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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/7/14 HOUR 2

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight right now. Big ticket logic courses school. -- -- -- Which is -- -- -- Kennedy hop on that TV they'll head off to be raiders and while the -- for the raiders. Romo and IA tomorrow on our sister station -- fox. 98595. I you'll be on the sidelines during the regular season is that right. Yeah I'll be don't want pre season game -- national televised one against Green Day that's on the -- -- the other -- and then you then you'll do a little loose is that's right but just shows how much you hate pre season football Kazuo -- and all in all actually knowledge it's not that's not true there's a real -- -- -- I -- -- -- I consider it and work on -- Yes you do and you can really have a link or mentally compare I'll work on it. Now kick somebody's dog he does bring up notably like he did regret to go to spring a bad year for -- and -- there -- so everyone I know -- there. He broke out episodes are arriving guests at -- -- mr. I would relaxed you. I would not -- although I will say that tomorrow at this time. I've just been informed is something I'm not even both front doing this and knocking it I'm not entirely. But we have the truth machine and they ask me Illini you would be upset if we put it through winning when your times in -- -- the top -- -- that. And I said that I think he'd be OK with that tomorrow at this time people should tune in as your going to go through futures machine and it's actually something you said not today. But is actually something you said and I was asked by a certain producer if they thought you would get mad if we put you through it. Nice and I movement you know who they -- -- don't you mad -- that's like me. And it's it's not really a bad moment Korea on Wednesday. But anyway so let's no well in the old clubs and a drug that they go to Kabila has lots of you know all the laughter. Yeah tried so -- there's a Celtics did in Italy for our -- What you are you like -- kind of medium guys all know that. -- not that I'm no longer talk about it as -- -- we close my old stuff that there isn't the other one that makes you so mad as the other when that it's not this would either. There is -- don't you do him -- we can give you -- You know yeah. -- I don't know who you are exactly -- -- -- I have a bad -- you're. -- that's not that would either but we -- we do have a lot to choose from you you forgot some of those things we feel like I can't I'm. I'd it is time to rightly gives pull -- try to -- It's a full field LLs or Lincoln not OK okay you sleep you get beyond main speed -- -- on the -- with a bad. -- big -- so we have some extra. Jews so that blow hole big league. About ladies and those Wallace. That. You know. No gentleman on the big look good and. He said he won't -- big league don't unload my belly rub my belly river and but of those courses. He's got a big is dead to provide shaking -- and stop this money and anger are perfectly declare a is -- DL I'll ask you some questions dispersing it comes to mind are you ready. I don't go number one in the Paul who's the toughest opponent ever faced the toughest opponent in the -- to -- on the field Reggie White. That's good. The Big Apple so we can knock you over the club move no. While I mean yes he could because you know how to use your way to get senior -- he was great -- counter balancing things but. He was he was the only player that played against some will not the only one of the best players that played against that had speed and power. And could use them both equally. I always heard that wind you dominating guy you do the I think the verbiage -- you send a limo forum. So who is the guy that you would send a limo for on game day that you absolutely positively they had to make the game you know it's -- there. Males were you dominated Neil Smith are so we're. Why all these pretty good you'll get paid and you know. I didn't ask you wanted to legalize I don't obligated to and I think it was. It was a symbol we're New Orleans we and a money was actually really good guy and Hobbs hated him too well I thought we know what I -- yeah it -- not because -- Well it was a trash talker and he really wasn't that good to me he was not he he had the benefit of being in on the defense to live with Derrick Thomas -- and of course -- all the attention is -- -- -- -- who's -- sex. Mills around the ball and I remember when I first played against -- remember how much junkie was talking. And I was like way to get mad Derrick Thomas you're not even good. But he just kept right in the mouth in so I made it a point. Every time I played against Simpson not I would come on the first came -- -- the first -- out of the game and say male. You're not going to be able to tell me what more quarterbacks colonias today because America or -- culturally within -- 210 you say governor first what you know should we do your gorgeous and of course and I would chase smaller field a moment units and a width. But real big talker now you're now but I just did not like talkers and I didn't like him. Probably guy who who maybe did was it the wasn't seen as a Reggie White -- dominant player but for some reason. Was a pain in the S steel link that got older you know he has a good he's good. Yeah he didn't really know bottom end guys like. Michael Sinclair. CA. -- for Seattle. Let's use another one Kevin Carter was a good one. I'll -- yeah here in British armed assault comedian had a notoriety of the other ones by. You know some be some guys are going up against would like -- -- term ball. Sinks shoot Kevin green was one of my talk to you talked about there was quite a few of them. That we're really good players it just didn't get all the attention notoriety. I guess a disaster is so underrated -- -- those guys are underrated. As an underrated no question about how about overrated other Neil Smith -- -- other guys. Where you just didn't get it and you would dominate these guys and I who why is that guy you know I. You guys. On the pro level it was yeah I was a whole lot of guys who were overrated given a lot of hype and it was my it. Mad that that I played against -- -- -- guys like William Fuller -- if they get and they got enough attention using eagle ranch and Disneyland here. A guy I. Adam -- -- pat last sentinel to solace but it's a slump buster on the hat and it kind of had a big girl wanna and that's a baseball term for you got to hop on a slump buster and having a slump. Don't you ever have it if you are struggling did you ever ever ritual something you would do or eat or anything like that if you were struggling was there anything you would do to try to get out of yes. I would listen to prodigy -- entire first column and I would listen and I would have one pound bag of -- Eminem's. Pete and their claim being that they're McCain is the whole Patton old bag. Well yeah and the would then I mean. Not at one time but a good idea to go over and already I have a that would be the I would open up my pregame ritual is you do that before game. So you put on some headphones UNM -- -- yet it was a thing you do before -- to get it okay. You hyped up I would give me hyped up is that we did before the Super Bowl. I turned and I'm not trying to bring and a lot of young polling though did I wanna see my dog. Artists like is that it like before a big hit an all out right to know how -- -- -- if you don't like what did you do you go. Like building like really don't -- for the Super Bowl yeah for the Super Bowl I didn't have a chance to -- -- cause we're where Bob -- Really. We didn't give it to weed and Anderson we did know that bear was okay. Until and I think was less than an hour before when our preview -- I remember so how much of that affect things in well it threw you off because I've bear was a good friend of mine I was worried about the safety where was he. -- -- Yes you should know block German cinema everybody I don't causes everybody. But may be alone a large majority would say that order were not really doing their rituals because they were worried about the sky. I it was definitely me I could not give it to my whole ritual I mean they throw my -- but just the whole timing of everything throw my day but. The confinement of -- Eagles locker wow really small locker room and all the stuff all these factors played into. By the time I found -- it was okay it was almost comical -- go out for pregame and you gotta have the right mentality obviously is has absolutely normal -- absolutely. Was it just the offensive line it was affect anything going now known -- it was. I mean bill whole bear Robinson thing wasn't then really affect us like most feel that it was more than Jon Gruden and affect because gruden knew was says wells and yourselves. That was the effect consumable interest it was just I was more concerned with -- -- -- safety it was unlike him he's been late. But this unlike him to be no -- yeah. That's where I was weeks. There was no prodigy you know I'm a manager is saying now now you right at -- and I miss my entire ritual come under -- of this. More of a Lincoln's -- who -- the best other than the raiders. Put the best fans in the NFL besides the raiders. The best fans fans like the road fans and you're on the road -- on these -- pretty good fans got to do the best ones. Besides the raiders he would throw them out. I AM I think places like Seattle Chicago. Green -- Those are some of the most consistent I think you're newcomers like you're doing this New Orleans and Atlanta as. Our our kind of -- but I I think some of the old timers are pretty good Seattle's always had a good follow they had what's the worst place you played -- it was at Philly -- -- feel also that. All the worst field -- played -- -- and old veteran stadium definitely likes the scenes and Larry Rivers way you see the scenes and it was just straight concrete underneath. There was no carpet -- cheerleaders. Best cheerleader yeah that's a good one of the cowboys -- -- always good sandy Eagles cheerleaders are awful coming now please -- studio. Where there's always has some good morning this. Was another day away and keep -- alive and some of this because of a big enemy killing him or not. I'm not I didn't -- and I asked the question. I did a lot of women gravitate towards the big men. Of course and we want security analysts and give a man's heart is there -- stomach if you want deserves the securities we learn. I don't know that I and Eminem uses your pregame ritual and they got thrown out as a ruling. Coming up how to do how to do I am glad that I was outstanding -- an outstanding bowl when the question -- the million dollar here's a dollar. -- -- a five seed -- how ugly guy. It's fair or thought that's where would you set a solid solid solid I would thought I thought about it all that work only got a -- that's -- I would hate soccer I -- -- be bad and really terrible and I wouldn't get anything out of money thrown at me like cars. Employee's point. Of well as the debate. -- I think I don't want to do this DG him he needed in the needs of the dollar on the stage. Makes now. I don't know how we got this is just want to grow at least how it is I noticed your thought I ought to. Had to -- the all this is wholesome if you're not here. This really goes down to using some over the -- as good loosely Austin says Bob through high poll. Leo -- boys. Has spoken in the NBA when this guy speaks things get done we'll explain. -- warriors go -- now only united by -- in the various reasons for. -- -- -- We -- thank -- -- and his. John -- I guess those it was this one he would there was a way to. Finance stock to -- then president. Had a significant legacy this Jack you. The -- while the -- album. Was it all I was a little like techno like this yes. He never -- never heard prior yeah I heard this yes but this like hell like back in -- when you know we're roughly the same page. I guess it -- he plays a nightclub there would you go to a club in dance. I don't things you don't -- enough. Really. Trying to -- those big guys dance and you plan on your feet and I was but I don't there. Would you please go into a club like Bobby headers of some -- and about and I had. It's pretty good. Tell you do this and need -- entire bag of Eminem's. One at a time can be helpful rallying he wanted to -- I did you Fordham in your mouth nor did. There was one at a time the whole thing is doing it's evidence like that because look you get the -- -- remember my ritual I got to the game four hours before at all so I would take about their -- pop one at a time just separated the chocolate and everything else and -- -- you take my time. But he would be something that would keep me. You know doing something I'll -- for saying. You see her -- I series that's interest you have to pace yourself it's a marathon it's not a race yet in my in my trying to just finished a producer I need some that do. I see a guy who makes or cents a unit levels and a sunflower cedars absolutely in our absolute ICI was in busy you just over -- -- -- -- you just don't know if Frank's life thanks I see what you thought of me like this that jerk yeah. What do you what did you play at either six or would you play that probably are fifty. Europe 350s and yet I'm sorry that I jump to that conclusion but it did get a regalia -- I don't know that -- just as soon and they got the idea that thing. I by the way Mark Dominik is gonna Jonas easy former Tampa Bay Bucs GM he's now with ESPN he's -- in ten minutes. I he is largely credited with the pay as you go contract which is kind of become the rage in the NFL. And Alaska mad because you know you don't just talking about it is let's say somebody -- when you play somebody here -- came in said link. They're not they're gonna guarantee the money is gonna look good on the surface but essentially it's a pay as you go kind of thing when you've thrown up on such a deal. Certainly but I don't think most agents or most athletes. Have the ability to read between the lines there are so enamored with the numbers. And the possibility. That they don't truthfully -- penalized CI was one of those guys that took some time with my agent. And we explained that the reason why we did some of the contracts have played eleven years and National Football League and 88 contracts. The reason why is because I wanted money up front. I'll make my contract as salary cap friendly as I mean for the pundits but I want money up front right is actually money guaranteed knowing exactly and then there's deferred money C football players -- only get paid on a season like almost all the athletes who -- Alessio specialized billion contract. But if I got paid in March. A good chunk of money that would carry me until September you're -- tell -- a -- I'd be terrible that way. I got a big chunk of money I'd be if I get paid me I'd be broke by July. Mostly in the but that but -- you have that ability rather than getting paid through your salary through the season and then having a stretcher for the other 35 weeks. Why and I get a big talk in the spring and then -- rescue money in the fall. I had the basket and I think to be adjusting is. How did the dynamic change because it was a lot -- you're guaranteed money is -- Now guys in cabinet is doing this deal he did it I think first -- Darrelle Revis or somebody on that team. Any adult signed similar contract that wanna ask him I kind of how this dynamic change -- as it's done. It's far is the NBA is concerned Adrian modes and arouse -- is the guy that is seen as the number one insider as far as MBA so. Even though it's been rumored for weeks now -- Kevin Love is gonna be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And Andrew -- the number one overall pick was going to go from Cleveland and Minnesota with some other stuff. -- -- -- came out today and said it is going to be done about sixteen days. The contract was signed by a -- in this. That means he can't be moved for thirty days who looks like Wiggins Anthony Bennett was an -- overall pick in 2013 the really struggled the cavaliers this past year. Many number one pick and ironically enough belong to the heat. Who aren't quite as good is going to go to. Minnesota. Man Cleveland is going to get Kevin Love now how that equates to where we are is obviously there was the big rumor. That if the warriors would have included Klay Thompson early in the process may be for Cleveland got involved got LeBron James if they -- including -- Thompson. Then they would indeed get Canon -- That's not gonna happen now it's official outside and have been now so I think -- regret not making this move it's kind of the anti Billy move Billy goes all win. I guess the biggest question is do PPP here's how I think it it goes if you believe it they're better with Klay Thompson. Then they would be with Kevin Love then your finalists if you believe the Kevin Love by acquiring him they would have won the Western Conference. Then I think you would like Kevin Love I think there is a lot of people every time today I think love -- -- -- of people got mad it just depends on how good do you think Klay Thompson's goal. To be -- -- -- if true that's usually how it goes even with the whole Billy -- analogy what people fall short as you give up on our big bats now look at our offense struggled. Me yeah do we have to see how these things play out but I do believe if you have a window. This is where I differ -- a lot of people would be general managers if I think your window of being close is now. I'm throwing all my chips on the table to gamble on bringing in a star or an impact player right now to win. So you'd made this deal out of made the deal out of found -- would be OK okay this is what Cleveland's offer there are -- number once and future want. Let me offer you -- a star player like -- or -- Thompson for example let's say -- -- Thompson. Am trying to find a way to Sweden until somebody else and I think you might be able to use or be be able to me that I -- par with an M another maybe two picks 21 Olympics whatever it is. Because I'm all in right now. The thing it's interesting to me and you know this dynamic as well as anybody it's winning guys are rook year he's not make a whole lot of money. You can live with flaws in his game so perfectly Johnson's great shooter. Klay Thompson's great two way player and that he plays defense and allows us -- -- to not have to deal with the backcourt player that's the better offensive player -- -- a little bit. So a lot of people like he's not maybe as inconsistent as you would like I'd like in the post a little more likely to get to the -- get to the free throw line a bit more so there's still some flaws in his game but he's young enough. The thought is if you're on Klay Thompson's side on this -- glad they kept them. There's enough time he's young enough he's going become consistent he's gonna become an all star player. He's gonna even do better with staff curry and they're going to grow as a team so that's the thought process -- what happens is that change will be missed. They've already given away all their leverage by not trading in a sense if I'm Klay Thompson's agent. I just said -- Kevin Love is obviously getting -- dealing Cleveland factor part of this was your Oscar report. So you wouldn't give up my guy for Kevin Love clearly he's a Max players are now Klay Thompson's gonna get a contract in neighborhood of 775. Million dollars to -- -- Max player. For me as a fan I look at that any changes my perspective in other words. All the little flaws in his game that I could live with when he wasn't Costin my team that much money's make it 34 million dollars. Now he becomes a Max player I can't sign other players because of him. The flaws no longer cute or hey he's 2728. All the sudden. He needs to become a complete player now that's it would be interesting to watch is how people's perception of him change. Based on how much he makes. What also you know here's how as the biggest influence in my mind Steve Kerr did did he -- what does he fit into your system car coach or what do Kevin Love in your system better. Because ultimately I think that's a person who's to say we need to make this doormat. -- actually said in -- again this is going to report to never asked myself. He said he he was one of the proponents to keep -- the team he wants -- urban then he probably has a fitting for -- quite but now it's got to work because let's face it. Golden State Warriors are getting a fancy winner who fans are getting weary of not winning. Or just taken a ride my only expectation level is. Is raised -- absolutely as a team it is an and it will be interesting to watch it's the media does this and maybe they don't realize they're doing it. Fans do it they may not realize they're doing it. Once a guy sends a Max deal even though your not write checks warmth it does change your perception of that player you expect more from them I guess human nature don't stand out. Absolutely. -- -- deal will be done according to Adrian roads around ski the deal was Lea Thompson an uptick. For love -- processing once the cavaliers got involved. I don't think in the offered -- -- on the doors and chance. I T mold making summer special T-Mobile ticket blow up miss you Mary T-Mobile stores to get to seek tax code for a chance to what degree angle VIP experience. Sundays here to this great American border watch to much more for full list of prices in more information visit nine fives and game dot com. I don't have next Mark -- to join us we're talking about him a little bit he is a former. A GM and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's credited with the pay as you go contract plus now that dynamic changed in the NFL next. Certainly are not a size seven again there is he's -- sports. Gotta ride the -- again and I just don't -- Gonna fill us. -- -- -- We'll talk to Mark Dominik momentarily he's the former. -- man who Buccaneers he's now with the ESPN you can fall mad at Mark Dominik. ESPN he says I was fired twenty plus years of NFL front office experience. General manager of the Tampa Buccaneers 2009 to 2013. Did you know him by the way. I know we are I've -- mark -- yes. He's out of alignment like them. Just getting -- just I'm just missing they are just neither player ever try to disarm our starter here. Boy yeah. I what I do is never a dull moment with you -- and after every interview I I I look at the there's a a phone bank in premise and win this thing is bright and it's been sitting there than the guys on. I and I look back and I can -- when levees on the Foley guys who I know he's not yet so we can. Either talk trash before about the person or after. So he's not on the line you know me better man I don't know no doubt exists in your there's -- -- -- minutes -- I -- -- fire -- I think you know once. Staying lower weight and form the one thing obviously -- talked about is. We have early into staying dynamic going on in the Bay Area right now because. Kevin Love as you just heard JD said we -- -- last segment injuring -- your house EU is a very respected. Ryder. From Yahoo! when he says -- generally comes true so he says today that the Kevin Love deal is done. That he's going to be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They -- Wiggins first overall pick is gonna go to Minnesota anti Bennett as well Olympic. You see -- the like the words they say look we're not gonna -- Klay Thompson. You look at a bill in their I would so I don't know if I would say that the war is -- a window maybe they are. And then you look at a thing like -- merely days and he does make not only won -- two. Deals that could blow this phase of -- Russell who they traded to the to the cubs and by the way is he -- is double lane is probably be promoted and he may be in Chicago as early as next year. He's a top five prospect in Major League Baseball obviously UN assessment as is going to be. In Red Sox -- and -- address the issue of the next year and Jon Lester is gonna problem is going to be in another uniform so early days decide we're gonna go for the worst decide we're not gonna go for. -- -- -- You know when your GM when you know. You know when you know whether you make debt deal or not because I think that the warriors -- in this is one factor but I think the lawyers if if this didn't work out for them. And Bob Myers is safe nothing -- enough really good moves. Bailey is obviously -- -- part of it is you definitely have to have something built up in the closet a rookie a young guy Reggie McKenzie for example the raiders. He can't make some crazy dynamic moving to blow -- face right right track all that he could turn ballplayer I think could. -- could being could mean it it just depends again what. He got to have earned that ten year to make that trade mode but also look at it like this all to reflect on like. -- head coach. You know Peyton did decided to take a chance in the Super Bowl we played against Indianapolis and New Orleans and he descent I'm gonna go for an onside kick coming out. Second -- rank well in big gamble is in within itself if sort of blow up in his face. -- like the biggest city what are you doing it but it worked he looks like a genius. I think general managers have to roll that dice too if Billy -- if this comes up with the World Series a world championship. Then this movie looks like Gmail app so yeah you've got a guy Lester get a subsidy as whatever it is but you work you've got a World Series -- If you fall short again and you lose all these players and have nothing shall -- match here. He come up -- belly up then you look like an -- It is it's it to me it's all about the results for -- it's very difficult to to ever question Billy being. Not only because he had a movie made about somebody he's made a lot more but good moves -- that there's obviously there's been madness there's been things -- on his face but if you do this long enough. That's just gonna happen here so Billy can make this movie -- of the ownership group he's not going anywhere. Given the -- they're salary restrictions in the way he's able to put this whole thing together his genius nobody can deny that Amy Irving giants fan or were -- when you dislike the -- whatever. -- a perfect team for that team. I'm it's not ultimately Bob -- decision alone. This is -- high enough level Bob Myers maybe able to make some decisions on his own that this was a high enough level where it's like are we trading Klay Thompson. Or not the walk upstairs in the big office to talk about this. And I assure that he and Joseph lake W Kirk -- and everybody that's part of this had -- at hand in deciding whether they were gonna trade Klay Thompson and but ultimately they all look to Joseph lake up. And said do we do this or not obviously he had to say no we're not gonna do if he was on board I think Kevin Love would be a war right now. I don't think he thought that this was the right move. The other thing link I think is the -- really believe. That there -- a World Series winning team and I would agree that if things go right they could be. I'm not sure if you look at the especially the Western Conference in the in the NBA whether you would -- it would whether you would say that they were the favorite if they -- Kevin Love and I think that's the biggest question if they add love. And they some track Leah Thomson. Is that going to beat San Antonio. Is that going to be Oklahoma City is that going to be Houston and and ultimately is that going to be. Maybe LeBron James now he had the injury to Paul George -- -- MB AB Cleveland in the NBA finals and he'll believe that. But I don't think he can make the move because it's not enough to get. Close -- I I agree with you it's not enough from them but you also have a team that's gone to playoffs. But I also think that there's times like I said before you have to take a risk -- a while when you more about what's going on the east I wanna wondered if we can put enough team. A good enough team to be out from the west and if you look at the Big Three scenario who are your victory. If Steve Kerr comes to me and says hey I want this this guy and Klay Thompson's a part of Italy is a part of it. Then of course you would you want on your coach and keep from because you're you're trusting that he can do with those guys. But if the wind the window closes fast when you have good players. Because the thing -- -- -- every sport you know if you have good players and you're getting its pension being intentional or country those contracts just become a much more big. Bigger than that -- greater -- you have to find a way to keep from you can't keep everybody. And I don't think any GM wants to be a scenario like Miami was what kind of rally and the way they had to pay all their guys twenty million dollars a year. 889579570. Ultimately did the warriors do the right thing your opinion we'll find out over the next few years. I think the biggest fear that I would have. If I was Bob Myers in this ultimately isn't his fault. I mean to Cleveland with that. Threesome of Kyra Irving and Kevin Love and LeBron James I think they will win a championship they still gonna add some pieces. Oh what happens is you know this as well as anybody that -- -- set the value of those players and James value can't going higher I don't think. But the value of those players. Will go up. Chris Bosh to me is not an elite player but because he won a couple of championships everybody thinks it. -- was Houston was gonna even Max money Ali is worth Max money but he since they -- lawyers guys won a championship. Everybody gets over value when they win a championship I am in love is gonna go to Cleveland. And he's gonna win a championship and -- warriors fans in recent -- women winning get that guy would I want it. Yeah that's a team after but the guy who who's going to be credited with a winning -- his LeBron James what he's gonna be there. And so now Kevin Love is gonna go from being a guy who in six years couldn't bring Minnesota even to the playoffs now -- be in -- league team that probably gonna win a championship. In the -- going on well we could have that guy who once that it's not necessarily true that he was it be that guy with that this supporting cast. With the war well I mean I agree with you I I still think this as far as the queen academy -- cavaliers concern. Whether they keep LeBron after these two years runs on the table -- -- elected I'll sign Kevin Love with -- -- Whether or because for a long time is yet to be seen by at least for the next couple years are gonna in my -- their release at least average 1560 went yeah. And what does which is a good business move. Because you're selling you selling your your product. All the stress and hoping to LeBron James and this is why the whole thing wasn't a surprise and it didn't it did you need major motion around speed Italian. Even though that's always been reported Foleo works in media all these guys. Reported and then he reports it then it's you know it's it's -- -- as gospel yeah right it's all part of a news. But the thing it'll come down to ultimately is in this window for the warriors and they're counting on a lot this to me puts more pressure on Steve Kerr. A lot of English and they'll be such a better coached team and Brian Scalabrine actually. They came out and headline says he took a shot of Mark Jackson ran a piece. That indeed he's now on Boston these broadcasts now and he basically said look the worst Jimmy better organizer in the I don't doubt that. But the thing I can't buy into yet even though I like Steve Kerr and I think the moves good he's ever coached game in his life. Pressler runs assuming they just based on the fact that Steve Kerr worked under Popovich played in upon which played under Phil Jackson. Then they're going to be better. And I think that's probably the case that you still have a coach -- never coached -- that means he's gonna make some mistakes but people are assuming that. Clay is going to mature staff is still an amateur. That Steve Kerr is gonna coach the game better. But if you don't add better players. And they really didn't in the offseason they didn't make the major moves they think that they're just gonna grow together play together stay healthy and Steve -- coaches never coached -- game. Is gonna make them better. Personally don't be like in the line. Well they'll be a big backlash if the warriors go for my fourth you can see where they were this year it's an eighth seed they get -- in the first round of the playoffs this year. Well because the expectations have been raised a couple of years ago was if they make the playoffs we have been in this year was completed when the first round Mark Jackson gets fired. This year they don't make this move your right if they don't make this movie they get knocked down again in the first round. Then people get angry -- even if Kevin Love doesn't change -- Two -- that was nice interview mark Dominick thanks Marcus coming -- pressure. Diamond's skills based on campus is safe but competitive environment to review baseball and athletic skills for the summer -- Diamond's skills will keep your child busy which is very important during the summer is all sharpen their baseball techniques for more information visit the events -- -- -- -- -- -- I still do this before you silly be remiss if we had a -- -- we did not -- raiders -- -- talk a lot about and preview. The oath Friday night game tomorrow. But a couple of things that you and I discussed before the show I wanna get into plus. I got into a debate with somebody about how much you playmates that in the pre season when asked about that as well. As we look at tomorrow night's game against the -- John -- Lincoln Kennedy. Honey Thursday at me and I 57 in the bears' season. What this stuff you can. I think today this wheel house. We get daily dilemma could -- to do with an anniversary. We'll need your -- there was no it's not mine. Anniversary is coming up. I hate. Why is it too much in my life my wife. Above average every game here. Finally you. And. Elect birthdays -- differ but anniversaries. Are especially Valentine's Day -- any -- -- made up stuff. I keep imply she can't score points on those days you can only go below sea level. You're very clearly subsite oh you did sent an OK -- fine but if you don't do something outs and that's why I I'll say this for the younger demo that is listening. Don't sit out when I get don't do your first -- not really a big fancy restaurant your first gift -- should not -- diamond earrings is what you do and is your set the bar. -- set a lull and then just kind of work your way out. I I would say depends on what your job is and how much you bring him because if you start to low purim when you're driving a BMW but he -- McDonnell for the first statements. Not gonna look into nominee there. I -- like what was your -- like you you you obviously him and made a great you've made a good living so what was their what was your first daily life. My first they are you remember -- we got a first. Not good -- CEO its body is we have her now she noted details. He would see you know all I remember all I remember is that when I mean she was working in the city's -- Cisco so I went over there we went too much. Some more services for mentally and by the way that's a great move -- is a great there. Is that they feel like it she's only got an hour Basilan and envy yields you don't have to spend. You know the oh yeah well there's always look first one was -- I was lunch well first and that's just Smart play him. I'm Smart guy that is kids didn't just -- -- comes -- Oh you did doctor loves and how's that -- your questions and waving yeah -- like collier fifteen minutes inning games. Wasn't going to you know I know I you know acknowledges are just gonna believe this. All. It did please send that -- -- and -- and golf now not a girl like that I am a white -- like you. Wow he's really isn't Hitler and the senator lautner the allegations -- -- big company and they know how did you would go you barriers are. So before Powell and. And I reddish -- it would get a lot into this tomorrow but I passage in question. I TV and either we were talking about Darren McFadden. And I understand there are certain players from. We have achieved it at a level and Tom Brady for example he's not gonna play a lot in the pre season Ryan mallet complaints of people suggesting maybe was because. They wanted to increase his trade value but. Tom Brady is -- much to prove I wouldn't pay I wouldn't play Peyton Manning a line cornerbacks in general Aaron Rodgers but there are other positions obviously link. Guys disarm complain a lot I don't ABC Charles Woodson play I pretty much know he's gonna do but the debate came to Darren McFadden and given his injury history. I said I didn't wanna see Darren McFadden at all afraid -- second -- on the pre season but I was keep that in the debate was well he doesn't have those Palestinians on the wall. So just on Darren McFadden would you played -- in the pre season -- come soon enough. Absolutely not require. Mainly because -- you can't what the rules in a way they are today you can't get their physical activity in practice anymore right I need to see my back run between the tackles be physical. Imposes wounded opposing defenders and see how he's going with -- and I need in the bill that -- up if you will against any. Make -- has not earned the option to sit down and watch from the sidelines but what about his injury history. I -- more lessons -- -- well the media are your risk and if that's also why he went out there got a JD wanna have a healthy competition and you wanna see you're running back by committee wanna see how it works. Does it matter in that case who start some they the had depth -- came out this week. And a ready made a big deal of a dead MJD was listed as a starter but in my mind given the way that the position has evolved now where teams. It's -- it's not -- may have to running bash is not all other than -- Adrian Peterson and there's two or three around the currently but for the most part you're rotating running back does -- matter starts now. But that I need all hands that is demanded of the players who start. Does matter to the players but you don't have that control over so here's the thing if you if you sign another high profile guy. And that's what in JD is he's a high profile guided Georgia team. You he has a player here Darren McFadden you wanna take that spotlight back which you what you thought you -- so may have to go on purpose. But but but McFadden knows that with the injuries in the history that he's got a lot to prove -- to himself but the blue raider nation he knows that. So where it doesn't matter where you're out of their -- -- he get a chance of playing you do everything that you -- out there. One of the things -- -- -- about the situation is and you mentioned this weird weird during the pre show meeting you mentioned this and it clicked to me. The niners and the CI actually only two teams that ran the ball. More than they threw last year and I think -- in talking to you if the raiders had their way they would be added to that list. Do you have sailor wanna run it more than they throw it and become that smash mouth damaging. Yes because you know -- shops not a prolific passer he works best awful play action -- set of players got a run the ball yet. He got to create a viable threat they're running the ball so I do believe the whole ground and pound mentality that the raiders are trying to take into the season. Blues shows that they've got to run the ball more than they can pass it then -- -- -- and that's why you gotta have an attitude. And that attitude starts by committing yourself to run. Yeah good coaches that have been around like -- -- stuff like that they said look the one yard gain isn't bad in the first quarter. It's it's good two yard -- is good in the first quarter it's the third quarter that one to your game throws -- 34 break a long way. As you Wear defenses down he can't do that you can always back him up as an off of slime. Passable. Plus one of the things I've seen in camp and obviously I'm not in anywhere near the -- you are and in in terms of watching the offensive line that I tea. I want to Donald -- a lot and it we are focused on how they would protect the quarterback but when you watch them run the football. Donald Payne is a smaller he's about three or forty pounds eyesight and my numerous occasions completely stone wall to the ground. LaMarr Woodley I gave Jackson the rickety got to Mississippi State is an absolute -- greater master type. The one of the reason they I think they brought Austin Howard loses big is he is and moved him inside is that same thing your talking about to be able to just -- people. And I don't know I don't know -- Watson can stay healthy who knows. But I think that the offensive line is built to match people and we we focus so much on how they -- tech quarterback given how much everybody throws the ball. But I think they wanna go back to with the niners in the CI Stephen that's mash and from and I've seen in camp they've got a pretty good line if they can stay healthy to do that. Back in the day when I've played we had the number one rush offense and I think -- one or two years early 2000 some like that. And one of the things that we that I always had a precedent with -- Collins -- in my garden stuff was like look we need to establish a run from the very first day of camp only her parents. When that first knot on seven came when mr. Callahan -- group back in the basic call. A double team whatever was we needed to play guys and morale blow people up in establish a run downhill with Wheatley and in garner all those guys. That was an absolute -- now the rules dictate the can't do that as much. You've got to we have these game time situations so that's really what I'm looking forward to tomorrow night when the raiders played Minnesota. Tried again that's on our sister station K fox. 95 Romo and I'll have a couple hours before the kickoff pop. And that Tom Flores who haven't and then you do in the one pre season game against the Packers. Vikings lions Packers and the Seahawks at the coliseum often sell enough to fourth one's gonna. You know depth chart kind of thing and who gets to make the team. The other thing speak in an in depth chart the one thing that got me Arenas so much talk about the running backs -- the one thing that popped out of me will from the from the first depth chart to the raiders. A released was yet homes as a first steamer. On the and why does she record rod streeters obviously guy who is cemented as -- first in god the more so. James Jones. Move as it is as I think people should cruise control with him but I think he'll be ready. You can explain mentally but it James Jones is kind of cruised through Campbell and hasn't really turned -- but I -- he's a veteran. And James Jones is lewis' say NT or Greg Little a lot of people like he was Lewis's second team or more than that the Marius Moore was listed as a third team -- But he think it -- -- does the does a depth chart this early in the in the process even matter. It the depth chart is more used for the younger guys are really sparked them in my opinion on depending on the scenario depending on the position. We talk about raiders receivers if a young guy like a street or or is is up on that side and say hey you're number one yard number one guy. They gives them a little bit more -- to go out there really showcase your talent especially seal of approval veteran Mike Jones the other guys sitting behind. So let's get a psychological things absolutely yeah that's what's and that's what your plan a lot -- training -- a psychological games or see what I can do life fire underground. I'm great James Jones is adjusting to me that when you get a guy -- thirty years old -- mean I don't know. Is easy chose to go a 110% all the time. Is that a message to -- them take to pick it up a little bit -- I think that's why you sign a solo contract you look you gotta earn your keep. Yeah if you wanna have fast and just go through the motions and you probably not receiving playtime your expendable. If you want a place to stay or prevent your cable you should give more money than you are authors show. I feel like there's a little bit on the raiders again tomorrow get more into a review review the niners play tonight of course in Baltimore. And then we'll love -- museum raiders. NB -- Minnesota Vikings tomorrow once again ready to play as well again on our sister station 95 came -- to bring in the game and post as well. Daily dilemma coming up next house and do as an anniversary on this date only durable and actually I 957 and the -- news networks.

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