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Randy Cross

Aug 7, 2014|

The 3x Super Bowl champ stopped by to tell us what he will be looking for in the 49ers 1st preseason game!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the Damon -- show or very happy to welcome in a member of the college football hall of Famer Randy cross of course is synonymous with football season being right around the corner it's time to was start looking at. The pre season contests that are coming up he of course. Works for CBS and it's great to have him on is a three time Super Bowl champion knows a little something about the gridiron. Randy thank you for your time this afternoon how are you sir. I'm doing great thank you is the best time of the year. When you're playing in what is the one thing you wanted to get out of the way pre season game number one. Because you've got very little time with starters in there I know is a lineman you probably were in their little bit more than the glamour boys at the glamour positions. But. I would guess that week one pre season it's all about timing and tempo. Yeah I did it it and the execution. And even the smoothness of how you rectitude and you know there's there's stain on the field the first down -- the first downs in the drive. And you know ideally when you order a preceding game you got your goal your you know what you -- you are what you got to play. You know the coach -- that you guys you're gonna play three series. And you would like that beat three scoring. And you know very well -- -- series they are called three and out series. You do that Camille Little longer than three -- so it's it get your -- make him work while. And then get the heck out. Well and hopefully that is what will happen is the 49ers. Open their pre season schedule tonight they do it at the Baltimore Ravens a little brother vs brother but. Little less dramatic than the last meeting these two teams that in the suitable -- just a little less dramatic and number one super ball. Just a little -- like that. That Denver contest. Going on got Seattle going on -- for our age it's crazy. Probably not well for the Broncos sake let's hope so I'll -- -- at the. How well with a certain that whatever. Patent. I you know I. I think there's a really important -- -- to get your timing down to really build your team in the niners and the Baltimore Ravens and the Broncos were talking about and -- look beyond. They're all in position. Where everyone look at their rosters in the alternate sitting on the wire. Gonna watch the game. And they are gonna -- guys that are probably not make that team. And and I know it killed stances -- debt favored to. I'm -- year that don't make it seem either particular loved him and collars are you about their back up and you're gonna be great player and it doesn't work out. But I. You just -- deal with that you're quite right now -- deficits go to Tony you know four by being polite spat. In the league they have got -- good talent. That the complicated and you -- you -- Politico. What what people when they're involved in your -- made you can't worry about who didn't see your concert on the one -- Well and right now what the 49ers I think -- just hoping to do is get through this pre season healthy they've had a tough time making it through the first couple weeks of training camp. Healthy they've suffered up. What looks to be a season ending injury to nose tackle Glenn Dorsey ACL for Kendall Hunter who was the primary backup to Frank Gore dislocated elbow for -- Michael James. Who was hanging on to the edge of his NFL career to begin with with the team. So it's the next man up sport and it could be time to take a big look at both Carlos side in jewel Hampton. Who I think are gonna be duking it out to be the primary backup to Frank Gore. You know honestly it is that that alliance -- I borrowed it five acre mine is three years that when you see eighteen they're really start supper there. They get those injuries that occur Obama all lines are really detonated on the Eli bat and got really worry. -- Promote being in these days is the reason people like wrap party back and whatnot or consistent 67 brown -- you're fired right. It's those highly skilled receivers the linemen on both sides of the ball. Quarters vote I think I -- the I was proud it's oh right now. My biggest concern I've been training room all the time and do what is output. Went up with all of these soft tissue injuries there there's got to be -- teams can do. To limit the number of injuries that were seeing it could just answer I don't think it's just put the reps over workers or something to. Randy cross football great joining us here on the Damon Bruce show. Randy may be it's not enough work to see BA is so cut back the amount of reps didn't his days spent in pads the number of practices mean my goodness the 49ers got to Baltimore a day or -- early to go through practice with the ravens that had to be canceled due to the details in the new collective bargaining agreement. I'm a believer at times that less is more. But I'm also a believer that iron sharpens iron so where is the middle ground for football. There -- many diseases that can keep it to go and that way. And I don't in the interest of the players' safety. You know there's 11 absolute and in -- quality can't trust coaches. When it comes to practice becomes the number -- and take care players' bodies that we've already got decades of evidence that says that their record. You know -- there's got to be a happy medium as. I tell you what's gonna happen a lot of these guys you're gonna see an Arab. Amber here in Atlanta where I live now there's a perfect example and Julio Jones put -- -- kind of Fabian back from that. Broken foot. You know he's -- a problem what and he says he's our present he says the split field great party let him practice every other day. -- got real character played when he -- What happens in the first game when you get the fourth quarter. And you need him to -- be going a 100% crazy. And he didn't yesterday. -- what do you do. You know you don't have an all -- we're sort of in the pool and aren't stimulated in tournament shape apple and I think the problem might happen it is where you see it especially watching Interbank. And see how -- blocking and tackling is. At least initially. All the broken tackles all the all the -- it'll hit and all the ground trying to block it. Yet here simulated game atmosphere. You know you know an awful lot about blocking Randy and I need to ask you about. Mike you potty so a lot of people think is about to be when his contract is up with the niners if he hits the market the highest paid. Guard in all football. He is the absolute specimen a road grader who kind of under performed a little bit last season I thought that the niners. Offensive line might have peaked two years ago rather than last year hopefully they get it back together this year what are you thinking you potty as the player. You know I love him. Just the way he plays are particularly like is style realignment at the players that kind of an edge. Dad is willing to -- Clinton the gray area and my one of those guys. Great attitude. And place. Now the chip on his shoulder you know people people get get it wrong all the time I'll know fight in -- second act like your second let it come back and explain backyard your thought. And I think that's something that you party is -- -- forum last year. That it had him on tape it when I never really. Didn't look like he was kind of the same and I don't know what the injuries were -- -- -- he went into the seat announcing that he got during the season you never really know that for a lineman. -- critical little things like an ankle or enact Kirk. You know something with a hand or wrist can really impact. The way that you're allowed to play you can't play the way you you really be used to diluted I would look for him this year several offensive line could be pretty impressive. That's going to be what makes a difference between them in Seattle. Another offensive lineman for niner fans to keep an eye on during this pre season game will be when Jonathan Martin comes in you know you talked about gray hair you you talked about taking it a little bit too far. Jonathan Martin got so wrapped up in gray area and things being taken too far he almost found himself out of football going through. Whatever the hell happened with the Miami Dolphins locker room a year ago what do you think of Jonathan Martin's chances. To recapture an NFL career after what he's been through. Crowd -- are critical for referring him to hold his ground EU was he played off. The last little bare -- Miami and you could say that you're you know mental turmoil or. Just. Bet that guy that played with the -- that guy that dominated college and and goodness knows. The road in the NFL the road -- so littered with former college. Bad guys you know they predicted beat up on people that in played with a chip on their shoulder whatever cliche you aren't used. If Martin can't play like that if you can't hold his ground can it be physical I know for sure he does have a place on the outline. Is that line. At all different standard. When it comes to how they're supposed to play and an -- -- -- -- You know at least he's in -- -- and he's got that up until markets San Francisco specifically. Is gonna have to be much much better of a pocket protector. For him and I think -- guy like Martin has a back happy if you have to play at current values going to be and the ability to command and -- area. You Randy when you were inducted into the college football hall saying you of course went in it wearing your Bruins helmet. But do you know how cutting edge UCLA's offensive line is this offseason have you heard about the one thing. The UCLA did that beat every other college football team in America until. -- ready for this. We're here tomorrow. They got a drone. They have a drone that they now fly over UCLA's offensive line in practice to look at footwork look at spacing it's a camera angle. That no crow's nest or -- tower in the end zone or fifty yard line could ever provide. There you go UCLA. Bruins football brought to you by drones howdy. Well yeah the guy who are really good linemen there. And I think what Mars looking for and specifically ostensibly what they're looking or is space. I could it got -- act in the skill positions that can beat some pretty nasty stuff in space. And they're like organ in that regard when they spread you out. Unlike hampered. Where you know dapper don't get cute though they'll go lineup -- -- foot right beat the -- it's all things. You have UCLA got an -- that problem. Maybe they want I they are out there are real and isolate it and -- they can move and they're big and their physical so I love that I think that's been -- Is that sort of angle you'd never really get. Are you having good hair day I hope you are all court I never -- -- -- I would love sometimes like Europe and change colors that. Randy cross here on the David Bruce -- Randi thank you so much. No problem.

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