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Chris Biderman discusses 49ers rookies.

Aug 7, 2014|

The great editor of NinersDigest,.com, Chris Biderman, joins Haberkauff and breaks down what to look for this preaseason from the slew of Niners rookies and young players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And our breakers Bittermann from knives badges back com's -- enough to join us and we really try to figure a lot of stuff out here man. Who's who's gonna look good who's gonna apply what what's this about all that sort of stuff I mean when you think about what you put value on the night Chris will what are you -- I'm a little -- at interior offensive line that you're obviously my chronicle and play a lot. I've been Covert plan is going to be starting at center for the first time and then -- -- -- going to be playing right guard but even beyond that. Third on the market Smart of the guys who's going to be crucial in England -- And you hear the guy that needs to make it first impression after game after coming in -- With a with an ankle injury so a lot of young. I agree that a company's you know it would appreciate an appeal and bought it because of the of the -- from the Rutgers. Is going to be but it has some of these dollars. Sitting elbow injury and and precautionary. So. I'm not sure -- cited in Ottawa does because of kennel owners and Korean and Michael game the injuries I think there. Maybe -- in the cup series and probably. Public art in and out -- francoeur. -- probably won't play but I'm I'm looking being carried out and linemen in the middle and. So as a visual camp denies such a young -- As an individual can't let out -- to contribute big -- on the net and I at navy and -- went and met I don't think they're gonna. They're gonna -- -- I had pretty much thought I think they relate to the well what what he showed cracked up. -- I would imagine that because the other injuries are well -- play if you series of the most. Chris we learned anything from attending kind of practices do not sleep on jewel Hampton in the pre season. The act as you can run. It jewel Hampton is they create fear and war court. No and no doubt what what what are we gonna get our Alex Boone cameo whom we've talked -- the into your office line you brought it out. And what's the deal there army whenever -- around forty had a brass what do what's going policy -- game here. I think let. Let the united he's that I think is treated like the area that you're that you're. Injuries along the line in an organizer and -- and the tackle. I think we talked about when I visited that there's going to be a market and the owners and the market. Then partly organized -- the pretty epic -- that they can actually draft. -- and you know -- attack -- convert to guard. If you look at oh on occasions. Are the that they feel an animal that night for the first time. That you're so. If it's in the Philippines mark on the meeting at -- in the -- -- back to pick and not have to worry about. It pulled -- going on longer. You think if one of the young guys like found four niner fan and -- -- Eagleburger -- -- and get her in a game. That changes the scenario for the forty hours without food and they'd have to. Maybe think of something financially to give them some incentive to show up or are -- steadfast in their thought no matter what their campaign. No I think that -- -- a pretty drastic shift in leverage this and in order up an Olympian and maybe that's why they probably. Play him for a couple series and and then let the young guys coming in that they. And that in Korea and like going forward and a lot of unproven and that you -- -- comment earlier -- begun and it. Was viewed as one of the better cars and drafting and a little bit after. I think that's when he yelled at. I'm going forward they like that they have an imperial offensive -- which which is another reason -- probably not too much agreed to bring them back. Yeah absolutely I think it is well he would suffer an injury and be creepy you know and then. Could force 49ers to to reach out and -- and field. There's -- the editor in chief of niners digest dot com joining us guy Lieberman John -- -- -- and ID 57 game. On the other side of the Carlos -- not to play much -- the other side of the football Chris or are we get to see quite a bit of -- award tonight the first round pick. Yeah I would I don't he plays -- The first quarter maybe in the first but the 49ers and they haven't as Cox a nickel and and that picture and you know it says. You know -- These people operate in the war on an agreement similar to what you are about they're -- you probably -- -- defense. Including Saturday not repeating a that -- According that would probably give him a lot of optical -- later and Nichols by an app for that defense is one of my child in position there on the field for them so. It's. It was an anchor for her war a lot of school and and it looks like he's taking it pretty well out of the -- to it and it and -- -- -- going to be god -- percent of the that it probably won't look much too long -- side they really feel content. Into the quarter. Well for -- The first day Fettig guest from all another guest Carlos Rogers -- -- -- tactical -- player. Which -- right. -- It goes to view -- and India in the locker popular Leo on other organs. You have to move on -- play. -- eleventh and nothing we talked about before you join us was about the front and especially with -- and being out which I'm sure he's gonna store tonight. With that five technique in that outside linebacker. Is a potentially going to be take. And core lemonade to start the season and are they pretty confident default and is out Fareed. You know four game ovals is hypothetically say that those two guys can generate enough pass rush. Boss Donald Smith you know -- in close. Yeah think and -- -- -- and criminal particularly his situation to. All the all the when it was called and mentioned in the first years primarily in the -- while what it actually used that won it last year so eleven. Come in and it'll 49ers to that you looked a lot to spot and permanent way. In a situation in India treat them play and I'll be a tournament. And you. -- -- -- the total real rushing defense that line and took the compliments mayor -- -- because they got up the field on third and long situations they're in other than that -- basic. Situation against the run and they might not be quick with guys that excel in the in the third month situation and that tortured and really marks thing that you're doing what what -- why -- content in Michael Cutler situation onions here and and -- I would. I would be I would expect some sort of tune in and depending on how and when it another watching. And I back to a long way toward you know determining what what they do and -- and creepy corporate or not. A farcical way away from being a guy that can potentially make any kind of impact. It. And I'm playing checkers and not -- it was physically and 110. He's -- -- -- Pretty impressive. Keydrick. A local call it a little operate. I mean you get out now and then and you still working on different responsibilities. That that I'm probably a lot and really one. It you were being around them on the back. -- lottery. Forty jedi Knight got need to do they got a gardener cut his line. -- -- --

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