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Keith Olbermann explains why he thinks Roger Goodell should retire

Aug 7, 2014|

Host of ESPN's Olbermann explains his opposition to the Ray Rice ruling and why no big waiver deals will be made in baseball

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Knows the answers to all the ills of baseball he is a baseball the sports. You have a baseball I mean obviously also a -- and all of social consciousness as well. But when it comes to baseball when you look in the baseball encyclopedia. This man's name and -- space is on the front page. Keith Olbermann for me -- and he's a guy who brings me back every once in -- throws me on TV. On Friday nights during the brutal back segment on a woman show -- -- awake and alive and alert. Because -- afternoon in New York City. Good morning and good afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- Google are saying about mark spoke urgency in the old sports on -- is considered. All brick Lugar was out on the sexy more than proficiency it was excellence. Clark bar of hard not I'm not saying -- that the -- baucus adult. But it's true I mean you're you're. We we we we we sit there and shoot the breeze on on. Friday nights in your dropping 1887. Knowledge of baseball that most people would have to look up and you adult. You know what recently triggered that probably the result and so undiagnosed its apps workers and seven. Currently -- that but my folks actually. -- -- -- an odd even system of the premier told Oprah has -- you know it would notre product good it's good it's true. I talked about is also what went by -- -- orchestrated it would not what we talked about it on odd numbered days. It. That would certainly -- are simply too -- without food started -- is an odd numbered -- Because it just couldn't take it anymore we're talking about. Want to -- all of the sort that at a record in the wake me in 1967. -- -- and stopped since. I was say since being a parent the fact that your parents are disciplined enough to keep track of is an odd day -- an even -- is. Is impressive in its own right -- try to keep track of -- on Friday nights in Bristol we go to the same attire restaurant and then go to a baseball cards store. And Keith would look for the new up and coming New York Yankees any hot rookie to buy that rookie card before -- guys are tearing it up in Connecticut yes. Well you know that that was that was the -- and we just described there April and the third thing would go to the Dunkin' Donuts and replaced coffee. -- about it. Little in terms of recreation -- and a thank you had to get a license to go to. And for the cards to workers and submitted to the people wanted to stay in the. I'm not sure that it's changed all -- most of -- -- stores are caught now and -- and -- used to goto yes by the way so. Teeth he's do you have time comes out of the things that at this because they have Tony here and something being an outrageous is one of his his signatures. And you've been -- -- about a number of things lately what what what is the one saying that the you've talked about that you cannot let go at this point that it's not just a matter of preparing for the show in doing that one thing but the thing that really sticks in your craw right now about what's going on sports. What grinds my gears swears he went to a party I'm I'm in that it in the short artistic spirit returns to Washington and capitol. And -- And and the way the we put the last two competitors but that. And I it will be directed lenders from from Minnesota about them than not being able to use the maintenance of the university of this sort stated. Beat the other one. Previous. Eight counters and -- without. Brutality -- Blu-ray rice is country which has just been. One bought every step of the way and if it's sort of we don't have anymore commissioner haven't been -- predicting -- pitched up the extra week. I don't even Friday night when I was there -- New York last do you calling for Roger Goodell. To basically resigned as commissioner of the NFL I'm sure you got a lot of feedback on that. -- -- so. Big on principle on Twitter reports mistress of the sense that the commissioner and I I didn't see much because. You know I guess this is true almost all were -- it is actually the level of concern. Eventually you. -- -- War will punish. War treat unfairly. Almost every constituency could possibly happen you know what I was able to -- in war apparently reportedly. Of making his decision on -- -- -- -- to the dumbest things of -- in the investigation. One. But he did not make sure that they saw me in the elevator -- -- what happened between direction that you all the rest -- but they don't know comedic could be yours is theoretically could be it. Exculpatory or could be good news. One -- the -- that you wanted to know -- -- decide the punishment between eight weeks someday and you make you look look at just don't sell reasons. What are the with the league's commissioner will you -- too lenient. Want to -- on the order -- -- you'd think it would grant but he couldn't hear what he did a textbook. Looking investigators -- Rookies in the DA's office I would not. Ever under any circumstances and took -- -- there are laws put it domestic violence. Abuser. And and a victim in the same room and get -- to troubled story is -- -- -- look Turner's. Because they're pretty good this psychological dynamic -- important. Where no one is good news or what was written with a -- -- anything to make sure she knows she -- doesn't -- you know you're just. But this opens -- -- to sit up in two games that went you know Albert Haynesworth got five and a Dutch court and look like a Albert sixteen. Agony at that that's what's baffling to me is -- been boxed but. The fact that just for business forget about the moral code or making a moral statement about what's right. I would think that. This kind of stand. If you're just gonna look at it from a business standpoint. Is a terrible position to take because of how it reflects. On the NFL -- have you. Have you been able to deduce. Any sort of logical reason. Why a Goodell and the NFL. Would take the approach that they've taken. No like I've I've been welcomed the one true and he and the point that you make is completely accurate -- stressed depressed source ultra moments. Well morality -- the culture of you know what we think you know so it's -- about domestic violence or just let's look at it from them money. Which is easiest way to talk to commissioners and orders and then and didn't he'd probably simplest way to try and political sense. The NFL's cents and we have nowhere -- -- the article says now that its customer base -- -- -- -- split between men and women. And why when this is such an issue for women would you. Come down we -- -- it's not like. The other 50% a bad call -- paper. And take umbrage at -- right that's six -- -- the season. I don't think outside of Baltimore many people with certain that's really -- talks. The only people we will be categorized recurrence. And all of the other man. Could you conceivably up with a percent true there are there with a warm -- a strong stance on the troopers. Took percent. Of the entire consumer Princeton based -- -- Glow in the dark sparkly where he -- uniforms. Of power perhaps will just say they can. You know but my efforts to do understand that what all the history of the network or brick that that type casting -- -- would that are not open. -- -- watch something else on Sunday afternoon and altered it so it's so stupid. Because so many levels and and you tell insulated. And isolated the other pro is trick which are critical. And despite president for taking hits for rebel rebel on Berkshire trust -- Just I mean he. He may go directly. From representing the other element where Wright controversy can make Washington work for dance writer and he's he's been dominant statements on here because really. You know is put into with the way the transpire now more mostly with fruit -- The government joining us from ESPN getting ready for the against the the highlight of the weekend is when -- make an appearance -- B -- -- satellite tomorrow night. From Sampras. Mark KOU. Don't like it I imagine the Ray Rice and I know you've been doing it that watch but now. You have the Jerry Jones thing which most people saw it does some guy trying to set a mop -- the pictures with the women dropped and you have the -- I am the owner of the of the Indianapolis Colts with the alcohol on the pill thing. And other commissioners in a tough spot because I don't know whether Jerry Jones should be suspended or punished in any way shape or form that the guy was extorting him -- You got a situation where he works for these guys immune. This day you know Jerry Jones works Roger Goodell works for Jerry Jones -- the robber -- so what are you what Jimmer Sam sorry decide what you deal with those guys and you cut those guys slack. Yeah calmed down on player safety which we can all agree yet people perceive -- wells I put the dress on it's getting assault league. But he soft on on criminal activity in many cases but he's really soft on punishing his own. Dies in the case of Jerry Jones the robber say does that make this even more preposterous on. -- where you fall on whether or not the Dallas it is a top commissioner which guy doing the east taking the easy way out. The audit you'll material and patterns of literally at this point in missile as people within -- and ill will toward towards you is people Serena and about the controversy. Well Thursday's. Court date is slick -- only that the police six. The trial will start just probably some motions to begin with little Google trying to hurt 10 it's. The -- That is I think excuse were it not having done anything yet. How is it difficult for him and used as punishment two years ago in urging traverse city you're free tickets to. Two from Britain so. You know people who who -- victimized by the spokesman. Abused prescription drugs or banned drivers. Although it was Gordon. You know five miles an hour so bundled bad -- -- the problem. But the airlines saying he'd make a bat which some sort of community service that -- compile -- -- traverse -- You know the question what do but Jerry Jones. -- is that possible toward the immune to what degree that. And it could you do you think that's criminal I mean I mean the quality of the pictures -- workers editing it there thing and other. -- -- -- -- What what are the ball in -- were trying to blackmail I mean you know which is of this is. From middle aged -- doing something you'll women. He's a little eyes gazed at these middle -- -- -- A spring leader. We're currently. There you go. I was he's gonna get that because of real shocker is a guy would resonate you still look you know he's like that Dick Clark of of TV and radio and newspaper guys that Bleacher Report thank you thank you for Brunswick -- Jason -- at this point the encourage it. In spite of -- youthful nature. You knew him when he was eight truly young Tony Bruno I -- Keith when he was a truly young key government -- -- over the Yankees exactly so I'm just trying to imagine what that dynamic was like. Well that that. We've got we've worked together by the way in the third person this question was are -- Charley Steiner. The. Or so not yet we had a one yesterday and I credited him with. With helping you get your point you know started not your talents but certainly an opportunity in the same with me on the national scene. Yet so we're just at -- the view original point it was just three of us and beat the weekends. I I was doing the show certain circus by restrictions on Edwards and Gucci or Treo and your network switches. In the in the actual truth about light spank it beats it was two blocks from where western viewers today so in about thirty. Six years that's -- -- two blocks which tells -- what about New York traffic put. Also I'm doing these shows and they expanded -- the Radio. One network and that's certainly true networks and the second one was for grown -- we were that young adult network I was 21 -- certainly -- -- when they're expendable. And they brought in this god and so though few -- parts garnered respect holding. I just about that I'm truly -- will all be increased. Be interest over these characters and production assistant software problems but it worked. -- -- It took this terribly -- newsroom and replaced it with a needle mark from all the hall and they gave told he would be small newsroom work in the league. So in this -- true. Look at -- there was two guys prepared sportscast. And try to nobody. Still doesn't because -- think -- -- and -- that called down well over there but. But the important Saturday afternoon and walk in -- separately around you know 1 or 2 o'clock -- -- -- I would leave it was so bitter on nine. Told it was all beer and helping the square. And and in fact I learned a quality that you most market. One vocabulary. -- -- I thought. Yeah education -- received in the combination. Of words. Was particularly. Particularly in valuable part offered report on that -- literally sitting there. On control -- laughing at the things he would say so we will ultimately got couples sportscasters who has elected you like to say. -- studio haven't finished sports dance which woods. -- What quarter past well past. You do corner past at a quarter to deal. -- like our commitment to reported past finish up and see immediately put a piece of paper type murder which is kind of what the Internet Olympics. And start typing the next sports that are waiting and exports -- immediately. In terms exactly the opposite he would be. Forty minutes past the hour -- beyond 45 that's when -- start or just so you know it was a it was a perfect perfect. It's totally. Somehow apparently -- -- and left a margin of only when you when you when you. Write your ball and you put it all in perspective and you said Julian mark and anyone. I left a mark on people government one of the art guys every do this I -- and and take you to court over notes. Several severe Barton's you know that the -- psychoanalysis. Or actually up IQ. Appreciated. Far less than you before -- go we appreciate apartment on. We got the baseball scenario we have buster on the on about the way everything and it's one of the craziest things a baseball at the trade deadline. And then after the trade deadline and has portrayed the whole love in all the Major League Baseball gets put on waivers. -- make of this right now because there's still going to be some big names in the giants in the days out here. A's have made a big splash no one expects them to do anything the giants -- the situation and other get this -- from Yonkers the second baseman but they may have a need at second base. What do you see happening here in this waiver wire period. Well -- I -- that we're gonna have as much action is as some people but he and it is fascinating that this that this dynamic going on used to lecture and strategic trading down. Because you argue what would you should be able to change. The dynamics of talent -- in the organization past. The only point this season and -- that's spectacular first in the sleep in July 31 bird went out. We've heard -- is saying you're you're willing to buy Cole Hamels and Allegiant -- Provide community and he presumably get workers contractors. Visible lots. -- work and that goes into our. Script in notably. Art I don't know they're definitely were that would that would likely so our older guards bigger picture. More cost of what you quote true so what he would. I don't it is -- -- it's obvious being considered that a girl because it's mostly because you -- -- -- 3030 Butler and Dublin girl like one so I mean I I don't know also the way. Read her carrier mediocrity throughout the game -- what is it -- So so so many things which were eighteen teams still wouldn't buy games in a playoff spot -- extraordinary number that just aren't going to be that many. -- I think in the next three weeks saying you know what would we have notre that's what's -- -- -- make sure nobody comes working engines ever watched them on TV and it will vote should holding to a courage but all the of the -- I don't -- big names were. -- Goldman he's moving. Ali is now it's -- Tuesday's rate beat Ramirez started to write tonight show at 11 o'clock eastern and eight -- also. Thinking about it. I haven't started thinking about tomorrow -- show because I'm on the road and -- a completely clock different clock so we'll see you know darn good that that's not exactly the only reason is that he's that he's no that he about it yet. I'm just I told them to let -- -- but still at its first. We know -- -- exactly. After the shark probably -- probably won't be back for Friday don't have a little -- envelope at the desk. -- -- multiple Rivera happened it was my fault so there's. You're -- -- thank you thank you and thank you sincerely for her for pop and on it's always a pleasure. -- -- -- -- bankers are areas -- adorable. Actress thank you so you seeking.

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