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Mark Dominik on the Kaepernick contract and more

Aug 7, 2014|

The 20-year NFL exec and fmr Tampa Bay Bucs GM now ESPN analyst joined The Wheelhouse to discuss the change in the way teams are handing out contracts to their biggest players

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A link Mark Dominik is called in from a ESP -- the -- GM of the Buccaneers. Wonderful let's treat them at mark Dominick ESPN you can. Follow him and should. I'm mark thanks for taking a time are you. Child like Adam good appreciated yeah I'm doing and appreciate and -- absolutely -- -- Yeah we're excited about pre season now leaking Kennedy of course I'm sure you know he's he's got a down in India is a -- -- -- you know he's not charged up by but I let's get a merlot sort of attack. And New York. But it is included then then the guys get older I've never known as don't play. They afford an AFL wanna ask -- question there's a certain things been going on here in the Bay Area and it's it's really insisting in EU is a former GM GM wanna talk about your tolerance level. For the big trade or that or the big risk Billy Beane the Oakland -- a GM just made a big trade for Jon Lester of the Red Sox and gave up his middle of the order hitter. The Golden State Warriors did not wanna part with Klay Thompson -- shooting guard for Kevin Love so one of the GMs in the in the Bay Area is gone for all when Billy -- One of the GMs in the Bay Area Bob Myers an in the gold -- worries organization did not wanna give up a key player. To get a key player back it is far is the a GMs in the way the -- think what you know hey it's time to go four or hey you know like we might be there but I'm not so sure. I don't think him to make a big moving in you're a guy who went out and got Darrelle Revis so you've done -- kind of thing so how how do you know. -- -- Some balances telecommuting to read it to balance between. Where your team is what traditions and our actually. Live to -- to our organization with the Buccaneers. You reclaiming. Reporting large portion worse 29 yards short of the worst secretary -- of the match ball in the year before works. And so it was important to redirect -- put some resources and -- and there were some obvious -- ought to David. That's -- amateur record but I haven't had a chance to get back into Sheen. It's -- last year to restructure the banks and so I'm Sean Colston. -- to Detroit for Darrelle Revis got to want to expand that secondary not well no matter where it began with -- one of the best and although -- decided not to hold -- beaten -- -- construction durable -- I think. As an organization -- in the spot where utilities can win and ignored the apartment and -- league baseball you know not -- dogs but the policy and football assimilated chief tortured completion right now futures up -- pump more than a -- -- -- egyptians -- in regards to. You know what's interesting to me is the evolution in the NFL contract in the sense that when I first came in it was all about figure with signing bonus signing bonus how much money could be up front. Then then the Barry Sanders still happen and then everything was pro rated where he had shall we -- training camp. I think we saw firsthand what Marshawn Lynch is contract how much money he was what do you find if he didn't -- eventually training camp. But now you talk about the guaranteed money a lot of the -- with the -- -- signing you know calling -- -- make the elite quarterbacks are not elite quarterbacks getting elite money. But I think what I'd like for you to speak to is just that that the fact there are certain nuances there are certain ways -- a general manager where you can make the contract. Seem a lot more publicly lucrative than it actually is because let's face when you look at that don't deal that was more -- -- -- friendly deal than anything so they can go outside of the people read into astronomy don't rich. It matters or at least that apartment and robbery and classic example trying to report as he always for the patriots to -- consultant good position to be on other players and football team. The consultants think that you're guaranteed money. Originally -- you know John you sit there and everybody -- that truly the most important thing. Herbal weight of some clubs Stewart you know more energy analyst put it on our Internet black and created a new system which -- more guaranteed money. But -- I'm -- two years we were able to make changes on the roster. And the conditions traction it muted. Because you know theoretically Hitler continued on and on easterners of one year deal Mike what you meant quite -- receiver we -- search used. But in a big deal last year reported secures forty million dollars Lincoln. The final year went on and ignored by itself roster bonus as they are -- never quite reported. We don't care -- all the news appears on the team next year or so. You don't it is there's a lot of the wage concerned about a lot of them by a roster that you can become your keeper wood -- sometimes produce. Partially. Turkey in terms injury. But he's on the -- -- -- particular -- becomes a leader and and it's a negotiation -- agency in the player openly in the loop and understand what entertains our power outage or -- -- Dominique is gonna to join us almost Twitter at mark Dominick ESPN on twenty plus years in the NFL. And that was the Bucs GM from 2009 to 2013 and I think I believe you are largely. Out credited with this kind of pays you -- thing and I don't know if it started with Revis but it's it's interesting act. How does this dynamic kind of change because like -- said they do a lot of it was okay this X amount of dollars. Is is guaranteed in the way that it looks now is calling -- predicting he's -- and look I was fully aware of what the contract was but he's kind of betting on himself and same thing with. With Andy -- words seems like these guys are just kind of betting on themselves. Rather -- getting a -- Matthew Stafford who gets 42 million dollars guaranteed one to this kind of change in how did it change. You know for me that's what -- you wanna do -- -- you -- you know pitcher players good. And I wanted to take some risk in the situation as well and I'm actually started -- actually 2000 -- try to tone when platoon leader. And are concerned what then obviously with the injury history and all that so he was actually the first contract -- was a in this kind of paper where I want really to protect the club. I want an extra element was able to show up every one shall not -- courtroom -- -- -- -- -- camp on time and wanted to put like. -- and didn't commit these bonuses and -- -- -- -- lately well personal screeners caught. People year but after three years immigration commitments Dick Cheney Politico and the impact for our captain Euro and match. That's you know that's 200 candidates are talking like important -- or any of from a business standpoint are able to do an excellent look at -- played this year. We potentially could be able to -- capital -- -- forward. You know it really -- a lot more flexibility your roster netstat kind of -- the most important thing. You see I don't really mind it because that understand the business side of the because as I was I was someone earlier my eleven years the city contracts. And the Vatican was I wanted to make mark my salary or contract I don't wanna be one of those guys and be a salary cap casualty. Because I wanted an inflated salary in the last couple years I take -- -- give me some money in March I'll earn my keep in September. Yeah -- NN throughout the season and I never promised that but you don't have a lot of players who were Smart enough and savvy enough with the money. To even -- he can talk about that so a lot of those numbers and a lot of those thoughts go right over their head. It really doesn't have that artists seem to -- the national call it. The management of money because you don't look -- the rookie deal a lot of people consumers are sweetheart deals are soaked to the clubs and but the reality it's working where it's posters you know agreement I don't like that. You need to reverse deal until -- at least three years but do you look at Patrick Peterson and say. Great to struggle. Aren't cooked for him. And you need to turn it -- to -- -- -- when you look at data might have been -- -- get the money they used to dip. And been able to be reality used to look after Peterson or Patrick monarchy. To assemble on -- so this -- system. It's gonna take a little more time the JJ watts. You know -- victory difficult Patrick to come through what it's doing it's actually allow you to reward the player maybe do early. -- not Campbell organic Bosnian -- curry. Which is known for four years to overcome to get the into yours and earned just 61 million dollars -- didn't pan out so. It is -- to -- are working now considered a good. Still be money veterans. And you're not seeing the money don't you got to choose to politely -- and I mean. What commander polite. A market for -- there's been a lot of discussion and I don't know how how closely looked at Colin cap -- Contract in particular but he's come out said look I wanted to do that contract this way because. It would save the 49ers money and I wanna be able to add more players as you said Tom Brady has literally done that. In cap -- steal even though -- senior year I don't see where it saves the team money because. He'll get the money if he's good. He'll get the money if he's on the team if he's not that's the way that it saves them money how how do you look at this contract is it actually saving their money. Or is suggesting prove it as you go deal. Did you permit you know you think. You don't sit around it and never hit it sort of in the money never -- really what you want you. And it figures or that ends of the players entering the nervousness of players in. Well it's good money into an apartment -- -- -- myself and don't get hurt Kinect you decree money. There's also -- -- a lot of pressure on the border that people understand -- and depression there's a lot of a huge pressure there's a lot of superficial things are going on behind the scenes and not get it from a player's perspective it's hard not to think about the money all the time and so I think. Church is well struck a chord with the content that would be very. Very good for the 49ers. It's not Africa predictions -- It's not a protections could happen to try to put property up to of the -- -- try to get out so that's worth it to try to find me. A match when your negotiated from the club's perspective. Not because that's what happened to happen to deal I don't think it's one little deal were. When you really cannot help -- now he's trying to you know so you know create more modest credentials Taylor -- he was that it was just. Matter that they could take advantage of the situation and they did but it still well rewarding people accordingly. Great stuff mark thinks of the inside we proceed with -- to do it again soon thanks. You to hear about video at Mark Dominik ESPN.

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