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The Damon Bruce Show 8/7/14 HOUR 3

Aug 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome men welcome back Coakley had a good day at work if you didn't make enough money today here's a chance to make a little more. It's our national contest back stacks of cash. 957 game game all you need to do is text the code word cool. Cool. -- that to the number 72881. -- in the next seven minutes and it's your chance to -- a thousand dollars message and data rates apply here on hold. Stay there on hold looking forward talking to you. Right after where -- chatting with a gentleman I always look forward to talking to -- type of course is your televised voice of eighties baseball. And boy -- elements seem to be televising these days because there is never been a time I can think of in the last ten years when this team. It's been more interest staying and you look at how good the angels are there's out of town scoreboard watching I mean it's not to. Not an -- is to be missed between here and the end of the year if you are a die hard. And of course you can catch the games on the radio right here on TV. -- diapers your man I don't want. Things are very very good now win the giants in Milwaukee. Will your brother shipped you a crying goal just to keep you -- and in aid -- stomach size of her and contest. Thought that the fact that you know what occurring though is very impressed but your network but let's do here tomorrow there should -- period. But what they do they send me pictures of of them eating -- with my -- which. Quite frankly. That that makes him a look out for -- Rangel. Then you probably don't understand if you you know exactly what I talked about retreat Danish. Collectors page street that you need to. Actually 24 hours a day that's luckily. It would be it would be occurred there. Absolutely can be consumed at any point in time it's not even though it's breakfast like. It is best served after a full day of drinking at a tailgate. For. -- picture yet it there's Kringle. In the parking lot at Miller Park -- go. You know you've been doing baseball games for a long time and I'm guessing all the trips to Fenway you've done a lot of Jon Lester games. Did you ever think you're going to be doing a Jon Lester game where he's wearing the green and gold this is still -- that this trade is happen I think it's amazing and it -- Well I'd never I'd never. I never even thought that that wish something don't happen and it's great. But now it just it was not. I don't think it would of anybody's radar except the -- you know the decision makers who -- about it did the deal -- It just didn't. Like it I guess traditionally year. At the putted well again Lester you're gonna -- -- all your prospect -- -- is that -- -- a larger and future. He's cooking a Wheldon who would come on Lou -- curricula. The big league roster to to do it feel like -- you -- You're you're you know in Vegas you know if we -- -- report on the telecast a couple of if you thought he -- that there were structured well. Gonna do that it's got to -- this so. Yeah coach it's very period or its -- in which such an intriguing -- what it is much. Just changes saying that bad people or two people are against it. Loved it it just quite frankly the way outlook and edit it just makes the final -- -- even more interest income now. No you know you're obviously were blocked arteries should be exporting America -- that really added Teva could do local intrigue Agustin. My -- this huge deal and that makes it even lower interest rates so yeah it's going to be a lot of fun. They had dollar -- struck that India had penetrate workshop. It's outstanding feeder it really is and it's -- it's definitely a godsend in terms of sports talk radio hosts like things that I get the wish to talk about. How about the most amazing baseball trade you can really -- hall in your life in terms of the first place team. Moving a legit cleanup hitter for a legit World Series winning ace I mean it is really really something else and that's why everybody. Pretty much stopped in rubber neck to the minute that it happened to now what we're looking at here Glenn is an offense is trying to. Re find its identity. And I don't know assess this was ever this offenses identity although he might as. Then I deed is the biggest power threat by the opposing pitcher. Which now the decent no longer there. Maybe this lineup is a little bit easier to get through but I just look at the amount of walks that this team draws still and I'm not buying and ended at what do you think. We've fallen on hard times in terms of runs scored. When it comes this lineup. Well look at I think I think you're ready yet to realize that the approach struggling solved. Before. The trade so. Yup it's not going around right now it it's way way past. Political editor -- market. I just think during a bulk I think guys that were there or won't very -- for a long battle to a school law. -- school -- old school look pitched just one of those stretches where a lot bigger guy aged. Are hitting and it happened to me weeks we see it will we're we're. Seems all believe religious culture are structurally -- score now do that the say that. You lose your cleanup hitter he's not going to be district no question he's going to be best I don't there's any question. But I do think the fact that. One of the things that have made these groups so far it is the effective. The release score runs up and out there why haven't they get a lot of help from their lineup. And I think. That in the long run will help all sure that maybe they'll -- so there's that she. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think that is one thing that. To watch or child you lost a battle to react to the final two lunch. Knowing that you know that you should know better in the middle -- had just -- not there are so I -- that just got another intriguing. Think so watch for sure is straight made you know I'll I'll. I'll the other RPI garage will handle have -- trust this year but. But it should student at -- approaches has struggled for -- about that was going -- in due course structure out there. The voice of the -- one guy -- here on 957 game. A lot of Coco Crisp eleven in the lineup I don't love -- at DH though because it ham strings. What this team needs to do I think with the DH a little bit later on in the middle of the lineup having said all that. It might be the right idea to DH this guy keep them out of the field if that's where he gets injured most of the time. Keeping -- healthy is is important is the ending so Marge and Lester will throw. The rest of the way. And I agree with that and I think you'll see. Local time dispute designated hitter just to make sure eaten alive. Still pretty good center fielder and he does play -- garbage out there. But I it would not surprise you that as is this you can go. Not a lot but occasionally he will be ancient. That was cute he's very important and you have to keep laughter at all cost. And that the electorate still bothering him so. You know do a lot of the street. It just DH and usually at that helps in the long run that you know I'm all for coming grab guys richter played out they're full of good outfielder. Gentry were the inspectors look very good outfielders so. You're missing -- big essentially. And it bit you still are able to keep local in the liner took the -- joke about that you know not a bit orbited the palatial trying to -- opera ball well. It's funny. You got sampled learn a different uniform it's no big deal you put Sam Fuld and an a's uniform he turns into -- Willie Mays hybrid. I think since this is unbelievable. How much this guy loves playing in Oakland I think you can really see it -- I'm a big believer in the theory. Look good feel good play good well. Sample must love the way he looks in an a's uniform. Love the appropriate -- going to be easily been a highlight real popular I mean each -- director can calculate your it has been army. They loved the -- in Saint Petersburg with the race. Because you just run around and it does make it unbelievable plays all over the place and he was playing pretty well -- -- waited so. And I don't know that that is -- has leaked. Forward -- actually joining Diego I think he's a pretty good picture out jeweler. Because she can. These terrific defensively to rub it in any Egyptian peace so. I think it is it does help that guy right joint declaration mean you're gonna Google election but I'll step you're you're picking -- to the current race. Interpret that sample democratic you to have a pretty PC -- for the twenty boy gazed out. You wise but I just that this is something about -- he puts on green I expect him to go. -- two for four and make at least three web gem catches. By the fifth inning is is this something else the guy just loves playing out here and I think he can really see it in -- There's not a lot of -- preconceived -- law even playing baseball the professional level and I think it comes through with him. Don't think he's stepping into Utley got a he's got a -- finished up there's no question about it for me he's the Catholic -- can't Detroit play Karachi goes. You know he plays hard and he got the play hard every -- how he got. Typically I think so. I do agree that year's -- -- to watch. And there is a certain a lot of energy era in which is always good. Got some great news about the -- stadium and it's not too often we get to put all those words together in a sentence. But yesterday Lew Wolff said that he is talking with architects and they're talking about a new stadium to be built in the coliseum site. This has got to be music to a's fans have been wanting a new stadium for so so long and deserving one let me ask you plan. What does a defining feature. That you either -- seen in another ballpark or something that you think needs to be incorporated. -- any architects draft. Coming up with a new stadium for the Oakland days I mean obviously. -- Davis would -- -- goes right back to being a thing of the past you want to incorporate those Oakland Hills. But is there anything else you can think of around baseball that you would like to see the -- incorporate into a new stadium. Idea I know I'll put you on the spot here a little bit but is there anything that catches your attention. Well I think that start with the -- brought jet for television. So is built around we like -- to counter space in your view and well. Sure sure are off a bridge lender to sit in and all that nice stuff. I just say it every night and I'm -- you know -- it's nice to have a light on this page right of the green. You know -- -- you know Alicia. The stadium -- are all great the one to administer all respect to I don't know if you could bear it or wanted during -- you know a lot of chatter. And I think you have to. A lot of options in your area. Well -- -- just waited years and I know we have our core they had their to restrict -- here to watch football game and I get that. And sort of a lot of other standards but you have to have. Other things. Going on in a ballpark that I will not be popular to say what you deal. You know because you looked -- the games. You have. You know to keep it. He being. You know these not the -- -- you got it can't speak political part jewel. And just that's just the reality so. I just think it is it is you know all -- now there's a lot a lot of restart and I think that. You have to do so lecture range. Or be injured have been everybody under all I think that. I agree would you you know if you if you want. If you want 20000 a night making just about baseball you want 35000. A night make it about baseball and some than outs and very dark green that's -- every team really wants and a buddy of mine who's a new father said let me tell you one Manning out of that -- slide by before -- of peace and quiet back in my seat. And I agree and and it's huge just the reality. Of the lawyers now at the -- -- -- -- people automobile will walk -- out they wanna be able to have an area where they can walk can be reached and the watching Munich. And every ball park as the you know the year -- and -- where you can make the full loop around due -- a bit lower concourse you brought to the outfield you have to have that now. Do you know -- Air bit and it'll aren't sure what the time comes would be an understatement bill. Can -- period that are gonna at all all. All the right thing because you can learn from all our -- great. You look at what's good to look at which not do it in the water ever gets done it's going to be terrific. And -- we do that sooner or later it would it would become aware media bistro ought to. -- need a great talking to you is always Glen have a good call tonight who's the both would you. A great are you beat Utah and world champion beat two time all star of the two term goal what quarter. Won't be at my side tonight he's. -- I have been seeing online I've seen a lineup are we in -- formation tonight or all three catches in this lineup tonight. The Shia believe they are voted and I don't scorecard in front of me yeah Aldrich first. -- -- Kurt Suzuki didn't count as well shall might. I find -- just artery bought it's gonna have a little extra bow to the Arctic. Outstanding thank you very much for your time is always appreciated this close to a broadcast to one thanks a lot. Thank you -- hyper here I 957 games so. You know I think some good ideas there. You know if he's right and I was gonna rub some UA's stands a wrong way but you do not want to build a new stadium. And then have hits it -- you know 85% capacity -- you wanna sold out and you do that by offering more than just a game. No I'm not saying it should be just mass distraction. No no no and and and and what DA's -- is a top notch state of the art scoreboard obviously. I would like to see them you know how the angels. Have the big a down in Anaheim on exactly I'd like to see that -- is. Logo and no emblazoned everywhere like there should be a huge green gave it. -- -- -- lights up when you hit a home run something that makes it green you know the green should pop in that place it should be -- greenest. -- all the stadiums and I'm not talking like lying green. Couldn't get my cocaine dealer on the phone Greene Miami green not that green not disaster grain. But real baseball green. Someone suggesting. A green and gold monster. Not bad not bad at all. I know we're gonna get more suggestions in here. Let's start with Paul Collins from Pleasanton pulls got a few ideas what's going -- Paul. And that narcotics real good it is capped at my and to Asia much. You know -- -- that glaring weakness the content always patent lack of natural beauty. And -- they don't apple -- -- of being. You know right -- dot -- would abuse debate rich. That stadium got the country that don't have that. That option tend to do make their own natural beauty. Certainly haven't seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the most organic seem like -- -- it would just beat oak tree. Street though trade issue you know -- -- -- -- T shirt the count average realized. You. Incorporate that at the stadium but you could somehow actually act natural beauty surety that surround. It makes people. Feel a little more -- like they're not little got the city late jingle the change shops you changeable. All hungry minds bases -- -- some people are suggesting here on the text line you know how about a huge oak tree. Out in the center field area. That people consider under what a little shade in the oak tree. Maybe had to go to a big green oak tree that provides your like green backdrop. And I just can't have blowing leads in -- pitchers are doing in the batter's I can you can't have. Again we're just brainstorm and there are no wrong answers. Just thrown it out there. Let's go to. Sean in San Francisco who's got a couple of ideas for a stadium feature or two how are you shocked. Under there and how much else to -- you look yeah. But at the weekend and never been divorced him or. Not wait to get it. You know -- bad but Archie is all over the place obviously -- -- landmark like actual arch itself. It -- by design. As some arch being around the agent didn't go to look -- in old school break we'll bet. You look at it you just can't wait it and Burton going in -- to -- you know treat. Org chart -- and government you can't -- are on. That's okay although -- allow it will allow it as long as you finish in the wild card and not the division thank you very much. This is. This is it rader Mike Collins from Oakland how are you rader Mike. I -- for taking my call got you know the we have some great things I think you know -- the last -- little short amount -- -- that's where. We have we have the paper rich plus -- constructed. Yeah we believe called the bleachers so don't don't Newell right field bleachers could be brought to you by the Oakland zoo. You know the children's you know talking about like an AT&T with a glove on the -- it got to. -- got that children's -- and Eric lake Merritt you can have some sort of being from Baptist. There's many think we have Piedmont here which is really. Oakland. That has many many things that are of interest of people the Montclair area. And you know we have these things for the people that do not go to games like -- -- bleacher fans. And America and our regular fans are 18220. I guess -- my question would be how would you represent. Jack London square. All the history of -- -- -- -- -- from that the woods on the interest in the and you disputed. Potentially you could even get interest and Jack London square again with the stadium and Jack London square itself so this could take on quite quite a bit of popularity we have the fox and Paramount theaters here. We have we have many things here that are of of great interest are historically here. Here's what I like to see how about this how about you have a horn section at all times since our our. This from Oakland so after every instead have a million. Planned to -- Like you straight and have a horn section out they're for real now -- -- right. I wanna take a call from -- on 101 who wants to a circle back to what we were talking about how delicately the chiefs were handling their image situation. How the Redskins could take a notre to Erin thank you for being patient. A game you know the government and take my call you sir. So yeah I think you know always a sensitive issue any kind of race relations when you re talking about something like evidently at Columbia. The chief for taking a step in the right direction I think you get some. -- local tribes involved who is there. The organization would be very helpful I'd take a step her -- from Arizona where the Diamondbacks and done a great job incorporating local tribes into their. Annual. Either and a lot of study did not feel well. You know not just break -- and and honored and explain history but has talked about what's going on right now and you ask. That organization and to -- draw attention to what's going on the QB today helping some of those old. In shape dealing with a variety issues talking about exercise and that they get a lot they can be -- there and not just honoring the have to cut and I looked or not goes. As -- -- -- -- -- you know we're still around who have gone anywhere. Okay thank you very -- I appreciate your call Aaron I really do thank you and I do think if you look at the way the Redskins have gone about handling there. PR the issue. And look at what the chiefs are doing -- -- surges ahead of the curve and how to communicate how to properly include people now make you feel like you're -- dear your decisions. Exclude people -- real quick. Guys the way the longest bull will -- take your premier Brian Collins from the -- -- Brian what he got. Taylor targeted well. The hammer on love you love you all. About it. Or -- shot we had -- out eight. -- and other America St. Louis Cardinals they cheered for -- -- you tie your game. We've got about that because that we -- up on the -- would you -- at any stadium he's getting older I had put my head down barriers you know they'll now. I'll say OK so here here's will say first of -- we don't worry about yards in our own you know I don't care what they're doing in Saint Louis but having said that I've seen. Los Angeles Dodgers. Receive. For many extended standing ovation in between innings in Saint Louis I've seen Chicago Cubs. Received standing ovations in saint was Saint Louis is such a pure baseball town. That the way they go about being friendly is a little bit different than everywhere else and it's very unique to Saint Louis. And Kelly helped them win a World Series too so there is. There's it's it's a little different there I was surprised at Oakland that they Belfour raged like they did but we want to move mom we don't wanna. Continue to -- that's Gavin reopen that wound because we got better things to talk about like Jon Lester pitching tonight. In a new stadium. To be considered. We got a lot of Lincoln lines right now and people want to weigh in. Think about it there are architects. Now sitting well maybe not right now maybe to get out of five there's architects lead night flights. But. There's architect. Who will. Be drawn in. A new stadium for the gates. Literally going to be sitting at his draft board drawing a new stadium for the days and architect will be doing that for real. If you could whisper in that architects here. And say you know what you'll be cool needs new stadium I think you should do blank. What's that blank. 88957957. All we talked to you follow and the official brother when we come on back here. The today membership. Yeah proof beyond. On 99 point seven game and. All right no other subjects all other. Family business is gonna have to get settled tomorrow. Because we've got nothing. But packed winds here. Think about it. Amid this doesn't make you excited is an ace Dan nothing's going to there is an architect sitting down to draw you a new stadium. What would you like to CNN drawing that's where we are right now. 8889579570. We even invited the official were. They're my boy McBride to call back tomorrow we're gonna catch up -- tomorrow. Is we got too much home cook and to do right here tonight. Rader Mike Collins from Oakland what's going on rader Mike what do you think should be a dominant feature in the new stadium. Oh hello rader Mike. Always love star not a segment like that Bobby San Francisco how are you Bob what are you guys your stadium idea. At least eight of the first go before it later in fact -- -- -- concrete you can get. Yet we ultimately we all know we are all caught up on that thank you. So the idea to put in over like outfield and you -- one who dropped the alliance are cute you know. All. -- only got like a bungee something I'm sure I was thinking. How about this. When you go to the bullpen Ukraine and your next pitcher and don't run and from the -- you agree brigade get a big group. Oakland crane in and you you pick up you pick up Sean Doolittle and you just put him right on the pitcher's mound boom right there. Thank you very much for the call Bob Shannon column from Martinez Sheehan and what's -- stadium idea. Yeah one idea would be for the kids area or how little arranged for the -- to play aren't. Cranes again and cranes are defining part of the Oakland Scott -- -- -- really really are you should have little cranes for the kids to ride in pick things up when it. Have little love baseball seemed to construction. Site. Yeah boxes -- -- and -- the -- also. -- -- -- like outlook and strong. But it hit the play on I think that would be. Very Smart very good idea to incorporate a -- go into a little something new kids can play with -- bring down. A -- slide that's a good idea if you can slide through a Coke bottle you can slide through an elephant's nose. Exactly and also refer back out while I like idea of oak tree and it would happen BR. Real oak tree could be an artificial -- like they do it didn't land and maybe at street out and it Belichick had a lot around. That's a great idea you incorporate. Not just in oak tree. But like a Swiss Stanley Robinson size oak tree in the outfield that not only is where kids go and play in the branches. Would you even have like a luxury box in the trunk. That's awesome night now we're getting crazy now we got ideas flowing now we're brainstorming. Again. When they were sitting around thinking about what to do what do we place December -- Raymond you know with Raymond James Stadium I know how -- we make a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Someone said let's put up high rate champagne. You know that's how it happened -- I think -- do a Swiss family Robinson size oak tree that is the defining feature of the outfield. This somehow and in incorporated. In to. Score board. It's a place where kids can go. It put an herb garden in a bowling Alley no forget it. Just the Biggs was Stanley Robinson -- that's the best idea we've had so far put Shannon on the board with -- -- credits he had some good ideas excellent idea Chan and I like -- I like the big tree to Disney style. -- animated -- chronic free. The truly. Could celebrate home runs you can literally rule would shake its branches -- outlook and hits a home run. And look at it this way Italy to be pulled off and will be awesome port will be the corneas thing in all of baseball and you just built. That's stupid liberal -- she tombstone again that they get down in Miami. -- you don't wanna do that again let's go to Jack in Cordelia Jack what is your stadium idea. -- And on that night that the political that is what -- my two cents French. I hate you know I would really you know like your comment like that duplicate archer is things like that narcotic render at the same liquid corporate -- you eat. And all the people love it. Lifestyle I don't feel like people mimicking historical. Architecture and try to redo it over again. No it wasn't he would but would they -- kind of understand and at -- out of there you'd like alligator makes the people all woman currently there are a party that. Operator and biggest wonderment and a fine and I am figured out David's been and anybody you're gonna find action. And tighten that you don't mind me digress again that is what he taught well out once you know raiders stadium and adding Oakland. In -- way to go Oakland -- big of an industrial hardworking public that he. And so I would kind of outlines the a lot of you know -- industrial at the same time I -- Probable -- lot of steal -- into the cargo at all like at product -- beat a lot of dual structure were out of almost caring digital digital. Imagery -- I don't use them -- let let me ask you -- have you seen with the 49ers bill because with the 49ers bill would look perfect in downtown because it's all steel looks like an erector set. From the al-Qaeda had uneven and I actually I think that that's kind of the weak point of the stadium. I feel -- I sat and had. You. Not like that it actually output to the point in the -- stadium to get that elect. Why look at it it looks anything but high tech community that this -- right there in the adjusting on I haven't you -- -- -- looked like captured beautiful but we're. For being high tech community lovingly high tech about it other than all digital stop that they did -- unsightly. -- there's really -- there's really nothing high tech about anything until you incorporate all the digital stuff -- -- -- identical agent real. Jack Jack Jack we got a million callers on hold here what do you mean real fast got ten seconds. If I'm standing in a blip looking down I wanted to he -- escorted raiders shield. Because that's what you think W -- Oakland -- the icon and some gratitude tribute outdated and just the -- call noticeable but that's prevalent. Appreciate it appreciate it let's get back on point now we don't need a whole bunch here's my raiders stadium idea that'll be tomorrow show. Let's get back to the days we got Oakland Mike calling from guess what -- -- -- -- -- can you do an excellent. Yeah I would yeah. Well you know I'm a longtime Oakland -- grew up just a few blocks on 69. And dumb -- -- always produced a winner and seeing it. Charlie well I think you bring back a patent do they help deal with development in China Leo and I think you bring back the rabbit. Coming out of the ground given our all. That would be fantastic that would. Absolutely be fantastic if you're looking for -- -- job what's more nostalgic than that right. As one of the great scheme ever. Created in baseball. Thank you very much good idea Oakland Mike. Dave -- owner park Dave what's your idea. -- -- I don't think you know not really a -- of big name but a couple different things they'll. I'd like to have done some type of all stirred incorporated along the whole outfield wall to hold flag. And that. Potentially have like a contest where fans can -- by the end of our flag and then the team make them but that's the biblical. So you can't you take all the banner making that you get in the outfield and you literally incorporated into the daily ceremony of the park I like that is an idea to. Exactly exactly and and you know that incorporate the fans and also. Another thing green beer for every home game. -- think it is always green beer. Out. Well our colors are green and golden -- gold so it's are you bears are you wearing team colors unless you're drinking like a really. -- browns sort of Guinness and Guinness are New Castle brown an L. You're already wearing -- scholars. All right when we got. However many holds we got and keep these people on mold no no and we know who calls you're not on hold right now we're not gonna have enough time to take your calls because. We got a lot of people on hold still wanna get a mom and I've got so much great stuff here from the dropped him text line as well lot of really good ideas. Getting sent in here so. Make sure you stick around we're gonna come back and wrap up to show with more ideas. For an architect to tinker wins. As they start thinking about what to build for the Oakland case that's Howard and wrap it all up next here on 957 game. Wound. Yeah. Now go back to the demons -- beyond what 95 point seven to keep. And. All right let's get back to the phones here welcome back to our final segment by the way. Tomorrow's going to be awesome show on May feel like today make sure you stick around for tomorrow. Men male go join us reacting to the 49ers first pre season game Adam shaft -- will help us look ahead. To the raiders' first pre season game all that's coming up tomorrow along with Ken -- act. End. -- hilarious comedian. Jim Norton. Live in studio. Ahead of his cobb's comedy club show and out really looking forward to talking to him he is part of the Opie & Anthony show on series XM radio. But because he's a radio guy I mean assume he won't swear when he comes in here he's absolutely filthy comedian. And he's one of the funniest guys on the planet and a look at -- -- -- talked to him. So that is happening tomorrow what we have happening right now are your ideas. A stadium. Is being an going to be built in Oakland. Don't know when exactly don't know how much and -- the budget is but there's an architect working on the plans right now if you could whisper into that architects here. Little something you'd like to see incorporated. What is it we -- Shaun. Shaun welcome to the David -- show what do you think what do you wanna see in the new stadium. They. David don't be a great you're big. The kitchen and the idea I didn't land security blogger didn't the world tree of life. To complicate the excuse -- forget Disneyland we're gonna go Disney World. It it I technicality go to Google image -- huge. You know all elaborate but umpire Billick elk expert at the Indian background you have that. -- -- I'll I'll take it -- I will check out your Disney tree of life hopefully it'll be a lot more entertaining then Brad Pitt's tree of life. Which was the biggest two hour metaphysical. -- off. I've ever seen in my life. I'd settle with a not now seriously if I wanna see that movie again I'll just take a handful of showrooms -- gasoline on my eyes and go walk around in a -- It did not understand and it it's ridiculous. Go to one in Hayward one what's your idea. I'm I'm gonna -- but profit from a year earlier callers. A luxury boxers. What have what would stop and shape of the Victorian home that they have an Oakland. Yeah and paint them different color them. And everybody would have a unique -- a bank and then in left field. I would put containers from the Port of Oakland and I would have -- them in the summer rows -- he. -- they -- again those would be really big road southbound not critical right now I know you you use the containers that as as you know the steps of the of the of the bleachers. That's a really that's actually that's a really good idea won a minority yeah. And right field we would have of course it would be the home of the blues will be virtual and jenkins'. Home of the blues. Section in right field -- -- advocate and figured you could put them. Paramount theater of the right. Red Sox beat her multi home so I'm like that's. -- it is is -- brainstorm. Allied did Kenny and Napa what's your idea Kenny. And I go to our -- and crap out of our crap bungalow went for it and corporate a lot of people were the elements that really only iCloud. Sure Dick Blix that thing right is the big charging dressed or Dicks Lex does not the name of the place is there when I can ask senator Allen is our Dicks -- out there. I don't know about the election cycle work right. Creating green like architecture. You know. Oh by the way -- yeah Barney Frank Lloyd Wright to design EA stadium. The rough estimate came in at nine and a half billion dollars but in out still a great the -- Thank you very much. Yes what we did is we incorporated a flowing river of sewage under the stadium like thankfully -- would have done in the water -- house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't talk about great lie and get some class here folks Sean. And -- -- word what's going on Shawn what is your idea. Hey look on our map so I immediately started PG a because he would take. To get out of work out again and get people on. Obama had told OK maybe -- uncle trucks. Out in the parking lot and what about art. RJ. Yeah sometimes like pinball a little that would be good for like the other thing in the outfield may be play a little pin ball look up watching batter -- ball. Object I'm not pinball old arcade port at your generation. You know you have a basic. -- Annan Annan Annan -- -- -- -- get out in front of -- -- -- -- let's teach these kids -- once and for all they need to know how to -- when it comes time to -- John thank you very much mention New Jersey. -- what's your idea. Well good guy doing them to. Local stadium yes that you're compelled in any by any payment data from all -- Garrett saying you know get Davidson. No no the whole point is no more dual anything -- or -- nothing one team specific for the first time. In a long time that's what this team needs not duel not than men don't -- copycat AT&T park they went the wrong thing. I thank you makes the whole point is it won't. -- -- stadium for the first time forever. The falling water house that comes from Travis in Oakland it's -- falling water thank you very much. -- Frank Lloyd Wright to you Travis. Go to Rick in Oakland it's up brick. You're right yeah. My idea and look at it compiled. I'm Rick we know we need your idea and a better phone line unfortunately. Your idea person on board now. Final call the day. Cook here -- from San Jose what's up appear. Payments so quickly it and I expect that -- one girl. And you all decided yet congress in particular and but it realistically. It's going to be loud and took my last post didn't look good on the day. Let's start at all dot com -- -- -- or dollars manager that they mean -- that it just stick ball or the entire. Sixty -- although it apart station that where you are spending hundreds of dollars a purely being aren't you don't apologize. And we can all get on and the rule. And -- going out and party and go spend the money come out to. Thank you very much again I don't want any. -- I don't want any spoiled milk gays stands talking about how this new stadium's gonna ruin their game day experience. You're out of your mind. Does what you great documentary last -- on -- -- five years and I guess is a series that they're doing about artists they take the five. Most influential years. Of an artist's career -- -- break them down you know spend fifteen minute on each part of it. And artists that they did the first time ever seen as was David -- by the way David Iraq Sami David always officially cooler than all of us put together forever. So. But we. Had you know when he started with Ziggy stardust he was such a cult hit in -- -- we officially was not for everybody. By the time they got to the last chapter of his career. They got to the David but we. Bomb. You know it is doing you know let's dance and put on your red shoes in China girl all of sudden like your moms listen -- to David by mainstream. And a lot of old David -- we fans got pissed off and he had a great great comedy said that's the trouble with the recording a hit record you never know who's gonna listen. Wow that's the problem -- building a beautiful baseball stadium and. You never know who's gonna come but you accept that as part of the equation. We're gonna have to get to some of these awesome comments tomorrow we're gonna keep this Garland is a matter of fact. We're gonna keep this going to the point where we make a list ourselves the best idea and send it to which ever architect. Actually gets the bid to do the stadium I promise you I told we were gonna get this thing built first day I'm not kidding. One I think our guest today Randy cross Billy bean Glenn hyper great to talk to them thinks that all of the crew thank you to all of our interns. Thank you to mark -- thing to do Gionta against -- -- Brian Todd here Angela she might be here today. -- now the child. Certainly won't be here much longer into. Not if we had been in the same. Thank you Kyle. Thanks to all of you got a great show coming for tomorrow dugout -- always baseball coming up next in the meantime remember sports -- -- character that they revealed. He's gone.

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