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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/7/14 Hour 1

Aug 7, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stand up and say. Some other guys does then almost left into. Vietnam that was sort of a cross between the Robin Williams good morning Vietnam and -- line. Our new day show with the. Oh I. Mean. You have. I'm sort of like evolving this week here -- brought all or radio holding BI and the evolving actually. I'm trying to go to sleep earlier each night and I go to sleep later each night I'm not complaining because people get up to work every day it went right -- your body clock is on a different schedule but I feel good Mets Thursday already. You realize that. It's Thursday August 7 my son Chris is birthday today. He's not this is my son's birthday as well -- all of us. Turning from nine to ten sons turning 31 today well. Which means hopefully he'll be supporting me soon was yet it is -- good kid you guys are great kid he lives in Delaware. One of the unfriendly as areas in the country where we will break that down today we have the new list I know you like -- -- I did I -- I was making my own because today is make the call is made by the way we do not give away to see you just say you know because I know you've been. Trying to get into this loosely Paterson even work in the Ambien a little bit you raise more than you normally do yeah I know I hate taking Ambien so sort of like tiger was I don't want women with golf clubs chasing me at 2 o'clock in the more limit how UT connecting Ambien with with. With you want. Apparently that's when or tiger would take it a lot and then get up in the middle of the night wander around and go -- Perkins pancake house and pick up waitresses is now what happened. That they're going to be a lot of guys out there taking Ambien -- -- thinking and then it's gonna allow them to live the extracurricular -- -- it doesn't it's not good it's it's obviously when your brain needs to shut down and you know when you go somewhere and you're traveling. And you try to go to sleep if you know you need at least six hour sleep -- everything's running through your head at night you can't shut it off right. And that's what happens when I come here because I -- think in the show on. Coming in here ever work -- you guys and I was -- the brain down and sure. And the only way can stop all that stuff is buy out there watching. -- -- baseball game more by taking an Ambien golf works for me or scholar yes they don't know how much on igniting governor of we got a busy showed today we got to start off with a baseball. The giants. Red hot on the road but they're not making up any ground that's apparent in artists got their airlines well take everything is good. Everything is good in the giants' world absolutely -- Angel put god. And so -- god expected back today after his rehab assignment in Fresno. And you saw the numbers. The John blade broke down this morning extensively yes since he's been out of the lineup the giants are nineteen and 26 without him in the lineup. 43 and 26 when he plays. Last year they were twenty games over 500 when he was playing last year ten games under. Who do that on on how the -- meant. That much the same since the giants he does now you know the giants in front suspension actually no doubt. But the judge are playing well -- they won five of the seven on the road is that a fog horn went as I know I grew out there there is they are. Are railing and yeah they are upgrading the entire building. Except our little place right here there they're not touching this -- everywhere else you can hear the drills you can hear the -- -- are very. And or somebody. Hammering or drilling or. New medically Jack hammering somewhere in the building right either that -- the termites have like metal teeth now because when you notice if you go into the city now in the world economies -- -- bad I looked out my window. There are seven construction cranes within eyesight are -- hotel room. The -- and everything's -- a -- buildings going up every ten feet in the city the economy might be bad but not here that the value of certain Aso San Francisco good feel and I what I love is when they build a new voters into building going right across the street -- second and our moon. It's gonna be 34. The wars. With fifty parking spots outside of the building ouch because they want people to come into Tauscher now would you could you imagine by year old little. Nice old apartment there when they call that only. The piece of the Europe. You know Yucca. The -- you know not all padded I -- with a term us. And -- they say. Two million for a nice one bedroom and oh by the way you don't get a parking spot we're back right so -- that's but that's that's where they want to do what you know so people are driving the I know somebody who just moved to the city from Morgan. The first thing she did was locked down her parking space. Lundqvist got an apartment hypocritical on makes sure that -- Artest. They don't do what they do back east and the elected chair out on the street. Yeah -- over the city and Philly are a lot of people go on the put a trash can he -- Lawrence guy you are right our safety comes to put back there -- no idea -- -- that's my spot somebody tries to get a move your chair -- -- and then you throw doubt and we'll deal would have later back to the giants the repute or five of seven Michael Moore remember him. Yes I do. Had a big night was one for his last eleven yeah before last night. Eight RBIs in the last fifty games he talked about a guy has been struggling mightily from re read these last night at a two out two run single. -- had a three nothing lead for Ryan Vogel song only give up one -- made a bone headed base running mistake earlier cost the team around but luckily for him it didn't hurt the economy. Glad you brought that up so because I saw the other day with Jose Molina -- Jose Molina goes half he's carrying his bat. Grounds out to second base now Jose is not a speedster a -- and none of the -- is -- -- how much exactly but he runs. Halfway down to first base he's still carrying his bat and they just peels off toward the dugout and -- and -- last night. This is what I mean this is just and one of -- overplay this. But it really. Makes mean. That's just fundamental basic fact is it real fun at look you know starting pitcher I'm not asking you to bust out bust the lady that just run run through the base now are you. -- didn't know how did this and afterwards and luckily for him. The giants blow blew the game open later with a paddle home Ron right because it was three nothing and became a closer game into the bullpen after Vogel -- lap Gutierrez couldn't hold gives up a couple of runs and all of a sudden look like a comfortable lead. And -- soluble one run. -- -- seven -- commodity goes six innings one run on seven hits six innings pitched. Panda you talk about a guy red hot right now another home run two run shot in the eight. They win it seven to four. But the Dodgers. With Dan Haren dominating last night. They beat the angels to go on and so now of Oakland losing last night to 2001 American League rookie of the year Jeremy Alex and has its first win in eleven months -- -- came -- the elbow -- was on TV he was a really activated until this year again coming off the elbow. How are you still of the mind that split between angels and Dodgers and you'll you're gonna need an angels win tonight to get dressed. That that's still the best result for the Bay Area teams know. While it is if you want status quo. And I think it's that's who I status -- too if your future the days and now you've lost a couple of games -- really haven't lost any ground Friday because of what's going on and -- -- is good yes right -- the giants in your playing well and you're on the road you've won five of seven you don't feel good don't feel so you have and you're still two and a half games. I was my whole point in saying that I felt that you needed the angels. To win. Because it would do far more damage for the giants who were trying to get back into this thing they're not playing with -- lead -- what are rarely if you're if you're an Oakland a's -- yes you're looking at it why whenever I but I think the a's can survive this I think the DA's. Being up the thing you lost the division lead. I look at their schedule. And I still as much as I respect with the -- are doing. I think the I think the -- have as much and and they're starting a rotation is significantly better. I think BA's can survive whatever the angels do. See I don't know about that I think the angels are scary team the good the days advance scarier than the Dodgers but they don't have to worry about the dodgers' minor and let their -- -- division of the two teams at the top yes angels days. The -- have the I think the better starting pitching does no doubt about that that's why they brought in a Lester -- have a bigger bouts and the angels have the bigger -- -- -- -- -- -- unravel the Dodgers the other day angels. Have now lost two out of three the Dodgers and Dan Haren of all people holes on the one brought last night -- so while that's a scary lineup in Anaheim. You can still shut them down with good pitching. And that's what we saw last night in that series between the angels and the Dodgers and that's what you see a lot of times Demi Jeremy and Alex and shut down the -- last night all right now the guy with a rookie of the year is good pitcher. But now all of a sudden Sonny gray with the pitcher of the month in July at five Nadal has lost his last two starts. They lose seven to three and now they said Jon Lester out there against Minnesota. His second start for the a's he's five and all in his last nine starts with a one point 38 ERA so -- right now but you -- the here's the here's the -- who lost what two of their last three right and then they run blessed are out there tonight. So from that perspective yeah that's that's an advantage. The less Lester goes got to get shelled against the Minnesota Twins. See here I'm looking at I'm looking at the -- and save worst case scenario the angels has swept. Sane and fallout -- Yes four games coming up at home. Against Minnesota. Then you go to Kansas City. Then you play the Braves then you played the Mets. And then you get to the angels where you play and this is really what's gonna make the end of August great 123456. Seven games against the angels. In nine games but even that's a benefit conceded the play the Astros for two games and another masters of -- of have been tough for the for the days of late. I just I I look at the schedule right now and it stacks up in the aides favored a big way which is why. I felt. That is the Dodgers dominated that series that would be the best outcome for both teams concerned. And from the giants' perspective. Your two and a half back you've made up no brown that's playing as well as you well -- on the road and you don't play well home. That's the bigger problem that's the big question for the giants look at this road trip between the Mets aren't very good Milwaukee is good many going to Milwaukee in your -- and then there with a team that's also a very tight playoff race right to may when the giants come back home. They have a great trip gone -- 05 into on the road let's take that anywhere sure you come back home and you keep struggling. Then you have to start thinking as a giant fan. And let's and his team plays better on the road than they do at home you almost don't wanna come home right now exactly and there's some team to do that there are a lot of teams that go on the road in the giants have been good at home. In years past but this year for some reason they struggle at home and play much better on the road about my part I don't understand well I. Think part of it is because the way AT&T park place. That you need to be able to manufacture runs how do you manufacture runs a lesser leadoff hitters getting on now I do not hitting it out of the park. Then you need to get guys on -- move them around basically how what they've done in Milwaukee for the most part at all Erica and has exploded since New York three straight games now -- homer but they've also they've scored some runs early they've gotten they've gotten early runs and they've done with a combination of walks and base hits. Lot of guys contributing and moving guys around they're gonna need to get back to that and by the way. Sunshine and lollipops. And why -- cards are at the U. Corn is now to help my god punish the guy. It is going to be back and all is well you may be okay our World Series bound my friend you may be a little. You what's the word I'm looking forward to describe how your daily was -- not a. May this play in the sunshine and lollipops thing instead just assuming that giant fans it doesn't matter what happens are always going to be positive yes they are what's wrong -- mentioning the fact that. Can't help but god is a major major factor in the slow noticeably around that. They obviously -- -- is actually done pretty well as a leadoff -- done amazingly well but Alan -- -- god does much better when you can move potter pants down to three salute or somewhere else on the line well yet I mean you have -- -- look at. There are reasons to start to get excited that may be the giants. Can find that magic again because you do have Brandon belt back. Who do a little bit up and down days with writing out a lot yeah yeah he came back at home on his first game last night to really struggle in Milwaukee yup. But you get Oregon -- to move Hunter Pence back is no morals is. How low starting decathlon but I am I I'm being allowed just had facetious and saying. That the giants fans always -- otherwise you always play that sunshine and lollipops on like -- regularity on here because. It because it's a peripheral I like that song even though it's an oldie you even know what that song news here's that your here's this here's the little secret what. Goulet works out that song it does is that on his -- iPod yet it's. Yeah -- -- -- and that's what he looks the way he does not. Since China Lally a camp done. Oh man we got a lot of good stuff today not counting what you just turn a ball stalled is coming up at 715 we have a nice list of -- yes we do not that we need now get the guests for this show to work but. As a bonus. And they -- -- and a -- a rare radio appearance by Keith -- your friend in the guy that I know a little bit -- coming up in the 9 o'clock -- not here because of me he's here because nobody you know Keith I didn't -- but he doesn't get up normally because you know -- new -- doesn't wake -- before -- because she's a nighttime show -- he still can't have the -- has to have the corners cut off of his toast. When it's delivered. There's -- story apocryphal story that when he was. In LA and he was staying I think it was at the shutters in Santa Monica shutters on the beach he's staying there. And heat terrorized. The that the workers there because they had to Santa hat if they have all the corners cut off of his -- And he had to have like there were six newspapers. And he had to have the sports section withdrawn. And folded -- -- our story out with him when it comes on the dynamic auditory may be at the end are maybe he had. Anyway here's a quirky guy and anybody hopeful buddies indeed that's what happens when -- that Smart. Keep there's like so smartly you know I'm not find that I don't -- allowance that people give you when you're Smart and you do something well. Then you can become court -- get away with -- so you do not that one is necessarily attached the other like that's the secret of his success the fact that he doesn't -- the corners on -- and he has to have. The sports sections folded just so. The I didn't know that part and I lived in LA -- -- was out there and he bought a house actually on. He bought a house in Santa Monica right on Pacific coast highway and lived in it for two days. Before -- realized it was too loud and he couldn't live there anymore that he checked back in the shutters and put his house up that's the true story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have my TV career -- -- that way. My first -- -- in the box came you've got to box really because all use all back ESPN I was doing so many remotes from here. Was my head in a box. That -- that -- a great -- on Saturday Night Live now -- the you know Christmas -- they don't don't was a -- you don't Oxford and make that connection the you know the legendary -- maybe the funniest -- ever on Saturday Night Live they've had a few. -- that another Christmas one there enough. The dogs no no I'm saying there's nothing that saw. I thought maybe they stole that from you and that you should give credit. In addition to I'm -- -- the -- the other I hope that no one steals your idea which was -- you came up with it if if if somebody years they did Bruno has retired suddenly yes it's because this new invention that you came up with. Just this morning yes while we are we are sitting around eating yogurt in coffee in the room getting ready for the show. That's how it works yet that's -- the nuts on the mine works. If you try to sit down and say let's come up with -- invention to never happen you'll never think you know anything that you sit there are you watch somebody doing something and what was I doing. You were drinking coffee and eating though -- I don't know I was well. You saw -- my idea -- too many savvy tech people who got a whole start right now. Pulling out drawings and making a mockup and having these thing in the patent office before the show's lucky you're never gonna actually do this just I am -- doing as well as the show's over that all you have to do is say look if you invent this. At least just call the Bruno. So -- you'll live in in perpetuity. -- Make the calls coming out today at 830 haven't played this game before and you're not gonna play today you just -- -- -- server is one of the games that our good friend grads here yes truly looks forward to every signal how can you tell busy smiling when we -- -- -- doesn't smile or anybody like the most laid back guy I've ever met. Read -- our control guy here he's a guy in front of us in -- -- behind us. And he's always like making fun of us we can't see it yes but I can see grab all the time. There's not much that really motivates him on this program right right. I -- and nothing nothing moves him. Hopefully hopefully we'll have a big. If we are basing the the quality of our show on grant. Who have. We wonder we wonder what's wrong huh. Coming up will be take your calls -- -- gas coming up and also will hobby list of the most unfriendly cities in America and its bad news for the Bay Area. Also. We've got exhibition. NFL pre season. -- -- -- tonight so excited that day of the year we all get excited for I can't wait for the first game. And then what happens while hammering saying loud that's I you know when somebody is a reference that you'll appreciate that's Maxwell's silver hammer bang -- The niners tonight in Baltimore I will release at no additional charge you the 957 million -- stone cold. Lead -- guaranteed. Thursday night. Three season I still call exhibition football locked -- hardball ball part three tonight Rick how excited you watch some football guy. You know what's crazy is on this is like him. The pre season football is like going to Vegas. The idea yet so -- -- on the south right now I short ride what I west. It's compact and I'm thinking I'm gonna go to Vegas he's the guy you don't go there are some of the summer league in. It's dropping their -- and I think pentium it's cool man I'm going to Vegas. And then you actually land -- you got all my god I am in Vegas have gone on identities wanna forget about how did you get excited and and you walk into the Bellagio and yeah. And then you go out the first night and then you say. Along in my year note it yeah yeah I know if that after 48 hours about as long as I can laugh but that -- couples the same way you get you to you get so pumped yet finally win a football. Finally gonna watch football and then. Like the starting unit takes about four snaps and everything are what I what am I doing and then you could sense the energy in the stadium tonight in Baltimore gets sucked out -- -- the second quarter elect. -- This exhibition football but why are these guys would let us not discourage you know now enjoy tonight and it will be. It will be fun to watch it there will be some things will learn. We've got some questions asked because obviously in an exhibition game you know you're you're you're really hoping that the starters don't get hurt in a couple of series and -- what's more important you brought up a good question today. Let's -- more pressure on them. Going into the season Colin -- -- Who obviously needs to get to a Super Bowl and win it even though he's in the first couple years he's been a Super Bowl and a championship game right -- match off. Who's now the new heir apparent starting quarterback. Being pressured by Derek -- local guy night as quarterback of the raiders who has more weight on their shoulders to succeed this year. Knowing essentially that if you don't succeed probably the GM and the coach that brought you win. Are not going to be here and who knows I mean look -- you can you can sort of people are giving him a pass a short pass. On all of the pick sixes and what happened with the Texans are saying OK he was pretty good before that. Maybe that was just circumstance. But a team. Blows up again here people are gonna take it's an -- starkly different look and view. That we will address that on this program today plus make the call coming up we have the unfriendly list. And we have a AOL updates were all you tech savvy folks out there to I still have. And AOL account I still have you still get that little message you. You've got mail or not I don't have the time. I don't. Visit today a well known for the U got mail don't which you don't remember that when this first happened and you would hear that sound you've gotten it yet. It's exciting it was like -- the sounds when you heard that. And now when you get that text notification like tan yeah. Especially if you're like out of service and then all of a sudden you get in an area to get service him and then like you have fifty messages in here that -- going all vulnerable when B -- BP whatever your sound area. -- you're right there was nothing more exciting. Back in the dial -- days you know getting that. That voice that said you've got mail in and a bad movie that was made afterwards did you like that movie you've got mail without Meg Ryan in there yes it's terrible though. Terrible just like dial up. We have dial up here though I think today. Where are off to a slow start we're gonna crank it up right now you can give us a call 8889579570. You don't forget being 957 the game drop -- text line. Is always busy to what even in the middle of the night. If it's 2 in the morning and you wake up when you think something about we're listening to possess or or or robbery Hoffa said even though he hasn't been here for the last two days. You can tax the 957 again dropped him tax line 95795. And never sleeps. Coming up next we'll talk more we got football we got baseball. We've got make the call coming up that and a whole bunch more on this Thursday. August 7 you're listening to Tony -- and here for Chris Townsend. Rick you are on 957 a game to bay area's new sound for sports. Not advise -- of the game toll road are regular and talking football talking baseball. It's going to be good -- got more tickets at WW he'd. Summer slam the last of that before wrestle mania coming out today second row seats right we're going to be giving those away later on. -- trying to get his hands on a on a whole section to get down there isn't such a big guy big wrestling fan what's the CEO Daniel Bryan. The triple H. All the other WWB greats and he's holding his hand blueberry pop -- today did you buy those just familiar to -- by the way and the machine. -- You didn't bringing did you grant did not bring any ran our board did not bring any pop tarts that. Do you know what this is is blueberry part -- With sprinkles and brown sugar it's so much more than that what is it. It is the last package of popped in this vending machine in this bill Nadal in this building this is the value. Of having an advance scouts. Because -- happened to go to he -- have you been in the kitchen and I said I thought there was a bunch left yesterday our complain that the strawberry was in the fraud. And I don't know what happened I don't know what happened although my daughter were stellar this story just that I love strawberry. If you loved me you would buy the strawberry for me and bring it home. A city of a point. Grant does not get excited about much as we've noted -- When grant says TUN that secretive town has -- in the kitchen. You need to pay attention and I did it and he said. Have you seen the vending machine and I said no and he said. There's only one pop tart laughed and it's -- Perry. And you know with the first thing I said was. You have a dollar fifty don't have time for that but don't tell -- -- it's going to be a race to it. Saw so are you try to use now that you're trying to extort me damn right I -- aren't exactly what this is evidence that is read all I've done for you this week it commandeered try to wrap on I appreciate your extorting me for -- pop -- -- Thursday morning by the way you're asking what happened to all the other pop -- the power suggesting you're unbelievable because all I did was mention to you yet. And you are now a pop -- thirteen I actually got -- that is spread through out the building even rob and -- what. What's your title she's the show slash cheeks he's the home. Unemployed producer slash. That's not gonna film business photo editor of slash girlfriend slash assistant. And you make sure thing and works -- of my schedule -- even she was seduced by the hole I know -- I don't know how many emails attacks yesterday but worst sort of silly conversation about so my -- the one on the air yes the magma hot -- law. A boo -- Barry within. Be perfectly posted crossed. Burned the outside of my -- -- but it was my -- and LT icing on there was I was the magma design do you when you get a new got to tell you can't really hot it's like having -- pizza pop aren't you know soap operas. I'll pay annual pop and -- out the oil and you don't realize how hot the inside is right and you buy into it -- -- -- hungry and then you burn your tong and your lip. That's not say. So what are you people that are running out by pop -- be careful out there -- people no money pop tart lawsuits come down with coming up we're gonna have make the call. I've never heard of her radio event were. The host only one holes participates so I'm not allowed to do anything during this make you understand who don't normally working with here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And allow anyone just to do there -- are you kidding me and not the outrage story wanna be a part of it turned pro when it somehow it's his favorite segment is that the -- when he thought yeah. Yes he looks forward to it more than anybody out. Felt really good follow us on Twitter at Tony -- and I haven't even checked the number of Twitter. Followers I have yesterday we had a Twitter war and here so to speak and we'll have an update on that. Because people were suggesting that. Rick Yorker be on the followed because now it's a lot of people you -- And left a lot of people. The people of smoke him. I didn't start the -- follow -- Yorker trend as the -- or praying even if you did that and apparently has not worked so for whatever reason how many did you lose yesterday he's -- a loss I think nineteenth. So at least 200. So when middle -- neighbor men. We're suggesting that people on following you called them by their real name I know I did. I'm gonna say when they YC the later on today are column Schwartz coffin and a whole person I think is the best thing that they've done for me this is our recommendations in the suggestions that they admit that you added more followers by them suggesting that they should -- follow yes OK -- and see if that works for me later on today. You can follow -- -- Duchscherer. But there's no okay in there right. It's RIC view -- is that right that is perhaps why couldn't find you. I was -- I was typing and RCK. Spells Rick RIC seriously. I don't know that I do is that all your name is really and other -- -- the short OK sick Rick go racing with the cars of course married to Rick Leno -- called I -- player. Rick floor just to name a couple I don't think I need to go beyond that Rick Ross as -- K in his name doesn't -- Even more reason for me not to have. 8889579857. -- meanwhile. We -- we talk a little football today to make a lot of good stuff today. And we mentioned. Buster only gonna join us at 715 to get this latest on baseball because we're -- that window now who were there hasn't been a lot of polls trade deadline transactions. You know we hear about the August right. The August period were guys go through waivers and some guys don't clear and and then have somebody does have interest in a player another team will block you jump in there to keep the other team from getting that you guys with a guy. The rival doesn't get big player and -- stop -- whatever they do to stop them block a trader of remove the latest I've heard by the way is Cole Hamels. May be out there. While you marlin -- really because they maybe I'll do the the just because the Phillies didn't do any thing. They're the team most likely to have somebody plundered off the roster now but they don't have to make a trade and give up prospects right. So that's what we're hearing but I don't see any movement you know if Cole Hamels. He would have cleared waivers by now right because that you put this in August 1 the start of a waiver period yeah we're teams this should make a traitor even if you made a trade are trying to get guys through winters and clear are the double -- because -- though only a modest seventy. Well he will have an update on exactly can I think there's been some claims put. On a couple guys out there but I don't know that you are that's really mysterious about the baseball thing you don't they don't you necessarily identifying. The teams that have put a claim in my guy with waivers until they get all the way through. Hanley Ramirez. Was claimed. By the death of the Dodgers pulled them pull them back oh well and that's what will happen on a player a big name player. Is out there and then they won't you know they won't clear waivers for example of the case not least like -- over at the at the peak of the Phillies put. Jonathan Papelbon on waivers he would go -- nobody picking up that contract. Where he's -- thirteen million and thirteen more next year and then thirteen more than a year after that because he's a good closer. But there are many teams will be willing to absorb that kind of your payroll addition and that contract -- you can't just he's not an expiring contract right. He's the guy you're gonna have to pay 3040 million dollars. And the team's gonna have to make a decision is he that important in do we need and I desperately -- but a guy like a Chase Utley to be clear is a Jimmy Rollins. Guys like that war veteran players. But experienced guys who could be a difference maker -- post season zero to take a big financial hit. I'm surprised at call I would be shocked if Cole Hamels despite his big contract yeah cleared waivers and and is it's doesn't stay in Philly because the Phillies are terrible. What he's still. Europe -- pitcher Cliff Lee has now been shut down for the year but you never call almost is that he's only 39 -- people think that's all he's a solid. If he's not a number one reason number two on most staffs and he's a left handed pitcher who's very good you got a World Series MVP the guy pitches in big games. So I think it would be a shock the media of all the guys on the any roster especially on the Phillies roster if Cole Hamels were to be able to get through and nobody would pick him up but here's the -- you're you be surprised if he did get through. Mayor Diaz is not to I would know I would be surprised -- Cole Hamels. Is not it moves away from the Philadelphia so live with I would be shocked if he's gone we. You have teams like the Dodgers and even the Yankees and I think that this makes a big difference. Is the Yankees right now. Still. Think they have a shot at the post season because that division is upper -- exactly and don't you want to get don't you want to send personal. Money has never been. A problem for Iraq spending money and don't you want Jeter to go out. With one more. Post season Cole Hamels was put on waivers and claimed by another two. All guys did as we just don't know clearly we just don't know and that's -- -- -- -- on the on -- at 715 to get is a very very latest on all this stuff so. Cole Hamels. Is he gonna leave the Phillies and who else is gonna be picked up because this is the time when everybody thinks the trade deadlines over nobody's moving you you're gonna see some big names are moving in the next couple weeks and this is -- the house and have nots. All get determined even more self. Because the teams that need that one guy you are gonna do whatever they can to get that one -- and. We should get into and maybe we'll take some calls on us not maybe we will take some calls on this is. Do you wanna see the giants getting into the waiver wire. Actions are have they done enough have they showed enough with the bats waking with now that you've. You have to pulling the plug on is going to be back. Is it worth going out there should they be a team putting in looking to get a Hamels and add to the equation should they be looking a Marlon Byrd Marlon Byrd. Should Dave be players or should they be conservative and say you know what we're chase and our tails here. It's not realistic that this team is really gonna make any noise this year. Good question and Cole Hamels the Phillies a 48 hours to work got to deal a -- back so. I don't think they wanna lose them but they put everybody on waivers to see what kind of interest there wasn't an obviously at this and Cole Hamels. The great left handed pitcher. Coming up next we'll break it down even more and take some of your calls -- to jump on and here it's 8889579578. We got exhibition football. You're excited about it who has more pressure it is not a winning tonight's game for the pre season games. But as far as the long term future and in this coming season the regular season. Match job with the raiders for pollen -- verdict with the 49ers. That and a lot of other issues we'll explore today as we try to avoid dial up action on AOL. We're still operating at full efficiency you've got mail thank you. -- -- -- -- In brutality I'm in for Johnny -- be present for himself -- -- -- seven again today areas noose on the sports. As of Thursday its August 7 Tony Bruno Rick -- -- -- and off ball. We're just trying to keep this thing go Rick keeps it down all the time so I'm the the missing link so to speak. -- -- at all for -- we'll talk football I wanna hear from football fans too we talked about it earlier about. The anticipation of the first game we away from January. All the way till August to see our first taste. Of football and then we get it. I think we all can agree and if you don't agree let us know. There once again start to get excited. And they can sensitive doesn't feel like a regular season game. You know the announcers are not the regular season -- they do a good job but it's still. Even the buzz in the stadium isn't the same if not maybe that changes when the niners play their first game -- -- -- you sure would feel more like a regular season game they play in their new stadium for the first time Orwell is still have that same starts off okay. But then it starts while -- pre season let me go see with a concession stand pass. Well that's the thing is that you have these new stadiums and supposedly Levi's will be back in terms of all these bells and whistles we look at some of the new NBA -- and you do you look at the campaign was and heads into the the buildings half full Miami. In half full but is there a nightclub. With underneath the stand. Everybody is at the start of the game and when you have all is interactive stuff. You have every reason not to be in your seat. -- us here at your front runner Miami fan I mean that's -- all due respect to heat their parents were drug runners. You know you watch this year with no LeBron you're what Dwyane Wade stole Aaron bosh. You think that place is gonna be rocket. You think those fans are gonna fill that place up not much. Not Miami residents idea -- will be excited that we are -- Kevin Love update -- oh yes because obviously. Everybody wants Kevin Love and it looks like he's gonna go to Cleveland yeah. And the question is if he goes to Cleveland in the trade does he just is he just a rental guy or does he signed a long term deal and stay there what's the latest you have them I would expect and it's being reported I think the Yahoo! Sports hasn't -- -- -- was rusty has -- is he not the best in the business he right now. He breaks everything everything. Everything he's you know he is but you know how he operates. He's the modern day Peter -- yes in terms are without being nasty so early out of doing an Internet and don't -- guys acquired that is well. That's why he's breaking so much stuff because he's he's basically threatening people because they don't give him credit when he breaks stores -- try to steal -- business. I'm not so I'm not not other media people I mean literally people in the business like GMs and scouts or whatever its you know but if you don't yet if you don't give me the story if I don't have the story first I'm gonna write that a value. And that's where. That's where I think you. That that's that's right get off the danger most -- -- -- he's the best he can just nobody in the NBA right now. You've wrecked nuclear got a great job now breaks more storage and has more sources and this guy I am not I I have a lot of sources I talked to a lot of people. But. The the honestly. These satisfaction. Of breaking a story in today's world. Does not carry the same way because. You're gonna break it with three minutes ahead of somebody else and as you said the credit the credit you -- when you. Contribution is a Big -- to these guys begin -- you know -- When you work someplace and they break a story and you don't give the credit to the person who breaks it right you claimant is yours which a lot of media outlets have been doing now you're seeing more attribution you're seeing according do. So he's no more out of our first and that's what you should do right I mean to me that's way I've always done and -- million years have been in the business somebody breaks -- -- -- it's always thought ABC or CBS or NBC. As -- reporting or is now confirming. But here's the thing -- used to be that if you were the guy who broke stories and you were writing for newspaper. Then people have to if they have to pick up your newspaper they have to go USA now. There is that the shelf life for the distinct and and you had a for a whole day yet our query ten seconds now somebody else can and what they do. You may think -- somebody breaks a story. You make a call. You get it confirmed. And now you can say. -- Of confirm that so so story. Is accurate and ultimately I don't know the fans necessarily care at this point go Baltimore talk football. Anthony in San Jose he has -- I think he's got the perfect breakdown on what pre season football. Really I said it was like going to Las Vegas Anthony used today. And hey good morning -- To both be you mister Tony broad automatically continue back and they -- under Giuliano. Thank you sir -- moved on to run the DirecTV. NFL he's a guy who started. Yes NFL with a thing called now that NFL network as it to. The red zone channel on DirecTV Andrews the man there. Yeah -- chemistry be occur my utility and like -- man. You're full -- right corner strip club man it can't compete you know same. But I love it. Have a job to make it rain on your TV set when the scrubs command in the second half. -- -- crisis is a major corporate domain and you don't have to look at the dollar amount. That's true to area. Although it's a temptation though like -- -- -- doesn't come off the field and go through the stands -- solicit money what he's not in the game and now it's a virtual strip club guys and guys that are adventure and for the love appreciate it is without -- I get what he's saying. Is it like going to a strip club and because we go to strip club as he mentioned you don't have to make it rain. Brian you can just sit back all really. I mean you're you're not really I mean I do you have when I but I don't go very often via I told I -- our system and out of work and they get Hal I just take orders and drama there. But anyway. I don't see it because when the when the when the starters come out yeah you know that's why I heard the guys the other day talking about this that -- now. Guy you -- John about. The complaints that the NFL regular season that the pre -- -- law on the war games are too much in the call for make it eighteen who do have to pre season games and then add those two. Following games and make them regular seasons -- but that it really will make the product worst -- may have a point. Because if you make those final two pre season games. Regular games that means you're valuation process of all these guys trying to make team's current is cut in half. You gotta know within two games what guy you need to -- and a lot of talk about ten times you cut the wrong guys that you won't get a good look at a guy who may be. The little bits or maybe has a pulled hamstring and can't golf ball. Not gonna go out there or do you think that first regular season game which should be pre season game number three. Is going to look like a legitimate NFL game if it went down to two pre season start the season and had eighteen games. It's a fair question I feel as if teams do a lot more valuation. In practice than they do necessarily in games it's how how many times do you see where. The numbers aren't necessarily great inning game or a guy has a good showing an -- and a pre season game and then he gets cut anyway. And I believe that's in large part because he's not getting them done and practices like okay. You you did it there but you're really not stay with the game play and I don't mean for the starting -- -- -- predicts the start I mean the backup guy that -- -- the difference between the second and third string quarterback -- got actually an -- -- -- way. And it is at it depends on how much of football to Jenner you are. But to me it is interesting to see those back to see the battles of the back up guys and to see the bottom of the roster to see. That story again I always root for the story. They guy who didn't you did not expect to make the roster. Who suddenly does and has an impact and it's not a name that you gonna talk about the rest of the year but to me that is the intrigue when you look at pre season game. We'll talk more football throughout the morning and of course buster Olney is gonna join us next hour Matt Williams is fed up with the media. And by the way deservedly our buddy Graham has -- -- Matt Williams of the Arizona Diamondbacks had no how can you tell and which Harbaugh is better in the hardball ball. John or Jim will explore those are much more plus take your leave it all still ahead right here on 957 the game the bay area's new sound for sports.

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