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Glen Kuiper

Aug 7, 2014|

The TV voice of the A's joined Damon to discuss the Lester addition and much more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gentlemen I always look forward to talking to -- guy -- of course is your televised voice of -- baseball. And boy that's a hell of a team to be televising these days because there -- never been a time I can think of in the last ten years when this team. Has been more interest staying -- you look at how good the angels are there's out of town scoreboard watching I mean it's not to. Not a Manning is to be missed between here in the end of the year if you are a die hard. And of course you can catch the games on the radio right here on TV. Clinton backers your man I don't one. Things are very very good now with the giants in Milwaukee. Will your brother shipped you a ring goal just to keep you -- then. In a size of stomach size of her and contest. You thought that the fact that you know currently -- her approach and your network. Less. This equity. Oh what they do they send pictures out of them eating cardinal would -- which. Quite frankly. That makes -- -- it's critical. Then you probably don't understand if you you know that you talked retreat Danish. Actress pastries that you need to. Actually 24 -- they have to support. Her name. Absolutely can be consumed at any point in time it's not even though it's breakfast like. It is best served after a full day of drinking at a tailgate. -- picture yet it bearish Kringle. In the parking lot at Miller Park Politico. -- you know. You've been doing baseball games for a long time and I'm guessing all the trips to -- way you've done a lot of Jon Lester games. Did you ever think you're gonna be doing a Jon Lester game where he's where in the greening gold this is still pray that this trade is happened I just amazed that it happened. Well I'd never I'd never. I never even thought that that. Topic -- Patrick gray. Both know it just it would not. I don't think it would have anybody's radar except the -- you know the decision makers to about that the deal. It just didn't. You like -- like its traditional year. It started well Lester you're at -- all your prospects should be -- that -- barge and future. That is certainly well it would cut law -- -- The big league roster to to do what you like edit you'd just. -- and you know it's productive report on the delicate Arctic all right to go at least -- that there were structured well. You know reduce that it's got to be this so. You know -- -- bit quicker -- it's in church and intriguing Il it he coached. Just changes things that people are or -- people are against it. -- just quite frankly the way outlook and edit it just makes the final two but even more interest as well. -- you know -- receiver arteries including their thing but now it really added had a good two level tree -- team. By -- -- this huge deal and that great city or interstate so it's going to be a lot of they had Oliver -- brought that in yet retreat. It's outstanding feeder it really is and it's it's definitely a godsend in terms of sports talk radio hosts like things that I get to wish to talk about. How about the most amazing baseball trade you can really wreak a hole in your life in terms of the first place team. Moving a legit cleanup hitter for a legit World Series winning ace I mean it is really really something else and that's why everybody. Pretty much stopped in rubber -- to the minute that it happened now we're looking at here Glenn is an offense that's trying to. Re find its identity. And I don't know assessed this was ever this offenses identity although he might -- Then I -- is the biggest power threat by the opposing pitcher. Which now that he's no longer there. Maybe this lineup is a little bit easier to get through but I just look at the amount -- this team draws still. And come up by an end of that what do you think we've fallen on hard times and terms a run scored. When it comes this lineup. Well I look at that -- but he never the real that the approach struggling and so before. The trade so. Yup that's not going on right it's it's way way past. All of -- -- under repair market. I just think -- bulk I think. Guys rent or -- very four law battle for the school law. Bought two school -- old school look pitched just one of those stretches where a lot of your outraged. Are hitting and it happened to me weeks we see it would we're we're. Seems all totally ridiculous group are sure they -- score. Does that say. Future cleanup Peter that could be just a question he's going to be that there's any question. But I do think the fact that. One of the things that are made these groups so far is an effective. They release score runs about one that would be a lot of help bottom line up. And I think. Match in the law program will help option that maybe they'll also noticed that. A legacy here and tell you that their district because they are as he was a reputation or the battle between Donald and bought. And I think that is one thing. To watch or child you bought McDonnell and react to the final two months. Knowing that you know you in a bitter little treat the interest is not there are so again that that other intriguing. Think so watch for sure it's a street race you know I'll I'll. I'll the other guys will handle not having trust there but. But it's used to it it allied approaches has struggled -- are -- -- -- -- -- -- there. The voice of the -- -- guy per here on 957 game. A lot Coco Crisp eleven in the lineup I don't love -- DH though because it ham strings. -- this team needs to do I think with the DH a little bit later on in the middle of the lineup having said all that. It might be the right idea to DH this guy keep them out of the field if that's where he gets injured most of the time. Keeping -- healthy is is important is the ending so -- and Lester will throw. The rest of the way. And I agree and I think you'll see. Local at times -- designated hitter just to make sure -- and still pretty good center fielder and those player out there. But I would not -- as is to go. Not a lot but occasionally he will be action. -- that what you are very important and you have to about her at all cost. And that the market still bothering him so. Don't get -- up the street. It just PH and occasionally that helps in the long Roberta honorable work every guys that play out there are all about Hubert. Check your -- can respect that very good outfielders so. You're not missing anything that essentially. And Ben Stiller and keep local in the line is that -- that that that you know out of it's a nice alternative. Oprah about. It's funny. You got Sam -- learn a different uniform it's no big deal you put Sam Fuld and an a's uniform he turns into Willie Mays hybrid I think this this is unbelievable. How much this guy loves playing in Oakland I think you can really see it in the united I'm a big believer in the theory. Look good feel good play good. Well sample must love the way he looks in an a's uniform. Welcome particularly in order and it highlight real popular -- each he's terrific out New York as an army. They loved the -- In Saint Petersburg with -- Because you'd just rather routed into making unbelievable what is although -- he was playing pretty well went so. I I don't know that that is being weeks. Forward Eric Jackson -- -- I think he's a good picture I'll cooler. Because he can. These terrific defensively to rub it in any Egyptian peace so. I think it is it does help a guy joint preparation means you're gonna Google election but separate. Jury that to -- Interpret the sample. You'd have a pretty -- figure for the twins what gazed out. You wise but I just that this is something about a -- put on green I expect him to go. -- two for four and make at least three web gem catches. By the fifth inning is is it something else the guy loves playing out here and I think he can really see it in -- There's not a lot of time preconceived guy law even playing baseball the professional level and I think it comes through with him. He's stepping into -- other he's got to go out and there's no question about it music -- we can't Detroit play that he coached. You know he plays hard and play -- part about how he got. Typically so. I do agree that years -- on the watch. -- -- -- a lot of energy era in which is always struck. Got some great news about DA's stadium and it's not too often we get to put all those words together in a sentence. But yesterday -- Walsh said that he is talking with architects and they're talking about a new stadium to be built in the coliseum site. This has got to be music to a's fans have been wanting a new stadium for so so long and deserving one let me ask you -- What does a defining feature. That you leaders scene and another ballpark or something that you think needs to be incorporated. -- any architects draft. Coming up with a new stadium for the Oakland days I mean obviously. -- Davis would be -- goes right back being a thing of the past you want to incorporate those Oakland Hills. But is there anything else you can think of around baseball that you would like to see the -- incorporate into a new stadium. Idea I know I'll put you on the spot here a little bit but is there anything that catches your attention. Well I think that start with all chipped -- for television. Is built around we like what to counter basic view at all. Sure sure -- ostrich leather to sit in and all that nice enough. It here. You know -- it's nice to have -- -- on space right. You know. -- -- The stadium's power Earl query wanted this so spat on -- -- -- -- injury to -- should. -- I think you have to. A lot of options stream your area. I'll ever match just waited years and I know we're -- were -- their to restrict their here to watch a ball game and I get that. And so to a lot of other -- that you cannot. Other things. Going on in a ball park and I at all in a popular to say what you deal. You do because you looked at the games you. You know to get. Be the you know. Did not die hard tray and you got it -- political -- Joseph. That's just that's just the reality so. I just think that it you know ballparks now there's a lot lot of -- and I think that. You have to do so lecture things. -- -- -- everybody. I think -- -- I agree -- you you know if you if you want. If you want 20000 a night making just about baseball you want 35009. Make it about baseball and some than outs and die hard and that's -- every team really wants and a buddy of mine who's a new father said let me tell you one Manning had a -- -- slide -- before innings -- a quiet back in my seat. And and it's it's just the reality. Bill Ayers now the which you meet people you'll walk away out a lot of people haven't area where they can walk you BP stand -- in Munich. And every ballpark because the in all the years stuff where you can make the full loop around but it does it lower concourse you brought to the outfield you have. Do you know. -- bit and it'll aren't sure what that time comes -- industry -- This period there at all alt. All the right things because you can learn from other ball -- which is great. A look at what's good to look at coached not -- it in -- whatever it's done it's going to be terrific. Battle -- that sooner or later we've been waiting destroy. Indeed a great talking to you is always Glen have a good call tonight who's the both with you. Rate or beat two time world champion two time all star of the two term goal what quarter will be. At my side about this. I haven't seen on line I've seen a lineup are we in Aussie formation tonight or all three catchers in this lineup tonight. That Syria believe they are voted red orbit scorecard in front of me -- voted first change. Norris catching Jason PH I believe that that Soweto. -- Purchase and you can count as well shall might. But I tried Brooke just burglary or -- gonna have a little extra bow to this stuff. Outstanding thank you very much for your time is always appreciated disclosed to a broadcast to one thanks a lot. Thank you -- -- -- hear a 95 cent in the game.

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