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Billy Beane

Aug 7, 2014|

The A's GM discusses the teams recent offensive struggles after the Cespedes trade.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back here to the David Bruce show it's great to have you back the days will be -- -- tonight sold Jon Lester taken on the Minnesota Twins right here on 957 the game and as we do. Each and every Thursday we have ourselves a little chat with -- general manager. Billy Beane -- thanks is always for joining I don't today. Yeah I mean now Oxnard area forward and look at all stand. You know that got caught yesterday you know try to and one of those rare days -- little bit off yesterday but. Campus you know -- People can camp just to to triplets but not a good came with Dave they are. That still -- good team and other going to be good the next couple years so that they can cut through them particularly given where they've been playing after the I think still go -- -- Absolutely and concerning gray I mean I it's not even on my list of things to ask you about that so much a blip on the radar I'm gonna chalk that one start. Up to I'm guessing you're doing the exact same. Yeah I -- this -- here's pitcher -- but also. I think equal. Often heard much -- refrain from putting him in the penalty box up. A did you like a lot of pitchers who come through here Oakland you know it's it's could become uphill -- and you know boulders NGOs and other come up and extremely -- skip the first or use the big because they're that good. You know cure remember it was really about a year ago occult. And so I think you just now been up for calendar year. Pretty amazing. -- -- -- -- -- It really is and you know since we're talking pitching let's just keep it right here. I thought Jason Hammel had himself a really good showing the other night and what a lot of people were widely speculating. Was a one last look and see start. For Jason Hammel I'm guessing he'll continue to be a part of your rotation going forward after throwing a whole bunch of bullets. Yeah -- and you know and and and just you know sort of -- that's not something we've we've talked about -- came over news. You know he's at -- you cup starts but accuses body were pitchers -- outstanding and they can prime real premature to start want to pull the plug. Somebody who who as a good track record and you know -- that good it's really good locations that even in the game the other day. You know in Europe and Iran and even hit it gave up singles. -- -- You you just got to locate the ball as flops he's good he's been there before. If you're gonna. Number guys injured starter but I still think it's a pretty good ability good it was a good. -- your overall warmth and you know Oakland continues to improve our. -- being here on the Damon Bruce show good to have Amman Jon Lester. Gets his turn in the rotation again tonight would you think it is first go around and greening gold look pretty good and the -- certainly gave may very nice exit. Yeah I -- at night in wearing green and gold duke and other emotion he has almost -- such you know huge huge spot right away and it reaching -- so many times. On the mound either against concept way on post season games and and you'd be -- it's a big strong man and he's really takes his job seriously and he's got to look at and I. That -- in the locker room. Parties has got that your presence so it was. It was great you can you can just tell you know the -- I've seen that he's. He's a perfectionist I mean you want to get every out is not happy yet and he's got a real. Sort of smoldering competitiveness. That's a part of every single pitch he throws there are so a -- simply not reviewed they. Big strong men and very circuitous -- Off and hopefully he applies it again well tonight Minnesota Twins coming to town the offense. Needs probably still a little bit time to come together and I'm sure billion new -- critiques or up the observation assess this wasn't in the lineup -- soon to come as soon as the lineup stopped producing runs like it has over the last couple games I doubt you're going in to panic mode but you know some fans. Wanna say oh do where -- -- all boy we knew the offense might slowdown of this we said goodbye and look at what happened. Vote admitted if I can paraphrase him that some guys might be pressing a little too hard trying to make up form the majority. Of your team says that's really not it at all. I hate the saying but I think we got a small sample size here Billy so we're not gonna panic but what do you think about the offensive struggles and do you. Chalk it up to well a power bat missing in the middle of the lineup this may be made it a little bit easier for pitchers to negotiate. Yeah I think get to -- it's certainly you can say -- -- You know even before the trade it was sputtering. You know if you look at you in the Houston even the Texas series we got. Basically shut down by Jerome Williams who was merchant -- starter on the Friday night taxes Houston. We scored what one run the last Kaman and there will game we did when we scored on that one inning in the ninth inning similar cancer who game of the weekend. Put -- up its sputtering. Both forehand even for the trade. And so if you look at your computer. Quantitative standpoint. You know the guys you know you pick people for example -- even when it's getting better than. Anybody before the trade show Puget stage until no more than replace. So yeah I think it's -- -- as well as unity compared but I think he got also got a look at. Where we were sort of going you know before and and we didn't struggle a little bit -- for the ultra -- which we ought to go through Seattle score much that are. And at the time you -- say well the other got a pitching doubt let you know we've also -- and I would -- But it felt well on and -- really been sputtering and you know Brandon. Really Scotland lately. You know Josh is starting is yet but it. You know has had for quite departed it is -- you should. In the Kremlin had a goal and their before -- -- which is to put on the screen we've tried to look at something to identify. You know possibly why. And you know let you know but this is while looking future your -- through which. Also makes you feel better would you want tropical who are there out political -- that are -- a little -- down actually -- -- -- -- registered. Look it's something. And and month to month we've started you know we've got two games that cracked. Kept a or go to -- water was too big scoring games you know -- you know individual -- of the factors is really you know people say -- -- Offense would very very good bit of started traveler and a little bit now until you -- for the all star so so that there anyway as an analyst -- And there are some guys are capable social event and the culture of bacteria Coca production entries about. And we are you very much that is based a lot of pieces. -- proper job lowered outlook coupled its. Relatively nice cargo cult or expect with a writer about it you know -- -- -- you know. I think the old saying is that if you wanna know what a man believes just look at what he does. And I'm guessing that your action of trading says that is. Shows you believe. That there's very little truth to the concept of protection in the lineup. How much do you think. A hitter. Behind another hitter affects the pitches. The previous hitter gets -- real big protection guy I'm guessing your actions tell us now. Well every protection only means something that interview wolf when Barry Bonds -- concentrated interprets this go he could probably make an argument but again under one intentional walks a year. Yet to be somebody that you know a protective. Presence. I'm -- after putting up some pretty special numbers like launch was doing over there. War on -- Tuesday you know and Saint Louis. I -- out but I mean. You know I'm not sure you know -- the protection part of -- you know. What it's also done I mean you know what in the -- this case. Great calories you couldn't put that into fifties suburb when he left rather are on base percentage so I I don't know that there was -- tremendous amount of open manipulation around adults split up or in terms right now -- and -- -- -- game anyways it's chuckled split left handers so cooperate. It really comes down. You know what each individual players doing. In terms of -- with bats and his performance as you know this is still looked a game of individual performance went in together. By the way Billy if you wanna -- a little bit a little older right now seven years ago today. Bonds passed Henry -- seven years it's been since that night. Well. That it does not seem like a long ago -- look very do I do feel hold -- for simple. You. -- -- -- wanna bring up -- Chris -- because it's. Obviously I think he's the straw that stirs your drink you look at what he does its top your lineup and he was back in the lineup is -- DH the other night and what do you think about him is a DH would you rather have him in center field ordeal like. I was bodies protected by not going out there aren't playing defense and being DH is that something you could see Melton turning to more often in your lineup. Yeah I -- I would agree with you very you know started percent cocoa and such -- these -- a little bit ago the motor here and they're that your great clutch. Consider 200. Symbolic he's -- -- you know walk all over the last few years but. Part of you know. -- you know keep keep in corporate battle haven't been giving -- some -- that it slot so. Bob -- to do as much as possible and -- that you use -- with with -- out you know wouldn't let him pitch and -- -- to -- the VH cocoa port for -- out there was their problem that's where it's Nadal. And that you kind of lose though that that's why. Bring semiannual that's -- sensible. It would gentry out you know -- where Reno which you don't plan everything out. There are you talking about you talk about first ballot hall of Famer cynical that you talk about. Well wouldn't when he puts on an a's uniform returns in the Superman I love this guy. Well look part of evaluation was. What -- the mystical world link between his performance and divisional or -- You know what I -- its last week on the show he's really good player army does a lot of little things -- so that's social for the box for. And so you know which is why we pay the price to get up or was pay because the gap. Between -- return -- battling his injury and and understandable tripled we didn't know Coca. You know. Until leaving a whole lot there for ball. Also it which is not something we'll routes open -- -- -- really cool players Smart and you're going to be more valuable all the guys are backward. And once again at such a lot of sponsors expect and we have gentry cocoa and Sam held available to Bobble it allows us to mix and match. And well. We'll talk about those expanding rosters next week for sure what do you think about the Detroit Tigers expanding their bullpen with Jim Johnson. Yet nor -- surprise -- I think. I just assumed you would go back to Baltimore. And given his fellow one time you know pitching America's relationship with fox struggled a bit. Cries that it that it went there -- We just also do all the more. -- -- -- your regard for Detroit take a chance on me you know -- had a great career. You know a cure here without let forgive them given the reported that there is kind of -- it's a gamble or third. Is it true that every time -- so guard hits a home run an Angel gets a pair of glasses. What what crystal and Angel went out on Arafat that he. Greg. If this -- -- you. And you know. What -- -- go to a relief well one reason -- but what in the a lot of things wasteful or on the field you know what you have up there on the switch up a box for and so resulted in a really good defender and -- you know it really rough start but he's played really well last couple weeks and it's a good decision -- gone. You know you you become to play every day -- Repairs and so well. And want it even though -- a short they're cute is that an article contributor to look good technical. Billy being show brought to us by the California grand casino Billy thank you so very much great to talk to you is always another fun chat this weekend. We get expanding roster is an even more to talk about next Thursday thanks as always. Yeah.

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