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Matt Maiocco previews the Harbowl III

Aug 7, 2014|

Our 49ers inside joined us before the Niners first preseason game to tell you what to watch for tonight against the Ravens

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Unmet medical on the line he's got that ten things to watch in the exhibition opener vs the ravens a Betsy is -- very dot com checked it out. Gloria. And we -- amendments they'll really good. How how Zack how's the buzz in Baltimore is -- ready for another horrible. I. Looks under the headline notes but a lot of my worry about I don't know it cute that. Her you're you don't that's why I brought it up you have putted well you -- all -- and it's a forced to use that I don't. All somebody wrote cannot. App is -- -- -- and that yet and has -- a -- flip it. I -- That they might take on this week -- state that. Tonight's game at the outdated yet our -- daughter are pot want it over whether. Everybody really excited. About that three days of practice that go out and out that you don't controlled environments. Being able to get a look. At the outcome and it. Not yet I think it the other beat number one that's something you don't get early in dispute. Get it inside the fourth quarter O'Donnell won't go ahead and whatever you're an actor still get people talking about and dubbing it a leakage out. But -- -- -- practice environment is up to questions about a third stringer is looking pretty you know what an idiot the first prayers now. In the fact that the only so I think tiny gap but the North -- -- really thought it worked with each other. Three days that ravens' practice facility. Yeah I'm really surprised that it's come to this I mean I gotta give it to the coach's credit because once upon a time as a player we hate to practice and against other teams. But it seems these days with the rules mean the way they are that's really only how you can get the best out of your guys. Because they just don't do -- a practice on the on their normal against their other teammates. Yeah Europe they're gonna give. It will always -- our audit chatter that the 49ers got a push -- I like the rate -- art started stage in a girl we. You know practice that you don't -- or I'd be ground you don't take cheap shots. You -- your protector guy. You know you can edit -- you don't. You don't follow rural outlook they edit the court for no kidding although I'll -- up. So. -- -- a couple little issues that 49ers training yeah. What strippers aren't eating at that these guys it'll be -- city. How it materialized. Yet. What did you -- at an early you pal then. Our forty niners raiders were practicing at each other. It and there are always good -- stops I remember. Particular brand or in what picked up. What they -- and east. Our ports and Ricky Brown I think that -- -- the -- It would be just in the if these one on one real kind of raise doubt that competitiveness. And -- spew escalated in what order pretty. A mammy -- is in Baltimore the end niners opened up there. A pre season tonight's. Against the ravens -- chief called at mail goes CSN let's go through -- guys to watch. Dominant dominant -- I was gonna lead up to this the list is go to number one. -- Jimmy war in the slot and I know I missed the routier's. How is he looked in campaign and what are his chances of being that guy. In game number one in the slot. He looked good in the it is try and depressed -- and he's not a real big -- -- -- but there but a lot. Big guys lighten that the -- usually years and -- I might get. Carlos Rogers certainly -- on the side that's our -- it's like that nickel back position but he says I -- -- -- it all all let it get up and -- and you put it on and try to router and back you know. I don't know how much east let it that way but he'd eat it on the -- And Jimmy worked out there -- in that and you'll want to circle because. I don't think Jimmy worked and it is acted out for anybody. I in the forty -- are counting on you know. That either a bowl quarterback though -- will be fun to see them lineup against somebody who's not a Kimi and I. In the past the other guys like Anthony Davis and and the rights on the offensive line in the big smaller is -- now with some questions of course with the -- and hold out and and Davis being rehabbing the shoulder. Your thoughts on the right side of the offensive line you mentioned a couple office in my -- -- and Maarten in the -- your thoughts on the -- there and progression if you will to cancel far. Yeah -- you know what happened haven't been all the -- it by Jonathan Martin. He just looked strong you know EP. I know they'll knock out -- out skipper and Durbin now numerous times were just you know that the course strength -- relational he'd been pushed back. -- on the back side by several 49ers beat alignment I think -- -- political lot bigger if you -- it out. Bite you at the shoulder injury but he says that no no question and ready for the or other -- But you know how will -- be impacted by not out -- -- hierarchy that that betray get better and play somebody and so. That's the question are. -- the 49ers. And it right party and another question mark -- He got in their last year for one game to -- quite pretty well he's pretty good you know. But the audit nobody dollar boat dock and started there are two years but very well. So. Going into it. These exhibition games you know everybody thought about forty not that line and see what strength right now with the player that they're -- -- era I think. Now that the line that the prince area insert. That are are -- they are now predicted it went -- and I. Did you want series. Perhaps still the that you also better than learning to -- -- at Kilgore. Or for chopping it and go to another veteran not getting on that one that a physically imposing player. But at that better position I even more or advocate at a shoulder being able to get a -- state that he would just bet that that need to be made. So you know Daniel Croat war -- a lot on it. Quite I think he can -- like -- adopted the late but -- -- -- matter of not doing it to. Do you want to try to. Right did not -- in the states that anybody and it may. So the -- three. And a court or off the line and it's got a questionable heading into that yet. Great stuff Matt will read your stuff that CSN -- dot com and again he's got the tend to watch in the exhibition opener vs the ravens tech now talk to next week thanks. -- The -- -- things like that. You gotta you gotta get down off there gonna get. I -- the other -- that made him go. All that -- goes -- and.

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