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Haberman and Middlekauff 8/7/14 Hour 2

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Garrett there and -- our best -- catch national past contests code word. -- -- Six point seven to anyone before -- -- care for your shot at a thousand dollars -- happens -- that the united front seven again. Breaking news Lynne Dunn retired com. It's going our next comic. I Carlos Roger's gonna join us 1130 to JDS present and the update but I don't think they can you didn't leave the other -- with Landon Donovan has retired. Are you will at the end of the season low point in time for that between now and the -- that got you. Which is Latin anybody -- the playoffs play out and yeah we don't want overshadow the season. With this story like that Derek Jeter farewell tour is taking everything over and I can't even turn on television without their -- exit at every turn on the TV can't go to the coliseum without what about general we know. We both we chair I don't what are we don't. Sure Jon Lester goes today. By the way. Excited I am you do and pre and post game big -- it. A watch on meanwhile -- and I appreciate it from supporter mayor fast tech support X tag off the record that Pakistan of triggered. I'm on the record -- noises that nor ask me -- Yahoo! Sports tweeted today reported today that it's there it's done deal. August 23 when the cavs can trade in your -- against the timberwolves they will do -- And they will get Kevin Love he -- and I'm gonna tell you as someone who would have done the deal I issue still can't mean that nothing is binding the warriors can still. If they want to pick up the -- it's OK here's play in this and that and will take Kevin Martin and we'll take. Of them mbah a moute and will take whoever else you got to the verbal handshake agreement Ryan and -- there and seen each other yeah. I mean they could they could like the way people trust you off the record is distrust -- doesn't mean anything really know. And if they you know and I'd be glad about way of followers to do it still I still think Kevin Love makes you better but I think the thing that has always concerned. Us with him and you met we've talked about that even before we are talking about a trade just the idea Kevin -- you said John he hasn't won before. Well I'll tell you something because if you come here or we don't know what would've happened. I know what's gonna happen now when he goes to Cleveland he's going to win. A lot. A lot. Like probably 65 game -- -- is gonna make his career right Gary he -- what all claim block. What a couple rings he's going to the he's gonna hall of fame with LeBron they Smith basket he's then they lost that game over barring severe injury or LeBron leaving in a year which he could. He's gone I don't think he signs a five year deal with. Which he also reported that LeBron it's a good point yeah he's gonna agree to do of a five year 100 -- one of the nasty is combos we've seen maybe since a young Kobe and Shaq coming into guys and they're crying wow Tyree. Carrier -- But -- storm that's really my point though like there's more pressure on Klay Thompson -- -- eight at 89579570. How do you think this non deal for the warriors won't get remembered. I think it's going to be skewed. Because is the question that well how about Kevin Love. If you winner will be answered. In the affirmative and strong yes because he's not gonna Cleveland losing. I mean he is winning that is definitive. Is happening it's over. It's not I mean that's gonna happen right when he goes there it got nice doesn't mean what do one years don't let one get that I think they would have made the playoffs for sure well. What seed he had no lie and only six I think worst case scenario for the cast worst case everyone stays healthy. They lose in the conference finals and I'd be shocked now how good this team is Manning mr. Paul George stuff -- he's worse -- much easier path. You lost I mean as of the from a staff perspective and how -- their path to get to where they need to go compared to your path. You lost when you -- factoring in. He's probably gonna win a championship or two there. -- -- I mean more authority or floor or. I have this big -- batters in the Big Three LeBron had LeBron is so much better Kevin Love I think better boss ever was. Now wade is pride weight was better retiree when he got there in 2010 the weight quickly fell off the map. -- team guy's gonna be phenomenal. And I'm bullish on clay I -- in the game that Paul George snapped his leg he looks really good I mean he might start for team USA. There's no way to meet -- make it past the second round of the playoffs you -- this team. I think they like cal coming never once they overvalued their own players because I think this deal. For the -- I would rather do this deal in the deal for clay in David -- I want David Lee -- -- too young players this money bull deal I get too young players that are cheap. They have potential to be good. And the cast man group. Player I mean. I think -- their -- final slot. If you warriors had offered if if they had an -- debate member. Stephen A Smith said that claim was on the table. Every other report essentially in -- eyes -- and that he's not. But if they offered him awful long time ago or really agreed that it seems like they deal would have gotten done like if -- if -- all hinging on. Kevin Martin's contract I don't you find a way around that. Maybe you don't mean maybe -- -- the need to take a backpack waiting for it right didn't think anybody think they're any of their baggage. Minnesota loaded no baggage and get cheap labor has no control of -- a great color that I used. How will this be remembered for lawyers I think in the immediate is a loss is going to look bad because he's going to win and the only real question about him was is he winner. Will -- be like -- did all of that stuff. Now. Clay I like totally I think plays -- all star global you will be that I think that's what he can be. But they're not. And now they're going to be tough foresee this year I don't think that sound right to sell his new coach and -- miracle game last those teams in the east is gonna look bad in the media and again I would have on the deal I would have done the deal. Now there is a significant amount of pressure I think on Klay Thompson well and here's the other -- -- Very fair I think here's the other part part part out of love not only is he gonna win. He's gonna look better than he ever has I don't know statistically he's gonna put the guiding numbers. When you play with a basketball some bought like a magic. Like jordin like O'Leary your game goes to levels that are just stupid I think Kevin Love is gonna take his game to just. I mean it's kind of like when boy went CP three's kind of similar when he showed up late game this -- wrong about this who's ever really seen Kevin Love. Now I mean we. The average NBA fan he's never been in the playoffs now plays a small market plays in Minnesota don't there on national T very because they're not good. Ricky Rubio. Mean I'm sure that I get maybe they'll -- -- that like every game you see a lot of on a typical season I watch a lot NBA basketball for five -- but do we -- I want to watch him understand you're just your general ban on -- -- don't know Kevin Love -- clean and they watched him fifteen time police -- easiest it's outline and how many yankees he had to rant last year honestly price 3540 -- yeah. I mean how many view the average MBA pay and the -- do watch a lot of NBA priorities he saw less than five has been the Eagles they're not all. And why would you waste your time watching them beside him. He's gained guy's gonna go to heights that. The price he never -- sponsor this -- and just it's good it's not gonna look good this year just a non trade here there's they're gonna be so good man and now. It's going to be -- -- play with a guy like LeBron it's just got to get to this point he is a long way to go but. I mean he averaged what nine assists last year and he would it would have been a lethal combination with the two I -- -- not -- will be the greatest pick and roll combination ever. Now -- to him would have been nasty but look let's face -- LeBron James. It's gonna be unstoppable writes I mean I what's -- greatest pick and roll combination we talk about -- optimal yeah. I was a staff and Kevin would had a chance to kinda. I mean those two all favors they would have to play together for awhile but I think we can even we don't even need a blanket LeBron camp -- better than that. The ball better players in both those guys. I'm in the -- better neither Malone Stockton. And I was in -- will you let me Kevin has to get to -- yeah LeBron is so much better than either one of those two guys is we'll brawl on. The -- guy is. It was also good to be the second greatest player of all current into the peak of his powers the peak hours. Part -- automatically not letting him be the greatest player of all time because we never -- could be. She could. Of course he could he's -- and Michael Jeffrey Jordan in the dust approach well Michael was so unique because of all the other things that he did but. Man you know but but I I I don't rule anything I'm -- already I think we both feel pretty -- the easier answer more rings -- fingers he's bringing -- home Cleveland. He's coming home he's very you know. He's righty Kevin free love. Kevin Love is moving to Cleveland Merrill how he's ideological anchor he likes that there is no borders. Now. LeBron runs how many guys to get you to move the Cleveland I think -- and really maybe giant neighbor -- is moving to Cleveland John you -- Besides LeBron Duran who do you think he goes for. I don't think there's one player. -- would -- be dumb to -- why would you do that. LeBron is officially become most powerful guns of course he got Kevin Love that not only okay -- trade to Cleveland. But to sign an extension. For five years in the prime of his career. On Walnut Creek area now. The only liberals get hundreds why they're too resilient -- goes along wide Cleveland. 88957. -- 570. -- this -- be remembered now for you how do you think it will play out. There's one other thing here that now I think we have to say definitively. At the warriors have to do now the cavaliers have reportedly done this deal with the Minnesota what the warriors must do next. And your thoughts as well coming up its -- minimum golf -- 957 again. And less TV comes face to first ball in conjunction with -- Anthony better. Does not measure well. Also one. Then state and packed off -- Minnesota dropped the ball plain and simple. That was -- who left the jaws Stephen A Smith suspended right. Suspended. They're talking and yes there was also -- it's just. He he's convinced like clay it was on the table he's about sports in a while ago. I'm not convinced -- -- everything we read is that if clay was on the table that to flip wanted to for the deal would've. Play again so maybe I think it's possible that he -- the table and the deal hinged on Kevin Martin's contract and so didn't happen. But it seems like it's I mean it's a significant speed -- -- a lot of money on the TV to -- -- deals -- -- but again before a good job at Cleveland to the deal that haven't taken -- his money so get your foot -- -- take. Clay David Lee Barnes. Or first round pick Bennett and Williams. I'll take the cavs deal. But. What is talked about want to win now and the reside -- the can't deal is because I'm building a team. Clay is about to get paid David Lee is getting -- Right so I would take -- Clay is good though man I love that clay comply Kimmel is going to be awful I mean that they got 55 lost sixty loss potential. I mean wigand's Levine. Of Levine had -- -- indicate -- UCLA how's it wrong for so long that I'm I'm turnaround really raw I think it's Levine Bennett Bennett might be their best. And in ruby I mean they're -- bad man I mean they're gonna be bad Q what else is means. -- who -- the beat the warriors last year at home. Details yeah well now you don't worry about that anymore ma am not so fast. Mark Jackson is also represented by maverick Carter -- -- -- -- Paul would have the guy's name is the -- call Richard ball which -- Here's the Emmys -- maybe 895 tonight 570. That that extension date you know we've talked about with clay and it's probably going to be. A lot of money is coming for him -- that now you must resigning him and I think they probably were going that you do it anyway. But now. You leverage. Because now you've got to bring them back no matter what you can't let him go. And have not trade him for for for Kevin -- a -- warriors. What's it like a bomb Iran -- agent now I'm pretty excited or one thing every day at the end no question like mark did. His star players like them a lot. Staff and collect. If David blasts the head coach -- Cleveland. Sure as hell better make sure that LeBron James a Kevin lover on his side -- if he's not I don't K if your name gill were. -- made a lot of mess of -- your head coach that. If LeBron -- -- and that I can't play if you know you better make sure that relation works. There's no you're there's nobody knows but first there at the Collins a member Paul Silas was the first coach in Cleveland is David -- -- three years. I've no idea. I have no -- you agreed he'd better make sure those guys like him I think it will be just get like small like they're gonna win like there in the east think it's not a great -- it doesn't take Bill Belichick -- conference are all right lighter balls those get -- -- We could -- Robert in San Jose up first hey Robert things hold on now welcome to show. -- picked picked -- look people all knowledge -- more out here. And picture and Kevin Love in the -- -- Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant that lewd joke -- model. -- -- Jane cute but a bit player all all right -- you. Had beat Cleveland is gonna win. 82 and eat you put that thing that we are seeing here in the -- I don't think -- that we learned or the out here three guys are could be a real NBA team. They will not win each ship partly -- -- right now I think the lowdown on the that this country warrior at me and -- while. All were robber I was talking about the twosome and I I personally bounced our team I would take LeBron James. Over Shaq or over -- now clearly Shaq and -- are better than Kevin Love. I'm just saying as -- to some like Magic Johnson. You get way better when you play -- LeBron James Kevin Love is already superstar his game's gonna go to heights that they're gonna win. So -- funny word when -- before Phil showed up let's let's not forget that Jack -- -- -- and before you met Phil Jackson again I'm with you Jack stayed. One of the top big men of all time Colby the same deal when the best to -- I brought -- I would take over even. Well look at all star. Eric what are people aren't we're gonna find out who gonna find out -- soon. I think yeah I think he's. But they might not he's a -- might not win a championship this year. They might not I -- Miami didn't right away but they're going to win. Are going to win we're going to be in the maximum is that a no brainer yet and we -- the Shaq and Colby lets them for only won three titles. I'm here. I think -- -- Company at worst case I mean they're gonna win too. But we stupid they're so good Steve and Oakland amen. I -- -- a young guys. You know I'd love to pay you back the last caller I you know that -- -- including you guys. Severely overvalued Kevin Love but NBA insider widely regard him beat. One of the most over hyped player than -- NBA. He did not play defense to Dolly -- movement and to go get positioned to rebound so either of you that -- -- That's what he'd he never won any pain he'd never made anybody around and played better. Or make them better even -- regardless of the fact they're all lottery pick. And they did it did. He's he's he's a guy that -- casual fan like he's a guy -- casual. NBA observers like. But when you talk to people on the inside -- little hole sailing near future trading three guys that we would have had to have -- given him a 120. Million dollar deal. And may and -- -- our highest paid player on the team. And the cornerstone of the team that's not who you want -- -- your way again you guys. Well I -- a lot of your premise there that he hasn't done much but I but but I would say is I think he would make them better. If finally if it is simply responded that I think you make the betterment. Well you are gonna make in the warriors better if you you -- -- lead bar in clay -- this guy and you eliminate all your debt. And you bring in guys downplay these pants and you get ready hardy band of guard. And you obliterate you know everything that made you successful to this point. Bad that bad -- and all in kinda move and I here's. I think the warriors would have done it if you had a two way player. This guy is the one way player I watched -- the last ten games and NB ATV. And I would utterly shocked. The fact that he can definitely left his man wide open to go get in position to rebound on the. Pastries do you FCC. Steve I've a map for -- call that's fair. I just I'm I only got away and move on a launch on his many guys -- -- we can't I would say this response that let's talk about the wars like they've accomplished something yet they haven't. It is lost the first round. And you're in Danville what's up man. You know. It's great that I got a -- at ten games with the Minnesota Timberwolves went ahead and not have occurred quite a bit. And -- -- that you're bashing them up like eighteen every minute for the timberwolves game like that font PE could god let go he can rebounding and won the three point contest at the same time. What more do you want versatility you're -- eat chicken rule expect curry and Kevin Love. Wouldn't make this team better you don't need that having a guy that and I grabbed twenty rebounds a game is not gonna make -- -- -- I don't understand where you wouldn't want an Olympian. A popular player in the league who went to final fours and has always been on pitching until you went to Minnesota. I wouldn't want. Hey Andrew I mean now these -- LeBron -- one player that hasn't gotten dramatically better playing with LeBron James. -- He knew -- Mario Chalmers look like NBA who threw collegiate. I'm very you agree that even LeBron is is going to be in a lethal combination. Absolutely but I also think Benjamin stepped -- -- you know I agree -- you wouldn't ask the general student trees. And intent to anyone that he doesn't play defense -- I'm sorry he played defense and to me why he's leaving guys we starting -- short. 1012 feet from the basket when the ball goes -- that's why he grabs twenty rebound game. Appreciate the Cowen Group Cruz and San Jose real quick -- Chris. As. You know just saying I'd feared -- but -- -- -- in there that. I'd ever look at that have to be the guy in Cleveland got up and make it any better that's what brought these jobs. So therefore it's a much better deal. The Cleveland if you -- comfortable ordered it all kind of pressure on him and he probably would have come up short. I'm on expectations not a doubt I guarantee that number you put them back in Cleveland are going to be astronomical. Question yeah. It. Thanks a coma. Like he had telephones on this I -- I. Point try get to may use we can so we'll get back to this really talked to Carlos Rogers next about the niners and the raiders. And then if you guys hang in we'll get back to you guys may views we can't because there's a lot going on and I think there's a key to this John which is clearly. And this is my thing like I don't know which one will be better because we don't know what Kevin Love really is going to be a good team. I think he's gonna be really good we don't really know clay is going to be the point was the next year I don't look much better for. The team and ask Panama I think that maybe claim it as a breakout a year and and we go OKC was really good. But even if he does use the first round they go to the championship I mean. Don't miss being -- -- -- summer slam heat wave -- -- one invade the SAD center on August 20s August 16 of August 16 the final -- performance. Before wrestle mania 31 great seats available now at Ticketmaster dot com for -- is prepared to get to the show was the BTH. Always. That includes tomorrow for ever and yet you have a shot -- in front row tickets right Carlos Rogers. What's he bringing to the raiders how -- will be for the guys to replace him we'll talk to him next its neighborhood and took off and I 57 again. Ton of Kevin Love him. Which is gore got -- Jimmy Cleveland's home and not to worry about it and like most facing guys still look. It's -- good. I'll I guess still wanna get that what we can get back to it. Becoming a sort of get about fifty minutes. There's a lot to still beat you before eleven coming up next. My next mean right now we had a chance yes -- -- -- with Carlos Rogers of the raiders. An integral part of the 49ers talked to him about both. Both what he's root of the raiders boys leave him behind San Francisco what they're losing any amount they try to replace him we had a chance to catch up with Carlos Rogers in Napa. I started just last year about how the transition how the campaigns are gone so far with. With the raiders for him. Is Gloria good the transition was much easier than this. BO -- abating. Didn't have the move. Came to a defense -- -- for me weird close where it was -- -- -- -- coordinated for anonymous so. You know these these two aren't defense is not a term does this come in trying to put. It seems like the last three or four years you experienced the highs and lows of the NFL you know he sent a one year deal lock out the Nissan and the big deal. Yeah he played so your best of borders groups for an hour went to a suitable then you end up being cut -- here with the raiders I mean talk to us is not a whole experience. It would be in this you know -- -- like -- stated I was on -- bed and it being drafted the will is drafted in and out clans you know the poisoning if they're like paso. You know teams have pretty much. Listen -- and it's you know and then came out today he gave a quick updates on the one you deported non. Have every good success so it first you -- -- the NFC championship. These are insist on AB did that today you know what's his salary gets. We got to pay a lot of the guys then you know got young guys -- come that is part of it but. You know Augusta I'm glad to be over here and still have an opportunist -- -- player in the league you know this might Cynthia alone time Baghdad policy team -- of those. You know I'm -- -- to be especially DV all right did you make some adjustments in your career. To you know. State. The previous cause that is is that of position you guys especially our young guys coming well from. May be in you know -- must but I kind of know football and you know have a have a good understand have a good nods of football and be able to move inside saga for remote physician who is -- corner of inside and it was so. A lot of teen dead and he did hit -- you know look for guys that played most of this. We're at a press -- -- -- just go during training camp I think you talked about is definitely novel you only play outside in Washington you only play outside he didn't make the move to the teams -- Cisco. How -- played a little bit because it got them unless you because enhanced. But you know it was and his stance that house plan now so when I got to before -- -- You know it was via -- it was typical. Just to learn the position of Narnia and house but you know got an assistant was with -- out of there can be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Know some of the stuff that they teach in the young guys already know. You know -- Sudan and Israel lows Tuesday as you know I do this -- and makes them easier to come to me ask me questions because they know I know. You know a lot of -- And the young guy man I want as the coast because life. Close maybe things to him on notice an hour to tell him you -- feel more comfortable for me to -- -- in -- Why how do you say is how do you do if not you do that what would do we play in this situation so. It needs for me to go into those guys than they have a good good understand space was reminded this they're doing it would have. Closest Carlos Rogers he's joining us here -- and a cough and I 57 game. You know I'm curious from the time you started playing nickel maybe in the crew washing the full time San Francisco. -- now has that position itself change you because now we -- like the forty Nash for example but try to replace she where they rookie of anyway intransigent award in the first round of play that position. So -- how tough that might be for a guy who hasn't done before at this level but has that position itself changed for you over the last three years. I think enough for me -- to have attained because I've been in this same system right in the same stuff so for me where standard goes well with. But it's a tough position. Pretty soon -- -- not go put him position where he can fail. If he's going to be doing a pretty we have more guys don't mob back of those overdosed and listen to so I don't know how -- -- phone output is going to be tough. Then and vehicles when dad got to wage goes all UN. You know you got alarm break points. Who are certain moves that they gonna do justice trying get too often there is so. I mean sphere of it is is is yeah we've got this -- But it means is did it's there about a noted -- May go over this is -- a tough position to play even though you can be one of bears caught of their day described in sat. Which it appears some of those guys has sat and nearly killed him and it was. What have you seen in the last three or four years Isa is the only Wes Welker -- guys now you have Percy carbon maybe they'll bump we should -- James Jones they can do it you know Calvin Johnson male -- it doesn't matter United States. Slot receiver anymore receivers play it DeSean Jackson or Calvin Johnson -- yet be ready really for everything right in that's what they know. You get those guys my -- and positioning based auto mode on this. You see you evade the cruelty it wasn't because -- -- piracy they get paid its way he did their slap. That's a tough position as something has gone out I had my battles with him the good things good and -- there you see I go to their -- it. You know most offices and the office of the personnel -- best out of business so -- and so. If you can get. Waited big gas work -- some of -- backer of the some of them -- -- not. Have allowed us being bears play two out of single. Is going to be telephone and a light at events and Carlos Rogers what we will you know we talk so much about this team adding guys -- rings like just to talk LaMarr Woodley. You've played some big games close games with the Seahawks like. Last year. Man tough physical. Hard. We knew coming today and we wisdom -- on both sides that a ball. You know and this always -- who will ahead the last volatile ahead out attuned to win it very decent -- had to step up and make a play. And most of Pruitt are allowed game boy down today he's always it -- DB did Richard Sherman make a play or or did the column to throw the ball. I'm ailment DV so I knew you go to make a play alive dead they do it in. If it is -- pretty bad he batted down he made a play you know -- the BB you can hear what evolved being placed it. He -- his place in your -- so. I mean. On the other side above that was it was in the hook for better visual we go through the through -- bush. You know you know I only remember the playbook you don't know what pressure -- head how did he see it. These favorites -- bad term value again you know plays to -- you never know what it means. He made a play in his -- man so he did pick on top schools plan for our ball like. It was fun it was good -- to vote in the kid who say he's weird news fun playful. A good guy that understands football. He was in those. Shoes and he still has that day draft day he's he's he's beer BI -- play. And that's what make it's fun they've I mean we've if we have to assess the thing with the system three years though it is so. Mean guys who he really puts in depth look at the guys who want applicable guys ever make fun of work cleats on game day. They have gotten that -- a man left in him that same. It. -- days to go there I don't weigh in here in this on the left and have fun of them beside the outfit what's the biggest difference this splash your training -- for years and training camp for the 49ers to training camp the raiders. I don't think it most difference to me would this come you know legal as a training camp. -- -- The last two years whose life power no was going on -- with this bit it is trying to work on -- -- to give bad here as I learn the terminology of this defense. And work on your craft you know trying to get bed and trying to hit turned his team around life. You know the group look at the -- they've brought in very talented team around so. That's the big addition of -- dead -- football is trying to counties is going to be tough is going to be a grind no matter where you go to what are you seeing out there that make you think this team will be successful. -- -- in the C veteran leadership don't want let's save it from brain goes the other guy alone and have them understand how to win. He's not going to be you know we all have the ground -- -- you. -- -- and sixteen years those lead to America's we all got a ground if put in the work to try changes bang around -- I think when you add those pieces alone would -- here. They're about a won't sustain around there about a wants to give bed and not just win a four game of the season. Data could stand. In a division and make the playoffs so. I think it would lead draft in -- a home in the way we price and I hear. You know we hit it in the right direction but we'll see when it costs in the -- you're set for Friday. Yeah homicide -- outright sale -- is that easily the -- get excited you wanna play you -- play -- spent the time yeah there. Good these days if you if -- regular season you rid of the very moderate Teddy Bridgewater my guess starts Gerson snaps with the first team offense. There's a message there he's thrown a live -- got to see him throw CIA do and see how we do it -- MCI we do -- -- offensive. You know we've got a new kind of from the -- -- -- do -- and make changes and stuff we may ten as the uncovers in them but. You know it's good to go against another team and you know see day's work I hear fans say that's -- fellows have a great year will -- as they have. Of Carlos Rogers in Napa and it's -- -- ran through today's six down tomorrow six dolphins falcons. Michael's fans thirsty out. -- -- Bucs and jags. -- -- -- -- The second team or will only one I'll bet -- -- memory to see amateur in the pre season right. The every few writers. Vikings. Philly Chicago hell I tell you New Orleans Saint Louis. Not the end of world that the NFL network and royal Saint Louis teenager Sam Bradford back up. It's not Kellen Clemens I mean that's my guess. My -- -- Hoyer brother of the spectrum up yeah I'm sure Phillippe. Phillippe -- it feels like Dili and say we'll. The program and so whoever started like fourteen games the last -- comments he wasn't that bad. The most important thing though all those six games John is the raider extra point tomorrow night the post game -- posted by Jon Miller com. Shaun Hill Shaun Hill for a -- John Hill. Then get my birch hill today VIP meet and -- a legend for them I ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey get your tickets. Two great merchandise -- to Rodgers is to have fun and meet and greet at the most exciting service on earth. One great price get the package a -- for 75 bucks to get my -- back -- Today. -- coming up next. He'd -- less beneficial. Than AJ Jenkins pick in the Bay Area since AJ Jenkins was actually picked. A terrible thing to -- worse today. That's meant to tape from a little off about 57 again. Fundamental -- I buried the lead when -- -- NFL's -- Like it's impossible to get the explosions back. Because I ran through the six game tonight to a phone network. That's worth a few explosions right just. Football explode that's what we do with the -- when we filled in for the morning Joseph right physics. Right and -- -- six football games tomorrow include the writers. Point explosion. Only for football games on Saturday of an agent Chris ball bruise on he's like nine explosions and -- because you're the -- John all right Houston Arizona one. Its goal will be our friend as the Arizona games on TV in the pre season Phnom -- I do think diversity one of them. Yeah wants last year because he's that good to be honest on our green it's not Green Day at ten -- That's got Pittsburgh in New York that's as. -- like -- below zero the NFL network game 430 Saturday afternoon. Detroit is hosting. Did Cleveland Browns the -- both. Thank you. That's going to be awesome LeBron was -- camp today until that up to us Kevin Love will be there tomorrow. -- -- -- AJ -- -- Tuesday night the raiders -- -- quarterback blaster in the fourth round pretty good player tell Wilson cut by the titans. Can stay with Korea or ever. That's an SE horrendous attack it's time they had -- presented by swooped daily fantasy sports for cash John line. One thought we couldn't go to Napa and find any free wine. We got hooked up I saw that yeah I -- the visitor is there potential to guy we were told there were some delivered. It all went to Greg pop that's really happen did look good -- -- deliver -- is what happens if he gets. All the deliveries -- like Bob Charles Woodson wine and I thought. It's like oh yeah I don't know why don't knock the guy right it was addressed us Whitehall lane -- sent us why. And the guy says is when did you get a lot and we said what line he said look says it was delivered to a target over the delivered here. Yes all the front that's why you or immediate sheets before we don't he said he said the -- I says I got even though I just viewed the receipt says. It was delivered -- I don't know that photo in my life I don't I don't I don't know yes I negotiates up all these. Offensively you all sliding unity and again. And I'd be you know the big news. I never get my work email or work I -- dialogue back when I was in the mailroom the other day now to repent and nothing there I'm series that's what happens. This is based on four I guarantee that comes back and all on bigger problem and they I don't attitude and he doesn't save big and I'd. Yeah. Well the line addressed to middle is that there I don't mind better than you guys. But believe me when you see an intern in an elevator walking out with model which is a wide -- him. Basically paying -- that in turn locking down the street to his car so. As an app is he doing the show from the greater claim that now he's he's out today is while I just got done talking a leaky Kennedy does like itself today idols like the you can link and -- Mayo goes on today and -- really is always on. Thursday's. All a guy you made a Mark Dominik like I credited Gil de with the pay as you go. Cash contract usually is yeah I did was Revis first and now obviously with cap in now with. When Dalton I just a data for somebody before Revis to I may have he told us states are doing it and -- was or is there -- -- the patriots he's been. They didn't have any evening -- -- release and -- paid him his money now gives a big cap number but it it gives a financial flexibility and Elaine L ask him is just how about dynamic start because you know agents they want fifty -- guarantee that a lot of -- don't -- -- hiding in his -- -- actually pull that off our daddy got like a guy like Revis or even the way cap -- neck. It's hard to get those -- three days ago yeah absolutely injuries journey and again I'm I'm not where they a lot of money up front yeah I mean the -- we've got a lot of cash at least applying you got -- Culpepper makes it you know and he's getting his criticizes may be his. Is agents are who are inexperienced rightly says that the niners. -- using you know a better idea milk off where it's. It was -- away and -- is all camper at noon cycle. A guy like that normally gets LX amount guaranteed tournament get into with him but himself. Yesterday Romo. Walked out of the tracks fielding my daddy why. The and he had a sandals but not in -- but now the they keep all the media corralled I mean he's being lies in the end -- price target scheme -- players I had VIP access and quick pop acts like yeah insulin pump was up on those. This is left out there I was over big windstorm just the scare -- a little he was up there it is. You know he's a white. Lending shear wind -- value itself I know knows better you better not below. -- where you realized you know. Few brits. From the organ actually he's been you know I am I'll let you were mentioning -- the ball it's hard not to just. You know just see him a little bit in the NFL and I noted every -- commitment talking about a but. To actually see it may be a little bit deceiving here and -- doing -- and everybody else it's and the reason is that the thing with him last year was and John you made this point last week. Then he. Is different when the -- when when the game just because it's a little more hectic and that's no doubt rise. It's hard I saw guys like there's a legitimate got a lot to them it's it's not like any other player I until it is before I was working in the trident and Jeff and I was ripping Jeff Garcia is if you watched Jeff Garcia in training camp every ball in the ground is. But then you get into the game and he's just you know he does he drives -- -- way -- man's elbows. He actually called into the show and it was just we got to fight. Ending years later before he he was a weekly guest -- I call in any school reds and -- it really cool guy believes the site. You're talking about my blog just watching camp. When he got -- games we did what he did I say this is Johnny football could become Jeff Garcia in his primary idea pretty damn good -- Danielle is a better arm and he does that. Well we'll tell you started. Pretty Montreal -- let's try not long he's the -- defensive. Consultants in hours and -- there -- -- only averaging fifteen point three worst in the CFL point effort and download starting next week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 3 o'clock here to start with a two -- you know 3 o'clock with. -- it's really on yeah okay gas line always for Romo dropped one injury is Charles have god -- drop. OK I think -- -- -- irrelevant well on those brides save by joining and so we had a goddamn way then -- or not you it's your. Ron. Paul really -- they'll spot and they'll they'll read my rods arguably the greatest diva back ever to play in the NFL rule called soft yeah. -- and A-Rod hole you got the wrong guy that was on the matter. It it was always O'Grady as we go for the first few games appreciate every. We go to K fox until Romo -- a second a stuff on -- and the program directors like let this guy otherwise I think I think sorry bill. Well you know we'll take what's left of our show thanks lined and a finish it up you're coming up next we'll house. Here we are those who come -- -- commercial and I would predict the down low and middle governor David. Greg Robb could review your show. I tell Michelle and a half feet Butte -- -- bigger original. They rely on what say you know today. Might try to point three years old amazing things. He is hitting home run on his birthday each of the last two years. How about this he good he good. Mike Trout and Willie Mays are the only two players ever. To have multiple seasons really -- three money. Hit 25 homers. And had thirty steals three point 15 bombs thirty steals Willie Mays and Mike Trout because there are resisters orator and he just turned one injury he do this first two years in the league. My god. He's phenomenal -- -- again I'm very bullish on the angels. Because I feel like right now they're kind of like a basketball team a couple guys can carry them. Does every time trial comes up like you say it all the time you feel like he's about to be on second and Albert right now. -- he doesn't have to run block is hit bombs he won a bomb the other day out there a few weeks. Those two guys -- They wanted Stephen vote -- marchers held allows players to John as an aside just to the planet when Brandon League and Brian Wilson come out of the bullpen for the Dodgers fail. And also won a World Series. I Willis is coming up next. What we will have football hasn't played bottom all this time let's play talk about things -- -- the estimates neighborhood the most problematic by seven again.

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