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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/7/14 HOUR 1

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She's been no voice NBA. Eastern Shia and so war years and -- raiders. They did and now -- Life on the. Thanks John well. -- -- -- -- -- Today at this in the show we were out due to eighties yesterday late so I election Jews today I hear the alleged abuse. How are you wonderful brother haven't solved I've never been better well I actually have but I'm just trying to fool myself well -- -- -- I -- notice. The routers are back. Tonight so we got some actual football. To watch even Austria one of those we are zipping around here we go oh -- David pre season is nothing for the first somebody doing. -- just Jones -- did you really did you see some football. You know. Remain well you know what what do you say every -- -- I don't know LAX I don't I don't hate it but what's so bad it is is this is. This is the only Obama into drier as the course. -- -- give people get excited over exhibition play you know not see this a baseball or basketball or hockey it's just football. You get a little bit in spring training to it but I think -- is. You wanna see certain players I got -- I'm not I'm not so much I'm not caught up on the score. I hope nobody gets hurt that kind of thing. But if you're niners fan there's that there's some players Yemen -- before Jimmy ward how's he gonna do in the slot arena mammy -- one and there Carlos Hyde the second rounder long term. If he shows a little -- can he take over for Frank Gore now maybe it means nothing in your right because you understand these games. Let's say that Carlos Hyde tonight for the niners -- second round pick out of -- a state. Breaks a forty yarder for a touchdown and everybody gonna jump to the conclusion we'll talk about it tomorrow. Are you take over Frank Gore when you know that's not the case you know batter right but when your football addicted is our country is. Then any little bit you know it's almost like hit a drug addict and and he sees it a small rocket -- you know after the party last -- there's a little bit in the carpet. And he smokes and -- -- hall not that I know that. It's how right you did. There are. I just army unit in the village desert the grown up because I don't know I don't -- -- pizza but exactly right in the middle of the original -- you know there's still water what -- our own arrogance maybe but. It's just that's that's our country in a nutshell and I don't mean that the average person thinks that we -- the big time football fan. Is gonna make a big deal of tomorrow if you're niners fan and a big deal out here tomorrow -- be -- right -- -- in the. I mean of course some -- I'm I'm I'm thankful because he gives them the former player like me a job wanted to talk about the what I what I know by the back in my hand but. Vienna nuances. If Carlos -- was a breakdown forty yard run I'll be the first person to say -- was a defense scheme against them. Where they just kind of go through the motions they that linebacker really give them a maximum effort. T sometimes ignorance is bliss because they'll know -- but you're right you know you know better 'cause they're probably a player real Vanilla defense right. Right to assert and then there's probably I've been on -- that would not take the time to prepare for pre season yet. It's very -- on both sides and I've been on staffs who who actually prepare any one assumes they wanna game plan and they want to all the stuff they want to try these new things so. It's a combination of both you just don't know which you get. Kimberly you're -- morning. I'm trying to be -- got -- I'm just saying that you know you're doing great also but still three seasons and you don't really think and here's where I would say you be if you wanna get excited for priests and there's no Christmas this year Cindy on the AAI. Wanna get excited for pre season game give the excited for a third -- -- Parents because that's they generally when -- wanna see. Teams put their their and the players put their best effort to kind of still working out the kinks. Of -- fuel to go through most of this is this is a desired break but first because you know you are allowed to do anything. -- Germans -- you clinical course or didn't work for once the text line is against a seminars and any. That's like them have been well you know what I do know a lot of -- -- -- about this hike is now they actually have those those fantasy drafts which I'm sure you don't dispute I'm not a panacea but you know people people who are into it it is everybody teaches old so. You more excited about it you'll probably gonna have their big draft party this weekend anyway. There -- look into. I'd love -- -- give you I'll tell you one story that I swear we gotta get death do you like. So the first year the station were like in her third year anniversary. And Eric Davis. Of course now with -- -- or the former -- right is it and we persuade him to play in our little fantasy grad with a -- -- get an NFL and that. He had so bored I think he lost his first two games it's -- he got so bored today he decided I'm just not gonna play so he just stopped he stopped. Playing in every trounced him. The reason he's not playing well as he started out knowing duty in Dallas I'm an NFL player -- -- Steve and stuff so everybody trounced there but his fall back card was quite impolite. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Jamaal Charles or Peyton Manning -- Marius Thomas or whoever it is or rivers or whatever you have the root for them in game -- -- a New York that had the exact it's horrible. I realized that did you today with -- got up on today's -- in life. But way out. Whom do I. -- you mental froze me. The reason we've played out for you today and. By -- by the way that was a great call. My type on that on that home run I would be nervous even called the thing let alone -- -- but when you're in that conversation. -- today in 2007. Is when -- Barry Bonds hit number. 75. To six sound crisis in seven years since Barry Bonds hit that historic home run number seven. 56. And -- brings -- all sorts of questions were let's talk about who the real home run king is they don't think too isn't actually -- wrote this on the boards -- -- him credit. When the giants actually acknowledged this whole thing when it when it -- is there a statue I know there's that there's a plaque out their rulings as a statue and is there. You don't remain in baseball never will acknowledging even though they have a major role in this they allow this all to happen. And he's being blamed for a lot of it depends on your viewpoint and Lyonnais fan you probably don't knowledge -- giants and you embracing minutes is what happens. With fans but to be interesting -- know. Know when. This actually gets put in this. Put into action maybe its when the giants kind of hit a -- and they need a little bit of marketing list. Is when they get a statue of their whatever but it's still nothing done I'm sure I'm surprised it's there and take the initiative does there on our own. You know other than apply -- I mean just jocular or sit there and done I think -- a lot of people think that. When they kind of get done with their current run and they've been on in a run when a couple of World Series and yeah -- a sell out the park and everything's gone great for them. A lot of people think that that thing is not gonna go up there until Lena marketing -- because right now why do it. I think you do it's the right thing and he's your guy and I don't think you -- lot of backlash. Right now you're gonna get backlash whenever you do it from those peers who don't believe in it I think in baseball fostered this. Type of atmosphere and I think that the giants should just ultimately -- -- here's our guy we stand behind them. Whenever we need is a home run king summer I think that -- in conversation about it later determined yet so anyway seven years so it's been. Today in 2007. The niners as we talked about pre season starts today met Mayo -- gonna join us. Later on in the show we will get into in ten minutes. Some things that you should be looking for in this game tonight raiders start on Friday night there and lovely. Minneapolis and storm lines of what you said to be four facilities inching in regards the raiders is and the niners are obviously in a different boat. What you think winning is important for this team who is in this foreign twelve -- you think -- it gets a pre season to -- -- examined at a generation and they see a generation devoid of winning so -- may need a system that they can believe NN. And I've always believed when he exudes confidence whether it's in -- you know it whether it's in pre season regular season you winning you -- confident about your philosophy and the things that you don't. The a's offense is still struggling when you and I last spoke link a couple of days ago -- were struggling there struggling again. Right I -- bunched the you'll notice of this about me and you probably are -- every once in awhile ago on the on Staten geeky thing. And we'll get into this a little bit later about 1245 I think maybe Billy traded for the round thing offense and defense that. -- and many games I don't loom over the canyon and the thing is -- this Kevin Love deal we've known for awhile it's going to get done but when -- -- loads Roush deal yup. Truth. Says something is done and it's officially done so other -- -- what sixteen more days and -- Kevin Love will be a cavalier. And so getting that whole thing because obviously the warriors were talking about it. But they're not gonna do it now than it looks like it is done and he will not be on the market. Well not becoming the -- how do you stands feel about it and you have something really into -- don't get into and it went on talk a lot of college football specifically. But there's something out there that is I think broad enough and people on the -- an opinion on. They could be open a can of worms -- silicon and this whole thing is really describe this to my attention something I haven't heard before the show. And by the way the whole Yahoo! thing to do yet I was born and it was horrible I was horrible. -- we will work together today. You've run on the we will really look real difference -- -- I'm heroes and he's just one up days that you don't want -- and so vulnerable. Three seasons. X -- -- every thousand sausage. Yeah you as a veteran you hated it I know I hated it there and I have did you flailing and loves Obama all I know what play longer no we had yet we've got exactly -- all we had to go out here and we had to establish ourselves early because we had a bad series it was there was often -- it was a prima -- quarterbacks a wide receivers that health. You've done enough take off your lesson and you had to go back in there the second third stringers like your username -- -- anything -- was doing everything. That fights everybody by Mercedes that's -- San Francisco Mercedes-Benz and open your Mercedes is -- on your laptop mobile device -- 800 new bands. Dot com or start the niners they played tonight. And hype this thing up at Lincoln a party room that we do want us all -- -- -- -- Why is my third time in the first ten minutes it is okay I. It's on TV today -- That I civilian areas Newsom -- yeah. Your radio has never really easy here. -- seven. At the 49ers went to have a really big year I think a lot of -- -- have stood tall long -- from the children's but I think he's ready for I think he's ready for a breakout year patent. He's very confident he has a lot of weapons around them. Thank you Jonas wheel house John -- Lincoln Kennedy poppy is a traveling like he's actually on TV. And he's gonna travel with the raiders to. Minnesota for the curious as early as tomorrow night which we will talk about quite a bit and by the way. Romo and I leagues are on our sister station K for blacks and any five. Tomorrow night for the opener -- sorry seventeen -- months as ever and always scares me. In -- yes he had to say no pre season of all together. See that's the one thing that's an idea nine match. Is he will be excited for course -- world legislation hip pain that -- jump a little more cerebral than that almost -- those defensive guys just like to run it until -- true. You know you you till we run to the wall coaches. Out on the one is gonna stop and why what are -- throw it's really good news media -- can't we go around can we open a door wiping -- -- You're doing is you're pacing yourself until it happens is we're gonna get into the night isn't to say that I say that was Ricky Watters who was in studio. Of the other day -- -- this it would -- in studio which is very cool by the way if you wanted to staying in it and Hillary's I bring this up is did you see where former lions quarterback Scott Mitchell. And form our offense while the patriots jets and lions Damien Woody both gone Biggest Loser -- see that NT I did not -- how they describe get a do Scott Mitchell went 8240 isn't as a lion. Why waste 366. Really. Six -- quarterback and Damien Woody not so not as much right -- Damien my inflated three. It's 23 tour money he was it an -- 377. He had an enemy wasn't that big when you're seeing guys you see guys all the time who once RA oh. They retire they keep -- like they're playing with an American counseling Italian massive our guys like Alan Faneca would completely -- aside Jordan Gross of the Carolina Panthers the he dropped a hundred pounds this offseason. It was misty was like that -- -- he had the fight to keep an -- on pat Harlow attacked or played with honestly yes I'm gonna play with a lot of red raiders he that he was another one had to eat constantly to keep it on him so I was that I -- I didn't have the government to keep an -- you didn't make it easy on the bottom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Certain guys do that in the the reason brings up is Ricky -- chemistry you agree the other Ricky -- look like there's certain guys when they retired -- only got. Really want is a great you look very good right well -- its interest in certain guys anyway those guys are gone. Biggest Loser. While it scared me I mean -- I'm glad Damian is gone because I'd be even I don't know Damon got the memo but. Nor will be too many times being erroneous the enemy has been using was that they were to keep remarked I know you're -- fire because of his size but. When you saw those those Biden start to strain on those those one piece is that with. It is my ball messiah look we're not going to your contracts they have to me at the network. Is that right -- here you really can't say no they could say because that's discrimination suit but I know but there's millions when you look at it the quality work it's like wait a minute. You're telling me that you -- not gonna keep me mature and keep our -- What is it that you look on that just the general feeling you don't have a lot of big guys that's true to our -- NFL network attached would be a big deal really what you're so now we're just I noticed -- your big -- well here's the thing here's here's my album my -- Jamie -- -- Jamie first came on the Nevada personally is right now become -- two lost. So did did they -- it did they go to UNC -- -- world music and they won't do that -- discrimination they won't actually tell you but she'll get the bodies of women all the time doesn't it I absolutely. Absolutely you just don't see them and they find a way to to take you off Matt -- what he was on ESPN. Can't inning for a long time and now you Tom he's on the Biggest Loser he's not monitoring machine. It's interesting. And I guess that's good point I just make you thinking -- -- I just -- you know NFL network of -- -- the guys date being set up I guess that doesn't like that it seven but seven doesn't mean and then look how much sap is on -- when he first started -- -- every day service in my and that's another thing that I mean he these all the family like that all members elements that. That's true but if you look at a guy in and then I swear will get into the niners. Good way you know what's interesting is it it is that was that was going through my head just because. Michael Strahan in the news -- -- on the hall of fame and he's present gold love triangle that weird thing but you're right Strahan is in really good shape and -- -- -- middle of enemies on. You know all these -- everything's -- a lot of stuff. Our rights. Big question tonight is you're gonna be watching as the 49ers kick off the pre season and don't know it's not horrible they're playing a pre season this is -- world agree with you. The last time they played was in the Super Bowl this is different so I hope they don't give him a hype thing around is just a pre season game and -- -- harm us. It's not a bit as big a deal I'm not doing these in any particular order -- just one run these past you okay. -- The first thing we did just as they came in my mind Carlos -- to running back out of Ohio State began as a guy who's played. I think you're right in middle of the breaks a forty RD gotta look at the dynamics of what was Baltimore doing winning its third or fourth stringers that thing it dries removed the most nuts. Is -- -- educated either whether it's on TV or radio or war. In client they write all these big things about guys who did against third stringers and Johnny -- -- for example is going to be him the most are nice guy in pre season. Does -- against a first team defense in game number three and I think it's it's something to talk about if he doesn't against third stringers in the fourth guys -- on the field. In the fourth quarter of game one or four. Then it's not that big a deal to me but but one -- be watching this Carlos -- because obviously Frank Gore is into that age but Michael James hasn't shown a lot. Kendall Hunter is out so Carlos ought to be one got a margin and. That I like that I do like that and I totally agree with your point I think a lot of times and you know we played this game because -- done TV and radio he got to have filler. Forsythe because after awhile the the game gets pretty -- -- have to talk about some highlights. And it you know what I'll I'll I'll see your Carlos Hyde and I'll tell you the entire what I'm really looking forward to is the entire offense of the right side of the -- tomorrow. Both I wanna see how Jonathan Martin and -- play. In place of the starters -- winter some of them I've heard a Martin's being thrown around a practice that's just that's remember what I mean here is OK here's the thing. Regardless your personal -- document personal faults to -- and then just opinion on the field this is an opportunity for mark to sort of prove himself. Or define whether or not he really wants to play because I do think he's at that -- that there would be he's epic cross for a. Let's you can just say if -- not 100 CNN right you can use Kampala. Is now gradually you're doing yourself a disservice and you're gonna get embarrassed -- proud of the summer how about it in three of the offensive line. How much can we learn. Without Alex Boone is a few guys Joseph -- is a guy Marcus -- skin SE English -- garden looks like kill or be the center so maybe he's there they got three or four guys that they can throw in there. If somebody performs really really well. Could they tell Alex -- equity or is in the pre season you know getting you know the brain itself how do you look at that situation -- -- Think they can they can definitely do that in about Allen's movies if he's concerned about his contract and he's not gonna do until he gets no one in the course. Where in California I understand. By less than we're not negotiating team come here. If if you the people who play in place of -- and this is the time he can do with the training camp you can do this most with the office climate. Because you can buzz just by sheer numbers you throw guys into the fire and see how they do. If they can hold up your own do the job just as good if from MA and sometimes even better in some areas. Then Europe act quickly to needs because now we can move on without their holdout. I did you did the beginning didn't have to -- here very short there was I mean I was signed in starting and I falcons' training camp that I did hold out for a little -- They wanted to long term deal I wanted to short one. When it happened. Three years. Basic deal so I could get out as a restricted free agent from room to. What that usually three year deal for a top ten pick yet and his wife held up and a I -- -- the six year -- by the way. Libby says the camera adds ten pounds is that true. Now the camera adds a lot of -- that wasn't just stand for -- -- It was and you had a camera. -- an -- down before they are probably generally yeah rather than those in 2000 isn't. Like I I. I was -- I had no -- and look. That's -- I don't make fun elated. Hey hey hey who's the -- -- he wasn't me I don't drop though I don't do that stuff you love you know. He had back I don't know I don't. It's not I -- that the moon and I and the buns and England's. -- -- it's really is. -- is go to next course he joins us so we think a lot of giants stuff about Pablo is red hot Angel got back Salina -- pitched well last night's. Matt Cain out for the season all those things giants related -- talk to Richard really about a coming up next on the and a -- game. Where is new -- towards. Thank -- judge this Thursday additionally -- John lovely candy pop designed that TV now have you on the raiders playing later. What's the -- claim like genuinely nice. He is there are things I can't tell you without taking your life Catholics. Have to keep some things in LA. -- -- I see you know I think it's probably it's different now because I'm sitting out all the rest of the staff enough. In the media just notice that I I think Islam oil more surreal than it was recommended for dogged who has in the guys yet. Charlie don't we had earlier and earlier in the way earlier this week -- -- Charles Hudson Charlie Charlie are primary -- out. -- he was great Britain and hides it will get into. Football talking about ten minutes -- -- is going tonight let's say just we were just evident and discuss a little one Lejeune on and then a few minutes let's just -- post on the giants right now. I'm down one -- to the Burris Jake Peavy on three hits -- only one run in the first inning and change of gun is back he has one hit. In two at bats today Israel's that's good news for giants fans ritual rilya. In enough to join us to give us a little bits of inside at -- really 35 are you gonna are you a golf course again. You know I'm the bottom actually in front of my television what you know it's what -- Japanese. I I've had my -- of golf. Yet the last couple times. We've had done you've been following your sons are on the core strength. Yes and I felt like I was -- is you know -- tour and watch you know but -- it was a blast in great charm and back what to baseball. Never cool the big story today obviously into the gun battle on if he does -- have hit. In your minds if healthy. What's he'd be bringing to the table how much is he and help. Well it is healthy -- you know and certainly helped ease in numbering you know prototypical leadoff guy airline began com. Your -- on her and there and that's seventh great year but you know it is run production numbers are honest and decent atop the order not middle of the order but I'm. -- could aren't gonna bring consistency to that lineup and so pretty that. They've seen the difference he can make when he helped me and a lineup then you know over restrictions. You know missed 44 games are shown it is one out walk in this game today in the brewers and now justice for some reason I get the brewers he. Michael my baseball package. They were safe and that -- you know that the giants you know pretty much. Did OK walk the dog was out and you know I'm thinking back Mike. I really don't think they did you dame this year we got there and play very well for a long period of time would you want mountain. I think she's a big part. To get back in their line to get their offense back on track and I haven't scored a few more runs. You know -- -- -- -- I I think assists you know pretty much like it to trade deadline addition for you know since he's listened watched. -- rich went realistically when you look at the National League can you talk about what's going on central with a three teams are fourteens if you will with the foreigners went on an enemy east. Or do you think optimistically what do you think the giants really are there are they that that team that can get. You know make it true traditional run with the way things are on a nationally in your opinion. I think they have as good shot as any team in the nationally -- now. Yeah I think -- there. The parity this year in baseball is is is great meaning even -- Maybe in America we were Asian or uniform way as best you -- trying to needle strongly shooting down on who BA's it was incest citizen armed middle of their -- can score as many loans it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Argentines that are -- it like you said all pretty much all the teams except for cup or -- in the central. -- teams in the west. Two teams in the east and all their battle down to Yemen right now if you look at on paper. You have the straighter Dodgers are you know the classes and actually based on. Based on the starting pitching I mean those guys saturation. You know somebody Corey every night goes out which is a great game went on you know actors that I think that you know. I don't want -- -- huge drop off between them and every other team. But there is a drop off and -- you know there's the giant to sustain their bad run. And you know they're trying to get back on track right now where he got other teams that are trying to do the same thing like the cardinals -- The Pittsburgh I don't know how long McCutcheon who's gonna be considered there's a lot of factors or factor in her right. You know on this day. You know August 7. You know the giants have a good chance as anybody else and actually. Our rich really good enough to join us for talking giants are down 10 right now at. Miller Park and Jake Peavy filled in for a Matt -- a week ago we can speculate on this we thought the Mac came would be gone he's got the bone chips he's gonna have the procedure done. I'd Jake Peavy is one and eleven this year vis a better pitcher -- that obviously went six innings last time out the no hitter. A today four innings pitched four hits he -- three of those four in the first inning game of that one run he's also walked three. He needs filling in for -- how do you feel about that. Feel like they took what was available for them on the market potential or you know they were they working again. I don't think based on what what they had to trade they weren't gonna get any of the big name guys are out there Aum. So that they took. What they had available and and -- I think by China expands. In the future realized. 33 or four years old. This -- had a great career long career so I don't want war but you're not gonna see that JT. That. They were used to seeing with the Padres wanted to end his career he's not as much a power guy anymore you know just watching today and you know he's still a productive pitcher recent action about it you know 9192. Miles an hour. You know that's not the shark heartbreaking sliders it was for more work in obsolete big slow -- slider. Com but I think what benefit -- has come back to the National League we take it hitter Carolina. You're depiction of big ballpark at home not pretty much kept it starts which should make him a little more productive so I think that giant step. They're the best they could with what they had to deal with. To get a picture until Mac changed you know. Slot and you know what he says I mean they knew Matt Cain was injured I mean this is that something and I think that's been. Can't bring him for a long long time especially greens on this comments. A really long time and I know when I play with them. You know. He had some you know floating bodies in Israel so I'm glad he's finally got in there. To get that correct and hopefully you get healthy and back contract for next -- Is -- they're -- -- reason definitely I mean necessarily then pick it up because he's as -- cities get what he does but. I mean it did turn it around and -- regenerate more wins rather than just know this is no loss column 22 for the giants really take hold what he's able to do a -- there. Why I think wanting me to want to and he can bring an ambitious a sense of fire I mean. You know I've said this before this year illnesses that -- answer our great ballclub and a great young group of players playing key element there's. It doesn't seem to be like a ton of fire you know like duties that you visibly see in some of these guys and Jake -- the total opposite. You're gonna see him. You know yellow himself every other -- on the mountain and that's something I like she especially with you know battle for playoff spot I like to see a little bit emotions. Play off of that so I think each hammering that. I think you know they're they're looking for him to get into the sixth inning when he starts and keep the team in the ball game you know Purcell of course she wants. You know captain perhaps somewhat crooked numbers and that in the win column you know and but right now I don't he he's one of their five guys in east pitch you know. Semi effectively since he's been -- -- holiday and we built -- you have -- stretch. -- really good enough to join us so the giants down 10 at this point Miller Park. Ought to take you back because today is the -- seventh anniversary today in 2007. Barry Bonds hit number 756. And you left the giants after the three season you came back again. In 2007. When you remember about not only did just this date in history but just the chase that year. Just overall. I remembered -- most terrible when I am asked are peppered. Still achieve with all systems go start with that. But you know I I played a long time there and you know it was just you know amazing to see what he did an untainted outpace its. As far as offensively what he's capable of doing and and how other teams you know treated and then I do remember you know common Internet day. You know that the questions were or was I think you guys who might actually get that's yeah since. What is she gonna pitch. Two very bought what she interviewed guy -- kids you know. There's a whole month and you know what to his credit he did he threw pitches to hit and he challenged them in. You know I know I know for a fact -- there are almost to me very appreciated I was actually on the I think you're gonna deal that time and you know once he hit a home run it took -- that you -- she now went up to the clubhouse and talked a little bit. You know he was kind of shocked you know that thing got pitched on Monday so that that was one thing I remember -- but it was just. You know warm one moment to your career that you're part of that you know you know there's a lot of you know. A red flag around it but it's something that I'll never forget -- are. 71 in 91. It's not a -- that you -- -- the fact that. Know -- my blood type of person who comes over its. Oh yeah it's hasn't let me remind you we can record -- -- I was -- gonna bring it up and and -- and -- we learned very good. And not under -- the number just. Pilots and -- hey thanks man we always appreciate what I -- next -- banks are. Winding -- -- two million that your. I think we got a nice I didn't run only nearly fifty cents a I think come out and say you helium three -- 58 event at what don't you do parliament has been years in 2006 under the we'll bring realism the -- he was ordered. Because he was there in my leg kick my adult why unions and I'd like you don't put it up on me begins in the the recipes in football you. -- letting go hey we just had a bad year you're talking about something has had polio and -- your record at all just in case Elisa was thinking gosh I wonder how bad they were I've -- I don't know Madonna's. I don't missing WW we live. Summer slam heat wave toured invade the SEP -- and August 16 and the final Barea performance before wrestle mania 31 great -- still well wolf you can score a pair of tickets and a meet and greet with -- wrestler. Listen to -- tomorrow Friday. I'm always wanted to go backstage to media wrestler I would be nice. Totally if you had your chance who would you want -- government. Is there anybody else on the all time all time all time probably Hulk Hogan -- -- is neither one that most people like to meet. I would wanted to -- on Virgin Islands who have been here as compared to me. He's probably a bigger hundreds I was actually was nearly seven foot seven. Yeah that's what I want someone to say yeah -- there -- -- 676. Or seven yeah man. Libby says China won't look at them was trying to it's an all all all -- -- let's say he has Chinatown and -- that's who he said. Conference I just sit for me -- turn over a disease getting attention -- girlfriend he thinks it is in my ear saying play. -- economy. Come on I have an eight I got -- runs of the night I forgot about this and then this and then. This story just -- updated so I need to run something by we'll do an amateur. I -- Lincoln Kennedy thanks -- on Thursday night by Symbian bears' season. -- five point seven. I usually -- little wheel house but it's not the low low -- us today linking Kennedys here. He's a -- person but he's just fell sick I'll put seven while I appreciate don't try to make nice to -- you know you're a columnist well but I the united. Know about that anywhere but then yeah it's it's no problem. All the other weather is like you spelled his I don't know delivered on a show together on Thursday but. -- we do a thing on Thursdays at 1 o'clock called pop this poll. And now we placed her for music and everything. -- -- I get into this DJ voice it's a league can get beyond making this age. Solid and I am quite happy times I don't while although the gold club is across the street and I was I was this -- on disliked the leader and I do enjoy at -- watching -- in the businessman locked in their for the surf and turf course but good food and hope for the -- Terry Keenan -- Playboy for the articles chorus -- but he'll be out on the pole and I mean PO LL we're gonna -- poll we do -- uphold all right you know about -- just little different but let's say you'll you'll you'll. The gathered else. Believe that the other main stage cinnamon on -- to -- Destiny we need just to be on the second stage he's about guys who get off those Wallace. While -- example that's. Your poll coming up next in ten minutes I'll ask you all sorts of a football questions is it Hillary's night I thought about this fall was because the other day. You and I got a little conversation about the the hall of fame and your -- at overrated and underrated guys are gonna hold a question like Jeffrey I think the comparable enjoyed so Lincoln's poll coming up. In that ten minutes. In the meantime I just read this on and I don't know if it. Is really that much of an updated story but remember last week when there was the discussion of Mark Davis visiting San Antonio. Turner and Marquette and they acknowledged the fact he went to San Antonio. But didn't have any further comment on it we all know what's been going on in Oakland we don't need to rehash what's been going on and me and so forth and so on. But now red mccombs told the San Antonio express news. Yesterday that he and his family would be interest in this is -- it's funny. A piece of the Oakland Raiders quote if that's what it would take to get them to San Antonio -- quote -- he used to own. The Minnesota Vikings yes well first of all we -- through a little bit more in this article first of all. What's funny about that is that's what everybody wants you know like we've we've talked about you know possible investors in Oakland the one thing that I don't think mark wants to give up -- one thing we also don't know because. I know Al sold a lot of pieces of the -- -- so I'm not pressure to -- owns. -- but everybody wants a piece of the NFL that's not the issue he's looking for a place. To build a stadium I think without anybody taking more pieces of the raiders I think you can get investors. To help you out a plan. They want a piece of good of the team everybody wants a piece the NFL it's like going to McDonald's he did it's really hard this growth financially because the NFL gives you so much money. So I I yeah I red mccombs once in on the raiders who wouldn't. Well and I also I mean I see the similar or is also because it's a bargaining chip for you and a local city officials. Let's face it -- for years the NFL's called LA. Over the head of any team if you don't do it -- to LA because LA still open ranked. In this it's that he uses San Antonio -- in LA -- there's a good chance you lose your team so city officials have to get offers 90 let's get something done. -- -- also says that he tells a newspaper there's a definite possibility. There may be a relocation he doesn't think San Antonio is being used as he bargaining chipper member. When this first came out it was also on the heels of the -- getting a ten year agreement it's not really -- ten year agreement. At the coliseum with all the outs and everything. Everybody looked at it as a bargaining chip LA is often talked about as well what do you think of San Antonio bargaining chip or legitimate threat. I don't necessarily think it's legitimate to -- I don't think Mel because I really don't think ultimately Jerry Jones will give them another piece of Texas right. And he lets face it he's a big mesa area and in any NFL I mean he's -- -- isn't -- houses and he's at the top behavior socal was in there are two top. Arm but of course let let you know within business it's not like you're -- say here is San -- as a bargaining chip. It's a big gamble was shown his hand before replaces card on this -- what I got come on now. -- come out there and say it but yeah it's it's something that makes you think if you don't lose your team. You got to get off just trying to get it done and the San Diego's men in the Indian -- over some of my LA for years. And then you know all of the charges and close to get their deal but I mean I know that was something that they were talking about boldest move multiple Home Depot Center if you don't yesterday. Right and it -- an income I don't care what business you're talking about. Nothing gets done until there's a leverage play able creditable leverage play yes so I think the raiders could get something done you know we you know so I mean obviously -- wanna move. The days it's damaged in situation entering want to be there and I think the team that really of all of all three teams the team that wants to be there is the raiders -- -- seem right there the team. This kind of getting shots around the most. Yeah because they have to wait forever my -- a builder and I mean you know to talk about your point earlier in London is about. The the properly I don't think I didn't know there was enough parts to sell off we still have control. Kids can do that's and I mean. That's it emits at the beginning of this article and that's why first inform us I think I don't know if there's anything to this but. They don't wanna sell the team that's part of this whole problem is is looked. The trick for Mark Davis is find a piece of land. Where. It doesn't have to be publicly financed but you don't have any money either. Right but they you don't have to sell off any -- team because the big the big thing is investors want in on the NFL -- -- -- got up again I don't know what he owns. Because Al associated with Edmonton with X amount a percentage you can get guys -- say -- -- Albion on that. Well there's no doubt about it -- so anyway and that's the latest from a San Antonio. I don't I don't just throw it out the window but I don't see it if I'm the NFL and I know the NFL doesn't need necessarily the the largest. TV markets. I know that I can see this publicly but they've got to work out LA and then everything else can fall in place that's the right piece of the puzzle they got to figure out and I think what they want ultimately do is. They wanna put an NFC team a lot of people think the St. Louis Rams moving back to LA. Is one piece and then when he and AFC team I think going into teams in there. With solid ownership groups the exact teams they want to one of those two big pieces back in so that they can have the second largest TV market I don't by the fact by the way. Then they don't need LA because when you're negotiating. These things are no limits on revenue. But they're negotiating these deals. Without the second largest media market the country I I got to believe that if you stuck to teens and LA and you can work out the details I know we're still a long way away from that. But he is in two teams LA how much could they then get. Well I mean it's it's a -- affects you got a team in Jacksonville you don't want an ally right. So it's in and and look I know buffalo than the bills -- for buffalo but I mean let's face it it's it's it's an old school city it's not the where was. In LA is not a team but I'm adamant about keeping a raiders in Oakland that's why I believe they they ultimately -- that's her prestige and power. But I I don't I don't really pay too much into this whole senate term impact. Yeah and again I just I just think and you -- Jacksonville you talked about buffalo look I would hate Jacksonville they don't seem as. Dug in with their team and I would hate for buffalo lose their team the business unfair. It's -- an outside shot and it the NFL last ultimately look at what's best for them. And -- ultimately I don't think Buffalo's gonna leave I think Jacksonville could leave I think the rams -- absolutely leave. I have no idea -- -- the raiders I just don't think San Antonio is a big part of it when they still don't have the big vote puzzle piece of LA done yet I think that's gonna happen. And then the the logjam of maybe moving teams to other places could happen my own men Jerry Jones is -- number -- Texas that's a -- -- that's a great point. Is that he's not behind something there and he's not going to be -- -- -- women and to. Our -- with the Texans that took a big Tug away he's not gonna put thirteen down there now. Texas is this his country -- -- A lot of people say -- -- 51% of the team -- put that up on the board and I'm like I don't know you know people I've talked a -- about his answer is he's not sure what Al. Give the people I do believe that. But I do know some people out there who got a percentage of a percent they think they didn't know them I don't know if it's gotta -- -- people got a very small percentage but it's. So minute it's like -- descent general Arnold should not like get into the game or something is that very. I'd Lincoln's call is coming up next after -- about that meant there were about to say hey Eric did. We have time in my whole ritual I still slowly gets blown up PO LL -- Maybe yeah maybe you pop up a lot of polls and the Internet and and that's not them it's possible but I guess I haven't. Senate by civilian varies these senseless and look.

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