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The Damon Bruce Show 8/7/14 HOUR 1

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The week's Mumbai fast it's Thursday we've got pre season football the -- we've got a's baseball tonight raiders football. That begins tomorrow night it's officially going to be a fun weekend. What Hovan beyoncé when they out here -- they done they want more down there they done. Outside lands comes this weekend to Golden Gate Park. -- -- -- conditions be all around us. Hopefully we're gonna have ourselves a really good weekend here in the Bay Area welcoming of the day members showed great to have you along this afternoon we got a good one for you Randy cross. Is gonna join me the bottom of the hour we're gonna talk about all the football that's coming your way what is -- six pre season games tonight. Would of course here in the Bay Area the 49ers taking on the ravens is the headliner. Vikings host the raiders tomorrow. Jon Lester goes back at it tonight for the green and gold of the Oakland days. Taken on the twins it's why we've got both Billy -- and -- tied for joining us today to talk about. What is going on in the coliseum what's going on in the coliseum blue wolf talking about a new stadium that was the big news yesterday and that is good news. We're going to do. Some ideas that I think need to be incorporated. -- is the you'll need to come up with. For a new stadium in Oakland. What are the distinctive features of Oakland how do you incorporate. The spirit of Oakland. Into a brand new ballpark. Since indeed architects. Have been called. Kevin Love apparently isn't coming to the Golden State Warriors he will be package off to Cleveland for two number ones and a number one. Anthony Bennett who was a disappointing number one Wiggins -- got all the potential in the world who was drafted number one this year. Ending no other first rounder. Traded to Minnesota for Kevin Love although the deal cannot officially be consummated. For another week or two. It looks like it's a done deal. And the fact that that is a done deal. Means that as Golden State warrior fans we now officially have something else to opine about something else to talk about and that's something else's. Former -- I'd point guard Aaron craft I guess. By the way I saw this story -- only on. Aaron craft signed a one year partially guaranteed deal with -- warriors this week after playing for their NBA summer league team. -- Again. I think could he be. A backup point guard may be. He's a two time defensive player of the year. In the Big Ten he does DN up a little bit. But he's not much of an offensive weapon. He scored seven points with three rebounds two and a half assists two and a half steals and five summer league games of the warriors. An earned a lot of high praise from Steve Kerr curse got himself. The backcourt that he didn't wanna get rid of he will have both -- curry and Klay Thompson what he won't have his Kevin Love what did Cleveland Cavaliers will have with Kevin Love. Is one of the twelve best players in all of basketball to match with the best player in all of basketball. And maybe one of the four best point guards in all of basketball. -- the way everyone's gonna talk about what this means for LeBron in terms of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Getting Kevin Love. -- -- Irving is the guy. Who just got handed the keys to the castle. -- urging is eight drive -- to the ten point guard. Who now has two power forwards. Pretty much in LeBron James and Kevin Love. That will draw more attention away from the rim than any two combination of power forward you could find in the NBA. -- -- Just scored five more points per game next year. Thanks to the fact that he is going to have smooth -- and that -- This by the way might have subtly been in effect for. Our good friend Seth Curry had a Golden State Warriors made the move for Kevin Love but they didn't. Now it's one of those trades that doesn't happen that doesn't leave view in a bad situation because you still have Klay Thompson. And that's a good thing to have. Klay Thompson is yet to be the best it anything. In the NBA. Kevin Love. Is the best outside scoring threat from the power forward you're going to find in the NBA. Got the best jump shot at the position in the NBA. He is the best rebounder. In the NBA. -- out of the warriors don't have. What they do have. So I guess. And that's the reality -- imminent. But I wonder. Namibia a general manager with a little bit more time served. Would be bold to do it -- Billy -- The tough guy to compare anybody to because Billy -- operates in a vacuum of job security that no other general manager and any sport. Around the world has. Here are three words you'll never see in print. Billy -- Fired. You'll never see those three words together there is no general manager. That I can say you'll never see his name attached to the word fired other than Billy being. Everyone else is on a ticking clock did you with a wrong move they can and stay accelerate now I think Bob Myers has done a great job. Really great job -- -- if Steve -- easier new coach that's the direction your franchise is now going in you'd be marching his beat period and the story. If he didn't want the deal done then maybe that's what you don't don't you don't do the deal. If this is the team Kerr wants. Encourage the guy you wanted. And you don't break that up. But I think that the warriors passed. On the chance to take a very good player. And move him to obtain a great player. Kevin love's great play Thompson's good. Maybe. Three years from now we're going to be saying well he went from good to great really fast and thank god that trade never happened. Or you simply can't match up front courts with the clippers the spurs. The Portland trailblazers. The Oklahoma City Thunder. The Houston Rockets and this becomes a theme that eliminated from the playoffs over and over and over again. So there's really only two ways to go there. But -- we have pre season football. Talk about what the priorities are the 49ers tonight I wanna see Chris football. Ladies. Brought into the huddle. You know worried about what the 49ers do once that ball snapped everything they do before the ball snaps. That that concerns me. The 49ers I thought shot themselves in the foot with slow play recognition. And calling. I think it took way too much time to send in the perfect play. You better just get the right play in -- what what what shields saying. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow I think the 49ers need to incorporate that feeling. Into this pre season get the play into the quarterback run the play. Quickly. -- communication. That's what I wanna see from the forty -- in this pre season game tonight. I -- see Brian will avoid flying around thrown in for Navarro Bowman always the other secondary starts behaving we're gonna talk about with the raiders need to show in their game. Tomorrow. When we get you ready for little. Raider football that begins tomorrow we're gonna concentrate on the 49ers a little bit today. And having settled that. I can't believe that here we are it's Thursday. Night yet to ask this question allowed. What was up with those Jerry Jones-Drew pictures. Why don't you see him by now. If you got the Internet you've seen Jerry Jones. Standing behind a woman that looks a little like Alexis Texas. He appears to be. In full grown moon come arm full groped. And that's that that's the family friendly picture of the two. Check panel looks a little bit like Alexis Texas and full broke winning against Jerry in a state of -- -- -- That's the one you wanna put on the fridge to show the kids. The other one is a little disturbing one. He had a girl don't fall MacKey Sasser I mean she is on. She is in this quiet. Used to call that MacKey Sasser and technologies. You had to be there. There's there's people in their car old enough laughing right now not MacKey Sasser. On her knees in front of Jerry Jones resting her head. How I say this delicately against his zipper. I don't even off he's got pants on in the picture. Is the CEO of the billion dollar company that is the Dallas Cowboys. Oh there's also a married guy. I wanna look out for that to. Those are just weird pictures. Weirder still. Is the nut job that posted them and says I am the son of god and it's up to bear its its finally up to jarrah Jones to repent. I mean this is like some real old nut job religious -- kind of -- stuff that was accompanying the text. In these pictures. What I've I can't ounce up I feel like a little disappointed in myself that it took me this this deep in the week to get the net. What is -- put those Jerry Jones pictures. -- more Mel Brooks is going to it's good to be king. High school two days are happening. Not only pre season football starts tonight in the NFL but high school two days are happening all over the country there are a bunch high schoolers getting back to playing football with concerns about concussions and player safety permeating. Youth football like never before. How to make practice safer is an issue that each coach. Loved every football team in America. I'm talking about -- use the head coach of the worst Peewee football team in America. Every kids. Not a single -- weighs more than 65 pounds. All of their parents -- paths assist granola eaters. Just have absolutely no shot to go out and compete. Slow kids. From the worst Peewee football team in America. To the Super Bowl champions. Every single coach now has a mandate. To make their practice. To make games. To make preparing for next week's opponent safer now than ever before and this is incredibly. Important to do. You can do it to the nth degree however and still not eliminate the chance of serious injury happening it's part of the sport. You cannot take injuries out of football anymore than you can remove gravity from sky diving it's part of it. So. How to make practice safer is an issue that every coach has to address the Seattle Seahawks as a matter of fact. Last week put out an outstanding tackling video they put it online and urged every single high school coach in America to watch it. And it's an excellent video it's about twenty minutes long I watched at least fifteen minutes of it. It is a great defense is. Taking your head out of the equation how to tackle properly. Offensive coaching drill that everyone should see. Well recently John Madden. Had some really interesting points on youth football safety. And his message might not have been the one that the NFL one intend to send at -- particular time he scented because. John Madden. On NFL network. Was sitting their talking about youth football as a matter fact Melissa stark. Was hosting a five part series touting their heads up football program. Which has been given a five year 45 million dollar grant by the NFL to help promote safety within the game by -- coding but excuse me magic -- Educating coaches players and parents. You gotta get a good education. Got a anyways. Five years 45 million to help teach coaches. How to coach football smarter. On this panel. It's like I said Melissa stark is the moderator. Michael Irvin was up their commissioner Roger Goodell was up there. A whole bunch of people representing the heads up football program were there. Chris Bolick who was there. As Mike was unavailable. And John Madden was there and everybody sitting near touting how great this new heads up football program is in John Madden just spit all over the whole thing. In this honest. Only I can be dishonest sitting next to commit like. Here's -- thing everybody appear needs to -- the commissioners line of BS because they all work for him. I'm John Madden. I could sell Roger Goodell 25 times over. John Madden is one of the few guys in football. Who's gonna -- talks. Actually probably carries even more than the commissioner. John Madden looking to contribute to the conversation about how great this. Five year 45 million dollar heads up football program is. Just absolutely slapped it down saying all due respect to the program this is a quote all due respect to the program. I don't believe in it I respect coaches I respect what good coaches do. I know that you. Don't learn to be a good coach in an hour and a half. -- and basically. Screw your instructional video. Maddon took it even a step further when he said quote. What we have to start with six year old is more just potty trained a year ago. Put the helmet on him in -- tackle. Smart stuff. From a guy who knows an awful lot about football. In doesn't owe anyone anything and can speak his mind. Good on John Madden will have even more on that a little bit later run. Like I said we officially have hard knocks underway on HBO that hopefully you've seen by now the show debuts. Tuesday's. The new episode hits every Tuesday. We talked about a little bit yesterday -- and talk a little bit more about it today because. It was great. I want I kind of watched it again the hot -- I've watched the first episode twice now. We tell you Stephen Jackson if you saw this you know what I'm talking about Stephen Jackson. Is an incredible leader. What an incredible teammate. How do you describe what a great leader is it's it's it's tough. It's tough what makes someone a great leader someone who knows how to motivate people with words someone who motivates people for their own actions someone who. -- -- has done it before proven it can be done inspires others around them to do Witten reached their heights. -- how how -- it's almost -- leadership is like pornography. I can't define it but I know when I see it. Great leadership could be seen. In Stephen Jackson. Was sitting their talking to a group of Atlanta falcon running backs. And he said look it's real simple. We are all competing for the same job out here. And through competition. Were all going to get better and it doesn't have to be. A fight off the field we can be Brothers off the field we can make each other better off the field we can support each other off the field. And on the field the best man will win but it's got nothing to do with paycheck it's gonna do and where -- from got nothing to do with when you were drafted I mean this guy just just. HBO just happen to film him. Just drop in some church on the group running backs and it was awesome. It was great up not pardon me at my computer something popped up and started playing. Well I hate pop up ads. And you pop up that it's. Earnings from our. Seriously and are not a great stuff. Most Speights is in no trouble than any other warrior this summer. Kind of knuckle head gets a DY. On his birthday you drove on your birthday you drove to your own birthday party. Again the warriors got Maurice Bates not Kevin Love. Up up up up. Speaking of drinking by the way this surprised me. Arizona State. Is banning K eggs beer bong and drinking games from all tailgating. I'm not surprising that happened on campus under a surprise that campuses Arizona State. -- you need to get an Arizona State -- I spent a year there really gets my -- near you know I your panel. What he would get an Arizona State and number two pencil name come and about 800 bucks of a credit points I did have a scholarship. Did you know. What was scholarship in journalism really asked. Would you do it it comes to getting talk to us now it's much trance or what -- graduating from. The school of hard knocks. No I I if I -- India graduating from you know Spanish in journalism but I left AC because I had a little too much and all of but I don't live up to much. That's why they're bad guys think this is called the -- a law let me see here by. Via the details but Arizona State banning cakes -- bonds and drinking games needless to say you -- took -- all three freshman year. Not. Of course not and -- of course now and again her husband and child may be listening of course map to snap. Here's another thing we're gonna have to get into at some point today we all know that the Redskins are facing huge image storm right now well. They Kansas City Chiefs are racing for that storm themselves. And -- taken some pretty interest staying. Proactive measures. To reach out to the native American community and make sure that there's no insults nothing gets lost in the translation. Of what they're trying to do and the way it falls upon. The Indian community it's it's pretty uninteresting stuff. Won't get into that a little bit later on. And a couple of other things -- I still got this. Awful story about this air force academy football team that I I've been sitting on for a couple days it's a one of those things I want a shared but I don't wanna -- is officially not a fun story. But I think we're gonna end of doing that today because we got Randy cross coming up next. We've got Billy dean at 4 o'clock Glenn kite birdied five days baseball's. -- show begins at six. Jon Lester gets the work around seven. The 49ers will be at work here in just a little bit -- To talk about -- out all the work coming up during the pre season the football teams need to go through Randy cross joins me next. We're gonna talk to him about what he looks forward to pre season game and there are two. Offensive lineman. On the 49ers on ask him about specifically. The first being Mikey potty. Who's regarded as one of the best guards in all football could be the highest paid guard in all of football. Coming up next year especially if he isn't re signed by San Francisco and it's a free agent market. The other player. Is the opposite. Of one of the best linemen in football the other player don't ask Randy cross about is Jonathan Martin. And what are the chances that he makes this team. So stick around that's the first conversation we're gonna have today again Billy -- for -- tide -- five. Hopefully a whole bunch use sprinkled in 28889579570. Is the number by the way the earthquakes are hosting FC Dallas Saturday August 16 at Buck Shaw Stadium tickets on sale now and SJ earthquakes dot com. For your chance to go with a friend and hang out Chris Townshend is the contest page in 957 game dot com. Down after the -- intrusion on I 95 point seven -- and -- big. Welcome back the -- her show we're very happy to welcome in a member of the college football hall of Famer Randy cross of course is synonymous with football season being right around the corner it's time -- was start looking at. The pre season contests that are coming up -- course. Works for CBS and it's great to have him on is a three time Super Bowl champion knows a little something about the gridiron. Randy thank you for your time this afternoon how are you sir. I'm doing great thank you hadn't the best time of the year. When you're playing with what is the one thing you wanted to get out of the way pre season game number one. Because you've got very little time with starters in there I know is a lineman you probably were in there little bit more than the glamour boys at the glamour positions. But I would guess that week one pre season it's all about timing and tempo. Yeah there pit area and the execution. And given the smoothness of how you execute and you know there's there's stain on the field the first down 21 downs in the drive. And you know ideally when you order a preceding game you've got after all you're you know what you bogey as far as what you got to play. You know the coach Mike that you guys are gonna play three series. And you would like that beat three scoring. And you know very well it first series that you are called three and out series. You do that you can build -- longer than three -- so it's it get too wrapped -- worthwhile. And then get the heck out. Well and hopefully that is what will happen is the 49ers. Open their pre season schedule tonight they do it at the Baltimore Ravens a little brother vs brother but off. Little less dramatic -- the last meeting these two teams that in the Super Bowl ring and he just a little less dramatic and number one super ball. Yeah just looked a little -- like that. That Denver can't get going on -- Seattle going on require aid is crazy. Probably and I are well for the Broncos sake let's hope so all right look at the. How well with a certain that whatever. Patent says. I say I you know I I think there's it's really important -- to get your timing down there really. Build your team in the niners and the Baltimore Ravens and the Broncos were talking about and the yeah -- CI. They're all in position. Where everyone look at their rosters in the alternate sitting on the wire. Gonna watch the game. And they're gonna be guys that are there probably not make that team. And and I know it -- -- every debt favored the I'm here that don't make it seem either. Particular loved him in college or you thought they were back up and you're gonna be great player and it doesn't work out. But I. You just got to deal with Europe are right now on -- go to Tony. You know four by acting like that in the league and -- got such good talent. That complicated and you add you got -- let it go look at what people when they're just pop in your roster is made he can't worry about who you didn't eat. Your concert on the one. -- -- Well and right now what the 49 is I think are just hoping to do is get through this pre season healthy they've had a tough time making it through the first couple weeks of training camp. Healthy they've suffered up. What looks to be a season ending injury to nose tackle Glenn Dorsey ACL for Kendall Hunter who was the primary backup to Frank Gore dislocated elbow for -- Michael James. Who was hanging on to the edge of his NFL career to begin with with the team. So it's a next man up sport and it could be time to take a big look at both Carlos Hyde and jewel Hampton. Who I think were gonna be duking it out to be the primary backup to Frank Gore. You know honestly if it that airlines Clementine -- bit fire circular -- -- it. Three years but when you see teams they're really start supper there. They get those injuries that you're -- Obama -- lines are really detonated on the deal -- that when you -- really worry. -- -- -- promote being in these days is the reason people like. Wrapping party back and whatnot or in fifth and sixth and seventh round loser here find it right. It -- highly skilled receivers the linemen on both sides football. The corner and those type guys -- I was I was it in -- -- our -- right now. My biggest concern -- -- -- -- room all the time and do what is up with the -- -- -- up with all these soft tissue injuries. There is there's gotta be -- teams can do. To limit the number of injuries that we're seeing it could just answering I don't think it's just because of reps and over workers or something to do it. Randy cross football great joining us here on the Damon Bruce show. Randy maybe it's not enough work to -- BA so cut back the amount of wraps the -- days spent in pads the number of practices mean my goodness the 49ers got to Baltimore a day -- -- early to go through practice with -- ravens that had to be canceled due to the details in the new collective bargaining agreement. I'm a believer at times that less is more but I'm also a believer than iron sharpens iron so where is the middle ground for football. -- than any that it can keep it negotiated. That a way. And I don't in the interest of the players' safety curtains you know there's -- one absolute and in the apology can't trust coaches. When it comes to practice and becomes a number of reps and take care players' bodies that we've already got decades of evidence that says never record. Black you know there there's got to be a happy medium as I tell you what's gonna happen a lot of these guys you're gonna see in early September -- here in Atlanta where I live now there's a perfect example and Julio Jones. What they're Jones there they're kind of -- back from that broken foot -- got a you know -- had a problem -- and he says he's a 100% certain but it feels great they are let him practice every other day. -- -- -- council played when he can't. What happens in the first game when you get the fourth quarter and you need him to -- be going a 100% crazy. And he's not a good necessary. -- what do you do. You know you don't have an alternative where you opponent in the pool and started stimulated and get him in shape apple and you know I think -- -- problem at the beginning and where you see is especially watching game tonight. And see how -- blocking and tackling as. At least initially. All the broken tackles all the all the guys -- it in all the ground trying to block -- You just can't simulate -- game atmosphere. You know you know an awful lot about blocking Randy and I need to ask you about Mike you potty so a lot of people think he's about to be. When his contract is up with a niners if he hits the market the highest paid. Guard in all football. He is an absolute specimen a road grader who kind of underperformed. A little bit last season I thought that the niners offensive line might have peaked two years ago rather than last year. Hopefully they get it back together this year what do you think you potty as the player. Yeah I love them. Just the way he plays are particularly -- is -- any -- -- at the players that kind of an edge. Dad is willing to push things into the gray area in my one of those guys. Great attitude. And place. Now the chip on his shoulder you know people. It would get get it wrong all the time I'll know right in the second he might -- your second let -- come back and explain knock down your butt. And I think that's something that you party is back on -- last year. -- and had him on tape and what not I would never really. He didn't look like he was kind of the same guy and I don't know what the injuries were we outing -- he went into the seat announcing that he got during the season. You never really know that pro lineman. -- critical little things like an ankle or enact her. You know something with a hand or wrist. Can really impact the way that you're allowed to play you can't play the way you you really be used to -- -- I would look for him this year. At cooperative line to be pretty impressive that's going to be what makes a difference between them in Seattle -- Another offensive lineman for niner fans to keep an eye on during this pre season game will be when Jonathan Martin comes in you know you talked about gray area is he talked about taking it a little bit too far. Jonathan Martin got so wrapped up in gray area and things being taken too far he almost found himself out of football going through. Whatever the hell happened -- The Miami Dolphins locker room a year ago what do you think of Jonathan Martin's chances. To recapture an NFL career after what he's been through. I am I yet critical -- refer him to hold his ground the EU was he played soft. The last little bit would Miami and he -- say he was you know mental turmoil or -- he -- Bet that guy that played with the head of the guy that dominated college and and and goodness knows where the road in the NFL the road to -- so littered with -- former college. Bad guys you know they're addicted beat up on people that in played with a chip on their shoulder whatever cliche you wanna use. If Martin can't play like that if you can't hold this ground that he can it be physical I know for sure he doesn't have a place on the outline. Because that line. At all different standard when it comes to how they're supposed to play and an archaic -- -- that Iran lives. You know at least he's been involved in these -- lit up until -- -- built specifically. Is gonna have to be much much better of a pocket protector. For him and I think a guy like Martin at the back happy if you have to play that's for his values going to be in the ability coming in an area. -- Randy when you were inducted into the college football hall of fame you of course went in it wearing your Bruins helmet. But do you know how cutting edge UCLA's offensive line is this offseason have you heard about the one thing. The UCLA did that beat every other college football team in America until. Our -- that's. Where your moral note. They got a drone. David drone that they now fly over UCLA's offensive line in practice to look at footwork look at spacing. It's a camera angle that no crow's nest or no tower in the end zone or fifty yard line could ever provide. There you go UCLA. Bruins football brought to you by drones how do you feel about it. Well yeah I didn't know are really good linemen there. And I think what Morris looking for and specifically ostensibly what they're looking for is space. I could they've got the guys in the field position back and do some pretty nasty stuff and straight. And they're like organ in that regard when they spread you out. I'm like Stanford where -- stamper will get you'd go go go lineup put -- foot right between that they like it's all things. You have you -- it doesn't have that problem maybe they want I they ought to get out there they are isolated. And they got a tactic and moving their big in their physicals so. I love that I think that's been -- if that's always an angle you can never really get -- off are you having good hair day I hope you are. Oh of course I never -- that's why we love you sometimes like Europe and change colors but -- Randy cross here on the David Bruce show Randi thank you so much. So bad -- days. No bad hair days for Randy cross and I have a good hair day I got my haircut before the show started looks good right now fresh out to share Jian a fresh out -- chair. -- senate looks good thank you very much thank you thank you it was a little. Little untamed slumped slightly. By the way. Tomorrow. At 5 o'clock. We don't need to worry about a good hair day for -- in studio guest Jim Norton. Who isn't absolutely hysterical comedian big part of the Opie & Anthony radio show he's in town. Doing a few shows -- -- cobb's comedy club and we're gonna have Jim Norton lives in studio tomorrow I'm very excited about that that's going to be an awful lot of fun pay as soon as we come back. Got a little news about teen USA a major piece of teen USA basketball. Is ask coach K if he could lead the team coached -- is giving them permission to do so. Tell you who that is next. T-Mobile making a summer special with a T-Mobile -- -- blowout -- -- -- -- mobile stores around the Bay Area for his secret tax code -- -- green and gold. VIP experience signed a he's geared to it's a great American -- the boardwalk. For a list of prizes visit 957 game dot com. Yeah. Five point seven thing. They stand scholar friend and call another fan call a season ticket holder and let them know that Billy -- going to be joining us. Coming up next at 4 o'clock. -- general manager. Stop signed by for his weekly conversation like I said we got a little news breaking this hour I'm going to read to you. Read off of the mark spears. Twitter account. Kevin Durant. Has pulled out of USA camp for physical and emotional reasons. But not due to Paul George teen USA basketball announced Kevin reached out ski coach Kay and myself this afternoon. And expressed that he's just physically and mentally drained from the season that comes from. Jerry Colangelo. -- felt coming out of camp that he was not prepared to fulfill the commitment he made to the team USA basketball now has fifteen finalists that or resumed training in Chicago is. Practice begins August fourteenth and fifteenth in an exhibition against Brazil. Coming up on August 16. Who is now the go to guy for team USA basketball they are down the first two power forwards you'd seen in the game. Kevin Durant was your starter Paul George is your back up now what. And it's just pull out of this tournament. No that would be quitting. We'll send them out. I don't want any more Golden State Warriors involved in this your party risking. Your entire season by having stepping clay competing in this. Obviously Kevin Love is not and all of a sudden turn around and join the party. He is waiting for his shot to become a Cleveland cavalier after that news is broken today that that is. Now -- complete we'll have to wait for the paperwork in the timing to go through. Order this is Kevin Love thing and. A I'm about to make thirty million a year five start -- and under armour. One and I just go ahead and do that and concentrate on NBA basketball because that's what really matters that's what makes your bread buttered. Cole -- Was put on waivers by the Philadelphia Phillies the other day who is very little thinking that anyone would go ahead and pick him up -- to the extraordinary amount of money that is still attached to his name but apparently. Cole Hamels was picked up off the waiver wire now we're just trying to identify the team that did it -- couple sources saying. It's the Chicago Cubs. All I can tell you that is that those two sources have to be wrong what in God's name with the Chicago Cubs. Who got rid of -- -- margin and Jason Hammel this season is completely flushed. Go out and but about Adam Cole Hamels for. So I guess that's nuts I'd I'd I'd just can't think that that is what's happening. Public comments here on the dropped in text line. As I said before the Kansas City Chiefs are trying to cut off at the pass if you will. A fight that is approaching in the distance. With a Redskins storm that is brewing -- Kansas City Chiefs are getting ready for a backlash that they've been told by one of the anti Redskins. Organizers is eventually gonna come to Arrowhead Stadium. And be waiting for them now a person here. On the -- can text line says gaming comparing the name chiefs is apples and oranges compared to Redskins. And I totally agree with the -- And that is not what some tribal nations are saying is insulting about Kansas City cheats the word cheeks. Is not offensive at all as a matter fact got a guy here on the text on trying to be funny he says. The Kansas City Chiefs call to confirm everything is okay. The chief. Not bad. The problem that they have in Kansas City. These fans in war paint. The problem that they have in Kansas City is this to Iran that they use. To fire up the crowd. And all I can tell you is that you know we seen this redskin. Issue. Almost deteriorate to the point. Where there's no one in the room left Smart enough to actually talk about it. Everyone just wants to screen their point walk away without listening are considering anything else everyone so. Sure that they -- right in the other side of the opinion is wrong there's very little dialogue going back and forth with the Kansas City Chiefs have done. Is opened up have opened up a level of dialogue. That I think is very very impressive it's very interest thing. And it's thought provoking. And the more thought you provoke the more thoughtful you've become the less reactionary you become. The last. Angry. About things that maybe you shouldn't be angry about -- even -- justifiably reasonable have the right be angry about it. If you're -- calm person you won't be. And in a world of does do something and scream about it. Actually sit down and have dialogues in meeting this is good the Washington Redskins. Could run a few plays here out of Kansas City Chiefs playbook and it would serve them well. It it's amazing how a message. How a message received. Is received it is so dependent on how you. Deliver that message and who delivers that message. Daniel Snyder. Is so universally unlike that he might not be welcome to delivering the message. My dog just had puppies. With the army and people probably ripped him for that. We got puppies. Problem it's Daniel Snyder's puppies so screw those -- Maybe that's the wrong guy to deliver the message. He certainly use the wrong tone. You're not approaching anybody in the in the vein of I'm here to constructively. Talk about something we view. When you kick the door and and say oh by the way just once you know first thing right off the -- I'm never changing the name no matter what you say. That's a tough way to begin a conversation. We will find a much better way to begin a conversation with -- Billy I mean we're going to do that next the -- general manager joins us here. -- -- -- --

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