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Bucher, Towny and Huff 8/7/14 Hour 4

Aug 7, 2014|

Tony Bruno fills in for Chris Townsend

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

God yesterday's 903. It's Thursday August 7. It's always -- a billionaire -- -- thousand this week. Rick futures in here working the the apple iMac -- The bright yellow light up 48 incher here that you bring around what do you do you may now -- dozen meters away. I yes that's a big one no thank that Apple's next thing I haven't tablet now. I -- Samsung guy like apple but I like the Samsung tablet better than the guys that you we we dropped more product name and knows that do not sponsor the show I'm expecting a dip packet the -- Jet -- it anyways yes when I leave the building. When I'm unceremoniously escorted out of the bill in after Tamar well. We're talking about baseball course. The giants five to seven on the road Michael Morse comes a lot of -- days not to win in Milwaukee the -- -- coming back. -- -- coming back today seven of foreign Jake Peavy going to try to get things going on with his. With the giants and and of course Jon Lester going but he -- tonight against the twins his second start. He has. Five and all his last nine starts -- Jon Lester. This or going back to Boston of course this. By the way is why. Getting some Marcia and getting Lester because. Sonny gray has an an outing like he had last night and if this was before those two joined the staff he'd be look and go oh. But now it's. He's the third or fourth guy and the rotation doesn't have the same impact there's only one man who knows the answers to all the ills of baseball he is a baseball -- sports. -- have a baseball I mean obviously also -- -- and all social consciousness as well but when it comes to baseball when you look in the baseball encyclopedia. This man's name and his face is on the front page Keith Olbermann for me -- -- and he's a guy who brings me back every once in -- throws me on TV. On Friday nights during the brutal back segment on a woman show Keith Olbermann awake and alive and alert. It's -- afternoon in New York City. Good morning and good afternoon. Follow -- You go on without saying about when I -- urgency and motorsports unforced afterward. All brick and Joker was up on that was actually more than proficiency it was excellence. Car bar of Parma and I'm not saying good glad to kiss your blocked as they don't. But it's true I mean you're you're. We we we we we sit there and shoot the breeze on on. Friday -- in your dropping 1887. Knowledge of baseball that most people would have to look up and you don't. Yes a lot recently figured out -- probably the result in some undiagnosed Jason Asperger's syndrome open when I was seven. -- I used. But my folks actually. We have an odd even system and the governor told about Estonia and no you wouldn't know -- product good it's good it's true. I talked about there is also -- -- by the Serb has orchestrated they would not let me talk about it on -- odd numbered days. That would send me they're simply to -- without food -- started guitar like it's is an odd numbered very -- Because it just couldn't take it anymore we're talking about. A couple of months and to -- baseball -- that I -- it got away from the in 196711. Stops and. I will say since being a parent the fact that your parents are disciplined enough to keep track of is an odd day or even days. Is impressive in its own right are trying to keep track of -- on Friday nights in Bristol we go to the same -- restaurant and then go to a baseball cards store and Keith would look for the new often coming. New York Yankees any hot rookie to buy that rookie card before it is tearing it up in Connecticut yes. Well -- that owns Britain's. The two things we just described there you throw in the third thing with mr. go to. The Dunkin' Donuts or another pledged coffee that was about it. Yeah Brooke you know in terms of recreation and try and articulate to get a license to go to work through the cards to workers and some of -- sort of people wanted to -- -- the. Sure that it's changed all -- most of those -- stores are drawn out well and I are used to goto yes by the way so. Teeth do you have time comes out of the I think it about this because we have Tony here and something being an outrageous is one of his his signatures. And you've been outraged about a number of things lately what what what is the one thing that -- -- talked about that you cannot let go at this point and it's not just a matter of preparing for the show in doing that one thing but the thing that really sticks in your craw right now about what's going on sports. Fort grinds my gears swears he says when children Ali and I -- in the in the sort of secure ridiculous and Washington and that belt. Nickname. And and the way we were the last two commentaries and about that -- I it will be directed the minister and from Minnesota about them than not being able to use the name and at the university of Minnesota stadium but however. Would be the other one previous. Eight commentary -- worked out. -- how the NFL -- Blu-ray rice -- country which has just been. One in every step of the way and and and it's sort of what we don't have any more commissioner haven't been -- -- -- pitched corrupt the picture to look regardless. I don't even Friday night when I was there -- New York last -- you calling for Roger Goodell. -- basically resigned as commissioner of the NFL I'm sure -- a lot of feedback on that. Yeah I can -- -- the reporting on principle on Twitter and other places for some good sense that the commissioner and I I didn't see much because. You know I guess this is true of almost all sports and interest that it actually looked -- -- -- are concerned. Eventually you. Either. War what punish war treat unfairly. Almost every constituency you could possibly happen you know. What I was invoked the ghost -- war apparently reportedly. Making his decision on where I sparred with two of the dumbest things I've ever heard him and the investigation. And but he did not make sure that they saw be in the elevator -- -- what happened between -- -- -- and it all the rest so they don't know comedic could be yours is theoretically could be exculpatory or could -- -- One way or the other you that you wanted to know where you decide the punishment increased to eight weeks someday and you make you'll quickest are also reasons. What are we get the techniques the commissioner won't even look too lenient. Or to talk on the got one way or the other you that you want to -- a company doesn't. And -- and he did just textbook. Looking investigators rookie rookies in the DA's office or solid not. Ever under any circumstances and subject -- there are laws put a domestic violence. Abuser. And and a victim in the same room and get a bit of trouble story can sort of -- abuser kernel drivers are. Because they're pretty good the psychological dynamic and stolen election. Worth you know wanted to preserve what is effectively put them much or any big picture should be those should murky doesn't get in -- you know you're you're you're you're just. A bit but hoping botched kidnapping of two games that went you know Albert Haynesworth got -- and conduct -- took about eight Albert sixteen. Any at that that's what's baffling to me is not always been box but. The fact that just for business forget about the moral code or making a moral statement about what's right. I would think the this kind of stand. If you're just gonna look at it from a business standpoint. Is a terrible position to take because of how it reflects. On the NFL -- have you. Have you been able to deduce. Any sort of logical reason. Why. Goodell and the NFL. Would take the approach that they've taken. Like I've I've been looking at the one true and he made the point that you make is completely accurate -- stressed the -- starts ultra moments. Of the morality war of the culture of you know what we think the NFL it's saying about domestic violence or just let's look at -- from -- What is the easiest way to talk to commissioners and owners and then there and you know he's probably the simplest way to try and political Fred. The NFL's cents and we don't know where congregants to get a also doubted its customer base helped a ticket split between men and women. And why when this is such an issue for women. Would you. Come down we -- what it felt like the other 50% of bad at all and paper. So we'll take umbrage that -- that's six games of the season. I don't think outside of Baltimore many people look at certain that's really Kyra talks. -- the only people who wouldn't be defending Ray Rice will be -- scratch and on the other hand could you conceivably up 2% true girl interpret with a warm up -- strong stance on this clippers -- 2%. I'll beat entire consumer Christian based -- I think. Glow in the dark sparkly Ray -- uniforms. On the power perhaps we'll just say. Think that's what you don't want my efforts to do understand the National Football League history of the murderer or brick that that type testing -- -- that are not open. I'm gonna watch something else on Sunday afternoon and altered it so it's so stupid on many levels and and you tell insulated. And isolated DN -- pro news particular to restrict the bell and this vice president score taking hits for rebel rebel on Berkshire trust -- Just mean he. He may go directly. From represented in -- -- Ray -- controversy can make Washington work for dance later -- he's. He's been dominant statements on the air that he -- really. You know put his -- into it the way that transpire now more mostly withdrew look at Washington. Keith Olbermann joining us from ESPN getting ready for the the I guess the the highlight of the weekend is when -- make an appearance although B via satellite tomorrow night. From sapphire so Lamar KO. -- all right -- and I imagine the Ray Rice and I know you've been doing regular -- now. You have the Jerry Jones thing which most people saw that some guy trying to set him off in the pictures with the women drunken. You have to -- I am the owner of the of the Indianapolis Colts with the alcohol appeal saying. In other commissioners and a tough spot because I don't know whether Jerry Jones should be suspended or punished in any way shape or form whether the guy was extorting him or watch. But he got a situation where he works for these guys -- mean. There there you know Jerry Jones works Roger Goodell works for Jerry Jones and for Robert -- so -- -- deals while Jimmer Sam sorry decide what you deal with those guys and you cut those guys slack. Yet you come down on on player safety which we can all agree yet people perceive the NFL's -- Put the dress on it's getting a soft league. But he soft on on criminal activity in many cases but he's really soft on punishing his own. Dies in the case of Jerry Jones a robber sake doesn't that make this even more preposterous on. Where do you -- you fall on whether or not the dollars and is a -- commissioner or just a guy doing the he's taking the easy way out. Beyond that -- detailed patterns of literally at this point in this whole process -- -- -- -- -- and could go on relative to realize is people Serena and politically about about traverse city. Well Jim Irsay -- court date is what the 25 replace six. The trial will start. Just probably some emotions that you're working their will they'll go in front of the current -- Roberts in Britain there is I think an excuse for him not having done anything yet. Elton we is that typical form and his astonishment. -- you know encouraging to mercy to -- free tickets to. Two two Britons of you know of people who have been victimized by. -- who -- abused prescription drugs are bad drivers. Although he was Gordon you know five miles an hour so by the bad drives as they're the problem. Bureau and saying you may come back with some sort of respected community service. That it would compile -- temperature mercenary. You know the question of what to do but Jerry Jones. Is that it is that doesn't look good but to -- to what degree that's. And it -- Q do you think that's criminal I mean. I mean the quality of the pictures criminal blurted anything -- bad thing but you know they're -- don't know what's what's what's. I'm an -- we're trying to blackmail him I mean you know this is purposes. Through the middle aged guy doing something with younger women and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're currently. There you go. -- I was I he's gonna get that because well -- -- I would -- -- -- still look you know -- like that Dick Clark of of TV and radio and newspaper guys -- Bleacher Report thank you thank you for Brunswick saint Jason Jason at this point the it targeted. In spite of Tony's youthful nature. You -- know him when he was a truly young Tony Bruno I know Keith when he was a truly young key government -- all -- the Yankees exactly so I just. I don't imagine what that dynamic was like. Well -- that there. We -- would work together by the way in the third person in this equation was up all Charley Steiner solve. Or some -- not yet we had him on yesterday and I credited him with what's helping you get your thought BO started not your talents but certainly an opportunity in the same with me on the national scene of. Yes so we're just at prospective view original point you just three of us and beat the weekends. I I was doing the show Burton circus by restrictions on Saturday and -- -- -- it's dark tale radio network they're witches. In the in the actual truth about life -- it eats it was two blocks from where my studio is today so in about thirty. Six years about a -- -- two blocks which tell your little book about New York traffic put. Also I'm doing these shows and they expanded beaten the radio operations -- -- one network and that's certainly true networks and the second one was for grownups do with a young adult network I was 21 woman hired -- twenty true when they've expanded the playing and they brought in this -- and so help you build our straighter this guy told me. At just about that planned to meet -- we'll all be increased. Be increased number of newscasters and production assistant software problems and your network. It builds. It took this fairly large newsroom and replaced it with -- even larger usually always -- hall. And they gave told he would be small newsroom work in the retrenched so in this large rule. That there would be there was two guys prepared sportscast. And try to tell that he still does it because I think it's -- Tony good that you cold doubled over the years just like what. But the book on Saturday afternoon walk in there separately around you know 1:32 o'clock. True to Tom I would leave early Sunday around nine. So he was are all here did nothing but support here. And and in fact I've learned at twenty true poster Mario bloom vocabulary actually. I thought. Yeah education I received in the combination. Of words. Was particularly. Particularly in valuable and are often reflect on that there's literally sitting there. Uncontrollable. Laughing at the things he would say so we will ultimately the odd couple sportscasters and special electorate you like to say. So that came out of the studio audience and actually sports that's what -- What quarter past the past. You do corner past I -- quarter -- -- like our commitment to do reporter past finish up. And it's immediately put a piece of paper type murder which was kind of like the Internet Olympics. And start typing the next sports a -- than exports that immediately. And -- -- exactly the opposite it would be. Forty minutes past the hour you beyond a 45 back on each are important it's just so you know it was a it was a perfect perfect. It's totally. Somehow that's certainly -- I'm glad I left a mark you know when we were you when you when your. Write your ball can you put it all in perspective and you say did you leave -- mark and anyone. I left a mark on Keith Olbermann one of the art guys every do this I still don't -- and take you to court over -- -- Several severe Bart Simpson wanted to go and psychoanalysis. Or so -- and I -- -- Far less than you before letting go we appreciate apartment on. We got the baseball scenario we have buster on the on about the way everything as one of the craziest things a baseball they have the trade deadline. And and after the trade deadline and has portrayed the whole love in all the Major League Baseball gets put on a waiver to make of this right now because there's still going to be some big names in the giants in the days out here. -- have made a big splash no one expects them to do anything. The giants -- the situation and other get this kid from Yonkers the second baseman but they may have a need at second base what are you see happening here in this waiver wire period. Well I I don't think we're gonna have as much action is as some people but -- and introduced precedent that this that this dynamic is going on -- used to be true -- strategically trading down. Because the ideological you know you should be able to change. The dynamics of how it went in the organization last. An early point in the season and that's a look that's like that July 1 -- -- slid in July 31 marriage went out. The waivers -- to train you're you're willing to buy or Apple's ability should get -- provide immediate -- and he presumably get to -- -- is contractors. In the ball a lot. In the works and it goes into. Aspects you know that the I don't know the Phillies were that we have with the likely -- shallower and all of her daughters are either injured. Or cost of -- about wounded troops and money in the I don't -- just I don't see -- obvious names that are gonna grow. Because mostly because you know about thirty pretty -- -- double and there are a lot of guys left so I mean I I don't know also the way. We have carrier mediocrity throughout the game Alderman. Which creates great -- So so so many teams that -- eighteen teams still within five games and upload a playoff spot an extraordinary number that just aren't going to be that many scenes. I think in the next three weeks saying you know what -- we have no chance whatsoever let's make sure nobody comes word games it's ever watched them on TV I don't think anybody put to a vote should have holding -- a -- -- all the under the so I don't sort of Britain's lord. -- element he's moving. While he is now because it's afternoon he's -- he's right he probably already started to write tonight show at 11 o'clock eastern -- either don't know also don't think you're thinking about it. Thank you I haven't started thinking about tomorrow night's show via some on the road and among us completely clock different clock so we'll see you know darn good that that's not exactly the only reason physically. That he's -- -- he about it yet. I'm just totally under a lot of -- and there are still couldn't reach first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After the shark probably there are probably won't be back for Friday don't have a little -- envelope at the desk. And I got. Little local -- that happened it was my fault so. You're already well thank you thank you can never thank you sincerely for her for -- and on it's always a pleasure. I don't condone -- thank you sir areas you're adorable backwards thank you so you seek -- every night 11 o'clock eastern 8 o'clock Pacific. And right now because he's a friend and I'm known forever. But still to me the brightest. This guy can write an eight minute opening commentary -- in nine minutes now I mean he his ability to sit down and just. Put into words some of the great commentaries and spent his opening in the entire show on the group the highlights and stuff on the font Stephanie does. He does sports where I like to be serious and he can do the serious matter and any can also have -- sure that's what I learned as young when I learn from Keith as a young he was a young guy I was little older. We worked I was fortunate to work with so many bright guys early in my career and that's world are you take something from everybody you work with that you admire. You know affecting Keith likes me is -- is a miracle you know because he's a much brighter guy needs much books much more books -- I think he appreciated my. My street smarts and so to speak and I became a better broadcaster because of my in association with -- brilliant the. Quality of his writing is reflected by the fact that they broadcast his show on radio as well and I hear often in the car and then at night and it plays well on radio and you certainly couldn't say that about the vast majority of TV shows -- if you took away the highlight -- That they wouldn't work and his still do because. He does he has he has a way with words as they -- Now it's -- finds one in -- I look forward to it every Friday night doing it with keep on the -- back segment that we do and half past the hour but it's it's a great hour TV if you don't watch it -- cement could lose his life by the way. Pretty good lives in New York doesn't have to go to Bristol does want to go to Bristol at Times Square studios and they say Good Morning America and he had. And he has to show basically he. He gets to Branson gets demands there I'm like it was -- here today no I feel look I feel blessed and been able to do this I am. And -- studios not to blocks away from accounts but your fault that don't move into the city here they got him that is fifteen buildings going around three blocks in the same vicinity. They're probably cost as much of my house. Tend to get a 250 foot square. Apartment we're gonna have some more football talk we talk a lot of baseball people talk some football. Don't miss WW we live summer slam heat wave though it's coming to the SAP senator. August 16 next weekend it will be the final bay area of performance before wrestle mania 31. Great seats still available right now at Ticketmaster dot com guess why you want a chance to score picket. A pair of tickets -- tickets if you -- condense it. Two to the big show you can listen right here in fact. Coming up. We'll have a chance for you to win tickets to the second row and tomorrow front row tickets all still ahead right here on 957 -- game. The bay area's new sound for sports. I'm 57 again Tony remember -- thousand brick your -- here. Working hard spun out of people on hope you enjoy that it was good conversation with baseball chatter he is a baseball cool though it's amazing his knowledge this. From the top of his head now it's not like encyclopedia now -- -- -- All the night. Lot of people are Chiming in now on this niners game tomorrow night the raiders of course. They open it up in Minnesota -- tonight the raiders in Baltimore Harbaugh bowl three. And I know I sense a lot of and not much law for Blaine Gabbert at least on the Texas -- know that doesn't represent everybody. But we're joking about who the backup quarterbacks are from Baltimore and for the nine as we know is Blaine Gabbert here and it's Tyrod Taylor backing up Joseph Flacco and I'm sure we'll see a lot of -- average Tyrod Taylor tonight. But Snyder spent some of them the more cynical ones who normally would be the ones who would tweet or text in there is in the negative people. And they're saying I'm gonna take the Baltimore Ravens because I think Tyrod Taylor is better than Blaine -- to use your backup quarterback is your most popular guy -- not just as easily -- most cities that's true and I'm sure is it -- Sunday when happening cabinet. Can't predict how to get behind blamed it. And that's the beauty of -- numbers of these at a certain amount of experience and yet he hasn't been look he's not a store starting quarterback. By its. For its. The fact that they Jim Harbaugh would go out and believe that this is the guy that I want to case capita gets hurt by the way we look at the NFL now. And you look at the way -- a place you almost have to. You are almost everybody have better every I don't get her back your your backup quarterback is going to have to play at some point during the season and so. With -- lost track record. And the way people fiercely believe in an in and harp on not just as a coach but particularly as a quarterback was never. The idea that he will be so violently opposed to Jabber to me I think some of that is the that the typical. Whether it's. Twitter or its text you know when you get to sit behind a keyboard and you can just kind of of course visuals -- take shots at people. Then you're tough guy and you could say these brutal things in. Face to face with Blaine Gabbert. You're asking for his autograph would say calling out some playing -- -- you want to sign a new -- attacks more -- and that's the way it is -- -- it's the united anonymity. A -- analysts say stop without putting your name behind but the interesting thing. Is you look at the look around the NFL -- -- all teams now better have a back up except you like New England they got lucky the year when Brady got hurt. Because Cassel was there any came -- and played well for a deal look at look at the colts with during the Peyton Manning or they need to care Jim Sorgi was about to be never had to play because Peyton Manning never got hurt friend and Jiri did. When a tank that and then obviously locked out and got Andrew Luck. It didn't matter who the backup because. That's the thought process is if the if you're starting quarterback Peyton Manning goes down -- post and Peyton Manning never went down in Indianapolis but nowadays I didn't think that's changed even in Denver. Most cities you better have a back up that because -- you your uranium for one or two games if you need to back up for the rest of the season chances are your shot. You know it's amazing too is is there we've seen all these rules that protect the quarterback yes and yet I don't think that it's -- preventive I'd be interested. To see if there's any statistical analysis on this. I don't I don't get the sense that it is has slowed down. The injury factor when it comes. Is starting quarterbacks that they still go down. And a very prodigious rate so top bottom line at the mention that we're also one of the other things we got into today was. Because make the call today was Philly or Cali gangster yes and then you got into the idea that we should find out what our mobster names are. Yes in the greatest Robin here who follows all the generators -- -- any kind of name generator is that yes they mobster generator. All right have a pop tart. How did that all she's sharing her cherry pop. Our man. You do it before and she's doing it again and I want to thank her for minutes hot does the other gonna take a bite now are you -- are less than -- today. You wanna 'cause it smells good is it just came out of the toaster minute you mistakenly take that first quick bite. And what gets you the magma. The magma filling in this is the strawberry one but that is a strawberry -- cherry is cherry -- hot cherry mag I like a Nissan allergic to strawberries that was strawberry pop -- I think and it's like anything -- it's like a mozzarella stick -- ball mozzarella stick depending on where your problem. Or like one of those top -- -- Popper you see it. If you get it as an appetizer and you'll immediately reached fort not realizing that it just came out of Spalding oil a few moments ago you what you saw. We experienced this is you referenced it twice now everybody's experienced it. But the French -- and it's in the oil comes out it's really hot or especially these things that have stuck inside well that you can't see. Says it now when we microwave so many things exact and you and you -- in and you get to the senator and that's where it's molten lava the outside can actually still be magma is my word today and I like magma. Are you that's your word of the day and magma. And anyway your mobster named is I forget it because I don't -- write it down. It's Tony the groin the groin Bruno yes but. Robin actually has and and a direct peace. And -- you so much yeah. How are -- -- thank you pretty well Iraqis -- was -- off -- exactly you're not and you're not -- at least 92 general the arc. And on we're getting into the. Part and I just sitting there because if I don't I am right so nobody nobody can you say the best on the no I don't -- I say I decided I could Canada's. And as a mobster name is -- -- -- SON and why right now like Sonny gray yeah Saudi dress which I think is very very good. Robbins is that the crusher flamingo. To me that's the leader in the clubhouse about the governor -- way he's got to have a mobster nicknamed -- the mob generator nickname that he's with the yet he. The yet he then he put up on the screen it's the Johnny lips and blew away that's it just Johnny lips to -- Really. Yeah I don't worry that this is out -- tweeted that I you can follow me on Twitter at Tony Bruno show -- -- -- running a Twitter while I'm on the air so I can stay focused on the task at hand. Odd that she's treated at the went on what is the name what is the site we go in and get to generate is a mob generator. What's the site I won't put an -- on Twitter are gonna -- this out to your listeners I applaud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I may have a colleague -- -- I didn't do I'll do it now depending on what I just did he. Could have. I am -- -- you. Oh yes. What a jury -- with -- early -- when you put out our our our monster name I'll say well that's Robin I -- on my behalf. -- that's right. That's -- on it. Yeah I shall -- when I'm on the air shall we stop out to help me so I can focus on it and I'm saying it's not stealing my pop tarts no she's not see is. In fact distributing tomorrow on my last -- earlier. We'll do something special I got something special -- just for you repeat winner break hearts Tony. Not our hearts and dropping out there your last show here as I am influence has texted and called. And we did and said. They are so grateful that they've heard your voice again and I am appreciative of the opportunity coming area -- on on our work or do Keith's show. And Jason -- the program director here was nice enough to say. You're not to say they want to come out to the bear I never turned out Jessica around the Bay Area you have no idea how often JP says that's all of this you're not doing anything that's the thing. That -- on our regular lives us. So I just treated it on the tax board. The 957 the game drop can tax line yes Tony's nickname should be Tony the pop tart mag mile Bruno. Amid I want the -- opera ball. Britain and you know what mob nicknames are the best they are I'm not a big mob guy I don't even like the godfather I didn't like sopranos I don't watch -- shows I think because there are demeaning and -- What would you or would you always promote. The worst possible. Hard part of a culture. Which is primarily a tie in American even Null. There are other groups and involved and being in mobsters of the Irish mob the Russian mob riot mobs everywhere right but the two but glorifying. Mob behavior to me like mob wives. All these people as the women who have TV shows you know and and we're making a big deal out of those people. To me. Why does it will honor as you are you know because it's quick TV and it's drama and. I don't know but you why it bothers you is because you've seen the reality of it -- does not -- the mama I've seen Barack mob behavior growing up and reverence that most people have never experienced that. So glamorous -- the mob is not glamorous. I think the best part for me what what what when when it comes to mob. Nicknames what is the fact that you have these really tough guys yes duties really mean things that's and they have these. Like James -- the hat lands I'd like that's a guy who kills people right and he's known as Jimmy that. You know I think it's it's being fat Bobby Taiwan dollars all man Reggie an -- that they have these names that are just so incongruous. We -- about the only good weather really that the best nickname absolutely and the best walk off music to. -- away right now caller number nine at 888 times -- 79570. S you know or you're gonna get. A pair of second row tickets second round second role to the WW the event coming up for the ASAP center next week. Tomorrow giveaway first row tickets to San Jose earthquakes post FC Dallas this Saturday actually is next Saturday August 16 at Buck Shaw Stadium. Tickets on sale right now it SJ earthquakes dot com for a chance to view and a friend to watch the game with Chris Townsend. Visit the contest page -- 957 the game dot com coming back -- more. Campbell blue cross over right yes the cross of the guys are in the building now right cross talk is that we crosstalk yeah. I get to meet these two guys guy and John -- -- -- I think are they still outlive -- you know it. You're going to be so unimpressed tall man I'm looking forward to that that's coming up next. Right here on 957 the -- the bay area's new south report. I'm using -- Kazaa -- goes back to your keepers came from. And I use it a lot now because it's an old school war that not everybody uses anymore. Dennis the Menace used to say that. On the old show he would take -- for mr. Wilson to a -- using profanity which I do a lot as Keith Olbermann explain excessive -- I'm trying to clean it off. So instead of using the gratuitous. When something good or bad happens you dropped the first bad word that comes your mind right. I -- jeepers what do you weren't just being lazy it was actually an act of self preservation. Picks -- to to curse a blue streak. But now you grow up. And you the only thing you worry about what to get away my age when and how you it usually happens like after you have kids and grow often. And then you get older and then when you mess up names I don't mess up profanity some -- names in the two guys whose names -- messed up yesterday -- and done. Numbers are off. Norman Schwarzkopf and Daria hall were strapped for another slam and cost being called a part in the building now all ten from Napa. They got their wind. And swore law. See this this this is -- -- this greatness of Tony Bruno though. I've never seen two guys who were more am honored to have their names screwed up I -- I I'm not these two. Are practically glowing. Over the fact it. Tony you. Mispronounce their names they can be happier. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they've apparently my my grade went up. So I'm -- I think -- second -- check mark you guys suggested that they on follow him would you suggest that we just did I jokingly so I don't follow follow the pied piper went off right off unless it's totally -- -- -- -- yet I don't think so no but I retreated in today rely I know exactly -- Robin it's it's a slow build -- like when -- day I don't know just joining -- I don't know right now that I love you -- want -- -- Knowing if she says she keeps asking when are you gonna say. -- you that you love me. Then and that adds another week before you actually gonna do it Seattle like everywhere nearby followed everywhere work with design that is like covering me all everywhere I mean we like he did you know. All full. Steve Jones doesn't mean anything you know everybody you and -- and -- you know I apology never -- mean every fall my partner yeah. Like Shaq and Colby yeah I don't fly yeah like Kobe telling James Harden. We don't sit at the same lunch table. Amid pet owners who -- And this is the crossover or as a call troops swooped in business news legal. For me I told this yesterday. I need to follow you guys I see you when I hear you every single professional courtesy that's what I was always a lot of reporters and it's gonna follow you can imagine aren't going to be more people are gonna follow you just feel I'm following about how validating this frost -- -- looks as he's almighty god yeah Rick -- yeah Holland says he's not yeah. They they you know they don't realize like us just how they're rated and it's not exactly. But I like big room for a little while giving -- the. I know why that is it is sound silly to a lot of people but it's important to many people. -- importantly I'm joking around have fun with this but I have to be on Twitter and Ireland Jordan -- -- -- -- -- twice every are doing this oil that's sort of running jokes it's a running joke is that every time have a -- -- -- people I Null. The standard joke is by the way you follow me on Twitter friend and a quarter stock takes off but I thought there's no way toward -- stock in the IP Al. Obviously has run its course and the stock goes -- -- obliges the unreal right now the market maybe if I go to the Twitter office will they verify he personally. If I like go into the headquarters. You can all of them if you -- you didn't tell -- Eisenberg. Well you know we all know don't you -- -- check mark and Wear your hat. I'll no doubt about -- say in my new thing and that's where -- How bad my -- -- -- -- -- -- Warner headquarters doors opening day is. -- give me a blow check -- -- all items -- says go for my -- blue checked and I want it now a lot of material I'm not I'm not terrible but no one's ever actually showed up for the building -- myself I didn't. Anybody actually worked there I thought it was just like you -- computer somewhere right it's a virtual company and it's clear -- Williams out. Knows. I know what terrorism exists and what happens we're in Napa for three today that it got to come back this city is the wine tastings all over the horrors and always great wiring us. And now they come back right and they're ready to mail it in for sure generally got they got they get comfortable with the idea that no one was looking over their shoulder to have to worry about anybody running in the Seattle although. There was there yesterday that long articulate how he doesn't have their heads yesterday I don't suggest that literally -- the -- and people we're actually kidding about it yeah. No we legitimately a guy hedging the bushes are not Sonic the Hedgehog or -- army that had Jon -- and I don't know that -- -- a new -- air actually he was trimming the bush and Hillary has. And it was the the court was colored green it was right there in the -- -- was easy as these -- BA you know words hit the segment hard all the sudden you know the tremor we're. -- -- It was game over yet beautiful so we knocked you off the air the yards off the air drop -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guests Charles Rogers yeah because trust is yet talks -- raiders and -- with him what is this football games -- tonight an NFL network. That -- on the NFL network Harbaugh bowl three we -- double header tonight Tony Kazan the cowboys in -- play after really seized an -- They don't play between -- -- -- going to be good quarter of football with well kind of giant for now we know that they're ready now to our -- -- my -- drops always when you're in Philly when the cowboys would play without out and count me John -- not downloaded here there's a lot of cowboy fans around anyone at -- Yeah. Exactly. Are -- -- at the top of the house. Have a show the handoff brought you by swooped daily fantasy sports for cash you downloaded now -- miss anything here and I. We got to congratulate David in Pittsburgh is looking at the rundown now. That I missed I think our jurors that I made a good you are unsure about highs set Ito put in the order that that delay puts it in. Put everything that we were going to talk about we talked about and that added even more now do we not. What are we missed today go away we -- and I think it's. -- -- always talked about. On help Oregon coming back we talked about cap person shop tomorrow night -- express and then of course we're talking about tonight's game. With the in the niners and Blaine Gabbert -- most talked more Blaine Gabbert then we had today -- only thing we didn't get into his Matt Williams. Being fed up with the media but hey. In all people are fed up with the media -- I hate the media to buster Olney was on and here. -- we something and I got to value congratulate the guys in Pittsburgh won the tickets we talk more Tyrod ten where can you get more Tyrod Taylor conversation than right here nowhere doesn't happen. Exactly it tomorrow we will break down match off. And Derrick Clark yes then more places that I sent to nowhere else we'll talk Derek -- and granddaughter and his brother. We'll talk about Derek -- is much as we will tomorrow. I like to grant the the top of the show says there's that's a tough sport since then. Yes we did like -- we talked a lot of sports just to the matter with you we'll be back tomorrow to talk to more sports -- Friday extravaganza. We'll see you tomorrow right here. And 957 the game the bay area's new -- for sports wanna thank everybody who came into. I thank Keith Olbermann death and Boston -- who enabled us earlier today. We'll see you back here tomorrow before as the next guy job on 957 again.

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