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RIch Aurilia recalls Bonds' 756

Aug 7, 2014|

Our SF Giants analyst joined The Wheelhouse to discuss the return of Angel Pagan to the lineup, the toughness Jake Peavy brings, and Barry Bonds breaking the HR record 7 years ago today

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rich Aurilia in enough to join us to give us a little bit of inside at -- really. 35 are you on are you a golf course again. -- I'm not bottom actually is sort of my television like idiots like you could tell. I I have -- actual golf. Yet the last couple times we've had done you've been following your sons are on the course right. -- no actually goes on like this you know mini -- MarketWatch in Nevada it was a blast -- great charm and back what -- baseball. -- cool the big story today obviously into the gun battle line if he does -- have a hit. In your minds if healthy. What's -- we bring in the table how much is he and help. -- is it healthy I mean you know certainly helped cities in embryos you know prototypical leadoff guy there and again on. And I -- on her and stared. Our front seven -- eight year where you know it is our production numbers are -- in Asia atop the order not ability -- bottom. -- gonna bring consistency to that lineup cards -- -- that. They've seen the difference he can make when he helped me in and a lineup you know over restrictions. You know missed 44 games are shown it is when has watching this game today in the brewers are now sisters are summaries and get the brewers he. Light -- my baseball package. They receive net the you know that the giants you know pretty much did OK while the -- out and I'm thinking back quite. Really don't think they did they'd name this year -- ball in play very well for a long period of time when she went out. I think he's being part. To get back in their line to get their offense back on track and haven't scored a few more runs. You know ugly. You -- I think assists you know pretty much like it to trade deadline addition for you know absentees and so much. Hey rich white realistically when you look at the nationally can you talk about what's going -- the central with a three teams of four teams if you will with the four hands one on earned him in the east. Lol what do you think optimistically what do you think the giants really are there are they that that team that can get. You know make it sure Trevor should run with the way things are and nationally in your opinion. I think they have it good or shouted any team in and actually now. You know I think -- The parity this year baseball uses is green and in the even in the American League we're eight or uniform way is best you troll trying to needles are only two games out now on. The -- insisted it sooner than the one that -- score as many -- it. In and actually -- Yep Argentines that are sent all pretty much all the teams except for cup or in central. -- teams in the west. Two teams in the east you know their battle out to him right now if you look at paper. You have the straighter doctors are you know the clips of -- actually based on. Based on starting pitch I mean those guys your race and you know somebody Corey every night goes out it's a great game but on. You know chapters that. I think that you know. I don't want safety issues drop off between them and every other team but there's a drop off ends. You know that the giants to sustain their bad wrong. And you know they're trying to get back on track right now he got to the teams that are trying to do the same thing like card calls. The Pittsburgh I don't know how long McCutcheon is going to be out so their there's a lot of factors that factor in her right. You know on this day. August 7. You know the giants haven't had a chance -- anybody else and actually. Are -- really -- to join us for talking giants are down 10 right now at. Miller Park and Jake Peavy filling in for a -- -- a week ago we can speculate on this we thought the Mac came would be gone he's at the bone chips he's gonna have the procedure done. I'd Jake Peavy is one and eleven this year -- a better pitcher than that obviously went six innings last time out the no hitter. -- today four innings pitched for its CE three of those four in the first inning game of that one run he's also walked three CD filling in for Cain how do you feel about them. -- feel like it took what was available for them on the market took a civil war you know they -- working again. I don't think based on what what they had treated anywhere can get any of the big name guys out there com. So that they took what they had available and handler I think but it actually managed. In the future realized. It had a great career long career Psycho -- where you're not gonna see Jake Peavy. That. They were used to -- -- with the Padres won -- -- -- career. He's not as much a power guy anymore is watching today. You know he's still a productive pitcher recent action -- in 9192. Miles an hour. You know about the short heartbreaking sliders it was for a warm up. You know sweeping slow slider. Bombed but I think what benefits and that come back in the National League retake it or why. You're gonna pitch in a big ballpark Oklahoma pretty much kept it starts which should make him a little more productive so I think that giants that the best they could with what they had to deal with. To get a picture -- a match means you know. Spot and -- while we certainly knew Matt Cain was injured in this is that something I think that's been. Pampering him for a long long time minister should read some comments. A really long time and when I play with them. You know. At some floating bodies and so so I'm glad he finally got in there. To get that correct and hopefully get healthy back contract -- Is TV their pitcher you think needs it definitely I mean minister early and pick it up because he's as -- cities get what he does what. I mean it did turn it around in the sense regenerate more wins rather than just know this -- -- loss column 22 for the giants really take -- what he's able to do a pitcher there. Why I think wanting -- need to -- -- -- and ambitious. Science of fire I mean. You know I've said this before this year the -- answer -- great ball -- and great young group of players straight together but here's. It doesn't seem to be like a ton of fire you know like -- that you've at least seen summaries and Jake Peavy the total opposite you're gonna see him. You know we yellow himself every other pitch on the mound and and that's something I'd like she is stressing the battle for playoff -- like to see a little bit of emotion. Played awesome that so I think each hammering that. I think you know they're looking for him to get into the sixth inning when he starts and keep the team -- -- ball game you know Purcell of course he wants. You know -- perhaps somewhat crooked numbers and and no -- at all on the island. But right now you know he he's won there five guys in east pitched you know. Semi sector recently spinners kitchen will that in -- -- -- some stretch. Richard really good enough to join us on the giants down 10 at this point Miller Park. Wanna take you back because today is the seventh anniversary today in 2007. Barry Bonds hit number 756. And you left the giants after the three season you came back again. In 2007. When you remember about not only did just this date in history but just the chase that year. And just overall. I remembered her thirteen most terrible -- -- or are appropriate. To. -- that people at all since the start at that. Well you know I I -- -- -- -- there and you know it was just you know amazing to see what you do and -- day out basis. As far as ostensibly wouldn't cable on and -- early -- Who treated him it and I do remember picking up common Internet today. You know that the questions were -- worse I think you guys might actually if you. What is she gonna pitch. Two very thought what she interviewed guy -- You know. -- the home -- and you know what is credit he'd get. He threw pitches to hit any challenge and you know I know I know for a fact that there -- -- sitting there appreciated I was actually on the we have an ideal time and you know once he hit all the money it took -- can't. And I went up to the clubhouse and talked to a little bit. You know he was kind of shocked you know that thing got pitched on Monday so that that was one thing -- remember where it was just. You know what -- won a moment -- your career that you're part of that you know there's a lot of you know -- -- red flag around that but it's something that I don't forget. 71 in 91. -- again. With the no blood blood type of person comes over its you know it is. Let me remind you we can record wasn't let me begin to bring that brawl and a -- -- and they know how to really got to -- the number just. Why. Haven't. They hate fakes man we always appreciate attacked an excellent thanks for -- lightning.

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