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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/7/14 Hour 2

Aug 7, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thursday. August 7 -- don't really care for -- thousand. Review -- brave new Yorker. Not terribly Lugar of course it was. In one of the all time for the movies Greg Dickerson here to break -- down NBA stuff during the break she's working the Bleacher Report wires. And this slide shows -- really hard. Take good pictures -- America I'm sorry got to do that there were shots fired up I shouted you know that's good that's good you need to keep me in shape womanizer of those other two knuckle heads the. We're double -- -- from ESP and the very latest everybody's trying to go through waivers some guys have been claimed some guys haven't won't get the latest from buster Olney of ES TN. For example Hanley Ramirez and Cole Hamels to the big names. Who is on the wire wise it takes so long plus another thing we're talking during the break the great John go away came in and said. One of the most preposterous rules. In the NBA and all sports are preposterous rules is the one involving Andrew wigand's right now first -- They sign him but they can't trade him for thirty days and that's one of those. What the hell was that -- what does that mean don't don't tell me right now below wanna hear about them because we got a group let people know but the fact stacks of cash code word. -- today is roof. Not -- -- That could be a late night contest but right now the word is -- Are all all -- You text roof to 72881. Before ten past the hour for a chance to win 1000. Dollars coming up baseball chatter this hour. Plus folks in the Bay Area going to be unhappy. At this latest Conde -- survey. Of people who travel -- -- eucharist Stalin the and shocked. And our -- producer. John -- even more stupid -- when he looks at the list of the most on friendly cities. Villa called unfriendly least friendly that's more politically correct if you say unfriendly that means everybody's the bag according to -- Low watt least friendly -- words like down on the -- -- cleaned it up to. And like our. And I see that you tournament there is gonna Don are your guys. Sleaze ball is more acceptable to me you like sleaze balls -- okay about whether it's all just a matter of your orientation -- drag it. Because. Tell me if I'm wrong Tony when using huge bank tiara yeah as the -- there you -- and which do you think of the actual. Like the product I did I do those -- no I don't add up now. Now it is used to do -- I don't try and there's probably other people channeling your hitter -- off today. Odd man. We have a problem on our breaking this down a breaking down the -- a knowledge he of that particular. Phrase that insults. I don't like -- and why and particularly why that one bothers you. I just think it's one of those things you shouldn't say on the radio. Even though people say it now and it's acceptable I still have a line as I said hmm I walk up the line I know -- not to Warner over an idea take one lay a second over but I'm putting my foot down -- -- Coming up -- must always gonna join us and a couple of minutes. But we got football tonight got pre season niners' first game tonight. There in Baltimore par ball bull authority and somehow I don't think this one will have any kind of tension between the coaches. Unless they decide at halftime lead to a really have to play -- this day and yet we're gonna risk anybody getting hurt here tonight so it doesn't have the drama of the first two are my bottles not nearly and you like drama and so to wage -- but tar balls get back together and I -- in -- and I'll give -- pick on this game tonight before get out of here is people want that right and then raiders tomorrow night in Minnesota. Child his first ever and he and the but -- -- niners are one point underdogs does that lines say anything youth. And the raiders tomorrow night or three point underdogs in the gratuitous while -- team gets a three point -- The well hole I was. I will say this if you are trying to figure out a way to keep your interest in this game. -- a huge sum on it usually does the trick for -- if you about a huge sum on a pre season game you'd need professional help. I'm good how things are probably exciting for you anyway no matter what happens you need to be looking at a blank TV screen and have a good time. The days lose last night that Germany italics in its first win in eleven months and that. American League pitcher of the month Sonny gray loses a second straight start after going five and on July so the a's lose seven to three. To the rays. The giants win five of their last seven on this great road trip blowing opened late 74 -- with another home run -- Michael Morse. Comes out of a slump a little bit with three RBIs. But the giants win seven to four but told the company ground. The a's don't pick up -- lose ground because what happened last night the Dodgers. Get a 21 win -- Dan Haren on the mound against the angels. So it's still the same situation I know you like status quo but the giants they two and a half back. In the eighth state to up -- in their divisional race who gets hurt the I think the giants not picking up brown as they're playing great on the role -- is moral way. Man what do we have to do now we're gonna come home eventually and we better pick it up at home because we're playing great on the road we haven't picked up any ground. On the dodger -- When you're going up against the Milwaukee Brewers and you have Kansas City and then you have the White Sox coming in and you have Philadelphia. And then the cops you have a nice stretch here. For the giants that as long as they don't allow damage to incur. And I thought that what might be the case going to Milwaukee -- Milwaukee was red hot coming in this series. I've gotten to me demean their. I'm not worried that the giants are picking up ground on the Dodgers this is one of those teams where. That what ever damage they're gonna do -- do it to themselves. And the reason when. We were to alert that Hanley Ramirez had been put on waivers and claimed. The reason I went wow is this because I don't think the Dodgers cared about whether I was a bad actor -- -- I I I just. Didn't expect that they would. Necessarily make a move on a guy. In spite of the fact that he wasn't. Doing the job in the field that. You just didn't -- -- he was he was a bad guy in the clubhouse which Romania heard about Hanley Ramirez. Is the case that's what made me go wow it's like well the -- The dot clean up there at that. There possibly be. I don't know let's go to run and Hayward he wants to see something happen here and we're gonna see something happen because there's no way the waiver period goes through that nobody changes teams right now -- -- teams and in the hot. Rob what you wanna see happen man. Morning. I'm that I would that there that person you'll. -- Let's do that -- little -- No I'm not I was doing I did it for three years the raw -- and -- in the boys in the number wanna move back -- that would became physically impossible to fly back and not physically impossible but I was working during the week. And I was living in LA and I would come in every weekend -- on southwest and comeuppance they in the Bay Area every week and watch raider games -- do the shows but. It's not -- to be living in Philadelphia and then come back here when somebody local could be urine and covered every week so wasn't there. To the local guys do when I was here it was I was close I was 45 minutes right. And and more locked into what's going on. -- -- -- usually the lieutenant. I won't let. Yeah but wouldn't -- -- forget about me. You're raider amber -- a judge giant -- in -- dodger fans and you're you're an LA -- you're you're you're releases starting with the raiders and LA let me guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You had been out there right there yeah. A lot of good. Got two beautiful -- what are you want the Dodgers to do. -- Remember we. Look at the Olympic gold and -- you could build a bit. You think the bullpen is more important then then then getting another star. -- -- -- Yeah middle relievers seem to be easier yard appreciate the Colorado again -- -- -- what you look at the we talked about the back hazard of the dodgers' bullpen and even the giants' bullpen. They're in good shape at the back yet. When you need middle relievers at this point. That means your starters are good enough to get you through six innings to get you quality start right so those guys become less important because there -- only pitching. You know the long relief guys about talk about the setup men -- closers you got to bring a guy and in the fifth or sixth inning there usually a starter who's not good enough to start. And not good enough to close or set up. So I don't think those guys are hard to find you just have to find a reliable -- -- and use and if you are that means you're not in a ball game or your starters broken down and you got to get somebody in their early. Why does it. We're not minimizing. The challenge of the job because if you are a starter you are closer. And you have to play that role where you need to come in and you need to be effective and let's let's face it -- coming in. Basically because there was a dumpster fire with a starting right right there you're running into trouble but those guys are hard applied you can that you can use your fifth starter as that guy as you get deeper into the zooms -- hand but there's something about a guy who. If the protect less so the guys that were close is like the Sergio Romo right now who's coming and I think it's easy to make that adjustment. Then you're a starter. You're used to being a starter and you commenting you inherit guys on base and you have to be sharp. Right from the get go some guys they need a little bit of a vote of of all of a ramp. To get I could only hear you but if that's your area of concern and a ball -- it's easier to find that the world really love Taylor got enough teams don't think guys all over the I Bigelow our guys that are hard to find my bigger issue is that. How the Dodgers and their fans. Have morphed into the Yankees in the Yankees fans could be considered our boy is -- -- to let go -- our our our resident yankees -- is looking me like I insulted him because just a problem. Yankees fans no matter what they had -- and the glory days when they had it was always. Oh yeah we should go get that guy a recent go -- -- -- warned. If I don't get the and -- so the salary cap doesn't return -- make it acceptable to -- you you you're spending more money than anybody else in the league and you don't pay yet you know what we should go that you know what our ball boy I think we can upgrade there we should go straight NL -- Don't happen again I I hear what you're saying the same thing happens at the end BI. You're one of the three -- four teams that that superstars -- -- conspired to -- play for your 80% of the rest of the NBA you have zero shot of even thinking about ever not about winning a championship now. Ever winning a championship the San Antonio Spurs would dispute that but the San Antonio Spurs had the reason they win is because they got. They got the guy. The franchise guy and Duncan yet they had the admirable for him and the coaching staff has been the consistent so it's not about this agreement done but it can't be done and every other city can be done in a rare situation. Like San Antonio when you get that lottery pick the number one overall and he becomes one of the all time -- there's a lot of teams that have gotten a number one overall pick and can't do anything Wear them because he's not a Tim Duncan he's not LeBron he's not a Kevin Garnett. Those guys are few and far between every year we all get excited about draft picks in the first the number one pick exactly one pick is always supposed to be a franchise Adam does not always operate well -- this most of the time is not. It's the luck of the draw and you can have a number one pick in particular year. And no matter how well you pick you may not be getting your right you may not get -- -- and all the Green Bay Packers the smallest market they can win super balls for any team in the NFL if you got a good organization you can put it together you can win. -- baseball I know the haves and have not exist there too. But more so still have a chance if you're Milwaukee Brewers team. If you're smaller market in the major leagues you know even though you're going up against the big payroll big revenue teams like the Dodgers in the Phillies now have a lot of money. And the giants in the and the angels and all these big market big money teams you can still be good Pittsburgh got better because they assimilated a lot of a lot of good players the NBA to me is the hardest league. We're small markets to win not just because -- -- a small market right because the best players who are the free agents who would help your draft picks don't wanna goal there by tomorrow by the larger -- football players don't care where they -- But we've seen a little bit of a sea change as far as that's concerned. Because we did have Dwight Howard go from LA. To Houston we have LeBron going from Miami and Cleveland now these are by and large the except chefs exceptions to the rule. The most interesting thing for me Tony when it comes to the NBA is because of the restrictions that the owners have been able to put on the salary cap is that the draft is going to become. More and more import absolutely ability to. To steal someone's day else's freeagent. It's still going to be there they left the door a little open for that to happen but it's going to be increasingly tougher. To be able to get. More than one. Or two you're going to have to draft well. No doubt and that's why bad teams like the sixers in the fan base is bought into. You don't get early draft picks yes the only way you build but the bottom line is. You if you get look what happened to the real America Carmelo and LeBron. The big name free agents this year everybody in the league all the good teams that month he was the missing piece went after those guys there's a bunch of other guys the second tier guys they're gonna get jobs but the three or four of the rare years -- you have the superstar players available right. Where they do they go they don't they're not looking at small market teams are looking at the Chicago balls they're looking at the lakers they're looking at the normal cast of characters. Who have the pedigree of championship teams -- NBA towns and those other cities that zero shot of getting when he's got a. It also doubles down on that situation is the fact that when you have like if Kevin Durant saying Oklahoma City. Or you have a superstar in your small market yet barred Parker Milwaukee they'll face this you're suddenly on the Cleveland when they had LeBron the first time around New York. You can't build slowly you can't -- You it's hard to stay with your system and go get your your constantly thinking I have to appease my stall our I have to go get this particular. I'm -- and the Cleveland can win now of LeBron and you mentioned Kansas Oklahoma City let's get the baseball because buster Olney joins us from ESPN. And people wanna know what's going on on the waiver wire I believe he has the waiver wire ticker. In his house in his office now and he's I think -- -- and it's an old school while those volatile on and I think he has Google glass followed -- yet it's just it's appearing somewhere. As a hologram from let's find out buster. Give us the absolute very latest from your Google glass the image is that you're seeing what do you have approval last you have an all teletype machine that that actually types it out. And then you pick up the paper and stick it to the wall. Yeah I I'm definitely not Google -- to more of the old hot pride that you used they have to make newspaper. -- -- I mean it's a question that to the forefront and you know that keeping got their first -- when he's in the absolute worst condition when it comes the waiver explain. It's -- -- you know they almost certainly can't expect any help there at the back of the pack it down and having -- record. And from what I hear the Yankees are claiming by choose a player like crazy in the American League. We know the angels if there's anything it develops and needed really develops or Oakland the angels could block that. So they're not gonna get much out now on the other and it which I actually in a really nice addition because we're seeing him back into the dodgers' rotation. Despite what Dan -- did last night it generally become a problem. Can sit in -- giant -- You can basically play hockey goalie in front of the Dodgers. And just knock away any potential add them. Among guys who are you know good pitchers who argued guy you were relatively inexpensive. The Dodgers probably only have -- united options where you get really expensive pitchers -- guys you are not doing well like Bartolo Cologne -- The Dodgers could yet. Where the giants are like wanna call -- went out waivers earlier this week he's basically been claimed by it actually came. You presume that took place in front of the Dodgers and you presume that the giants might have been one of the teams it would -- look at that. It is fair or what are the chances that the giants. Do more than block and go and and and are actively looking to add something to their equation. -- -- second -- it's something that they're trying to you know constantly all. I do know that from talking with people that routinely -- that the giants. -- where at least it handing her option -- debut particular name that they would go for. But you know it I think it's worth keeping MIT that they -- keying in on the giants who also are making claims and also be trying to -- -- think they have 62 win. And didn't like apart from what I understand it being really aggressive they've got sixty -- So what the judge to block -- -- -- got retained to blocking the giants and they expect to get a lot of help. ESPN's buster on the joining us are you mentioned Cole Hamels. And he was -- guy thought. I know everybody was put on waivers according to the reports from Ruben -- put everybody on waivers just to see with the interest -- is there any way the Phillies allow him to leave and other amassed but he still. They're best pitcher he's young he's thirty Cliff Lee is now shut down and who knows what's gonna happen to him. Is this that they're gonna pull him back right -- they go allow him to go somewhere else for absolutely nothing. Appreciate yeah and now they certainly won't just let him go in terms of the with whichever team -- played declined whether it's you know pirates. Whether it's the giants weathered the dot this year at least to this Chicago Cubs -- league east -- okay. You know let's talk about him what tried -- -- betrayed we could we arrange a -- example. Of life that she took like a couple of years ago if you remember the Dodgers play acclaim on Cliff Lee. And the Billy Paul Cliff -- back all quickly back without even having a conversation. Two weeks later. The Dodgers make its massive record shipping trade with the Red Sox in which. Are not only unity they take on Josh Beckett. But hatred into it in Carl Crawford you'd never know how aggressive the other team is going to be I agree that you beat no way to Philly to give Cole -- the -- They -- at least have a conversation say hey what are you haven't minded what can we deal because shoot you think the Phillies who have benefited expedited its debt okay. Give it quickly and we'll also take Ryan Howard. Just -- for forget the Bay Area first second what do you think what what scenario is the most likely to happen. Coming off of of the waiver wire the situation. An acquisition a move something that you look at you said a lot. I don't know exactly how it's gonna go down but this I expect this will go down. I think -- yankees and reduce. You know they made a lot of moves before the trade deadline last week. Because they got the power of the pocket Greinke had a probably the only team it's gonna be able to say they will take on eleven million dollars next two years -- marking Colorado. I wouldn't all be surprised if that situation pops up going court and they are looking for starting pitcher so I think it Derek. That certainly keep watching that the pirates who really were aggressive last August waivers stopped. He's giving it additional waiver wire and -- -- -- in -- Milwaukee I think they'll be bit eco. You mentioned the giants back to the giants and -- got this young kid Joseph panic from Yonkers who actually hitting well nine -- as overall average but he's had a couple of good games couple more hits last night went back to New York. And obviously he's not the play off answer you would think at this stage with the giants going forward again and Chase Utley is name keeps popping up. He's been and it looked at -- -- link to the days which you say I don't believe they're gonna go after -- the giants with the giants make a move to Chase Utley clears what a waivers. And go after him despite the money he still load. I'd be shocked if he cleared waivers. -- and you know Woolsey about that. You know he has the right course to veto any deal he -- -- can control its immediate. I mean just for argument sake let's say the giants would any claim on and or Oakland put reclaim and on and bottom line is if he doesn't want to happen is -- next week to reject the waiver claim. But initially keen -- value in the supplier I suspect you might keep situation were club. You know like the Washington Nationals have been poking around per second -- -- maybe they would be detained that would make a move on him I just don't. Saying you better believe there's no -- political secret deal Chase Utley hit a national -- Even necessarily get the -- that Ali want to go I mean the end of the Philly equity trade deadline. -- held view. That in general. They're comfortable going in the offseason without having panic in which I don't understand. And I -- rival executives don't understand it yourself bad and that they attendance is gone down but that seems to be the most deterrent right now. Well I don't know that we've talked you since Matt Cain was shelved for the season. How much does that change your view of what the giants are capable of the season. To be on diets are rethinking it feeling last year that Egypt -- in the same. Are because of this stuff and I. -- set on what I'm hearing from scouts in opposing hitters you know they just don't look at him he's been I think I don't eat. Country guys that you made reference the fact it is. Mean he can't even really straight -- right arm which is not unusual or older pitchers. And you just wondered go before you ever gonna beat Jack I -- he just. If it becomes back from the bone chip problems and had surgery if he's going to be more back into the rotation. Number three number four guy who year -- that he believed. You know Mike is that -- for you as opposed to -- -- fine -- Buster Olney of ESPN's scouring the waiver wire so when will we know I know the waiver period is under way. And it's gonna be over quickly right so by next week all this dust will settle you would think right. Well it'll settle on Cole Hamels in the next 36 hours but actually players on waivers. All the way to the end of the month in the Philly today actually surprised me and how they threw everybody on waivers -- something to actual way to the end of the month. Are hoping that it becomes more to seller's market and you can deal with fewer games. And and that that's why. You know that the way it's -- analysts I don't know it's I mean it's quite a lot about it ain't there will LB guys gone -- labor. -- the only guy behind only. Person in Philadelphia who has not been put on -- is the fanatic the Philly fanatic I believe he's irreplaceable everybody else they can just -- and take -- -- A bus or listen thank you very much as always appreciated. And good luck Jason everything over the the next couple weeks and you'll be busy reading your -- glass right here -- -- in San Jose and -- headquarters there data appearance since we got the hook. You know that you guys certainly have an inside that's for. Are not me I remember a hooker does he is the Bay Area guy I'm just fill in for the week -- about things -- -- -- Buster -- from ESP yet. So we gave -- the two big names and unfortunate there Phillies over the Phillies respect all of fans there have really given up Hannity multi day wanna -- Chase Utley Cole Hamels golf. Anybody else I think it doesn't matter. Because they need to do -- any explanation why they're just not. Doing anything like no and no one knows Ruben Amaro is probably the most scrutinized and criticized general manager even from the legitimate -- all the legitimate baseball guys like what are they doing there. They don't make could have toxic contracts that's the biggest problem toxic contracts. Really hurting that -- don't miss the WW Eli. It's summer slam heat wave toward its coming to the SAP center on August 16. There's going to be a final day or your performance before wrestle mania 31. Great season -- now at Ticketmaster dot com and gas watch. You want a chance to score -- pair of tickets for the show you listen to be TH all week and today we're gonna have another we have another pair today and then tomorrow. Front row tickets and more. -- this program that's all coming up right here. On 957 a game in the bay area's new sound for sports. -- by a seven game Tony wrote a -- future here. On Thursday so we -- a lot of baseball we got football chatter going on take it or leave it is coming up just a couple of minutes. Just -- -- only on. And we haven't even gotten to the but I don't like lists. You have this list -- just -- programming for radio programs that have nothing to talk about. Well the relevant list I like to bring them up you know you can argue about all the top ten -- -- to the top ten greatest NBA players in the top ten greatest football players. -- the current top ten guys. These are the kinds of lists. That piqued my interest -- nuclear. Basically what you're saying is that when you hear lists being discussed on other radio shows. They're just killing time exactly what I'm doing well we'll hear us talk about -- parts on this show right that's not -- time now that's touching that error that's exactly right -- that's something people can relate to and can put their hands on it's a significant social event exactly deep diving into both reconsider our -- the ten best NBA players of all time. Where is Jordan ranked only and that's that's that's just constant arguing because there's no definitive answer the one the list are pertinent. And important to. A community. We must address it and now we have and I know you're a big Conde Nast traveler guy. I know you subscribe to Conde -- And it's one of the few publication that still has a hard copy edition and not just available on line actually once dated the woman who runs the dolls you know that was -- nasty that was a different about publication that make your day -- content -- now not in -- that was this parity methods. And of them for different types of travelers might have been right when you travel in different circles but Cardoza I -- days. Thank you. Now 80000 readers. I didn't realize -- that's not a he's he's been readers but they it's a travel magazine put -- those who don't know if confidence is low actually you think that's why. -- -- -- actually get to 80000 people to respond to any service that's that is not that they have 80000 reason they reached out to 80000 readers. With this year's survey. Of the top ten friendliest cities in the United States and the top ten. On -- or at least friendly as they don't like to say unfriendly. You can say somebody's the friendliest city. But in this politically correct world which relive. You can only refer to it as. Least friendly because it just sounds better you know out of San Eric human rights is like. So -- here's what's interesting to note here is Vin Scully would say during a dodger game when he's filling time. What's the number one. Most friendly city in the United States if you had to guess. The I would have said. I -- said. Salt Lake City it doesn't even make the top ten yeah. After that. I normally you'd have to go someplace. Either south or north you -- you have to do is you have to find a place that's really far away from people. So that we don't have any interaction are very excited when anybody shows up right it's just tell -- -- it. I don't know these blazes up large population base is arguably the top ten friendly. And most of them are in the south. Charleston, South Carolina. Is the friendliest city in America followed by Savannah Georgia. San Antonio Texas -- Because of the spurs in the river walk of course know the Alamo well when you go to the -- you never been married like this is the applicant like a bad foot tall building yeah this is it this is the only losses. Except an I -- came along and out adamant about it haven't lost since but I anyway San Antonio three Telluride Colorado. Which is it all very up but he -- -- Density here and they're nice they're nice but they're especially nice especially when -- paying a thousand dollars a night to stay at a ski lodge. Would opry ski in skiing and ski out privileges Telluride Colorado for New Orleans this fifth. Even though the people are friendly there because they wanna sell you something and get you. Hot but New Orleans the other New Orleans rate -- it's a great that makes sense to me is that just like a party town so they seem to be happy no -- no matter how and the trojans are always friendly your right. The -- the cages down on the ground. I've done not a -- -- much of a degenerate you are they invite you in absolute drink -- with our no pride get I was surprising New Orleans is that the. Ties great Telluride Colorado. So most of the rear ruler readers are obviously ski junkies and they want to go to conduct the draw what -- Fort Worth the six Jacksonville a lot of smiled at the yes Jackson Hole Wyoming another ski area number seven now. That he got Key West, Florida I was just there a couple of weeks ago. Everybody's friendly in Key West. Everybody. Including the people who don't have jobs we don't have anything to do with a wandering aimlessly and as their reason is because Florida's always. Sort of block the flow of Yemen and he's stated overall game west is not for trade agreement north to southern most point the US could say it's another country down I had not spent a lot of time he -- Key West. The most decadent. Friendly place I made a move there if I could afford to -- one place really I would -- that the -- -- she would go absolutely because friendly -- -- -- our -- -- warm it's clean and I you know I -- you have -- things that everybody's -- issues -- the natural Tennessee's nine. Asheville north Carolina's -- so you see a very heavy southern influence other than Wyoming and Colorado. Most of the top ten. Friendly cities are in the south. Nothing in California nothing in California -- -- now we turn to the least friendly list. And. It doesn't shock and he built right now thanks -- that one city in California makes a top ten friendly places. It's an outrage Bakersfield. Makers Stockton Modesto yeah. I'll -- is that make deliberately not Fresno. -- -- barrier mentally. To get -- glad to see anybody who comes by are you kidding me. Not true. There is the what do you think the least friendly city in America and I'll give you a -- Most of these are in the northeastern part of the United States not a surprise three of them are in one particular state. -- two of them are two of the top ten number one least friendly. In America. I would you in the knee jerk reactions to say New York it's not not even in the top ten and how well Newark, New Jersey. Is number one on the -- friendliness and then number two this is the stock shocker. -- -- Oakland California is number two the second he's friendly city in America are you kidding me. You get all Bart. The new head over to all doc called what you're going all warriors gamer raider game. You -- -- -- feel the love in the friendly that's our goal all we're there and hang out the raider fans have gone over open by the way the tax line the south is really friendly unless -- black Hispanic. -- -- that we have baseball. Not be on the most friendly and senator -- that's a great point now. Cruises got a little dark because the the the message -- there is has made it a little sketchy to -- it was a this it was a good call I love. How Lhasa -- London vinyl it's one of my favorite William Larry king Hussein Houston hello Sam we have a small California hello. How about Disneyland is not the friendliest place on earth. -- when it's clear now that's a result it's Oakland to Hartford Connecticut three. Our good buddy John delays hometown Atlantic city new Jersey's four then New Haven, Connecticut is fives -- Connecticut with two of the top five Detroit. No shock LA is seven back Hamptons in New York. There are friendly welcome if your have back nine out of ten million or more. And pentagon large -- you got your -- doesn't conflict up against exactly but I'm good bumpers. Wilmington Delaware or nine in Miami Florida at number ten in the least friendly cities in America will want to Delaware you know in Saddam. Well I it's right outside of Pennsylvania affiliates -- close and it you don't have to pay sales tax would buy this stuff yeah that's where all the insurance and are all the credit card companies -- have. Well don't tell me your -- I'm just a reporter and coming up. It is the event I've been waiting for. It is Rick bugler playing make that call. Is that coming up and I thought that they are taken leave it take it or leave it is next I'm so it's I'm so excited about this make that caught the eyes and you're not alone that today thirty keyboards -- is gonna join us later Holmes lineup. With a thoughtful offer make the call -- that's next hour coming up next take it or leave it. More of your calls it's a birthday Tony and -- be accurate here. On 957 game the bay area's new sound for sports. -- -- For people to talk. That would be our job yes. He -- the -- is in the room we're just talking about friendly friendly places I came up with the number one. Most friendly place you would think in the Bay Area -- Nicole -- right. Because there's more dead people that a lot of people there to the bow cemetery so that would be extremely friendly with date either that -- quiet exactly. It is time you know it's time for rebuke her. What time it isn't so while it's 746. Which means were running late particularly if it. I think you can take it and go right back. 95 point seven. I don't get the preview this services just strictly for all right out as planned -- we don't get to. I don't -- what she's going to hit a stern actuarial I got -- wanna have a I don't want to over think this. Initially that you get your dialogue working -- that's good enough. And -- -- your AOL account. There may be something new there that. I think we're running a little slow today and -- The great -- at Iowa today for some reason even pounding the -- so he's not pounding -- -- I even though I putted and had. And taken Ambien Ottawa overdose. At a -- have a what do you have. I the first -- Tiger Woods is playing the PGA tournament despite the back injury that ended his round prematurely on Sunday and tiger will not make the cut this weekend taking a lead at Tony that's a great question. He says is back as a quarter percent better now we're gonna go to war us. After you look at the shelter on the -- so applied I think he makes the god because everybody's writing this guy off. He said he was playing Barrett and then all of a sudden is back flared up on Sunday and he withdrew saw -- coming right back the panel it's a major. I think he's got to be good enough if he's not gonna go out there and stink it up today. And then say oh my back hurts again because I think every people really say he shot so -- they -- and I think he makes the cut I like the fact that a I saw something about his -- -- just like. Slipped out of place and it popped right back in yes when -- talk about backs things don't slip out and slipped back in and you just go on your area of the greatest chiropractor on -- he's not going to be able fix it -- -- -- exactly it doesn't work that way so I am going to leave it on -- We haven't tiger are now in addition to a LeBron mayor not know I'll never know but how many times have we heard. I'm OK everything's good and he has like he'll have. And OK first round and then it just absolutely. Comes apart and -- you're you're walking every -- your -- personal comment one days and wallets completely -- I went to the chiropractor well actually after I get a cortisone shot that's exactly how are like call -- on my children. Iraqi country you know again on them. Anyway the timber thank you -- -- -- the timberwolves every -- agreement in principle to trade Kevin Love to the cavaliers for number one overall pick Andrew -- 2013. Number one overall pick Anthony Bennett and -- protected 20151. Round draft pick Yahoo! Sports is reporting this deal was agreed on before LeBron sign with the cavs. Take it or leave it right. And going to leave it to I don't think it was that early but I do believe that it was done shortly there after at the suggestion would be that. LeBron was only coming back to Cleveland if he knew that they were going to get Kevin -- at that point it wasn't again Kevin Love that. There were a lot of teams and a -- and Cleveland was his first choice if he could have gone. Obviously if he could join the warriors. I do believe that that would have been what the lakers and wherever what I do and they re having to give you and and I don't know that he wanted to go there not being guaranteed he's gonna go to the playoffs next year that first and foremost is what he wanted to Chicago moon was I think at one point ahead of Cleveland. But Chicago likes they have they were willing to give everything -- so Carlos Boozer and I don't like that. When you know I -- I notice that he's -- he's actually with the lakers one more reason why it. Kevin Love who say it and so I'm gonna leave it but it's been done for awhile. But the thing we dominance are gonna say take it because I believe Andrew -- even knew. When he was taken by the Cleveland Cavaliers that something was off. Because when he found out that they drafted him but couldn't trade him for thirty days after signing him -- that he was -- sending out signals that this whole thing stinks out loud. And everybody went through the tanking to try to get him the sixers. Milwaukee Kennedy gets taken. By Cleveland knowing he's not gonna play there. Why now is good enough play there when LeBron is there what there's a that's a major outrage if you're ever wigand's you wanna go to Minnesota now. When LeBron announced that he was coming back. And he talked about who he was excited to play with he never -- mentioning exactly so this thing this thing was walking along that I -- is a done deal. But I think this thing was percolating even when they took Andrew wigand's. Now sticking with LeBron ESPN's Dan -- Quote unquote your welcome LeBron love Miami and to have a picture of two championship green -- avatar you need to get over it take it or leave -- -- I love down I know really well and so you Rick. First of all he's making way too much I mean he's just gonna say -- are there any sign that a -- -- us -- -- -- -- on TV. Has decided I'm -- via a billboard attacker and I believe he took off by his listeners probably shifted to some -- that he put out there pot in the middle of Miami. And there's a lot of water a little crime if I'm 112 yes exactly what he's a miracle bra so I think he's probably roll pretty he went to Joe's stone crab took a contribution. I think you know it is zany radio stuff which a lot of -- Stewart radioed I don't have a problem with -- I would think he would take out a billboard in Miami say worsening not three not four not five not six not seven that's what they should put up in my attitude. What was question. That Dan let anybody get over it. Get over one million he's he's it's too late. He's he's been all enemies he defended LeBron -- the very start. So you think now this is become his stick and he's mr. Miami yeah but he was ripping LeBron for not living up to the not three not four not five and two out of four is going to a lot of cities but not when you have that team. He's he took shots at that LeBron and the guys when they were there and now we -- proud that they want to -- to just try to stick -- -- sleep well I will say this the the the fact that they went to four straight finals and won two yes. Look LeBron did. Planning for Miami now I'm just saying that. -- -- Fixation. With LeBron however it goes. That's become part of who he is so I'm not about to ask him to get over would you guys ever -- by a billboard where would you put on there. I put on how I play on it right now I put my face up and say would you fire this man. Heidi benefits. You know place to live. And because I like you Tony I would buy a billboard on the other side of town and I would do the same benefits your face up there and say. Please hire this man. -- you what I would buy billboard for a get a -- -- because you can change the billboard. Yes what did you stay in these guys do you ever get the whole sleeve and cover off such or give the barbed wire but don't go all the way around -- sensitive underside of the -- don't get the yeah. Why a lot of wireless that's ironic that car tire what the guy's got like in the top. Obviously Ottawa at first I thought he had the barbed wire. But it didn't go all the way around like the tender -- yeah he stopped short of right because we already have a Barbara plot your tattoo and ends -- being there hurt at all fueling outrage. You have another unforced errors that and that's it since it did. That's. I don't. Have you thought of a contestant. I have once and has -- I have thought about getting one together later on -- develop again I don't have a phobia of needles into I don't have any you have to do right now where would you put it if you did honestly the one place I would have it would be on my side. We heard it hurts a lot like right around the -- Bridges to revealing inside of yourself -- I know you get that that gentleman and another that that little that little bit of mask as a man. Like I'm afraid of needles. I am and it's really painful to get it on the side and when a -- that's exactly American. Of course in the most painful exactly exactly death well you wouldn't really be able to see the needle from down. That's true I I would definitely you're -- -- Let us on the -- like that. I was fighting get a top two in the sixties when I was rebellious as a young punk 70s90s. And I'm like get one now but the problem -- -- non conformist. Yeah the problem for me is is that now. It's neat touches a -- everybody and everybody that everybody has them its assets -- one more women have tattoos and -- You know the world is really messed up and I don't care what people don't understand that there are more women that I know that have tattoos than men yeah. Not designing -- -- said that we're coming back in the next hour you know we're gonna do make the call 830. Keith -- is gonna join us we'll get back into the football on the baseball stuff. What are you looking for tonight and it's free season opener for the 49ers hardball pole -- are you excited. And and half times they are seen enough political Andres that's also had coming up here on 957 the game the Bay Area and sound for sports.

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