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Harrison Barnes addresses coaching change & trade rumors

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

By the way we'll talk to Harrison about Red Bull king of Iraq. Which is coming up later this month. And poppy isn't pompous a microphone on that. -- Sacramento area. Demand good are you can get you go to electric car wash and they all sorts of -- promotional things the and manga myself on I really unfunny stuff you -- it's. Very nicely and so houses how's the season so far. A season in the united seriously over who coached current staff in on his. It actually does that in. Can the -- -- the guys to Vegas what's been your early impression of of coach urinary reach out every fact I think he went down Australian side. Bogut -- stocked on you guys what's what's been your thought. I he's been impressive you know has been. Enough panic about a couple different coaches now suddenly and he's definitely very Smart understands the game and -- from the -- learn from them. I don't remember what was your opinion when when mark left. I know some guys were outspoken about and remember what you thought was what what did you think we surprised shocked. Would you would you think. -- -- surprise and who's been stumped as to as you know we won some games a lot of games. He's my coach from our first useless when I got two leagues so you know stuff but you know it's also business to -- got a you know. Move on from that in in of a similar sort of encouragement of current yeah. On an individual. Level what he wanna get accomplished this year and a -- your wasn't exactly what you had anticipated. What are you working on during the offseason to improve your game overall. I mean honestly it's gonna be around. And be used differently so you know things a market analysis Odyssey just. Being efficient off the dribble and just for -- beating -- up close I mean last year was more like isolation basketball those are -- -- Imus my shots and then transition and you know its consumer has success too -- Iran software you wasn't it wasn't good for me com. I don't play well so hopefully try to get back on the right path you think this news Dallas benefit you more on the court. We'll see. Nexus we've got to over the -- say you know and to do this sorted them for it happened so different have to go out there in. -- -- -- I Harrison Barnes is good enough to hang over this John and and were for -- 957 game at H Barnes makes you fall. He's here on behalf of Red Bull king of the rock Oakland it's the world's most prestigious one on one street basketball tournament. It is coming up on July 12 Red Bull king of the rock dot com in the events pages well. And FaceBook what is this was this event held up. On this pretty much you know. This is a little one on one tournament I mean anyway and come out. Play one on one I had a chance to watch it. Two years ago. In -- is going out which has got to ask why so little finale so. On the a lot of fun but pretty much know if you can play you know if you're gonna want -- -- come analyses she -- and my -- them. Follow that one on one because that's old school basketball that's when you thought but I don't like you go. You're afraid you're gonna get suspended its school a few guys by -- let's split the votes you know that you get really physical a bit after teachers -- you. Just now out there do you have a guy on the lawyers that. You like playing little one on one ball when it. I would say. Who I don't know if I did it must clash of our rookie U -- suppose. I sort of -- whenever you can be born Richard Jefferson to practice and you know it's slowly turned into more -- Richard verses came back that I. The united I don't know a lot of Kansas plane went -- because that's -- it as the best illusion on its essence you know he's just somebody out there you know I guess is playing on when he goes you know doing your moves. In -- 92 rocket and you get a chance to go play outside you know as an ally if you wanted to settle before somebody is doing done. Who's the best one on one player losing. Whose personal plan B if you eat a -- other guys play right you guys or is messed around. Could be the guy like even on guard is like is staff visit -- W one on one irony. Who I mean -- he's got to stay up on him and make him drive by -- and ending your long enough maybe -- shop or something he's quick please don't wanna shoot. Yeah I mean a currency unless suffered jailed in a little temper yeah. A -- the most is going to the couple -- Slow though man is old but it's an old guy you these are violent temper can do you really need visa for as less America. Nash who -- his he's. All right so let's get this out of the way and it every offseason and I think you used to by now. Always the rumors float around and Kevin -- name has been brought up in your name has been brought up. And he handled things. Or me first and foremost an internal -- is great player. You know he. He's obviously you know trying to trying to remove soon I was isn't a lot of teams that wanna get him in notre names thrown out there you know on means you have. You know some time value -- in terms of like watching the trade rumors from the trio where you're gonna be like ominous -- treated like. Is that human life is that is gone right -- you're here. You intend to be here if something happens and you tackle that when it comes when you don't you know play the what if game. Right did you are you the type a guy though there's certain guys that's great attitude -- certain guys are. You know I will this team would want near you can't control it. But he had -- to guide its. AG trying to find out through the organizations the organization say anything you're going to be here is anything like that. Still did you get that injected into it I mean. I don't mean if if it happens you know I would find out over Twitter I would be in it in shooting. In -- -- -- -- more now we'll look at my phone lines like this has happened American diesel you're not calling your agent Terry what's going on that there what are -- -- in -- network yeah. But a guy like -- you've been a winner throughout your career so a -- -- can. Fine Harrison Barnes and this close to possibly win and at all with the warriors missed and a player may be too maybe not. And they're talking about -- me to Minnesota had a ball play is how they are -- little bit nervous and I hope it does that work on one hand. Now I mean my biggest thing is you know focus on on next year and obviously nine and -- -- that was this year and -- -- become better and if we keep disc collection guys -- it is you know some new guys added I've -- Tomlinson is new. You know. You want this year ready you don't wanna have your mind and a place where you're thinking you know what if I should be here should be there. And hearts on the right place on the season starts you know we're all trying to you know be in the scene together. In your minds of the places and he spent all summer you know maybe network hard she wanted to because you think and I might be going somewhere else is opposes same look. Don't be here -- -- as I can. If we end up in arms saying going far you know my my heart is here -- -- something else happens you just down on the fly but you can. -- worried about all the external stuff and that is happens it's gonna happen at the trade deadline is gonna happen for the play -- means that happened throughout the entire year. At age Barnes makes you fall Harrison Barnes and -- analysis studio you mentioned a couple of times and have the season that you wanted to have everyone was very. Encourage obviously about the kind of play -- the enemy was easier when David went down and you had a clearly defined role. Why do you think this season didn't turn out the way that you wanted to turn out for you personally. Isn't just -- dutiful role in obviously no matter accused certain software wasn't. There's a lot of lot of ups and downs. Just with my game that can make shots the central point. You know make its starting to venture was a lot of different things and you know I just got and as a player to be no more consistent -- Oden you know move -- from a -- to get better. Is it hard though when you're game you come in the second year and maybe teams adjust to you is that part of it where teams saw what you did in the playoffs and now all of a sudden. You become a focal point in the adjust and then it's up to using you have to readjust back to that is that part of this. You know I mean maybe I'm over complicating it but you don't mean. I'm really is is different you know obviously they have to. You know when you look at your shots -- getting you know it looks from you know a lot of isolation situations you got to you know. Have a ridiculous you know efficiency. -- -- be productive so who knows one thing -- definitely Arnold's like you know. You know we are so a lot of great scores and our team and dominate the ball nicely since situation I have to be you know productive after scoring. I was able DSL so I struggled issues soon come in connection to Lincoln had to talk to coach understanding offense and if there. It seems the two he's gonna run you more of a motion offense more what the spurs are trying to do as he is he explain that to you -- -- and how exciting is that that it seems that it's. Demi Moore based on -- now -- opens gonna get shots. -- -- we have. Right now to the best shooters in the league soon innocently opened up a lot of things. In a lot of them to not only for them that you know for the big data -- and also get more involved than us as -- -- put the ball on the floor and drive will be able to benefit. On here's -- -- here on behalf of Red Bull king of Iraq Oakland the world's most prestigious one on basketball tournament Red Bull king of the rock. Dot com at age Barnes makes her home by the way two things real quick Shaun Livingston we think -- -- Others agree -- and -- -- you know you saw it injury -- -- -- camera in his -- and -- an effort that -- and Anderson C. -- the way he's weren't -- to back where he is. To have the season and had last year and you know to get this kind of -- they always had reforms as best ball -- just aim of the game dislike it happened. For us like that's that's great you know he's he's got a keynote the -- teams Grambling. Underrated defender and I think she really really helpless and Trenton. Marc spears is reporting the -- is a reset to ten days more. Here's -- rubies more -- -- yes the lakers he did some things right. I don't disagree and impact the B Graham who -- draft together me and him on emphasis that's my guys. Of may happen that we use of were you surprised when he got a shot what he's able to do with the lakers. Not really I mean I worked out with a guy you know every day we we had the same. The same player development judge Joseph Boyle and so. Embassy and go out there and have success now -- had -- form -- guy came in worked every single day did everything -- needed to do so how's that. And and one of the things your your very active on Twitter. And last year we had Josh Redick on all the time I knew you guys were kinda hanging out the side -- -- -- -- -- heightened tickets -- about everything you guys like three guys are hiding tickets -- people we're going bananas on that stuff didn't tell -- be able about that has. -- told us that based he had to shut it down because it was sees a little crazy there were like. Almost hit by cars again it is they are trying to find you guys you guys are hiding with the -- like overlooking. You could see even people -- what was going on there. I would just a T eulogies that he's playing -- pleased with -- -- -- -- count fans that take patience. You know I had in my oppose slide. You know. What do we do this together and I have you know like succession cars about how many deuces. And six and we'll see what happens. Some sort often Pleasanton to -- just nuts and wanna creek -- to increase of us go to one country. We do when seven hikes and went parking. Recording and laughing. And that and so that little confidence on our party. How the -- -- hard drive can relate fallen. Those cores. You remember -- -- the story in your lenders dunks and Taco Bell. First time you've just the dog that you had a bit righted in middle school it lost the bet so alone development -- -- -- -- contest going into Miami. Increase year. But reminded me that I -- that I condone comes -- you don't know how bigger your disappointment how -- Maybe. Six want -- to this point. And -- all -- practice that is mitigated even for like it's. If the content is the Tony is 24 cola dot com now that you know these are from half court. And -- right there yeah it. 25 there you know no cotton mouth can't buy this what am I got this man. It is three triangle of man missed all three -- -- can -- them. At least they didn't just on our website currently fourth in the 22 -- into the twenties -- that happens there's debate condone -- The last embarrassment and by expect those Bryant is a lot of money right now is that this is. A lot mantras that. Did the rebel -- the -- Oakland the world's most procedures so one on one basketball street tournament. -- -- Oakland for the qualifier July 12 9 AM for more formation Red Bull king of the rock dot com and check out the event page. On FaceBook thanks for coming in in men's it was nice to meet him next hang out talk will proceed as as man -- -- -- -- -- -- make you fall Hairston as well. At H Bard's great follow on Twitter as well and you know as we look at the cards on again and you can Jason and on that stuff at H Barnes make sure you will foam.

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