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The Wheelhouse with Greg Papa & John Lund 8/7/14 HOUR 3

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well seven I think tennis real house job -- Lincoln Kennedy. -- women equality -- look like our daily dilemma it is an anniversary day let's say about a momentarily and we'll need your help with it. In ten minutes he brought to my attention -- something that we'll talk about it since about 215. That I think is really interest in real talk a lot of college sports that this this particular topic. Is a widespread it's broad and widespread and I'm excited talk about it. -- -- Bob and our -- -- will join us we'll preview the niners game tonight in Baltimore he is our niners insider Reid is great stuff TS in Varian dot com. He will allow helpless he did write the ten things he's looking for us tonight so we'll ask him out that at about 230. And these sweet clean extra family friendly caboose pistol. Where are you here's the new teacher link who shows up drunk and without. Pants. On her first day of school. There you go over to ever have a -- like debt drunk without pants on first and you know can't say that I -- but I had MR parent teacher -- is recommending a really only. Really aka my French teacher at -- as sexy as though Lewis who just walked in talked friends from a that would begin to get a French. We've beaten and you'd think. It's you can look OK but she was speaking French stance suicide mission Macedonia. I was up a teacher. I got one quick thing I -- this so I was at a we're at a charity event went on and a couple of NBA players who were French man met my wife and they were -- look in men and she was swooning -- following him around and they were just hot in regular the local news and I was like oh yeah. Dead is we left fairly. Dad was bad you know like that precious -- -- it is is this I don't know I mean it did so as Portuguese top tens. -- we have Portuguese and -- my two favorite. Romantic language you're not so much in Germany we are -- -- nice it sounds exactly what you say. Well regarded as an act. I daily limit time. -- sides to every. It did lead to. It's a great call and there's a lot of but there's a lot of pressure on the -- too violent. No doubt lot of press and you screw that up that's gone down in history yeah let's hear what you say someone ponies a rainbow song my. It's. Thank you as that is that's the cause that's necessarily mean. I'll we'll tell you momentarily why we've played dad by the way that stacks of cash eagle and 7000 bucks you almost seven minutes. To -- I love this word and so you they again it's the word make NBA's CEO and bacon 272881. Text bacon. 7-Eleven two and five is when we give you. The -- were texting and begin -- 27 to 81. Millions it's on the does not like making its -- that we're missing every death. -- if Larry you I would have my ritual I would listen prodigy -- It really hot -- like the defense but they've just been great and I've yet to find something that bacon did not make better in anything and here. They get credit there's a go to place wanna house influence bacon on maple donuts. And now it's amazing you think and doesn't work it works it's just it's unbelievable. Both are quite you hear my arteries hard right at the park are tied. On this day in 2007 Barry Bonds hit his 756. Career home run of course breaking Hank aaron's. All time record. So today in 2007 to give any -- is very simple in 895795795795. Text line. Is he or -- -- considered in your mind not anybody else is just your mind the all time home run king Barry or pain what say you -- what say you. Look I I I can only saw I only saw him Paramount film I was I watch -- isn't this chase. Is one of the reasons I got an awful lot of young age and younger age I should -- a -- and a football baseball yet. But I think he's a home run king that's statistically if you go off of that to me he is The King and I know people say about there was -- or whatever. When when baseball was taken advantage of this when they were selling now AT&T park when people or how McCovey cove trying to catch a ball. When nobody think about what he put in his body and put on his body. There wasn't any need came into play because if he was cheating and he -- got -- -- penalized but after the fact the stats are what they are I think he has us based. Only did the thing that I go back to win in defending him is that baseball noon. They've never taken any responsibility for that baseball in the you know look I respect the players said no I'm not gonna do that that's fine. And one of the reasons I wanted to sock you about this is. I'm not saying you did and I'm not asking B Jose Canseco and out anybody. But these things happen as well I'm sure when you are playing where and I'm not -- no doubt about drugs just. There's always an unfair advantage somebody is always trying to get ahead of the game the drug dealers are always ahead of the police to me there are guys now they're using. That's really it always is so funny about the whole process is the whole thing. The the baseball writers are saying. As judge jury and executioner. These guys using these guys didn't how did you know how did you know in the fifties -- sixties how did you know when Babe Ruth played how did you notice. How did you know that it wasn't going on you can't say whether it was or wasn't so I think you have to put everybody -- I know people disagree with that and that's fine. But in his case. In Maingear is an agreement as. He's a home run king I don't know that Hank -- -- use anything you have to have some advantage some big news release pitchers like dated now he was facing a starter. A lot of times in the seventh or even eighty inning eighth inning when Barry Bonds was against the specialists so there's not an advantage there. I mean there there's always some sort of advantage therefore I always put everybody in. I'm sure that if he did did you ever play against the guy where you're lined up across from him and he's got this guys on south. Oh absolutely and I got -- -- who do this stuff but when you go away from a summer -- personally come back as big as the house -- -- -- -- -- right all -- off. What he's played in -- Well. Well above my my thing is this is that. If if if there was cheating so let's go let's listen for just like. I -- guys back in my day it took steroids yeah and I knew guy I knew those very same guys that did everything they could. Not to get caught. Mean they have the wizard later they had all these New Haven T -- all the stuff so they couldn't get called honey I have a sense on your team or new new guys on other team I know does my team -- -- -- my team there goes another team I knew guys who did this. OK but at the same point I wasn't there wasn't up to meet a call -- who -- you know why why is he -- Juarez you know I'm not one of them -- -- -- Canseco and in -- called all the that he did not. I don't I don't do things like that it was their body their choice and if they were -- they got called they have to pay the -- the penalty for. If there was cheating. Then how come Barry Bonds they get caught at the time now for mark Guardia by the time served so many positives. Don't know baseball is trying that the thing that bothers me the most 888957957. By the way daily dilemma. Today in 2007 Barry Bonds hit 756. In your mind -- home run king. The thing that bothers him most is we all do we newest fans as consumers the game was struggling. And Sammy Sosa's -- sixty plus Sam and Max -- seven Ian bonds since ME three so all of these these records. There had been this deal Maris hit the B 61 in 1961. There were a handful of guys who approach this and all the sudden it's becoming commonplace in Luis Gonzales is a Diamondbacks -- and 57. And Brady Anderson -- fifteen. And then they claim ignorance after that I'm not if you allow -- environment to happen and it's kind of like what you're talking about in the locker room. The NFL new Major League Baseball knows and yet they take no responsibility and they show on Barry Bonds. A lot of no it's not acknowledged that poses must say I want one would also scares me or ignored stands out to me is the fact that baseball's history has a dark spot and it. Some of the most notable names in this generation are trying to be brushed over -- act like they weren't part of it. Because of these allegations. And because of the the way it looks the stigma of how it looks. Statistically there were some of the best hitters rank statistically they're up which got a -- -- -- Well you don't even do that not only Soledad illegal. So 8889579. -- -- -- let me ask you this this is instinct. Knowing the guys the -- -- And let's say that they get in the hall of fame and again I'm not asking you name names. Do you downgrade those guys in your mind or is that just the way it was the lead allowed it may take advantage of it. They got away with -- you know I think I let's -- it -- let me say this out right I don't know of one particular or any guys. That used. Any performance enhancing guys drugs that are powering home. I don't know how it -- I saw one of the guys -- played against -- played with their win and or did it and you news but I do realize a profit before I know guys who became high draft choices. I know guys that had you know profitable careers. -- still number one album. Did you do you think the guys who use. The -- don't you think they don't belong in the in the alternate and a dog football guys you do. If you side guide you in the area like Baghdad has served in trying to I have no problem. It just I would mean this is that's -- prominent -- I. It if you wanted to do it that's fine I wouldn't know -- to -- -- that have a situation like a reality given my track record I'd probably use. -- -- That was the way it was and we all knew it I mean I'm not just talking investigative reporters the average fan of the street went wait a minute let's. Let's look at the numbers here these are astronomical obviously -- gone. When we eucalyptus the side test the evolution of Barry Bonds whose career he wasn't thinking at the end. Are you kidding me that they -- armor how could you possibly through tools and these gigantic yeah. Everything was they saw how could you not say something that he was once something. Everybody knew and then based Rolling Hills doesn't all my god we can't put it you know -- you're really. I didn't got them into stable try to get in a zoo before our next conversation maybe 8957957. We'll take a few that are on the -- line. Six seven years. Seven years who's in 07. Don't miss Aerosmith since last there let rob we'll certainly be -- in the states come from the -- next week August 13. Think it's on sale now my mission at that dot com for a chance to score tickets was devastated ninth nights in the game. Does concept that you brought to my attention before the show that could open up pandora's. We'll explain next clear night by seven against the bears is important. The bay -- new sound first. Thank you Dennis real house. John -- linking Kennedy. -- and ten minutes we'll talk to a man Mayo score 49ers in Saturn TS and buried dot com. Is in Baltimore I believe for the niners. And Greivis tonight did not receive zero piece on C is in very dot com about the ten things he's looking for tonight we'll ask him all about it get the latest. -- -- Mark Dominik is called in from a ESP in the rumor GM of the Buccaneers. Wonderful let's tree limb at Mark Dominik ESPN you can. Follow him and should. I'm mark they should take and it's not marry a. Jolly good I'm good appreciated yeah. Yeah I'm doing good shooting night we absolutely don't start. Yeah -- work cited about pre season on Lincoln Kennedy of course I'm sure you know he's he's got a downplaying India. You know -- is there -- you know he's not charged up by but I let's give her own sort of accidentally. Yeah you're you're. And today and then the guys get older I've never known as conflict. The sort of AFL ask your question there's a certain things been going on here in the Bay Area and it's it's really insisting in EU is a former GM GM wanna talk about your tolerance level. For the big trade or that or the big risk Billy Beane the Oakland a's a GM just made a big trade for Jon Lester of the Red Sox and he -- his middle of the order hitter. On the Golden State Warriors did not wanna part with Klay Thompson they're shooting guard for Kevin Love so one of the GMs and it in the Bay Area is gone for all when -- dean. One of the GMs in the Bay Area Bob Myers an in the gold -- -- organization did not want to give up a key player. To get a key player back it is far is the a GMs in the way that you think would know hey it's time to go four or hey you know like we might be there but I'm not so sure. I don't think -- gonna make a big moving in you're a guy who went -- got Darrelle Revis so you've done right kind of thing so how how do you know. You go to balances telecommuting and threatened to balance between. Where your team and what traditions and our actually -- to -- with the organization with the Buccaneers. Eureka canyon. An important source in the worst 29 yards short from the worst occurred during minister the National -- in your book works it's so important for -- really kind of put some resources and -- and certainly puts a lot of people Ambac ought to David. It's a kilometer record but I haven't had a chance to really get to back into the cheap until last year -- -- -- -- -- banks and so I'm Sean Goldman. I'm just try to Darrelle Revis become -- wanted to fix that that's secondary not well no matter where it -- with a one of the best and although Tampa decided not to hold on to become an Olympic Patrick -- accurate to -- I think as an organization billions in the spot where. Utility can win and you know what part of one and and you league baseball will not -- Davos that the policies and football team waited she tortured a completion right now. Did you talk over the hump -- than a -- -- ability to -- pond in regard to do. You know it's interesting to me is the evolution in the NFL contract in the sense that when I first came in it was all about the gear with signing bonus signpost how much money could you -- Then I've been the Barry Sanders still happen and then everything was pro rated where he had shall we train training camp. I think we saw firsthand what Marshawn Lynch is contract how much money was when you find if he didn't shall eventually training camp. But now you talk about the guaranteed money a lot of -- made with the -- don't signing you know calling government the only quarterbacks are not elite quarterbacks getting elite money. But I think what are likely to speak to is just that that. The fact there are certain nuances there are certain ways is a general manager where you can make the contract. Seem a lot more publicly lucrative than it actually is because let's face when you look at that don't deal that was more routine friendly deal than anything so they can go on -- other people who ran into astronomy dole Gingrich. Yeah we can nurse or English and try to find a way to do that Calgary Canada. A classic example trying to rework -- -- always for the patriots to get consultant good position to be able to sign other players or football team. That result -- annual guaranteed money. -- you only -- you know -- EU compared to everybody knows actually what's the most important thing. Pulled away at some -- Stuart Little more energy analysts on a bunch of people are such -- like kind of created a new system which was more guaranteed money. But no I'm -- -- two years we were able to make changes on the roster. But addition and subtraction -- muted. Because you know. Theoretically -- security plan monsters of one year deal Mike Williams is a classic example by Quentin receiver we drafted out of search -- -- him a big deal last year reported -- secures forty million dollars Lincoln. I'm a year went on ten million dollars by itself our roster bonuses based -- and never worked quite reported. Known -- guaranteed money you know all the -- was appears on the team the next year or so. -- it is there's a lot of the wage and headed up a lot of -- by roster that you can become guaranteed are only guaranteed sometimes you just. Partially into -- Turkey in terms injury. But he's on the team -- -- that particular good becomes fully guaranteed and and that's -- negotiation yet to have agents and in the -- openers in the loop and understand what the -- dark Mark -- are achieved. Amare Dominique is -- to join us almost Twitter -- mark Dominick ESPN -- twenty plus years in the NFL. And that was the Bucs GM from 2009 to 2013 and -- I believe you are largely. Credited with this kind of pays you go thing and I don't know if it started with the Revis but it. It's interesting how does this dynamic kind of change because like -- says they do a lot of it was okay this X amount of dollars. Is is guaranteed in the way that it looks now is Colin -- predicting he -- look I was fully aware of what the contract was but he's kind of betting on himself and same thing with. But any don't -- it seems like these guys are just kind of betting on themselves. Rather -- getting a -- Matthew Stafford who gets 42 million dollars guaranteed one to this kind of change an -- change. You know for me that's one thing you want to do damage if you -- you know pitcher players good. And that I wanted to take -- -- the situation as well and mine actually started and actually 2000 amid the trick for telling when pledging your. And there was some concern that outlook and obviously with the injury history and all that so. He was actually the first contract that would set the industry standard where I want really to protect the club. I want to -- Caroline was able to show up every one shall -- -- to decorum wanted to make sure children per tourniquet on time and I wanted to put like. Turkey -- -- didn't diminish your bonuses and you know entrepreneurs -- played really well -- -- -- -- People a year 23 years immigration and immigrants good change let it grow and the impact or art -- zero and that's. That's you know -- Minnesota -- enter the important link in Atlanta are part of the -- of from a business standpoint you're able to do you think when you look at Tampa Bay this year. Where you -- potentially could be able to do capita for what you can do going forward. You're really a lot lot more flexibility your roster and that's that's kind of really the most important thing. You see I don't really mind it because that understand the business side of the because as I was I was told monetarily or my eleven years the city contracts. And then that was I wanted to make mark my salary our contract I don't wanna be one of those guys -- be a salary cap casualty. Because -- mounted and inflated salary in the last couple years I take give hey give me some money in March I'll earn my keep in September. Yeah NN throughout the season I never promised that but you don't have a lot of players who were Smart enough and savvy enough with the money. To even believe in talk about that so a lot of those numbers and a lot of those thoughts go right over their head. It really does admit that artists and -- in these times the national all good. Management of money because you don't look alternate the rookie deal a lot of people consumers are sweetheart deal you know are so good for the clubs and but the reality it's working to where it's posted an inordinate amounts are electric but. You you can't really push a deal until there's at least some readers know that you look at Patrick Peterson and you say. Great discount delete -- aren't good for him and you need to -- their -- -- now when you look at it -- -- might have been a -- Even get the money they used to get him and been able to be reality you have to a pastor Rick Peterson or Petro monarchies. There's a normal volunteers so there's -- system. Is gonna take a little more time of the JJ watts. You know -- -- very difficult context or to come through the what it's doing it's it's really allow you to reward the players may be too early. Pitcher not Campbell gigantic Bosnia and Jerry curry. Could just you know for four years just to overcome to get a direct. And you're you're sitting there and just spent 61 million dollars on the linebacker didn't pan out so. It is rookie deals are working now because -- duplicate. Still getting what happened veterans. And they're not seem to money don't you got to -- to play at Lincoln you know what I mean -- if you want an underdog are polite. Mark before -- there's been a lot of discussion and I don't know how how closely looked at Colin Catholics. Contract in particular but he's come out and said look I wanted to do that contract this way because. It would save the 49ers money and I wanna be able to add more players as you said Tom Brady has literally done that. In cap and -- -- even though -- senior year I don't see where it saves the team money because. He'll get the money if he's good. He'll get the money if he's on the team if he's not that's the way that it saves them money how how do you look at this contract is it actually saving their money. Or is suggesting prove it as you go deal. Did you permit you -- yeah I don't think. Normal around -- you never -- -- children in the money universe you get really what you wanna be -- or that sends the players didn't. Incur additional players saying. Well it's good money yet you know an appropriate data myself and don't get hurt connect -- to great money also off to a lot of pressure on the border. That people understand there's been a -- there's a lot of agent pressure there's a lot of superficial things that are going on behind the scenes and I'd get it from a player's perspective it's hard not to think about the money all the time and so I think champs just so struck a chord with the opportunity very. Very good for the 49ers. It's not -- for separate kitchens -- It's not a protection you could have tried to put himself but yup she wasn't diligently to try to play it out so that's where it is to try to find -- But -- when you're negotiating from the club's perspective. Because that's what happened to happen to deal so I don't think it's one of those deals were. Where you really can't help to -- -- he's trying to you know so you create more money and it got -- Taylor reed and we will bat it was just. Matter that they can take advantage of the situation and they did well there's still well rewarding but it played accordingly. Great stuff mark thanks for the insight we're pretty well to do it against him thanks. You didn't hear my radio at mark Dominick ESPN. Obviously knows the front office. You know very well very good get instant. Yeah that's great yeah I mean the when the general public here is the big. The CSN there and I -- niners insider he's got ten things he's looking forward tonight up there at CES in the area dot com Alaska about those things. And for the niners in Baltimore to kick off the pre season actually here and I'm 57 and hilarious he sent. Do you find point seven again. Sign up there is -- if you lose. This still is give them. Link Libby is. They static over one particular event on it. So he can -- is he's got some stories this -- sometimes it happens is I'll fight if you he'll find view and there's one he found that he just can't wait flab heard it. He. -- there's a lot of stuff on -- did you see that one where the browns fan. Got busted me. For peeing on now Art Modell is grave. And are heard about it I was respectable -- -- as well because this is -- may take you demons are back number one memory you have their back and irrelevant. Well you got he got zionism and a -- too harsh. I seriously. And then dumb things and has -- the man but I seriously funny we talk of this the other day when you're on the on the cell like. When you get to the pearly gates and decide whether to pull the lever lets you you know. Go to year. Your final resting place having done. I think that's might that might come up with the big man. That yeah -- -- -- and are on Collison came. Like eating them. You know really come up here -- that's a problem. -- a deal breaker. That's a problem and and it just me I can be Iran's. Get your comment that that's probably gonna go -- divide them among the mine and -- -- mammy -- expected to join us so momentarily we will talk about tonight's game. IE does have on his a ten things to watch horrible three which I think this is slightly down the last horrible if I remember right. That would be in the Super Bowl. Yes and -- -- -- -- -- and other time before that was any Thursday night on the Thanksgiving I kinda remember that there are a lot of wine and food involved. So I was half and in an -- island but that owner is fairly important as well. So this is a little bit different. How this is really different means anything -- we'll we'll just see Salmonella or how competitive they wanna be against one and again explain this before we talk to Matt it just. I know -- was excited I'm excited to watch it but a lot of it is. You gotta Natalie take the person into account we got to take into. Account -- -- -- on the feeling you're earning his third team -- first steamers Vanilla defense is try to mean you have to really look at the whole dynamic as well as insect is -- -- really that good. But hey here's the thing you look you. Tulane inside you're probably not going to be able itself it's -- -- defense. Or for guys given full effort here in the speed of the game really doesn't. It doesn't showcase all -- college to pro ball where you can see some guys really trying to some guys just have pessimists in saying yes there so but you know so you. Yup the more I mean it it's like you look for certain nuances but she to me I think you take it for what it's worth you don't make a big deal out. So my breaks in the forty yard run you know all while we gotta get this Dr. Phil because look at him just right. The routine then schemed for and I mean that's when you had come down off your high horse and you know I mean let's just talk about it. Armed and certainly I think to gauge for me is always need as a player it was the third pre season but that's where you get to see where you really are. There unmet medical on the line he's got that ten things to watch in the exhibition opener vs the ravens a Betsy -- very dot com checked it out Gloria. And we do recommend doing really good. How how Zack how's the buzz in Baltimore is a -- ready for another horrible. I. Looks under the headline notes but a lot of my doors up I don't know that it was -- that. Turk you're used -- -- that's why don't you admitted well you have and -- doll -- and and it's forcing you is that a lot of you do it. Follow somebody wrote -- and app churn year it's yeah and it has -- -- when somebody read that headline. I thought let's let's. Why take on this week are there any bit. Tonight's game at the outdated -- are odd jobs our pot want it you know or whether you me everybody really excited. About the three days that there -- out and out that. You -- controlled environments. Are being able to get a look. The outcome and it has not yet guys that it the other team's number wise. That's something you don't get early in the basement you get -- many sides in the fourth quarter you know apple won't go ahead and. And -- whatever you're actor Phil that people be talking about the guys and dubbing it a deacon Jones. But -- it into practice the department is up to questions about a third -- -- it looked pretty you know what an idiot the first stringers now. In the fact that he always does so I think tiny gap but that where there's a code are really excited to be worked with each other. Three days after the -- practice facility. Yeah I'm really surprised that it's come to this I mean I guess you -- the coach's credit because once upon a time as a player we -- to practice and against other teams. But it seems these days what the rules mean the way they are that's really only how you can get the best out of your guys. Because it just don't do at a practice on the on their own loan against your other teammates. Yeah in Europe they're gonna aged. It will always -- -- aren't -- That forty that are gonna -- -- these -- the -- like the ravens -- started stage and a girl team. You don't you practice that you don't tell -- -- -- ground you don't the cheap shots. You are you protect your guy. You know you can edit -- I don't. You're you don't follow rules are what they hit the partner no hitting ball always our top. So I had an early down a couple little issues than forty hours trading app what what tempers. I inning at -- that the guys -- -- -- -- -- opt out of it materialized. Yet. Did you what did you lie at an early falcons are forty niners raiders were practicing at each other. And there are always some good dot stops I remember. Is it particular brand or -- -- what picked up. What they Greek and beast against our ports and Ricky Brown I think that yeah right about -- albeit just being Leah. If these one on one -- -- doubt that competitiveness. And -- spew escalated any point or they're pretty. A mammy -- is in Baltimore the end niners opened up there pre season tonight's. Against. The arraignment species called at mail goes CSN let's go through some you guys to watch -- and America out I was gonna lead up to this the -- -- go to number one. I'm Jimmy war in the slot and I know I miss the routier's how is he looked in campaign and what are his chances of being that guy. In game number one in the slot. -- he looked good in the Indian -- compressed -- that he's not a real big guy RB -- But there but -- -- -- big guys play the nickel back usually you're gonna take what I I I can't. Carlos Rogers certainly -- under the site. As far as I can play that nickel back position but he still all I've seen again. -- -- -- ball -- and get up and jam and you put it on and try to reroute them to go back you know. I don't know how much east yet -- and why it. But it Pete the heat its on the heels in Jimmy worked out there within that opened -- fuel -- circle the block because. I don't think Jimmy worked and it is an act it out for anybody. In the forty -- are counting on you know. That either get bowl quarterback though I need to be 1 PM line up against somebody who's not a teammate and I. In the past the other guys like Anthony Davis and the and the rights on the offensive lineman big smaller is in now with some questions of course with the -- and hold -- And Davis being rehabbing the shoulder. You're assaults on the right side of the offensive line you mentioned a couple offensive lineman -- have the Maarten in the -- your thoughts on there there in progression if you will -- -- so far. Yeah aren't you know -- happened I haven't been blown away by Jonathan Martin's. He just doesn't look strong you know EP. I know they'll knock out incoming -- he entered in Germany now numerous times we're just feel that the course strength has really shown up Keaton pushed back. On its back side by -- several 49ers beat alignment I think the pre -- political -- there with if you gave it out. By your shoulder injury Japanese. That no no question to be ready the first game of the regular steel and. -- You know outlook -- impacted by not counting and it's hierarchy that that betray it battered and played somebody gain so that the big question mark. Where the 49ers -- right party is another big question mark Jolie. He got in their last year for one game due to -- -- pretty well he's pretty good you know. -- ER I don't know that he either our boat dock it and started her for two years -- very well. So and going internet's. These exhibition games you know everybody talked about forty her off at the line and being one of -- strengths right now look so -- a player that they're putting out there I think. Not -- the line at the very serious concern. Not arteries and I don't think I'll definitely gonna play much it made you want series. Are perhaps still but he also had better than being Blarney waits at the annual Kilgore -- or per topic -- and -- go to another veteran not OJ Donna there was enough. Physically imposing player. But at -- better position I get even more or to advocate at a shoulder they'll be able to like get a prospect that it just bet that that need to be made. So you know Daniel Cold War have a lot but it's quite I think he can -- like it adopted the -- but it does that matter of we're not doing it. Do you want to try to. Try to not make the mistake that he anybody and it may. So -- pretty brief senate and that will be our top of the line and it's got a questionable and he hinted that the beat. Great stuff Matt will read your stuff and -- -- dot com and again he's got to tend to watch in the exhibition opener vs the ravens -- now we'll talk to next week thanks. Are we -- The fifth the -- thanks. You gotta get down off there -- you -- I -- in the other ism that mail account fall that may negotiate -- send -- got a lot of good stuff out there and he did not write the headline horrible. Since last time the horrible as a civil and I was a little bit bigger than this game although just it's just that said this just the tablet. VIP meet injury to legends presented by ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey get two tickets. Two great merchandise facts -- which it is to a fund meet -- -- most exciting -- on earth for one great price cannot meet debt. You just can't. -- when mrs. exclusive opportunities so get this package now it's only 75 bucks to get my purchase. Dot com today. Your sleek clean family friendly he could -- -- the -- -- came to see if he's got coming up as well. Only on 957 -- affairs receptor. I guess that is what -- -- this real house. I -- got a great show coming up in. About ten minutes. Billy being we'll -- join him as he does every Thursday Randy cross. The former niners guard -- and and the voice the -- on TV -- tanker. We'll -- that's inequality grip a lot of death to begin. Nun -- a bit of men at ten minutes. That that -- spine gases. Brought to my swooped. Daily fantasy sports for cast demo now swoop and that's with the ET PT -- swooped swooped. Demo now when money. All right are you ready this is your fair part of the show -- it is it's it's what I look forward to a at the end of the data is then move them friendly community with kids it's very family friendly today yes although listening mid clearly is on -- shoulders. Is make mile and a -- here is your -- commission's. Stories that almost slipped. This is probably not a way to have a long career as a teacher was on the first day of school but apparently was the first day they can go to their class and get everything prepared they had a meeting and everything like that. So what a brand new teacher did was she was intoxicated. And removed her pants. At this so called meeting would you like you hear the news story link -- well I'm glad you said that here and. It's police and Wagner arrested a newly hired teacher after they say she showed up drunk for her first day of work at Wagner high school. Not wearing pants. A teacher who showed appear drunk and then he went into a classroom she claimed was hers and removed -- -- I like at in III notified -- certainly I don't drug and I've done stupid stuff that. I really I don't think I've ever lose I don't really since that time. I have ever moved my pants latest in a public place -- -- -- and no use for these anymore. By the way it would probably not surprising that Wagner is Wagoner Oklahoma. -- -- Oklahoma's where -- -- -- took place but things might not be with him for the start school at notre I think yeah I I might have even me. As close my standards -- may have a problem with my son being taught. By the woman who showed up on her first day intoxicated Couric anchor and he does and then decided to remove her pants I just has an excellent -- definite. I'm not judge invent you're hot for teacher would you -- necessarily a vicious about it after I guess it you did say the Euro was hot for teacher. My. I'm -- a hot and. It's not for teacher but Megan Fox is doing media tour I guess. She's in that was she in the in the new turtles -- like yeah she's a new movie. So she's doing there you know Lipper requisite stuff where you know you get a promote everything and one of the things -- on net be. -- yesterday one of the things she revealed that she's married to a guy who played Davidson over. In a Beverly Hills 90120. Or whatever. I'm tired of that guy with okay well is attractive guy I think -- she revealed in this woods is if you're married to some -- this attractive she is there revealed that they have not had sex in two years that their son. Criticize two years old as -- at them every night. And so is it beautifully she is he has not had sex may have not had sex in two years. A terrible -- pathetic loser I -- -- -- are. I've done mine was meant -- two years really great right you walk around here I think only got a guy select -- And then do you not really here is all man I guess -- make kids Lisa and every single night. Everybody I know kids look I've got kids I don't know how much they can be -- stuff so I wanted to do in an effort supporter when they blocked it. They -- daddy and mommy. Visit chairman I know thought would say -- enough I don't know I managed to hide. -- There's AS social media campaign in Toledo Ohio one of the best places in America. And apparently they've they've had problems. Getting people to go out to dinner there. So they have a certain campaign that they're trying to promote to get people to go out to dinner would you like to hear about it certainly here it is. Life is -- beginning to return to normal after foot of water emergency but it may take a long time for some businesses to recover. The water emergency was announced on a Saturday events usually the biggest fan of the week a local restaurant having to close hit area businesses hard and it affected us greatly Colleen McCurry -- that she and her friends recognized how badly to crisis had hurt restaurant. -- -- I did didn't do something about it yeah. She created a FaceBook page called eat out to lead out she hasn't been easy came together and doing the -- price they can continue being supportive. Let me is -- -- -- how do you living -- forties when he 27. Bonds -- -- five and I'm 27 and you know starting to believe I really believe this. That ever I don't get bits -- news organization in RO TV radio online and are you need to have a diversity in. In around the table when you decide that you're gonna market something a certain way because like I'm sure that older people -- what's the big yeah. -- maybe 25 year old would be laughing at at the table -- UK -- do this you can't market like DC got to do it some other way. His intake in the -- -- we are constantly running in the things were older people all the parts of -- -- -- why it. Whether younger generals got to be laughing it's like don't you you'll see that. You can't do that well there's -- there's you know that little ego like we hear him some certain things are generational gaps we just don't get. In our -- and that's weird at a did you ever see the SNL bet with Alec Baldwin sweaty balls if you're reverend -- from around. The holidays you ever heard on that. No doubt that I got to play a little bit for you because actually. -- any balls are things that are actually be coming to a grocery store. Near you they're actually going to produce these things. This is a big years ago on a Saturday Night Live it was done around Christmas will play just a little bit for healing well. It Terry I've been looking forward to having you on the show because we know you're the master of all kinds of Christmas -- tell us about the -- there. A lot of great treat this time. I'm here zucchini bread -- K but the thing that I most like to bring out of this time of the year in my balls Obama. -- could buy your boots. Who -- -- -- -- balls pretty tasty popcorn balls she's falls -- news. My mouth watering just thinking about. It's been years since I've seen. Any balls I see my balls now. Would come out. You have some beautiful ball. They're bigger than I expected. I can't help but notice -- your balls are little misshapen. That is up peaked too many. His balls have got to -- over okay you can actually buy them at a grocery store near you now. You wanted to keep this family friendly I tried it's not my -- We'll look you're the one is really an announcer the stories. It isn't just. It's yours isn't the answer those are angry and I'm lawyer on a website whose photos as they are both. -- really -- like ball and stop flaunting. I'll leave nice stadium hosts an outdoor hockey game they'll make good sharks inkling of that. I guess that's really hit. And minerals to you know. -- and then things. It's been fun are you coming back tomorrow I'll be back tomorrow I'm I'm I'm actually -- call my -- and it's really good in this. I've already knew them into the night is that we'll preview the Friday game against the vikings. For the raiders David coming up next Billy being Randy cross through impact or more next don't hear many times in the game of -- -- have more sports. Yeah yeah.

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