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Billy Beane

Jul 10, 2014|

The A's GM joined Damon to discuss what went into the Samardzija/Hammel trade.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The man who put this team together and continues to put this team together with decisions that are. Stunning and fabulously. Reviewed from coast to coast I mean unbelievable. We get to talk to Billy -- about what is going on with his team Billy of course brought you by the California grand casino. Voted the best casino. In the east bay now Billy could -- told us on Friday you know what you were doing her Thursday when we talk to you before the samarra Demi. I'm -- 2.0 -- -- interview everywhere I can lets you gonna tell us. What huge move you're about to drop on the -- Well what did you hung up -- doll. Last quick trigger again quick trigger -- first of all really great to have you congratulations and and and I haven't won a single thing yet but. It's nice to see your front office and you making decisions like this that surprised everyone and ask you about some margin on Thursday. Because I thought it was out of the realm of a possibility. Tell us a little bit about how it came about. Real first you know -- of people forgot about those to our starters -- -- bring training that we had to relate. -- guard depth rather the gate which concern me. You know could listen we really have no room for error in terms of injuries and back when Palmer has -- and we went out quickly. Purchased Brad Mills and they did so in. It was pretty evident in a while ago that we were gonna have to try to do something shook rotation despite the fact that you have the time were legally in the LA. I just felt like that it -- -- go to Q was somewhat tenuous. To kind of get to a -- these networks have nothing go wrong and now we're starting to pull open distraught and some of the guys particularly the bullpen. And to restart this I think I made the call it the old about a month ago just over a month ago and and the health -- receiving his mind and you know we we had conversation. But -- but it really be in more attempts. The last week and you know sometimes straight through the Great Britain have -- quickly or they can take more time. And that's what happened quite a digital video that we wanted a divorce in the later. That you know every -- we -- we have. If you're more able to sell La -- rarely get up pretty quickly on Friday and then I think actually concluded don't fighters I remember an alcoholic. In it was after our conversation was concluded so you -- your holding out on me for real. God help us. Roberts we're having conversations the appointment -- start up a little bit so. And then they really really started going on July or in the morning. They really intensified. That morning and we're rebel pretty much it would come -- I agree employer requirement routes are echoes and bought property -- just -- the -- And I got a call from the other they agreed to the deal. Was it Addison Russell that tipped the deal into happening. Well it certainly. -- got their attention I mean if you don't make no bones about it. These represent outstanding prospect. So yeah I would say I'll speak to them but I would say but at that that advocates -- really. I think a lot of could have on the deal with. How highly we eat a lot of well about it -- one for one what he would do it. And and we were really. Introduced you know adjacent to the equation we're talking about that. Separately here I introduced -- you know well. You know maybe the airport salute I want both pitchers and and -- and that's how prevalent they don't want to get government. Billy being here on the Damon Bruce show -- the way I see it is may be the way you saw you're looking at your team. What it's already accomplished. You look around at the division. You look around at the landscape of the American League. And I think that really emboldened you turn this into a go for its season I mean trying to say that to some margin -- moves anything other than. We're going for it moves I think would be under selling it greatly. I'm I think speaking for a lot of days fans listening. That they've been waiting for a move like this for a long time. Really good about it deep do you feel personally more excited about this season. Then you would have without a trade like this. We you know what direction you always get excited when you bring -- talent and you know when he started doing well with. You know and I also felt that we talked about -- shall we you know we. We just were swept in Detroit. And a lot of times I think the general manager you know people have a tendency to evaluate where you are my job is to evaluate where -- edit. It has to have a little concern that if guys really. But that there backside. You know the whole well perhaps season. And you know also thought that the time to give them. You know something that carried him a little bit of objections incitement. Excitement or supplement in our deputies was -- -- back when you do have a remember we got -- propane record what 1990. And I don't want to -- I was concerned. You know we're we're -- -- really with the guys who want to get there there's been. Congress starting out a little bit and we had a couple tough road trips in terms of trouble so sometimes I think timing held a lot. And -- in the fact of matter it is. Is that we know we don't really good division. And and and I really wasn't willing -- the division this year just maybe hold on the something you know three years down the road. Billy being here on 957 a game like you said you were talking with -- about the deal for over a month. But did the sweep -- the hand of the tigers in Detroit accelerate your desire to get it done. Don't necessarily mean it. Now that what a victim advocates at all you know what you're where we were. We're trying you know from day one should we could sometimes ought to give the other team all the other out there. Evaluating options they have with that that been that is reliable ought to do whatever it. May look like it but it was indicate that ought to get that time it was good because we got back we took place it next. That's forged answered the Toronto and what thank you notes too since we've made the traded. Little everyday -- as a complete bull bull pen used regular starters are going to -- deep into the game. And -- how they can get the -- that they indeed you know even today we're real using it -- and activities -- shop and it's gonna pay dividends down the road oh you know with with some of the other guys and and and so. And let the other and or this and 2000 was 2220. Game twenty game win streak that. When you cross starter out there -- it matches up against the other guy that's really when you start to level and and conduct reveal what you -- to close behind is a really good enough -- the division and growing our biggest concern right now -- the policies -- worry about that we get -- -- let let's pretend it starts today though game one of the post season. Every once fully rested who starts game one gray or some margin. That is the curt young and Bob Melvin joked about that. But the they'll let honestly. It would wouldn't even be appropriate you have to that look forward to give them there's a great team. Right behind or two ago cultured and wouldn't you know I would love that well -- -- we get the right. I hope it is to let's talk about a question that I think you will deem appropriate. You got six all stars some Margie even makes seven. Donaldson says -- moss Norris Kazmir do little all of them bring incredible stories with them to the all star game. Who overcame the greatest odds to become an all star this year. -- -- That's it that's you know what it does have the votes are -- means there's certainly that that it -- -- once he had shot Doolittle stories. Amazing when you think about. You know use the rookie ball dispute between nursing to veto or. Saying well informative it is -- -- Want to throw from our pitching coach down there could be pitching coach that would let it a couple of years ago. For historic pretty amazing. You think about him -- being -- elite closers in the game but I reached I would again you know that's a little personal journey. You know Josh golf that well you know sort of -- the position after -- and went down and never let go and you Kazmir brought -- -- at that kind of argument may have more and more people stories -- Each story is unique background or personal and then buying. By the way I like the little story told in the op Ed piece which you -- -- totally said hey Damon your listeners might wanna know I'm doing an op Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal check it out this weekend but now you do that in full secrecy to until it was published -- so Billy -- But -- I really enjoyed the piece I thought it was fascinating looking at just. You know I mean the name of the peace could be the dorks are taking over and that's that. You know well. Haven't looked at one of the great things they -- much about the book related that the story of middle we accomplished but the opportunities. That really created for a lot of people who normally didn't seat that they had a chance to work in sports you know at some respect. You know and it was the book came I -- you know -- -- far and -- you know what it is and jailed without our director of baseball operations to read the book and that. Sort of inspired him to apply for the job and you know as a result of it. You know I think our businesses is good news we just got the brilliant brilliant young people working in this game -- that once again never played the game. But I have a passion for sports and that to me that. I think it's great and you know don't want to get much more diverse as the two Moore college -- business and it should -- meritocracy at Jupiter. You know at some point baseball team will be competing with companies like Google and apple -- important. It's really some denounce statistical analysis is now is important. To baseball and sports is it is Wall Street and investors. Now -- -- -- exciting when you should be you know restored young -- Malaysia. And spring training came up championship. A copy of the paper back to biology -- pressuring content should. And -- -- that if you want to be on general manager you know and and those stories are great and then to me that's the greatest thing about the book is that. You know you might like I consider current sports. Fans want an upgrade its second base I say you know lead the American League in runs as it is how much of an upgrade could you possibly need. What have you done for me lately Billy between -- Chase Utley. -- Such as the right. -- that's in the take it from you know overall sample we still got a mark foreign trade deadline and and let things about this and you know him -- environmental if this is the time people do talk trades people who normally work. And so it a little will be -- in everything. That we talked with candidate to upgrade gone forward as so. It doesn't apply to anyone position -- you know we'll we'll focus on where we pick -- records are -- were vulnerable they go through injuries neglect but we'll definitely continue to darken. And -- -- would reduce something else report on the third. Today Josh Donaldson was officially added to the home run derby which show we all know assess produces. You know did defending champion out and are are you do you have any reservations about Josh Donaldson participating. Would you who could you suggest to him maybe not her. Would you not deny a player. That stage. No you know we wouldn't we wouldn't -- a player that lets you. You know would -- going under or something like that. But I I think you know the guy -- -- the player really want to do it I mean it's it's a great platform form and you know. Could you hold your breath a little bit -- you know nothing happened that the extreme like Google more this year so that there's been a little. That reform and it took subways like it was a it was a big concern I think it's more streamline this year. And and I -- -- -- -- my computer it's extra batting practice during the but you know -- to get it if the player really want to do it it went into the -- so like -- opportunity aren't in your case quite like prime. Still low resource group you know we've referred to bird that the -- which is about. I'm in a box to a new corner you have to answer this one a moment to play the you have to answer cards three times for the rest of the season so this is a big one. Donaldson assess the -- who we got. Ha ha ha -- all of man. You know what you to go on. You know Josh that well let it did take in -- all fields. We got comic vehicle experience and ignorance companies that. I think he would probably potent guard. So you have pictured judgement pretty excited that first time by. You might wanna go to expert from the status but it could change your to your attitude -- road to aggregate winner. Are you pursuing or have you met with LeBron James in Las Vegas. Thank god that guy that's what's one name we can officially cross off the list then. Billy by the time we talked to you next week the all star game will have been played the first apple officially been wrapped up the let me tell you this is an incredible have to cover. I keep saying and I I could not have picked a better years to come over across the street and join this. This station covering this team it's then a joy you guys look like a very good baseball team. You're behaving like a very good baseball team you're making decisions like a general manager who knows. He's got a very good baseball team and I think we're just gonna buckle up and enjoy the ride the rest of the way. And see what to do with Chase Utley and when you had him up. Well you know actually. -- a minute I was talking live I don't go to the game in San Francisco my family goes to the games and they're currently stuck on the bridge which is -- it. -- -- -- -- So I would requirement that they're going to be listening to the show all of my family struck the bridge. There ego will allow a shout out in this particular instance he must be a baseball general manager in order to get a shout out on the team and really thank you very much again congratulations on the Bay Bridge series this -- And really what looks like to be a stellar first -- -- -- by the -- -- -- have the best record -- -- history -- 92 games. Only twice before have you won fifty -- your first 92. I actually didn't know that island and -- -- currently the all star break this year I was I was actually now where so that's. That's a good start -- put bill long ago -- Hey guy how often do I get to tell you something about your team you didn't know I feel good you feel good we parts friends thank you Billy. -- thank you very much Billy being here on the Damon Bruce show.

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