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Brandon Belt looks forward to getting back on the field

Jul 28, 2014|

The Giants 1st baseman went through his concussion experience, and how he feels after the ordeal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But stuck to speaking Korean jail and crying yet been a couple of free and crying over -- and -- -- you know I -- built -- we talked to him every. A Monday at 1230 we pushed him back but it would -- ground in traders cornered about ten minutes up the Brandon belt Jones giants' first baseman Brandon. It do we have to sign Howard in bill we need the latest -- in our area. I'm good now I have all of -- a fog for a little while -- line and he goes to probably a little weird place but. You know looking to become out of it not so pretty good com's hopefully in the next few days and I can give back out there. Let's go back to the beginning of of how this happened the whole thing was kind of weird rights take take us -- -- He has very weird you know we are taking infield. Initially out at second base. Com. You know and you know that was but the -- nothing wrong and not do not turn my attention she's short stop advocates -- Kroger does turn my turn to catch. -- at that point until the second baseman now was done catching them. Well are you know not everybody -- -- -- -- Somebody. Throw a ball off base. And -- pretty good -- you know when it didn't think much else well mad that I got it solid until very. But for the most part you know I am wondering memory I got to read is this a common today. Only -- -- word it -- cheeks so you know went down underneath there and the traders came down there and they kind of you know. Did keep Castro whatever picture -- -- and had no symptoms whatsoever -- -- -- game I guess -- just run around the bases or something you know marcher. But. You know after that point it was just I don't know if not the premier. Well we're pleased opportunity in -- and -- On his overall feeling. From what I read in -- and your bag and it was Marco scooter with a gadget. So yours -- your your your face as lined up your eyes are lined up to shortstop so I have to assume once -- throwing from second got you on the right -- It's that you are left handed hitter. And you're right guy is closer to the plate did that impact you -- all in the box -- close to the I did the ball -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm going to square -- you got to really didn't have any pain in my -- or anything like that -- Literally. You know get in my -- that that was sort. So calm you know I don't have any problem -- mob visionary like that up from the get go Saturday -- about you know I went and played in the game. Not -- out of the political on all of ball OK you know aren't that it that. But it that I think you know we're in the -- hope the powers like. You know went on played decent when it -- making and you know is kind of just hit me 01 well on the -- very we're playing -- you know. -- in over now. As you say you would double down the line got to second base it was a crazy play with a ball got away it was a throw over the catcher and he almost got in the face of of these other. They're big play and Eddy almost got you neither side anyway came in and scored in just we don't working up your heart rate may have been the reason I've ever talked to Mike Metheny. When he was a giant years ago Brandon and I'm sure Dave parishioners told the story the medical staff there. That he would be fine and then he go on the treadmill artist lather up a little they can work out in a and he would get dizzy so how are you now that this is that a little bit of time. Since this occurred on July the nineteenth how are you now can you get on the treadmill and run enough space that same dissing us now. Well I haven't and they bush. Really this is this is really just in the past couple days. Where I can actually maybe do something. But I to take on abuse decent test -- And if you would doctor be cleared by numbers so you know I think the goal we want to begin on or -- -- there are doing. -- so Hidalgo obstacle to -- the -- honestly but so I'm so far. You know I don't -- using mr. headaches right now so. Either economic and human beings are dot com don't don't argue there. But you know I imagine that you know it's been -- indecent. Anything. Summarizing a -- -- -- Oregon and start doing. But it might be something that maybe this kind of you know. -- -- and maybe put turtle and so -- ultimately -- -- today. I'm -- billed as good of the Jonas is he always does on them Monday's he's coming back of course from the concussion now I I noted is in the NFL they get -- these baseline tests and do certain things. What what is the protocol and coming back for. From a standpoint of legalities for Major League Baseball. Well we do via impact testing so done the base for an impact that's when I got an organization and I've been taking it here and you know it took one on Tuesday in two -- Yesterday. You know yesterday showed that once was and range of deal passing the -- so. Now that mattered to simply go away what are on American move forward comment like that right now model. -- Meaning into that at all -- maybe maybe today's quote rock oral. Well hopefully you get green -- and you can move on him again years preparation to come back as far as the swing go is hammer away down the line we got to make sure you're you're clear calls saying you know a concussion symptoms but. And you around from what may the eighth maholm -- -- Tommy come back the fourth of July you -- in a rehab for a little while leading up and then it. You get shot back down I mean talk about spring training mode how Long Will it take you. To get back up -- came back and -- some success right away armor on the second game at thing yet. Start the slump a little bit -- that -- a little bit how Long Will it take you to be Brandon belt again. You know I'm not looking to take forever to do I mean yeah you're right -- came up and honestly effort -- over you know I had a couple games where do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- oak yours. -- started to kind of feel normal and you liquid Arizona and promptly. -- look at Miami. Can't be so pretty good in the first game you know hit it pretty hard to argue that -- Arms and -- trying to start up the next game with a double so army not thought it was -- -- -- -- know. Around that time you know -- don't mind me I'm serious so this is one of those things nothing like get back out there are. On the issue and take too long to get back in there on. You know I don't know what kind of been a weird he's informers so far but still looking about strong strong lasting much. On -- and you know help do like you know this team -- to play. Is it hard it is you said is it hard to not be frustrated through this where you have this injury you work so hard to get back and then boom some freaky like this happens. Vehicle -- this secure food you know. The -- of the freakish -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little frustrating at times but there's not much you can do about it now so when try to do is reported last two months and make -- finished strong. -- -- -- in the opposite them for a look and make excuses. You know for what happened in the past -- you know I don't wanna blocker kind of you know lag behind everybody else -- lautner and help. I want my children as -- -- -- let's let's talk about the baseball team overall when you come out of the break you go to Miami in the first part of the Philadelphia seriously in the that's rate obviously Burnett was strong and you know Hamels had great stuff on Thursday. But and I know you faced -- pitching at the Dodgers branded with the club is just having a really hard time scoring runs and all at a home. What do you sense from yourself when you're healthy your teammates this seems like almost two different offenses when you're on the road vs trying to escorted to AT&T. Are on the you know I'm not sure I think we -- Novo warrior into a patch here. Where we are playing we had a lot of home games I guess we're all star break -- network that same time we if you guys -- injuries that might have. There might be Corliss in the air marcher. But. You know obligations part of the -- -- pitchers this past week you know. You know you're a casino you're gonna -- pitchers are -- and Eric -- put runs on the board. Com when you're greatly from the best to -- your passing game we don't work and so. But no we're trying to -- I mean we did this period is over with food or we can do now these series Richard walker went ball. Great stuff and -- to take the time we appreciate -- backs and then double talking actually -- -- -- -- or an extra time make you column at be built nine says he's feeling better and sounds better and.

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