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Buster Olney says the Giants can play goalie against the Dodgers

Aug 7, 2014|

The ESPN MLB Insider talks about the Giants advantageous position on the waiver wire and what players the A's could claim

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well because buster Olney joins us from ESPN and people wanna know what's going on on the waiver wire I believe he has the waiver wire ticker. In his house in his office at least I think you. It's an it's an old school one though it's volatile I don't know I think he has Google glass followed -- yet it's just it's appearing somewhere. As a hologram in front let's find out buster. Give us the absolute very latest from your Google glass the images that you're seeing what you have Google last -- you have little teletype machine that it actually typed that out. And and you pick up the paper and stick it to the wall. Yeah I I'm definitely not Google+ the -- -- hot right pitch you have to make new paper. Mean it's a question that to the forefront in the united kicking there are Oakland he's in the absolute worst condition when it comes the waiver claim. It's why they. You know -- certainly can't expect. Any help their packet hack it. Doubt that -- -- record. And from what I hear the Yankees are claiming but choose players like crazy in the American League. We know the angels if there's anything -- develops and needed really develops or Oakland the angels could block that. So they're not gonna get much help now on the other and it it's actually in a really nice expedition because we're seeing him back into the dodgers' rotation. Are despite what Dan -- night. It's generally become a problem well it can't sit in a giant shoes you can basically play. Eagle in front of the Dodgers and just knock away any potential -- them. Among guys who are you know good pitchers. Who are you guys to relatively inexpensive. The Dodgers probably only have -- options where you get really expensive pitchers are guys who were not doing well like Bartolo Cologne needy. The Dodgers could yet. Where the giants are like when Cole Hamels went out waivers earlier this week he's basically been -- financial team. You presume that took place in front of the doctors and you presume that the giant might have been one detained at least look at that. -- is there what are the chances that the giants. Do more than block and go and and and are actively looking to add something to their equation. Well and secondly it's dumping it it's Friday you know constantly all. I do -- from talking with people that routinely thought that the giants. Where at least eight handing her -- do you -- particular name they would go for but you know it. I think -- -- -- -- -- they're seen in front of the giants to all -- making it ought to be trying to do you think they have 62 win. Our -- like the pirates from what I understand -- being really wrecked it. They -- sixty and so what did you hit to block -- -- that it aimed at blocking the giants and it can't expect it'll help. ESPN's buster -- joining us are you mentioned Cole Hamels. And he was the guy thought. I know everybody was put on waivers according to the reports from Ruben -- everybody on waivers just to see with the interest was. Is there any way the Phillies allow him to leave another amassed but he still there best pitcher he's young he's thirty clip -- now shut down and who knows what's gonna happen to him. Is -- that they're gonna pull him back right Mina they -- allow him to go so Morales for absolutely nothing. And now they certainly want to let him go and -- -- -- putting it claimant but what they tend to use try to arrange a trade elevation we have that conversation. Which whichever team -- plate declined whether it's you know pirates. Our -- the giants weathered the dot -- -- -- this Chicago Cubs -- -- league east bank okay. You know let's talk about him what kind type betrayed we could we re not giving it a couple of why -- -- -- a couple of years ago. If you -- the Dodgers play acclaim on Cliff Lee. And the -- -- Cliff -- back -- quickly back without even having a conversation. Two weeks later. The Dodgers make its massive records shipping trade we did at Red Sox in which. Are not only unity they take on Josh Beckett. But hatred into it in Carl Crawford. You never know how aggressive the other team is going to eat I agree -- there is no way to Philly -- you Cole Hamels away. But they should at least have a conversation say hey what do you have in mind what can we deal. The issue you think the Phillies who have benefited -- it said OK give it Cliff Lee and -- to take Ryan power. Just -- for forget the Bay Area first second what do you think what what. Scenario is the most likely to happen. Coming off of of the waiver wire the situation. An acquisition a move something that you look at he said no but I don't know exactly how it's gonna go down. But this I expect this will go down. I think the Yankees to reduce. You know they made a lot -- before betrayed Atlanta last week. Because they get the power of the pocket -- and that probably the only team it's gonna be able to say it will take on eleven million dollars next two years that marquee Corrado. I would don't be surprised if that situation pops up going -- they're looking for starting pitcher so I. I think it there. You know that certainly key to watch it hired to really work Gretchen last August -- stopped. And giving additional labor wired back during edit in Milwaukee I think we did -- You mentioned the giants back to the giants and I got this young kid Joseph panic from Yonkers who actually hitting well -- -- as overall average but he's had a couple of good games couple more -- last night went back to New York. And obviously he's not the play -- answer you would think at this stage with the giants. Going forward again and chase at least name keeps popping up he's been dial it in a link to the days which you say I don't believe they're gonna go after -- The giants with the giants make a move a Chase Utley clears what a waivers. And go after him despite the money he still load. I'd be shocked if -- cleared waivers. And you know Woolsey about that. Our community as the right course to veto any deal in it can control it that I mean just arguments sake let's say the giants would any claim on them. Or Oakland put reclaim and on and bottom line is. Doesn't want Japanese happen -- and reject the waiver claim. Armed by initial ET got you in the supplier I'd suspect you might -- situation where our club. You know like the Washington Nationals have been poking around second -- so maybe it would be detained that would make a move on him I just don't. I ain't the you'd better believe there's no way to put -- he'll Chase Utley at national. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He'd tell you that in general. There are comfortable going in the hot -- and without having panic in which I don't understand. And -- rival executives don't understand it so bad that independence is gone down but that seems to -- -- -- deterrent right now. Well I don't know -- would talk to you since Matt Cain was shelved for the season. How much does that change your view of what the giants are capable of the season. To be honest diets are rethinking is feeling last year that -- eaten at saint because of the. This stuff and I base that on what I am hearing from scouts in opposing hitters you know they just don't look at him he's been I think I don't eat. Country guys that inmate records that fact it. Mean he can't even really straight -- right arm -- which is not unusual or older pitchers. Then Egypt -- go before he's -- going to be -- I horse eat just. It would -- back from the bone chip problems and it has surgery it's going to be more back into the rotation. Number three number four guy your tape that he believes. Armed you know might just -- -- for you to -- be trying to. Buster Olney of ESPN scouring the waiver wire so when will we know. I know the waiver period is under way it's gonna be over quickly right so by next week all this dust will settle you would think right. Well it looked like all animals in the next 36 hours but actually players on waivers. All the way to the end of the month in the Philly today actually surprised me and how they were everybody on waivers -- something actually awake at the end of the month. Are hoping that it becomes more seller's market and you can deal with fewer change. And and that that's why argue that the way it's really analysts I don't know it's I mean it's pride a lot of -- there were -- -- I'd probably call mark. The only guy behind only. Person and they'll help you who has not been put on waivers as the fanatic the Philly fanatic I believe he's irreplaceable everybody else they can just taken to -- -- bus service and thank you very much as always appreciated. And good luck Jason everything over the the next couple weeks and you'll do as we get to Google glass right here in -- and San Jose and we'll headquarters are you out of your -- we got the hook. -- -- -- -- You guys certainly have an inside that's for. I'm not me I remember a nuclear does he is the Bay Area guy I'm just Dylan and for the week and Bob thanks thanks cement. -- --

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