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Victor Conte

Jul 17, 2014|

Victor Conte strongly feels PEDs are still very relevant in the MLB- plus, he's promoting his new Boxing ventures.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back wheel house job one -- Rizzo and it's great to be joined by Victor -- there's always a ton. Just talked about with Victor but what's interesting here is I I know -- talk a lot of boxing and I was just heard a piece on you in the daily news. It's as you former obviously we know the issue of emerged as a reformer and outspoken advocate of clean sport to found a second career. And receptive audience in the world of boxing so how did you. -- now we know you're a musician you got in the nutrition and now in a boxing how how did this a transformation happen. We'll make it thank you very much John employees for having me. And really I had worked in the past back in 2003 during the buckle air pollution mostly. And then in 2009 and I worked a couple of sides so what are reward Edison Miranda and -- in November when he won -- title Ramallah. -- And then then made -- 2010. My local bank here in San Mateo. I was and they're making a deposit bank manager walk up and set it up like introduce shooter sort of what my other. Clients when he took an error. And so we met to talk -- discovered that my daughter Veronica that was training with. It's -- my spousal. At undisputed boxy and so Carlos. We had a meeting next -- -- following date yet but on -- establish the computer -- nutrition program for a and then I end up working out over the course of the next three years. Opening humans next eight fights. And -- 2012 feet. He became -- boxing writers association fighter of the year. Victor how difficult was it for you to get into this strategist obviously. The didn't have the background before or at least we didn't know about it. And you jump right in it seems like you're already latching on to certain people and obviously now promoting an event that's that's that's pretty cool. Well you know I have to say that I am I'm very grateful that no meat so letter and another one back. -- -- and a tiny planet is -- female boxer bar let us ours who Wada and Olympic bronze medal in London I went over there what Kirk. Editor. Trader at the time I was a police officer in Houston at least orders. And they call up and so we wanna come out -- is going to work you can't really sure what are pure. Many questions are likely to comment and they said absolutely so Marlon came out here and that. These helpers true -- compare the world. Ships and not a -- and they're not only post anything you basically so that he's got up. They have and if you got a neo Nazis -- -- if you want access to become -- -- and do so. And so eventually I enroll. Student are all area. -- program based -- our status. For our -- He became a police source of trees sixty. Look at Albert tested there -- A Victor Conte is a good enough to join us Jon Lundberg -- on the real us and I 57 game. Is hard for people who hold your your past against you. When you when you go into these different different type of those situations you have to explain yourself over and over again. I do what I understand that people everywhere I that these suspicious about all the right questions. But unclean. All the athletes I work with McCleon -- handle as many as possible in two. A voluntary. 44 cent interest sixty by testing an artery that is also. And roll. I think at this point at the box and cannot marry -- sponsored. Either somewhere between trying to explore all. Different fighters. So I -- Understand that there will be those who will never forgive me if there's a little -- Our -- ever get another opportunity Utley in second chances and I have publicly ultra. -- boosters -- extraordinary. And I'm very grateful that there have been those at the elite level of boxing out. I decided to get used to -- Victor there's a quote for new here in the Mercury news about a year ago where you said boxing is the red light district of sports it's the only place that will have me now. I understand that maybe it's it's is not as conventional as other professional sports are in terms of Major League -- now so how do you see boxing. Well if you go back and look at what I says publicly weigh in December of 2004. I was invited -- -- easy tornado warning that mark this year a bit. There is a Santa Claus Easter Bunny -- compare -- elite level of sport and -- at least 50% of the elite athletes specifically I was talking MLB players use steroids and 80% -- stimulus. Nobody thought I was surprised at those trying to you know save everybody does and that's okay. Here we are a decade later I think most people are seeing what I was saying then try not to be true. So specifically in boxing. You know once I started rolling people -- -- -- -- -- some of these major world championship. Fighters immediately we have positive drug that's. And I think now people do understand there's there's there it is rampant in boxing and implement it like it is others sports. The differences. In boxing the objective is bodily harm. It appears there's nothing that you're Ballmer and sore. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's even more important. Boxing and MMA is combat sport general. Up there in the start going our random -- and simply because -- Long term slot big damage there are four more right now which it'll. We're talking to Victor Conti here on 957 game Jon Lundberg Brazil. In terms of where we are right now in sports in general. Mainstream sports is it better or worse are the same in the question that I never get a a straight answer for -- is how culpable all our. The -- themselves. Well first of -- I don't believe. Walk around the world anti doping association or Major League Baseball or you -- well. I don't believe and we get these executives at a genuine error occurs in catching these athletes are really well. -- the study just came out. And here we are a decade -- I'll go and the awareness certainly much greater. Effort from 20122013. Water every quarter 8% increase the number out there are gaps so -- getting better. I don't think it is. Interesting because I'm here sitting you're thinking. The opposite. I'm not hearing about these problems come out as much I'm not sensing it but. If the numbers you say are true then it is even more of -- of a problem right now Victor. Well let's you have to look at the design. Of the testing let's just for a moment Kate Major League Baseball. Okay. -- basically. How the rise in their contract attached. 375. Players per year which is about 30%. Of the -- however. They only test about fifty players. So why if you have the right you're serious about catching people and and curiosity and as well at the picture -- -- when they're using. Right that's 30% of players. Are the only first. How do you think they get to that 5% of those sixty players and how Howard to have some. Highly questionable to -- the guy I talked to a very high profile Major League Baseball player I am. Ask him how many times that he has been tested. Challenge they implemented their children here I'll eat trees we're talking a lot that. One time. Tonight appears -- -- past 11 time one it is so. Their kids are -- publicly over and over and over criticized -- -- -- And others say let them see you opposing -- and of course the court but on the chilly in the back or wide open. It at that time frame during the offseason -- in the picture I think that they use drugs contractual work that that's credit program. That they developers either power base that -- dropped to its. What they basically do the first passed state big ticket extra training camp are announced that you know you're going to be. There -- -- as to what I haven't -- it -- now -- -- some reason that you're going to be targeted. That is the and it is great -- -- -- -- drugs. They're trying to go I'm sorry catch up I know you mentioned too last year that there was a certain type of testosterone that you could take essentially if you're a baseball player by the time you leave the clubhouse of a game day. It's in and out of your system by the next time you show up to the ballpark is that still true is that. It's true that is true you. Accordions. And shell holes and -- holes. They have little light sabres called pro incumbent thirty flavors that contains 75 milligrams. Just how thorough guys pop is after the game where they know they're going to be tested for the game. And they wait electronic -- don't they take -- -- after the game. Two get help with. Recovery and tissue repair. By the time they wake up the next morning and come to the ballpark. They're gonna -- below the border one. -- acting orange greens and gels or holes. On the same day that they're playing games and especially in what order fronts writers I mean Lance Armstrong once struck. Tour France titles and the use lottery for the -- out. He indicated that it was using testosterone in an oral form on -- -- access tour and the tour. And they never used -- more extensive it's called CIR -- extra pressure testing which can differentiate between synthetic and natural testosterone. They're basically only using the straps. You have an elevated spoke for about 41 PE ratio that it forty go to a hearing they won't take it straight sample used this. Which is open nail on the call and tell us which can track. I don't believe they can't protest that followed Armstrong -- a urine sample using this methodology. So there's. There's loopholes here is still -- for circumventing the testing that he just at this point it's like taking candy from a baby. While -- did a great Victor Conte is Jonas. Now lie in the boxing year opened boxes at the edge without the use of the PD's. He's done something great era renovating a boxing in San Francisco you renovated that well warehouse -- longshoreman all -- he got an event coming up but tells all about. Here out directory fighters. They're on and helping it will be competing Jonathan shakers and Andy and says. And I'll probably amoled that will be on that card it'll also be -- pursuing this you probably saw the article sports chronicle about. -- crush on and song whose sexual 11285. Pound -- A year ago he got out that he's a former basketball player and kick boxer and a kick boxing event a year ago. IP knocked out pops up. Six a 6450. Pound guys are ex NFL player. In my opinion -- share but -- very big guy but according to his trainer from government Glendale area by Los Angeles. Who has worked in the past -- polite. Tyson Lennox Lewis. Are currently -- all feel. I -- from -- knock out power so that his pro debut will be very exciting also I have. You're trading with that is not boxing game undisputed boxing gym. It is the idea well wait a champion. I shot order arguably having to the way and we're eager shortly there. An operation was workers at its a stroke Chon parties on HBO and just idle. While -- an -- got sixteen so. August I also have the third forty brown WBA champion Jesse Vargas will be credit a huge -- Up from the cut all -- beggars on August 2. A local. I understand mark -- will be fighting it out in Glendale area between those 2 August but -- So there's a lot of boxers here and -- that art -- like gets shot in addition. All the local -- reap what you -- -- on the card. I'm very excited. Also saying here you'll keep looking at it -- but -- jargon and opera presents and golden boy. Citigroup is going to be promoting -- -- -- that I wanted to major sponsors. The optional -- -- it out. Are very close to signing into law and turn a five year deal. And it is to break somewhere between checks every night and a special box. Defense that it will be how lives. Two outs where it's very exciting to have about a -- actually. Level at -- at bat for coming out. That's awesome by the way this will be on fox sports one that -- -- presents boxing dot com more information on that longshoreman hall. Is coming up it's it's great doctor Victor it's great to do that here's successes always and we'll talk DNC and thanks thanks Victor. It got everybody thank you very much. You got.

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