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Haberman and Middlekauff 8/7/14 Hour 1

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

School. You any new friend you're maxed out iMac. About his whole life right. This is due to stand there. That's scary matchup. Serious -- Women to find out. Studios. -- Sampras this guy. Football. Tonight they tell us. More than a lot of fun isn't it there's usually -- six game tonight six game tomorrow night for games on Saturday. John between all that we might get quarter to actual real good football or watch of this thing you like third stringers in the fourth or thoughts -- it's what I live for I can't wait it is what I live for -- away it is not. Glad -- with us -- -- 57 game Carlos Rogers will join -- to talk about the niners and the raiders of course he's a -- now we'll talk about -- with him. Now most fun. Man here are back in the studio we came we saw we live we're back there like I -- -- -- on Thursday and see duke or real like few out. -- and on and more if there was so we did it. Always when you call the square by got a doesn't drink that that is what it has been a the the scheduled tonight. On the killer and I was handled the night is good to. It's good guarantee this real quick look off did me payment Indy plays the jets. And he played the jets. The patriots play Washington -- Baltimore Cincinnati Kansas City Seattle Denver. And Dallas and San Diego. Just a football explosion in you television and a lot of guest and hills and you know what we have forty niners yeah. If we do so what is tonight about I mean really because like we say and we resell time -- subjected to football is a double header tonight. The second quarter were -- standard on. Oh yeah I forgot I got -- I feel every off season going at them the good the whole thing and well. Oh yes this kind of football. So what is tonight actually about because we talked to raider coaches yesterday it's a game plan's going to be pretty Vanilla on Friday when they. Play the vikings. Is -- I would Jim Harbaugh is gonna do tonight. I tonight is veteran -- it's not about Jim Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh is likely secretive -- Covert spy he is not gonna give anything up in the pre season. New York and Seattle think this. 45 wide receiver sets everything they've been talking about he's got to keep pretty Vanilla. What you got to see though is these young players play. And kind of get a feel for what they're bringing the table you know that guy I think his name Navarro Bowman he's worked. -- -- -- -- Potentially a rookie linebacker Chris Borland. Oh yeah all the running backs ACL torn and messed up elbows while they drafted a guy and the -- around Carlos Hyde he's got to play. Oh yeah they got a drafted last year pinky hurting the could've been a first round pick. He rehab -- sat out all last season he's back he might be -- generating pass rush from that right side for all the Smith. Oh -- the right guard. We're left gore or just gorgeous Jim Alex Boone he's not they are all these young guys got to play tonight about -- bulky. His picks the guys he's acquired for this team how do they look because I I think. I first came view I was so Tom I don't Jim's got a five wide receiver sets there was are talking to -- can give up anything. Not getting any shouldn't this doesn't that matter but it does matter for young O Bruce Ellington a speed wide receiver that we saw. You know working on power turned all these young players man they got to play well in the 49ers got to see what they have tonight about Trimble -- Well we're gonna talk to Carlos Rogers next hour former -- nickel. Warner now read or nickel corner when -- ask him. How hard is it -- to be for Jimmy awarded the 49ers. Hit the ground running in his position and even name him -- you -- -- guy to me that's the most important this group and there are a lot of them I mean they are relying on all -- lot of guys Jimmy awards gonna have to play an impact this team in one way or another. The probably placing safety as the game goes on tonight. Chris Borland. Probably if the season started they would not be starting my style -- well I would be starting for Navarro Bowman spot. But that's why get the Carlos -- because for medium -- Carlos -- he's to full job one. You don't want Frank Gore care -- the ball -- times again but this is an offense for all we heard about they went into the lab and came out with some three wide and four wide whatever. It is Pettit have been predicated on being tough and being physical and running the football and there is nothing that it happened over the -- to it Jim Harbaugh -- ten New York. That makes me think that should change I mean the idea of like spread things out that's cool a little bit. But there's no reason to change what you are because it worked a to a Jim -- had. Physically pushing people around right so to meet -- -- values to -- this is the most important rookie -- Carlos high because not only does he help you win now potentially. But for a team that's gonna have to pay guys already has lot of guys getting paid is gonna have to pay eventually -- potentially Michael Crabtree soon. I mean you got to make some decision on my -- potty and Alex Boone or neither I guess both good and I'm not on this team maybe Alex moved sooner rather than later. But this is a guy -- Gonna give me some cost certainty at a position your potentially gonna Niemi we keep right off Frank Gore like the San Antonio -- and he keeps coming back better and better and better. But Carlos -- in the not always a very important rookie the most important rookie John or young player. But he's one of the most important pieces on the -- because if he develops. Right now we're talking about. Like anything like you -- baseball team's doing EC football the it allows you to be a little more flexible other positions financial sleep tight labor yet that they -- that that is the guy and he was. I'm fortunate that I mean I'm -- was the first round picker to be cheaper and in that way like -- -- -- -- we talked about the value first round picks not chi group to reward Jimmy warts are. Do you know I'd obviously play I -- believable. -- -- Can run radicalized or not I know I am mama or -- Gotta be take because take hurting would've been a first round pick if he had not tore his ACL. The -- bulky big picture plan as they take some guys that are injured they took one this year -- comes from from Clemson that's gonna rehab. And be on injured reserve all season. Well he's a guy on Smith we don't know how long he's gonna get easier -- Jefferson significant suspension. We like to say too because I think we're hopeful but I mean it could be -- would be a gift pick who would be a gift I think -- be pretty easily for sources say it's four guys. Take while he's got an outside linebacker he's a five tech he played 43 defense of any college and he was a pass rusher. He's a guy. Did you walk easy Islam what he's up five tech he NEC with Mohamed what person. And -- directions on the geysers of the jets they can put their hand in the -- over tackles and over guards in pass rush. And I think that would take you bring to the table when all that is serving his suspension and doing whatever hopefully staying out of trouble. This guy can help you not forget about them but pass the time with -- serviceable. You know your backups don't necessarily look like Backus does a lot of teams viewed this guy's a starter coming out of college and he looks pretty damn good in practice just physically. And they don't really go the -- the practice we wrapping it's not that physical so tonight's the night when you see him going against the ravens team that. I mean will more than likely be a playoff team. I mean -- -- perennial playoff team I would not count them out very good team for sure I've told you there's two there's there's one team I'm definitively count Leo play out. And that's the the Dallas Cowboys they're not make him play now. I'm with -- So I -- but I don't I wouldn't count all say this I you I feel good about the ravens beat them bounce back team and offensively they had a new offensive coordinator are once he takes place. And I wanna see him make some plays make an impact I think a lot of the forty niner faithful. They've talked about this guy now for a year because unlike Carlos -- Eric read -- play right away I mean their healthy. We we have to wait to see this guy all right so this might not about they did tonight is not about Jim Harbaugh slow down telling it like I'm I'm a little jumpy today or made itself. 430 today it's more and you get the -- -- went article here. You have to count one charges. An NFL network hopefully Jerry's done taking pictures in the bathroom wow. Why did you see within the New York Daily News did Jerry today it was phenomenal the Jerry. With a friend. She. Younger female. Yet why don't know this is the one going is that everyone jump in Jerry but I think she pretty young I -- you know on the front of the blond -- are well liberals have. The right thing and still -- -- photo. As is Tony -- called it near is a lower extremities. If you haven't seen is -- Jerry Jones bathroom picks or Jerry Jones picks yeah they'll come -- that it's not a it's not Roger Goodell I deal I'd say. I did a part of me thinks they Jerry -- like Jerry tell likes everybody -- on and we can do whatever he wants. Whenever you want I mean she passed for me from anywhere from 28 tell late thirty Cyrus she's kind of a hybrid yet hard to see the photo very pixelated. Because he's in her face a little obscured by. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think jurors to word of the preceding the Internet. That's -- -- worker. There's -- there's -- around the NFL since I was working in that -- Jerry likes have a good time I'm not sure juries marital status as I'm pretty sure he was married. But I've -- us or is is I don't think he really care who's helping anybody really got operates on a tiger type level Natalie we're really cares look at that. 889579570. The text line 95795. Niners all the football field and I John says it's not about Jim Harbaugh it's about Trenton -- So who's the bulky guy most important to you. Beyond -- most important deceit and I don't miss Aerosmith and slash on there. Let rock rule -- -- Iraq in the states Concord pavilion next week August 13 tickets on sale now live nation dot com. For a chance to score tickets visit the contest -- and 957 game. Dot com and I've got to counter to your tank. Charity but why maybe may be. That is important as you say macaw. Once I got the guy that. Tea room and a couple nights by seven again. -- -- Let's -- could handle. I made -- 9579857. Football tonight six games to Obama on -- -- network the most significant. Don't see this -- I answered you know violator of refrigerators John. Please know whenever I if I hear Super Bowl rematch at any point today I'm gonna lose my mind this is not a Super Bowl -- -- -- -- Called as a Super Bowl rematch I don't feel like the Barrett's double digit games the super ball -- are all the hormones are converging. On Baltimore today I'm sure we'll -- Raider fans who obviously with the chargers player but also niner fans because they play the terms of the season in that I think they would legitimately are Super Bowl sleeper I mean they. Philip Rivers was phenomenal last year they started slowly in and ignited seven they owned the Broncos guy. Now Ryan Mathews has become one of the better running backs in league if he can build off last year he hasn't been heard this year. In their defense has kind of been fixed and in a corner should be much better young guy you most interest in seeing tonight the one -- maybe the most important do you waited 8957 ID 570. -- -- 95795. I think Carlos -- he's -- I think his value is now in his value was in the future and I've got to count -- to your tank clarity -- take care team. 25 years old. Of course eliminates 22. Cronies played pages and armored act could not NFL it's not. Many NFL it's not -- sit out a year or means take -- year. So I did not on -- I think on getting lemon make it to a lot of you can do we've seen him now. The upside protect a healthy tank -- and higher. I'll know it is my focus more town better athlete. I would say the time we saw -- today he did something that we're gonna talk about with the raiders later that one guy did not. In three days where Napa and if he flashed what how about this guy I mean it's like a combo the tool because one's gonna play defense and then in the -- gonna play outside linebacker. So well when all the -- goal and you're gonna have -- guys since you don't necessarily gonna have one guy generating -- spot in generating pass rush. You have two guys can do it because I think it was wasn't the colts game or maybe the rams game or eliminate got the safety last year when you're still an income -- was an. In rehab Lindsay Lohan and he film he filled writing it it's gonna help them out. Ten times more having a guy you have to account for with a hand in the ground in pink -- Think yearning to carry on a hot wheels called tank and on the favorite tea -- now it's her -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's thrown in a pretty -- -- from last year with they Whitner narrated a 957957. -- at jamming the point is we're talking about what's gonna happen I blah blah blah. If not Jim Harbaugh night it's a trend bulky night. Where his guys. Because I'm telling me we're looking at a team that -- talk about going back to a conference champs of game. To a Super Bowl. That's relying semi heavily on young players. Family Guy especially the first half of the season with some other injuries slash suspensions or are you lord. Your doctor Carlos -- for sure tank for sure record lemonade for sure. I Quinn dials another guy -- we are you talked about this I don't think we're going -- are for the year now. Believe you Ian Williams back soon. We need looting slash more important now one of these guys have in Dallas Boone just keeps hanging on the Bahamas they gotta fill the spots what is it like do you think Alex Boone is conserving money right now or is he just taking time enjoying life on -- vacation like there is no way he's got to work it out. We he'd better be because you work it out well of course you -- have a white one is like you see like honey. I would get some peace and all hell is Gary what are we on the fridge I'm I'll hold out we're not ordering any food no no Chinese order out. Take out my my thing is like when this ends how far behind you see from me. From a stamina standpoint from a like pick your legs under you from four balls he hasn't worn pads. Maybe has raised moral high school like kitten kitten of the -- now I -- and pets. He's heard I outright canceled the cable bill I want is holding Al guy he gets to game two armored gardeners he's motives all law now. Yeah like when you holding out did he just. After she is a Maryland listings ending. And of these marriage younger. I'd be singing his it is etiquette I thought is Merrick is Merrick and excel north 26 well you know when -- Asia's number John true. John and there is this -- man. -- show. Hey good morning guys out Brad -- on. I'm curious to see job -- and playing college Lattimore. -- I think in the ability to back are good to go. Under being good -- an analogue -- getting word -- you know I'd done it you know are about on this. It could ever -- they're gonna make them -- I was. No need to worry about now over a year -- honorary bat in -- it. -- -- That's another good name was proud about him he's only he's only twenty years old. Yeah I already -- -- ancient cold night and -- Martin and one -- both Israel and immediately. Went. -- -- -- Yeah yeah and calibration comment and we'll get Chris Bittermann thoughts on this when he joins if he's out there every day when we've been out there you know laughter he was just an around the -- out there in drills. Practicing. I'll let them physically looks special guest I don't know he's ready from a skill standpoint to make any kind of impact though is the wall and that's what these four names -- four guy. And what else we know Jim Thomas who love the way they run their defense is they rotate defensive lineman. Seoul with Dorsey go and out -- way and so come back from injury. You have a chance if -- -- AA if you're tank to solidify a spot. This way they rotate guys just Smith I would imagine we'll play one snap all pre season and mostly couple series total. Maybe in the third game. You can get yourself a rotational spot in you become a pseudo starter because you play half the snaps. Big for the a lot of the other does that mean Navarro Bowman Willis those guys never come. All they never about the -- right but those three interior linemen the 25 techniques in the nose tackle -- played a lot Lieberman America underrated 89579570. -- on the field against the ravens tonight for thirty. The young guy most important -- what you wanna see tonight. Stephen Petaluma -- Steve. Pick -- -- management. It is it is kind of an inside baseball type thing for most games. Except for the niners killed them and a number of Archie and -- this. And Greg -- -- a lot about simply trying to play book yesterday. And I know we're only that the -- for a couple of series tonight. I'm really curious to see each. Is they've finally fixed this ridiculous problem. Like when he gets a line in the -- you don't plan on how fast. -- they just can't get the platinum play topic it killed them in Seattle. It it may have stolen a Super Bowl from them. I'm I'm not played -- cap probably would walk into the -- down but couldn't get off. There's been a bit and problem over and over and over it seemed like such a simple on the next. But for whatever reasons brainy -- haven't been able to do it says there is it that -- that. -- -- -- And it's one of those deals tonight appreciate the comment. One of those -- tonight if nothing happens it's not saw I mean it's until you go season and you show or at least a few weeks and you show it's a non issue. And Seattle it's gonna be I mean that's the place where it seems like it's the hardest to get -- -- I organ of the kinks tonight I mean if that happens is not the end of the what do I can't bring out there tonight really. No I mean in the fourth quarter to me it's gonna happen a lot there -- and what will be no blank Gary your summary data from office climbing universe viewers who don't know the snaps. Get ready for the crazies mean it happens especially once the starters leave you only get. To me caps just going to be so Vanilla. I was little I -- I came in thinking like I want it over a lot of -- sliding. Or throwing the ball away before he even slide I would tell them don't even runs probable that. There'll be no running -- when the loud tonight that's called the Tony thirteen regular season I think right. Last year we kept thinking like cash they must have him under wraps because he's just why I mean scramble. Don't not scramble throw the ball away I don't even need Jeff I don't wanna see -- -- -- -- mess with the -- electoral -- blind side -- Do I remember was like 20045. When Vick like guys like snapped in a pre season game member of that. And cap predict I'm not even he is a much more intelligent with getting down but he's running quarterbacks you know I do not want to lose him. Even with ankle -- three play touchdown drive to start the game get amount again he's in sweats four minutes later -- deep for -- again this is your game. You deeper played against the hawks last year and this is set the tone early for the whole season now pre season games are double reverses throw put it up this year five wide national tele. I think as it'll. Television audience we got a showdown. What they and I you 4912 point dive into our lives. Very baseball fan not a 57 to give you cover this season brazen giants' biggest tune in Wednesday. Every Wednesday the AM and 5 PM hour. For the box office -- give you shots when a's and giants to get the box office was presented by DG DG dot com fourteen branch. Thirteen dealerships -- had a car buyer and DG DG dot com. Three neural. This before every endure. Iowa. Like his dad BA BA did not say that yes you did Jimmy oh god next they're bankers Bittermann -- I just dot com -- What's actually gonna happen I what are they gonna do tonight. The -- a little off a 957 again. Move. Read there's gonna rely on but -- everything. Notice the three days -- How weird. Weird movie that fifteen minutes you and I were in and Mark Davis in the hallway introduced -- and every -- They're nice you knew what we've been talking about here on the Joseph didn't appreciate some of your -- for the raiders and John I appreciate all the positive BS had no problem mark. Should tell everybody but the Tarver you pointed out there's a guy refuses to call though overcome I didn't yeah who have pretty transparent. John and it identical dark day ever stand over there we'll start to Maria serving there are great people. Phenomenal stuff they're doing there now but it was a great trip to Napa. Don't ever stand there you go ahead of us here it was a great trip and it -- -- pretend like he screwed journey by your name right and he just ruined my day. Let's look before I go to Napa back in Africa's we wanna relive our -- There -- 34 days and three nights there. Matters to play tonight. And our breakers Bittermann from -- -- -- calms down enough to join us and we really try to figure a lot of stuff out here man. Who's who's gonna look good who's gonna play what what's this about all that sort of stuff I mean when you think about what you put value on the night Chris will what are you looking. I'm I'm gonna look at interior offensive line that you're obviously -- -- probably gonna play a lot. I didn't Covert plan is going to be starting at center for the first time -- and eliminate going to be playing right guard but even beyond that. Third round pick market -- of the guys who's going to be crucial -- in going forward and and you hear a guy that needs to make -- first impression after a -- in the game after coming in and we'll. Australia with an ankle injury so a lot of young the I -- -- -- -- -- -- you know it's a -- -- going to be a lot of -- and bought it because of the of the depth of its roster. Is going to be put -- that's what some starters. Sitting elbow injury and and precautionary. So. I'm not sure quality cited in a couple of just because of cannot -- injury and and methodical game contenders I think -- can maybe get him a couple period probably. Probably start him and that francoeur. -- probably won't play but I'm I'm looking being carried out and linemen and the middle. So as a visual camp denies OJ comment. It's going to be a big hill and let out as to contribute big -- on the net night maybe even Glenn went -- that I don't think they're gonna they're gonna risk. Paula I -- very much thought I think they really like what he's being. Well what what he showed a crack itself on the I would imagine this because the other -- how -- will play if you series but the most. Chris we learned anything from attending and his practices you do not sleep on jewel Hampton in the pre season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joy campaign is based creepy and work course let. No no no doubt Q what are what are we gonna get our house Boone cameo whom we've talked on the into your office line you brought it up. And what's the deal there I mean whenever tracks around forty -- a brass well what's going policy end game here. It seems to me -- And let neither side -- that I think -- the most like the Larry you know that you're gonna have in -- along often the line and medical 49ers and sell out into the tackle. I think we talked about it yet visited there's there's going to be a market peppered him at the apple and it's in the front marketed. Is good and partly organized -- that a pretty good throughout Pickford that they can actually draft. And and you know his attack statement from -- to guard let they feel good about it when he was on vacation. Are there that they feel and then we'll see that night for the first time -- that you're so. There is. It's bacon the Philippine mark on them being at apple in the public impact pretty drastic and and not have to worry about. Pulled out going on longer. You think if one of the young guys like -- four niner fan and I see loony get her her I see -- get -- in a game. That changes the scenario for the forty hours without food and they'd have to. Maybe think of something financially to giving some incentive to show up or are you steadfast in their thought no matter what they're not paying them. No I think because he has a pretty drastic shift in leverage if anything were to happen with Giuliani and and maybe that's why they probably. Play him for a couple series and then let the young guys coming to admit they have some out -- and that that that interoperable ongoing slower. A lot of unproven that you mention Brandon comment earlier you've got to. Was viewed as one of the better cars and drafting and looked a little bit after. And that's when he yelled that. I'm going forward they liked the best they have an interior offensive linemen which which is another reason why they're probably not too much of -- way to bring them back. Yeah absolutely I think -- if -- -- -- injury and don't be a pretty big Helen and could -- 49ers to. To reach out there and and and maybe concede a little bit. There's Biederman the editor in chief of niners digest dot com joining us guy Lieberman John middle author and I 57 game. On the other side of the Carlos -- not complain much coin. The other side of the football -- or are we get to see quite a bit did you reward tonight the first round pick. Yeah out how -- he eclipse eclipse. The first quarter maybe in the first I think the 49ers and what they haven't players carpet at nickel and and -- -- says. You know he's. These people operate and -- -- going to be on -- agreement similar to what you heard about -- -- you have to -- you regret -- -- picking -- defense and and improving every day and not repeating a and that -- -- -- him. Affording us the probably give him a lot of that's because that you'll -- article Rogers later -- -- the nickel spot up 49ers defense is one of the most mentally challenging position that there -- there on the field to them so. That the people interpret -- war they keep it a lot of -- in school and and it looks like he's equating to a pretty -- I'm really gonna make sure to get in and game at the same time that if you going to be god like 60% of the not -- probably won't let -- -- too long to their side they really feel competent so I would say part of its stake in the second quarter. Well for your reward from it. The first I've had a guest from all another guests Carlos Rogers he's you -- -- Rogers later. Which you're right. I'm a -- -- do you view the -- in the India in the locker in the popular especially and try to organ. You have to move on weekends to play. Tenth eleventh and another thing we talked about before you join us. Was about the front and especially with all and being out which I'm sure he's gonna start tonight. With that five technique in that outside linebacker. Is a potentially going to be tank. And core lemonade to start the season and are they pretty confident -- appalled and is out Fareed. You know four game -- is hypothetically say that those two guys can generate enough pass rush boss Donald Smith you know -- damn close. Yeah I think so and an outlook select and put a lot particularly in this situation to. All -- all the well it would often mentioned in the first you're primarily -- nickel player what do what they essentially used one has last year so -- lemon yeah. Come thin and it'll 49ers took you look elsewhere on the roster spot you can come in and play. In a situation in -- agreed -- plan about BW a tournament. And you look at the trial as are picking -- going to. They -- -- -- out of real wrestling defense that line and took the compliment certain that the -- McDonnell because the figure at Boca the field on third and long situation they're in -- Tibet and its situation against the run and and they might not be quick -- -- that excel in those. In the third and long situations and that tortured and it really -- so I don't think. They're doing what what get a lot of aspiring gunman in nickel pass through a situation even on the inside the -- and go -- McDonna I would. I would see I would expect some sort of tune in and depending on how -- -- is -- going to be watching. Tonight that I can go a long way toward determining what what they do and scooter and -- agreed to play or not. A farcical way away from being a guy that can potentially make any kind of impact. -- It's and -- without without any real contact the senate and by the looks like you're playing checkers and and not -- that but physically and in 101 -- he's he's definitely proved a lot and I'm pretty impressive. He's the guy that it's still very Robert a couple of the physical tools people look -- -- political will operate. I mean you get probable now and then and you still working on different up responsibility in public not that I'm you could probably get a lot and they really want feet. It if you weren't -- around them on the practice squad took a look at a lot of. Forty jedi Knight got did you do they got a gardener cut his line. Is gone adios Chris I wanted to know your sleeve for ninety yet. Upon us where you're gonna review score prediction for members -- you're probably I wanna know his sleeper player to keep an eye -- him this -- been an ever practiced did fall beer -- on Twitter he's phenomenal. I wanna know guide in -- mile off the cuff guy that we're not thinking about. A players that you know we always talk volleys draft picks that is -- an undrafted free agent guy how about a local player she scope. At least for him go to Stanford remember it makes the place maybe -- is go back there a time to get him back on the air -- keep asking his sleeper player it was asked him -- -- player. Mario cloud Bethel Thompson no. We heard from high ranking official in that other league that they're drooling all over McLeod. That's first name -- yes that is correct this -- the -- nice pairs team clout right like. Aaron lynch that's Bittermann spirits is airlines were told -- here I'm going McLeod. Do you think that that's genius here and to view your city name whose son -- with only one teeth. You know excuse about I don't know personally -- the nothing else you know. I'm hosting outside the box I just mentioned that John with two lows are on the third with no wage to the elevation how high I'm John. Minimum minimum minimum. Like Sean does John. Is Shonn Greene has two ends. Now. Which John has two ends what -- all right let's. But the clown like we're even guess I can what is the story I don't know breast apparently all right premier benighted ideas that comment to that was coming up next boy took away from Napa. One of the things that stood out to -- John. Was the guy they did not stand up to me. The real concern that's next as they were minimal government size seven again. It's. And -- think. Tony Curtis headlines every morning and who. He doesn't I was such a loyal listener who lives at Philly and working and the problem was they were always ripping on the guy works for. So you couldn't listen you had to put the headphone out of -- disasters taking shots you'll -- he's literally walking -- by it. Hey John I don't give coach treat. As Tony's just pee all over his grave but. They're so funny and he's shown Philadelphia was an absolute right and it's fun. And nowhere is that you don't we get involves a line from our bodies over at why all lane winery where in Napa. They're good time there -- a great cut yesterday squeeze we had imagined it's I feel like I'm like a NASCAR driver. Maybe give us anything but put food drank squeeze in birders are okay big time what we locking it based JUN now wearing name tags like. Tools but we walk in a name Taxol Auckland. As all of the show. The good juicy limits the flavor packed -- were -- on -- and brother for grill yeah re nomination -- pop yes they use the enchilada and -- that there's in July does on the plate and steak on the -- -- -- -- -- -- it's an extra -- for the second it's a lot of well worth it. All right we spent three days there we did other things besides. That's we actually watch some football from practice. And it was interesting because we both walked down there yesterday penalties and say. We are always James Jones. I can't think of one playmate on sleaze is I've been in camp. And there was an article this morning moved from -- paper kind of gave glowing reviews from James saying how comfortable he feels now ready feels. I don't know why I didn't this -- what it is we said because. He was asked about the fact that he's thirty. That maybe he's lost a step. Would he would you welcome may reduce brawl this -- set I would like to at all. I missed two games in five years -- from no huddle offense real like temple my body's built my body is built to go to the season. If I think practices or plays off the time may hang up my cleats on -- awesome I'm really enjoying myself we can't just doing what I do making place. And this is one of the guys that's one of the guys that when they signed -- he said this this is the kind of guy you need when you try to take the next that this organization. But. You know we watch a lot of -- street here at home on I mean -- like home to all over the place Greg Little made a few plays little made a lot of plays and then you know like we just talked workers -- about the humanize camp. Jewel Hampton flashes so you never again you can't read too much into it. But we didn't see it time to. I tell you this every day -- offended dump them -- people who'll. I mean you noticed and JD like you really noticed him even even we saw Charles Woodson -- in place. We didn't seal laws. I mean I least I even met David I don't know one guy and -- -- And armor fifteen he's a guy that I was really shocked Greg Little Greg Little how good he was in in training camp and I know talk to some of their coaches. Hash -- off the record. -- second place -- is on the record hold on what to say that there internally they're very excited about because he's been great yeah he has been and you watch you can see it's not like a secret so he's a -- I'm very excited to watch played well also guy off the record I was like you know I can't say that schools you're learning you're still -- -- you're -- -- -- transition right you know -- Oh what is authored you mean you know it means don't repeat this that's what it -- -- those people you were talking to would love to know if you know the -- off a record. All the -- though guy. Financially. If James Jones is not have a good first four pre season games I think they're kind of tied to a no matter what when you look at the locks in the receiving corps. Great little let's put themselves decision he's not going anywhere a great job Reggie McKenzie -- kling pal the guy that was cut -- claimed them -- that that's an excellent. But the former -- or OPEC. Things didn't go well in Cleveland for whatever reason they couldn't be more happy with him what he's done so far and it would render it -- hundred homes locked. Streeters are best receiver. James a -- because of money but -- And again we like oh my -- personal receiver coach he's a high character guy and you know the rumblings -- you lose a step our embassy. Maybe how much of pre season but he's gonna be expected to make plays from the regular season starts. They get the over three and a half million dollars in guaranteed money he never go anywhere. Here's the thing and I -- pro football focus he's out played them much so why don't look he was he was fourteenth in the league last year and yards by Iraq by -- wide receiver out of on screenplays he got a lot of those quick screen to allows quick screens. So I would go to reason I'm looking for an explanation other many lost the step to why it really flash quote unquote last two days in Napa Google reason that may be. A lot of what he does is in the kind of thing that makes you go wow that was double double. In the wide receiver Gordon not -- really are the one may -- gives you the most while potential. Is it tight end Michael Rivera we saw yesterday we saw a few times he has to. He's really good man. And he's a hybrid player so he's not like a true -- and he's kind of -- -- in this name because he's in jail for murder but Aaron Hernandez type player. That's really what he has -- -- to put it in the backfield put in the slot receiver area. But I mean that's the -- let's face there Eric had a revolutionized. I mean they're like route using him as running back. Burn -- purse and watching him in golf together prozac durable player I don't -- that the raiders now we we heard two days ago David laws vary with the knee injury. Who's going to be there. You know in line tied and I know. Rivera saying he wants to block I don't necessarily want to block do you mean I want amounts space how I want. Pastor general wanted to set the edge for an JD this what Donald we talked to Donald Penn a couple days ago in Napa this what is said about Michael affair. He's very good of the great thing about him as he wants to be great masters one because it. As part of me doesn't wanna be great he's -- because one of the great and wanting -- -- know he's working hard on -- blocking more than his receivers he knows catching those rhetorically he's working on blocking because he wasn't being all the talk. -- -- -- is tweeting at me said the day he went to. Raiders' training camp James Jones made a leaping grab down the field in double coverage -- ultimately is -- again I'm Selma and on the river. We just generally know some other guys Michael Rivera made the most plays their right in the passing game right. Everything down on the scene quick routes disability down seemed guy. If you have a player that can stretch the seem -- back -- around with -- And then a safety if you have good wide receiver drew just wide receivers and play a little bit. Didn't kind of -- no man's land that's where it's game over Ward's car counts and get tallest place he just runs it's essentially is a -- route down seem. And it just throw people off to you got to pick one or the other from -- I think Michael Rivera got 65 to seven catches written all over him if he stays healthy and I mean analysts say double digit touchdowns but he's gonna catch -- touchdown. Nine split I raiders play tomorrow they were a middle -- or not a facsimile and tell me a little we took away from our last three days we were at their greater training camp in Napa. For the first part of this week since Sunday night really. -- the other thing you notice in this is not a thing like that quote unquote flash is John. We we did a lot of standing around watching the defense because Jason Tarver entertaining. Me more than anything he's just he's an entertaining coach to watch coach. And -- my favorite coaches. Well of course because they live in a practice a little bit right away that's -- you love special teams coaches to those guys always have Supervalu because they know you don't really wanna do it so they got it incentivized you with their own energy. -- IQ you bring energy gets Miguel you say like you get the starting linebacker doesn't wanna do -- salute special teams coaches got -- light him -- what but yeah or even the back -- -- think he's starters like I'm too good for that's -- you know everyone thinks -- a little too good for the beside the returner. Whatever last year we went -- he's the star. Lester we went and we said it was just too we're shouldn't everyone ever on one side who knows what to some little drill linebackers go one. And -- Tarver yelling at them -- is last year yelling at them. Thought you got an audience now let's. All right so he's energetic guy. So we'll watch -- yesterday and I think the one thing union knows what these guys when I compare them to last year's team last year's defense specifically. You I feel real little more chatter among this group just talking to one another it seems like there's more of that and well now maybe you know I'm imagining a but I don't think I am I think there's some more of that with them this year which at least means maybe they understand are communicating in a way that that would benefit them they also -- tool. I -- 5552. Nick Roach. When you throw a jump ball -- -- Mac. He's both -- -- got back to back one handers I mean it's like -- are new to play like -- gasoline was not a basketball. -- as advertised it is pretty -- and when you see it it doesn't even look like I mean it even looks except like that just happen like -- -- -- -- been a whole day just watching him and that's why -- the first time electoral lock and any -- he goes -- with one hand he pumps that as he's leaping. I place the ball John with one hand and brings it down by the actual point of mobile I would say raider nation. Should be pretty excited -- to do. But as -- the ground run around make tackles sacks quarterback I think we're not gonna seem to -- we get so worked up about them I thought we're gonna see him I wanted to see him. Kevin Love -- heading this way. Our biggest concern about him. -- being non issue in Cleveland and it's gonna make this non trade look bad in the immediate future. That's next neighborhood about problematic by seven again.

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