phones. One thing they're certainly got a lot of notice on the show today. Was the treatment. Of Jim Johnson's wife BA's. Reliever. Who has been booted many points. During his time at the coliseum. As -- -- clothes -- the start of the year now he's just a member of the bullpen. I'm Bob Melvin trying to find roles for him now. And he's right the last couple times he's been out the coliseum that's good news but loses some fans saw fit to boot Jim Johnson's wife. While she -- participating in a charity food drive at the coliseum on Wednesday. And we had a pretty good our discussion. On that hand -- I actually asked if anyone could defend. Those actions and believe -- not a couple people dead. Much to my chagrin I'm still shaking my head over to the things I heard from those folks. Because to meet our goals actions are completely and totally indefensible -- player fine. -- pool player's wife don't boo players family member or anything like that because that's just completely and totally. Outside the lines out of balance and you make the personal. Well I am glad to report. In the midst of this ugliness. So we saw fit to do something right. And do some being do something good. I have always said that if you're you're part of the problem -- part of the solution. And I always liked it when people decide to be part of the solution. And to make things better. -- order -- little shout out to the athletics nation blog. Because they heard about the story. And what they decided to do. Was -- In -- of the fact Elizabeth Johnson was. Collecting donations. For the Alameda County community food bank which is one of the bigger our community initiatives that initiatives that DA's have. And that's a place that actually visited I apartment a -- warehouse. Not too long ago -- chance to see. How they operate what they do how many people they actually help may help. I look at this is is good news and bad news is because the good news is that they do actually helped a lot of people. I'm not so good news is that they have to help a lot of people. So what athletics nation. Dot com decided to do. Was -- Starting virtual food drive. Where they could. Donate make a donation helps the food bank. In the form of money you know one dollar given to the food being turned into approximate four dollars worth of food. So they decided to take monetary donations today. And the goal. Was to hit 4545. Dollars. 4545. Being Jim -- Jimmie Johnson number twice. And so maybe folks who. You know may not have donated to the food bank has -- has also made what they heard or what ever. Athletics nation dot com decided to make it right. Not only did they reach. The total. They surpassed it. They surpassed the goal. -- 1329. Dollars and 41 cents is what athletics nation. I was raised. At least as of the last quarter update from about forty minutes or so ago. So may surpassed. Their goal. So major credit to athletics nation major credit to all those of you who who -- then. And I should know about this I wasn't aware of it until actually collar -- brought it up when this was a hot and heavy topic on the show earlier this evening I I had no idea. The bad drive was going on. So you know we talked about. A lot of negative things. In sports talk radio it's unfortunate I try to steer away from -- most times but you know let's face facts negativity. Is what drives reaction. In sports talk -- So I think in a lot of other cities in the country. -- you go back east. No New York Philadelphia Detroit. It's to spent four years in Pittsburgh before coming here in March. I think that's less true here. But it's no true. Negative stories -- reaction negative stories are more apt to make you pick up a phone call us. Negative stories are more apt to get to listen to us. It's unfortunate. And it's something that I I strive to avoid on this program. Sometimes I can't. I've said it is. Truly enlightening. To see when people turn a negative story. Into a true positive. And make things better. Not just for themselves. And have good intentions and doing it. Also many people's lives better in the process. I feel badly that that Elizabeth Johnson Jim's wife was booed and insulted. During the food drive on Wednesday. But I'm glad that someone somewhere out there -- decided to take the initiative and turn this into a true positive. A major positive. And by the way if you bring canned foods. I bring canned goods. To Wednesday games. At the coliseum. Then those go to the Alameda County community food bank as well so you can still continued barely any Wednesday's home game this year. That's a big part of what DA's gonna do in the community. So. Big jobs two athletics nation congratulations to those guys. And major congratulations to all bodes. Who actually put a happy ending on this story. Kind of restores my faith in humanity people. I'm good finish up strong on the phones. Anything you wanna talk about we are here for you in the world of sports. Dated 8957957889. By 7957. US continue on this you can't make the phone call right now. Looks like talks between -- the talks that would land Kevin Love and Golden State looks like those are dead for now. You want to respond you can call me 889579. -- have. Sonny -- unlikely to pitch in the all star game because he is skipping his turn in the rotation. And that puts his schedule to just before the all star game and -- better. -- -- call -- -- -- -- actually not -- -- giants lose about an iPod. 8895795718. Million people watched ESPN. As men's soccer tied Portugal yesterday. Soccer fans declaring victory in America. I'm saying if you draw eighteen million to the TV sets for an MLS final. Two years from now then we can talk. Eight at 8957957. Also remind you where we started the show as well -- a thousand pretty darn good. We'll topic as well for anything you wanna talk about Michael -- -- wide -- I got no one on hold. Put your name of one of these phone lines how the village of strong 889579570. 88957957. I'm -- queries your phone calls straight. It's not -- points every game. Trust yourself to the best of your abilities that's -- tradition -- strong is all about 8895795788957. 9570. I'm sure clarity is 95 point seven big game and what we do at the end of every. Talk show is giving -- a chance to respond to anything that we have discussed on the show. -- maybe some things are we ever had on the charter for today's program. And of one -- -- Cold War. Surely do all the things we've talked about. I can get many more folks hold the -- 88957957. Days giants. NBA. World Cup soccer. Anything that's on your mind when we talk about -- or not on the show today we're here for you in an 8957957. It -- 8957957. One thing that we'd. Again to show -- Is the legacy discussion. And when do you. Judge a player. When do you judge his greatness. How do you judge his greatness. This up for a couple of reasons. One because Terry Bradshaw in his one man show America's. America's new dumb blonde. Says that Peyton Manning America's favorite -- on router he says that Peyton Manning is your guy if you like losing Super Bowls. Do it with a good during the season and consumables that's your guy that's a direct quote from Terry Bradshaw. So it seems to me and the record as saying this is well that you're judged by wins. A trip for just -- rings as far as greatness among quarterbacks is concerned. Which of course their original tour of ulterior motive for him for doing that because. If you always judge or a -- and so the quarterback by the spy rings Bradshaw by default always gonna come out on top he Montana. And out of the gym earlier today in a couple guys were the pretty heated discussion about Carmelo Anthony one said that. That mills -- -- it was it'll never be all they -- because of the heavy legs. I like really do people really. Judge greatness. And hall of fame. Worthiness. Strictly on greens. If they do I think the wrong. So you are weighing on that as well. We're 488957957889579. By seven. The two guys on hold -- Skipper Roland you -- more so nick in Belmont. Nick you're a 95 point seven a game been so strong. -- and trying to get on the deck burst rather like -- -- you you can tell your Smart guy that -- -- did not. I'd appreciate it. And and it's really quick out. Prolific outside during a personal beliefs are particularly hit -- I have no problem -- -- bit the lost art and it back I love it if anything it showed they really want it. They really want to go right and I don't -- -- best pitcher. And why -- are out. Especially the young guys to be golf or intranet -- hard. You know I think. In the Bay Area and we -- The political update -- giant hand back. Yeah guys that shock has been for example I -- puppet -- or I'll let me do it yet I want you to let -- be -- -- yeah. Didn't also have throughout the course. All all out all the backing happy I'm not leisure trip. You ain't gonna read out. I think. That. Yet the only thanks a bunch appreciate the phone call I've been -- is more important to me. To see -- great pitch in August September and October most importantly October. That's more importantly it'll be cool to watch him pitch in the all star game yes you'll be great experience for him yes but it's more important for him to be pitching. BA's to a division title. And ideally two World Series. -- in San Jose Anthony -- by points every game I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- about the giants I mean -- into the game tonight it was just absolutely at my watch you guys. So flat. Oh my god my girlfriend I -- tickets are sure to stay on the and I actually napping. But to just watch them offensively. -- -- addition mean you have guys that are popping out. Mediocre barely get in -- edge of the grass and she'll. They -- it looks so flat king you know he started off strong but I was surprised I return my girlfriend at post on the -- make -- I just they finally hit a wall I don't know chasing that. You know they've played so hard that they can get. Go out there and just go to demotion but something needs to change your I don't know really know what it can be a bunch of guys nobody sitting over 300 -- -- -- And since it's just terrible to watch. And -- the most amazing thing to me about it all. Tonight they did it against the guy named all interest Sandra despite DA yeah -- about an hour ago. I'd never even heard of that guy I didn't even know who pitched it to be on it. And almost kind of blows me -- to see how bad these guys are sure going after how hard they were hitting the ball you know two months ago. -- -- Yeah I. I I like a discussion about -- you know it. Would line. Didn't have to start there but not everybody -- -- Keller and talked about pound camera does that morning but. But he's he's elected. And I can't I -- jobs that you were chatting back and jobs. We that you can get behind him -- tonight -- the top rated. Under the flag of Red Sox Nation -- -- a converted the act we went through 24 billion dollars worth of closer last year -- them until week that ecology. I -- often what does that this year slack here you've -- you've got a great team. OK you don't need them out walk I'd like he'd been. Understand helping my team and in fact the player get on Jim Johnson. That's one that breaking one match at all get some movement on it you're gonna love that guy. I don't think too much appreciate the phone call quick anonymous text ask -- by having thoughts and the apple exchanging their scoreboard designation. From all AK. Today's. Don't. Know I don't. Sergeant -- is Travis Air Force Base sergeant -- there's a strong. -- try I knew that he was outstanding. Well and I'm still wait freer trade -- atop the left I'm Mike art dealer had been overlooked and -- -- up there and you know you look at our contract holder are you know you know you well I bold moves you guys. Aren't clear about can -- it and I'll try to figure -- you -- applicable bush later. Well is on your mind. They a target -- all the -- now I'm looking -- -- Florida. And Tim Brown now -- Florida should be in the hall of fame. You again how outdated -- really broke a barrier. After American Latino and everything else and I don't know why top source not an alternate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had to did you did you say the same thing about Jim's market as well sergeant -- thanks a bunch from a phone call you can say is anything about market as well. Now he wants -- Super Bowls to -- he doesn't get any sniffs. For consideration for -- hall of fame. Two point I'm having a problem because neither of those guys to meet really say hall of Famer. Neither of those guys to -- really say that they were the best of the best. At their position at their profession. During their era of pro football. And there's another strike against Tom Moore is not a lot of the a lot of people seem to think that in the Al Davis was the real head coach of that team. As -- why John Madden took as long as he did to get the the Pro Football Hall of Fame. By the way I don't think that the should be in the hall as a head coach. I think he should be -- is a contributor because I don't think. I think no one did more to bring people into the tens of football then John Madden has done over the past thirty plus years but his head coach. No not to me he's he's not a hall of fame not in my book. But yeah Morrison -- Sorry I can't go to Winston. Appreciate the phone call has always go and those of you checked in via phone text and Twitter I always appreciate your thoughts -- -- just it doesn't listen. Really appreciate it. Thanks to our guests -- Slobodan CBS sports dot com and Albert Shannon -- -- children Sports Illustrated he wrote a pretty -- the article. On the days. Thanks to nick and Justin on the other side of the glass on Troy clarity don't drink and drive if you do that is -- is doing a player's wife. Back in that dugout show what he's talking mode tomorrow. When DA square off against the Mets in Citi Field should be fun looking forward to until then I'll see you later thank you for joining us -- -- -- Not -- point seven. The game.

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