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Khalil Mack is ready for the challenge

Jul 30, 2014|

The Raiders rookie OLB talked about what he's improved on so far in training camp, and how he ended up playing college ball in Buffalo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Khalil Mac the first round draft pick a Leo thank you so much for spent little time after practice with us today our user. It's great to have him and it really illustrate this Mike it's just a little bit closer there so we can hear that. Area are they. Radio you know. -- Say it's it's great to finally meet you obviously when we talk about NFL curiosities you're one of the biggest one not just here but around the entire NFL. People are excited to watch you play and see which are all about that's got to be really really exciting -- -- and there. Getting in Newark what I know you guys got in a lot of good work today told me a little bit about practice today what you specifically work on what you feel. You got better today. From congress. Plan. Goes. Measures. It's it's it's incredible all going to be asked to do here in your rookie year it seems like. The word on -- is versatility you're going to be going side to side you're gonna become went forward after quarterbacks you can be dropped in back in coverage you can be playing. In the nickel packages well it's an awful lot of responsibility for young man area up to the -- Mobo. It's the limo itself and in the and again -- can what is Jason Tarver is expectation for your rookie season. Who's who was -- -- it. Missed them in the midst and you never know but even nano and wants me -- To a ten million click on the day you. You your rookie schools what a day I mean and it's not -- talking about the actual season coming upper. You know your -- totally your wish list or anything like that what are your goals in this training can. And is trying to campus of -- or did better and in -- learn again from from some of the best and again. Who always taking you under their wing is there one guy it is is sorted you know played all thought the young pop -- the one guy on this team that is really embrace duke. And told you you know stand this -- do this run there at that it was a self. You -- -- -- negative from her -- and -- even you know I mean from a numbers standpoint and that group's. One of those numbers in the game room yeah -- -- -- because this is that a player and as -- Lucas and all of more. And -- -- WS of them in. On the eyes but you know musical. Into a -- he did better. -- -- -- that's this is something that we won today luckily. No Khalil Mac column. -- hit that -- On the Khalil if there is -- makes every day that I know you're talking and hard about that guys you want it Peyton Manning on -- sack list this might be a tough question. Because you're in the NFL right now it is there's nothing more you need to do to be in the NFL here you are. Have you had your first welcome to the NFL moment yet though -- do you feel you're gonna have to get in the game for that to happen. A flu like -- games on how to bring that out of me other than. Them in the Rickey the Rickey duties that together -- in order in and -- different things. Is still. Just who fresher now I only saw you caring one pair of pads off the practice field like at a 52 on there were errors but no wants no. You're not -- pads and helmets for anyone. Not yet. Things we do. And I -- yet but. There -- deeply -- make their first road trip you're gonna be -- someone else back. There's no doubt about it. I. Like I said it this is just got to be. A moment in time for -- it feels like everything's moving so -- everything in your life who's going to be. Spotlight like you know we sat down one of the first things I said -- -- awfully awfully long way from home Fort Pierce Florida I'm guessing. It's not a bustling metropolis. You know a small town small small town who'll have you been in touch with from your family since you've been out here now on. -- with me I mean he's so it. You know them move in the house and all of their. Are geared to recognize what you're right maturity what he pushed him around openness -- -- on the spot. Mrs. of course is well done. But yet he did they get the type area don't worry about that -- this promotional -- done. And two. It is nice and thick black friends -- None of them I. And the I got it now -- -- doubt -- and now I'd likely they'll black out the lack -- -- -- -- offered. Them an element to -- they -- what it's got to be black I mean pound silverback right has done everything in your order of these. The it's got to look for you know it's it's great to me elect has said no comment off. Very hard day's worth of practice here. What is the goal for tomorrow many guys back in -- three days literally -- which in the NFL new collective bargain. Training camps it's not a -- off. Wrong. The learn more and more and and that is the -- oh really yeah -- that now. On it and make I I got a dollar this as you just in shells the mark OK I got -- dollars -- shells out on. -- -- We'll settle up OK you are I don't come about -- there all right well the important -- That's entered the guy coming after -- thing I've always wondered. How a guy I mean this is my first time seeing New Year's as advertised in this that's an apartment how like you. From recruiting Central Florida. Make it to buffalo I can't believe it in and out of state am you know. Lord Gainesville. You know big time college football how -- you big time player. Seem to avoid their radar. Ball in play when you're in has really no must see really what else did you. Play a little basketball in their came on the bench -- move. There's like five rebounds. Really now the basketball -- -- much of the time -- little selfish -- -- -- badly off a little bit you know -- -- ago at this and analysts. Now so you literally didn't play football until your senior year of high school that is I mean that's. That's pretty amazing YE watched so long to the game caught your high here I would imagine it. Any high school coach worth his salary is looking to use an eight we'd love -- on the team. Yup that's -- you know. I had was coming off injured my superiors. OK I guess most -- -- a twelve foot you'll. Let -- finish it you know if you tell us that know the rim has said no and and I had this true breakdown and that's -- -- animal forward thing and then I got back in about. Did the raiders were in your rookie deal a note twelve foot pole donkey -- laws no doubt about it birdies and -- -- tour -- -- or. Well all I can tell you is that it was really nice -- we've heard an awful lot about you the entire football world can't wait to see you. Start doing it for real but -- thanks so much for coming on over and spent some time with a school -- really nice to appreciated appreciated time. I thank you very much Khalil Mac here on the -- -- show.

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