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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/7/14 Hour 3

Aug 7, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes -- is 80. Thursday morning August 7 and bring you could have where we're finding things we have in common. Surfing is not one of them and I was never really good -- and waters to -- the dirty is served much you can surf -- didn't really clean warm water. -- and that's -- never -- gonna stop. The wetsuit -- since now. The cold is not an issue -- -- -- -- I issue I would already to dry suit if I was gonna serve my kid half moon -- the water's too cold. It's not that cold. So technical what about the way. The bigger issue is the reason that we heard that the ocean might be so salty earlier yes well -- are gonna get into that -- We're gonna do that I'll let you get into and are not gonna do that update. That's across the line to me we got so much other stuff only headquartered. But we go out -- we got football tonight. Are you feeling a football excitement in the air -- -- like the Monday Night Football -- -- Thursday night I don't scream I am I am because of a 11 we're gonna get an array of games this weekend starting nationally are even tonight this cameras -- so all the broadcast only I would. Think that there was no idea actually Harbaugh exhibition game. Earlier delays -- I don't let it makes national noise but -- the whole ball ball par three yen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sort of yeah I get to. -- it's there is none other than it's done for me when you hear that. So I think the greatest he hasn't done the NFL has. Because the big games on the NFL level. And so it's Christmas come early not a -- at the beginning of powerful -- and tonight. Right there and you know I'm gonna call this off for at least a quarter and then the horrible off -- forty -- -- the I. I am excited but again it's like going to make sound excited now because -- left yet I gave us started and so I'm very excited I can't wait for the -- story. You're right I think it's a good the good analogy is Vegas because every especially here in the -- Ireland and LA Vegas is 45 minute -- -- -- Vegas is so much better than the reality of an amateur golf on the East Coast you're on a plane in the whole -- exciting yeah. Now we're gonna failures and you see the strip when you're landing an Arab -- I'm almost there now. And then you go there and thank you are excited when you checked into the hotel and then and you gotta walk three miles across the lobbying -- for the casino and and this shot slot machine just screaming out your name and those empty tables and Gloria when Jack did. And -- one person sitting there. Atlanta Jack and your take it one in the late night flights out. Yes I've taken flight in is that is that like the most depressed prove that you've ever seen yes I know what's even more depressing as you go to the. Airport. And you're ready to leave yeah and it's and and their slot machines right there and a date an idea in your playing the -- in the poker machines and the plan what what is the -- over to put my head now. And what do you think. I got my ass kicked but I'm gonna -- that right now actually won money at the Reno airport once leaving top hole for the celebrity golf tournament. I was -- -- -- lost all my money that I go to the airport Reno and I -- thousand dollars -- one of the progress of machines. Can I did you keep playing the card yeah I was never really gambler. I guess you and Allen then does not telling these two. Gambling stories the veto it for you winning a thousand yeah how does that progress. Progression that's the only way -- make money in a slot machine anyway enough about the gambling if -- were released speaking of degenerate gamblers. We will release a guaranteed Thursday night. Pre season or I like to call exhibition which the NFL hates calling an exhibition yeah it's pre season exact to me it's an exhibition. The niners and -- don't gain -- -- -- -- it's not a did you lose a couple of free home it's not an. It's not pretend game it's a pre season this time it only counts for the first quarter when the starters are and -- that niners plus one tonight. If you were a gambling man would you take the San Francisco 49ers two goal win in the Harbaugh bowl three and beat. Joseph Flacco and the boys. Or you take do the do one point favorites you or. Baltimore Ravens to win the game and I I need to know who the backup quarterback for that the rain causes. Where is about an hour now I don't know that that would determine my bad. We'll look at the roster. Is the third string quarterback but -- more often or an opposite as out of winning -- that LB and winning time he'll be there in the fourth quarter but I away we all get excited to watch football why -- we do the same thing it's like the analogy early whatever called it like going to a strip club. It's like going to so it's going to watching pre season football like going to a strip club is watching the Super Bowl like going to the bunny ranch. So what else to read about all of our tweet board -- 97 the 957 the game drop -- tax line very active today. 95. Or 95795. 9579. Body can text in observations reminiscences. Reflections. Wherever you want right and it's a no holds barred. On the sensor tech support. Which makes it even more -- clearly. With the Aubrey Huff ought to ought to sponsor architects of the kids that's just the -- look there are. Robin where we're -- went well Aubrey was here that the first 22 days this week with him. With us. And through and endure what what's -- title again. My titled not your title province title -- she's only live in producer yes former producer of the nighttime into the night national show and I used to do. And staff photographer right and media analyst -- she holds multiple titles so business card have to go on the other side right to finish all the titles a Chia. So she says to be where we're -- we're just you know thrown around story ideas and Aubrey is is is being -- which is. Telling those ghastly personal story and Republic's image is goes. You filter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not gambling if you're not good at its is jungle and I -- there's no such thing as being good and everybody thinks they know. For W walk up to a slot machine has not ordered back and let's lock the got to be lucky I don't play the slot because it's just bond but -- -- now I've got to a point right to walk into a casino. I don't have to sit down anymore slot machine when you don't visit them not on now there's a casino RB fifteen feet in America. So there's not that you have to go to Atlantic that's true you ought to go to Vegas you have to go to top that is -- go anywhere now and and play slot machines. -- -- by the way did that that the the casinos in Tahoe. Are those the most out of place casinos you've ever seen what the threat on the strip there have been out of parties inherent late yeah I've beautiful. That's ridiculous why just this like yeah this pristine output orders are can you can't see it -- And Charles Barkley for Carolina after director wreck the golf course to go inside and spend money and lose money in the high limit that to get the money back exit to repair the the golf course Zach as I hear him. Ritter talked some ability segment that I haven't heard. But I've been hearing about. Is this seems like it's your favorite segment of the week Rick I don't group I've been working on this make a call non stop I don't artists because I -- -- one. That's special for you all. So like the dating game it over the Newlywed Game when the end of the game with couples would one would wind and Bob eubanks would say. This is the prize package is picked out especially for you yes I never understood that because it would always be the last second of the show so how did they pick it out especially for the couple that Juan if they didn't know which couple was gonna win the they have three separate ones. You're saying you are asking for me to delve into the deeper thinking of the -- show that happened that I last -- through decades ago that's not gonna happen and by the way we -- -- back up quarterback -- -- quarterbacks for the Baltimore Ravens pirates Tyrod Taylor as a program teeth and winning is the third stringer. I am all in on the 49ers the 49ers are a cold stone locked because you're gonna see Blaine Gabbert. And Josh Johnson both of whom have had. Enough time and -- experience. As Wayne tavern come in in the second quarter the second -- this is a matchup of Blaine -- first Tyrod top Taylor how can you not get excited about him tonight keep the winning. You are the ravens haven't been the same since Carl bowler was there. And then left and went to the raiders after they made the mistake of signing did not having a backup quarterback when Jason Campbell went down a few years ago they went to -- bowler if they -- play I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do Tony -- right now. When you say Keith winning I think of keys Mitt. Mr. Jennings I think -- -- -- ten the great Chicago lol that's the Brad is it time and that is a Tony Bruno you throw him out there and then you go six degrees or maybe four degrees of separation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Miss their Jennings saw that's good to that you're coming out and yes absolutely. Golden State warrior yep I -- I. Horror fans were upset and you being an NBA insider the Kevin Love trade is now official Andrew it's sort of official who. Andrew Wiggins who -- thought he was gonna go to Philly or to Milwaukee. It goes to Cleveland they take him. And then they trade him now thirty days after signing as a thirty days after signing -- we pass the. As some raw and you eight. I still don't have to explain it see you at at that they're trying to be nice to get these guys don't just get. So moved in -- is only guy who knows he's gonna be traded -- -- like hang in the air for thirty days knowing he's gonna be traded because thirty days after he was signed by the team that took them. That's not gonna hurt his feelings or have anything go through his head. Because he's got to wait thirty days knowing all along they're gonna unload them but where's it gonna be unloaded two and the answer is Andrew Wiggins is going to the Minnesota Timberwolves along with Anthony Bennett. One of the most perplexing number one overall pick in NBA history true not since. The clippers days when they were really clueless -- you know even though even -- Michael Olowokandi when he was the -- -- when he turned out to be a step. But at least when they drafted him there were people who thought on his knee is a big guy right. Great player college. Can't for the university of Pacific you -- it was from a small school didn't have a whole lot of experience. -- from mainland but how many times you go yeah I mean you you eat when you make a mistake you go with size Corretja don't go was Shawn Bradley it was small forward. Correct since he batted -- last year when the cavaliers took him with the first pick everybody scratch their heads. The guy didn't play much he doesn't have the personality from what I'm hearing he you know is not an assertive guy so he's gone last year's number one pick. This year's number one pick and then the 2015. First round pick is gonna go on this package to get Kevin -- a lot of warrior fans are tweeting us at hitting us up on note on the message boards saying why did the warriors not get into play. For Kevin law. Well they did but ultimately they're gonna have to give up Klay Thompson to make it happen they would have to give up more than Klay Thompson. We have -- giving up you get up David -- play top OPEC but the -- did Minnesota really wanted was Klay Thompson because they can see pairing. A young to guard like that with Ricky Rubio and having there. There backcourt of the future now a lot of people. Look at Andrew Reagan's. And and from my understanding. Play was the partly they wanted clay. More than they wanted -- and I know other people out there that are so excited this is always that thing of the shot that the new car smell. The guy that you haven't seen play at this level right. But he is you've seen highlights and you seen reels and he jumps out of the gentlemen these these unbelievably athletic. And you might have seen some highlight reels from summer league where he hit a three and now you're thinking is oh he can shoot a three and he can dunk on anybody he's going to be the next coming. Well the problem is that. People look as -- that the people who scouted him -- told me. Wiggins has all the tools to be a superstar. But you look at what Kansas did. The NCAA tournament. They went the bat they went out early in the question is does Wiggins has the mindset. And the mentality. Don't doubt me. Not enough -- superstar and in Philly when they are hoping to get him when they tank the season to try to get right number one picker at least in the right in place for him. Those are the comments all talk Ramallah you know while we don't know BC's this heads in and he's got to -- tools is that was an NBA player by what we see this a lot there's not because his team knocked down a lot of guys who were NBA superstars. Didn't really do much in the NCAA tournament why they didn't win all win national championship and how -- does one thing. How many of those guys didn't at least make a deep run. A lot of release and guys that make the bronze up but and then we're stars or led their teams to places. In. -- in the NBA. I mean they're there it's not a death it's not a definite connection you still have to have the pieces around you and let's face it they NCA tournament the reason that we love it. Is because it is a -- wheat -- and slightly example on beats another guy his team oil Kansas didn't play well sure. You know but he was he was there with Wiggins and neither one of them could could could area. When you talk about you cannot really -- -- harper at the same issue right to bar -- a -- -- to a done by what he -- but to -- guys are still the top three picks in the -- I understood it didn't because. The talent still want now when I look at the mentality to mean. I would I would have bet on Jabari Parker ahead of Andrew -- and you can say that -- Wiggins is the -- is the greater athlete and I would agree with you. And he does have a greater upside but apart Parker. Has been the mentality. That I'm looking for. And I believe ultimately he's going he he he will have a better career. Now certainly he will have a better career Milwaukee. And under Reagan's and have Minnesota. We're talking your MBA update with -- nuclear Tony brought on by the way the giants red hot and what we have in common which I mentioned earlier on this Thursday August 7. There's a you have a son whose birthday it is today and I bet is that correct whose birthday it is today now all there's on the -- he's turning ten. And what's his name. Mathias Matt. Mad nuclear -- with twenty with one -- with a -- -- okay that's correct not did you make that determination because your name's -- with without -- -- that you had to have a -- that didn't have to Tina -- an original my original name is Richard. Yeah right that's my given name broken. And at a fairly. I was I was a -- I was a Rick with a -- at one point. And then I looked at Richard and I went. Where does -- K come from. Good there's the question is okay thinking was okay no I wish you well I don't K we were young child that thought this doesn't make any sense when the -- dawn on you that they didn't make sense that -- ten years fifteen years ago now are thought maybe in an area known in Russia -- trial is. The junior high 87 eighth grade whenever now doesn't it deep thinker that are. That's a good thing you are now. Meanwhile back at the ranch we're gonna have Keith Olbermann is gonna join us later on coming governor of thirty make the call and we got the WWE. Tickets to giveaway. Because this have been a big slow build this week now today we give away the tickets for the WWE summer slam yeah there will be rolled to. I have learned from sources deep within. The 957 the game hierarchy. That when we give -- tomorrow's big final day which is fraught brawl and look at the WW we Idaho front runner up tomorrow. Tomorrow not only front -- I have learned exclusively NASA ready confirmation from a second source to make this official -- -- and political into. That not only -- we get the front row tickets you'll get to go backstage. Right move centro. Backstage I I I hear they gave us -- very good you'll actually get the participant. Yeah you make a big meet and greet. Which is even the gauntlet to backstage and -- protect you got to meet and greet wow that's sweet and by the way. What's best for this is exactly right delay and delay puts up there it's not gambling if you're -- that I that I wrote what is it. I'm not getting used to hold -- acting I'm not just not used any word that that word anymore except this one last time that's according to she's things and let them put up there okay. All right gulag. It's not Campbell yeah if you're good. A. Yeah development. You're crazy -- can see how they would -- a -- way to go ahead you're crazy erected do you think Blaine Gabbert is better than Tyrod Taylor. And that's ago -- I could be a question. Who is better you have a choice that's why we have to watch the -- noted that it was slightly against -- -- related to. Who's better is our third big quarterbacks. With a cursory Josh Johnson hasn't all jobs are absolutely is there any doubt. All over what is -- any competitive people -- yeah it can't wedding -- don't wanna knock these young kids go there in the NFL trying to get a job he's. Critic of the wedding play college football there and arm. Where after all false these Ball State University there you -- that's the Mac the middle America conference and sell this Tony solid. What the Mac there you go Germany great NFL players come out of the Mac yes. 8889579570. Is a number. We're gonna do make the call was going to be as good as advertised you know when he hears something all man way. This is gonna this is -- you -- all week has been preparing for this by coming at 5 in the morning he's already on his little Apple Mac air crawl. Present an older one there now which one of -- Mac -- on the -- What does it it's the heavier duty. One as Exelon and this is building to dig in there and sixteen terabytes of data it's -- heard -- more has to do with the fact that in the studio are Wi-Fi is so bad. That you still need one that can take the hard line Wednesday that you realized the AOL. AOL is still in business now is still in business -- many people still have an -- subscription online. -- think they pay for people pay twenty dollars and he's now that's a month people still pay for in a well there are still. My sources tell me that NATO allies of the end of June of this year 2.3. Million people. Are still piling up at -- -- -- -- tornado stayed in sixth. Don't got an idea of -- this is why I still have. I haven't AOL account I have a -- And I use that they -- well I just can't let it go I just can't get rid of -- I loved playing the sound. Like that. Stick this out that cigarettes point three million Americans sit out every night in rural America. And try to get online to Google -- eucharist Bleacher Report column that's that's what they get more dialogue and by the way did what I -- I say I say Rick you hear that I say Bleacher Report what I mess up I don't know -- Grand debut and a dirty look at Netflix is a lot getting it from grant by the way for the texture. I think it was probably tongue in cheek but Tyrod Taylor. Has an impressive -- 199 yards zero TDs in three seasons. I know Tyrod Taylor and he's no cling to our because. My sources I know I wait there's two point one and even though my another sort of paying for -- well. You need to you need to get that invention out right now -- means there's a live audio what this means a solid two million people you wouldn't feel like here in San Francisco we don't detect capital world it's probably people -- rural America don't have access the high speed Internet. And big -- eleven rural America is that even a better reason not to spend your money on something and if you have an all access to Internet that way this is probably as busy as you know so if you if you have dialogue you have to pay for an account. That's -- that's our job a phone line and then -- you pay for the dial up to get through to the Internet. Billionaire networks didn't you learn from how -- -- way I am the son wants is -- -- dial up that I didn't realize that you had to pay a first certain access. Through yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I -- and I know that I'm sounding like technological eating it right now. I understand pain for the access. Live paying for the special does it look I have an 80 my AOL thing is free but -- LOI. Yeah -- Internet you're not paying for AOL Internet. What don't you understand. -- AOL owns a piece of the -- Yes they still have 2.3 million subscribers. Down from 21000010. Years ago. But they still make money I really wanted to call people we have our people calling and make I don't know I told you how popular this one's exactly that's coming up next. You know what else is coming up Aerosmith. And slash. On their laps flat rock and roll tour that was all Latin rock rule. They'll be rocket to -- to the Concord pavilion next week August 13. Tickets are on sale now live nation dot com you -- score some tickets visit the contents page at 957. The game dot com. More baseball chatter coming up we've broken down the giants -- got to win last night the -- to get a loss and of course. It's still status quo. In the standings. Because the Dodgers beat the angels last night. The phone number you wanna participate and make the call you call right now AJ. 95795709578889579578. Make the call you know what works I don't you get to play against Rick. Without -- debut here right here on 957 again in the bay area's new sound for sports. The first time this week filling in for 3000 I'm nervous because I don't know what went. I should've paid more attention last week while I was sitting around scouring my AOL account looking for male and Rick you've heard males. It is the -- male yes it is the time of the program every Thursday at this particular time if -- locked it in and you made it a habit that you can't break. It is time for make the call. -- -- -- -- I'm not 85 point seven big game. Get ready tonight I had done this before but we have a fourth quarter call right now. Small block did sort of like the final approach at NASA call at 8 o'clock at night and if I'm on my game. I will blow through those and we will have to fill in. Again. I think are you dragging -- -- is if you're on your game if I'm on my game I've had a couple people have gotten to me here and there. Every once and why we got together pretty well this week yes you have no idea that I know of its life. By the product today yes. This is what you're playing for boys and girls -- -- do we tell him. We can't okay go ahead. Oh there's a good lord this is pretty good. You know people play -- anybody -- play for the joy of being on -- Rick you both -- play for a napkin that Tony Bruno has wiped his -- with. For the one that I picked up a couple phone numbers of yesterday at the restaurant they won't bring down the street and -- it's time to play made the call time out -- -- with the prizes it's good prize though it is a good price rise -- -- started off with Josh in San Lorenzo Josh Powell. Does her own -- what the hell are you man so the category is an honor. Of our man Tony Bruno being from Philadelphia. Music and having the last name. Well they mobster. Famous mobster from Philadelphia audience of women are you insinuating anyway ship before may have mob ties I do not insinuate I should say it outright if I had mob ties and I'd be working forty years. Yeah every substation in America. This is laughing at the fair market. All right so the categories are is this a Philadelphia mobster. Or is this a California. Who lost her article up on your mobsters. Leonardo. Limping Lenny Montana. California are filling. A month. Ago bill. Thanks to -- and who. Why our own minutes. Sky Montana play for the 49ers -- today and if you guys -- Larry -- the direction you're sitting on easy there -- are -- from sales day. Are you ready to play. Hey guys hey real quick I've played -- game so I definitely yeah I've never gotten one right. And I'll -- hey I'm officially retired. Wrong -- go to retire old braves Tommy Tommy thank you a thank you very go so. Now you know you make me feel bad isn't to say -- California or a Phil -- Mobster. Who gave -- Tommy horse heads got CD. God is fairly. That is correct wallet -- -- -- I am now what judge you gonna go on like Jason Hammel who wildly off the -- band I -- -- I can feel all right so is this. Is this Cali or Philly mobster. Tony skinny Joey Merlino. That is correct -- lack there. Erica I think he's in the big house now Ann Arbor by the -- not that big house Philly or Kelly. Frank. Jane skinny -- lava. -- No but you're too and you are the leader in the clubhouse right now timing given a ball ball the ball forgetting one wrong. Got one right so all of you if you don't he's got 20 so he stays on the board a guy that we go to nick and decided no we rip people when they got buddy -- -- when they get a Roth now. Just wanted to put on guys OK death. -- are you let us. OK so -- this say Philly. Or eight how Lee. Map mob boss there I gotta get -- nuclear -- he was researching -- all week to fly in Philly and and and now and boredom or have you. You George threat goals for -- easy. That is correct. -- in -- so the Irish kids. Pasquale patty -- -- Toronto. Earlier tally. That is interact sonics playing Douglas in Milpitas. Are you keeping Dracula because I'm not include. Tommy in San Jose is certainly the leader in the clubhouse at 2 o'clock dog and -- -- whether. Is this Cali or Philly. Monster Leo the -- its most -- But no thanks for being -- wallow. These are tough I don't know some of these either and I. I have a lot of good local mobster knowledge in south Philly ralphie in Walnut Creek where Ralph you walk regularly a monster. It's so yeah. -- -- -- Is this -- Philly or Cali monster Michael porno might SP Zito. That's your guy's got to be a senator. Poor guy there again. Antonio's. Tony bananas company growth is that Philly or Cali. Yeah. No thanks I mean black candidate of literal translation. Couple -- we -- know that I did not know that kind of distraught that a little extra flavor thank you thank you. A soul. Better call solved in Fremont and Fremont. So. Is this they Philly. Explain the movement and I hate that sound to. Andrew and in San Francisco. -- -- -- -- -- Is this say Philly. And militarily that is correct. Didn't sound. Is this tally your -- Stephen. Steve the whales seen no. Surely know that. Our homeland. You gotta say this -- what is that the best that mail without question absolutely. Simon in Oakland. -- -- Good morning good morning -- you ready pay -- a Philly or Cali mobster still looked the chicken man tests done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All things -- I was too easy. He's on MSNBC every Friday night when they do the -- show whatever -- we don't know it's no reason some specifics. Hey Mike in San Jose. Hey is this a filly or a Cali mobster. Dominique -- shacks Monta Murano. O'Donnell. California that is correct. -- -- -- -- -- Uncle that's been not -- shake shack I don't think he started yeah you know get on Vincent. He is sent to Reno is that -- -- filling. Hopefully not this -- Hi there. There are much higher McLeod about do they play extra balls tennis it's -- open who have figured out is this Kelly or -- -- Lawrence. Larry boys Fiat -- It. That is correct we have the. You can go you know your mobsters by at and James Danny Wilson -- -- known made. -- -- -- -- No that is incorrect you have the lead how much time we have left gonna go go at least one more Africa sort of Antioch. Where they're very friendly I understand. Not a whole. What's the outlets the -- situation and ending up right now Chris. -- Is it is it okay as a good -- bad bad. Yeah. I. Was this Cali. Or faith -- -- gangster. Michael sports bar Russo. Every channel on Sirius X ray ray. You know so he's arguing anymore and here we. I got Manny under a little mosque is Michael sports bar Russo. It's fantastic. Rather than what I almost got -- and -- Lionel Brandon and I love saying I don't Orlando. Gloria hey listen this is a silly or Cali gangster. Vincent Albert Al pajamas Modano. Why won't. Go there. As cataracts. See even Stevie gongs -- Santo. Is that -- -- Cali and her own. That period. That is correct all. Orlando late -- there is a late run exact. Please. Dominique and the big camera phone. Does that tally from Philly. -- -- -- -- Sorry that's -- goal. You know what that means don't you might -- San Jose tell what he's one -- graduation -- come on down. You are aware of. Today is make the call be very special mob researched addition he actually has two pages of script and the -- all these guys good job -- you Greg congratulations Mike -- gonna when he transformers trilogy digital downloads waits for participating today. Congratulations and thank you. That's a lot of work man carefully you've got like two pages of monsters -- -- I didn't aimed at the Jimmy the hat or Tony meats and by the way we have the -- is a mob generator you know -- as you put your name that -- up with a -- and and we have a name that we're gonna put up on the billboard when you need get a job what -- -- that we have a now and what is the -- -- Well Tony Tony yours was Tony is a -- lying name Bruno. And Rick yours away as a -- too he's a great. -- nuclear treaty that grits like Taiwan put those down. Two of the real tired are you get your mom's name generator tube coming up with you really have a lot of Time Warner announced today that -- leave that might become the passer from my AOL account to be the greatest threats. A more coming up people Obama's gonna join us in the next hour we'll talk some more football we'll get you up to date on the baseball situation juvenile the waiver wire two. Very active right here Sony Bruno -- Booker T-Mobile making summer special with T-Mobile ticket blowout. Visit Bay Area -- mobile stores to get the secret tax -- For a chance to win a green and gold VIP experience I dazed -- Tickets to great America the boardwalk and much more bullish surprises you -- more info visit 957 the game. Dot com you're listening to Tony -- in -- -- thousand direct view you're. On 957 the game the day areas new sound for sports. Take 48 Iraq. Time flies when you're trying to generate mob names on them website. We got -- generated. We're generating sports talk knowledge here today get your daily updates on -- you don't know the giants and yet tasted by now. A quarter nine you probably really don't care is not really a model electoral late riser -- And I look at -- Don't know that the the rest of the show's content by any vibes sevenths has -- what. Don't know I mean if you don't know the final score and what time I'm not talking about the intricacies which we broken down here right the next level status. We've already told you. The Jon Lester is gone in his second start for the a's tonight. We -- ready told -- status quo in the standings and Giles is do you need to to an -- back about saying we can't repeat because everybody has a wake up at 6 in the morning Versa by about now. If you're a fan of these teams and you're really into baseball and you following he's crazy pennant races you know. And so when we go often do the fun stuff and I get the one guy was Michael -- Common delight now I didn't realize he had eight rabies in his last fifty games how I did not need eight or -- he's in his last -- why don't people last night. But you're part of that part of that is a fact they have been getting people on base -- that's the one thing that they've done is this offense is woke up a little bit. Is that. They are starting to scratch out runs they're getting guys on base they're getting walked they're getting a little leader hits in their -- -- happened exact and that hasn't. That hasn't been the case for the feels like for the last month and half. But he had a big two out two run single last night to give Vogel song a three nothing lead he pitched pretty well -- I made a base running blunder got -- Ron. Give up a run early and luckily that didn't hurt them because they got seven runs in -- -- another big home run late to make it seven to four. Angel forgot expected to play today now after -- a couple of days down in Fresno. I'll be really interest is -- and what he looks like coming back and how long it's been taken to get back because. Obviously we stayed the numbers you stated the numbers are nineteen and 26 without him now. 43 and 26 with him in the lineup it was -- it was even more stark last year where they were twenty games to teams over 500. With him. Ten games under. Without him. Dan -- yes amazing Dan Haren knows dominant last night as a Dodgers beat the angels two to one Jake Peavy by the way always -- now. And he has a -- game since may 29 eleven straight starts without a victory he goes for the giants in Oakland. They lose last night seven to three Jeremy how exit channeling the 2011 rookie of the year -- Alex and the a's pitcher of the month Sonny gray was five and -- July now lost the second straight start they lose seven to three. But they don't lose any ground in the race because. The angels lose last night and they stayed two up on the angels in the giant state two and a half back. And to me I think the giants are the ones that are suffering the most because they're playing great on the road. They've won five of seven yet they're not taking company ground on the Dodgers. Yeah I disagree with you. -- is going to come back home they better start playing better all but they're holding serve playing against the brewers right now and I look at who they have coming up and who they're gonna have to play they get Kansas City. But he can say he's no pushover K. Fair fair but then they get the White Sox then they get silly. The other pushover OK I think -- -- -- the Phillies haven't quit. They're ordered their front offices quit but -- -- who then they get the cubs didn't so I just I feel as if holding serve and staying close. Is. That is. That the dot not I'm not saying that it wouldn't be better served. But the giants I don't know that just because they're winning and they're starting to play better and they're not gaining ground on the Dodgers that that's an issue it's a better thing that they that the bats have woke up and now you're gonna get gone back. And they're feeling good about themselves again because when they -- -- Tony could -- the year we -- talking about running wild -- why are -- good season in absolutely we thought this offense might be the best offense we've seen in the last four years or 27. Still pretty hot I think what we have with you Chris county. From this could be knock your your look well connected with 500 plus thousand Twitter followers and I know. You know Aubrey has a lot of friends in baseball passions follow me I'm kind of excited there. I don't -- -- I'm pretty well connected so we all know a lot of people but not as many as you guys and we have somebody now. On the celebrity hot line we know but this is. Having spent some time back in Bristol -- and being around football guys from. Yeah -- -- -- we rarely get a guy like this call yourself we're really honored to have patriots head coach Bill Belichick bill thanks a tough opponent check in with us I'm so I'm shocked man. -- -- So I you guys are playing on them -- I'm really impressed with is you guys apply the Redskins tonight in the pre season don't call on the Redskins please that's not -- Washington wants an NFL team Washington. What. Bill what what can we expect from a game. There and medical or so ago pretty cute name alone. We will devote. All our guys our starters that are -- understood children warm up enough. Do our thing and you kind of goals and took them to rebel. My sources say -- Tom Brady will not be seeing any action tonight on the field at least. Well. You know expensive it's pretty standard. We know they can do in order to undertake so we don't need to help them out there. Bill you supposedly ran. Half marathon in the offseason what. What did you decide to do that at this point your life. And something my lady who enjoy -- you -- running around. -- -- -- -- do it and I we're reward particular my body and take a lot of will power to. -- -- -- -- -- You know a lot of will power to warrior -- strike on a scramble. Lot of mind power and well they are -- and force of habit Cerritos and -- part of. So what you're saying it's like to take care your body and her body to I would think that would probably be a good combination. You know at the same time. Kill to -- bird launched shouldn't do that. Pay out. Brady didn't have his best year last year but what is what -- he has to -- everything left in the tank. The girl. Won't speculate and make it a great deal and didn't -- for some -- and -- prevalent that surely. I've known total time. Communities use -- scored -- regular coach obviously and of course you've got to -- it left in the -- -- didn't. He has not sure to -- Super Bowl you look -- us here. We had many injuries and -- -- down here and what we got sewage championship. -- Important -- I -- -- -- having heard your interview I never really had a chance interview you can can you we thank you for calling and this is the most open and effusive I've heard you and a long long time we appreciate you opening up right here on this program here in the Bay Area. -- affected areas Bill Belichick look tonight. I've never heard him like what he does local radio often knowingly -- -- really opened up like that usually keeps it -- host of the that was really surprised that he went with you when you suggested that he's not only working on his body voice that he -- it takes care of his body and his girlfriend got him into running so I had to take that opportunity try to get -- -- get a little. Chuckle out of him sort of like you're -- bran every day now and it didn't work within its right. Things still ahead a guy I'll get us some chuckles and some comments Keith Olbermann from ESPN's gonna join us -- friend Rick you present nine. And we'll talk more football -- ready for the pre season opener tonight. Animal talk some more animal get the hell out of here that's also ahead right here on 957 again in the bay area's new south exports.

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