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95.7 The Game>Audio & Video on Demand>>Carlos Rogers explains differences between 49ers and Raiders camps.

Carlos Rogers explains differences between 49ers and Raiders camps.

Aug 7, 2014|

The veteran DB, Carlos Rogers, talks with Haberkauff about his first camp with the Raiders, his time with the 49ers, and what he looks forward to doing on the field in 2014.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Carlos rogers' account off to a stop over in Jonas and you know this is new for your obviously your third team -- remember you can now lock out as a forty -- and obviously hit the ground running with them. How how is this experience -- for you so far as Gloria good the transition was my season this. BO both -- Didn't have the move. Came to a defense -- -- for me -- coast -- -- mark coordinated for anonymous so. He knows he's either of our defense did -- determine this is coming in trying to play. It seems like the last three or four years you experienced the highs and lows of the in a failure they -- a one year deal that lock out the Nissan and the big deal. Yeah he played so your best avoid your career with foreigners went to a suitable then you end up being cut now I here with the raiders I mean talk to us is not a whole experience. It's forbidden to note that I can fit I was. On a bed and it being drafted Louise suggested it in now -- you know the poisoning if -- Lanka so you know teams that promotes. Us in the event it's you know and then came out today he gave a quick passes and the -- you deported. Have every good success so it first you going to NFC championship. If -- insist that it be the the you know what's his salary gets. Gotta pay a lot of Baghdad then you know got young guys that come that is part of it but. You know look at them glad to be over here and still have -- opportunist via plane in the united my team do alone time Baghdad policy team now of those. You know you have Vista via specially DVR. -- made some adjustments in your career. To you know. -- It devious cause that is is that so pervasive media especially our young guys coming well of foam. Maybe in you know I'm Brett -- but I kind of know football and you know have a have a good understanding of it good -- of football and be able to move and sat stock promote the position is that corner of insider Nicklaus though. A lot of team that in the day hip you know look for guys that -- most of this we're at a price. Covers lectures have Cisco during training camp I think you talked about is definitely not her -- only play outside in washed in you only play outside he didn't make the move to the teams -- Francisco. Why -- played Olympic code that and it got them unless you close at hand. But you know it was and his stance that house plan now so when I deaths. The foreign matters. You know it was via hall and it was typical. Just to learn the position of irony -- -- -- you know got their system works with coated out of there can be. You know they -- -- -- -- -- in -- this season how much that help yet here now when you're helping some of the younger guys and as you can do both varieties these these transitions so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they sit back and it Los Tuesday night duties in and makes them easier to come to me ask me questions because they know I know. You know a lot of time do you wanna. And the young -- Mandela asked the coach because like -- maybe things you know notice an hour to tell him if you make a joke book Koppel for made Kabila and those. Why how did he say is how to you do it is how you do it. What would do we play in this situation so. If these that mean go into look at it and they -- good understand space with some mindedness active door with a. -- is Carlos Rogers he's joining us here neighborhood of little cough and I 57 game. You know I'm curious from the time you started playing nickel maybe being the crew in Washington that full time at San Francisco. To now has that position itself change you because now we -- like the forty -- for example. But trying to replace -- where -- rookie of anyway intransigent award in the first round of play that position. Told -- how tough that might be for a guy who hasn't done before at this level but has that position itself changed for you over the last three years. I think enough from me personally I haven't changed because I've been in this same system right in the same stuff so for me -- -- advantage goes well way to. With the so these. Chris -- -- not -- put him position where he can fail. If he's going to be doing a pretty we have some more death of -- back of those overdosed and of this too so I don't know got a phone output is going to be tough. Then and vehicles but when dad got to -- goes -- UN. You know you got alarm break points. Who are certain moves that they go and do justice trying get throughout delivers so. I mean is Pia is it is easier when you get this spears. Well it means is did it's there about it noted that vehicle with the cities when the -- this new place even though you can be one of bears caught it they describe in that. Which it appears some of those get this that they'll be killed and and it. What have you seen in the last three or four years is is the only Wes Welker type guys now you have Percy harbor and maybe they'll bump we see a guy James Jones they can do it you know Calvin Johnson male lineup it doesn't matter United States. Slot receiver anymore receivers play DeSean Jackson or Calvin Johnson you know yet be ready really for everything. Right in that's what they know. You get those gas flight data positioning they -- mood on this fast. You see what Victor Cruz the it was a because you -- -- easily captivate is where he'd be in this -- That's a tough position as something that's on now I have my -- with him that good and bay they use the go to this tablet. You know most office as a -- of that that person is noted this about this in itself is so. If you gave. When you pick gas -- now some of them backer of the -- them -- is -- Have a lot of spin it is played a lot of things. Is going to be telephone in daylight at events and Carlos Rogers what we do you know we talk so much about this too many guys who have rings like Justin -- LaMarr -- you've played some big games. -- games with the Seahawks like last year. Man it's physical. Are. We knew coming today -- week with them -- on both suffered a ball in it's always fair. Who have ahead and lead balls I had do win it they've defense had to step up and make hopefully. And most of Pruitt are allowed game boy about it so is it -- DB did Richard Sherman make a play or or did the -- to throw the ball. I'm ailment DV so -- -- you go to make a play alive dead they do area. If it's a complete bed he batted down he made a play you know as the BB UK it would -- being placed it. You hope is -- you have banning so I mean. On the other side about was he within a hook -- -- visual we go through the through a -- where it. You know you know how they were Miller playbook you don't know what pressure -- head how -- he see it. -- -- -- bed time thought -- did you know places buried they have an open. He made a play in -- though and then so he did -- on top agenda EU openers interview talking about the business of football obviously the way things in San Cisco is there any animosity from you to them. No never never never asked did talk. They're caught -- because -- ransom note and attain. It out front office at the front you know you can't it we always knows opinion if that be in this from. The coach is different you know some people may fail to coaches and front office is that business from -- to you saw that legitimate threat area we're doing with different outlets so. Nobody is safe. You know even -- -- either idea that you know you can thank you -- as some do see this dog gone bad if they know they clean the whole house. So. I have no no animosity towards those deaths and I'd be -- slam I want to feel bad and you know. Because some office guys know we really don't get it sounds that we really don't get to hit it. Those you know go out against cramming at all you can really play here domain. Really go to a break up passes you know they can see how we really says them too so it's going to be found work. Is being in this and you never know. I may get a call and they say that's -- assume because they won't Libyan who supported not -- game pay uncle. Was planned for our ball like. It was fun it was good -- to vote in the -- and say he's we have news on -- Good -- understands full well he was in those shoes. And he still has that day draft day he's he's he's fear -- -- play. And that's what make it's they've mean we've we've had success the team consists of three years though it so. Mean cats he really puts -- -- depth look at the guys played well guys ever make fun of work cleats on game day. They had gotten that bit of that they know what they're saying outfit. And have -- authority to go -- -- -- -- -- here and it's on the left and have fun within beside the outfit. What's the biggest difference this splash you're trading cares for years and training camp with the 49ers to training camp the raiders. I don't think it that's different from me with this com -- going to training camp. With them. The last two years whose life powered no was going well I know with this bit is trying to work on your crafting is bad here of flight. Learned determined odds of this defense and work and -- craft. You know trying to get -- and trying to hit turned his team around like you noted group look at the -- that they've Freudian there target team around so. That's the biggest -- of the -- is football is training camp if he's going to be tough is going to be a grind of that when you go what are you seeing out there that make you think this team will be successful. Same C veteran leadership level one -- Citic brain goes -- -- -- and -- understand how to wean. Is not going to be you know we all have the ground Kia you. Phone saw some sixty years only into the -- as we all got to grind it put in the work. To track changes things around but I think when you add those pieces along with the pieces here. Air about it losses came around here about a wants to give -- and that is we have four game season. -- could stand. In a division and make the play so. I think with -- drive in air by the home in the way we price and I hear. You know we headed in the right there race but we'll see. When the costs in Europe you've set for Friday. Step aside. I was like you out every series V the though you get excited you wanna play you -- play. Space that valujet. Put it in me if they rate with these new -- that are current Teddy Bridgewater my -- starts there are some snaps with the first team offense. -- -- rookie thrown says Newt Odyssey and drove the you do and see how we do -- MCI we do against offense there. You know he's got that it kind of from the -- what they'd do and they've made changes and stuff we maintain its uncovers in them but. You know it's good to go against another team and you know see day's work out here translate into -- You should Juba the national champion and all four undefeated ICC plus. Give -- -- USC's you receive. Oklahoma and they get blue. America's based changes may have that heaven is back in the years past that this this beyond us who has the best player on the team and outdated. -- -- -- brown two Cadillac went five UN nine and draft you guys that Jason Campbell's quarterback Jay Ratliff was on team. -- I don't know how you. Was the only it was obvious it was you can't sit this out -- -- out with the base for the defense out of the ball. A lot of things that made the I was they worked around me boys. You go beyond this. Seasons smooth some coasted with that sort of got to hit a lot of the gas now. But we also had good -- don't be a lot of good players when it comes to the -- out of it's kind of hard about it because you know Jason they've -- played overseas and Gatwick. -- and Raddatz but he cares. So they couldn't get to -- Bomb award it to give but it BitTorrent debate that's what it was never never nominate those who wore a mile of the fact is the individual. I think window though would Buckley. Well I was say one of those who. Me and rather an exit. Would you do it. Almost -- CIO bail them. I was -- out of it today in always want to be too would look about them doing OK so that game and it is family grew Rondo wanted to woods you know -- in the land that we play Atlanta. That's the biggest thing for me is that about that came our way out of them or really heated to a but I want to beat those guys. This is it just because the school goes into decent and and note and it. So those pac twelve and SEC. If if if if -- -- have a great year we trees that died that they have.

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